Synchronizing the Crucifixion Day of the Week

  • Are all the calendars wrong in determining the crucifixion of Jesus?
  • Why are the dates prior to the Gregorian adjustment inaccurate?
  • Is the day of the week Jesus died important and any ramifications?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Therefore, because it was the Preparation Day, that the bodies should not remain on the cross on the Sabbath (for that Sabbath was a High Day), the Jews asked Pilate that their legs might be broken, and that they might be taken away. Then the soldiers came and broke the legs of the first and of the other who was crucified with Him. But when they came to Jesus and saw that He was already dead, they did not break His legs. But one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out.’ -John 19:31-34

The purpose of this study is to depict an alternative day count of the days of the week that one believes should be corresponding more accurately pertaining to the months involving Jesus crucifixion, burial, resurrection and Pentecost. This study takes the position that the true day of Jesus’ crucifixion was on April 14, 32 AD. The timeline also involves the months that also thus are suggesting an alternative double-count of Pentecost, ‘When it had fully come’, of 99 days total. This is based on the alternative interpretation of Leviticus 23:16, that suggests a 49-day and then a subsequent 50-day count. Which in this case would coincide on Friday, July 28 32 AD, after the Sabbath and the New Moon. The alternate days of the week are re-synchronized off the Torah Calendar matrix.

Why would this apparent recalibration attempt be of any significance? Good question. By doing so, in seeing how the Church Age started, perhaps it could lend some clues and insights as to the timing of how it will end. Clearly, the Church Age had a beginning, and it will have an end. One day, the last Gentile that gets ‘saved’ as in accepting Jesus will fulfill the ‘quota’ allotted by Christ and the Time of the Gentiles will have come to a close. This study and it findings also will provide a layer of credibility to the notion of how Pentecost is to be truly determined, as a double-count. Meaning? That Pentecost is mirrored, folded to link to both the Spring Feast and the Fall Feasts of the year with 49 days corresponding to Spring Feasts and 50 days corresponding to the Fall Feasts. Also, the July Pentecost date would put this Feast, the middle of the 3 obligatory ones right in-between Passover and Sukkot..

The 4 months Jewish Calendar echo the saying of Jesus that there would be, ‘4 months and then the harvest’. Based in this template, the 1st Jewish month of Nissan would correspond to April and the 4th month would correspond to July in the Julian Calendar. In this case, Pentecost would occur in the 4th Jewish month when the Wheat Harvest turns ‘white’ ready for harvest. And perhaps when the Bride of Christ is to be ‘harvested’ out of this world. One can then have more of a prophetic conference to suggest that the same template is to be considered when determining the true count of Pentecost in any given year. This day would thus be a high watch time for the possible Rapture event. The days are re-calibrated from the Biblical inference that Jesus was to be ‘cut off in the midst’ of the week. This same language is found in Daniel and Revelation when the Messiah and the Daily Scarifies were and are to be , ‘cut-off in the midst’.

Back to the Future
This ‘Midst’ is the key to synchronizing the prophetic 7-year Week of Years to come and the Passion Week that came. Thus, it would mean that the crucifixion of Jesus occurred on a Wednesday. This middle day would span the Sunday to Friday days precisely on April 14, 32 AD. Note that the 7-day week is patterned after the Creation and has many references to other prophetic types found in the Bible. One such example is the Menorah that was used to light the Holies in the Tabernacle of Moses and later the Temples that stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The 4th Stem was and is called the Servant Stem. It is whereby the light is acquired first to light the rest of the branches. In the Bible, Jesus stated that He is the, ‘Light of the World’. And that He came to shine in the darkness and rekindle the snuffed-out flame of the human spirit and soul.

Yet, interestingly, it was on the 4th day, precisely in the middle of the week, that YHVH created the Light of the Luminaries, that of the Sun, Moon and the Stars for Earth. Yet it was the 4th day, a Wednesday that Jesus, being the Light of the World was snuffed-out so Humanity’s ‘Light’ could be relit. Realize that before the Gregorian Calendar, the Julian Calendar was in sync with the Jewish Rabbinical one. Thus in the Jewish reckoning of time, the month of April directly corresponded to the 1st month of Nisan and Passover on April 14, 32 AD equally corresponded to the Julian Calendar. It is understood that this alternative day count being presented of the week days being recalibrated to the crucifixion of Jesus here goes against all conventional reckoning of time but realize that any date prior to 1582 is noted as being incorrect. Is this by design? Is it to keep the event of one of the greatest events in human history ambiguous? Yes.

Perhaps. But this is one of the points of the study, that the weekly days, as in Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc., are out of sync as it is presently calculated. However, the events, both celestial as in the eclipses, the cycles of the Moon and the Feasts of YHVH are accurate. Thus, what this study will seek to show is that by synchronizing the crucifixion day of the April 14, 32 AD date to a Wednesday, one can then recalibrate the correct time from that point onward. It is a bold proposition but only a supposition based on the astronomical re-alignment that took place on that day, both of a solar and lunar eclipse. How so. First of all, consider that if the current weekly dates are ‘accurate’, based on the Torah Calendar, for example the crucifixion took place on a Monday.

If this was the case, then there would be ‘0’ chance of a Friday to Sunday burial timeframe that is traditionally upheld by the Roman Catholics, which in itself is problematic in the first place and for a subsequent study altogether. It is also understood that there are alternative crucifixion years that have been studied with such notions that Jesus was 33 years old and thus died on April of 33 AD. This is also problematic in that if one takes the astronomical alignments of -3 BC and triangulates that to the start of Jesus’ public ministry with the proclamation of the Jubilee Year from the pulpit of His Nazareth Synagogue in 28 AD, it would also be impossible to have any alternative date but 32 AD as that is the 3rd point in the triangulation that appears to confirm the suggested re-calibration of the month with the weekly days. The following will be several key observation made and presented based on this recalibration of the weekly days set to the crucifixion of Jesus to a Wednesday on April 14, 32 AD.

The following 7 dates are suggested to be the more correct correlation to when the astronomical events and those of Jesus occurred in the first 4 months of the Jewish Calendar starting with Nisan or April of that year. Again, this assertion is stipulated on synchronizing the crucifixion day of April 14, 32 AD really should be recalibrated to a Wednesday. This is the ‘midst’ of the week and assuming the year 32 AD was the year of Jesus’ death. It would triangulate the other 2 pieces of evidence which are Jesus’ birth in -3 BC and the start of Jesus’ public ministry with the proclamation of the Jubilee Year in 28 AD. This would make Jesus out to be 33 years old when He was crucified, etc.

April 10, 32 AD Triumphal Entry – on Sabbath
Jesus entered Jerusalem on the Sabbath, 4 days prior to Passover as the ‘Passover Lamb’ had to be ‘inspected’ by the High Priest.

April 10, 32 AD
Lord’s Super
The Preparation Meal was observed in the Upper Room on Mount Zion. Jesus made a promise of return for His ‘Bride’.

April 14, 32 AD Crucifixion Day – Full Moon
Jesus' time on the cross corresponded to the 9am and 3pm Morning and Evening Sacrifices. He was on the cross from 9am-3pm and buried before the High Day Sabbath sundown Passover Meal.

Both solar and lunar eclipses occurred on the same day of the crucifixion. Then there was total darkness of all the Earth by a body 7x size of Earth that blocked Sun for 3+ hours. Nemesis 2nd Sun? There was a Blood Moon at midnight like in Egypt that occurred over Jerusalem.

April 17, 32 AD Resurrection – on Sabbath
Jesus rose from the dead exactly 72 hours later from when died on the Cross or 3 literal 24 hour days, on Saturday, 3pm in compliance to the ‘Sign of Jonah’.

April 18, 32 AD Pentecost Count – 49 day count started after Sabbath
For Pentecost to fully be counted, the 1st half of the ‘Season’ would start on the 1st day from the day after the 1st Sabbath after the Sheave Waive Offering, a Sunday there were to be 7 Sabbaths or 49 days.

May 28, 32 AD Ascension – New Moon
Jesus remained on Earth for 40 days and His last day concluded on a New Moon. It was from the pinnacle of the Mount of Olives that He rose to Heaven. And Angels testified to the Apostles that in the same manner and spot, His foot would touch-down at His 2nd coming. This will be at Armageddon.

June 7, 32 AD Shavuot – 50 day count started on Sabbath
Then the 2nd count of 50 additional days were to be counted from the 7 Sabbaths or 49 days, per Lev 23:16. This alternate week count coincides with the Torah Calendar of Shavuot.

July 28, 32 AD
Pentecost – after Sabbath and New Moon
Start of Church Age on or the day after the Sabbath. ‘When Pentecost Fully Came’. The question is, will the Church Age conclude on such a similar day and day count?

Key Observations
The 1st observation is that based on this calendar recalibration, is that Jesus entered Jerusalem on a Sabbath to present Himself before the High Priest to be examined 4 days prior to the Passover. This was in keeping with the typology of the Passover Lamb that was to be slaughtered for that evening Sacrifice at 3pm. It had to be without ‘spot or blemish’. But most importantly, that in that coming week, the Passover Lamb was to be the special one. Thus this was the occasion first that Jesus entered Jerusalem in the Triumphal Entry, not on a Sunday but on a Saturday. As such, Jesus was the LORD of the Sabbath. This date in the recalibration of the weekdays would have been Saturday, April 10, 32 AD. It was during those 4 days in Jerusalem that Jesus had His worst confrontation and contention with the false usurper Jewish High Priest and associates that sought to retain their ‘Seat of Moses’ given to them by the Roman Caesar, etc.

It was Jesus really that was evaluating Israel’s Spiritual Leaders and exposing them for what they were all about and not true to the mandates of the Seat of Moses, etc. The 2nd observation is that on that Tuesday evening, Jesus had the LORD’s Super or the Passover Meal the day before the actual Passover on Wednesday. This was allowed for those who had to travel extended miles and had to depart early on their journey. This is where Jesus instituted the protocols for the proto-Church as it was a Marriage Betrothal ceremony and with a promise to return for the Bride. Note that out of the 4 cups that were to be memorialized at the Seder, the Last Cup, that of Redemption was not taken by Jesus and His Disciples. This Last Cup will be taken when Jesus finishes the Passover at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. After they finished the meal and sang a last hymn that they then went to the Mount of Olives to have an All-Night-of-Prayer.

It was at this time that Jesus was betrayed by Judas, much like Joseph with his brothers. All night long, Jesus endured 7 trials before the leaders of Israel and Rome. And after being not found guilty by Pontius Pilate, he relented to the demands of the Sanhedrin, the 70 Elders of Zion to be killed for what they accused Him of ‘blasphemy’ of saying He was the Messiah, the Son of David, the Son of GOD, GOD in the flesh. The Gospels state that there was a High Sabbath that week the ‘middle of the week’ that the People had to prepare for the Passover Meal. Thus, this is why every ‘criminal’ hung on a tree or cross had to be ‘died’ and be buried by that sunset to not desecrate the Passover Sabbath. And this is why by the time the Roman Guards came to Jesus to break His legs so He could exfoliate faster, Jesus had already died.

Note though that Jesus was not ‘murdered’, and He was not a ‘human sacrifice’. How so? Jesus stated plainly that His life as not take but given. And that He was a willing offering. In fact, Jesus chose the exact timing of His death. This is commemorated in the Gospels of the 7 saying of Jesus on the cross. Thus, He technically was not a ‘Human Sacrifice’ as that is what is misunderstood by the Jews and is the offense for many of them to accept Jesus as the Messiah. Isaiah 53 clearly states that the Messiah had to be ‘cut off’, the word in Hebrew is killed. To the Jews, this notion of their Messiah needing to be killed is irreconcilable. They see the Messiah as being 2, 1 to die and 1 to rule. Yet, it is not understood that it is to be found in 1 person, Jesus but in 2 coming or visitations, etc. The 3rd observation is fantastic and will involve the astronomical.

The Light Extinguished
The first part is dealing with the total lunar eclipse that occurred at midnight over Jerusalem that Passover night, just like in Egypt. It was in Egypt that the Pharaoh relented in liberating the Israelites. The decree he made was of murdering all First Born male Hebrews. YHVH reversed the curse, the decree came down on not only him but all of Egypt. Thus, to the Elders of Zion, the Sanhedrin would have been terrified of this Celestial Sign as it confirmed and accented the death to this Jewish Rabbi that proclaimed the Jubilee Year ‘fulfilled in their hearing’. To them, they accused Jesus of performing magic and sorcery in the Name of Beelzebub, or Lucifer all the while it was they that were the Wizards and Warlocks that Ezekiel expose in the Temple of YHVH. This Blood Moon occurred in the Sign of Libra, the modern depiction of the Scales.

However, in all ancient depictions of the Mazzaroth or Zodiac, it was an Altar and that is what the Cross of Calvary became. It was the Altar where the human ‘Lamb of YHVH’ was slaughter for the sins of Humanity to make atonement or restitution with YHVH. The other half of this observation is that from around Noon to 3pm, the sky is noted in the Gospels to have become as night. There was an earthquake, and the People of Jerusalem became terrified of this crucifixion spectacle. So, much so, that one of the Roman Guards got saved that very moment in taking-in all that was occurring on that Hill of Golgotha just outside the Damascus Gate. Now it is known, astronomically that the maximum amount of time a solar eclipse can last is around 7-8 minutes. It would be impossible to have one last approximately 3 hours. Now some people would say and do that the ‘darkness’ coming over the land was spiritual, but in the context of the Scriptures, it is clearly depicting an atmospheric phenomena.

This is the point where it does become sensationalized in that according to the research of Gil Broussard’s calculations, a celestial body exactly 7 times larger than the Earth or that it was projected to be from its position relative to Earth’s exactly blocked out the disk of the Sun. And that a body this huge would take about 3 hours to compete its path, thus the eclipsing of the Sun or ‘solar eclipse. If this is what actually happened, then it was a day in human history like no other astronomically that has occurred nor will. To have both a total lunar eclipse and a total solar eclipse on the same day, on Jesus’ day of crucifixion when the Light of the World that made the Sun, Moon and Stars die in the flesh is ‘astronomical’. It would be magnificent, and words are not unable to define it.

Now for those that are rolling their eyes about this time, yes, this celestial body is the 2nd Sun that is the binary one within the Solar System. It is to return during the 7-year Tribulation Period as part of the instrument YHVH will be using to judge a wicked, sinful and Christ-rejecting world. It will be like the times of Moses and Pharaoh in Egypt where the 10 Plagues and the astronomical occurrences will be repeating themselves. And to include perhaps Moses as 1 of the 2 Witnesses as he goes up against the Pharaoh of the Last days, the AntiChrist himself and his sorcery and false priests as they were in the Court of Pharaoh. The 4th observation deals with the actual day of the resurrection of Jesus. Again, based off of this alternative calendar synchronization of the pivotal crucifixion day, being Wednesday, it would make the resurrection of Jesus to have occurred on ~3pm just before Sunset ending the Sabbath on Saturday, April 17. 32 AD.

This is why the Gospels state, ‘when He HAD risen’. It was on the ‘1st day of the week’, that being a Sunday that the women could only then travel to the Garden Tomb thinking that they were then prepare the body of Jesus with ointments and perfume, etc. One wonders what Jesus was doing that time from Saturday evening and all night to when He meet the women in the early morning on Sunday. He had not gone to Heaven yet to be presented before the Throne as He told the women to not touch Him because there after He would. The 5th observation is then when does the actual count to Pentecost occur? Based on Leviticus 23:16, the interpretation is as follows. One is to start the count the day after the 1st Sabbath from when the Wheat Sheave Offering was made. One thing all could/can agree is that this day would be a Sunday.

The Waving of the Sheave was the First Fruit Offering that the High Priest made, and that is when Jesus resurrected, around thus at the 3pm Evening Sacrifice that then had the High Priest present the token of the field. Why? This token was to guarantee and ensure that the rest of the Wheat Harvest to come on the 4th month would all be secured as well. In other words, later the Apostle Paul explained that Jesus was the First Fruit of all those that are to be resurrected. And that in a military style order, the subsequent companies, and units would follow, right up to the Rapture event. The Rapture of the Bride of Christ is technically the Resurrection. It will be 1st of all that have died in Christ and then those that are alive to dovetail with them. Then both companies are to be translated into the sky to meet Jesus in the air or 2nd Heaven to then be ushered into the Celestial Gate into His Throne and Mansions in the 3rd Heaven, etc.

With all this as a backdrop, the 1st day to count for determining Pentecost was April 18, 32 AD. One was to then count 7 Sabbaths or 49 days. This would land on the 3rd month in the Jewish Calendar. Surprisingly, given this splicing recalibration using the Torah Calendar, the 49th day lands on Shavuot precisely as noted using their count that occurred on June 7, 32 AD. This has historical overtures to the liberation of Jerusalem during the 6-Day War of 1967 and how 1966 was a Sabbatical Year, meaning from 1966 to 2015 was a ‘Jerusalem Jubilee’ of 49 years. And how in 2015, the last of the Tetrad Blood Moons occurred on Sukkot and was during a Super Moon. Thus, the subsequent count of adding 50 days more would start on the Saturday, June 7, 32 AD.

The 6th observation would be in determining then the true day of the Ascension of Jesus. The Gospels teach that Jesus remained on Earth with His Disciples for 40 days. Interestingly, His last day concluded on a New Moon. It was from the pinnacle of the Mount of Olives that He rose, and Angels testified to the Apostles that in the same spot, His foot would touch-down at His 2nd coming. This day will be at the Battle of Armageddon when Jesus come with His Warrior Bride to put a stop to the Luciferian assault on Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple. It will be the 2520th day of the 7-year Tribulation Period of which the 2nd half is called the, ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’. It will be a horrific scene, fare worse than any Hollywood blockbuster movie of the End Times. For Israel, according to Zechariah, 3/4th of the population will be killed by that time at the hands of the false Messiah AntiChrist they accepted with open arms and the False Prophet. However, it will be at that time that the Jewish Remnant will see Jesus again.

The 7th observation would be in determining then the true day the Holy Spirit came down as a ‘Flaming Dove’ and with ‘Tongues of Fire’ to rest on the Disciples there and then within the Temple Prescript. That was the corporate meeting place as that is where they became accustomed to assembling after the resurrection of Jesus. They became emboldened after that realization and nothing could stop their public witness. So, based on this additional counting of 50 more days, a type of a Jubilee Year pattern, the day was July 28, 32 AD. This day happened to be a New Moon as well and a Sabbath. And it gave occasion for the Apostle Peter to rise and speak about the correlation of Pentecost with Celestial Signs as he made inference to the book of Joel. Surely the Sun became black as sackcloth and the Moon turned to blood and the Stars gave not their light. Will it be no different at the last Pentecost, ‘when it fully comes’?

In summary, this study has sought to show what it should have really looked like in terms of the weekly days corresponding more correctly during the crucifixion. As it is known, the dates prior to the Gregorian adjustment were synced to the Jewish Calendar. But if one uses any date converters, one will get a note that any dates prior to the Gregorian change are not accurate. And all such calendars even the Torah Calendar bases there’s off these day discrepancies. In splicing the Torah Calendar, an alternative recalibration of the week days has been provided that one sees as being off by 2 days. Of course, one could be totally off as this study takes-on EVERYONE, even the U.S. Naval Observatory that publishes an official day calculation of such week days before the Gregorian Calendar was recalibrated.

But this study is to suggest we are not in sync regarding the days of the week relative to the celestial occurrences or the Feasts of YHVH for example. But this study has only sought to apply the same principle in recalibrating the days of the week to the events much like Yom Kippur of 28 AD for the Jubilee Years. The reason is that perhaps if such a recalibration is accurate and true of when the Church Age started, perhaps such a template can suggest when the Church Age is to be completed, based on the double-count interpretation of Leviticus 23:16 and in turn, when the Rapture Event could occur in anticipation of it.

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