Financial Center of the God of Mammon

  • What does the New York City Center have to do with Orion?
  • Is there a Cosmic Mirror of such a Star Gate at Ground Zero?
  • What is the Pattern pointing to, the coming New World Order?

by Luis B. Vega

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The purpose of this study is to show that the Ground Zero Complex is configured to be the Orion Constellation. The Apex of the Manhattan Island approximates this Motif of Orion, the Keeper of the Stargate, and the Silver Gate. When the Orion Outline is Superimposed to match the 3 Squares of Ground Zero, the following Observations occur. The Orion’s Belt corresponds to the 3 Squares where the Outline of the Twin Towers used to stand. The 3 Building to the West of this Great Pyramid Pattern correlates to the Phallus or ‘Sword of Orion’. These 3 Stars are the area that contains the Orion Nebula corresponding to 3 prominent Financial Buildings. They are associated with, Merrill Lynch, the Securities Exchange Commission and HSBC. The Prime Star of Betelgeuse in the Orion Star Map of Manhattan corresponds to the Michael Schimmel Center for Arts.

The Position of the Star Bellatrix corresponds to the area of Wall Street and Buildings with various Pyramids on top of Skyscrapers. This Building is where the Archery of Orion protrudes from and is in line with 2 other Buildings adjacent to Wall Street that have similar Pyramidions atop their Skyscrapers. The Archery of Orion has 3 main Stars that correspond to the NYC Department of Transportation, the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Shrine and the Statue e of Liberty Foundation. Astonishing, the Archery appears to Parallel the Curvature of the beginning or Apex of Manhattan Island. The study will later show that these buildings make-up the 7 Major Pyramid Buildings that correspond to the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. It would not appear that a significant Number of Skyscrapers have Pyramid tops or Pyramidion if one did not directly observe them. If one were not observant, one would miss the similarities that such a Modern World Capital has with the Ancient Pyramid Complexes.

The Point being. is that if one stripped the Skyscrapers from their Pyramidions, the city would vertically be no different than those of Giza, Teotihuacan, etc., a ‘Pyramid City’ even as that of Cydonia, Mars. The Outstretched Arms of the Orion Cosmic Star Pattern correspond to the ’V’ Shaped Building where the Michael Schimmel Center for Arts is situated. The midpoint of the divided Arm, corresponds to the NYC Housing Authority. The Delineated Arm of Orion corresponds to the 2 Bridges that lead into Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bride and the Manhattan Bridge. What is very peculiar is that the Silver Gate or the Gate of Man corresponds to the small Square Building with a Round Segment called Jane’s Carousel. This point in the Cosmos is where the Ecliptic Intersects the Galactic Plane. Upon further Observation, based on this Orion Star Map, is that the East River, thus matches-up with the Ecliptic’s Path and the Manhattan Bridge parallels the Galactic Plane.

Towers of Orion

It is also interesting that the Owner of the former Twin Towers was named Silverstein.
Could this be a coincidental inference to a type of ‘Orion’ as the keeper of the Silver Gate? As has been shown, the Ground Zero 3 Squares approximate the 3 Pyramids of Giza and Orion. In this Rendition of the study and illustration, the Depiction is reversed where the Freedom Tower, that is normally corresponding to the Great Pyramid is, actually matched with the smallest Pyramid, Mintaka. In this Rendition, the Giza Plateau Complex provides the Outline for where the Sphinx and the Osireion are corresponding from Ground Zero. Using this Giza Pyramid and Sphinx Template, the ‘Sphinx’ sits in front of the Millennium Hilton hotel.

This is the associated and inferred ‘Monolith’ and is the suggested ‘Stargate’ ascribed to the entire Motif of Orion’s Cosmic Pattern. This study is not literally insinuating that this Building is where People Teleport, but that based on the Cosmology of the Outlining Pattern of Orion and the Great Pyramids of Giza, this Structure correlates to a Celestial Star-Gate that perhaps in some way or fashion does facilitated the Inter-Dimensional Transit of Beings, at least in a Metaphorical if not Metaphysical way perhaps. The next Observation is related to the Association between Wall Street and Ground Zero in terms of numerology as depicted in their Distances and Measurements.

These Measurements are an Approximation taken from Google Earth Coordinates. From the Grand Masonic Lodge in Mid-Manhattan to the Freedom Tower is approximately 2.33 miles. This could possibly have Overtones to the Luciferian Number of 322 Skull and Bones. The Lodge is in a direct Ley-Line to Wall Street and at 2.32 Nautical Miles, yet another 322 Combination. From the Stock Exchange to the 1st Square where the South Tower used to stand, there is approximately 16166.66 Inches. From the Stock Exchange to the 2nd Square or where the North Tower used to stand there are the following Distances. Note the amazing occult and Luciferian Overtones.

.33 Nautical Miles
666 Yards
2001 Feet (Was this the Encrypted Coefficient of the Year when the Towers would fall?)
19.73 Arcseconds

It is very interesting that the 19.73 Number Value, perhaps corresponds to the year 1973 when the Twin Towers opened, they were started in 1966, which makes the duration a span of 7 Years. From the Stock Exchange to the Freedom Tower is .44 Miles. Could it be that the Number is signifying the 44th President of the US and the completion of the Office of the Presidency? It was the U.S. President Obama, the 44th President that helped Inaugurate a Beam that was an Encrypted Capstone to complete the 1776 Feet Tower of Defiance, much like it was with the Tower of Babel and Nimrod, Son of Cush, grandson of Ham and great-grandson of Noah, etc. It was at that Time that Obama wrote on the Beam the words as follows. ‘We Remember, We Rebuild, We Come Back Stronger!’ As a Descendant of the Ham, this is exactly what Nimrod perhaps stated against YHVH for having halted his ‘Freedom Tower’.

God of Money

It is rather interesting that in front of the NYC Stock Exchange, the very Temple of Mammon of these Luciferians is that there is an apparent Replica of the Tower of Babel. It is a Modern Day Pyramid of 5 Levels that match the Temple of Marduk in Babylon. The only difference is that the Modern Skyscraper is elongated so as not to be that obvious of a match. Many would suppose that Pyramids and Ziggurats were only built by the Ancient Civilizations. This is not the case. Such Structures have continued to be built and by the same People that are behind the Financial, Political and Religious Monopolies of the World. They are in the same Bloodline of Vampires and Conspirators that like Octopuses and Spiders, suck the Blood and Life of its Victims, caught in their Web of Deceit. In essence, the Wall Street Financial Center to include the Ground Zero Complex of New York City is really and literally a Rebuilt Babylon along with its Ziggurats of Financial Centers dedicated to the God of Mammon, Lucifer.

This is one example of how the Cadres of Luciferians today, as in Ancient Times are given Charge of the Mammon of the World, to Enslave the Control the Masses with. Such Money Changers conspire, through Usury and Thievery as they have conspired with Lucifer to Defraud the People of their Money. These are the very ones that Conspired against the prophet Daniel in Babylon to accuse him with their Laws. They are the same Group that Conspired against Mordechai and Esther in Persia to Slaughter YHVH’s People. They are the Conspirators that like Herod, sought to Kill Jesus and prevent Him from being Born. These are the same Usurpers that controlled the Sanhedrin in the Time of Jesus and the Financial ‘Stock Exchange’ of the Temple Mount which made it a Den of Thievery. Such have repeatedly been caught Numerous Times Defrauding many and only getting Bailouts and more Power.

The Bible records the Event, in which Jesus whipped the Money Changers from His House and in a greater way, will again, but this Time it will be the whole World, at Jesus’ 2nd Coming. As it has been noted, the Ground Zero Complex appears to be correlated to the Orion’s Belt Star Cluster. The previous Twin Tower stood where currently, there is only the Outline of the former Buildings that were taken down in a Kabbalistic Sacrificial Rite. The illustration will also suggest some Approximate Measurements from the complex using Google Earth Coordinates. Thus, if the Ground Zero Complex is mirrored to Orion, then a Motif representing the Silver Gate should be present, which is the case. To the east of the complex is a black monolith-looking skyscraper. This study suggests that it is a monolith that suggests a Stargate.

The 3 Towers that were taken down by the Luciferian Money Changers ‘Morphed’ into the 1 Tower. This New So-Called Freedom Tower is 1776 Feet Tall with the Spiral Extension, as an ‘Injection Needle’. In essence this Modern Day ‘Tower of Babel’ is an Encrypted Pattern of the Great Pyramid of Giza, as noted. These 3 Pyramids are also corresponding to the 3 Stars of Orion’s Belt. The Freedom Tower thus, corresponds to the Year 5776 as the Great Pyramid is 5776 inches with the capstone. Ironically is 5776, which is 2016, primarily was the year America loses its Freedom?  The Freedom Tower is in essence an Elongated Tetrahedron. This Design incorporates the Luciferian  mantra of ‘As Above, So Below’. 

Towers Are Falling
At the Center Position the New Tower incorporates a Double Square Formation. This is the Masonic Signature of a Double Cross or not ‘Being Square’ in Terms of Honesty. The 2 remaining Outlines of the Twin Towers have now become the Signatures of the Luciferian ‘Snake Eyes’. The Term derives its Connotation from the 'Snake', that is associated with its Treachery and Betrayal. The Luciferians are publicly using the Occult, Broadcasting openly that they are the ones that have Conspired and Betrayed the Nation and its People. It is for these and many more Crimes against Humanity that Jesus will come back to ‘Whip’ the Money Changers out of His House of Prayer. Jesus at His Return, will Execute Judgment on this Cabal that has Conspired to be in league with Lucifer’s Plan to Destroy and/or Distort the USA and its People.

Perhaps 1 illustration that might have a Clue as to when is to happen is to associate 7 Key Pyramids atop Skyscrapers in the Heart of the Wall Street Financial Center. This area is adjacent to Ground Zero where the Orion Star Map is speculated to be correlating to the 3 Squares that formerly made-up the Twin Towers. Out of the 100s of Skyscrapers in Manhattan, it appears in Lower Manhattan there are 7 that are very Prominent. Out of the 7 total, 3 are in a row next to the NYC Stock Exchange. The other 3 are encompassing Ground Zero. And the last one is a bit far out of the area next to Foley Square but more precisely the building that houses the combined office of the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. 2nd Court of Appeals.

The Alignment approximates the Pleiades Star Cluster with the 7 Corresponding Stars. And? Thus, this study suggests that the 7 Pyramidions on top of the 7 Buildings correspond to the 7 Stars of the Pleiades. As noted in prior studies, the Pleiades Motif is often Fused or Incorporated with the Orion Motif and in many cases, both are seen and configured in the same general area, if at least Encrypted. In essence, the Luciferian ‘Builders’ who have Conspired to such a Depiction are fusing the cosmic Male Sexual Energies of Orion with that of the Cosmic Female Energies of the Pleiades. The Pleiades speaks of the 7 Dispensation of Time as in how the former Twin Towers took 7 Years to complete, for example.

Does this Prophetic Arrangement signify perhaps as to how long the U.S. Financial Might will last, a possible duration of 7 Stages? And how close is it to having this Time Completed Prophetically perhaps? Is the Freedom Tower any indication with its 1776’ Measurement? Realize also that America has begun its 7th Cycle of 40 Years since 1776. (6 Cycles x 40 years = 280 Years + 1776 = 2016) Is this an encryption of the Luciferian Reverse Seal of the U.S. in that it was in 1776 and subsequently in 5776.

This is the Year that the Masonic ‘Tower of Babel’ is to be completed. Does this Signal the Year the Luciferian New World Order is to be start? Does America have more years to go as a Financial Superpower? But if one is dealing with ‘Beginnings’ of a Nation or that of the USA, and one is writing about the Attack on the USA’s Financial Heart in New York City. When did its Financial Life or Money start? Ah, consider the Coin Act of 1792. This allowed the Money Supply to start. And? If one take s1792 and adds 33 Cycles of 7 Years? 2023.

Wall Street Temples of Mammon
In Ancient Times, the Luciferians built their Pyramids aligned to the Stars, based on certain Constellations of Importance. Some aspects of the Alignments followed Sacred Earth Energy Ley-Lines to influence Political and/or Financial Gain and obtain Cosmic Power over the Masses. It is no different today, except the ‘Builders’ place their Temples and Pyramids atop Skyscrapers. What this study suggests is that the Financial Center of the World, presently has incorporated the Great Pyramid of Giza Pyramid Alignment surrounded by a Babylonian styled Ziggurat as well. 

The Degree of Inclination from the north is at a 33 Degree Heading. In essence, the Economy, Religion and Political Framework of the Spirit of Babylon and Egypt is alive and well in America, for the time being. Based on the 33 Sabbatical Cycle of this American New World Order Phoenix, the Cabal of Money Changers are about to find a New Host to ‘Suck’ the Life Blood out of their next Victims, thus the need for a New World Order.

The classic Orion 3 Pyramid Alignment is modeled after the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. It is very Ancient and is replicated all over the World. It is because of its Celestial Star Alignment to the Constellation of Orion. What this study suggests, is that the Pyramids of Wall Street also depict a Color Type, corresponding to the Heavenly Bodies; the Sun with Gold Coloring, the Moon with Silver Coloring and the Stars with a Black Coloring.

This Black Pyramid has the possible connotations then of a ‘Black Star’ or Death Star perhaps out there in Space, i.e., Planet X or Nibiru, etc. This 3 Orion Star Motif is seen, most notably in such Temple Centers as Teotihuacan and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. The Center Pyramid corresponds to the Silver Color and the Star in Orion of Bellatrix. The distance from the Black Pyramid to the center of the Silver Pyramid is very telling. In terms of Distance, there are obvious Luciferian Numerical Signatures and that of 9-11, apparently. The following is the Distance between the large Black Pyramid Skyscraper to the middle Silver Pyramid Skyscraper and their apparent Color Coordinating Inferences.

555 Ft
6666 In
.9 Nautical Miles
.11 Miles

Gold Pyramid: Sun                 Silver Pyramid: Moon             Black Pyramid: Stars

Mintaka                                   Alnilam                                   Alnitak

Based on this Manhattan Orion Star Map, apparent Configuration, this study suggests that on 9-11 there had to be 3 Buildings of the World Trade Center that had to be Imploded, because they had correlated to the 3 Stars of the Belt of Orion. Even though there were 2 Planes, 3 Buildings had to come down on this particular Date. Why this is Significant, Prophetically is that as some Speculate that the Throne of YHVH is situated in this area of Orion in the Cosmos, or at least it is accessed through there perhaps, the Luciferians basically simulated an All-Out Frontal Attack against the True Orion.

But since Lucifer cannot pull that 9-11 in Heaven, the Attack was a Reflective Pattern occurring on Earth. If this assertion is perhaps plausible, it would also make sense of when it was conspired. The date of September 11 is another Factor of when and why this Assault perhaps took place. There are many who believe this Date of September 11 was the Month and Day Jesus was actually born on Earth. Given these 2 Suppositions, this Scenario could explain the 9-11 Attack, in a Spiritual and Prophetic Light, perhaps never before considered. Lucifer’s Spite and Resolve against this Plan has been to Assail the Throne of YHVH and take the Heir’s Throne, Title and Inheritance.

Thus could this assault on 9-11 be correlated to Lucifer’s attack on Heaven’s Gates as a Typology of Mimicking the very Heavenly Motifs as an Orion configured on Earth? Nonetheless, the Orion Typology is interesting in that, as the Heir to the Throne on both Heaven and Earth, and how the Creator was Incarnated on that Day perhaps, Jesus initiated the Plan of Redemption to Rescue Adam’s Race. Jesus’ Currency was Good and will never Fail. So Good is it, it is Backed-up with far more Precious Metal than Gold. No, better than that, Salvation is Backed by Jesus’ own Blood. Priceless. 







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