Silent witness of the Gospel

  • What is the Prophetic Significance of the Stars?
  • What is the 'Origins' Story-Line attributed to?
  • Is there a Typology of what Jesus Christ has done?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘For since the Creation of the World, GOD’s Invisible Qualities, His Eternal Power and Divine Nature have been Clearly Seen, being Understood from what has been Made, so that Men are without Excuse’. -Romans 1:20

The purpose of this study is to examine what constitutes the Zodiac or the Message of the Mazzaroth. The Bible declares that the Constellations in the Heavenlies proclaim the Ageless Testimony of YHVH’s Redeeming Plan for fallen Mankind. And this ‘Plan’ is Jesus. This Plan was fashioned before the Foundations of the World began. It can only be configured from Earth’s reference Point of View. It begins with the Constellation Virgo and ends with Leo. It is a Message declared and displayed for all the Principalities, Power, Humanity, and Satan to Witness. A ‘Witness’ of what? The Mazzaroth is a Witness of Jesus Christ’s Triumph and Lucifer’s Demise.

It was the Knowledge taught and handed down from Adam that became Skewed with the Fall of Mankind due to Sin. Since then, Lucifer has usurped its Meaning and Constitution. Nonetheless, all Cultures since then have had Folklore of a Christ figure, i.e., ‘Orion’ Redeemer that was to come, and be born Immaculately. He was a Teacher, betrayed and then Crucified on a Cross and Resurrected like Krishna of the Hindus. When the Spanish Conquistadors came to Mexico, the Symbol for Quetzalcoatl the ‘Feathered Serpent’ was a Cross on which he was Crucified.

When Christian Missionaries encountered the Dogon Peoples in Africa, they also had a Cosmological Story of ‘a Son’ Dying on a Cross. Each Emerging Culture/Civilization ascribed the Zodiac different Names and Symbols to the Constellations. However, the Meaning of the Stars has stayed exactly the same. This type of study is not Astrology that Lucifer has corrupted to be Man-Centered or Humanistic but Biblical Astronomy. It is the Sacred Knowledge of the Cosmos that is Christ-Centered, and specific to Jesus. It is a story and study of this ‘Silent Witness’ as the Apostle Paul admonishes his Readers to consider.

As it states in Hebrews, YHVH in the Past, Spoke to Humanity by Dreams, Visions and other ways to Communicate His ‘Manifold Wisdom of Christ’, as Ephesians 3:10 states. However, now YHVH has Spoken to Mankind through the Son, Christ Jesus, according to Hebrews 1:2. In the Book of Acts chapter 8:26, the Ethiopian Eunuch was reading about the ‘Suffering Servant’ of YHVH in Isaiah and pondered who it was referring to. YHVH took note of this Personal Bible Study and answered the Ethiopian’s Inquiry by dispatching an Apostle no less.

Signs of the Cosmos

This 1 insight shows the Power of the Written Word of YHVH and how it is Alive and Effective for Correction, Teaching and Approving what is Truth. The Apostle Phillip was then ‘Raptured’ to the Ethiopian and correctly identified and explained that this Redeemer, as depicted in Isaiah, was and is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Messiah and no other before or after is to come. Each of the 12 Zodiac Signs or Mazzaroth has 3 Sub-Signs that complete the Silent Witness of the ‘Signs’ of Christ’s Redemptive Work detailed in the Star’s Meanings. The Sun takes 1 Year to traverse the Ecliptic and with it the Gospel Witness of Christ’s Redeeming Work is retold to every Generation.

The Primary Source for this study is taken from the Research by E. W. Bullinger’s. This Book is called, The Witness of the Stars, 1893. The Premise is that with the study of these Celestial Signs as a ’Witness,’ one should obtain an Appreciation for a far deeper Meaning and Correlation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel has a Beginning and End; it will be fully realized at Jesus’ 2nd Coming in the not too Distant Future. Truly, the Heavens Declare the Glory of the LORD. This same Star Confirmation can be attributed Celestially to the Zodiac. How so? They correctly identify the Christ of Jehovah, who is Jehovah.

Now, there is an Antithesis of this Witness Story-Line of the ‘Story of the Stars’. It is that of Lucifer’s aim is to Perverse the Connotations and relegate this Majestic Knowledge to Daily Personal Horoscope Readings. Why? He seeks to use it to prepare the World for his coming AntiChrist. Yet, he knows that the Story in the Stars proclaims Lucifer’s ultimate Destiny of Judgment and his Doom with the coming of Jesus Christ. The Mazzaroth מַּזָּלֹות in the Hebrew Bible comes from the Babylonian word Manzaztu for ‘Station’ and ‘Position’. It is specifically referenced from Job 38:31-32. There is also a very similar Word occurring in 2 Kings 23:3-5 that renders the Meaning as in Star ‘Constellations’.

The meaning refers to the Zodiac. It is the Pattern of Stars found along the Ecliptic. Currently in the Modern West, such a Zodiac has been inherited from the Romans, who inherited it from the Greek version and so on. The Ecliptic is an Imaginary Line that shows the Path the Sun, apparently ‘traveling’ against the Fixed Stars that configure unique Shapes, such Animals, Creatures and Anthropomorphic Human Forms. This Zodiac, in reference to the Celestial Sphere of Space or the Universe, has 12 Constellations or ‘Signs’, thus the Signs of the Zodiac as the Earth revolves around the Sun for 1 Year worth of Time.

In more accurate terms, it is the Intersection of the Celestial Sphere with the Ecliptic Plane. The constitutes the Geometric Plane containing the Mean Orbit of the Earth as it Rotates around the Sun, etc. It takes 1 Solar Year for the Sun to traverse the Ecliptic. The Sun stays in 1 ‘House” or Sign of the Zodiac for about ~2000 Years. It would take roughly 27,000 years to complete the Grand Sweep or 1 ‘Great Year’ as it is also referred to. The Ecliptic has 4 Cardinal Celestial Points that correlate to Earth’s 4 Directional Points, as is the Compass. These 4 Cosmic Corners are marked off by the Symbols corresponding to the Constellations of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio.

Biblical Astronomy

The Star Signs are seen in YHVH’s Throne as the Lion, Ox, Man, Eagle. These 4 Cardinal Points and Symbols are also seen and are ascribed to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. They convey the 4-Fold Gospel of Jesus’ Disposition and Accomplishment while on Earth, etc. Such are Celestial Patterns of what was in the Heavens and then copied on Earth and of what will be coming in the future. As Above, So Below. Moreover, at certain Celestial Times, the Planets will configure a ‘Cardinal Cross’ as they are stationed in such ‘Houses’, as the Zodiac Signs are also referred to as. In some Translations, the Word used for the Celestial Signs is actually Tabernacle as in a Pavilion of sorts. See Psalm 19.

How this Notion of an ‘Encampment’ is seen in Scripture, is how the very Tribes of Israel were Configured around the Tabernacle of Moses to match the Alignments and Symbols of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac. The 4 Main Directions of the Encampment during the Exodus was like what was described in Heaven before the Throne of YHVH. One would not think that YHVH would be into Astrology; He is not. But Astrology is the Interpretation of Astronomy, etc. The Astrology that is Common in Today’s Daily Readings has become just that, Vulgar. Lucifer has purposely Diminished much Sacred Knowledge of its Majesty and Meaning behind it.

Thus, in the past, the Mazzaroth was incorporated into the Tabernacle in the Wilderness (Moses) according to Exodus 25:9.The ‘House’ or Tabernacle of Moses was a Facsimile of YHVH’s Throne. It was given to the Nation of Israel so that YHVH could interact with Mankind to a certain degree, due to the Fall. Sin is what keeps YHVH from His People and His People from YHVH, etc. YHVH had the 12 Tribes of Israel configured by a ‘Sign’ or Standard as they Encamped around this House, Pavilion or ‘Throne’ and as the whole Congregation or ‘Church’ marched across the Wilderness.

The Mazzaroth is foremost, incorporated in the Tabernacle in Heaven (Throne of YHVH). This Company of Hebrews and Mixed Peoples marched to the Promised Land as an Army, by Rank and File. The 4 Main Quadrants were made-up and led the main Tribes of Israel. The 4 Quadrants and Lead Tribes consisted of the Lion, Man, Bull and Eagle. The Israel Encampment Configuration was based on the Population of each Tribe. Astonishing, it made a ‘Cross’ Formation if one had a Bird’s Eye View of the whole Encampment from the Air. The subsequent Solomon and Zerubbabel’s Temples were also fashioned to the same exact Blueprint given by YHVH. Fast-Forward.

The majority of Present-Day Jews, are expecting a 3rd Temple in their Life-Time. But will last less than 7 Years according to Daniel 9:27. In the Present, the Mazzaroth is incorporated in the Church Age, Body of Christ through the 4 Gospel Accounts of the New Testament. Jesus is Officiating as Priest. The Bible provides few glimpses into how YHVH’s Throne is like. YHVH’s Throne always faces East, located on the ‘Sides of the North’ in the ‘Mountain of the Congregation’ in Heaven. His Merkavah Throne, or Mobile Chariot is depicted in Ezekiel with ‘Wheels within Wheels’, suspended on the Seraphim. YHVH’s Throne is surrounded by the 4 Cherubim ‘Living Creatures’ that Mirror the 4 Quadrants of the Zodiac of the Cosmos; the Eagle, Ox, Man and Lion.

Story of the Stars
In the Book of Revelation, the 24 Seated Elders represent the Redeemed in ‘Heavenly Places’ in Christ Jesus. The Tribes of Israel were configured around the Tabernacle. So too, the Bride of Christ is ordered around the Celestial Throne of YHVH per Ephesians 2:6. Jesus Christ, in the Future will Officiate as King. Jesus the only One that holds the Office of Prophet, Priest and King. The Son of GOD left the Throne, entered Time and Space, in the Flesh to be Crucified ‘Outside’ the ‘Camp’ (Throne) to become a Sacrifice for Sin. This was done by the ‘Washing and Renewing by this Royal Blood and Holy Spirit. In the future, the Mazzaroth will be incorporated in the Tabernacle upon the New Earth and New Jerusalem as conceptualized by Revelation 21:1.

Jesus Christ is progressively making His way back to the Throne in a Prophetic Sense, through His People’s Spiritual Journey. After the Millennial Temple and Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth for 1000 years, there will be a New Heaven and New Earth. YHVH’s literal Throne will Descend with its 12 Layers of Foundation Stones and Gates, etc. This is what Satan has mimicked with the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ Capstone, also ‘Descending’ on the 12-Step Truncated Pyramid as seen in the Luciferian U.S. Federal Reserve dollar Note. The New Jerusalem ‘Holy of Holies’ will be Cubed Shaped as was all prior Copies but within Pyramid Shaped, thus a Double Tetrahedron or Tesseract.

At that time, Earth will have no Seas and no need for a Sun. A River will flow out from under the Throne as it was during the Times of the Garden of Eden in Paradise. To stress, Humanity is at the 11th Hour in terms of YHVH’s Astronomical Clock. The Prophetic Hour is coming when Leo, the Christ as in the ‘Lion of the Tribe of Judah’ is about to Return to Earth and Reign to crush the Head of the Serpent, Lucifer for his Rebellion and Cosmic Revolution. The current Epoch has been in the Age of Pisces that is the Church Age has been given to exercise the Great Commission.

This Enterprise is not now one of a ‘Silent Witness’ but one that comes from the very Mouths of the Redeemed in Jesus’ Blood. These are now the Witnesses of such a Gospel. But his Church Age is about to End with the Rapture Event, and Humanity is about to enter the true Age of Aquarius, the 1000 Year Millennial reign of Christ on Earth. So, the Constellations in the Heavenlies proclaim the Ageless Testimony of YHVH’s יהוה‎ Redeeming Plan for a Fallen Mankind. It was fashioned before the Foundations of the World began. It can only be configured from Earth’s reference Point of View.

It Begins with Virgo and Ends with Leo, Declared and Displayed for all the Principalities, Power, Humanity and Satan to Witness. It was the knowledge taught and handed down from Adam that became skewed with the Fall of Mankind due to Sin. With the Knowledge of these Celestial Signs as a ’Witness,’ one will obtain an Appreciation for a far deeper Meaning and Correlation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel has a Beginning and End. And it will be fully realized at Jesus’ 2nd Coming, in the not too Distant Future. Truly, the Heavens declare the Glory of the LORD. 

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E.W. Bullinger




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