Prophetic Observations

  • What is the Time of Trouble all about?
  • Why is there a Rise in Anti-Jew and Israel?
  • What is coming next of Jews and Israe?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Ask now, and see: Can a Male give Birth? Why then do I see every Man with his Hands on his Stomach like a Woman in Labor and every Face turned Pale? How Awful that Day will be! None will be like it! It is the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, but he will be Saved out of it. On that Day, declares the LORD of Hosts, I will break the Yoke off their Necks and tear-off their Bonds, and no longer will Strangers enslave them’. -Jeremiah 30:6-8

The following study is to consider some Observations about when will the Church Age end, when could the Bride of Christ expect the Rapture, and when will the Time of Jacob’s Trouble begin. One will begin by setting-up the Prophetic Backdrop that will be based on the Year one supposes and is convinced was the Year Jesus Died. And? That Year is when the Church Age began. Thus, if one can make reasonable and logical inferences to it, one could possibly ascertain a Rapture Window and possible Year Count. If Jesus Died in April 32 AD, one just goes back 3.5 Years for the start of His Ministry.

And that would be Fall of 28 AD. In Luke 4, that is the account of Jesus reading Isaiah 61. It was the Sermon given on Yom Kippur to make 29 AD the consecration of the Jubilee 50th Year. Jesus said that all those ‘Things’ were fulfilled in their Hearing. But Israel rejected Him publicly. It delayed the Millennial Kingdom by 2000 Years or 2 Days, prophetically. Therefore, 29 AD would be a 50th Year Jubilee and consequently 2029 would also correspond to a 50th Jubilee Year and the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period. It is based on one’s current Calculus from a 2025-2032 Timeline. It is all Conjecture. It is based on what one Interprets, Understands and how one sees the End Times Events Converging. One’s Prophetic Point of Reference is a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario that will help, actually collapse the Present Order.

One surmised that the Rapture Event will be Global and such a Biblical Event will affect the entire World, not just be Regional in Scope. It will be the Perfect Alibi for the Alien Savior Narrative to convince the entire World and that the Cause or Wars to have that ‘Confirming the Covenant’. One is convinced it will be made with the Sanhedrin of Israel, as being the Many. The Peace will come due to the Regional War coming to Israel. This is the ‘War’ that one is looking for, from now until the Fall of 2025. This is based on one’s 32 AD Crucifixion Year Theory. One holds to the supposition that Jesus' Ministry was exactly 1260 Days or 3.5 Years/42 Months, etc. So, one is just Reverse Engineering those Days from April 14, 32 AD to get a 'Day of the Dead' Anniversary of October 31-November 1, 28 AD, if one can believe it. It is a far-out Theory, but one is just going by the implied Year Counts.

‘Peace and Security’

Mainly, it is that the Year 32 AD had that Astronomical Blood Moon near Midnight as it was during the 1st Passover back in Egypt. One thus also conjectures that the Original Passover was accompanied by a Blood Moon. This Theory of the 1260 Days Ministry of Jesus is also linked to the Daniel 9 Prophecy of when the Messiah, the Prince was to come Visit Israel, as in the Triumphal Entry. One is convinced that the same Verse is referencing the 2 Christ, 2 Princes, 2 Messiahs...It is in how the 1st Coming of a Messiah Prince would be 'Cut Off' in the 'Midst'. And then the 2nd Coming of a Messiah Prince one is to come thereafter to finish the 2nd 1260 Portion of the Shemitah Cycle.

And this Dual Timeline is to be completed from the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation. This Overlapping Timeline Theory is predicated in the other factor of Jesus' Ministry, that Jesus started His Ministry in the Fall, when the Shemitah or Sabbath Cycles begin their Count. It is all Conjecture, but this Scenario and Interpretation is Possible. Realize that from the Time of the Rapture Event that closes-out the Church Age, to the Start of the 1st Day of the Daily Sacrifices, there has to be a Gap of Time in one’s Assessment.

It is because the AntiChrist has to Rally the World around the 3rd Temple. It will serve as the Centerpiece of the Ecumenical New World Abrahamic Faith Religion. It will be based on a False ‘Peace and Security’ of ‘Jacob’ and the World, etc. However, realize that it is not the Rapture nor whatever will be the ‘Covenant’ to Ratify or Strengthen that will start the 1st Day of the Tribulation Period. One is more convinced that it will be when that 1st Daily Sacrifice will be made. Why? That is what the 2520 Day Count is contingent upon.

Because it is in the Midst, or Halfway Point that they are stopped. This then leaves the 1260 Days thereafter to surmise then the Precise Day of the Return of Jesus is to occur. So, one then just has to Reverse Engineer the 1260 Days from the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation to get the Start Date. That is what one has evaluated. But it is all just Speculation as mentioned.

So, one is just saying that one’s Calculus is just as ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ as all the Rest, as it cannot be determined, precisely with 100% Assurance and Confirmation, barring a Direct Revelation from Jesus that it is. And in which case, it would tell all the whole Body, not just 1 Person, etc. Well, check out this Evidence of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year. As one did some Date Calculations, see what one thinks of this ‘Peace and Security’ Theory, based on Factors of 50 Day and a 50 Year Interval since 28 and 32 AD.

November 1, 28 AD + 25 Times a 50 Day Count = April 32 AD
Apr 14 32 AD + 40 Times a 50 Year Count = Wednesday, April 14, 2032 

Just as one has Calculated the Passover of Jesus was on Wednesday, April 14, 32 AD

April 14, 0032 (+/- 2 Days) Julian Calendar Added 50 Years (Repeated 40 Times)

It is about a Harvest Type

Of course, there is a difference of Opinion, however, as to when Jesus 1st started His Ministry. Some End Times Students of Prophecy surmise that Jesus started His Ministry and then it was later that He Proclaimed the Year of Jubilee. It is Fair and could have been the case. But in studying Ancient Cultures, usually Monarchs 1st made their Proclamations and then they acted on them. But it depends on what ‘His Ministry’ was considered to be and when it started. If gathering His Disciples 1st and then getting Baptized was and is being considered as His Ministry, then sure.

But one would disagree. All that was just the Prerequisites for the Proclamation and then to start His Ministry, in one’s Interpretation. It was then thereafter, that He Publicly started to go to the Synagogues of Israel and Preach, Teach, Heal, etc. But of course, this too is Conjecture in terms of the precise Sequence of the Ministry of Jesus and when it truly began. And then there is the Discrepancy of how it is now Understood that in Ancient Times, the Summer had 3 ‘Shavuot’ Counts or Pentecosts of 50 Day Intervals. These 50-Day Count Intervals pertained to the Feast of New Grain, New Wine, and New Oil.


Nisan 14    
Day after Weekly Sabbath

               Nisan 18     
      +50 Days                 +50 Days                   +50 Days

                                             New Grain                New Wine                  New Oil
                                              Shavuot’               Acts Pentecost      

It is the 2nd, the New Wine that one believes is the Acts 2 Pentecost one, etc. Thus, given these Minor Harvest Feasts, one is biased towards a Yom Teruah Week or Time-Frame of when Jesus + Church Bride are to Return to Earth. Why? It is at the Feast of Trumpets that is a Call to War. And that is what Jesus will come doing as He is dripped in Blood. Yes, Jesus will return, no longer as the High Priest before the Father in that Holy of Holies but will now Return as King.

He will now be as the Conquering Lion of Judah, the Man of War, etc. And His Vestiture will be stained by the Blood of His Enemies at the Battle of Armageddon, etc. This Harvest Type speaks of the Grape Harvest of Wrath. This is why, in one’s Prophetic Opinion, the Rapture is tied to the Acts 2 Pentecost Feast as it is a Feast of the First Fruits of the New Wine. It is a Convocation and a Wheat Harvest in-gathering Celebration. And that Event initiated the Start of the Church Age.

This ‘New Wine’ Pentecost ‘Intermission’ is still in Progress until the Last Day of the Church Age that will be concluded with the Rapture Event. Why? It deals with the Harvesting of the Gentiles. ’Pentecost’ is not over yet. And that Event will then lead to the ushering-in of the Last Prophetic Week of Years pertaining to the Divine Disciple of Israel, or the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. It will be at the Rapture as that is what will conclude End of the Church Age that the Time of the Change of Dispensation occurs.

Denial of the Decree

The Time will revert back to Israel and the World being ‘Under the Law’ to conclude the 70th week of Years Jacob still owes YHVH for not keeping the Sabbaths of the Promised Land, etc. Of course, this is how one is seeing it and interpreting it. One is not saying one is right. But it is an ‘Intermission’ serving as the Bridge to when then the Fall Feasts will occur in successive fulfilment, as they were in Spring and at Passion Week. Realize that the 7 Feast, although Eternal and of YHVH and not necessarily ‘Jewish’, are pegged to Israel’s Redemption explicitly, but not to that of the Bride of Christ Redemption.

But also note that every Feast of YHVH, the 7 main one’s, have Rapture Typologies to them. Nonetheless one is more convinced that the Generation to see the Rebirth of Modern Israel will be the Generation to see the Return of Jesus, perhaps. As to the Discrepancy of the Fall 2025-Fall 2032 Tribulation Timeline and the 3.5 Year long Ministry of Jesus? One believes that there is an ‘Off-Set’ in the Sabbath or Shemitah 7-Year Count by 3.5 Years. As mentioned, it has to do with Daniel 9:27 and Jesus’ 1260 Day Ministry or 42 Months, 3.5 Years, etc.

It is ‘Off-Set’ in how the AntiChrist will then pick it up, as a Double Entendre of the Timeline. The Point is that the start of the Tribulation will not Start at the Beginning of a Shemitah Cycle, but rather at a Sabbath of Years one. Is there a Difference? Yes, in one’s Estimation. They are not the same. How so? One surmises that it will be, rather, at the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation Period that will coincide with the Shemitah End and Beginning of the Cycle.

This is to suggest that based on one’s Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Tribulation Timeline, it will be at precisely the Mid-Point of the Passover in 2029 that the Abomination of Desolation will occur. Thus, the Timeline of the 2025-2029 will be the Sabbath Year Count, etc. It is based on the supposition that if Jesus did indeed Die and Resurrected in 32 AD, then that is the same Year the Church Started. Then applying the 1000 Years = 1 Day Template, the following Year Count would be presumed.

32 AD + 2 Days or 2000 Years = 2032

Then if one backs-out 7 Years for the Tribulation, if one believes it is 7 Years, then that would be 2025. So, that is the Timeline, the ‘Off-Set’. perhaps. I believe we are in a Transition Phase from Fall 2022 to Fall 2025. Meaning that anytime until then, the Rapture would need to have to take place. Perhaps.

Fall 2032 - 7 Years = Fall 2025

If the Rapture Event would then be about 1 Year out from the Fall 2025 Start of the Tribulation Period, it would give enough Time for the Chaos to completely come and the New Order to be rolled-out. It is already but it would be the ‘Switch’ in a sense. Time will always Tell the Truth. So, to reiterate, one is using the 1 Day = 1000 Year Prophetic Template.

Vengeance of our GOD

And one is starting from 32 AD. One is presuming and going off of when the Church Age began, as it could very well End on its anniversary. The Key to one’s Rapture Timing Theory is the counting of the Church Age, from when it was ‘Birthed’. It is in contrast to when one, nonetheless surmises Jesus started His Ministry back in the Fall of 28 AD. And? It is because the ‘Church’ Did not yet exist that Year. Thus, if one is then Backtracking from 2032 the 7 Years of Daniel, one is then anticipating the Rapture Event, the Year before the Fall of 2025 as the Highest Watch Year ever.  

This is one’s Vantage Point that does take in account the Astronomical Alignments as Sign Markers of Time, Prophetic Time. It is just a matter of what Start Year one is studying from. One is of the Interpretation that the Jubilee Decree and Year was Fulfilled in the Hearing of those Privileged Jews in the Synagogue of Jesus’ own Hometown. What a Place and Time to have been a Witness to that Fulfilment of Prophecy. Sadly, the Sons of Jacob rejected the Year of what could have been their Year of Jubilee.

Did Jesus not give Sight to the Blind, Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead, etc.? That Year, it began, the Jubilee was Fulfilled. Now the Kingdom? That is a whole other issue. Sure, delayed by 2 Days or 2000 Years. But this Factor of when the Kingdom is to come does not determine nor necessitate the Timing, precisely of Jesus’ Return, in one’s Humble Opinion. What does is the Last Day of the Tribulation wherein, He has an Appointment to come and Rescue the Remnant at the Battle of Armageddon.

One can see His coming as a ‘Jubilee’ for sure, but if one is looking for an Accurate Year Count? Good Luck. That Issue or Mystery is not what one is focusing on. One is more so, looking at when Daniel’s Week starts and as mentioned, the Rapture that will end the Church Age. Or where does it say that Jesus is to Return on a Jubilee? His Return is about Judgment and Vengeance. It is that 2nd Portion of the Verse He did not read that will be fulfilled.

Now this Notion does then carry some Prophetic Weight in that it could be argued that the Return of Jesus will fall on a Jubilee Year, etc. So, when is that Portion going to be ‘Fulfilled in their Hearing’? It will be when perhaps Many of the Remnant Jews will be in their Synagogues of Meeting Places and they lift-up their Heads and Voices to say,

‘Blessed is He, [Jesus] who comes in the Name of the LORD’.

So, it could be that the Year He does return, will be a Jubilee, but one may just have one’s Start Year all wrong. But in 28 AD, the Holy Spirit had not come down or was sent, etc. One can see how a Bible Scholar can make an Argument that, since Jesus came on a Jubilee, at His 1st Advent, why not at His 2nd Advent to complete the Totality of the Jubilee Proclamation?


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