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Some Observations and Correlations

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this Chart will be to present the specific Feasts of YHVH and Eclipses for the Year 2024. Here are some Observations. For the Year 2024, there will be a total of 4 Eclipses, 2 will be Solar and 2 will be Lunar. The Lunar Eclipses occur first with a Penumbral Type in March, just after Purim and then a Penumbral Type in September, just before the Fall Equinox. The 1st Solar Eclipse occurs in April and the 2ndd one occurs in September. What is very unique about these 2 Solar Eclipses is that they correspond to the Jews Rabbinical New Years, which is Outstanding.

The Solar Eclipse, which is a Total Type for April 8, 2024 occurs on the Religious New Year, that Nisan 1. The Total Solar Eclipse that occurs on October 2, 2024 is an Annular Type. This one occurs on the Civil New Year. Coincidence? No. What are the Odd of having the Year 2024 have the only 2 Solar Eclipse, both occurring on the Jewish New Years? What is their Prophetic Significance? Based on the Triad of Blood Moons for 2025-26 and the Tetrad in 2032-33, one is of the Opinion that they are perhaps a Herald of a Beginning. Beginning of what? It is of the Tribulation Period.

The Timeline shows how if one takes the Feast of the New Year of Trees in January and ends with the Solar Eclipse of October 2, 2024, which will be Rosh HaShanah, will Triangulate exactly to July 31, 2024. This is the Day that one suggests corresponds to the Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Timing. It is one’s High Watch Rapture Window based on that 723 Number and Double-Count Theory.

Then on April 8, 2024, which is Nisan 1, the  Final and 3rd Great American Eclipse occurs in the Sign of Pisces. It is as if to echo that and ‘End’, corresponding to the ‘Fish’ Church Age is to also End, perhaps. Note how the Revelation 12 Sign and the Final and 3rd Great American Eclipse observed their 7 Year Anniversary in 2024. This is why one is more convinced that 2024 is a ‘Nexus’ Year in that it is signaling an End and a Beginning, a Beginning and an End, Prophetically.

One also wishes to tie-in the April 8, 2024 Religious New Year Solar Eclipse with the Abraham Accords. Why? One is also convinced that such a Foundation set the Stage for the ‘Confirming the Covenant with the Many’. And how in the End Times, the Arabs would be speaking-up for Israel. This is seen in the Reaction to the Gog-Magog War that occurs sometime during the 7-Year Tribulation Period, the Time of Jacob’s or Israel's Troubles, etc. In one’s Opinion, the Abraham Accords set-up the Foundation also for the Abrahamic Houses of Worship that will be positioned on top of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Why?

A Beginning and an End

One surmises that the Religious of the AntiChrist will incorporate a Narrative whereby the Majority of the World will be led, after the Rapture Event to take-up the Spiritual Vacuum and replace the True Gospel of Jesus with a Hybrid Ecumenical version of ‘Peace and Safety’. And in so doing, the Gospel of Jesus and the uniqueness of His Divinity and Message will just be relegated to 1 of 3 ‘Paths’ or Houses of Salvation type of Narrative.

So, with that background, consider that the 1st place where the actual Public and Official Announcement of the Abraham Accords occurred was at the Oval Office on August 13, 2020.  And? If one used the Numerical Factor of 1335 Days, given in Daniel, and one added that to that Date, the End Date is April 8, 2024.

This Date will be Nisan 1, the Religious Jewish New Year. This is the eve of the Total Solar Eclipse that marked an ‘X’ in the USA. The prior one occurred on August 21, 2017, just 33 Days prior to the Great Sign of Revelation 12 that appeared Astronomically. It is speculated that such a Sign has heralded the coming Rapture Event and closure of the Church Age.

August 13, 2020 Announcement + 1335 Days of Daniel Prophecy = April 8, 2024
3rd Great American Eclipse on Nisan 1

One is of the belief that the Revelation 12 Sign involves a Day Count that was incorporated in its very ‘DNA’ of 2 Time Periods of 1260 Days each. That 1st 1260 Segment of Days corresponded to March 6, 2021. That is when the Pope went to Abraham’s House, literally at Ancient Ur of the Chaldees in Iraq to further solidify the Abrahamic House Pact with the Muslims that he met there. Coincidence? No.

Then, the next Observation has to do with how the Christ Star of May 23, 2024 occurs in tandem with the Feast of 2nd Passover. Lastly for the Year 2024, both Hanukkah and Christmas converge on December 25, 2024. Thus, one can correlate many Biblical Nuances as perhaps the Christ Star is signaling the Advent of the coming AntiChrist. It is much like the Christ Star announced the Advent of the True Christ and Savior of the World.

Eclipse Timeline 2024



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2 Eclipses on New Years in 2024


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