Commandments for Daniel’s 70th Week 

  • What are the Laws all about and why now?
  • What does this mean for the Gospel of Jesus?
  • Are these the Laws the World will be Judged by?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘I establish My Covenant with you: Never again will all Life be Destroyed by the Waters of a Flood; never again will there be a Flood to Destroy the Earth.” And YHVH said: This is the Sign of the Covenant I am making between Me and you and every Living Creature with you, a Covenant for all Generations to come: I have set my Rainbow in the Clouds, and it will be the Sign of the Covenant between me and the Earth’. -Genesis 9:11-13

The purpose of this chapter is to consider the 7 Laws of Noah called the Noahide Laws. Why? Many who study the End Times believe such a Legal System, Code or Protocol will exist during the Last Week of 7-Years per the Prophet Daniel. This will be when the Bride of Christ will have been Raptured-Out and YHVH, the GOD of Israel will once again revert back to finish dealing with Israel’s Rebellion.

Why this Dispensation is linked to Daniel is that as it was in the ‘Times of Daniel’, so too will it be in the Last Sabbatical Cycle that will lead-up to the Return of Jesus, along with the Church Age Bride. This is foretold in the type of Metals and Beasts the Vision of Nebuchadnezzar had. Wherein, the last Rendition of such a ‘World Beast and Metal Order’, ruled by the AntiChrist and False Prophet from Israel, will see the ‘Stone’ come from Heaven and crush the Statue.

The ‘Stone’ being Jesus. During the ‘Times of Daniel’, there in both Babylon and Medo-Persia, the reason why the Jews were Exiled was due to their Unfaithfulness and Rebellion. For such a Spiritual Condition, YHVH ‘Evicted’ the Jews from the Promised Land, from Jerusalem and Destroyed the Temple. But it was only for a Temporary Period of Time. In Daniel’s case, it was for 70 Years as foretold by the Prophet Jeremiah. However, it took approximately 73 Years to make it back to the Promised Land.

The Remnant came back to Jerusalem. But they started only rebuilding the Altar of Sacrifice and the Walls. The 2nd Temple bargain construction later on, after much Prompted by Ezra and Nehemiah, etc. There were Delays, Opposition, and Apathy. What did occur at the 70th Year in Modern Israel was the Re-Dedication of the Altar of Sacrifice. This Event was amazingly Reconstituted in 2018. It was the 70th Year Anniversary of Israel’s Rebirth since 1948. And the actual Altar of Sacrifice was also Re-Dedicated by the Reconstituted Sanhedrin. This is why many who are looking for the Fig Tree Prophecy to be fulfilled in this Generation are surmising a 70-80-Year Time-Span. But should it be from 1948?


What also occurred in 2018 was a Convocation of the 70 Nations that the Sanhedrin also put on. Coins were Commemorated. Amazingly, it is this same Body that aspires to 1 Day Rule not only Israel, but the entire World. They will. And for the Jews, it will be by the Torah, but superseded by their Oral ‘Torah’. And for the Gentiles? They will be Bound by the 7 Laws of Noah. Why? It is because it will be like the ‘Times of Daniel’.

What characterized the Legal System then in both Babylonia is that an ‘AntiChrist Spirit’ and Legal System was imposed over the Land and its People. As the Bible records in the book of Daniel, the Enemies of YHVH and the Jews, at that Time wanted to trap Daniel and make him ‘Sin’ against YHVH. This same ‘Set-Up’ will once again be in-play through the Noahide Laws that will go against the Laws and Protocols of YHVH to Trap the Followers of Jesus. What is also going to be ‘Set-Up’ is a Golden ‘Image’.

On the surface, the Noahide Laws might seem ‘Good’ but it is not what YHVH is wanting for the Gentiles. The Message to them and to the Jew 1st, is that the only Law that exists presently and will, is the Law of Christ. And this Christ, being Jesus, is who the Scriptures declared Divine, GOD the Son. Daniel would open-up his Window towards Jerusalem and Pray 3 Times a Day despite the contrary Legal System to not do so. The Adversaries procured Legal Measure to forbid the Worship, Singing and Gathering of YHVH’s People.

This is much like what happened with the COVID Plandemic. After Daniel’s tenure there, his Faith was put to the Test. After Daniels' Deportation, he and his Friends refused to take the Provisions of the Babylonians nor to succumb to their Legal System of Mandates and Protocols that went against those of YHVH. In particular, the Protocols of the Adversaries consisted of erecting a Statue that had the making of a 666 Dimension and all had to bow-down to the Image of the Beast and pay Homage to the ‘King’ that in those Days was considered a ‘Christ’, as in an Anointed One.

Such as Legal Disposition will also befall the Jewish Nation but more importantly, all those in the World that will come to faith in Jesus Christ. This will occur during the Tribulation Period or the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’. Likewise, as then, the World is now in the midst of preparing for such a Legal System and Protocols. In this case, this Legal System will come from the very Jews, that is the Orthodox ones that will employ the 7 Laws of Noah for the Gentiles to follow, and they must follow. If not?

The Consequence will be like that of Daniel and his Friends, Capital Punishment. The New Testament in the Book of Revelation written by the Apostle John foretells of a similar Time to come after the Church Age ends. It will likewise be one of an AntiChrist Spirit. In this case, it will come from the long-awaited one himself. And eventually after the halfway Marker of the Tribulation Period, all those that will not bow-down and take their Mark, an inference to a Number, Mark or Name, associated with 666 and his ‘Image or Statue’ will be Decapitated. This is exactly what the Noahide Laws stipulate. How so?


Anyone that, for example, comes to believe in Jesus as LORD and Savior, will be considered an ‘Idolator’. And? That is Blasphemy in the Talmud and punishable by Death, Decapitation. Thus, believing in Jesus as LORD and that He is the 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity, will have a Believer commit a ‘Capital Offense’. This is Noahide Law #1. To the Jews, this coming Dispensation will be what they have been also waiting for. It will be their ‘Messianic Age’ of ‘Peace and Security’.

It will be one of a ‘Pax Judaica’. It will replace the current Pax Americana. But the USA is fast approaching its Demise and End as the Head of the Nations. The Non-Jews that follow the 7 Laws of Noah are considered ‘Righteous Gentiles’. According to Jewish Law, Non-Jews are not obligated to Convert to Judaism. They are however required to Obey the 7 Laws of Noah to be assured of a Place in the World to Come (Olam Ha-Ba). And this ‘Messianic Age’ will be their 7-Year ‘Pax Judaica’. As to the 7 Laws of Noah?

They are not really found in the Bible, as a specific Listing as are the 10 Commandments, for example. The closest that it comes to and from where the Orthodox Jews get the ‘Inspiration’ is from the Book of Genesis. It deals with the Covenant that YHVH made with Noah. It is called the ‘Rainbow Covenant’. According to the Genesis Flood Narrative, a Deluge covered the whole World. It killed every Living Thing except Noah, his Wife, his 3 Sons, and their 3 Wives, and the animals taken aboard the Ark.

According to the Bible, all Humans since the Flood are Descendants of Noah, thus the name ‘Noahide Laws’ is referred to these Types of Laws that apply to all of Humanity. This is the Jewish Rabbinical Logic. It is Biblical that YHVH made a Covenant with Noah with the following Admonitions. It is taken from Genesis 9:4–6. It recalls the Genesis Flood in which a Rainbow appeared to Noah after the Flood. It was the ‘Sign of the Covenant’ that YHVH would not Destroy the Earth by water. Fire? Yes. That is next. Note that every Covenant has a Sign.

However, Flesh with its Life-Blood [in it], you shall not eat. (Genesis 9:4)

Furthermore, I will demand your Blood, for [the taking of] your Lives, I shall demand it from any Wild Animal. From Man too, I will demand of each Person's Brother the Blood of Man.

He who spills the Blood of Man, by Man his Blood shall be spilt; for in the Image of God He made man. (Genesis 9:5–6)

Then there is the Book of Jubilees, generally dated to the 2nd Century BC. It is believed to include an early reference to the 7 Noahide Laws from verses 7:20–28. The 7 Noahide Laws as traditionally enumerated in the Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 56a-b and Tosefta Avodah Zarah 8:4 are as follows.

Not to Worship Idols.
Not to curse GOD.
Not to commit Murder.
Not to commit Adultery, Bestiality, or Sexual Immorality.
Not to Steal.
Not to eat Flesh torn from a Living Animal.
To establish Courts of Justice.

From Noah is where the Nations or ‘Goyim’ comes from, and to include the National Origins of all Humanity since Adam. That is why the Orthodox Jews have come-up with this ‘Legal Protocol’. But the Noahide Laws are not intended for the Jews or Israel. It is really a Patchwork of getting Laws, here and there, from the Written Word, of the Old Testament for the Non-Jews or the Gentiles.

Some consider the 7 Noahide Laws a ‘False 10 Commandments’. But what is the Outcome? It is one’s Opinion, that it is an Insidious Attempt at Marginalizing the Non-Jews as 2nd Class Humans and Citizens of Earth. And they are assuring their ‘damnation’. How so? The Noahide Laws deal with ‘Works’ to attain Salvation. In what way? When fully implemented, it will be an ‘Us vs Them’ type of Set-Up. The Jews will be on Top and all Non-Jews will be below them, Ecclesiastically, Socially, Politically.

The Torah + Prophet + Mishnah are to be for the Jews. According to the Talmud, the 7 Laws were given 1st to Adam and subsequently to Noah. However, the Jewish Rabbis disagreed on precisely which Laws were given to Adam. It is believed that 6 of the 7 Laws were exegetically derived from Passages in the Book of Genesis, as noted. The 7th Law establishes the Courts of Justice in which to enforce them. The earliest complete Rabbinic Version of the 7 Noahide Laws can be found in the Tosefta. It reads, ‘7 Commandments that were commanded of the Sons of Noah’.

Concerning Adjudication (Dinim)
Concerning Idolatry (Avodah Zarah)
Concerning Blasphemy (Gilelat ha-Shem)
Concerning Sexual Immorality (Gilui Arayot)
Concerning Bloodshed (Shefikhut Damim)
Concerning Robbery (Gezel)
Concerning a Limb torn from an Animal (Ever Min ha-Hay)

Everyone else, the Nations are to adhere to the 7 Laws of Noah that provide a semblance of the 10 Commandments. It is really going to be the Tool of Control that the coming False Jewish Solomon 2.0 will implement around the World through his Mark of the Beast 666 Protocols. The 7 Legal Prescriptions are really about regulating Behavior as the 7 Laws will be Administered and Adjudicated exclusively by the Sanhedrin. It will be by way of the False Prophet that will require all Humans to pay Homage to the AntiChrist. Eventually, all Worship will be ironically steered toward the False Solomon 2.0. And that is Idolatry.

Rainbow Covenant

Eventually, the False Messiah will rule from the Promised Land, from Jerusalem and within the Holy of Holies. This Event will occur at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. This is the goal of the Sanhedrin. It is to Rule the World and implement their Legal Matrix of the Mark upon the whole World. In reality, it will be a ‘Jew World Order’. This is not to be disparaging about this specific Ethnicity, but to point-out what is foretold in the Bible will occur. And it is occurring right before one’s Eyes in the World. All Events will drag the World into the Middle East Conflict. Why?

It is because the Issue is who will Control the Promised Land, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Israel will rather make a Deal with the Devil, literally that turn to YHVH for ‘Peace and Safety. It will be the Sanhedrin, on behalf of National Israel that will accept the AntiChrist ‘Solomon 2.0’ and his False Prophet who will issue the ‘Mark’ to subjugate all Humans on Planet Earth. In fact, the Gentiles will be ‘Prohibited’ from learning the Bible and thus not coming to the Saving knowledge of the need for Redemption, Atonement and a Savior, etc.

And this Realization is solely derived from the Old Testament, which is possible. It is how Jesus and the Apostles 1st presented the Gospel from. There was no New Testament. Surely, after the End of the Church Age that will occur with the Rapture Event, the entire New Testament will be Banned. Presently, the Orthodox Jews desperately want that done in Israel now and will during the Tribulation Period. They will not need much help as the Liberal Christians, Secularists, Anti-Christians are really giving them a Hand now.

In such Countries like Canada, they had Arrested Pastors for insisting on gathering together for Services during the COVID Plandemic. The Canadian Government, as many others, even erected a Fence around Grace Life Church in Alberta. In England, 75-Year-Old Preacher speaking at an Open-Air Public Square, about his Opinion on how Marriage is Defined in the Bible, as a Man and a Woman, a Husband and a Wife, was immediately pulled-down and hand-cuffed, led away.

The Constables on Patrol, or the COPs warned him that his ‘Preaching’ was causing ‘Harm and Distress’. It is heard on the Video the Police state, ‘Your Religion is Banned’. This is the Spirit of AntiChrist, Alive and Well on Planet Earth. And increasingly and fast-approaching, as in the USA, Europe and other places in the world, mostly the 1st World Nations, any Declaration of a Perceived Offense in reference to the Bible about People’s Behavior, Gender Preference, Marriage and/or Sexual Lifestyle is considered Hate Speech and to be Banned and Cancelled.

This also happened to a Member of the Finnish Parliament for just posting her Opinion of how she believes what the Bible states about Marriage, that it should be between a Man and a Woman, etc. The Point is that Jesus’ Words and Warnings about how it would End for this Age, would be like it was in the Days of Noah. And? Judgement is Coming. The Flood is Coming. The Rainbow Flag will be Judged.

That Finnish Parliamentarian was Questioned, Sanctioned and Intimidated from speaking ‘Bible’. It was to send a Message. Seems one can cause ‘Distress’ for saying ‘a Man ought to only Marry a Woman’. But when it comes to offending Christians for only quoting the Bible, that is OK. But as to the Noahide Laws, anyone who Believes or Teaches that Jesus is GOD, will violate, automatically the ‘1st Law of Noah’.

This will give the Sanhedrin, who just as much Condemned Jesus for Blasphemy will do the same to His Followers. And the consequence for a World full of Non-Jews during the Tribulation Period not adhering to these 7 Laws of Noah? Capital Punishment. It is in their Law. Unbelievable?

From the Jewish Encyclopedia 1906 Edition. ‘With but a few Exceptions, the Punishment meted out to a Noachide for the Transgression of any of the 7 Laws is Decapitation.’ (1906 Encyclopedia) And George W. Bush and every other U.S. President have signed-off on these Laws, as well as the U.S. Congress for the Law to be implemented, when the Time comes. And it is fast approaching. And the Gentiles better get it right.

What is also Sinister, is that the ‘Jews’ only will be, can be Judged by the Bible (Old Testament) under this Paradigm. The Gentiles will not be Judged according to the Written and Oral Law. In other words. if a Jew Murders a Gentile, or Rapes, Robes, and so on, the Jews will be Acquitted as they will not, cannot be Judged by the Noahide Laws when a ‘Crime’ is committed against a Non-Jew. What few Christians know and what is not explicitly stated within the U.S. Legislative Reiteration of such a Resolution by Executive Order.

It is that the 1st and 2nd Noahide Laws, which prohibit Idolatry and Blasphemy, according to Rabbinical interpretation would be transgressed by all Christians. The Name, Jesus is a ‘Curse Word’. This is because the Worship of Jesus is considered ‘Idolatry’ and His Name is ‘Blasphemy’ according to the Authors of the Jewish Talmud. Therefore, under the Noahide Laws, all Christians will be Beheaded. The Jewish Encyclopedia continues.

‘With regard to Idolatry, he can be found Guilty only if he Worshiped an Idol in the regular form in which that particular Deity is usually Worshiped; while in the case of Blasphemy he may be found Guilty, even when he has Blasphemed with one of the Attributes of GOD's Name-an Action which, if committed by an Israelite, would not be regarded as Criminal (ib. 56b).

This Jewish Judicial Matrix is really already Codified in the Talmud, the Mishnah of where the idea of the 7 Laws of Noah comes from. The Torah and such other Books like the Zohar are of the Elders of Zion who make ‘Protocols’ for sure. They are Contradictions and an Offense to the Written Bible, both Old and New Testament.

They teach the Jews and Israel that they alone, the Reconstituted Sanhedrin (the Council of the 70 Elders of Zion)…who ‘Sit in the Seat of Moses’ are the sole Arbitrators and Interpreters of the Written Law of Moses and the Prophets. They exclaim that they alone have the Religious Authority in all Religious Matters in Israel and over all Jewry. Furthermore, their Oral Law supersedes that of the Written Bible, the Old Testament. This was and is the issue Jesus had/has, and still does as such continue in this Spirit of AntiChrist that cancels-out and nullifies the Written World of YHVH. So, case in point are the Noahide Laws.

To reiterate, the 7 Laws of Noah are Principles, from a Patchwork of Laws or Moral Principles that are found in the Bible. But the Orthodox Jews who will eventually have full Political, Social and Religious control not only of Israel but of the whole World, thanks to the False Prophet and the coming AntiChrist, will set-up a Separate Legal Matrix for Non-Jews of the World at that time. The Penalty for any Transgression of the Noahide Laws will be Capital Punishment. And this Act will be done at the hands Jewish Zealots following the Protocols of AntiChrist and False Prophet, as in the ‘Times of Daniel’.



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