• How is the USA going to have a 'Heart-Attack?
  • Is the USA and its People being Poisoned?
  • Is there a COVID Connection of Contamination

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then the 7 Angel poured out his Bowl into the Air, and a Loud Voice came from the Throne in the Temple, saying, It is done! And there were Flashes Of Lightning, and Rumblings, and Peals of Thunder, and A GREAT EARTHQUAKE the likes of which had not occurred since Men were upon the Earth; so Mighty was the Great Quake. The Great City was split into 3 Parts, and the Cities of the Nations Collapsed. And God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the Cup of the Wine of the Fury of His Wrath’. –Revelation 16:18

The purpose of this study is to expound on a prior Notion of how one sees the Ohio Derailment of Toxins being Derailed and then purposely Burnt in the Open Air so that 1000s of People would be Exposed to the Deadly Dioxins is a Metaphor of how the COVID Shots are doing the exact same thing. One believes that the Holy Spirit prompted one about that ‘Great American Heart-Attack’ Metaphor that is coming in terms of National Judgment and a Dividing of the USA's Land.

And that, is predicated if the USA is the Major Broker to make the Deal to Divide YHVH's Promised Land, Israel to accommodate a ‘State of Palestine’, etc. So, to develop this Notion a bit further, the Enemy is literally Poisoning the Land, Water and Air of the USA. As mentioned, the Toxins that were released due to the Ohio Derailment Catastrophe, are being Drained and are being Funneled into the Main Veins or Waterways of the Heart of the Nation, the Mississippi.

There are now Reports that the Trains Carriages were on Fire at least 10 Miles out before the Derailment. And now there is a Mass Animal Die-Off of over 50,000 Animals, reported as of this Write-Up. People are now beginning to suffer Conditions of Trouble Breathing, Nausea and other Ailments, etc. It is also reported that the Waste-Water is being Shipped to Texas to be ‘Disposed’ in the Aquifers that feed into Houston. Unreal. Who makes these Decisions? The EPA, and it is what they say they do to ‘Dispose’ of the Waste.

But as the Great Heart-Attack Metaphor? It is indicative of what the COVID Shots have done and are still doing to Americans living within the Land, all the same. Of course, such Conditions and Adverse Effects are occurring around the World also. And, many People may say, it is always about the USA! Well, in this case regarding COVID, it is because the USA was and still is the biggest Proponent and Initiator of the Shots, the False Science, the False Narrative and the Roll-Out under Trump. And which was a Military Operation. Take Note. It was with the Help of Fraud Fauci, and Dr. Deborah Birx, who in her book, said that she 'knew' COVID vaccines would not 'protect’ People.

And she had arbitrary come-up with the 6 Feet Distancing Matrix. Then with the help of the NIH, the CDC and the WHO, the USA led the Charge and still does in distributing and Mandating the Shots. Although the Presidencies, both Trump and Biden promised that the Injections would be ‘Voluntary’, Biden later required all Federal Agencies and the Military to get the Shots. Of course, the White House and Congress were Exempt, etc. So, as to the Prophetic Metaphor of the coming Great Heart-Attack? What is going on with the COVID Shots in American’s Bodies and Veins, so is it occurring in the Land and Waterways, Rivers of the USA, Anthropomorphically.

The Land of the USA, like the Bodies who have received the mRNA Shots are Poisoning the Veins and Arteries of the Bodies of Millions of Americans. They are also affecting the Skin, the Flesh as the Land and for the Bodies, the end Result is Myocarditis, and Heart Attacks, off the Charts. This Adverse Event or Side Effect of Heart Attacks caused by the COVID Shots are not including the other Conditions like Miscarriages, Paralysis, Death, etc.

So, that is why, as many People have also had Dreams of the New Madrid Fault Line Dividing the USA in half, literally, it will be because of that ‘Heart Attack’ that is coming, and precisely at the Little Egypt Area at the Heart of the Land, at the Mississippi. Now one thinks that 1 or 2 or 3 Major Earthquakes by themselves, like those that occurred in Turkey-Syria cannot do this Grand Scale Dividing of a whole Continent of the Continental USA. Thus, one Surmises that this could be part of that Revelation 16:18 Judgment that occurs during the Tribulation Period.

And that, it might very well be based on the Perturbations of the Flyby of Planet X. Only such a Force can do that. But it would corroborate the Visions and Dreams many People have had of seeing the Map of the USA, divided by large Bodies of Water, split right down the Mississippi. And how the Place where the ‘X’ Marks the Spot, is called ‘Little Egypt’ as many have now realized. The other Metaphor is of course the Mississippi being the ‘Nile’ and the Heart of America will become like the ‘Egypt’ of the Exodus. How so?

Getting Hard-Hearted, Stubborn and Unrepentant. So as YHVH struck and Shattered the Hard Heart of Pharaoh, so too, to the point, that YHVH will have no choice but to send those 10 Plagues upon the Land of the USA as He did with Egypt. One would say, they have already begun or if not, they have cast their Prophetic COVID Shadow across the Land in the form of the ‘X’ Eclipse of 2017-2024, no less. Literal Darkness, etc.

 Others argue that this Prophetic Parallel in the Judgments of Egypt and its Hard-Hearted Pharaoh and People has been happening for a long time now. Some say, since around 2009 when Obama was Elected President. Many saw this Black Appointed Leader, as the ‘Pharaoh of Egypt’ and how he would be the Lead to cause the USA to start to be Judged. It was also the Time that Christians and Christianity in general started to Decline, and the Persecution started to increase, as were the Children of Israel. And what was the Main Issue then? Abortion.

Like then in Ancient Egypt, today, in the Modern ‘Egypt’, the ‘Division’ is over Infanticide. Back then, it was all about the 1st Male Child of the Hebrews not being allowed to be Born. In Modern ‘Egypt’ USA? A Law was passed in 1 of their ‘Legislature’ to ensure that a Baby, a ‘Hebrew’ could be Killed up to the Day of its Birth, like in New York. So, it does not look ‘Good’, for the USA, as its Land, as the Bodies of its People are being Poisoned from within. Metaphorically, as what the COVID Shots are doing to Americans, in that many are succumbing or now are more susceptible to having a Heart Attack, so too will the Land of the USA succumb to a Myocarditis ‘Giant Heart Attack’, i.e., Great Earthquake, at some Point in Time, etc. 


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