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The following write-up is a Response to a YouTube Video posted on November 10, 2022 by Stan from The11:11Sign Channel. In the Video, the Primary Argument that Stan conveys is that Eschatology, or the Study of End Times is very Pertinent now for the Church to be considering or should be. And that it is what the Church of Jesus Christ should be Preaching on or Focusing. This is especially the case as one ‘Sees the Day Approaching’. What Day is that? That Day of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, the Blessed Hope, etc.

One is only offering a Cordial Review based on how this Video was chosen as a Blog Post at Revelation12 Daily, etc. Overall, one would agree with the Premise and liked the Topic and what Stan had to say, in general. He made some Pertinent Points for sure. But one would disagree with some of his Biblical Assessments.

1. One would agree, contrary to his Understanding, that the 7 Churches of Asia are a Prophetic Typology of the entire Church Age. One can Historically prove that and have.

2. Chuck Swindoll’s Message about ‘Warning the Proud’ and a Follow-up Message from another Pastor about a ‘Grave Concern’ should not be dismissed as ‘Worthless’ as ‘Worthless’ to the Church. It may be what Jesus wants that specific Congregation to hear that Message. One would even argue that ‘All Eschatology is Local’. And what if an End Times Sermon had been Preached the weekend prior?

3. And that John MacArthur’s Message on ‘What is Biblical Marriage’ is very Pertinent for Today as is the issue of ‘Pride’ and how Marriage is now Re-Defined and Same Sex Marriage is Celebrated in the Sodom and Gomorrah Community, etc.

As those that seek to study Eschatology, the Study of End Times, one realizes that one cannot uphold a Level of ‘Watching’, all by oneself in thar expected way. One will use the need for the ‘Changing of the Military Guard’ Metaphor to help explain that. Bottom line, there is Burn-Out, and one cannot Preach about the End Times, all the Time, necessarily. One can relate.

One does not always have the Energy to Write a Piece, like with the Blood Moon Elections. It was not dismissed. It was and is Prophetically Significant. But one was just too Physically Tired to Write about as one makes too many Grammatical Mistakes as it is. And one had announced that one would be at least 3 Weeks Deep in Spring Registration at School, etc. Now, it is perhaps easier for one to Write about Eschatology as one does not have a Wife, Family, Property or Assets to spend that Time on.

Come Out From Among Them

One does have more ‘Free Time’ than most and a Genuine Interest in Eschatology to do it. And one does recognize that Eschatology has, ‘Come to the Church’s Front Door' as said in the Video. Buy true… Would agree that most, if not all the Churches that profess to be ‘Christian’ intentionally avoid Eschatology because they are busy. Busy with what? The Gospel? The Great Commission? No. They are now ‘Busy’ inviting Drag Queens to their Bible Story Hours, performing Same-Sex Marriages, flying the Rainbow Flags, and helping Planned Parenthood in ‘Blessing their Centers’, etc. Such is the Laodicean Church and the Sign that Jesus is at the Door. Jesus is knocking because He has been Ushered-Out by the Jezebels and Nicolaitans. They want ‘Democracy’.

But Jesus is a Monarch and a Benevolent One at that. He is presently only Calling-Out those Individuals to ‘Come Out From Among Them, etc. It is the Last Generation. And one does recognize that perhaps having such Time is part of one’s Calling and Reasons why one is then found in such Circumstances to do so. So, to say that for those that do have such ‘Time’ and Opportunities to study Eschatology, to take them and Redeem that Time Given. As mentioned before, when one was with one’s Wife, one was given the Ultimatum. ‘Either the Wife or Eschatology Studies’. That was a Direct Quote. That is when and where one realized one’s Marriage would not, could not go any further.

Was it a Test? One knew enough about Biblical Prophecy that Eschatology is about Jesus. And that the Relationship with Jesus is one’s Primary Marriage. So, how can one Choose anything else instead of Jesus? That would be Spiritual Adultery. Many have and do though. It was seen with Israel and with certain Aspects of the 7 Churches of Asia’s Commitments, Focus and Time. And not to say that one is ‘Hollier than Thou’ by having chosen Jesus. But those Tests will come. And in one’s case, it was the Ultimate Kind, aside from Death. So, Eschatology came knocking on one’s Front Door.

I chose Jesus. We need to choose Jesus every Time, no matter the Cost. As my Mentor also told me, ‘It is Easy or will be Easy to Die for Jesus, when that Time comes, if that will be one’s Calling, as in Martyrdom perhaps. It will be harder to Live for Jesus’. And this is the Point. Eschatology is very Peculiar because it is about Jesus, and it will Cost you. It will cost you Jobs, Friends, Family and Opportunities, etc. And one can get ‘Burned Out’. And to get any ‘Understanding’, you have to come to Jesus with a Pure Heart and Mind, with Genuine Intentions and Jesus will Refine you with Fire. Why?

‘Depart, depart, go out from there! Touch no Unclean Thing; come out from it. Purify yourselves, you who Carry the Vessels of the LORD’. -Isaiah 52:11

One sees that Understanding Eschatology requires a Level of Holiness, i.e., Isaiah seeing YHVH and having that Coal be placed in his Mouth. Jesus will deal and reveal Sin in one’s Life that one will then have to face and deal with 1st. That is why most Individuals and Churches will not go there. One was reminded of a Watchwoman named Gigi. In 1 of her Videos, she talks about needing to Rest, due to being ‘Burned-Out’ in Watching and could not go any longer. She showed many Pictures of Women, all Physically ‘Collapsed’ in Exhaustion, etc. One is reminded of Jesus’ Ministry in how they Walked up-and-down the Length of Israel, on Foot several Times.

Changing of the Guard

Jesus, along with His Disciples went from Dan to Jerusalem for the Feasts during the Spring, Summer and Fall. From the Galilee to Jerusalem is about 120 KM or 80 Miles away, about a 3 Days Journey. But with all the Preaching and Teaching, there is one instance where Jesus, set the Apostles aside to Rest. Jesus knows that one is but Flesh and one’s Body and Mind can only go so far before they Collapse.

‘Meanwhile, the Apostles gathered around Jesus and brought Him News of all they had Done and Taught. [Faith + Works] And He said to them, Come with Me Privately to a Solitary Place, and let us Rest for a while. For many People were Coming and Going, and they did not even have Time to Eat. So, they went away in a Boat by themselves to a Solitary Place’. -Mark 6:31

The Point is that Jesus, the Author and Subject of Eschatology knows what His Disciples can Handle. Another Reason why one believes that Eschatology is seen through that ‘Dimly or Foggy Mirror or Glass’ is just how daunting the End Times have become. One can easily get Depressed and Burned at what is to befall Humanity. It is a Burden of Knowing what is going to happen that can be too much to Bear for any Single Watchmen. And that the Guards or Watchmen and Watchwomen on the Wall, need to have a Fresh Change, Individually and Collectively.

However, many individuals and Churches do not Check-Back in and go AWAL Absence Without Leave. Why? ‘Ignorance is Bliss’. But the argument, as Stan brings out I in his Video is that Eschatology is essential to Christians, especially in this last Fig Tree Generation. It is Vital. But there is a Time to ‘Rest’ or take ‘Spiritual Inventory’. That is what is done in the Military. If one is familiar with the Changing of the Guard Protocols, it is even Ceremonial. That ‘Change’ is needed also, by those that consider themselves Guards on the Watch. Now this concept and imagery of the Changing of the Guard can even be applied to Generations of Believers or Church Ages. One would even say that the 7 Churches of Asia were and have been like 7 Changing of the Guards.

And some have been better than others. Some are Asleep. Some are under Attack. Some have been put to Death. Some have made a Deal with the Enemy. Some have been given a Way of Escape. And some have Left their Post entirely, etc. So, to say that one has to Speak, Eat, Drink Eschatology all Day and every Day or if not, one’s Message is Worthless or Irrelevant? I think the Key is how Stan did say in the Video that one needs to be Sensitive to what the Spirit is Saying to the Churches. That Point, one would agree with.

One does believe that all the Signs Above and Below given to Discern have been right-on. But as one believes, the ‘Signs are not the Event’. So, the best one can Surmise, during this ‘Down Time’, is that the Year 2025 is an off-set of a possible 3.5 Year Overlap or Gap of Time from the start of his present New Sabbath Cycle the World has entered. The other is that from 2023, 2024 or even in 2025, the Rapture could then occur, at least in one’s Estimation and Bias of being on a Feast of New Wine, still.

This is when we have now come to realize that the Feast of New Wine was and is the True Pentecost that Acts 2 Describes. It coincides with the 2nd Shavuot or Count of 50 Days that occurs 3 Times during a Summer Time: Feast of New Grain, Feast of New Wine and Feast of New Oil, all 50 Days apart, etc. It is about Timing. And where is the Body of Christ, Eschatologically? One does not know, which is a Good Thing. As one has mentioned, it is ‘Good’ because one comes to an ‘End’ of one’s Human and Intellectual Understanding. One is now just ‘Going for the Ride’ to see. And that for one, is more Exciting to see what Jesus will do next.

(November) 11 11, 2022
+ 40 days (Period of Judgment and/or Evaluation and Testing.)
= December 21, 2022
Winter Solstice

Chanukah for Hebrew Year 5783 begins at sundown on Sunday, 18 December 2022 and ends at nightfall on Monday, 26 December 2022.



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