Corresponding to Possible Tribulation Period

  • How many Eclipses will 2024 have that are Significant?
  • ​Do any of the Eclipses fall on Feasts of YHVH?
  • Is there a Pattern to the Prelude of the Tribulation?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this illustration is to depict the Timeline of the Major Feasts of YHVH overlayed with the Solar and Lunar Eclipses for 2024. There will be a total of 4 Eclipses. The 2 Lunar Eclipses will be Partial and the Solar Eclipse will be a Total one and then an Annular one.  Out of the 4 Eclipses, the Annular one will coincide with the Civil New Year of Rosh HaShanah. The Timeline will also incorporate one’s Pentecost New Wine Theory of how on July 23, a 723 Code correlates to this Day.

It is based on the Spring Equinox Count and presuming an April 15 or Nisan 15 Day Count from. The 3 Minor First-Fruits of the New Grain, Wine and Oil are also marked. Astronomically, this July 23, 2024 Feast Day is in approximate Phi Ratio from the start of the New Year of Trees in January  to the Rosh Hashanah Solar Annular Eclipse of October 2. Based on one’s 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline, one is supposing that the July 23 Date could be the Rapture Window Timing as that is what one links the Pentecost 99th Day to the Event of Acts 2.

If the Church Age started at such a Time, would or will it end at such a ‘Bookend’? One is considering some Conjecture as to why 2024 could be the Year of the Rapture. It would be a Summer Wheat Harvest Type as to the Timing in one’s Estimation. One is surmising a Rapture Year before 2025. This Notion is based on one’s 2025-2032 Tribulation Period Timeline. One is conjecturing that the Year 2025 is when the 70th Week of Daniel is to commence in the Fall. One Conjectures that it could be about 1 Year from the Rapture to when that 1st Daily Sacrifice Offering is to be made.

All this will be the Outcome of the Hamas-Israel War of 2023. It will lead to the Isaiah 17 Event and then the Psalm 83 War that will set-up for the Debut of the AntiChrist. Then the major Factor that will make the Tribulation Timeline feasible will be the Rapture Event itself. Then there is the Metonic Lunar Cycle that in 2024, is the same as it was in 1948 and 1967. And? Those Years saw the Reconstitution of the Jews Returning to the Promised Land and then Recapture the Old City of Jerusalem.

What is yet to ‘Reverse the Curse’ of Israel’s Rejection of Jesus as is how the 3rd Temple is yet to be Rebuilt, which it will. Thus, will 2024 be a Watershed Year in direct relationship to the Temple being Rebuilt? This Scenario appears probable. Nonetheless, one is just using Deductive Logic to conjecture a possible 1 Year Gap of Time until the Fall of 2025. One then suggests a possible Mid-July Summer 2024 Wheat Harvest High Rapture Watch Time. This is based on the Interpretation that the Timing of the Rapture follows a Summer Wheat Harvest.

The Notion that the Year 2025 is when the 70th Week of Daniel is to commence is corroborated by Dr. Ken Johnson’s Work and his Research into the Essene Calendar that presupposes a 32 AD Crucifixion Year and the Last Sabbath Count of 7 Years begins in 2025, thus a possible 2024 Rapture.


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