Is Yom Teruah the Same as
Rosh HaShanah?
What is the ‘Sighting’ of the Sliver of the Moon?

by Luis B. Vega
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Why is there much ‘Confusion’ about ‘What is the Real Rosh HaShanah’ Jewish Civil New Year? What further Confounds the Issue, if one is a bit studied-up on this Question, is that there is even a difference to consider in that what the Rabbinical Jews call Rosh HaShanah, is not the Yom Teruah, or the Feast of Trumpets. And there is yet another Prophetic Discrepancy dealing with what is the Correct Calendar.

The ‘Fall Feasts’ of YHVH are technically supposed to occur after the Fall Equinox of September 22 in a given Year. This is also the Argument of the Spring Equinox is now Nisan 1 and Passover are to be Determined. And thus, that would then constitute the ‘Correct Day Count’ to determine that Acts 2 Pentecost that one argues was on New Wine, etc. One realized one just ‘confused’ the issue a bit more. Nonetheless, those Issues are for another Study or Topic, perhaps.

But the Issue boils down to, which of the 8 Main Jewish Calendars is one Counting from? This is Level 1 Consideration. Then the other aspect is, about the Heated Discussions of, ‘How is it being Interpreted’? And by whom? This is to mean, even though Astronomically, the New Moon occurred on the 15th of September for 2023 and then the Moon’s Sliver’ occurred on the 16th, there are those that suggest the New Year, did not occur There and Then, based on the ‘Sighting of the Moon’s Sliver’ until it is sighted from Jerusalem, on a Clear Day, etc.

One will try not to come across here as an ‘Academic’ and offend anyone, as much as possible, but those Beloved Brethren like Ty Green, Dr. Barry Awe, Tyler at Generation 2434, even Paul Dawson from the UK, have it incorrect in this Level 2 Interpretation. One will put forth the ‘Scientific’ Facts based on Basic Astronomy to show why one is saying that. You do not have to accept one’s Position and Interpretation. Nonetheless, the following.

Friday Sunset Jerusalem Time to Saturday Sunset, September 16, 2023
= 1st of Tishrei, 5784

This is what the Rabbinical Calendar is based on. Just to note that the Hebrew Dates are written, in Hebrew, from right-to-left with the Day of the Month, followed by the Month Name, then the Hebrew Year, etc. Numerical values are represented using letters of the Hebrew Alef-Bet, etc. So, on September 15-16, 2023, the Jewish Day of Tishrei 1 that straddles the 2-Day Gregorian one is the following.

Phases of the Moon

Rosh means ‘Head’ and Ha Shanah means ‘The Year’. The Jewish Rabbinical Year turns then to 5784, but off course even this is debatable. Here is the link to the Astronomical Phases of the Moon for September 2023, on which the Rabbinical Calendar is based upon. Realize that the current Rabbinical Calendar and how they Recon the Months are ‘Fixed’ since the Sanhedrin disbanded in the 300s AD due to the Roman Diaspora. Since there was no more Temple, the ‘Sighting of the Moon’s Sliver’ is presently ‘Null and Void’ as an Astronomical Confirmation that was only secondarily used during the Temple Period. The present Lunar Cycle is based on pure Mathematics, etc.

September 2023 Moon Phases

Notice that, Astronomically, the 15th of September, 2023 was the New Moon. Then the Evening and Morning, and then the Evening of the 16th was when the ‘Sliver’ 1st came out or began. The Chart below will illustrate how that looked like from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for 2023. This Moon Phase coincided with the 1st Day of the Month, all inclusive of the Gregorian 2 Day Overlap. Here is why, part of the Confusion about when the 1st Day of Rosh HaShanah comes about. Those Brethren mentioned above and others that espoused that Rosh HaShanah was not the 15th of the Month, but rather the 19th of the Month, has the Moon already at a Quarter Fase, Waxing by that Time.

They are basing their Interpretation on the start of the 17th which is what it would conclude over Jerusalem. They are not considering the Time Zone and the Configuration based on 2 Hemispheres, assuming an Earth Globe Model. And worse, is the part based on Interpretation. Consider the following reason. They are primarily basing their Sliver of the New Moon ‘Sighting’, being based on Interpretation, not on Basic Astronomy and the Precise Moon Cycles.

They are basing it on a Physical Sighting of the Sliver that is, at this point, with no Temple nor Sanhedrin to Confirm, pure Conjecture. It is based on an Ancient Jewish Temple Period Practice that even the Rabbinical Jews do no longer observe in this Modern Ear, etc. Yet, many Christians insist this is the correct way of Calculating their ‘Jewish’ Calendar. The Supposition is that, so long as one can ‘Physically Observe it’, from Jerusalem, on a Clear Night, that is what determines when the New Year starts.

One disagrees on this Point. And ‘who’ would that Person or Persons be? Who is ‘Certifying’ the Sighting? Now to be fair, there is a Sect of Jews that call themselves the Karaites, that have ‘Official Websites’ that do go by the ‘Sighting’ of the Sliver of the Moon, as they are dedicated in Observing that and Reporting it, etc. But here is the Issue, what if the Evening is Cloudy, and the Observation cannot be Determined? Is one then to presume that the New Year is then ‘Put on Hold’, in Suspended Animation until, say, 1 or 2 more Days pass by when the Night Sky is Cleared and the Sighting of the New Sliver can occur? No. By that Time, the Moon will have already passed the Sliver Phase, as it will be the case starting from September 17-19th, 2023.

Celestial Time

So, with all Due Respect of one’s Fellow Brethren, it does not make Sound Basic Astronomical Sense to Conjecture on this Level 2 Interpretation, to be Plausible for the Reasons presented. As an Aside Note, realize that YHVH has His Calendar that is based on the Sun, Moon and the Stars, and in that precise Order. This is to mean that the Sun or the Solar Day Count based solely on the Movement of the Sun, that Marks the 2 Equinoxes and the 2 Solstices is what constitutes the ‘Year’, precisely, like Clockwork, etc.

The Lunar Cycles are Secondary. And that is why the Rabbinical Calendar has to be Re-Calibrated every so often to be In-Sync with the Solar Days. This is why a 2nd End Month of Adar 2 is given because due to the off-set of the Moon Cycles. But as far as the Solar Year is concerned, this is why for every Season, the 4 Quadrants are essential to determine ‘Prophetic Time’. This is just one’s Opinion based on Basic Astronomy.

1. Spring Equinox – Start and End of a Year
2. Summer Solstice
3. Fall Equinox
4. Winter Solstice

So, to answer the Question and then generate more Questions based on all that still, is to be determined, nonetheless it is based on the Rabbinical Calendar, which is Lunar. Thus, September 15, 2023 was Tishrei 1, as the Civil New Year. It coincides with the Lunar Phases of the Moon, Astronomical whereby, the 16th of September, the Moon produced the 1st Sliver of Light reflected off the Sun, ending on the 17th. Then by September 19, the Moon will be at 1/4 in its Waxing Phase. This is why, it is ‘Impossible’, no, ‘Not Probable’ that the New Civil Year or Rosh HaShanah is to occur on any other Day past the 15-16th. One could be Wrong. Here are some Astronomy Terms concerning the Moon Phases.

= When the Moon becomes Brighter and Fuller, from Right to Left.

= When the Moon becomes less Bright and Fuller, from Right to Left, etc.

If one uses or ‘sticks’ to the Solar Year, wherein the Equinoxes and the Solstices are the Demarcations of the 4-Part Year or ‘Seasons’, due to the Earth 23 Degree Tilt, then September 23, should always be the start of the 6th Month from Nisan. This is also another Reason why this Date, 723 or 923 is used a lot in the Luciferian Predictive Programming Schemes.

It would essentially mark the half-way Point in the Solar Year as an additional 6 months would bring it back to the Spring Equinox. Thus, it is pertaining to a ‘Division’. And how the Church knows that Lucifer’s Business is to ‘Divide’. Such are the things still in Debate and only when Jesus comes back at Armageddon well, He sort this all out. One is using March 19 as that is when Astronomically, to be more Precise, the Spring Equinox occurs.

March 19 to September 23 = 188 Days

Not sure if you were all aware, that back in 2010, I and another Brother, at another Online Blog at the Time, made a Big Hoopla about the 188 Day Earthquake Cycle.

September 23 to March 19 = 178 Days + 188 Day = 366 Day (End Day Included.)

The Theory was based on the Chilean 8.8 Earthquake. Then 188 Days later was the Christchurch Earthquake that demolished the Cathedral. Thus the 188 Day Earthquake Cycle. And Comet Lovejoy was in the Sky at that time as an Omen of what was to come to the ‘Church of Christ’. One Theorized it as the ‘Sword’ coming to Demolish and lay waste to the Christian Church in the Middle East, as that is where it manifested or came true.

This did come about through the Syrian Up-Rising and then because of ISIS coming in, supported by Obama and the CIA funding the ‘Rebels’, that 1000s of Christians were Martyred and even Crucified in the Streets. It was Afghanistan 1.0. It was Horrible and that led to the Mass Migration of Millions to Europe, if you all Remember.

Chart: 188 Day Earthquake Cycle

Then 188 Days later, the Fukushima 9.0 Earthquake hit. That spilled Radioactive Material into the Ground and Water, and to this Day, is unstoppable and is still contaminating the Pacific Ocean. If you all remember, People were advised to buy Iodine and the University Instrumentations of how much Radioactivity is in the Air were shut-off, i.e., UC Berkeley. People were going to the California Beaches with Geiger Counters and reading way above Normal Numbers. And what did the U.S. Government do? They just elevated the Numbers and Threshold of what was/is ‘Safe’ to be exposed to.

But they warned Pregnant Woman not to go to the Beach nor Each Fish, go figure. So, the 188 Day Earthquake Theory was that from the Fukushima 9.0 Earthquake, the next ‘Hit’ would be in California. This was based solely on the Triangulation of the 3 previous 188 Day Major Earthquakes that occurred. It did not happen. But one wonders if it could have been because the Word got out and enough Christians Prayed-it-Off? One hopes this was of some benefit, to at least have a better Reference of Mind and realize that what is actually occurring Astronomically and what is being said about it, based on Interpretation are not the same. This is just an Observation. 



Revelation 12 Sign – Rosh HaShanah 2023


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