Esoteric Meaning of New Omicron COVID ‘Variant’

  • Why was the next 'Outbreak' called Omicron and came from Africa?
  • Is there any Biblical and/or Esoteric meaning behind Omicron?
  • What does the Delta Variant and now the Omicron overlap mean?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘For behold, I will raise up a Shepherd in the Land who will neither care for the Lost, nor seek the Young, nor heal the Broken, nor sustain the Healthy, but he will devour the Flesh of the Choice Sheep and tear off their Hooves. Woe to the Worthless Shepherd, who deserts the Flock! May a Sword strike his Arm and his Right Eye! May his Arm be completely Withered and his Right Eye utterly Blinded!’ -Zechariah 11:16-17

The purpose of this study is to consider the new identified or named COVID-19 Virus Strain, dubbed ‘Omicron’. The study will show the Numerical Association with the Letters in the Greek that depict who and what is behind this Sinister Mass Psychosis to Cull, Contaminate and Control Humanity with. The Motif of the Greek Letter, Omicron, which is the 15th in the Greek Alphabet, when combined with the prior COVID ‘Variant’, Delta construes the ‘All Seeing Eye’ of Lucifer. It was forwarded by a Reader named Mark. One has embellished it in terms of digging deeper into the Esoteric and Luciferian blatant overtones, hidden in plain sight. As of late November 2021, the World Health Organization, WHO announced that the Omicron Strain was ‘of concern’.

It has been reported that the first known cases of this ‘New’ Virus were identified in South Africa. However, other reports suggest that the ‘Variant’ was circulating earlier in Western Europe. As a result, another excuse to have worldwide Lockdowns and more Tyrannical Governmental Mandates imposed. Harsh Draconian measures have been implemented in Australia despite the valiant effort of millions that have come out onto the streets to protest. In Germany and the UK, Lockdowns are being exposed again as well as in Italy that despite massive protests also, will go ahead with the Orwellian Double-Speak ‘Wellness Pass’. In Austria, it has now become the first Nation to formally require national-wide Injections of these Death Shots, as Dr. Zelenko calls them.

The ‘Vaccines’ are not a Vaccine as they do not prevent the Spread of Infection, Stops Transmission, or provides Lasting Immunity. Worse is that the solution is filled with over 90% Graphene Oxide, which is essentially Liquid Metal. It has mRNA that short-circuits one’s Natural Immune System. It has now been disclosed by numerous Whistleblowers that indeed, there are Aborted Fetal Tissue in the Injections. There are also Nano-Bots and now ‘Hydras’ that are and can be activated and come ‘On-Line’ with Low-Emitting Frequency, Sound, and Light, etc. Further, there is no Liability of the Pharmaceuticals taking on any fault for Death and/or Permanent Damages because of the Adverse Effects that are known. Yet, the Injections are still under Emergency Authorization and the various National Authorities, Presidents, Prime Ministers, are all onboard, for the most part in ‘Mandating’ Injections that are in clear violation of the Nuremburg Code.

A New Humanity for a New Order
There is no Informed Consent provided to the People and now the condition of one’s Livelihood depends on getting this Poison into one’s body. In many cases, even Medical and/or Religious Exemptions are being denied. Then the Boosters, which are mandatory as well, and will be perpetual. Yet, they only have the same Ingredients that are just more of the same that has not worked in the first place. But that is not the point. The Plan and aim of this Luciferian End Game is to get as many Human Bodied injected with their Serum. Why? It is what is in it. The Nano-Technology is fusing and will fuse Human Tissue with the Graphene Oxide that will render Humans, a Living Biological Network. And those that will not survive the Injections are being ‘weeded-out’.

That is why the Boosters will be required, perpetually. They are slowly introducing the tolerance needed and that they have calculated it will take for the Body to acclimate to the Graphene Oxide. Those Bodies that will not and reject the Graphene Oxide will eventually die-off, which is a Win-Win situation for the Luciferin Kabbalist. They are planning their Reset whereby the New Order will be accompanied by a New Humanity, by force. The worldwide Injection Mandates will be the way, through this Medical Tyranny to implement their 4th Industrial Revolution. These Luciferian Globalists have publicly stated that Man will merge with Machine. And all those that refuse this ‘Transformation’, will need to be Quarantined indefinitely. In Australia, Canada, the COVID Camps have now been built. It has been reported that the Indigenous Peoples, even in remote areas are being rounded-up into basically, Concentration Camps.

The Earth is and will become one big Gulag where the ‘Vaccinated’ and the ‘Un-Vaccinated’ are dividing Humanity now based on this Medical Requirement. This Dystopian World is what the last book of the Bible foretold would happen in the Last Generation. That there would be a World Tyranny based on one’s ability to receive eventually a Number, Mark, or Name that would be tied to one’s Body, biometrically. Enough so, that it would determine who could ‘Buy and Sell’ with it or not. The Laws, Statues and Legal Cover for such an Operation are now on the books. All that is needed now is the ‘Great Event’. There will be coming a needed ‘Something’ that will be so drastic and dramatic, that it will force their hand against the whole World. What is happening now, although incrementally and systematically is being Restrained by the Power of GOD the Holy Spirit. How so?

It is because the Body of Christ, the Bride of Christ is still on Earth. And? Jesus overcame Sin, Self and Satan in this world at the Cross of Calvary. It is His Death and Resurrection that now in Him, all Power and Authority in Heaven, on Earth and beneath the Earth belongs to Him. In turn, He has bestowed this very same Power and Authority to the Church Body. This is why, as bad as it is getting, thanks through Sorcery, Spells and an Impotent Sleeping Church in denial, the threshold has not been able to advance tremendously as the Luciferians would hope to. It will likely take the Rapture for the Luciferian End Game to be fully implemented. And herein is what one has identified in the Omicron Motif of the Delta and the Omicron, that they have named, when fused together. It is a Luciferian, Kabbalist and Mason Motif. It is a Talisman that casts a Spell that defines a Gateway, for the One with the One Eye, the ‘Ayin’ to come through.

Debut of the One-Eyed AntiChrist

What is the Delta-Omicron Motif signaling? It is signaling that the coming AntiChrist is to come through. When? That is unknown. But the signaling is off the charts with each passing Week, Month and Year. What is unbelievable is that the entire World, its People are being dupped again with the same Fear-Mongering and exactly the same Game Plan as it was in the first place, just 14 days. ‘Help Flatten the Curve’. But it has lingered on for years now with extended Emergency Rule that will never be removed. There is no return to ‘Normalcy’. Yet the majority of the People are buying it, again. What does the saying go like? Fool me once, shame on You. Fool me twice, same on Me?

Now, as that was all background, the following will now be pertinent to the Luciferian Motif of the Delta and the Omicron, specifically. It is rather interesting also that in Israel, the Prime Minister has elected to call this Strain, ‘Omega’, meaning the Last. Yet, the hype is that this ‘New Strain’ is more ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Deadly’ than COVID-19. This goes against Conventional Science that has proven, in many Peer Reviewed Journals that New Strains or Variants are weaker, not stronger that the original.

Now for the understanding of what this Omicron Motif means, one has to start with the Greek Alphabet. It has 24 Letters. What is unique about this Alphabet is that it is one of the few Languages that is Alpha-Numeric, like Hebrew. It means that each Letter is equal to a Number, etc. Thus, the Delta is the 4th Letter and the Omicron is the 15th Letter. In the simplest of terms and meaning, the Delta, coincidentally, in both Hebrew and Greek means ‘Door’, as in Portal or Gateway. Then the Omicron in Greek is derived from the Paleo-Hebrew and Ancient Phoenician Letter called Ayin. Ayin means an ‘Eye’, as that was its Motif. And it is a Singular Eye. Why is this worth noting?

Consider then that if one fuses the Delta with the Omicron, one gets the Ancient Masonic Triangle with the Oval or Eye in the midst. What this strongly suggested is that there are several levels of Luciferian, Kabbalistic and Mason inferences. First, the Triangle interfaced with the Circle is seen above many Masonic Archways in their Temples and/or Lodges. This has a connotation of a Gateway or Portal in which the Sacred Symbol defines a place and time of Transporting. Here is the Greek Alphabet.

Α α, Β β, Γ γ,
Δ δ, Ε ε, Ζ ζ, Η η, Θ θ, Ι ι, Κ κ, Λ λ, Μ μ, Ν ν, Ξ ξ, Ο ο, Π π, Ρ ρ, Σ σ/ς, Τ τ, Υ υ, Φ φ, Χ χ, Ψ ψ, Ω ω.
1     2     3    
4      5     6     7      8    9   10   11   12    13   14    15   16    17    18      19   20    21   22    23     24

Then, in the Luciferian and Kabbalistic rendition, it signals the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer. Why 1 Eye? Consider that in the Old Testament, there is an inference of how Lucifer lost 1 of his Eyes in a battle against the Arch Angel, Michael. It is this Capstone of the ‘Eye of Providence’ that completes the ‘Tower of Babel’ or the Truncated, Unfinished Pyramid. This is by the way, the Official Reverse Seal of the USA and is printed in every USA 1 Dollar Bill. It is really a Satanic Talisman that casts a Spell. The Seal construes several hidden Luciferian Codes in plain sight. First, there is the word, ‘Mason’ that is derived from each of the 1st Letters of the 5 words surrounding the Seal. Then there are 13 Levels of the Unfinished Pyramid. The Number 13 is equated with Rebellion and Lawlessness. The Unfinished Pyramid has 72 Bricks that make-up the ‘Tower’. The Number 72 deals with Time and is a Degree in the Universal Time Keeping.

Then the Base with 1776, is the year in which the Illuminati Secret Order was founded. But it is really an encrypted 666. This is the evidence of who and what is behind the COVID Magic Mass Psychosis and Biological Warfare and Genocide Soft Killing of Humanity. They were and are the same Powers behind 9-11 then are doing a 9-11 Demolition again. They ‘Fused’ their 2 Helix Towers into a 3rd Strand as they erected their 1776 feet high ‘Tower of Babel’ thereafter. Now, they are actively doing it on the genetic DNA level with as many Bodies as humanly possible and they can get away with. They seek to fuse the 2 Human DNA Helix with a 3rd through their Nano-Bots and mRNA technology.

1776 = MDC-CLX-XVI =
Divide the 9 Roman Numbers/Letters into 3 equal groups.

M-DC  1000    = (500 + 100 =
600)  = 1600
C-LX    100      = (50   + 10   =
60)    = 160
X-VI     10        = (5     + 1     =
6)      = 16
                        = 555 + 111 =
666  = 1776

So, the Delta-Omicron COVID fusion of their Letters is their Talisman and Spell over Humanity, presently. It is their Statement that one day, their ‘Great Work’, that of the Synagogue of Satan, that includes the Masons, and Kabbalists will welcome through a Portal or Gateway their GOD, Lucifer. It is he, that will come and finish what Nimrod would not complete. Since then, they have been raging mad in that YHVH interrupted their Human Potential.

And since then, the ‘Builders’ that rejected Christ Jesus have declared war on YHVH’s Christ, Jesus and any that Follow and/or Believe in Him. How? Deface the Image and Likeness of the Creator, YHVH in as many Humans possible. This was not been possible since the Days of Noah. But now, technology has been achieved to do just the same, as ‘In the Days of Noah’ to alter the core of what constitutes being a ‘Human’ is at the DNA level. Since Lucifer is the ‘God of this World’, for now, he has utilized such Motifs, Magic, Money, Music, Military to bestow on any that follow him to help usher-in his AntiChrist ‘Nimrod’.

Corona Virus: C=
Also in Gematria of Virus ‘C-Ovid’- 19:
1. Strong's Concordance of Hebrew ‘Ovid’ =
2. Number 19 or ‘ibchah’ definition =

On an aside note, the question is always asked, ‘Where is the USA in Prophecy?’ Well, one can suggest that the USA has been used as a ‘Surrogate’ Incubator for the AntiChrist. How so? Its very Money has the Seal of Satan Motif of what occurred in Babylon. In one sense, the USA is a type of Babylon that has been usurped by the False Religion of the Masons, masquerading as ‘Ministers of Light’ like ‘Christians’ but their aim is not to enthrone the rightful King of the Universe, Jesus, but their ‘Master of the Universe’, Lucifer. So, this is what the naming of the ‘New’ COVID ‘Variant’ is about.

Talismans of Treachery

It is about fusing their Motifs, hidden in plain sight, even in the Letters to construe a Talisman that defines now a Sacred Space. A Space whereby it becomes a ‘Door’, a Gateway for the One that has the One Eye ‘Omicron’ to come through the Delta ‘Door’. The amazing thing about this Luciferian and Kabbalistic ‘Great Work’ is that it is worldwide now in scope. And? What this means is that at no other time in Human History has such a degree of planning and worldwide coordination been possible since the Tower of Babel. With the diabolical usage and pretext of COVID, the World, the whole World is now primed for such a ‘Man’ to debut.

Thus, the ‘Omicron’ naming of their next released Bio-Weapon upon Humanity is signaling a debut, a manifestation. And it is through a Hexagram Spell Motif that it will happen, at least in the Spiritual Realm. This ‘completion’ of their Ritualistic Magic will occur as the Unfinished Pyramid is then only to be realized by the descending Capstone, i.e., Lucifer. It is he that is the only one that can complete their Hexagram Magic Ritual. Perhaps with this latest ‘Move in the proverbial Chess Piece’, they have ‘signaled’ with the naming of the Omicron Virus that they have positioned for him to debut now. Note, that this Hexagram is also erroneously called the Star of David. There is no such thing in the Bible. It is not Jewish nor meant to implicate the whole Race. It no more that to imply that all ‘Americans’ are Mason because of their Reverse Masonic or ‘Luciferian’ Seal. It is an Ancient Occult Symbol that is found in many other Religions. ​

Hexagram = 2 Triangles
Inverted and Transposed Δ Δ
60° + 60° + 60° = 180 x 2 = 360 = a Circle

In Wingdings Font
= Airplane, 2 Buildings, 322 Skull and Bones, Kabbalists Hexagram

In Masonry, a 2x Square
Juxtaposed and Offset = Being Un-Truthful
The 2 Twin Towers were demolished to then be fused into ‘One’ Tower.
An Octagon, 1776 feet high.

But why the Hexagram becomes of interest also is that it is one of the most powerful Talisman the Luciferians and the Kabbalist utilize. Why? If one construes a Hexagram, ritualistically, it is usually done on the floor, as that is what the Satanic Rituals start off with. Or as in the Masonic Tracing Boards, etc. It is to mark that Space as ‘Sacred’. It defines the Portal or Door by which the Fallen Angels and Demons transport, to-and-from Dimensions. And the point? The same Power behind 9-11 then is now conducting the same ‘Demolition’ 9-11 but at a worldwide level. Now consider that in Hebrew, the 17th Letter, corresponding to the Greek, Omicron, is Q. It is Pey-Fey and has the value of 80. Its Motif is a mouth about to bite. It has been noted that if one uses the Wingding Font, and Q33NY is typed-out, one gets the exact Motifs in question.

There is the Hexagram, the Skull and Bones, and 2 ‘Buildings’ being hit by an Airplane. Coincidence? Perhaps but not likely. It had been noted that Q33 referred either to the Bus Line Q33 that serviced the area or was ‘Code’ for the Plane that certain People knew was coming and were to avoid. It is rather odd that the day before 9-11, all Jews were alerted not to ‘show-up to work’ who worked in the Twin Tower. No Jews were killed of the 100s that worked there in Banking, Stocks, Commodities, Insurance etc., and of whom 1000s died from all other Nationalities and Religions.

So, the point is that through Hexagram Magic, Sex Rituals and then Blood Sacrifices, of Animals and innocent Humans that the Fallen Angels and/or Demons 3-Demintionalize the space as it becomes a perfect Square or Tesseract. And? This is the ‘Chamber’ by which such Entities pierce the Dimensions, in-and-out of corresponding realms. The mechanics of the Hexagram or the ‘Star of Remphan’, is just another encoded 666 manifestation of a Talisman that is encoded in the Reverse Seal of the USA and the U.S. Dollar. And now it is being incorporated through the Omicron COVID ‘Variant’ Name designation.

It is the fusion of the Delta ‘Door’ with the Omicron ‘O’ Eye that signals the coming 1-Eyed AntiChrist that is to come through their Hexagram Portal, or Door they have and are Ritualistically preparing. It is that close. However, in the Bible, it is understood that the Restrainer, i.e., GOD the Holy Spirit indwelling within every true Believer and Follower of Jesus will not allow this Usurper False Messiah to be revealed until after the Rapture Event. But in fact, it is Jesus Himself that has been preparing a Door of Escape, a Portal that will usher-out the Bride of Christ from off this Evil World to be where Jesus is as He promised.

Main Sources


Mysterious 'All Seeing Eye'

Rise of Baphomet Spirit: Prepare for End of the World


Secrets of Lucifer: Hidden in Plain Sight



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A Correlation of Year-To-Meaning Study 2022-2029

  • Is there a correlation between Strong's Numbers and Years?
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by Luis B. Vega
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Eventually, just on the Law of Probability, one day, a proposed Rapture Date will coincide. Not one to judge any other’s predictions or calculations about the Rapture date, but it is unknowable. What is the difference between such and one like myself and/or that seeks to study the Rapture time sequence?

I for one, only suggest a possible ‘Season’ and do not go beyond Scripture and only what is given as pieces of the puzzle. But one can never say with 100% certainty. No one can. That is why is hesitated in even sharing this Dream about the 723 that could possibly be tied to the Rapture. It is the only time I have ever shared this, and do feel uncomfortable because in my boo, in doing so, then one has crossed over onto the ‘Wild Side’! Thanks Bob. But maybe sometimes a ‘walk on the wild side’ is needed? Nope. Lol Just to say to be careful of the teachings coming from that channel.

It is very interesting though as around this time of the Feast Cycles, the Watchers do start to pick-up on the prophetic type of Tu B’Av or the Jewish ‘Valentines Day’. And that it occurs on the Full Moon. Did not Gary or Jeff at Unsealed.org write-up that if and when the Rapture does take place, that it would be at a Full Moon? Well, as mentioned, the ‘dream’/vision did/does seem interesting and perhaps a prompting but maybe it is a dress rehearsal run-through or to suggest the Season or Time is near.

This time last year, precisely we had also discussed the Prophetic implications and types of the Minor Feast. It is a type of the Rapture, for sure… literally as the Maidens dancing in the Vineyards were ‘snatched’ away, etc. We’ll have to see what pans-out on the 23rd. The Feast does start on that 23rd Sunset, if one counts and goes by the Jewish day count. I read the article about Tu B’Av, the 15 of Av and how it officially starts the Grape Harvest to end on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. It lends credence to how then ‘when Pentecost fully came’ was then the Feast of New Wine. So, I really like all the prophetic correlations as you mentioned.


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