Before or After the Rapture? Yes.

  • What is the Revelation 12 War all about in the End?
  • Where will it be Fought? In Heaven or on Earthr?
  • Who is Leading this Great Assault against Jesus?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then a War broke out in Heaven: Michael and his Angels fought against the Dragon, and the Dragon and his Angels fought back. But the Dragon was not Strong enough, and no longer was any Place found in Heaven for him and his Angels’. -Revelation 12:7-8

The purpose of this study is to consider the Timing of when the War between the Angels occurs in the Passage of Revelation 12. This War in Heaven, is between Lucifer and his Fallen Angels against the Arch-Angel Michael and the Holy Angels, etc. Why this is interesting to consider is that it could provide the Sequencing of when the Timing of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to occur. And then, subsequently, when the 7-Year Tribulation will Commence, thereafter. The Text of the Revelation 12 Passage is ‘Pregnant’ with so much Meaning, Symbology and Types.

You have to re-read the Passage several Times. The following is just to add more Details to the Conversation then. But to further Delineate that the Casting Down of the .33 Stars does not or did not involve the Revelation 12 War to Come. Lucifer’s Effort to get back into Heaven is what one calls, the Revelation 12 War. And it takes place after the Rapture, as one Understands it. The .33 Portion being Swept to Earth is not part of this War, although it would appear so because it does not give any Time References. In part, one believes it is because the Casting Down of the .33 occurred before Time, etc.

As it is known, Humanity is in a State of War with Lucifer. Heaven is in a State of War against Lucifer that breaks-out here and there. This State of War is seen in the Book of Daniel also. It is how the Arch-Angels fought a Battle, and do, behind the Scenes, i.e., with the Princes of Persia, and Greece, etc. These are examples of the Celestial Beings Spiritually having Power, Authority and Influence over Nations, States, and Cities…to this Day. Here is one’s best attempt at trying to Identify the Characters in Question to start with in Revelation 15.

-Woman: Mary, Israel, Church Body.
-Red Dragon: Lucifer with.33 of Stars, Fallen Angels in League with Lucifer’s Rebellion.
-Man-Child: Jesus, Raptured Believers during Church Age.
-A Birth: Birth of Jesus, Birth of Bride of Christ at Point of Rapture.
-A Rapture: Of Jesus? But see, Jesus was not ‘Raptured’. He Ascended, slowly…
-A Wilderness: Exodus 2.0 as Remnant Jews flee to Petra/Bozrah Area for Protection.
-A War in Heaven: Lucifer mounts a Counter-Attack and Invasion attempt at Heaven.
-Eviction: Lucifer is Judicially no longer able to ‘Appear’ or keep his Place in Heaven.
-Vengeance and Wrath of Lucifer: Lucifer is Confined to Earth, not even Air, no longer.
-Persecution: Wrath of Satan against any not taking his Mark.

Their ‘Places’ in Heaven
But realize that in the List, each has or could have varying Interpretations and Prophetic Layers that run Concurrently. One has to ‘Walk’ carefully between these Verses, because the Depiction starts, clearly with what one would call, Space…as the Imagery depicts the Sun, Moon and the Stars. So, it is an Astronomical Sign. Check. But then the Imagery, shifts from ‘Heaven’ to Sky’. But Sky can and is also used for the Astronomical Domain. So, let one Reiterate what one Thinks about this. It is tricky because one is attempting to pinpoint the Revelation 12 Events that occur outside of Space and Time, to a Time-Space specific Correlation of the 7-Year Tribulation.

This is where the Discrepancies occur because Revelation 12 does not start out ‘When’. It does at the later part and only gives that Date Clue of a 1260 Day Count. Yes, the Eviction of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, from their ‘Places’ in Heaven to Earth, can occur Simultaneously or shortly after the Rapture, from the Perspective on this Side of Heaven, on Earth.

In the Passage, the ‘Rapture’ does appear to occur ‘After’ the Sweeping of the Dragon’s Tail of those .33 ‘Stars’ from Heaven that then Fall to Earth. So, it is assumed that the Dragon is Lucifer, and the Stars are the Angels, as such have been Depicted like in the Book of Job and in Revelation, etc. One thinks, at this point, one needs to perhaps Delineate a bit more of how to Reconcile that .33 Portion of Fallen Angels being Cast Down to what those that ‘Lost their Place’ might mean.

Based on the Research and Work of the late Michael Heiser, who passed from Cancer, in early 2023, he is the one who developed the Notion of the Divine Counsel, etc. One agrees with his Assessment that there have been more than 1 ‘Eviction’ and 'Rebellion' of the Angels or of a ‘Casting Down’ of Fallen Angels, etc. This is to say that the .33 Portion of the Fallen Angles could refer to the Initial Rebellion of Lucifer, before Humanity was Created in Eden. Perhaps.

But then, you had these similar Types of Celestial Angelic Hosts rule over the 70 Nations on Earth. They became Corrupt and became the ‘Gods’ of Old as they accepted Worship and abused their Power over Humanity, i.e., The Epic of Gilgamesh. Then you have the Mount Hermon Contingency of the 200 Angles during Enoch’s Time, or in the Days of Jared, that came for the sole purpose of mixing with Humanity, Genetically, etc. So, one’s Point in saying all that, is that the Casting Down of the .33 ‘Stars’ happened in Eternity Past, but, as it is known, Lucifer and Company still are apparently, able to appear before YHVH, as seen in the Book of Job.

How is this Possible, if they were ‘Evicted’. In fact, it is also Understood that such Mount Hermon Angels were then Imprisoned in Tartarus, in the ‘Bowls of Earth’. They are being kept there, Reserved to be unleashed during the Tribulation Period. This is the ‘Pit’ Episode wherein, their Leader, or 1 of them, Apollyon is released upon the Earth, from below, not as from Above as with the .33 Portion. And as known, contrary to Popular Belief, Lucifer or ‘The Devil’ is not in ‘Hell’ currently. Lucifer will not even be thrown into the Lake of Fire, until the 1000 Years of Jesus on Earth is completed.

Fallen Angels
Then, you have the Fallen Angels that are still in Power, in the Air, in Earth’s Domain presently. These are the Fallen Angel Ranks that are being Restrained and War against the Body of  Christ while we are on Earth, etc. And their Chief Prince is Lucifer. These are the ones the Apostle Paul described as being the following.

-Spiritual Forces

What helps to consider the possible Revelation 12 Timing of its Mythology, Mystery and Madness, is that the Clue one sees is in the Term, ‘They Lost their Place in Heaven’. Essentially, it is about an ‘Eviction’ prior and an ‘Eviction’ after Rapture. One’s Rationale is that these ‘Stars’ as in Angels are not Meteors hitting Earth. Such Fallen Angels do not need to Fall or be Swept down to Earth, because they are already here. The issue is that Lucifer no longer have access to Heaven. In other words, this is the Point in the Description when Lucifer and His Fallen Angels can no longer be there in Heaven. Why not?

It is because the Bride of Christ will eventually take all their Thrones, Powers, Authority and Dominions, etc. And this will take ‘Time’, relative to Earth’s Time. It is because the Bride of Christ has to Appear before the Bema Seat of Christ, even before she then takes her ‘Seat’ in the Divine Counsel to face her Accuser, Lucifer. It is at that Time, relative to Earth, that Jesus is then given that Scroll of the 7 Seals that is basically the Reading of the Sentencing of Lucifer’s Judgment.

This is why one does not believe in that ‘Simultaneous’ Exchange Hypothesis. The Point is, these Types of Fallen Angels in the Air, presently, will be ‘Cast Down’ also at some Point in Time, during the Tribulation. But it will occur after the Rapture. And that this ‘Casting Down’ is in Stages and it started with the .33 being Eviction. One gets this from Clarence Larkin’s Interpretation. He Surmises that the ‘Casting Down’ of Lucifer, along with the various Rebellion Types of other Fallen Angels are in the following Stages.

-From Heaven itself, wherever that is, to outside of it, perhaps, Space.
-From the Cosmos to the Air Domain on Earth, as in the Atmosphere.
-From Air to Earth, as in the Ground.
-From Earth to the Pit, in the case of the Mount Hermon Types.
-From the Pit/Prison Lucifer will be bound for 100 Years to the Lake of Fire.

Notice that amazingly, out of all the Trillions of Galaxies, Planets, and Worlds in the Unknown Universe, it just so happens that Lucifer is ‘Thrust’ down to Earth! Why?. But what one sees is a ‘Reverse’ Action against Lucifer’s Decree and Words. He Proclaimed his, ‘5 I Wills’, intending to Ascend to the Throne of YHVH and be ‘Like GOD, the Most High’, etc. Due to his Pride and having caused so much Sin, Suffering and Death in Heaven itself, the Universe, and on Earth with the Human Race, Lucifer will likewise be Thrust Down in 5 Stages of Dimensions, that will ultimately land him in the Lake of Fire.

And the Timing of the Rapture? The Season that is one’s Highest Watch Time of any given Year, is the Feast of New Wine. It is 4 Months from a Passover in the Wheat Harvest of a Year. But the Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023 will be the ‘Middle’ one of the 3 Great American Eclipses that will spell-out ‘Alef-Bet. This is the Upside-Down ‘A’ and then the Mark, as in the ‘X’ across the USA by April 8, 2024, which is Nisan 1. Exciting Times. Already the Globalist Luciferians know this and are Meeting to basically set the World Stage for their ‘Finishing Touches’. It has been so they can Call for their False Jewish Messiah and Unite the Emerging World thereafter with the following.

Horse #1-World Leader.
Horse #2-Warning of an Economic Collapse and Shift to their Digital Currency.
Horse #3-Food Scarcity and Famines.
Horse #4-New Plandemic and further Death by Injection.

The Revelation 12 Episode is the Climax of the Book and, in one’s Prophetic Estimation, on par with the likes of Jacob’s Ladder Dream, and that of Joseph that parallels the Revelation 12 Imagery. And there are other major Visions of the likes of Daniel with the Vision of Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue, etc. But since Humans only have Limited Intel, one can only work with Limited Understanding. But, as the Rapture Event ‘It gets Closer, it gets Clearer’. Not saying that one has figured it out and not Dogmatic about believing one is ‘Right’ in the Timing of the Revelation 12 War, Rapture and Sequencing.

But 1 Thing is for sure, as they say, ‘The Devil is in the Details’. In this case, literally. So, that was a long way around to attempt to answer the Question that, how one sees it. About when, does the Revelation 12 War start? When did the ‘Eviction’ of the .33 Portion of the Fallen Angels, or Stars occur? Before the Rapture, as in Eternity Past as John made References to it in Hindsight? So, it would and does appear that this Casting down of those .33 Angel ‘Stars’ to Earth would seem to occur just prior to the Rapture, from one’s Vantage Point in Time.

One cannot argue beyond that all this presented is pure Conjecture, as mentioned, the Passage is not given a Point of Reference one could pinpoint a Specific Time Sequence to, other than at the End of that 1260 Day Countdown. This is the Best Calculable Clue , in that the Timing puts the War in Heaven, ‘Part 2’, at the Mid-Point of the 7-year Tribulation Period. But. And to be fair, most Theologians use this Portion of Revelation 12 to ‘Explain’ that .33 of the Fallen Angels are those that followed Lucifer and has. It may not be the actual case or Number, but.

This is why Lucifer is out-numbered during this Revelation 12 War. And the Late Chuck Missler commented on this too. This is why Lucifer has sought to fill his Ranks with ‘Operation Genesis 6’. That was and still is, the Mission to Genetic Manipulation and Hybridized Humanity for the coming Revelation 12 War. On the 1 Hand, Lucifer’s Objective has been and is, to pollute the Human Genome. Why? Due to Genesis 3:15 wherein YHVH foretold that a Human, i.e., Jesus, would Destroy Lucifer. Thus, Lucifer sought to prevent the Messiah, a Human, to Redeem Mankind. But Lucifer Failed.

Then, Lucifer has to fill-in his Ranks as mentioned for the Revelation 12 War. And for Humans to ‘Fight’ in the Spiritual Realm, they have to have Nephilim or Fallen Angel Genetics in their DNA Mix to be able, somehow to sustain the Inter-Dimensionality of the coming Revelation 12 War, that for such an Endeavor, i.e., the 3rd DNA Helix, through the Mark will perhaps play a Role in that. Wild Stuff for sure. But one is just coming more from a Perspective of a ‘Realistic Hope’. And this, based on what I have come to Understand or See, if at all. Here is what a Fellow Watchman, Paul Dawson in the UK Posted about this very thing, in terms of Timing.

I'm going to share a calculation I've been sitting on for over 2 years. I worked it out so long ago that I didn't think we would get to 2023. It's what I call 'The final Fig Tree calculation' because there's no other way that I can reconcile the dates of May 14, 1948 - May 14, 2028 with Psalm 90:10 - 70/80 years. It's very simple and not contrived. Last year I wrote a program in C++ which calculates the date. I've not shared it because it was so far away but here we are. May as well throw it out there. Will share it soon.

One is excited to see what that Year or Timeline will be?! One hopes, it is that the Tribulation Timeline is from 2025-2032. Perhaps he is beginning to see it! If so, the Key Countdown Year that has to be used is 1952...not 1948. Why? It is because the 1948 Countdown Year will exceed the Fig Tree Generation Calculus.

This study is Dedicated to the Memory, Research and Work of Dr. Michael Heiser. 




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