Prophetic Implications for Church and Rapture 

  • What is the 'Jubilee of the Unborn' dealing with '50'?
  • In the 50th Year, the U.S. Supreme Court made a Decree.
  • Will Decree have Prophetic Implications for the Church?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The Word of the LORD came to me, saying: Before I formed you in the Womb I knew you, and before you were Born I set you Apart and Appointed you as a Prophet to the Nations. Ah, Lord GOD, I said, I surely do not know how to Speak, for I am only a Child!’ -Jeremiah 5:4-6

The purpose of this Report is to provide a Commentary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Ruling to overturn Roe vs. Wade that legalized and Federally protected Abortion-On-Demand. The Title, ‘Jubilee of the Un-Born' is taken from Mark, who follows one's Work online. He suggested that this is what is going on, Spiritually, Biblically, Eschatologically. He also shared the exact Time Span from when the Law went into effect, until June 24, 2022. One would whole-heatedly agree. The following will be some Observations as to why the Decision was made on a particular Day, that is Astronomically linked to the Great Planetary Alignment and has a 9-Month ‘Gestation’ Connection to it, as one surmises.

One will also interject an Eschatological Frame-Work of possible Biblical Interpretation as it relates to how close the End of the Church Age of Grace is and liken it to a Gestation and a Birthing Process itself. It is tied to another Keen Observation another Follower and Blog Contributor from Revelation 12 Daily, named Stephan made concerning the possible Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 Tribulation Period Timeline. And this deals with another ‘Birthing’, that of Israel.

One finds it very interesting and ‘timely’ that the Supreme Court Decision to Reverse Roe vs Wade came on the Day that the Great Planetary Alignment reached its Maximum. And Reasons for possible Prophetic Implications as surmised in the prior Study presented. Also tied to the Decision is how it happened right after the Summer Solstice that again signifies a ‘Turning Point’. The following are the 3 Factors that have an Astronomical Correlation, as seen by some and that of a Human Gestation Typology in itself.

1. Great Planetary Alignment, calculated to not have happened in over 1000+ Years.
2. Decision pegged right after the Summer Solstice of June 21.
3, Inferring a 9-Month ‘Gestation’ Decision since the Fall Equinox of September 21, 2021.

And how one assessed, not really having in mind the Supreme Court Decision, but how from the Summer Solstice, minus a 40 Week or 9 Month Human Gestation ‘Birthing’ is eerily inferred, perhaps. So, Abortion or Murder of Defenseless Babies in the Womb, on Demand is no longer Federally Protected under the U.S. Constitution. However, Abortion or the Murder of Defenseless Babies will continue in the States to be determined. What is the Big Deal?

Jubilee Year

Realize that the Primary Reason why Roe vs. Wade was passed, was that it was argued that Abortion was to only be considered in case of Rape, Incest, Medical Complication to the Mother, etc. But in fact, what it became and still is, is that it is the Prime Method of Birth Control. One received this from a Follower of one’s Work online. He asked, ‘A Jubilee Year for the Un-Born?’ One thinks this is brilliant in how, indeed, it is a sort of a Reprieve, or ‘Jubilee’ Type. It is in the 50th Year that a Decree is made. In theory, the Un-Born are ‘Free’ from the Evil Doctor’s Scalpels. Here is the specific Day Count from when Roe vs. Wade was passed to the Great Planetary Alignment of 2022.

January 22, 1973 (Roe vs Wade) to June 24, 2022 (Great Planetary Alignment)
= 18,050 Days
= 49 Years, 5 Months, 2 Days excluding the end date.
= 593 Months, 2 Days excluding the end date.

But one suspects that all this is also about a continued Psyop of Demoralization and Division of the USA, in particular. As the Left will Protest and Riot, forthcoming, it echoes the Summer City Riots that burned-down innocent Business, due to the Floyd Incident. At that time, many Democrats came out in direct support and even some Congresswomen incited the Crowds to Violence, which is a Crime in itself. Did the Justice Department do anything then? No.

As the News of the possible Supreme Court overturning of the Abortion Rights Law 1st were ‘Leaked’, Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers and Churches have been Fire-Bombed. These are Acts of Domestic Terrorism. But had the Justice Department acted as fast as they wanted to Investigate Concerned Mothers and Fathers who showed-up at Local Board Meetings to question the Pro-LGBT Agenda? No.

They rather label and put Mothers on Domestic Terrorist List, along with Christians who believe in the Rapture and End Times Scenario of the coming 7-Year Tribulation Period and Apocalypse. They are joined by Returning Veterans, Gun Owners and those who believe in the Constitution, etc. And the Orchestrated Mass Shoots will continue as it is coming out that the Shooting in South Texas was again, allowed to happen. It has been now reported that one Mother that could have saved their Child and others was detained from going in. It took over 1 hour for the Police with Equipment to do anything to prevent the Murders.

That was the Plan. And in another case, the actual Husband of 1 of the Teachers that was murdered, who was a Policeman, in hearing of the incident, as he was proceeding to enter into the situation had his gun taken away from him and was detained. And how can a confused, Trans-Questioning Adolescent, mocked for being ‘Odd’, Weird and Poor acquire the $10,000+ Dollars’ worth of Guns and Ammunition to carry out this act, with such marksmanship as the Police waited? If one believes in ‘Gun Control’, great. And that Guns should be confiscated and rid-of.

A Pentecost

One would agree then, but that it also includes the Federal Government. One is not worried about Criminals that acquire Guns, regardless of No Gun Zones. See California. But it is the Government that has the Guns that one is worried about. It is when the Government starts to take away the Guns, look out. All you need to take care of Bad People with Guns, shooting-up Schools is to have Good People armed with Guns killing those Bad People with Guns.

So, on 1 Hand, the Great Planetary Alignment has signed that this ‘Delivery’ of the Supreme Court Decree, ‘Gestating’ for 40 Weeks or 9 Months was not to be ‘Aborted’. And that it is on the 50th Year running, the Decree is likened to a ‘Jubilee’ of the Unborn, Free from the Evil Doctor’s Scalpels. And to one’s surmise, it has then a direct connection to Pentecost, i.e., ‘50’; of a coming Supernatural Delivery of the Man-Child that will NOT BE ABORTED perhaps at a Pentecost, on a 50th Year?

Thus, could it be then that the ‘Man-Child’ that the Evil Red Dragon, Lucifer and his Minions have tried to ‘Abort’ the ‘Birth’ of the Bride of Christ, of the coming Rapture Date in how the coming Resurrection-Rapture event will be like? It will be like a Birthing for Theological and Eschatological reasons pointed-out in the prior Post. On the other Hand, the Powers-That-Be, exactly calculated the Decision to occur on such a Monumental and Celestial Day. In part, it is to maintain the Tension of Conflict, especially in the USA, as it is just a ‘Move’ in their Luciferian Chess-Board Reset Agenda. The Abortion Decision will continue to foment the Great Divide, especially since the 2017 Great American Eclipse. It was an Omen of Division and Separation that cast its literal Shadow upon the USA.

But the coming Demonstrations will also serve as an outlet for the Frustration on the Left, in particular due to Biden’s less than Stellar Achievements. And also, to deflect from the Left’s Questing and Doubt now of all those still dying as a result of their Obedience in receiving the Dangerous New mRNA Injections. Remember, to the Left that deny YHVH, the Creator and Jesus, the Savior, they have to replace that ‘Void’ and Savior. At this Place and Time, it has been ‘Science’ and Politics..

Thus, Biden and People like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are the ‘Gods’ and Saviors of the Left. They have to be right and obeyed at all costs. They cannot be False nor really telling Lies in disguise that actually want to Kill and ‘Abort’ all those in the Left. Consider this Dichotomy. Yes, the U.S. Supreme Court may have overturned the Abortion on Demand as a Constitution and Protected ‘Right’. ‘My Body, My Choice’.

Great, yet it does not apply with the Government Mandated Injections that also infringe upon the Bodily Sovereignty of one’s Body, regardless of Issue or Reason. But as the Left is known for, ‘Rules for Thee, not for Me’. They are Hypocrites and delight in a Double Standard of ‘Social Justice’. It is a Farce. Conjecture? The FDA approved, unanimously to approve the Dangerous mRNA Injections for COVID to Babies now.

The Point? Such a large-scale Injection Schedule, already on top of the 30-50 Injections to be given to Babies by the time they reach 2 Years of Age, will ensure an ‘Abortion’ Like Outcome will continue, as millions will die because of it, if not to be damaged for life. That is the Plan of the Evil Luciferian Eugenicist, Globalist that to Contaminate, Cull and Control all Humanity, to enslave it.

With this context, the fellow Watcher named Stephan as mentioned, from the Online Blog Revelation 12 Daily made an interesting Observation from Nisan 1, 1949. He surmised that the 1952 Platinum Jubilee Year, 2022 would not only fulfill Psalm 90’s 70 Year Countdown to Daniel’s 70th Sabbath Week but as Stephan has pointed-out, at the end of the 1st Year (Nisan 1, 1949) Israel returned to the Promised Land, although in Unbelief and as a Secular Nation would be 80 Years to the Year, Nisan 1, 2029.

1. Fall
1952 + 10 Sabbath Cycles of 7 Years = Fall 2022 (Platinum Jubilee)

2. Nisan 1, 1949 +
80 Generation having ‘Strength’ = Nisan 1, 2029 (80 Years)

One would totally agree and the Mathematics would appear to fit into the overall ‘Equation’. Furthermore. As one holds to the current Timeline one is looking at: Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 has the exact 1260th Day Mid-Point on April 1, 2026, which will be Passover. But Passover on April 14, 36 Months later, will be exactly also on Passover, April 14, 2029.  From Israel’s 1st Year commemorated in the Promised Land:

March 31, 1949 (Nisan 1) to April 1, 2029 (Passover)
= 29,221 Days

or 80 Years Exactly
or 960 Months

Thus, as then one’s Timeline suggests, 1260 Days from April 14, 2029, will be September 11. Yom Teruah finishes as it is a 2-Day Observance and Excluding End Date. So, yes, amazing Calculations and it does seem to ‘Line-up’. May this be the Last Rehearsal as the Church Age have entered Rap-Con 1 Alert Status per Brother Chooch’s Terminology at Thinking Out Loud YouTube Channel.


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