Prophetic Typologies and Astronomical Symmetry

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Are there not 4 more Months until the Rapture?’ – Lu Vega (Play on Words.)

The purpose of this study is to consider 7 Arguments for a Summer Resurrection-Rapture Timing. They will be Arguments against a Spring Time Rapture Timing that is propagated, usually just before Summer arrives in any given Year. As the Watch Cycles are considered yearly, it is important to discuss the possibilities, but one has been and is convinced, based on one’s Research, that it is impossible for the Rapture to occur in Spring. One, of course, can be wrong, but the following points will present one’s case.

The aim of this study is not to ‘Rain’ on anyone’s Rapture Parade, as the Blessed Hope is something that the Apostles emphasized to encourage the Believers and Followers of Jesus with, especially in these Last Days of the Last Days, etc. One would agree that any Day, Week, Month, sooner rather than later, from what one has calculated is better…but. As the Spring Feasts of YHVH come and go, with no prospects of the Rapture having happened, the ‘Rapture Baton’ passes from the Spring as the Rapture Timing, turns the corner on the Spring Feasts and enters a June ‘Pentecost’ Rapture Timing. Perhaps.

Not to criticize others well thought-out work and Research, but when asked, what does one think of a Spring Rapture? Then one can only provide an Argument based on one’s Research, just as much. Here is the conclusion. One is right. One will be wrong. But in one’s disposition, it is not about ‘Who is Right’ or who finally ‘discovered’ the true Timing of the Rapture and Year, etc. One is driven to only encourage the Body of Christ and help to see how Astronomical Symmetry, Divine Patterns, Typologies can better suit the Arguments of when the Rapture could be more accurately ascertained, Summer.  

And that the Timing should not be based on the Yearly Cycles of Feasts or High Watch Days due to the latest and Popular Theory, etc., and to include one’s Research in this mix too. However, 1 day, 1 Feast Day, it will come to pass. The Key is how Prophetic Time is ‘Clocked’, This is contingent up the Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years. And why one is particularly excited about 2022 is that it is a Sabbath Year. One’s only issue is with those who state they, ‘Know’ the exact Day of the Rapture or they make ‘Absolute Statements’ in how ‘The Rapture will occur on’…such a certain date? Ok. But such Statements just do not set well in one’s Spirit. Just an Observation.

Being on the Look Out

One would ‘feel’ better, if such Researchers would rather say, ‘I believe, I think, it appears…’. And only because such have set Rapture Days, or Statements and Dates before, that have obviously not occurred. One appreciates that those that do, are just doing so because they too, ‘Look and Love the Appearing’ of Jesus for His Bride. It is a Watch that few undertake and it takes Discipline and Patience. But one believes it is what pleases Jesus, as He has commanded His Bride to, ‘Keep the Watch’.

And again, not to detract from the possibilities of when the Rapture Timing might occur, that is different from what one has ascertained, up to now. But as to one’s Research on the topic? One thinks that over the years, one’s claim has been singular and has not changed. One believes that the Rapture is to occur on Pentecost, in the Summer but not as most understand it to be that way. To this end, one can only attempt to abbreviate the reasons why. One cannot know or say for sure, 100% when is the Rapture. No one can and that is one’s point. These Arguments below are only to show where and why, one ascertains the Rapture to be a Summer Prophetic Fulfillment.

And that it is from a point of view of Prophetic ‘Typologies’, Patterns, Symmetry, Menorah Pattern, clues from Jesus’s Teachings and Astronomical Linkage, as that is how Agricultural Cycles are pegged to, etc. One realizes that one’s findings are not popular to accept, they never have been or one just makes a bad case for them, but here it goes. Why Pentecost and the Rapture cannot occur in a Spring Season.


Realize the Astronomical start of each Time Frame/Delineation of Seasons within an Earth Year. Seasons are what YHVH uses to also link-up His Appointed Times. Thus, the Spring Feasts and the Fall Feast, etc. Each has to occur after the Equinox. This measure recalibrates the Year, so the Feasts are not out of sync, like the Rabbinical Colander will be and is oftentimes. You have Pentecost, even celebrated in Spring, still and in some cases, the Fall Feasts occur in the Summer before September 20, etc.

1 SPRING:      Equinox           March 20
2 SUMMER:    Solstice           June 20
3 FALL:           Equinox           September 20
4 WINTER:     Equinox           December 20

The point being is that, based on Prophetic Symmetry and Divine Appointed Seasons, Pentecost, as celebrated, is being confused with Shavuot, which is the Feast of Weeks. As one may know, one’s major hang-up is that on the Feast of Weeks, Shavuot is not Pentecost. Look it up. The Jews even state, like in Hebcal.com, under ‘Shavuot’, that it is only a Commemoration of when they arrived at Mount Sinai. And that it was the occasion where they Received the Law. This is only half correct. First, as the Study #609 on the Sinai shows, one can calculate the exact Day the Jews arrived. But this then excludes Shavuot, if one sticks to the Day Counts. And yes, YHVH came down on the 3rd Day, with Fire, Sounds of Trumpets, Holy Terror, but no physical Tablets of the Law where given then, nor where there 3000 People who Died due to Unbelief.


Another Key Clue has to do with the timing of the Rapture is based on the understanding of the Order of the Resurrections. This Doctrine was better explained by the Apostle Paul, in how the Resurrection-Rapture event is pegged to an Order, a Grain Type and a Harvest. As to the Timing? It is then suggested that the Rapture follows the Astronomical and Agricultural Seasons, correlating to the different types of Order, Grain and Harvest.

Of particular is the Spring Barley Harvest and the Summer Wheat Harvest. A study has already been presented, in how one allegorized the Order of the Resurrection to that of a Military Rank and File, and Order of Companies, etc. The point is that the 1st Resurrection is what the Bride of Christ is to experience and is pegged to. But that the 1st Order of the Resurrections is delineated into 3 Companies or Phases. This is before the 2nd Resurrection occurs and is the Resurrection one does not want to be part of.

The main clue as to the Timing of the Rapture has to do when Jesus Resurrected. This Day and Time is in itself an argument within the Church. One believes that Jesus gave the Sign to the Jews, the only one, in that Jesus would be 3 Days and 3 Night in the ‘Belly of the Great Fish’. This means that Jesus, as a Type of His Death, would be in the ‘Belly of the Earth’, or the Tomb for 72 Hours, Literally, no more, no less.

And that the Sequence of Events, if one truly counts the events of Passover, occurred in such a ‘Order’ that Jesus was Crucified in the ‘Midst’ or a Wednesday of that Passion Week, as Daniel foretold. Jesus died at around 3pm, the time of the Afternoon Passover Sacrifice, and laid in the Rock Tomb next to the Place of the Skull, the Garden Tomb just before Sunset. That was a High Sabbath Day or Passover in which all ‘Criminals’ nailed to a Tree, publicly had to be taken down or they would ‘Curse’ Israel.

This is why, the Disciples, in haste, preliminarily prepared, as much as possible the Body, thinking of coming back to finish the Preparations. Except that the Romans in the meanwhile rolled the Stone over the entrance and sealed it with Nails and a Seal of Rome. That Seal and Nails were broken 72 Hours later. No Roman Seal, representing the greatest Power on Earth, nor Nails nor Lucifer could Seal Jesus’ Tomb. He Resurrected and the Angels rolled the Stone away. By the way, part of the Nail is still lodged in the Garden Tomb’s Wall, if one believes that is the actual Burial Chamber.

1st Resurrection
Company A – Jesus + few Righteous Saints
= Barley Harvest 1st Fruits = @ Passover Feast of 1st Fruits

Company B – Resurrection/Rapture – Bride of Christ
= Wheat Harvest @ Pentecost (but 99th Day)

Company C – At end of Tribulation - Old Testament Saints
= Grape Harvest ending @ Sukkot

2nd Resurrection
Company D – At end of Millennial Kingdom - the Wicked Dead -White Throne Judgment

But as to the Order of the Resurrections? Jesus represented, Prophetically the First Fruits of the Barley, along with the Sample of those that accompanied Jesus in the Resurrection. They too showed themselves, alive again throughout Jerusalem. The Point is that this occurred in the Spring, at the end of the Spring Feasts. This is a good argument for a Spring Time Rapture, but the ‘Order’ is being confused here. The Prophetic Typology is that the Barley First Fruit Order was pertaining to the Head, that being Jesus, exclusively. But that His Body would then follow in Order, thereafter and with a different Timing, Summer and a different Type of Grain, Wheat, etc.

Jesus was a ‘Token’ of the Full Harvest to come, but not of the Barley Harvest, but that of the Wheat Harvest, that had begun to take place in mid-May. But why June 20, This is when Summer Astronomically starts and when the Summer Wheat Harvest is in full mode until mid-July when it concludes, in general. Remember ‘4 Months till the Harvest’? It speaks of the Gentile Believers throughout the World in which the Body of Christ has actively helped plant, water, and harvest Souls that have been saved. One Day, the Last Day, the Last Soul on Earth will be Saved. It will be at that time, that the Proverbial and Prophetic 153 Fish will have been ‘caught’. At that Time, there will then be nor more need to have Time, as the Prophetic ‘Season’. The ‘Season’ will transfer to the Last Sabbath Week, per Daniel to deal with the eventual Redemption of Israel, etc.


Realize that from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice is exactly 3 Months or 13 Weeks. It is May 1, that Commemorates the Halfway Maker of Time between these 2 Astronomical Markers. But the main point here is that the Summer Solstice is the exact ‘Middle’ between the Spring Equinox and the Fall Equinox. Meaning? That if there is an appointed Feast, such as Pentecost to occur, when ‘Fully Came’ as Acts 2 discloses, it has to occur after June 20.

Thus, this is why Pentecost cannot occur prior to June 20.  The popular notion, every Year that rolls-around, is that ‘Pentecost’ occurs on the 3rd Jewish Month and when the Rapture is to occur. No. Impossible. Of course, it could, but again, one is only using the Astronomical delineations of Seasons which leads to the next point. The point is that Jesus gave the 4 Month Season of when the Harvest of Souls would occur. One is assuming a Biblical Count of 30-Day Months, thus the following.

4 Months x 30 Days =
120 Days

As it has been presented in prior studies, one believes this ‘Decree’, like that of Artaxerxes Longimanus to Rebuild Jerusalem, occurred on the Spring Equinox, March 20. If this be the case, Jesus indirectly inferred the ‘Harvest’ occurring after June 20.

March 20 To:
April 20            = 30 Days
May 20            = 30 Days
June 20           = 30 Days
July 20            = 30 Days
TOTAL            = 120 Days

This calculation alone would dispel any possible Rapture Season before June 20. One realizes, if one has studied Biblical Numbers how 120 is inferred to a ‘Finality’ of Time. This is suggested in the Generations that were to be determined and scaled-back due to the Flood of Noah. But as Prophecy is multi-layered, it also can infer to a Life Span, a Season and pegged even to the Jubilee Cycle Counts.

Thus, the point is that one cannot have a Harvest Typology in the Spring. Now the late Spring Wheat Harvest does start around May 15 in Israel. Now the Harvest can begin at this time, and in fact, the Jews in Israel celebrate Shavuot in early June. This date, along with that of Shavuot could suggest the Rapture Type as the argument is made. However, based on Jesus’ calculus, the Wheat Harvest ends in the Month of July, in any given year.

Again, this timeframe follows then also the typology of Boaz and Ruth, in how they were Married after the Summer Wheat Harvest had concluded, after June 20. Thus the point being that Pentecost, as it is believed is when Boaz and Ruth married, occurred in the Month of July, and not before in June, etc. Thus, based on this Prophetic Typology of Jesus, the Kinsman Redeemer and Ruth, the Gentile Bride, and the 120-Day Count, the Rapture cannot take place in Spring before June 20. Why not? It is because Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, being 49 Days is not Pentecost, that being an additional 50 Day Count, per an Alternative Interpretation of Leviticus.


For those that have followed one’s Work and Research, one will realize that one’s ‘Message’ and Calculation has been consistent regarding a ‘Double-Count’ to accurately determine Pentecost, ‘When it had fully come’. One believes that based on the Astronomical Symmetry, Menorah Patterns, and the various Harvest Typologies, the Rapture will occur on ‘Pentecost’. But this Pentecost Interpretation is not the one that is currently understood nor celebrated by Jews and Christians. How so? As mentioned, the Jews celebrate Shavuot as the Feast of Weeks. And that ‘Pentecost’ is just the ‘50th Day added to the 49th Day after. Not So in one’s estimation and interpretation.

But one argues that this is not Pentecost. And that it was deliberately obfuscated by the Jews, as to diminish the Prophetic Association. Of what? Of how at that time, GOD the Holy Spirit came to indwell and became the Restrainer of full-on Evil in the World. It became the ‘Helper’ to achieve, undertake and conclude the Great Commission given to the ‘Body of Christ’ that was ‘Birthed’ on the 99th Day when, ‘Pentecost’ had fully come’.  

In prior studies presented, true Pentecost has been corroborated with the Research of Ken Johnson. The Summer Feasts have been re-discovering in the Dead Sea Scrolls, in how the Essenes maintained Pentecost, as did the other Jews, initially. There were 3 Minor Feasts of the Summer, that of the Wheat, the Oil and the Wine. Thus, Pentecost, which one firmly believes, converged on the Feast of Wine. It concluded a 99-Day Count from the Spring Feast Timing. The discrepancy comes with the Interpretation of the verse in Leviticus of how there is an additional 50-Day Count from Shavuot, not a counting of an additional 50th Day. This sets-up the next argument of why this is key.


Based on Prophetic Patterns and Typologies, the Feast of Shavuot does not fulfill the ‘Pentecost’ but rather starts it. It is a Season that straddles the Center Stem of a Menorah Typology in how the Spring Feasts correspond to the Left Branches of the Menorah, if one ascribes each of the 7 Feasts of YHVH to the 7-Branch Menorah. The Fall Feasts correspond then to the Right Branches of the Menorah, etc. What keeps them in both Astronomical Timing and Prophetic ‘Balance’ is Pentecost. Why? It is that the Menorah has a Chiastic Fold, needing the Middle Servant Stem for ‘Balance’.

In the many Prophetic Typologies that Jesus used to teach, using the Vine and the Branches Parables, He implied that He was and is the Center Stem, like a Menorah. It is from this Central Stock, that all of the other Branches, left and right, derive their Nutrients from. Likewise, in the Menorah Typology, it is the Center Stem, from where the Light and Oil are first deposited and from where the other Lights are lit, etc. This Menorah Typology is also depicted in the Book of Revelation in how Jesus is as the ‘Center Stem’, evaluating the 7 Branches as the 7 Churches, etc.

Thus, to suggest that Prophetically, the correspondence to the Feasts of YHVH carry the same Disposition and Order. Or else, if Pentecost occurred in the Spring, as most believe and accept, the Menorah Typology would be lop-sided. The Menorah would have 4 Branches on the Left. There would be no Center Stem to balance it as there would only be 3 Branches to the Right. If such a physical Lampstand would be constructed, it would tip over and fall on itself. This is why a Rapture, that being on a Pentecost Order will never happen, cannot happen in the Spring time frame.


There is also the very popular Teaching that accompanies the High Rapture Watch Season based on the Song of Solomon. The argument is put forth that there is a Typology going on with the King, that being Solomon and the Shulamite Shepherdess. Coincidentally, it is a Dichotomy of Names and Meaning as Solomon, comes from the Hebrew Word, for Peace and so does Shulam-ite. She is the exact Compliment, the Feminine attribute of ‘Shalom’, etc. The ‘Season’ noted is the Spring Time when the Flowers and Life are coming back to life after the Dark Winter has passed. It is for sure, a Depiction of how Jesus seeks to Court the Bride and win her over.
However, what many fail to see is that the Storyline is not taken to its Conclusion.

This is especially the case in that the Shulamite, although intrigued and when asked to, ‘Come Away, my Dove, my Lovely One, Come’. She does not. She is ‘spooked’ and runs away. And so does the Lover depart. It is not until the Shulamite undergoes a Maturing and a Transition that one sees the end of the Storyline in how the Lover comes back for her. But this time, the King of Peace comes in a Procession, as he is Lifted Up, i.e., in Rapture Typology, coming for the Bride. And there is a Train of Attendants that accompanies the King to ‘Fetch’ the Bride, etc. Thus, one suggests, that the Spring Time, is a ‘False Start’ and Hope. But it is then after the Summer, when the Fruit, that being the Souls, the Bride is matured that she is then ready for the Harvest, for the Lover’s Rendezvous. It is the Time the Bride has made herself Ready.

Only then will the King of Peace come at the Perfect or completed Time with the Resurrection and Rapture. Jesus will come like King Solomon and lift the Bride up into His Chariot. It will follow in that Great Procession back to the Father’s House that starts to occur at the Sound of the Trumpet Blast. It will be a Time that the Harvesters out in the Field of the Earth will be called to ‘Fall Back’ as in a Military Retreat. The Work, the Royal Commission will have concluded, etc. The Rendezvous will occur in the Clouds when Jesus’ returns for His Bride. This then suggests that the Spring Time will have passed and that it is in the Summer Harvest time, after June 20, Astronomically that the Rapture Timing can happen, not before.

7. The Sabbath Cycles

The last point in the Argument, as to why the Rapture cannot take place in the Spring is that it depends also on the Timing of the Year Sequence. And this is based on the Sabbath Year Cycles. Although this Argument is not directly tied to the Timing of the Rapture, the possible Year is. This Argument is based more so on when the Church Age ends, as one has been Studying the Sabbath Cycle Theory for Years. The Sabbath Cycle is determined from a Fall-to-Fall Year Count.

One is also convinced that the 70-Year Countdown, when considering and applying the Psalm 90 Template, has been miscounted. The Start Year, that being 1948 is not correct. Rather, that the Count starts where it was last left off, Prophetically. How so? Realize that one has presented studies in how Prophetic Time is ‘clocked’ to the Sabbath Cycles of Time and also occur in Phi Ratio Patterns of Time, etc. This has precedence ever since Creation Week. And specific to Israel, it was a ‘Clock’ to keep since they entered the Promised Land. How so? It was in 1952 that the Sabbath Cycles resumed, regardless if Israel nationally observed them.

1948: + 4 Years’ Worth of Waiting =
1952: + 70 Years per Psalm 90 =

Consider that Year ‘0’ did not allow Israel to ‘Plant or Harvest’ for 3 Years as it entered the Promised Land. This same Principle and Parallel has also occurred as Israel had come back from its 3rd and Last Eviction or Diaspora. Thus, the true Start Count for the Prophetic Cycles to re-commence occurred in 1952. Israel returned to the Promised Land, but in Unbelief, as foretold by Ezekiel. There is currently a Redemption going on, even many Jews realize. But Daniel’s 70th Week of Years cannot begin until the Church Age ends. And that Last Day will conclude with the Resurrection and the Rapture.

The Sabbath Year Theory is that the End of the Church Age will occur on a Sabbath Year of a 7-Year Sabbath Cycle. Why the Church Age, cannot overlap into the 7-Year Tribulation Period is that the Church Age, being the Pentecost Age has been an ‘Intermission’. It has been a Time of ‘Grace’, wherein one only has to come to Jesus, and Call on His name to be Saved. No Animal Sacrifices. No Temple on Earth, No Rituals or pre-conditions, etc. That type of Favor, amazingly, has been bestowed upon Humanity, unconditionally, until the End of the Church Age, which is coming fast to an end, and perhaps in 2022, if the interpretations are based on solid Logic and Reason.

During the Tribulation Period, the Constitution of ‘Grace’ will not be implemented, wholesale. Thus, if the Heavenly Signs above and the Geo-Political Signs below are being interpreted correctly, they are why one is really excited, as never before in all prior years, because 2022 is a Sabbath Cycle. It will End and Begin on the Civil New Year on Israel’s Calendar in the Fall. And that is why many Ominous Prognostications are said to converge in the Fall of 2022, mainly the worldwide Economic Collapse and Food and Fuel shortages.

The culmination or ‘Switch’ is set to occur in either September or October, depending on the Year’s Day Count. It so happens that for 2022, the Time synchronized with both the Christian and Jewish Calendars. Thus, the Year 2022 has been a 7-7-7 Year Countdown since 2001 with the Twin Tower Attacks on 9-11 and the Tetrad Blood Moons of 2014-15. The last being a 7-Year Countdown to perhaps Daniel’s 70th Week of years, or the Tribulation Period.

This is why, 2022 could be the Year of the Rapture and if the New 7-Year Sabbath Cycle is to occur in the Fall, that means that the Resurrection and Rapture event has to occur before all that, in the Summer, if one subscribes to the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario. This is why many who look at the Economic World Trends are presuming and Ominous Economic Collapse or ‘Reset’ will occur in the Fall of 2022. One Tell-Tale Sign is that Israel ‘dumped’ the U.S. Dollar as its World Reserve Currency for Chinese Currency. Not good.

And they ought to know what is coming down as the Globalists who print the Money Supply out of Fiat, or out of ‘Nothing’ have been systematically demolishing the World Economies in preparation for their New World Order Transition from the Church Age to ‘Israel Time’ once again. And that Time could very well coincide with Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. If one has been on the Watch, one will then realize why the COVID Plandemic, Social Distancing, forced Lock-Downs, Mask and Injection Mandates, Wars and Hyper-Inflation have been all part of the Plan. But so is the Rapture and why there are 7 Reasons why it will occur, has to occur during the Summer Wheat Harvest Season.

‘Keep the Watch’.

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