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~3000 Feet/911 Meters

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After He had said this, they watched as He was Taken-Up, and a Cloud hid Him from their Sight. They were Looking intently into the Sky as He was going, when suddenly 2 Men dressed in White stood beside them. Men of Galilee they said, why do you Stand here Looking into the Sky? This same Jesus, who has been Taken from you into Heaven, Will Come Back in the Same Way you have Seen Him go into Heaven. Then they Returned to Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, which is near the city, a Sabbath Day’s Journey away. -Acts 1:9-11 and 12

The purpose of this study is to present a very Intriguing Scriptural Data Point that could strongly suggest, were on the Temple Mount the Temple of YHVH stood and will again during the 7-Year Tribulation Period. In studying the Book of Acts, one came across, what one Surmises is Another Clue or Data Point regarding this Question. It is probably 1 of the most asked Question and Mysteries in the Bible. For sure the Religious Jews are eager to know. For example, the Temple Institute has practically completed all that is now Required to perform the Temple Service and perform the Daily Sacrifices.

To the Jews, they just need the Temple. Some would argue that a Temple is not Required as what is to make the Daily Sacrifice is the Altar of Sacrifice. And that, the Jews have already. What has to happen is that the Temple Mount, and the entire Population of what would be considered, ‘Jews’, need to be ‘Purified’ so that the Daily Offerings can be ‘Accepted, etc. To that End, various Efforts have been made, spearheaded by the Temple Institute to procure the Red Heifer.

It is the Ashes of the Red Heifer, sacrificed across the Temple Mount on the Mount of Olives that will be used for this Purpose, etc. Many in the End Times Watching Community are rather Excited, as are the Religious Jews, because Reports have been Posted that project that in 2024, the Young Heifers will be of the Required Age to be Offered.  That is, if the Calves maintain their Red Hair, ‘Without Spot or Blemish’.

So, to the Question, where is the 3rd Temple going to be built? This Temple will start to be rebuilt, right after the Rapture Event. And as to where? One believes the Clue is in Acts 1:12. This Verse infers, not only the ‘Sabbath Day’s Journey’ from there the Apostles witnessed the Ascension of Jesus, at the Pinnacle of Mount Moriah, but where the True Location of the Temple stood and will again. And that place is the Dome of the Spirits or Tablets. One Conjectures that this is the True Location of Ground Zero of where the Holy of Holies is Marked with. When one was in Israel in 2019 on that IDF Israeli Defense Force Stint of Duty, one had the Opportunity to go to this Sacred Spot. It was amazing. It is the Spot where Jesus’ Foot will ‘Touch Down’.

It is About Sacred Gematria
There is a small, enclosed Chapel/Mosque that is called the Dome of the Ascension. Anyway, in doing some Research, about what is a Sabbath Day’s Journey, a Sabbath Day’s Journey is about 3000 Feet. If one draws a Straight Line from the Ascension Spot, using Google Earth Measurements, across the Mount of Olives as the Scripture States, that Line will end exactly at the Door of where the Temple Stood. It will be Precisely to the Front Door of the Temple or ~911 Meters to the Court of Israel. Thus, this Ley-Line would appear to confirm one’s other Research in how the Dome of the Tablets is marking the exact Spot of the Future Holy of Holies and where the AntiChrist will enter into it, to Sit on the Ark of the Covenant.

One does believe that this Ancient Biblical Relic will be brought-out after the Rapture. And in True Fashion Like King David and Solomon, the AntiChrist will build a House for ‘God’ and bring the Ark into its Place. It will be a veiled attempt and Excuse to Unify the entire World under the False Pretense of having it ‘A House of Prayer for all Nations’. One has written about this Speculated Spot of the Dome of the Tablets. One has also written a whole Book on where the Temples were and will be again. A Link will be provided to that in the End Notes. Nonetheless, the Future Temple also has a secondary Data Point that appears to also confirm this Dome of the Tablets as being the Correct Location.

It involves Sacred Gematria. If one will notice on the Chart, one has surveyed this before, but here again is how using the Golden Section, as the Circumference of the Entire Temple Platform, and superimposing it with the Phi Ratio Spiral of a Visual Effect, the Fulcrum centers right at the Spot of the Dome of the Tablets and where the ~3000 Feet or ~911 Meters Ley-Line from Acts Converge. This is one’s best attempt in showing how this apparent Topographical Factor and a Scripture Data Point form a Triangulation of possible Confirmation. One is sure that the Powers-That-Be, know that this is the True Location.

They just are Keeping Quiet and being Inconspicuous about it as to not draw any action against it by the Muslims, in particular. They oppose and deny any Jewish Cultural, and Historical Direct Connection to the Temple Mount and the Temple. If they do, they will undermine their Efforts to take Control of it. Why is this Sport so Special? It is there very Nexus of where YHVH said and Declared He would put His Name on Earth. That Precise Place is a representation of what is actually the ‘Real’ in Heaven. The Pattern was given to Moses at Mount Sinai to be replicated.

Although in Moses’ Day, it was a Portable version called the Tabernacle. But in 70 AD when the Prince that Shall Come, i.e., Prince Titus in this case, Destroyed the Temple of Zerubbabel, one Conjectures that the Ley Lines were still known by the Jews. Not all the Jews were Exiled into the Nations. There are a few, not many but a few left behind in Jerusalem. Perhaps they kept the Ley-Lines a Secret. If one also uses Google Earth, one can see that the minor Structures at the North Edge of the Platform are conspicuously placed exactly where the Superimposed Schematic Overlay of the Temple would be, should be.   

In one’s Assessment, this could have been an Encrypted Attempt to sue other Structures on the Temple Mount to maintain the eventual Ley-Lines that will be used to Demarcate the Site, once the AntiChrist given the ‘Go-Ahead’ and Blessing to Officially Sanction the 3rd Temple’s Construction. This is also Circumstantial Evidence why the one Believes the Dome of the Spirits or Tablets is the Correct Site where the Holy of Holies was situated and will again. Below are sever Links to a Free 3rdd Temple Resource Page. One can find many other Charts and Research as well as a link to an entire Book dedicated to providing the Circumstellar Evident of where the True Location of the Temples were and will stand again.

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