The Rapture Comet?

  • Is there a message to comets that appear in the sky?
  • Do comets proclaim a specific event to occur?
  • Will there be a prophetic link of this comet to the Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega

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'And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this Rock [Jesus] I will build My Church, and the Gates of Hades will not prevail against it. I will give you the Keys [to the Doors] of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth will be loosed in Heaven.' -Matthew 16:18-19

The purpose of this study is to present some celestial observations of the newly discovered comet C/2020 F3. And perhaps if this comet is alluding to the prophetic message, is it of clearing the way for the coming Rapture event, thus the possible ‘Rapture Comet’? The comet was discovered and observed in March of 2020 using the Near-Earth Object Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer NEOWISE space telescope. It was cataloged as C/2020 F3. With the launching of better tracking space devices, identifying comets and/or other Near-Earth Objects has become far more accurate. It is estimated that about only 10% of such objects have been identified until now. Thus, a discovery of new objects such as this new comet will be common place in the years to come. Based on research so far, the comet was not anticipated to have survived the perihelion or swing around the Sun on July 3rd-4th but has and is approaching Earth.

It is anticipated now to be visible to the naked eye, starting mid-July. This comet is expected to be much better than the 2 prior ones, Atlas and SWAN in recent years. This comet, that has its origin near the constellation of Centaur will be the brightest in 7 years according to research. Many are already tracking the comet, such as Astronomers at universities and even Astronauts in the Space Station. Based on the research of Space.com, the comet should start to be visible to the naked-eye by July 12, 2020. It will be seen in the northwest region of the sky and will continue to climb and become brighter. It is projected to make its closest approach to Earth on July 22, 2020 with the best viewing just after sunset around the 25th of July. According to the latest information, the comet will not be seen again until some 8,700+ years later. Why this comet could be of some prophetic significance has to do with its trajectory. It is interesting where the comet originated from and where it has headed and eventually centered on. This is based on the its counter-clockward orbit spanning the Universe.

Based on the correlation that the ‘Heavens declare the Glory of YHVH’, the trajectory of this comet could be conveying a message of sorts. It could be very telling as to what constellations or Signs the comet’s trajectory has taken and is takes as this could be the clue as to what might be the ‘message’. This is of course of one subscribes to the Biblical notion that YHVH put the Sun, Moon and Stars for ‘Signs’. It is believed, especially of the ancient civilizations that comets were such a Sign from the ‘Gods’ to man. That such comets were usually of a ‘bad omen’ of judgment and doom, war, etc. They functioned more or less like flashing lights that accented a bill board or road sign for comparison. That being said, an astronomical observation will be given first and then a prophetic one. The comet originated as mentioned near the constellation of Centaur. It is the imagery of the dual-natured man-horse that is piercing Lupus or the Victim.

Beneath the Centaur is the Cross or Crux that depicts the Biblical narrative of the Christ coming to be the Sin Offering and pierced at the Cross of Calvary, that being Jesus, the dual-natured, GOD-Man. The trajectory of the comet then seems to have catapulted-out toward the end of 2019, which is interesting in how the Corona Virus plandemic occurred at that time also. The comet proceeds to Vela, part of the Ship or ‘Ark’, then on the Canis Major. It then arches around Orion and then through the Silver Gate. It then edges Gemini and goes beneath the Big Dipper. What is interesting is that from May to July, the ‘slingshot’ effect from Orion to the Big Dipper was the fastest; in only 1 months’ time. It will take approximately 1 year for this orbit to reach Scorpio. Why Scorpio?

It is from July to December of 2020 then that the comet ‘slows’ down as it heads through the top of Leo, Virgo and eases-in to its ‘nesting spot in Scorpio. Why Scorpio? Is this the message? What will be rather interesting is that the comet appears to ‘nest’ or engage in the constellation of Scorpio, in-between its claws. This spot also happens to be at the Ecliptic. Then what is also interesting is that on November 25, 2020, the comet will conjoin with the Sun. This is the National Day of Thanksgiving Prayer in the USA. Then subsequently, the comet, still at the Ecliptic will conjoin in successive order with the Moon, Mercury and Venus as if to ‘receive’ them at that place and time.

As to the possible prophetic implications of this comet and its trajectory? That remains to be seen. But with the prior 2 other comets, Atlas and Swan, perhaps this comet is contributing to the celestial tapestry of messaging that could be prophetic nonetheless concerning the Rapture. To what extent? Consider that the comet originated near the Cross that implies the origin of the message, the sacrifice and crucifixion of Jesus. It then highlights this notion that due to that sacrifice, Believers and Followers of Jesus are to be taken on the ‘Ark’ to safety one day. Then the highlight is Orion, the type of the Victor or Jesus that conquered sin, Death and Lucifer, the counterfeit ‘Light-Bearer’.

Is this the typology of Jesus quickly coming for His Bride from the Silver Gate of Heaven? Then, very interesting, the comet precisely goes through the Silver Gate. This is the ‘gate’ or door, portal that is one of the 2 in the Heavens. The other is the Golden Gate at the opposite side of the known Universe. What are their significances? Well, consider that the ancient civilizations considered these 2 doors as the gateways to Heaven. It was from where it is believed the piercing of the veils occurred between the Immortals of Heaven and Mortals on Earth with their corresponding dimensions converged at. It is also interesting that it is not until mid-July that the come becomes visible from that point onward and that no comet has been able to be seen in 7 years.

Are such connection here prophetically relevant? Consider that as stated in prior studies, it is believed by some that the true count of Pentecost is in mid-July of a given year. This is based on the double-count per Leviticus 23:16. And that in turn, perhaps the Rapture of the Bride of Christ would fall on such a Feast day of YHVH as it began on a Pentecost. It does not mean that the Rapture has to occur on such a Feast nor in 2020 for that matter. However, it is interesting as the comet would appear to highlight the timing of mid-July, from the 22nd to the 25th. This is the precise time-frame for the double-count of when true Pentecost is to occur, if this year, 2020 is to be the year.

The comet then proceeds to the Ecliptic line but it is centered and appears to ‘stop’ right in the midst of Scorpio and just shy of going through the Golden Gate. Why would this be noted? In an online Rapture blog posting, one person shared a short vision of a giant red sphere in the midst of Scorpio. The person asked for possible interpretations. Based on several suppositions, it was suggested that it is was a glimpse of the coming Nemesis Red Dwarf Solar System, aka, Planet X during the Tribulation Period. Antares is the giant Red Sun in-between the claws of Scorpio, but it will in no way to be compared to how Nemesis will appear from Earth at that time. According to Bullinger, this Sign conveys that Sagittarius is shooting its moral arrow at the ‘heart’ of the ‘Beast’.

While at the same time, the stinger of Scorpio is mortally puncturing the heel of Ophiuchus, the Guardian of the Golden Gate. He is the type of Jesus wrestling against the Serpent that seeks the Corona Borealis and prevent the Saints from entering Heaven. It is the celestial depiction of heavenly struggle for the Throne and conflict between the Seed of Eve and the Serpent. When this 2nd Black Sun comes near Earth, and be visible, it will be at the midpoint of the 7-year Tribulation Period. It will be exactly at the Revelation 12 Sign marker -literally and astronomically fulfilling the vision. Some believe Jesus will be using the Black Sun to execute the Seal Judgments on Earth, as GOD had in the past. With such a scale of devastation described by the Apostle John, sky rolling-up like a scroll, every mountain-island removed, a worldwide earthquake, all cities collapsing, extreme heat, drought, falling mountains ablaze?

The possible trajectory of Planet X, based on accounts of many civilization’s folklore, Nemesis will go through the claw of Scorpio and on to Virgo based on its clockwise orbit. The other possible inference of the vision is that having had occurred in Scorpio, Scorpio is part of the equation of how this part of the Heavens, at the Golden Gate is currently a hotbed of intense and significant astronomical happenings. Scorpio is ¼ of the picture as it is Sagittarius and Ophiuchus that are at play also. Meaning that the Spiritual War and contention is intense presently at the Golden Gate region? Why? Scorpio or the ‘Beast’ that is directly in front of it and preventing the Saints from going into Heaven’s Golden Doubled Arches, if you will. Thus, this comet C/2020 F3’s trajectory, if applied and interpreted prophetically is possibly conveying a Rapture scenario or ‘dry run’ perhaps and a ‘clearing away’ of the Enemy. How so?

It is because it is from the Silver Gate, the ‘back door’ from where Jesus will be speculated to come from. It will be in ‘secret’ to lift all the Saints up from Earth and into the clouds at the time, called the Rapture to then usher them into Heaven through the ‘front door’ or the Golden Gate. It is to occur before the Tribulation Period starts. However, consider that it is not the Rapture event itself that starts Daniel’s 70th Week of Years or the last Sabbatical Cycle before Jesus returns back to Earth with His Bride. Nor is the ‘confirming of the Covenant with the Many’ either the start date. Consider that the precise and exact day-count for the Tribulation Period, of 2 portions of 1260 days each is contingent upon the start and ceasing of the Daily Sacrifices. What is the point? The point and meaning are that the 3rd Temple has to first be in place, sanctified by the ashes of the Red Heifer, and then the Daily Sacrifices sanctioned by the ‘Messiah’ that authorized the building of the 3rd Temple and commencement of the Daily Sacrifices.

It is this same man, the Biblical AntiChrist that then will cease the Daily Sacrifices at precisely the midpoint of the 1260-day count. This midpoint is exactly then when the true Revelation 12 Sign occurs. The point is that it is the Daily Sacrifices the End Times Watchers should be looking for concerning the timing of when the Tribulation Period is to start. Of course, this event will go hand-in-hand with the ‘Peace Deal’ that will afford the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. Perhaps it will be that ‘sweetening of the deal’ that will favor Israel as it comes out on top due to of some type of regional war to consider such a prophetic scenario. Nonetheless, after the Rapture event, the world will have gone through much worse conditions as it is experiencing now but is precisely being conditioned for. There needs to be a brief gap of time to allow for the coming Man of Sin to make good on their motto, ‘Order out of Chaos’.

He will work out the ‘Order’ as the world reaches critical mass, as it is well under way now with the orchestrated plandemics, worldwide lock-downs and economic implosions, etc. So, to those that have a 2020-2027 timeline with Jesus to return in 2027? Not so much. One would rather say that it could not be more than a 2-year gap after the Rapture event, and that if it is to be in the year 2020. A more accurate possible timeline would see a 2022-2029 one. As to the ‘message’ of this comet? Standing back and looking at the trajectory of the comet C/2020 F3, and from a military point of view, one would not hesitate to see that based on 1 interpretation, the comet would be deemed as a ‘missile’ being thrown at the ‘heart’ of Scorpio. It would be as in an attempt to ‘clear out’ and make way towards the Golden Gate. This is the account that many critics of the pre-Tribulation Rapture theory mock as being an ‘Escape’, which it is and a ‘Secret Rapture’ no less that they also mock.

This event will be the ‘Orion’ come out from Heaven through the Silver Gate to rescue His Bride. He is then to usher her back through the Golden Gate, the ‘front door’ of Heaven if you will. It is the one with the Double-Doors corresponding on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The enemies know this and are trying to stop it or upset it as much as possible. It speaks of the ‘Enemy at the Gate!’ This notion is not ‘science fiction’ or fantasy as this has occurred on Earth and has its terrestrial counterpart. How so? Jerusalem is laid-out in the same celestial fashion. There is the Golden Gate and directly across spanning the Kidron Valley up the Mount of Olives is the ‘Silver Gate’. This is at the Dome of the Ascension of Jesus. And, one may add from where exactly Jesus’ foot will touchdown when He return to Earth with His Bride no less.

As to preventing the ‘Saints’ from entering the House of YHVH through the Golden Gate, the Muslims, as the type of the Beast System are in opposition to the true Christ, Jesus. They have placed their dead, their cemetery in front of the Golden Gate that leads into the House of the YHVH in Jerusalem. As to the comet, are there more nuances as to where the comet will ‘nest’ in Scorpio? There is the coming conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn on the Winter Solstice at this area, which is huge! Delving a bit into the I Pet Goat II craze, the ending scene depiction was reversed. Doing so produced a clear depiction of Scorpio and a comet. Well, so happens that the lines correspond to the Milky Way and the Scorpio-Sagittarius alignment at the Golden Gate. So much so that there will be even a comet in Sagittarius as the clips shows too. The meaning?

Not only is Jesus Christ coming for His Bride with the Rapture, but it will follow then with the coming of the AntiChrist that will make his debut also. Meaning that the Rapture is that much closer! Another astronomical factor is how Pluto will conjoin the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn as well. Consider that Pluto is now where the USA had become a nation in 1776 and now sadly perhaps its end as it traversed the span of the Sign of Sagittarius. Pluto is currently edging closer to meet up with the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn on the Winter Solstice 2020.

Prophetically, this is not good as it amplifies the meaning of Pluto: a major reset, transition, death, destruction and the rise of the Lord of the Underworld. Thus, does this comet c/2020 F3 signify these possible scenarios noted above at least in part celestially with one’s best educational guess? If nothing else, it is signaling that events are about to occur and they are ‘at the doors’ but fear not, the Blessed Hope, the promised Escape comes before as the Silver Gate is about to bust open. Jesus is ‘at the door’ as the Bride is then to be ushered in through the double arches of the Golden Gate of Heaven. And it won’t be to a McDonalds double arches one either. The Greater Orion, Jesus as the Captain of our Salivation, much like Joshua of old has made the way clear of any ‘lions, tigers, and bears’…and Scorpions that tried to get in the way of those that ‘Love His appearing’ and want to go to Heaven.

In one article from the Sonoma County Press Democrat, the writer made an interesting statement. The comment the writer wrote in the article was as follows about the ‘surprise comet‘…’My goal was to go out and shoot something that could give everyone a break from all the bad news’. I do not think he realizes that comets are harbingers of bad news. One does find it interesting that the comet came right off the heels of the Independence Day lunar Eclipse over Washington, D.C. and made perihelion on the 3rd of July also. And then an article from Breaking Israel News alluded to this precise time. It is based on a Jewish omen, if on that date and with a lunar eclipse occurs, a ‘Great Sultan’ was to die because of it?

 Many would say, who is the current ‘Great’ Sultan figure on Earth? It is very interesting that the comet just ‘popped-out’ of nowhere and will be highlighting the time-span of which many Watchers are buzzing about the July 19-29, 2020 Pentecost date and possible Rapture ‘Zone’ high watch time. Could be a ‘dress rehearsal’ though? Or is the LORD sending up the ‘flare’ to show the way; assuming here the ancient Jewish wedding procession at midnight? Or is Christ displaying His own fireworks in celebrating a coming ‘liberation’ and ‘freedom’ from this evil and doomed world as His Bride is soon to be taken out? It would signal perhaps the nearness of such a Call that is so anticipated, now worldwide. So, how appropriate of a comet, that like the Rapture event will be, to come upon the world, 'suddenly, quickly and suprisingly'.

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