A Critique of the Arguments

  • Will the Rapture event occur on June 15, 2022?
  • What is the true Date of Pentecost?
  • What are the Arguments being present by Dr. Awe?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Cooking for Jesus’… -Dr. Berry Awe

The purpose of this report is to present a Critique of a Video, entitled, ‘Why our RAPTURE HOPE in JUNE is still alive!!!! SHAVUOT Ain't over! IT STILL AIN'T OVER!’ by Dr. Barry Awe, off of his YouTube Channel, posted on June 9, 2022. The main Premise of this Teaching, is that he makes a Supporting Case for a June 15 Rapture Timing, in 2022. The reason one is presenting this Critique is that Readers of one’s Website have asked for a Comment or Critique, as it has become now a custom. The Requests come-ups when there is an interesting Video of Teachers presenting their Rapture Time-Lines and Charts, etc.

In reply, one is of the Opinion that a Believer and Follower of Jesus is able to Discern on their own, of such Material and Teachings. And that one is, by no means out to ‘Critique’ the World or Fellow Watchman and Watchwomen. Everybody has a Natural Bias and Arguments about the Bible, This is especially the case with Hot Topic or Issues of Doctrine and Theology, like the Rapture, etc. One believes that like the Bereans, one should be open and Scripturally Based and open, or should be of other’s Teaching and Insights. Such Topics as the Rapture or when the Seals are Broken or if the COVID Shots are the Mark of the Beast are not a Salvation Issue in one’s Mind.

Although, those that do believe that the Injections will forfeit one’s Soul would have an Argument about that. In such a case, one would Disagree. Nonetheless, as Brethren in the Body of Christ, one will Agree to Disagree, etc. Now there are Serious Issues of Doctrine and Teachings that verge on either being Heresy, Error, Deception, Doctrine of Demons and Salvation. In such cases, if there is no Agreement, then it is Scriptural to separate from such Teaching and ‘Mark those that cause Division’, etc. All that to say, that the following Critique of Dr. Awe’s Teaching of his June 15, 2022 Rapture Timing will be done in Respect and to note those Points in his Argument where one would and do agree and then those Points that are not agreeable.

One’s Critique does not, will not prove his or one’s Counter Arguments. It is not one’s intention to sway or force anyone reading them to have to, ‘Believe what one Believes’. And that is what Dr. Awe actually states also. Although one will admit that one has a strong Pre-Conceived Bias when it comes to Prophecy, and specifically, the Rapture Timing. It is because in one’s Research and Understanding, it is ’Impossible’ for the Rapture to occur in the Spring. Further information on this Argument will be given in the End Notes. How does a Follower and Believer of Jesus obtain Discernment?

Foremost, it is by the Scriptures. But what if portions of the same Scriptures are even used to Argue the Contrary of what one believes is the Opposite Teaching being presented? It is simple. The Bible then teaches to Seek Counsel, a multitude to find Wisdom on the Subject being Argued, etc. Then there is an issue of having a ‘Witness’ of a Confirmation in one’s Spirit. If there is not that, given the Data, Arguments, and Presentation, then it is an Argument to just consider and keep an Open Mind about. But in one’s Experience, it is when there is a ‘Spiritual Resonance’ that what is being presented is Truth. It is either confirmed through Scripture, foremost or a Confirming by Council or one’s Spirit, in Communion with the Holy Spirit. If so, then that Teaching is to be acknowledged and accepted.

Ultimately, one can still be wrong, as it does not matter how many Years one has ‘studied’ Biblical Prophecy, etc. In doing such Critiques, one has to be Humble about it. Why? As the Measure one uses to Critique and measure someone else’s ‘Glass House’, will be that the Spirit will use to measure one’s Glass House. So, these are no ‘Stones’ being thrown here. In Summary, one does agree with a lot of Dr. Awe’s Points presented in his Video  Teaching. And his Insight is fantastic. But in terms of his overall Premise, of a June 15 Rapture Date? One does not agree. The Reason as to why not, have already been written about. The Online Link to the various Articles presenting the case for a July Rapture, instead for 2022 will be given in the End Notes.

Regarding Dr. Awe’s Arguments for a June 15 Rapture Date? First, one thinks that one should address his Personality. There are those that Love Dr. Awe’s Character and Style of Presentation. There are Testimonies of how People have turned around their Lives or Repented because of his approach. Then there are those that take him to task, as being a bit or a ‘bat’ more Irreverent in his ‘Worldly Ways’. One would say, ‘To Each Their Own’. It is no different than having a ‘Favorite’ Teacher, Preacher and not all will sit well. One can say the same for one’s Teaching of, rather a July Rapture, as such an Argument is rejected by most, etc. It is like that even in one’s Job, how People will gravitate to certain Personalities that they are comfortable with, etc.

As mentioned, one should listen to everyone’s take on the issue of the Rapture ‘s Timing, as that is exactly what it is. As a fellow Researcher and Student of the End Times, one does appreciate the sharing of other’s Teachings and Perspectives…about discerning the timing of when True Passover or Pentecost are, for example. Even with that, after either reading, listening or seeing all that is presented, there will be Points that one will agree on and not on others. Let it be known though, that one is coming from a very 'Critical' Mind-Set, as one has it coming from Nature and Profession.

Do to one’s Profession, one has to be that way to evaluate, and 'Critique' more so than the average person would probably. Conclusively, those to study and seek the Deeper Things of Christ, can only trust the Holy Spirit to lead that Believer and Follower of Jesus into All Truth. It is for that precise purpose that Jesus sent the Comforter to be the Teacher to help the Body of Christ Discern, especially in these End Times. Thus, here are some thoughts that came to Mind as one listened to Dr. Awe’s Teaching about the June 15, 2022 Rapture Timing.

As always, he makes very Good Points and some of his Understanding of Typologies are Top-Notch. However, he dismisses the Enochian Calendar. This, to some, is how the Great Pyramid of Giza was based upon. He is misunderstanding that both the Enochian and Essene Calendar start the New Years from the New Moons. One thinks that many People appreciate and resonate with his Excitement in that he also surmises that due to the present Sabbath Cycle, the coming one of the next 7 Year Cycle, could very well be Daniel’s 70th Week. One would agree. That is why the Year 2022 is ‘The Year’, regardless of arguing the Rapture Timing.

But to agree also that, if one holds to the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Timing Scenario, the event has to occur before this next Sabbath Cycle begins. It is that close. Dr. Awe uses a lot of the Data, Information, Prophetic Type and Symbolism in his Teaching and Illustrations, which are great. But one does, however, find it a bit Comical, that he speaks of being ‘Blind’, yet the Truth is on his Board. For example, he goes to show how in the Hebrew Alefbet, the Letters have a Prophetic Meaning. True, one would agree. However, he calculates the Rapture event, being on June 15, in the month of Sivan, that being the 3rd Hebrew Letter, Gimel.

In one’s Assessment, he is totally missing the ‘Forest from the Trees’ in that the 4th Month Hebrew Letter, the Dalet more precisely corresponds, Prophetically to the Open Door of the Rescue for the Bride of Christ. One would argue that it correlates also to the Book of Revelation Chapter 4 Marker of the Door being opened for the Apostle John, as a Typology of the Bride of Christ, etc. Then Dr. Awe talks about the Notion of when did that 40 Day Period of Jesus being with the Disciples occur. One would agree. It could have been instead, shifted to being counted after the Feast of Weeks and not pegged to the actual Resurrection Day, being Nisan 17, etc.

But here is where one Disagrees with the Logic he then used. Dr. Awe, in the 55 Minute Marker, states that the Ascension Day of Jesus was thus, on the 15th of Sivan or Shavuot. With no Disrespect, but this is absurd. It is Conjecture. At which point he does come off as a bit condescending in that he started out in the Video Teaching by essentially ‘Castigating’ all those ‘not seeing it’ his way and still being Spiritually Blind and ‘Stuck in the Traditions of Men’, etc. Yet one wonders what Teaching he will present next after June 15, 2022. Well, he did then say that he would consider the Feast of New Wine next. That in his Mind, corresponds to Pentecost, or 1 of the 3 ‘Pentecosts’ that he proposes in his Premise. 3 Pentecosts? Yes. In so far as he is counting 50-50-50 Days, he assumes the 49th Day of the Feast of Weeks was Pentecost, the 50th Day.

This is not correct. But then the next subsequent 50 Day Count from the 49th Day, which one does agree with, would be the True Day of Pentecost: July 23, 2022.  But here is another Error, in one’s Assessment. It has to do with his Day Count of adding the 7 Days to the 40 Days Moses was called-up to then receive the Physical Tablets of the Law. In one’s Study of Exodus, the 40 Day Count was All-Inclusive, from the Time Israel arrived at the Foot of the Mountain on the 60th Day since Nisan 15, which equated to the 15th Day of the 3rd Month, etc. Thus, the 40 Days since Sivan 15 = 99 Days. However, one can be wrong about this whole Day Count Assertion.

But no, Shavuot is not a Pentecost and the Feast of New Wine is not Pentecost. For example, the Command to Count 7 weeks, or 49 Days has no Nomenclature associated with a Penta or 50 inference, etc. Dr. Awe then makes the Statement that on the 5th Month was 120 Days as there were 120 Disciples in the Upper Room. Wrong. First, based on one’s Research and Understanding, the 120 Disciples only initially meet behind Closed Doors for Fear of the Jews in the Upper Room. That is as much as the Upper Room could hold. And it was rather large for a Common Space in Jerusalem that is extremely compact, in terms of Meeting Spaces. Thus, the 5th Month does not add-up to 120 Days.

5 Months x 30 Day/Month = 150 Days

One is of the Opinion, that Jesus gave a Direct Clue as to when the End of the Church Age ‘Harvest’ of Wheat was to occur, Month Wise. The Year, being still a Mystery, but it was on the 4th Month, or that of 120 Days. One suggests that Jesus made this Declaration in the Month of April, just before His Crucifixion.

(April + May + June + July) or (Nisan + Iyar + Sivan + Tammuz) =
120 Days
    1         2         3         4              1          2         3              4         

As to one’s July Rapture Timeline? It is amazing that, as one noted in his prior Teaching Video…he has that July Rapture ‘Answer’ drawn right on his Board. One would agree that Dr. Awe is right about True Pentecost being associated when Moses came down with the Law Tablets and the Golden Calf Incident occurred. And that is corroborated in how Aaron declared the Day before the 99th Day, that the next Day would be a ‘Feast unto the LORD’, etc. 

Although Dr. Awe is right about this Scenario, in one’s Understanding and Research, he gets it wrong by not realizing that it was on the 4th Month, that of Tammuz, corresponding to the Hebrew 4th Letter, Dalet that this event took place, not Av as he has calculated, etc. So, as to this Critique, one is seeing that in several junctures in his Arguments and Presentations, where he is forcing Day Counts and Months that do not align with his own Time Lines or Statements like, at the 1 hour Time Marker.

He states that, ‘It is like GOD being Drunk on Wine’. One would not go that far, even in his attempt to parallel the Sin Ham committed against Noah. And how he associates the event surrounding the Feast of New Wine with the Drunkenness of Noah and his interpretation that it was Ham who laid with Noah’s Wife, etc. He is also disparagingly, associating the 9th of Av, being an Evil Day, with that of the ‘Pouring of the Holy Spirit’ that came down on Pentecost.

It is perhaps 1 of the Greatest Days in Human History, aside from Creation, the Birth, Dead and Resurrection of Jesus. Thus, in one’s Assessment, Dr. Awe is Flip-Flopping the Scenario and is Out-of-Sync for a June 14 Rapture, in one’s Understanding. One can see his Logic in that he is attempting to assign that same event to the Anointing of the 144k Jewish Evangelist to come. However, one does not agree with his Scenario. Why not?

If the Rapture has to happen on June 15, that being, supposedly Shavuot, the Late Summer Wheat Grain is not yet ripe for Harvest. This goes totally contrary to his Scenario. He then teaches that 50 Day later, August 4, 2022, the Anointing by the Holy Spirit will come down on the 144K Jewish Evangelists. This is impossible because this Anointing Event occurs once the Tribulation Period has started. And one is of the Understanding that what starts the Tribulation Period is when the 1st Daily Sacrifices are made. In order for this to occur, there has to be at least an Altar Build, Sanctioned and Sanctified. The Turn-Around Time for this to occur in merely an approximate Month from the writing of this Critique, is why it is Impossible.

And this would leave out the 3rd Feast, that of Oil to then be associated and complete what Prophecy? It is understood by many who study the Typologies of the Jewish Feasts believe that the Oil represents a Pressing and Stress, of a time of Tribulation. But for whom? National Israel. And that is what the 70th Week of Daniel is for, the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, not that of the Church or Bride of Christ. Thus, Dr. Awe’s 3 Feast Scenario does not hold, as he is inferring that the 1st 50 Days is when Jesus Ascended. Wrong. Jesus rose on Nisan 17 as the 1st Order of the Resurrection. And shortly after, He presented the Barley First-Fruits as a Token, etc.

This event had nothing to do with the 49th Day Offering. This is pure Conjecture. It is fine to do so, but it is an Error in one’s Understanding to do so. And again, according to Dr. Awe’s Interpretation, the 2nd 50 Day Count is when the Holy Spirit will come down for the 144k. One is of the belief that it is at the 2nd 50 Day Count, rather that the Holy Spirit goes up, or that is, the Bride of Christ, as in the Resurrection-Rapture to conclude the Royal Commission of the End of the Church Age, etc. Now, the Holy Spirit will just be ‘Set Aside’ as that is what the Apostle Paul says the Restrainer will do.

The Holy Spirit will still be on Earth and working through the Lives of the Tribulation Saints, but there will be no Body of Christ on Earth anymore. And this is why, at this Place and Time, on Earth the Gates of Hell will Prevail over the Saints. What a dreadful Time it will be for Followers of Jesus after the Rapture event. Here is another Point of Disagreement. No, the Jews did not arrive on the 49th Day at the Foot of Mount Sinai. It was the 60th Day. That Day Count started from Nisan 15 to when the Jews arrived at Sinai on the 15th Day of the 3rd Month. It is Mathematically Impossible to have reached Mount Sinai on the 49th Day. So, that is why his Time-Line is off and will be.

Here is the next Observation. Despite his lecturing on those who hold to ‘Traditions of Men’, concerning some Prophecies or portions of Scripture, yet he is holding to the Traditional Interpretation of the Jews. How so? It is in how they state in the Encyclopedia Judaica that they Commemorate Shavuot on the 6th Day of the 3rd Month, Sivan and it is an Arbitrary Date chosen. They acknowledge that Israel had even yet arrived at Mount Sinai, but after 49 Days. And note that the Israelites had not yet even been given the Directive to observe the Feast of Weeks. Dr. Awe does acknowledge that it has been a Learning Journey and Experience for him and there has been a lot of Information and Teaching to consider. True. It has also been the case in one’s Experience.

And one is in Agreement that one only seeks to know the Truth and share that with the Body of Christ, so ‘All Good’. One believes it is just a matter of ‘Iron Sharpening Iron’. One did like the Correlation of how the Raven was released by Noah on the 5th Month, that of Av. It would follow that if the Rapture does occur in July, the 4th Month as that is one’s Argument, then the Month after is when the AntiChrist would appear, in the 5th Month. The 5th Month of Av is associated with Bad Omens, like the Bad Report of the 10 Spies and the 2 Temples being destroyed on the same Day, the 9th of Av, etc.

All this to suggest that, if the Rapture does take place on the 99th Day, as one suggests, that of July 23-24, being the 4th Month, it would appear to follow the Typology and Scenario of Noah, but it will remain to be seen. So, to reiterate, one believes Dr. Awe is off in that according to his Calculations, True Shavuot is June 15, 2022. One would Disagree. He, like most, is associating or taking for granted that ‘Shavuot’, the Feast of Weeks, being the 49 Days, is Pentecost. Incorrect. And that is why all Day Counts will not materialize when it comes to them associating the Rapture event.

Of course one could be totally wrong. One has gone back-and-forth in determining what ‘Sabbath’ is the Start Date. One also thought that it could be or was the Sabbath of the Regular Week, and then that would make any given Sunday, the Start Date. One agrees on how Dr. Awe has come to see that Jesus read the Isaiah Scroll on Yom Kippur, as that year, in 29 AD was the Jubilee Year. One does also like the fact that Dr. Awe entertains the Notion that there is a Pentecost Double Count after Shavuot. But more insightful is his Understanding that the Summer Season has 3 Minor Feasts of Grain, Wine and Oil. Most Students of End Time Prophecy are not aware of this.

And that they are exactly 50 Days apart, each. This is the Key, in one’s Opinion. One also agrees that Dr. Awe does not hold to the Rapture being subject to the Doctrine of Imminence. In one’s understanding, the Rapture will occur on a Feast Day, etc. But as mentioned before, one now leans more on the Sabbath Day to correspond to Nisan 15. Why? Nisan 15 was a ‘High Day Sabbath’ according to the Gospels. It was also how it was determined from the Exodus Day Count. It is then confirmed in how the Jews Count the Omer, that is the Day after Passover, that being the Nisan 15. Really, any Feast of YHVH is technically a Sabbath, etc.

But with the 3 main possible Sabbath Start Days, 2 of them complement each other and the 3rd would be just about a Week apart in Discrepancy. Now pertaining to the Double Count for determining True Pentecost? Consider the 3 Segments of 50 Days each: 50+50+50, etc. If one keeps to that Theory, in which for 2022, what one believes is True Pentecost will then be July 23-24, as the Day straddles the Jewish one, if one adds the 3rd Segment of 50 Days to July 23-24, a unique and familiar End Date emerges.

July 23, 2022 + 50 Days =
September 11, 2022 (9-11) = 15th of Elul, 5782

Interesting. What to make of it? Not sure. Could be a Confirmation as this 3rd Segment of the 50 Day Count would thus correspond to the Feast of New Oil. The 2nd 50 Count would very well then be True Pentecost, and that of the Feast of New Wine, or thereabouts, but each Feast separate and distinct.

Here below is the Pentecost Matrix of Dates, based on the 1st and 2nd Day Count Options, Nisan 15 for 2022. What is also very fascinating, is that for 2022, both the Rabbinical and Gregorian Calendars match, to the Day. So, April 14, Passover was Nisan 14, etc.

From: NISAN 15 on a New Moon (Leviticus 23:15)

1. + 49 Days = June 3, 2022. This was Shavuot = 1st 50 Day Marker.
= New Grain Offering Feast.

2. + 50 Days = July 23, 2022. This is True Pentecost = 2nd 50 Day Marker.
= New Wine Offering Feast.

3. + 50 Days = September 11, 2022. This is the 3rd 50 Day Marker.
= New Oil Offering Feast.

So, in one’s Calculation, the highest Watch Time for any Year would be around Mid-July. That would coincide with that 2nd Count of 50 Days, in one’s Estimation. And this Pentecost could correspond to the time of the Feast of New Wine then. And it is why in Acts 2, the Mocking Crowds suggested that the Disciples were ‘Drunk on the New Wine’, etc. Also, note that on that Day, 3000 Souls got Saved. This is to insinuate that a Massive Number of People were there in Jerusalem for a Major Feast as 3000 People were surely but a Fraction of the total number of Pilgrims there present, etc. And one contends that the Descent of GOD the Holy Spirit on this Acts 2 Pentecost Event, as noted in other Studies, did not take place in the Upper Room. Then where? The Temple ‘House’.

If one has ever visited Jerusalem, no more than 120 People could ever fit in an average Home. At best, it would have had to have been a ‘Conference Room’ type, like the Upper Room, where the Core of the Disciples meet. But it was after the Resurrection of Jesus, that they became emboldened by the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, having come down on Pentecost, at the 50th Day after Shavuot, that is the 49 Days of Weeks, etc. The Bible clearly states that thereafter, they met Daily at the Temple. The only place in the entire Region of Israel where 1000s of People could be accommodated and gather in such Numbers is on the Temple Mount. So, the ‘House’ that the Scripture is inferring to, is the House of YHVH or the Temple, in one’s opinion. This was a ‘Side Note’.

But agree with Dr. Awe that it is understood that 2022 is a Sabbath Year, starting in the Fall with Rosh HaShanah. And it will be a Reset. It is coming in September. The Luciferian Globalist Reset will happen. The issue is, will it coincide with their New World Order through Economic Collapse? Most likely. Based on all the Geo-Political Trajectories and Financial Trends, the so-called Experts are clambering that it is going to be the ‘Big One’. Regardless of this Critique, as Dr. Awe stated, it is very exciting to watch it all play-out and if June 15, 2022 comes and goes, it is only a mere Month more to see if one’s July 23, 2022 could rather be a more accurate Rapture Timing Scenario.

One would like to close with a ‘Plug’ for the July 23, 2022 Date in how a Reader sent an Email of the following Correlation or perhaps could be a Confirmation. As it is known that the World is on the verge of Famine and that Wheat will soon be ‘gone’. This is due to COVID and the intentional Disruption of the Supply and now Food Chains. There were 2 Reports that were made public that had some unusual Day Counts in themselves. The 1st one had to do with how the Headline read about the Wheat Famine to come.

It was reported on May 14, 2022 -which was Israel Independence Day, that ‘There are only 70 Days until Wheat runs out’. If one adds 70 Days to May 14, 2022, the End Day is July 23, 2022. The Dire Situation that the World will shortly face, of the Issue of the Wheat Food Shortages has been the Headlines in another Reports. This time, the Date was June 3, 2022. This is the Date that many believed to be Shavuot, the 49th Day or Feast of Weeks, etc.

The Headline read, ‘There are only 50 more Days until Wheat runs out in the World’, Thus, if one adds 50 Days to this Day of June 3, 2022, it lands also on July 23, 2022. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Time will tell. But the Reader clearly understood the possible Prophetic Implications as the Believers are likened to Wheat and how at the End of the Church Age, at the Rapture, there will be ‘No more Wheat-People left on Earth’.

Israel: May 14, 2022 + 70 Days =
July 23, 2022

Shavuot: June 3, 2022 + 50 Days =
July 23, 2022

Notice how from Israel’s Independence Day in the Gregorian Calendar, the 70 Days echo when in 70 AD, Israel ceased to be a Nation and the Temple was Destroyed. Then for the June 3 Shavuot Date, notice how a 50 Day Count is what Pentecost is all about, the 50hh Day after Shavuot. Selah.


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