2025-2032 September 11 Return of Jesus?

  • Is the Revelation 12 Sign over or is it still Relevant?
  • How is the Sign going to Impact one's Timeline?
  • How close is the Biblical Rapture to happen?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And its Rider is called Faithful and True. With Righteousness He Judges and wages War. He has Eyes like Blazing Fire, and many Royal Crowns on His Head. He has a Name written on Him that only He Himself knows. He is Dressed in a Robe dipped in Blood, and His Name is The Word of God. The Armies of Heaven, Dressed in Fine Linen, White and Pure, follow Him on White Horses’. -Revelation 19:11-14

The purpose of this study is to present the possible 7-Year Tribulation Timeline, that being from the Fall of 2025 to the Fall of 2032. The study is long because, the various Reasons, Figures, Suppositions, Conjectures will be given, as to why one is more convinced of this Tribulation Timeline, at this Point in Time. It is a ‘Learning Curve’ and one will Argue that what was, is, and will be Pivotal, to the Speculative Timeline is the Revelation 12 Sign. And that, the Center Piece of the 7-Year Tribulation Period, is the Revelation 12 Sign itself, which at that Time, will be completely fulfilled, Prophetically.

Thus, the study is Extensive, but Dedicated to a Good, End Times Watchman on the Wall and Fellow Contributor, ‘Stephan’ from the Revelation 12 Daily Blog. Why? It is he that noted that one’s next Article would be #723. And how befitting, as that is exactly what one thought about writing. The Central Theme of the 2025-2032 possible Tribulation Timeline is all about the ‘DNA’ of Revelation 12 Sign. And this Number ‘723’ has been Surmised since 2020, a Mystery when one had a Dream about it, twice.

Perhaps, it could still be a Clue related to the Revelation 12 Sign and as to the Timing of the Rapture and the Start of the 7-Year Tribulation Period, etc. But as to how it could be related to the Revelation12 Sign specifically? The ‘723’ Numerical Value, for this study will come to Correspond to the 7th Month in the Jewish Calendar and the 23rd Day, when the Sign appeared Astronomically. ‘Sept’, in Latin means 7. Now, before one delves into the Evidence for the 2025-2032, 7-Year Tribulation Timeline, with the Factor of the Revelation 12 Sign, one would like to address the Sign’s Origin.

One has presented Evidence that since 2009, 2010, one had posted Charts, 1st on one’s University Staff Page, about Blood Moons, Astronomical Alignments, Planetary Conjunctions and the Revelation 12 Sign. One did not think much of it. For example, one made a Chart about the Google Cover-Up in Virgo where Jupiter would be in 2017. Then one plotted a 2008-2026 Eclipses Timeline. It appeared that a 7-Year Pattern developed based on Blood Moons. Many People, Erroneously took the Eclipse Pattern to mean that the 7-Year Tribulation would start in 2010. With a 2010-2018 Timeline, and with the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-15 being the Midpoint. Wrong.

Enemy has Done This

However, one came to study the Astronomical Signs, especially of Virgo as one noted and discussed the Motif of how Virgo was the only Sign of the 12 Constellations who Anthropomorphically ‘Births’ Planets, Metaphorically. One was one of the 1st to discuss the Revelation 12 Sign, Astronomically through a Rapture Online Forum, Rapture in the Air Now. For example, one calculated an End Date by adding 1260 Days from the Passover of the 1st Blood Moon of the Tetrad. The ‘1260’ is the Numerical Coefficient of the Revelation 12 Sign that it is Designed with, or ‘Encoded’ with. Note the following.

April 14, 2014 1st Tetrad Blood Moon +
1260 Days  = September 23, 2017 Revelation 12 Sign

One also made Charts and also wrote a Book about the Tetrad of 2014-15. It can be Downloaded for Free. It is over a Decade worth of Research, more than anyone known.


One noted and Posted with Charts in 2008-09, that in 2015, the Planet Saturn would be ‘Birthed’ in Virgo’s ‘Womb’, as it crossed that ‘Imaginary’ Line in the Sky. This led to online Conversations Online about it and then one Posted the Charts on the 5 Doves Website of the Charts one had already made. What one suggested later, was that in 2017, this same ‘Birthing’ Phenomena would occur, but with Jupiter.

However, some took the Online discussed Eclipses Timeline and the Revelation 12 Sign Topic and Sensationalized it. It became a Frenzy, but another Assertion was also Erroneously made, that the Rapture was to then occur, during the Sign on September 23 in 2017. One tried and did voice one’s Objection and stressed that ‘The Sign is not the Event’, to no avail. The Narrative became ‘Hijacked’. Here is the Online Link, for Reference, of one’s Evidence for the Origins of the Revelation 12 Sign Phenomena.

History of the Research Journey in 'Discovering' the Revelation 12 Sign-Evidence of Authorship.

However, one cannot say, conclusively that one was the ‘1st’ who discovered it. As Argued, the Revelation 12 Sign appears every Year in the Fall. What was discussed was how Jupiter, as the Man-Child Retrograded for 9 Months in Virgo. And there was also a Planetary Alignment. This Array of a Configuration is what is Rare. In Fact, the only Near Approximation occurred around 57 Years after Creation, in -3915 BC. 

What one is saying, is that those that do say they were ‘The 1st to Discover the Revelation 12 Sign’, are preceded by one’s Research that is Documented. One can only provide the Records one has and moved-on, as one has with the Sign over the Years since September 23, 2017 came and went. Nonetheless, it seems that the Topic of the Revelation 12 has re-emerged again in various Conversations, and that is a Good Thing. Perhaps the Holy Spirit is prompting the Body of Christ to keep an ‘Eye’ on it still. But based on the Evidence one is presenting, the Tribulation Timeline is 2025-2032.

Sign of Prophecy
It suggests a 2024 Rapture Timing, if not sooner. And that the Revelation 12 Sign is appearing again, Approximately, in the ‘Midst’ of the 2025-2032 Speculated Tribulation Timeline, etc. The Wonder of the Woman in the Sky ‘Speaks of Prophecy’. In fact, that is 1 of Virgo’s Star’s Meaning. As one of the 1st to Research all this, in depth, this Revelation 12 Sign, one noted, would be the ‘Biggest’ Prophetic Signs ever given during the Church Age, and precisely for the End Times, because it is the End Times. One is Living and Breathing the Last few Years, if not Months of the Church Age Dispensation.

Revelation 12 Sign
September 23, 2017 + 7 Years (For Church Body) = September 23, 2024 – Upper Limit

One has continued Researching and Studying the Sign, to this Day. As one who is still convinced about the Sign, in one’s Opinion and having produced over 70 Charts, 40 Articles and a Book about it, one can say, with Confidence, that the Revelation 12 Sign was Signaling and is Signaling, just how soon the Rapture is to occur. Of how it is a Multifaceted Sign that Infers to Israel but also to the Church as well, as one will see. As to the Earthly People of YHVH? It was and is about the Re-Birth of the Nation of Israel, although Secular, in Dis-Belief. But that with Spiritual Blindness and Hardness, Israel is just as Ezekiel foretold it would be. And for Jesus’ Spiritual People?

Back in 2017, the Revelation 12 Sign was configured Astronomically, and only noted by the invention of Modern Star Model Software. It helped to provide a Wake-Up Call. The Revelation 12 Sign received much Backlash, mostly from Fellow Christians. The Sign was Misunderstood because it deals with the Forgotten Wisdom and Knowledge of the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac. But the purpose of this study is to continue showing that the Revelation 12 Sign is not done just yet. It is still ‘Speaking’ Prophecy as one will try to convey through one’s latest Timeline and its Amazing Number and Date Correlations.

As one who claims to be an Original Author of the Sign, one has not discarded it, as being just a Fanciful Trend of the Time or an Over-Sensationalized Fad that came and went, along with those that Sensationalized it. No, one has continued to do Research on the Revelation 12 Sign as one has. If one can Boast about anything related to the Sign, it is that one did continue in Active Research, to this Day, to this Study. One has compiled the numerous Charts and Write-Ups, over the Years and have compiled them all also into a Book, which is Free to Download here as well.

The Maiden, Manchild and Monster

It spans Research of over a Decade, that is un-matched by any other Researcher into the Revelation 12 Sign. And although one tried to ‘Correct’ the Prevailing False Narratives that were Hijacked, like on the very Revelation 12 Wikipedia Webpage, one was Censored and eventually that Site was Scrubbed from the Internet altogether. It is a Tell-Tale Sign of how the Enemy does not want this Revelation 12 Sign Decoded properly, Talked about or if so, to be Misconstrued and Misinformed about it.

Red Dragon Rises
For example, one subsequent Research, as the Sign ‘Came and Went’, was that one thought that the following Day Count would be Significant. How so? It pertains to how the Sign reached its ‘Prophetic Shelf Life’ of sorts, with its 1260 Day Coefficient, one Surmised. Meaning? That if one added the Biblical 1260 Days to the Date the Revelation 12 Sign, that occurred back in September 23, 2017, what would that be? Well, that was March 6, 2021. And? That was the Historic Trip of the Pope to Ur.


Fusion of the Luciferian Religions

Why one notes this subsequent Revelation 12 Sign Connection, is that the State Visit by the Pope to the House of Abraham in Ur of the Chaldeans, paved the way for the Abraham Houses of Worship to be built in Abu Dhabi. This is now a Reality, in how the Fusion of the AntiChrist Religion will be and is being forged for the coming Tribulation Period. And it had to do with the Revelation Sign’s 1260th Day. Now, all this has been by way of an Introduction and to present some Context, as to its Past. So, now, one will delve Deep into the Current and Near Future Revelation 12 Sign Associations.

The following Factors will demonstrate why one is more Convinced about this latest proposed Tribulation Timeline of 2025-2032. Ready? And that at the core, is the Revelation12 Sign. The Sign is very Important Why? Consider that Jesus thought so, although without mentioning it. It deals with the Conditions of Matthew 24 and what would occur at the 1260th Day or the ‘Midst’ of the Tribulation, the Revelation 12 Sign. It was, is and will be specifically for Israel at that Time and Place. How so? This Time Period deals with Jacob’s Trouble. It does not pertain to the present Body of Christ on Earth. The following is the 2025-2032 Revelation 12 Tribulation Timeline.

DAY 1 (On Sabbath after)                  DAY 1260th                         DAY 2520th (On Sabbath after)
October 18, 2025                                March 30-31, 2029               September 11, 2032
Sabbath-Daily Sacrifices                     Passover-Sacrifices             Sabbath-Jesus’ Debut?

Note that at the Mid-Point, at the 1260th Day, Jesus stressed the Abomination of Desolations that will be set-up. Jesus referenced this Mid-Point to have the Disciples take Special Note of, because it would concern the ‘Elect’. This is the Remnant Faithful of Observant Jews that will come to Faith in Jesus because of all the Signs and Wonders, the Preaching of the 144,000 Evangelical Jews and the 2 Witnesses, etc.

These will be the ones that, at that Mid-Point, are warned, as they perhaps Discern the Motif of the Revelation 12 Sign itself, to Flee to the Hills and the Wilderness for 1260 Days. As that happens, Lucifer Possesses the AntiChrist, and in turn the AntiChrist Enters and Possesses the 3rd Temple. He will demand Absolute Worship, through the False Prophet’s Mark, etc. The Half-Way Marker will also deal with the Daily Sacrifices that the AntiChrist sanctioned. And it will be for which the Synagogue of Satan, that Rule from behind the Scenes in Israel and the World for that matter, will accept.

Real Deal of the Century
But as noted, even with this new, up-dated Tribulation Timeline, some Amazing Dates still reoccur. How? If one starts the Tribulation's 1st Day on the Sabbath after the Fall Feasts in 2025, October 18, the Midpoint will be Exactly at Passover of March 30-31, 2029. And 1260 Days later will be exactly September 11, 2032. And? This Sabbath will also be that Sabbath after Rosh HaShanah, like with the one the AntiChrist is Speculated to initiate the Daily Sacrifice with, perhaps. To be fair, one is attempting to fit a ’Square’ Peg into a Circle. The Timeline looks Interesting at least. At Best?

BEGINNING                                        MIDDLE                                   END

DAY 1                                                  DAY 1260th                             DAY 2520th
October 18, 2025                               March 30-31, 2029                 September 11, 2032
Sabbath-Daily Sacrifices                    Passover                                 Sabbath-Jesus’ Debut?

Again, one is not Saying, ‘This is It’, but wow, very interesting. And as said before, one believes there has to be a ‘Gap’ of Time for the Chaos Worldwide to overflow and the ‘Order’ to be implemented by the False Messiah Savior that Israel will accept. Meaning that the Departure of Jesus’ Ambassadors before He Declares War on the World has to occur prior. Now what Day Specifically? Well, if one knows one’s Writing and Bias, one is totally convinced of a Summer Type of White Wedding What Harvest. That was a Mouth-Full. It is believed by some End Times Watchers that the Present Time is a ‘Transition’ in itself. One would agree because the Rapture will be a Sign to Israel.

What is going to happen to Israel, the Middle East? Well, if the current Geo-Political Trends continue, Damascus will be Nuked to ward-off Iran. Then the Inner-Ring of Para-Military Muslim Factions will attack Israel. Israel will prevail but this is when the AntiChrist will make his Debut. Why then? It is because, somewhere in this Scenario, the Biblical Rapture will have occurred and there will be no more Supernatural Restraint holding him back. He will introduce the Peace Accords and to foster ‘World Peace’ or ‘Conquer many through Peace’, the Land of Israel will be Divided as Joel 3:2 foretells to Accommodate a False ‘State of Palestine’.

But in Exchange, the 3rd Temple will be allowed to be Rebuilt and Israel and Jerusalem will be Recognized by the Muslim World, etc. So, that ‘Chaos’ Tipping Point is and will be the Biblical Rapture in one’s Assessment, perhaps. The Orchestrated Chaos in the World by Lucifer and his Minions is coming to a Crescendo. But one is Convinced that the Rapture to ‘End’ the Church Age has to occur before and will Trigger all this. But the Antichrist will Explain-It-Away as an ‘Alien Rapture’. One sees why, the UFO Disclosure cannot have been made ‘Official’ up to now, but after the Biblical Rapture…Why?

Lucifer has needed to wait for the Biblical Rapture to occur and only then Explain-it-Away. Lucifer has got to get ahead of the Narrative for ‘The Lie’ to be Believed by the whole World. The Trauma will Unite the World. And in the Vacuum of a Challenged Christianity, the New Temple in Jerusalem, or rather the ‘Houses of Abraham’, now all on Equal Spiritual Footing, will be the cause to have the AntiChrist Rally the World around. It will be the New Tower of Babel. A UFO Disclosure, allowed since Roswell in 1948, would not make People 'Believe' Lucifer's Lie, once the Biblical Rapture occurs.

A Debt Owed
One is also Convinced, that the Biblical Rapture will be a Sign for Israel specifically and in general for the World, etc. A bit too late for most, but it will ‘Be On’ from that Time going forward…7 Years, 1 Sabbath. And as to the Revelation 12 Sign Relevance still? It occurs right in the Middle, Prophetically and Astronomically, in 2029, on September 11. It is in the ‘Midst’ and takes on a Prophetic ‘Echo’ of how for Jesus Christ, there was a ‘Midst’. In that He Died in the Midst of the Passion Week. And for the AntiChrist, how in the ‘Midst’ is when he stops the Daily Sacrifices, etc. When? That will be at a same Passover Time, March 30, 2029, based on one’s 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline. And?

The Tribulation has to do with the Last Sabbath Rest of Years the Jews did not allow the Land to Rest. Therefore, the Debt Owed is yet to be ‘Collected’ by YHVH. And remember as discussed before, the 70th Week of Daniel was and is a Pronouncement of Judgment against Israel. This Last Week of Years, 7, is on 'Hold' at the Moment. That is why the Church Age, is that ‘Intermission’. And the Bride of Christ thus, cannot… It is 'Impossible', for her to suffer ‘Double Jeopardy’. Those who are of the Bride of Jesus cannot enter the Tribulation of Jacob. The Church does not ‘Owe’ any Sabbath Land Rests to YHVH, as its Inheritance is a Spiritual one, a Better one as Abraham saw it.

It is of a Covenant, the ‘New’ one that deals with a Better Country, a Better City and a Better Temple, etc. The Body of Christ Jesus on Earth is presently experiencing its ‘Tribulation’, Persecution and Hardship now. It has been Decreed by Jesus and is built into the present Church Age Dispensation, since the 1st Pentecost in ’32 AD’. The Confusion occurs when those Students of Prophecy do not know enough of the Old Testament to properly Delineate what pertains to YHVH’s Earthly People, Israel and what pertains to the Church Age Spiritual People of Jesus.

It is when such Bible Readers have the Church Usurp Israel, that it would appear the Church Age Saints will go through the Tribulation Period. Now to be Fair, the Language of the Bible does lend itself to be very Circular and Encrypted at times. And Prophecy is Multilayered. Case in Point is the Revelation 12 Sign itself. One Argues that it pertains to and is a Sign for both Israel and the Church. Why? Also realize that the Gentiles are Grafted into the Body of Israel, that is Jesus Metaphorically, so there is Prophetic Overlap. So, as to the 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline? One believes that a Key Component of this difference is when Jesus was Crucified. Thus, one is adding another Key Point about 32 AD, and its 2032 Correlation. One believes 32 AD is the more Correct Year of the Crucifixion, and thus the Birth Year of the Church Age, etc. One has made a List of Key References that are very Compelling and presented below.

This next Evidence for a  32 AD Crucifixion Year, has to do with the Shroud of Turin, if one believes it was the one that covered Jesus' Body. Based on the Modern Scanning done, it was also revealed that this Man had Coins placed upon its Eye Sockets. And? The Scanning was able to detect the Imprint of the Coin’s Contrasts. And guess what Year the Coins are attributed to? Up to the Year 32 AD. This alone, if plausible, would rest the case, that Jesus could not have Died then in 33 AD, if that was indeed the Body of Jesus. One argues that it was/is. Here is the Evidence.

‘A misspelling on a rare Pontius Pilate coin helped convince researchers that human imprints on the Shroud of Turin, believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, are genuine and date back to the first century. The rare coin -- believed widely used around Palestine until 70 A.D. to cover the eyes of the dead -- showed the same misspelling found in the shroud imprint, a Loyola University theologian said provided the earliest and most accurate dating of the shroud. Pontius Pilate issued coins of this type
no earlier than 29 A.D. and perhaps through 32 A.D. at the latest. This confirms more than ever that the man of the shroud was a crucified Jew’. -Rev. Francis L. Filas Loyola University

Between 29-32CE, two small bronze coin types, a “dilepton” and a “lepton” featuring a “lituus” (short curved wand used by Roman priests to foretell the future) and a “simpulum” (libation bail with angular shaft and handle) on their respective obverse side, were actually minted under the authority of Pontius Pilate. Both coin types bear the Greek legend TIBЄPIOY KAICAPOC, [coins] of ″ Tiberius Caesar″. -Max-Patrick Hamon, Shroud of Turin Blog


Of course, all this is based on Circumstantial Evidence. One Observation made from one’s own Insight into the Shroud, is that the Body was 5’11’’ tall or 180 CM. And? The Garden Tomb Slab had to be chiseled-out, about 1 Foot more at the area of the Feet. This means that the Garden Tomb of a Rich Man, was about 1 Foot or 30 CM shorter. They placed the Man in the Shroud there instead. It implies also an Adjustment made in haste, as apparently the Body placed there was not to the Owner’s Specifications.

The Rich Man’s Tomb, Stone-Cutting and Specifications were done earlier, Custom Made, Expensive and already Paid for, etc. The following will be the Circumstantial Evidence as to why one is convinced Jesus Died in 32 AD and subsequently, the Church Age was ‘Conceived’ and perhaps when it will be ‘Birthed’ thereafter. And how from that 32 AD, adding the 1 Day = 1000 Year Axiom of the Apostle Peter, would result in 2032. Then, if one Subtracts the 7-Year Tribulation Period? That would be 2025.

32 AD Crucifixion and Start of Church Age + 2000 Year Church Age = 2032 AD
- 7 Year for Tribulation Period? = 2025

And what is the ‘Big Deal’ about getting the Crucifixion Year right? It is Key in determining the Correct Timeline of the Tribulation, and when the End of the Church Age is to occur, perhaps. Regardless of the ‘Fine-Tunning’ or Arguing, the Discrepancies of Key Dates Differences are only within a Tolerance of 2-3 Years. Meaning that this is the Last Generation, regardless and that if one counts from 1952, rather than 1948, the Fig Tree Generation Metaphor is still ‘Alive and Kicking’ too.

Why 1952? One has Argued that the Year is the more Accurate Rendering of Israel’s Countdown based on the Land Sabbaths. The following is the Evidence as to why one is convinced that the year 32 AD, when the ‘2 Day or 2000 Year Prophetic Template’, is applied then, would suggest when the Church Age is to ‘End’, minus the 7-Year ‘Time of Testing’ that is to come on Earth from 2032. And that Year, then points to 2025. This is why one is, at this Point in Time, more Convinced of a 32 AD Crucifixion Year.

Anno Mundi -3972 converges on 28 AD. That is the Year, that one Argues is when Jesus started His Ministry and Declared the Jubilee of Isaiah 61, making 32 AD the Crucifixion Year.

Their Calculation taught that the Messiah was to come to Die for the Sins of Humanity in 32 AD. No less from the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves. And that the Last Sabbath Cycle was to Commence in 2025.

A Greek Historian attested to the Fact, that there was recorded a Total Blackout and Earthquake, not only in Jerusalem, but in other parts beyond Judaea in 32 AD. This was recorded about 20 Years after the Crucifixion, so that would be around ~52 AD.


He was from Scotland Yard, no less, and presented his Mathematically Calculated Day Count wherein, Jesus’ Triumphal Entry occurred in 32 AD.

Own Research

The Year 32 AD is based on the Argument that it was the 3rd Decree of 4 made by the Med-Persian Monarchs to have the Jews Return and Rebuild the Walls of Jerusalem. One Surmises that it was Artaxerxes II, in -445 BC. If one uses the Spring Equinox of that Year and adds the Days given in Daniel, it comes to Precisely April 10, 32 AD, just 4 Days prior to Passover.

LINK: https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-591.html

One has presented Astronomical Evidence that a Blood Moon occurred on Passover of April 14, 32 AD, near Midnight as it did on that 1st Passover in Egypt. It appeared in the Constellation of what is now the Scales of Libra. But in the Ancient Renditions of the Mazzaroth, it was an Altar. One Contends that the Blood Moon, on the ‘Altar’ on this Passover was Prophetically Emblematic of Jesus, the Lamb of GOD, Slaughtered at the Altar of the Cross of Calvary.

LINK: https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-89.html

One also Astronomically Corroborates the finding of the Triple Conjunctions of Jupiter with Venus, the Christ Star and the Triple Conjunction of Venus with the King Planet Regulus in the King Sign of Leo in -3 BC. If Jesus’ Birth-Date were either in -4 BC or as far back as -7 BC, a 33 AD Crucifixion Date is not possible. If this were so, Jesus would be at least 37-40 Years Old.

LINK: https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-96.html

Based on a September 11, -3 BC possible Birth-Date of Jesus, which happened to be Rosh HaShanah that Year, the Revelation 12 Sign relates to the Visitation of Jesus by the Magi. This Motif was construed by the Retrograde Motion of the Planet Jupiter in Virgo. This occurred, starting in January of -1 BC. By the Time the Magi reached Jerusalem, the Retrograde of Jupiter appeared ‘Stationary’ or to ‘Stop’ over Bethlehem before then Retrograding Forward.

That Astronomical momentary ‘Pause’ started to occur as the Magi Visited Jesus on December 25, -1 BC, speculated. The Revelation 12 Sign for that Year occurred on August 21, -1 BC, roughly 120 Days prior to December 25, -1 BC. Consider also, that if September 11, -3 BC was the Birth-Day of Jesus and  December 25, -1 BC was the Visitation of the Magi, based on pure Astronomical Alignments. That Timeframe was: 2 Years, 3 Months, 14 Days. This Day Count would corroborate the Decree of Herod to Kill all Male Jewish Babies, 2 Years and Younger.

Link: https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-289.html

The Apostle John records 3 Passovers in his Gospel, once Jesus started His Ministry. If this is the case and in which one argues Jesus started His Ministry in the Fall of 28 AD, it would mean that the Passover in AD 32 would be Jesus’ last, His own.

LINK: https://www.postscripts.org/ps-news-603.html

Thus, one is also Arguing that Herod did not Die in -4 BC, according even to Josephus’ Writings and that a 32 AD Crucifixion Year would match a -3 BC Birth-Date, perfectly. Nonetheless, as to Supporting Evidence? One agrees with the Research, of such work done by the following below, as an example of differing views of Herod’s Death.

Mainly, it has now been proven by much Research that the -4 BC Conventional Date of the Death of King Herod was an Error. This is because Herod Philip did not Die in the 22nd Year of Tiberius, 35 AD, but rather Died in the 20th Year. This shifts the Death of Herod the Great from -4 B.C. to -1 B.C. This Correction, in turn, shifts the Birth of Jesus from a Traditional Cited Date of -4 BC to the more correct one of -3 B.C.

Herod the Great Died in 1 BC not 4 BC
Elapsed Times for Herod the Great in Josephus
Andrew E. Steinmann, River Forest, Illinois and Rodger C. Young, St. Louis, Missouri

Professor John A. Cramer
He argues, that ‘Herod the Great most likely died shortly after the Lunar Eclipse of December 29, 1 B.C., rather than that of March 13, -4 B.C., which, as Cramer points out, is the eclipse traditionally associated with Josephus’s description in Jewish Antiquities 17.6.4’.

Death Eclipse
The other Argument has to do with the Traditional Eclipse that was also been found to be the ‘Wrong’ one in determining King Herod’s Death Date.


Heart of Darkness
Also, why one Argues the Revelation 12 Sign is still, ‘Alive and Kicking’ is that in terms of Celestial Signs, one Surmises that the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 is tied and still will be tied to the Double Total Solar Eclipses over America in 2024. How so? One realizes that one is suggesting an Ameri-Centric Point of view concerning Prophecy, but here are some Peculiarities as to why it very well could be the case of what is coming for 2024-25. Why the USA? As the USA goes, so will the World in one’s Opinion. And only because, the USA is as the ‘Lion’ or King of the Beast, as in the Nations, for now but not for long. It is the Last Domino needed to Fall so that the Luciferian Reset prevails.

There is an incredible Spiritual Onslaught of Attacks being perpetrated against, not only  the USA, its People and Land, but the World in general. It is just a matter of Time as Circumstances are reaching a Critical Mass. And many would say, it is about Time the USA be Judged. The USA has become like a Nineveh that was Judged and Destroyed by its Enemies. The USA has become like the ‘Whore of Babylon’ and her Sin and Blood of the Saints, of Jesus is now just about Full, to the Brim, as they say.

The USA will have a Nineveh Outcome, that is playing into the Hands of the coming AntiChrist Agenda and Narrative. The following Rationale will attempt to bring this out and its Direct Connection to its Pending Judgement based on the Revelation 12 Sign. On August 21, 2017, the ‘Great American Eclipse’ occurred that traversed 7 Salem’s and its Points-of-Entry and Exit had the Markings or of its Historical Echo of the American Civil War. It ‘Spoke’ or Broadcasted a coming National Division, as was the USA during the Civil War, right down the Middle in all aspects of Society.

This turned out to be the case now since 2017. There was a Notion of how 33 Days later, precisely the ‘Great Sign’ of Revelation 12, Astronomically appeared to be configured in the Stars. What was also Spectacular about the Solar Eclipse 33 Days earlier was where it occurred. It occurred in the very Heart of Leo, the King Sign. And it occurred right in Conjunction with the King Star, Regulus.

In one’s Prophetic Interpretation, it signaled a coming Division upon the Land and People. And how the ‘Heart of Darkness’ began to Descend. This Descent of Darkness was and is a Spiritual one over the Land and its People, because of how the USA has basically taken Jesus and ‘Faith’, out of the Public Square and Conversation. And in its Place has Replaced it with all that is Perverse and the Reverse of what Jesus Taught and Stands for.

It is as in the Days foretold in Isaiah that ‘Good’ would be called ‘Bad’ and what is ‘Bad’ or Evil would be called ‘Good’, etc. All this has come true since, especially since 2017. But in Retrospect of how the Revelation 12 Sign was ‘Tied’ to the August 21, 2017, Total Solar Eclipse, being 33 Days out, one Surmises that likewise, the Revelation 12 Sign is also then connected to the Solar Eclipse’s Concluding Pair of April 8, 2024. This Day happens to be Nisan 1 in the Rabbinic Calendar. And? If one does some Math, as to the possible Day Count of the Revelation 12 Sign to the 2nd ‘X’ Solar Eclipse, the following interesting Day Count emerges.

Revelation 12 Sign on September 23, 2017
1 Day after Rosh HaShanah
To April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse USA ‘X’ Darkness Descending
Being Nisan 1 on the Rabbinical Calendar
= 6 Years, 6 Months, 16 Days excluding the End Date. (6-6-6) = 2389 Days

Also consider the Prophetic Factor of the Year in which the Revelation 12 Sign occurred and the Great American Eclipse, 2017. It is known that the Number 70 is very Prophetic in the Bible. For example, there is 1947 + 70 Years = 2017. That Year of 1947 is when the U.N. Voted to Partition the British Mandate and create a 2-State Solution, of a State of Israel and a State of Palestine.

The Palestinians rejected the Mandate and Attacked Israel instead. Also, the Number 70 signals a Completion of a Judgment or Captivity as when Judea was taken to Babylon. So, if one considers that the Revelation 12 Sign was a Countdown of Sorts or a Significant Prophetic Mile Marker, then, if one adds a Factor of 70 Months to it?

Revelation 12 Sign September 23, 2017 +
70 Months  = July 23, 2023 (Here is the ‘723’ Factor)

What is Odd about this July 23 Date (723), is that if one adds 120 Days from the Spring Equinox in March, it is 3 Days out from the ‘Harvest Code’ of the Summer Wheat that Jesus spoke about regarding the Work of the Kingdom, to Save Souls, etc. But if one adds 99 Days, to account for 2 Counts of 49 + 1 Day from Passover, then one reaches to what one has argued for Years, is the True Pentecost, that occurred in Acts 2.

It corresponds to the Feast of New Wine that was and is the 2nd of 3, 50-Day Counts. This is based on the Understanding that the Summer had 3 Minor Feasts to correspond to the 3 Types of Harvest Israel had, New Grain, New Wine and New Oil, etc. Also, consider the 2-Year Transitional Phase of Israel. It occurred when they Crossed the Promised Land. They had to wait 1 Year in order to eat the Harvest they did not Plant. And then they had to wait another Year for when they did Plant, they could not eat it for another Years’ Time. Then the same Prophetic Principle occurred with Noah.

He had likewise, a 2 Year Transitionary Period. This allowed for the Dispensations to Delineate. Perhaps that is what is happening presently. Since when? One suggests 2022. Why? If 2022 was the Shemitah Cycle Commencement, then 2024 would be the Approximate Year of the New World Order Transitions completely into the Tribulation. Now as to Amazing Day Counts connected to the Revelation 12 Sign, still, the following will attempt to show just that.

Revelation 12 Sign
September 23, 2017
To March 11, 2020 COVID Plandemic Declared by the WHO = 900 Days

Revelation 12 Sign
September 23, 2017
To March 1, 2023 ‘Christ Star’ (Jupiter-Venus Conjunction)
= 1985 Days or 5 Years, 5 Months, 5 Days (Resurrection Signaling)

7 Year Warning?

Revelation 12 Sign
September 23, 2017
To April 9, 2023 (Day after Resurrection)
= 2024 Days (Signaling Year of Rapture?) or 5 Years, 6 Months
= 66 Months or 555% of a 365 Day/Year

Revelation 12 Sign

September 23, 2017
To March 31, 2029 Passover (Supposed Mid-Point of 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline)
= 4207 days or 11 years, 6 months (911 Reversed)

Revelation 12 Sign

September 23, 2017
To September 11, 2029 (Speculated Return of Jesus?) or 4371 days
Or 11 Years, 11 Months, 19 Days (911 Inference)

Revelation 12 Sign of 2028 Observation
Jupiter ‘Enters’ Womb of Virgo Celestial Motif
May 7, 2028
December 21, 2028 on Winter Solstice Jupiter crosses out of Virgo’s ‘Womb’ as in a Birth.

Revelation 12 Sign of 2028 Observation

From May 7, 2028 +
44 Weeks Average Human Gestation Period
= September 11, 2029 Rosh HaShanah - Speculated Return of Jesus?


Lastly, one wants to make a Strong Suggestion, that with a full Measure of Confidence, one is also convinced, more so now that the Revelation 12 Sign is a 7 Year Warning for the Church. This Supposition is based on the Prophetic Inference taken from Joseph’s Vision of the Sun, Moon and the Stars, etc. It also followed his Dream of the 2 Pair of 7 Good and 7 Bad Years. How so? Joseph basically had a Revelation 12 Sign Dream. In this Metaphoric Case, he was as if, the Motif of the Virgo Constellation itself.

He represented Israel and the 12 Tribes, all inclusive, coming from Jacob, etc. His Brothers all Bowed Down to him, as they would when Joseph was 2nd in Command in Egypt. Then both his Father and Mother, representing the Sun and Moon would also. But the Iconography was of a Future Time in how Joseph would Save ‘Israel’ later on as a Prophetic Type of Jesus. Consider that Jacob was 77 at the Time of his ‘Troubles’ began. And as it was related to Joseph, then to the Revelation Sign 12 inference, indirectly, albeit. But consider that if Jacob was and is and will be as Israel, then the following should be noted.

1948 Re-Birth of Jacob +
77 Year Coefficient of his ‘Troubles’ = 2025

Thus, is 2025, the Start of the Time of Jacob’s Troubles? Relatively Speaking, one can surmise that since 2018 to 2022, they have been ‘Good’ Years. The Year 2018 is when the Altar of Sacrifice was Re-Dedicated on the Walls of Jerusalem. Then the U.S. Embassy, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital was Inaugurated.

It is About the Daily Sacrifices
But this leaves one unsure if there was a ‘Gap Time’ in-between Joseph’s Dream of the 14 Total Years. Was there a 1 or 2 Year Gap of Time? Most likely. If so, then from 2022 + 2 Years = 2024, just in Time for their ‘Alien Invasion’, which they say is planned for that Year. That says a lot in one’s Estimation. So, will the Rapture then happen in 2024?

The Revelation 12 Sign of 2000 Year Pregnancy ‘Church Age’
2000 Years X 365 Days/Year = 730,000 Day Pregnancy
2017 + 7 Years =
2024 Rapture of the Man-Child?

But to emphasize, the Revelation 12 Sign of September 23, 2017 was a Wake-Up Call. It was an Indication of the Beginning. It was of the Labor Pain, the Days of Noah, and a possible Countdown to the Completion or ‘Birth’ of the Man-Child, the Bride of Christ, or the End of the Church Age, etc. So, if it was and is and will be a 7 Year Warning of the Pending Rapture, it can correlate and infer to the 7 Church Age Delineation since 32 AD. But as one has presented, one is Convinced that the Daily Sacrifices is what the Day Count is Pegged to. And its Half-Way Marker pertains to the Revelation 12 Sign.

And it will be the False AntiChrist Messiah that will Inaugurate them. Jesus warned the Jewish Religious Leaders about, ‘Him who will come in his own Name’. So, as one can sense, this Half-Way Time Marker, of the 1260th Day of the Last Sabbath Years of Israel’s 70-Year of Discipline, is so critical to understand and be put into the right Context between what pertains to the Church and the Jews. But that at the Center of it all is the Revelation 12 Sign, that pertains and affects both. And why would one say that? It is because, if one uses the Day Counts that one has presented, the Revelation 12 Sign, Astronomically appears again, Approximately in the Year 2029. What Day?

It appears on September 11. Why Significant? One has argued and written before, that based on the Conjecture of Jesus being Born on September 11, -3 BC, that was His 1st Manifestation on Earth, in the Flesh. What if His 2nd Advent or Manifestation in the Flesh, is on the same Day when He returns? But here is one’s Disclaimer. To use the Day Counts one has Surmised, one has used the argument that the Start and End Days begin with the Respective Sabbath following the Feast that preceded it.

Meaning that in October of 2025, in the Fall, the Sabbath after the Last Feast, that being Shemini Atzerets, the Following Sabbath would be when the Speculated Tribulation Period is to begin. One Argues that the Sabbath will be ‘Hijacked’ by the AntiChrist as he attributes the Start of the Daily Sacrifice to himself. And based on this Day Count, then one has seen how Amazing it is to note, just from Observation and Conjecture. But to consider that precisely 1260 Days out, is Passover in March of 2029.

And what an Opportunity to stop the Daily Sacrifice, as that is the most Profound Motif of what Jesus did on the Cross of Calvary. And that from this Mid-Point, exactly 1260 Days out, is September 11, 2032. Thus, one can only ask. Will this be, could this be the Day Jesus returns? Now, to be fair, in 2032, the Feast of Yom Teruah will be on September 6. But here again is the Pattern of the Subsequent Sabbath being used or in this case, ‘Taken Back’ by Jesus as September 11, 2032 will be a Weekly Sabbath also.

One Surmises that Jesus will Assert His Kingly Dominion of being the LORD of the Sabbath, as the AntiChrist did when he, one Conjectures will have stared the Daily Sacrifice on that Weekly Sabbath also. One is not saying that the 2025-2032 7-Year Tribulation Timeline Code has been ‘Cracked’. But with each Passing Year and Feast of YHVH’s Shelf Life, it is becoming more clear or clearer. Thus, these next 2 Years will be Amazing to Watch, and if the Timeline does not pan-out, one will continue to Research as the Revelation 12 Sign, perhaps has more Clues to Reveal.

For example, one had written an Article back in 2020, ‘The Sign of the Son of Man’ and the Revelation 12 (2.0). In that Article, one again attempted to plot-out the 7-Year Tribulation Period, as one does every year. But what was noticed, was that the Rosh HaShanah for 2029 was exactly on September 11, 2029. So, in terms of Years, from that 2022-2029 Timeline to this current Projected 2025-2032 Tribulation Timeline, it is the example of one’s latest Learning Curve. Thus, the Year 2029 appears to not be the ‘End’ of the 7-Year Tribulation but its Middle, 2029. And that the Revelation 12 Sign does occur in 2029, right in the ‘Midst’. It is just like it appears in the Sequence of the Book of Revelation and the Timeline it presents. And that is one’s best Argument with Supporting Evidence one can make, at this Point and Time.


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