A Cover-Up for COVID VAIDS

  • Why was a Monkey Pox Mock Exercise held in 2021?
  • How is it that a Monkey Pox Outbreak occurred now?
  • Where Monkey Cell Lines in the COVID Injections? Yes.

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this report is to consider the March 2021 Bio-Weapon Mock Attack Exercise on the Planet with Monkey Pox. And when was that release of Monkey Pox supposed to have occurred? May 15, 2022. And amazingly, the Monkey Pox suddenly appeared as an ‘Outbreak in 82 counties. And from that time, it has been reported as a New Virus and next Potential Pandemic or is it another of their Plandemic.

It is rather stunning that in all prior major Human Turning Points that have affected the entire Globe, such Transitional Times have been preceded by an ‘Exercise’. It so happened in 2000, that just months prior to 9-11, there was a Pentagon Simulated Exercise called, Operation Dark Winter. It simulated an Attack on the USA and what would be the response. And guess what was the Outcome and Recommendation? The USA must have a ‘Department of Homeland Security’.

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Take for example, 9-11. On the very Day of the Attack on the World Trade Center Buildings, there was a U.S. Air Force Exercise exactly simulating Commercial Airliners being used as Bombs to ram into Skyscrapers in New York City. Astonishingly, the Fighter Pilots requested confirmation if the Exercise was real. A Commercial Plane was detected on their Radar and asked to intercept. Guess what happened?

The Stand Down Order came from the then Vice President Cheney, the ‘Real’ U.S. President at the time. Then, in 2010, there was another Report released by the Rockefeller Foundation. It was called Scenarios for the Future. And guess what the Scenario looked like? They predicted that there would be a COVID-Like Virus Outreach coming from where? China. And that World Governments had to declare ‘National Emergency’ to curtail the ‘Spread’ and suspend Civil Liberties. That Mask Mandates would be implemented as well as forced Lock-Down, etc.

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Then behold, in the month of October of 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation along with John Hopkins University, and the World Economic Forum, the ‘Usual Suspects’ undertook a Simulation Exercise where a Pandemic, a Virus was released. The Outcomes? Secure the Narrative by controlling Information and the News Outlets. Censor any Information and/or Data that contradicts the ‘Official Scientific Narrative’. Give greater power to the Centralized Government, and require ‘Vaccinations’, etc.

The Scenario further prescribed Lock-Downs, Mask Mandates, Social Distancing and compliance, primarily enforced, not by Government, but by Corporations. And that an easement would follow but only to then secure more Centralized Power to suspend Civil Right. This is exactly what occurred in Canada with Fidel Castro’s Bastard Son, Justin. He suspended the Truckers Bank Accounts, ceased their Rig/Trucks, Fuel. He Character Assassinated them as being Nazis and Confederates. All the while his Globalist Police Force stomped over Grandmothers and Trudeau’s Deputy, Chrystia Freeland who is a Director at World Economic Forum and whose Grandfather was a Nazi, made his Emergency Powers Permanent.

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The End Result of Event 201 would have required all Humans on the Planet to not only get ‘Vaccinated’ but that it would be interwoven into one’s Digital Vaccine Passport and eventual Block Chain Digital Wallet. All this, by the way, has not gone away. Hello Monkey Pox. According to Dr. Karen Kingston, who has appeared in Talk Shows like Stew Petters, has come out on the Record to state that Monkey Pox is a ‘Cover-Up’ for all those People that are now developing ‘VAIDS”. What is VAIDS? It is essentially the result of taking these Dangerous COVID mRNA Shots that have Monkey and Swine Cell Lines. But they also destroy one’s Immune System, to the point that People are no better than AIDS Patients.

And as a result, with each ‘Booster’ Shot, there is an approximate 25% diminishing of one’s Natural Immune System. And Skin Outbreaks like Shingles, Skin Rashes and/or Blister-Like ‘Poxes’ will be intentionally Diagnosed as ‘Monkey Pox’. Why? This will ensure a Consistent Scare and Infection Rates to justify the coming Mandatory Testing and Lock-Down as well as Mask Mandates. It will call into question all those Injection Hesitant or Resisters that will now be Forcibly Injected. And now the Globalists have had their Monkey Pox corresponding ‘Exercise’ that exactly predicted when the Outreach was to be released, May 15, 2022. No, not a mere Coincidence.

Now, one considers that all those Scientists, Doctors, and Specialists that were involved in the Monkey Pox Experiment are not ‘All in it’. In most cases, at this level, People are Compartmentalized. And in fact, most would consider what they are working on as a Good Thing for Humanity. One is talking in terms of the ‘Black Hand’, the ‘Invisible Hand’, those in Power ‘Behind the Curtain’ that are the true Arbitrators of Life and Death on this Planet Earth, currently, The ‘Gods of Earth’, etc.

These are the Self-Proclaimed ‘Gods of Earth’ that seek to subjugate Humanity and ‘Erase’ the ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH, with, 1 Injection at a time. Why? Genetically, every Human Being is endowed with YHVH’s Name, in the ACTG Sequence. And so, what was the Nuclear Threat Initiative all about and why? The following is taken directly from their Public Website on the Subject and will be said in paraphrase form. The Nuclear Threat Initiative NIT partnered-up with the Munich Security Conference MSC. It brought 19 Global Leaders, via Zoom on March 15 of 2021. Interestingly, the NTI is a Non-Profit, co-founded by Ted Turner and the Munich Security Conference.

Usual Suspects
Ted Turner is the Founder of CNN and who is on Record stating that there are ‘Too many Humans’ and that the ‘ideal’ level should be less than 2 Billion People on Earth. They meet once a Year to discuss International Security Policy. They have been meeting since 1963. The Monkey Pox Mock Bio-Attack was discussed under the topic entitled: Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats.


The Goals and Intention of the International Think-Tank might seem Ultraistic, Noble and Commendable, but. As they gather the Global Leaders from Governments, Industry, and Civil Society, their aim is Global Governance. It is not about ‘Reducing the Risks’ of Catastrophic Biological Events. They are the ones who foment all that and more. They are using the Failures they precise from COVID-19 and are now ensuring they are closing the ‘Gap’ on perceived ‘Vulnerabilities’, or in other words, ‘Tightening the Noose’. They use the Terms, ‘Future Biological Events could exceed COVID’, etc. Their Luciferian Plan is precisely what they seek to prevent. In this case, it is not about any concern over Lost Lives, Economic Damage and Political Disruption.

The Scenario, much like Dark Winter, Lock-Step, Event 201, test the ‘Resolve’ both Nations and their People will have, or not. They want to know what type of Response will occur once they implement their Disruption in the Supply and Food Chains, Public Services, Cyber-Security, and control of the Narrative. The Monkey Pox, for this Exercise, occurred in the Fictitious Nation of Andoriban. The release is intentional with the aim at crippling the Nation’s Economy. Funny, but is that not what COVID did? And still is doing? This next Plandemic will surely be the Proverbial ‘Last Nail in the Coffin’.

And the Outcome? They seek to justify a Global Government, to have a Global Response that will dictate the Medieval Protocols for every Human Being on the Planet. This will inevitably set-up the New World Order Beast System, otherwise called the Return of the Babylonian Whore System in the Last Days, during the 7-Year Tribulation Period. They seek to justify having the WHO take over as most Nations are too poor to respond in the way they want. And why not with the Trillions given by the USA, Communist China and Bill Gates. And the Scare Tactic? Monkey Pox. The Narrative will argue that most Nations lack Coordination.

And as a result, astonishingly, they predict, based on their Exercise, that there will be up to 2 Billion Humans infected with Monkey Pox and about 120 Million will Die. Where has one heard of such Parabolic Mortality Rates and Statistics? Oh yes, COVID. The initial Scare for COVID was that if the World did not Lock-Down, Mask-Up and Social Distance, 3 Million People in the USA alone would die. In reality it is these Numbers that are being broadcast that they want Dead. The Luciferians want less than 500 Million consuming ‘Their’ Resources. So, eventually having over 2 Million People Dead from their Bio-Engineered Attack against Humanity would be a Victory in their War against Humanity and ultimately, Jesus Christ, the Savior of Humanity. 

Sabotage Scenarios
The Exercise had a Mock News Outlet Video that that NTI put out as part of their Outbreak Scenario. It portrayed a News Broadcast of the Monkey Pox Outbreak. But those who study Communications, Speech and/or Propaganda, will easily be pick-up on the Brain-Washing Techniques. The Mock Newscast starts out by showing the words, ‘This is a Fictitious Scenario’. It then leads into a False ‘GNN’ News Anchorwoman that opens the Broadcast by saying, ‘There are New Questions today about the New Deadly Outbreak of ... Then a Blank Screen appears with the words, ‘Another Global Outbreak’. But this time, it Is different’. Then the Anchorwoman states, ‘Scientists that studied this have determined that this is Monkey Pox…was Engineered’.

The Screen cuts to the words, ‘Biological Terrorism in 1 Region’…’Unleased on the rest of the World… Billions of Cases… Hundreds of Millions Dead’. Then the Anchorwoman appears saying, ‘With limited Anti-Viral Drugs and no known Effective Treatments, countries around the World are struggling to Control and Pandemic, with already devastating effects’’. The Video cuts to the words, ‘Poor Oversight and Gaps in Global Governance’… 'Leave us Vulnerable to Catastrophic Biological Threats’. The Mock News Video then goes on to question, ‘Can the International Community act quickly enough?’

Then the Video cuts to a supposed ‘International Correspondent, named Philip Romano. Who states, ‘We are seeing far fewer Cases in countries where they took Early and Decisive Actions’.  Then another Individual appeared, a ‘Science the Health Correspondent’ who said, ‘Some International Experts are urging the WHO to adopt a Phased Approach towards to Warnings’. Then the Video cuts to more words against a Black Screen that says, ‘The Time to Prepare for the Next Global Pandemic’…’Is Now’. As one can assess, the real Terrorists are the Luciferian Globalists, bent on Population Reduction and their Great Reset U.N. Agenda. 

Yes, there are Questions being asked, why was such a Germ Warfare Scenario played-out in March of 2021, on the 1 Year Anniversary of the COVID-10 Plandemic? Why was the Simulation plainly stated that Monkey Pox was Bio-Engineered and released? This is exactly the Scenario in which COVID, their prior Plandemic Virus has been found to have been ‘Leaked’ from a Bio Lab in China. Then there is the Debacle with Fauci in his Gain of Function Research. It is a Global Attack, and it is being perpetrated again on Humanity by these Satanists Blood Sucking Vampire Wizards and Warlocks.

And they even plainly tell the World that ‘This Time is Different’. True. COVID 19 was the Test Run. Now that the Preliminarily ‘Weak Points’ are known, this next Plandemic of theirs will be used to usher in the Global Government they have sought out and needed to implement their Globalist and Luciferian Agenda. And that is? To Inject as many People with their Serum. Why? It is not about a Virus but what is in the Shots. Is it any coincidence that the Mock Exercise conducted by the NTI ‘arbitrarily chose the Month of May in 2022 for the release? And behold, that is when the ‘Outbreak’ of Monkey Pox has been ‘Discovered’ and now been reported? Then mysteriously, there were 13-19 Million Doses against Monkey Pox were readily available?

Contaminate, Cull, Control, Repeat…

How is it that, out of nowhere, there are now enough Monkey Pox Doses, that Biden of the USA purchased 13-19+ ‘Vaccines’ Monkey Pox? Those Injections are not going to be sitting around to be stored. No, these mRNA Shots are to go into the Arms of as many Humans as possible. Why? Based on 3 Years of COVID Research, one has come to conclude that it is for 3 main Purposes. 1. To Contaminate. 2. To Cull. And 3. To Control all of Humanity in such a Global Scenario. It is found in the Book of Revelation with the Mark of the Beast System. It is coming. The Video Mock Scenario is truthful, in how it is mocking People with the prior COVID-19 Plandemic.

It was Unleashed into the World as a Bio-Weapon. What is noticeably different is the planned scope of the Contamination. They use ‘Billions of Cases’ and ‘100s of Millions Dead’. This will truly be an Apocalyptic End Time Scenario. And they are not wrong on this account. They are Deadly Serious about such Parameters and Protocols. But so is the Bible. Monkey Pox, now unleashed, is to further Control People and force Compliance on every Human possible in preparation for their New Medial Order. It is astonishing that they are using the same ‘Scientific Narrative’ that was used for COVID. How so? That it is a ‘Deadly Virus’ and there are, ‘No Known Treatments’. This is a Lie.

With COVID, there were and are Preventative Treatments and it does not need to end in a Death of a Patient. In fact, Scientists like Dr. McCullough of Texas in the USA, have argued and fought for Early Treatment of COVD. But Fauci, the WHO, the CDC, FDA have banned such Preventative Protocols. What Hypocrisy. When such Evil Luciferians think of when they say, ‘There are no Preventative Treatments’, they mean they want more forced Lock-Downs, Mask Mandates, etc. This is despite Monkey Pox does not spread like COVID. A person basically has to go to the Congo in Africa to come in direct Skin Contact to get the Monkey Pox. Yet, all of a sudden, right-on Time, in May of 2022, the Monkey Pox Virus Break-Out occurred in over 28 Nations and climbing.

And guess what type of People have contracted Monkey Pox? It is only those People who have received the Dangerous New mRNA COVID Shots. Why? Based on Research done by a few Doctors and Scientists, that one researched, the COVID 19 Shots have Monkey and Swine Cell Lines, aside from Aborted Fetal Tissue and a host of other Toxic Ingratiates. The assumed Narrative is that individual Nations are at a loss to be able to control and address such a Pandemic of this Proportion. So, Send in the WHO, to the rescue! Yes, the Narrative calls for the WHO to be given the Power and Authority to orchestrate their Phased Approach, or really, their Death Protocols.

What this really will mean and result in, is that their long-awaited Global Government run by Luciferians who are Eugenicist is essentially here, now. Contrary to their Narrative that they want to ‘Save’ People. No. It is a Pretext and Mock Posterity. The Luciferians want to kill Humanity, reduce it to less than 500 Million. They want to Contaminate, Cull and Control Humanity. At this level, using Bio-Engineered Viruses from their Labs, Humanity can be Tagged, Surveilled and its Reproduction controlled, entirely. Hello China. This type of ‘New Humanity 2.0’ will be the Subservient Class like in the Book, The Brave New World.

Consider what the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, stated at a World Economic Forum Conference concerning the New Technology in their Shots. He said the following …’Basically, [a] Biological Chip that is in the Tablet and once you take the Tablet and dissolves into your Stomach, it sends a Signal that you took the Tablet. So, imagine the Applications of that Compliance’… The coming Luciferian and Eugenicist World Order will have the Gods of Earth, the Luciferian Elite at the top.

They think they have achieved it to regain their lost Golden Age where Lucifer was their LORD. Consider that once the WHO takes over the Sovereignty of all the Nations of the World, all 194 of them, they will then hand over this Power and Authority to the 1st Beast. This Beast Ruler will be the Luciferian and Biblical AntiChrist. It is coming. This Monkey Pox Scenario, unsuspectingly is a Biblical one that is being realized in this Last Generation, hidden in plain view. The Narrative they will be selling and peddling to the World Government is that there are, ‘Gaps in Global Governance’. Why?

It is because such contrived ‘Scientific’ Narratives work on Humanity. They plainly have said it and mean it. It is that the World is vulnerable to Biological Threats. Ture. But the Biological and Nuclear as well as Chemical Threats come from them to make these Deadly Poison and have used them against Humanity. It was rather interesting that in the Mock News Narrative, their 1st Interviewee had a Last Name of Romano. Could this be a Freudian Slip, an intentional one in how the coming AntiChrist will be a ‘Roman’ per 1 interpretation of the Prophecies of the Book of Daniel? Interesting.

So, the Mock Scenario using Monkey Pox as the latest Deadly Virus is to get the WHO to basically take over the Nations’ ability to Respond to such Pandemics or rather their Plandemics. Is it also no coincidence that in every dialog that is broadcast about needing more Global Government, has it been noticed how they emphasize, ‘In the Next Pandemic’? How would they know? Are they like Fauci who in early 2017 stated, ‘for a fact, a surprise Pandemic’ was going to be unleashed during Trump’s Administration? He is a Medical Prophet or ‘For Profit.

It has been reported that Fauci has bought-up all the Small Pox Virus Injections. One wonders why. It is tiring to see the ‘Usual Suspects; behind such Genocidal Attempts to Contaminate, Cull and Control Humanity. You have the Gates, the WHO, the CDC, FDA, the Klaus Schwab’s, and the Noah Harari’s of the World who have taken upon themselves, the ‘Gods of Earth’ to determine the Fate of the rest of Humanity. Monkey Pox is a Mild Contagious Disease and Survivable with Early Known Treatments. It is not a Pandemic. It is just another Phase in their Orchestrated Plandemics that will be leading an Unsuspecting Humanity to the Mark of the Beast System and subsequently to their Eternal Doom.


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