Rapture Closure of Church Age and Transference to Israel

  • Is there a 'Exile and Restoration' pattern in play for Israel?
  • Have the Biblical patterns been repeating for Israel since 1948?
  • Is the Feast of Pentecost pertinent to the 70th-year marker Church?

by Luis B. Vega
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…and on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit. And they shall prophesy and I will shew wonders in Heaven above, and Signs in the Earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke. The Sun shall be turned into darkness, and the Moon into blood, before that great and notable Day of the Lord come. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved.’ –Acts 2:18-21

Every Pentecost season, many End Times students of prophecy speculate on the possible ending of the Church Age. It is understood that the end of the Church Age will 1 day come. Moreover, that last day will be the cause of the resurrection and Rapture of all the Church Age Saints or Followers of Jesus Christ. The subsequent deduction is that such an amazing event first revealed to the Apostle Paul could coincide with Pentecost. Why Pentecost? It was when the Church was born collectively, it was not a conception. Corporately, the start of the Church Age can be likened to a ‘gestation’ period as well as a Spiritual Temple. This ‘intermission’ Pentecostal ‘Day’ corresponds to a time when Christ is developing His ‘image’ within the ‘Body’. Christ will be fully ‘formed’ within as the ‘Hope of Glory’ at the resurrection and Rapture, corporately.

It is a mystery still as the Bible clearly teaches also that it is a partnership with the Bride of Christ, as she ‘makes herself ready’, etc. Thus, this Pentecostal ‘Intermission’ time corresponds to the present Sanctification process of the Believer individually that Jesus died to set apart. Such Saints then need also to engage in being set apart for only such will be extracted as the Bride of Christ corporately from this universal ‘Body’. This is 1 interpretation but the Pentecostal ‘Intermission’ is not done nor has been completed as some erroneously believe and that the Rapture has to take place on the Feast of Trumpets. This study suggests that this present prophetic Feast Day of the Pentecostal ‘Intermission’ is patterned after the Menorah in how the 1st stem, the middle or 4th stem and last or 7th stem corresponds to Passover, Pentecost and Sukkot. Why such?

These 3 Feasts of YHVH are when there was an in-gathering specifically required of ancient Israel. Thus, this study suggests that the in-gathering of the Church Age, the ‘Age of the Gentiles’ can only correspond to the Pentecost Feast. In regards to the Pentecost Feast pattern, it is the only 1 out of the 7 collective Feasts of YHVH that is not named after an object lesson or event. For example, Passover is associated with a lamb, Unleavened Bread with bread, First Fruits with fruits, etc. Then Feast of Trumpets with trumpets, Yom Kippur with the scapegoat and Sukkot with the Sukkahs. However, Pentecost is the only Feast of YHVH that is solely a time reckoning. The prophetic feast of Pentecost is set to a prescribed time as being the Church Age and will end one day.

The Menorah Pattern
The Pentecostal Age has been a time when the Nations have been ‘set apart’. It has been a time in-between the timeline of Israel to graft-in Gentiles due to Israel’s unbelief. Then Israel, which has been ‘set aside’, will come to the forefront to fulfill Daniel’s last 7-year Week of Years once the Gentile number is completed. Thus there cannot be any overlap. It was at Passover that Christ, from His side shed His ‘blood and water’ for His Bride as the Last Adam on the Cross of Calvary. The Marriage Covenant was sealed at the Last Supper. Then He will have the Bride of Christ be gathered-in as she was at Pentecost. Then the Bride of Christ will be escorted to the heavenly Sukkah. It will be the temporary ‘wedding chamber’ that Jesus promised to go and prepare. When such a ‘Honeymoon’ Chamber’ to hide in has also ‘matured’ or been completed, Jesus will return for His Bride. One is challenged to know if the Rapture will coincide with a Pentecost season. The challenge arises as to what day is Pentecost, what calendar one is using and what count is being used in the Counting of the Omar, etc.
                    Requested In-Gatherings compared to the Menorah Pattern.

         1                  2                3                    
4                    5                   6                 7
PASSOVER  Un.-Bread  1st Fruits    
 Trumpets    Yom Kippur   SUKKOT
     lamb            bread           fruit             (TIME)           trumpets     scapegoat      booths
In-Gathering                                      In-Gathering                                         In-Gathering

This study will present new evidence only in terms of prophetic patterns taken from Israel’s 3-stages of exile and restoration of what timeframe the Rapture might occur and when should the end of the Church Age be. This will be something new to contribute to a possible Pentecost association aside from what is already known based on Types and Shadows. A brief overview of such prior Pentecost Rapture understanding will be given. There is the type in Enoch that is said was born and raptured on Pentecost as being a foreshadowing of the ‘Gentiles Age’ to come. There is King David that was said to be born and died also on Pentecost. There is the Pentecost harvest love story of Boaz and Ruth and the ‘midnight calling’ to have Ruth, a Gentile Bride be redeemed etc. Then there was Mt. Sinai purported to have been on Pentecost, thereabout when YHVH came down with fire, sounds of rushing waters, Silver Trumpet blasts, etc. It was the time when the Marriage Covenant with national Israel was also ratified.

Such arguments do set the foundation for the subsequent argument that the Rapture and end of the Church Age has to correspond to a Pentecost Feast season of time. The issue of course is what year will the Church Age end? And in such a season, what part of it? Will it be on the very day of Pentecost? Or the end of such a corresponding harvest that extends throughout the summer by 120 days? There is a ‘Key’ that can shed some perspective as to its proximity. Israel is that prophetic ‘Key’ that is interlinked with the Church Age. In what way? The type of Pentecost as a Feast has been the ‘Gap of Time’ intersession itself. This study comes from a perspective that might be new in terms of the 3-Wave Restoration Pattern pertaining to Israel’s exile and return from the Babylonian Captivity. This study strongly suggest that such a restoration pattern of Israel has also been occurring since 1948.

The Accompanying Signs
This study presents evidence to suggest that since 1948, such a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern is in place presently with Israel as it was with the Captivity. Perhaps the end of this Pentecostal ‘Intermission’ of the Church Age that is also being confirmed by celestial Signs is a witness of a dual fulfillment. The 3-Wave Restoration Pattern of Israel has had the Tetrad of Blood Moons since 1949 mirror this phenomenon and in phi ratio of time no less. Other celestial alignments such as was the Revelation 12 Sign and various solar eclipses have also contributed to the Signs alluding to a coming ‘birth’ and ‘rapture’ event. The point being is that now Israel is ready to pick up where YHVH left off with her. Israel is now a ‘matured’ nation for the first time since its Diaspora after 70 AD. There is great excitement because the Fig Tree Nation has reached 70 years. This is the key to the new 3-Wave Pattern of Restoration of Israel that this study will present.

It could not have been possible to state of such a restoration of Israel prior to 1948. One can honestly attest that Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled right before one’s eyes. The Bible does teach that in the Last Days, ‘Signs’ would accompany such a time leading up to the return of Jesus. Is it mere coincidence that such Signs are directly attributed to Pentecost and the Church Age? No other of the 6 Feast are. Such ‘Signs’ were inferenced by the Apostle Peter at Pentecost on Mt. Moriah, arguably at the Temple Courts on the Temple Mount. He was as a type of ‘Moses’ that was on Mt. Sinai. As to specific End of Days conditions specific to the restoration of Israel, in Ezekiel, YHVH did state that just before the Gog-Magog invasion of the Russian led Muslims confederation, He would regather Israel from the Nations. Moreover, as a ‘Sign’ of the End Times, Israel would be blessed more at her end than she was at her beginning.

The restoration of the Nation, Jerusalem and land has come true based on the dreadful metaphor of the Valley of Dry Bones depiction. This restoration could not have been said of Israel until her 70th year. The point being is that as YHVH is true to His Word regarding Physical Israel, so too will His Word and Promises be fulfilled to His Spiritual Israel, that being the Church. Christ Jesus can be trusted of His Promises made to His Bride and will come to pass just as much for the sake of the restoration of the Gentiles as it was with Israel and is being fulfilled presently. The key is to see how wonderfully YHVH has done it in the past and how He is currently doing it with the same 3-Wave Restoration Pattern as noted. Thus, there has to be a hand-off back to Israel very soon.

The question remains, just how close is this ‘hand-off’ about to occur from the Church Age spiritually back to Israel physically? The ultimate ‘Sign’ will be the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple that will validate such a transference. Will such a prophetic transference coincide with a Pentecost ‘birth’ of the Church Age as it occurred on the eve of Pentecost for Israel on May 14, 1948? In addition, will there be a ‘Gap of Time’ from the point of the Rapture to the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’ by the coming AntiChrist? The theory it is that as the Church Age ends, it will coincide with the full restoration of Israel that has been in 3-stages or waves since 1948. It is because Israel will need to continue where she and YHVH left off. There was a ‘Gap of Time’ from when Judah came back to the Promised Land by the Edict of Cyrus. Now as then, all was restored despite the opposition of the enemies of Israel that hindered the work and claimed the land.

Lessons from History
There was also presumably a ‘Gap of Time’ from Pentecost to when the full effect of its power was disseminated with the book of Acts being the transitionary stage from Israel to the Church Age. Once the Rapture occurs, there might well be an adjusting period. It will give the coming AntiChrist and False Prophet the time needed to establish their Luciferian New World Order. It will also set the stage for the false ‘Peace and Security’ Israel will accept, due to a win in a major regional war against Islam. This hand-off will be such as it was with Elijah and Elisha as a pattern presented in various prior studies. Perhaps Israel’s restoration patterns set in 3-waves is the ‘Key’ to the Rapture and end of the Church Age. To reiterate, this study suggests that a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern of Israel based on her prior exile and return sequences might be tied to a Pentecost season pertinent to the end of the Church Age and thus timing of the Rapture.

Thus, the Doctrine of Imminence of the Rapture, true in principle, has to have certain pre-requisites, mainly the 3-fold restoration of modern Israel, which is now a reality. It is mainly the maturing of the ‘Gentile Fruit’ as much as the maturity of national Israel, the ‘Figs’, etc. This study suggests that the Rapture cannot occur until Israel would be ready for the 70th Week of Years per Daniel. Could it be anymore coincidental that it might begin sometime after the 70th year anniversary of Israel? At no time since the Pentecost of 32 AD, thereabouts has Israel been in a prophetic place as she is now, ready to be dealt directly again by YHVH. This study presents that prior restorations suggest a strong parallel of how YHVH had restored Israel leading up to the Babylonian Captivity, in 3 waves and how YHHV brought Israel back to full restoration in 3 waves.

This has occurred with a unique sequence of time of there being a corresponding 50-year pattern and a 70-year pattern that converged then as it has now since 1948. The final stage for this present 3-stage restoration of Israel to be completed is the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. Based on the prior restorations of Israel that occur amazing in the approximate phi ratio of time, when applied to Israel’s timeline since 1948 would strongly suggest that within 3-4 years from the 70th anniversary of Israel’s birth in 2018, one could see the 3rd restoration event be fulfilled. To have the Rapture event ‘anytime’ before Israel would be restored would be as if a farmer would harvest the crops just because or ‘imminently’ before the ripening of them regardless of its scheduled harvest.

Agriculturally, there has to be preset conditions, mainly ‘time’ that requires the maturing of the fruit, all-inclusive of the field. In addition, one has to take into consideration that this ‘maturing’ is a slow process and prophetically occurs in stages. In the case of the restoration of Israel, it has occurred in a 3-Wave Pattern of Restoration. Thus, one could argue that there has been a dual or double track journey with both the Church Age and Israel reaching ‘maturity’ at a singularity point or season, perhaps even a Pentecostal one at that. The Rapture may be that certain point of mutual maturity, pertaining to Israel and the Church Age, at such a prophetic convergence there will be a point of singularity and thus a hand-off as it was with Elijah to Elisha. In fact, such a pattern is suggested in so much as Elijah, represents Israel and Elisha represents the Church Age. The Rapture of the Bride of Christ will mirror this mutually inclusive relationship, as the Rapture will be a prophetic picture and ‘Sign’ to Israel itself.

Judging by the Fruit
As Elisha was the one that stayed behind then, it will be its turn now to be raptured-up to meet Jesus Christ in the air. It is Elijah now that is set to return to finish his ministry as 1 of the 2 Witnesses as Israel ‘stays behind’. From this logic, the Church Age Bride of Christ cannot and will not overlap any of the Tribulation Period, as some erroneously believe. This study suggests that the Rapture cannot happen without first prophetic milestones being reached by a ‘matured’ Israel. This is the maturing of the Fig Tree Nation. No other generation prior to 2018 could have said this of Israel and perhaps the Church Age. Israel can now say that she has reached ‘maturity’ as a nation in all its right. Since 1948, she as a newborn nation has struggled and gasped at times for air and life due to a constant state of war from its Muslim enemies. Israel still finds herself threatened now as Muslims nations constantly challenge her rebirth and survival.

The Muslim stance in particular against Israel is spiritual foremost and with the full force of the Spirit of AntiChrist. What is different now as opposed to ancient history is that for the first time in Israel’s history, a total annihilation by Israel’s Muslim enemies is now possible through weapons of mass destruction, i.e., chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. In past scenarios presented, it only would take 3 nuclear bombs of 50 megaton to totally destroy the Jewish nation; in mere minutes. Such enemies, then as now consistently attempt to annihilate Israel. It is for such a reason that Iran seeks nuclear weapons and has launched missile into the Golan Heights. Israel has to not back down nor give up an inch of land for false pretenses of ‘peace’ with the Muslims whose sole duty, desire an intent is to not ‘live side by side in peace’ but destroy her.

The true intension was made clear when the Muslims rejected the 2-State Solution in 1947. It was not so much that Palestinians for the first time in recorded history would be a political sovereign state of people but that Israel would never be allowed to be reconstituted as she had been before after the Babylonian Captivity. Why? As mentioned in numerous studies, this contention is foremost a spiritual one. It is a religious struggle of whose ‘Holy Book’ and ‘God’ is GOD, Allah or YHVH, the Law and the Prophets to include the New Testament or the Quran. If Israel is allowed to live and continue to prosper, it negates the ‘final revelation’ claimed of the Muslims of the Quran and exposes it as false and usurper of the Birthright of Jacob. Many people foolishly assert in the same sentence that the Holy Land is the birth place of the 3 ‘great monotheistic religions’, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This is blatantly false.

One can measure the merit and worth of such ‘religions’ based on its founders. It would be Moses for Judaism, Jesus for Christianity and Mohammed for Islam. Moses, the Bible states that he was the most humble of men that ever lived. Jesus is the Son of GOD, GOD the Son, the promised Messiah of whom the 1st Christians were Jews and believed on Him. However, Jesus was rejected by Israel as a whole by the corrupt Elders of Zion and Builders, on its behalf, etc. It was for this rejection of Jesus that would have desired to gather Israel as a hen with her chicks that Israel was destined to her subsequent Diaspora that occurred in 3 stages. It was to be a time that instead, the glory of the secrets of Biblical Prophecy and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit would be given over to another, the Church and not Islam.

The Church Age
The present Church Age is at set aside preset time to graft-in the Gentiles or Nations into the Commonwealth of Israel into the same Covenant and faith of Abraham, etc. It was over 600 years later that from Arabia, the opposing and competing Birthright arose. The sons of Ismael through Mohamed arose to shed blood on a hell-bent quest to convert the Jews and Christians by the sword to Islam, the ‘religion of peace’. Islam is an invader religion as all other peoples have tried to take over Jerusalem. Why Jerusalem? It is because it is it the only place on Earth where YHVH has put His Name. It is the place where the earthly Throne of YHVH once stood and will again by way of the Temples, etc. Islam is not a ‘great religion’ it is a region of murder and mayhem. It is operated and energies by the spirit of the ‘sons of disobedience’ and that of Antichrist.

The point being is that this might very well be the last hour in which Israel has reached a threshold and so has Islam. The times are as they were when Israel was but 1 year old on that Pentecostal twilight of her birth. It was the eve of the Sabbath that she declared her independence and was ‘reborn in a day’. Will a similar ‘birth’ come into play regarding the end of the Church Age perhaps on an eve of a Pentecost day or season? As then, the Muslims seek to destroy Israel now. What better time than to coincide with her anniversary or thereabouts perhaps that might be tied to the Pentecost of 2018. Why 2018? It is in 2018 that the 70th year anniversary occurs and the Pentecost is also the 70th in turn that also saw the amazing 50th year anniversary in 2017 of the liberation of Jerusalem. There was the unique American solar eclipse and the Triad of Blood Moons whose Central Blood Moon is just 2 months after the May 14, 2018 70th anniversary.

Why are these celestial Signs mentioned? As noted, it was on Pentecost that Peter rose and preached that such commemoration of the coming of the Holy Spirit was associated to Joel’s celestial account of Signs to accompany the new Pentecost Age or season. Thus, could such present day celestial Signs that have abounded since around 2008 be the confirming Signs that indeed where alluded to with the 1st Pentecost season? Have such celestial ‘Signs’ been a confirming witness that indeed a hand-off is about to occur back to Israel? Consider also that, as brought out by other studies on Pentecost, the coming down of the Holy Spirit did not occur in the Upper Room but on the Temple Mount. Prior studies presented the evidence that no place in all of Jerusalem could hold a 3000+ crowd in the winding narrow streets of the Upper Room area.

By comparison of average sport and/or music concert events, a crowd of 3000 could have only been supported on the Temple Mount and not in the City of David either. This would stand to reason as the throngs of the required in-gathering at Pentecost would have such men at that place and time. The Pentecost event echoed how on another prior mountain, that of Mt. Sinai, the LORD came down with rushing wind and sounds of trumpets, etc. There was fire then and the fire at Pentecost on Mt. Moriah of the Temple Mount became ‘cloven tongues’ that rested on the 120 Disciples which is a 4-month time till a harvest code. Jesus alluded to this for the Church Age to look up and see the fields white for evangelism.

Timely Templates

Such 120 Disciples were as the First Fruits and how the indwelling of the Holy Spirit was and is but a down payment of all the gifts yet to be dispensed at the Bema Seat of Christ. It stands to reason by deduction that the description of Pentecost had strong similarities to the adjectives used to describe the amazing event of what occurred on Mt. Sinai on Pentecost. The question remains, will the Rapture complement this typology? This study is not insinuating that on Pentecost of any given year, regardless of a day the Rapture of the Bride of Christ is going to occur or has to. However, as presented, the key difference with prior years is the prophetic milestone of Israel reaching 70 years is now a game changer. This 70-year old Israel named the ‘Start-Up Nation’ went from the ravages of Ezekiel’s Dry Bones of the Nazi concentration camps to being a mini Superpower in only a 70-year generation. The following is the 3-Wave Restoration Pattern.

Date of Siege Judean King Hostages/Deportees
1.606-605 BC Jehoiakim, Daniel
   (8 years)
2. 598 BC Jehoiachin, Ezekiel, et al.
   (13 years)
3. 586 BC Zedekiah, Nation: 5 Cycles (70-Year Captivity)

1st Siege                                2nd Siege                                                         3rd Siege

606 BC--------------------------------598 BC----------------------------------------------------586 BC
     ( 21 year countdown including end date or a 7-7-7 code in phi ratio of time )

Would it or could it mirror likewise the maturing of the Gentile Church Age fruit also reaching such a parallel maturity, ripe for harvest from now on? However, the pieces of the prophetic puzzle with the contention for Jerusalem has arrived. With President Trump’s pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal, it most likely will mean war with the Muslims for Israel, more specifically with Iran. Yet how sad it is to see the division within the Church Body in this last hour as Believers are tripped-up with such issues that insist the Temples of YHVH stood instead in the City of David or that the Earth is really ‘flat’, etc. Such are nothing more than distractions to keep the Bride of Christ from being vigilant and eyes fixes on the call and coming of the Groom.

This study here now wishes to introduce by way of restoration and eventual convergence of prophetic time between Israel and the Church Age in how YHVH used a succession of 3’s in captivity and the restoration of Israel. This in turn will suggest that the current process has also been a 3-wave timespan of restoration since 1948 required to be in place before Jesus can return. It will demonstrate just how close the hour now is. Here too is another example of how Jesus cannot just return at any ole time, or ‘imminently’. There has to be pre-conditions met and fulfilled first. The following theory stipulates that as YHVH used a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern then, so too did it become the same prophetic template to restore Israel from its 70-year Captivity in Babylon and now with Israel’s modern rebirth. According to history, there were 3 successive waves of ‘sieges’ made against Jerusalem and Judah, the Southern Kingdom. It was the mercy of YHVH that with each Siege, it was a warning to repent.

The 70 Year Template
Judah hardened its heart and resolved to excuse YHVH form all its political, social and religious affairs. Judah had the ‘form of godliness’ but denied its power. It is no different now that in general, especially in the West, the last rendition of the Church Age, that of Laodicea, has had Jesus Christ evicted from within the Church Body. It has become a Body of Apostates and Money Changer. It is a time now when the words ‘he’ or ‘she’, ‘husband’, ‘wife’ are erased in order to be ‘gender neutral’ for example. To reiterate, what is amazing to consider is that in terms of this 3-Wave Restoration Pattern of exile and restoration, YHVH used to return the Exiles from Babylon and Susa, He is using the same presently since 1948 with modern Israel. As there were 3 successive sieges to expel Judah from the Promised Land, so too was there a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern of people that came to restore the walls, the nation and ultimately the Temple. In addition, there were 3-waves of sieges that the Romans had to finally expel Israel.

The 1st siege of Jerusalem occurred in 66 BC during the Jews' Great Revolt against Rome that led to one of the greatest catastrophes in Jewish history. The 2nd siege was with Prince Titus in 70 AD that saw the destruction of the 2nd Temple on the 9th of Av as the 1st Temple was destroyed in the same day. The 3rd siege was at Masada as the last stand in 74 AD. And by way of Israel reaching its 70-year mark, it echoes the prophetic template of how 70 has been, is and will be to the issues of national restoration for Israel. It will be of the nation, the city, the Temple and ultimately of its Messiah the King, Jesus Christ. In what way? As the 3-Wave Restoration Pattern of successive sieges occurred starting in 606 BC, the return to Judah did not occur all at once. The Exiles returned over the span of several decades. How many? Wait for it…70 years. The 1st wave of Jewish Exiles returned to Jerusalem to return to finish building the 2nd Temple with the permission of King Cyrus of Persia.

606 BC 1st Siege –
70 years= 536 BC (Cyrus’ Royal Decree)

Beginning of Captivity – all Nation at 3rd wave            End of Captivity
586 BC-----------------------------------------------------------------------536 BC
          ( 50 years )

After so many years of exile, in 536-538 BC, Cyrus, the King of Persia, who had recently conquered the Babylonians, issues a decree allowing the Jews in the Captivity to return to Judah. Thus, from 606 BC, being the start of the Captivity, technically to Cyrus’ Royal Decree was 70 years as foretold to by Jeremiah. As the Biblical accounts attests, there were many obstacles and impediments by the enemies of the Jews to stop the work on the walls and Temple. The 2nd wave occurred with Ezra in 458 BC, however the 2nd Temple was finished in 515 BC. This puts the 70-year template in perspective to modern Israel and also pertinent to its 70-year marker. The Babylonian Captivity was officially over with the 3rd wave of Exiles returning under the leadership of Nehemiah in 445-444 BC. Thus, from the 2nd Temple to the last Exiles returning that wanted to was exactly 70 years, a mirror image of the 70 years decreed by YHVH that Israel had to vacate the Promised Land to restore its neglected Sabbaths of rest. If such a pattern of a 3-wave exile and restoration is in play, could such a similar 3-Wave Restoration Pattern apply to modern Israel? From when? 1948.

The last 70-Year Template

Thus, if such a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern is applied to 1948, does one see a coefficient of 70 years? Yes. Does one see a coefficient of 50 adjacent the 70-year variable? Yes. Does one see 3 events or waves of restoration in play? Yes. They are foremost, the rebirth of the nation, then the recapturing of Jerusalem with the Temple Mount included. This is where the same template of the 70-year timespan is adjacent to the 50 year timespan as well in modern times respective to Israel’s independence since 1948 and the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967, exactly 50 years in the same Jewish year cycle no less converging. Thus, the 3rd wave of restoration now due is the rebuilt 3rd Temple. This is just how close this event is to occur. This study is not insinuating that precisely on the 70th year is when the Temple will be rebuilt. As with the pattern, there was a ‘Gap of Time’ of subsequent years before the actual event took place. However, the time lag was within 2-3 years at most. In prophetic perspective, if the 3rd Temple is about to be rebuilt. How close is the hand-off from the Church Age back to Israel to be, contingent on the resurrection and Rapture of the Bride of Christ?

Date of the 3-waves of return of the Jewish Exiles

1.536 BC Zerubbabel
   (21 years) or a 7-7-7 pattern
2. 515 2nd Temple (rebuilding begins again 520 BC with Haggai and Zechariah)
 (70 years)
3. 445 BC Nehemiah

1st Return               2nd Return                                                               3rd Return
536 BC-----------------515 BC-------------------------------------------------------------------445 BC
               (21 years)                          
    ( 70 years )
                                           ( ~90  year countup )

Just how close it is for the last remaining ‘Living Stones’ to be put in place for the Spiritual Temple to be completed by Christ? As it is, the Temple Institute has completed all the work that could start the Daily Sacrifices of the Physical Temple. The Priests are ready to implement the required religious services. At no other time could Israel be ready for this than at its 70th year anniversary. This is huge. The end of the Church Age is at hand and the beginning of the last Week of Years, per Daniel that being 7 years of 2520 days, 1260 respectfully in halves will soon begin. The resurrection and Rapture will complete the Church Age. It was given the Promise of escape to the ‘Philadelphian’ types within the Body of Christ, an open door.

The Rapture is the ‘Blessed Hope’, of not being one that will see the any of the Seal Judgments on Earth that initiates the 70th Week of Years that is meant to discipline and restore Israel to faith in Jesus Christ. The Seal Judgments are all inclusive of the Wrath of the Lamb that the Bride of Christ will be a Witness to and see from Heaven, as they are broken. Bible students confuse and excuse the 1st half of the Seal Judgments as not being the ‘Wrath’. The reason is that 1st half is tamed in comparison.to the 2nd half of the Tribulation Period. The general makeup of the 1st half however, is made up of the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse. It will be a time of deception, a false peace, world war, famine and mass death, etc. Is it any less a wrath?

A Gestation Period?
As a prophetic type, the Apostle John is raptured up to Heaven through a ‘door’…a ‘Stargate’ if you will in chapter 4. It will involve the ‘Adjudication of the Bride’ to face her Accuser, Lucifer. It will involve the disclosure of what will happen thereafter, etc. The Seal Judgments sets the stage as they vindicate Bride and condemns Lucifer to be expelled legally out of Heaven forevermore. This will coincide with the War in Heaven of Revelation 12 as Lucifer’s amasses an assault to thwart being cast down to Earth. Unsuccessful, he will then make war with the ‘Saints’ and weary them out. Such will be the Christians only in name and/or those that come to faith in Jesus post-Rapture during the Tribulation Period. The Remnant is Israel that for the 2nd 42 months, the AntiChrist will unleash his wrath.

As to the War in Heaven, it is the Revelation 12 Sign account that is literally fulfilled then. It was not in September 23, 2017 as some keep asserting. The Revelation 12 planetary alignment was a Sign that could have not been the event. Although the Revelation 12 was a Sign as part of the array of celestial Signs spoken to by the Apostle Peter during Pentecost, a Sign’s function is to alert of the proximity of an event relative to its depiction, time and have its watchers be on alert for its impending fulfillment. As the Sign was alluding to a ‘birth’ and ‘rapture’, herein lies the key. The Sign speaks of the proximity of a ‘birth’ and then a ‘Rapture’ event to come thereafter.


‘Israel’                                           Church Age’                                   ‘Back to Israel’
                                                  ‘Double Portion’                           144K + 2 Witnesses
 ‘Raptured’                                      ‘Raptured’

Is it thus alluding to the commemoration of Israel’s birth and then the Rapture of the Bride of Christ thereafter as typified being the Body of Christ by way of the Manchild? Something to ponder. In addition, what if the 9-month gestation period that was expected leading up to the Sign with the Rapture was reversed? Although there was clear evidence of such a type, could the reality have been afterwards? Could a gestation period be mirrored back to back which would bring the day count around Pentecost of 2018. Here again is the pattern of reverse order as the 3-Wave Restoration Pattern and as mentioned with the pattern of Elijah and Elisha. Perhaps there is a prophetic pattern still pertinent to the Church Age and Israel that in sync with each other and has to do with a 70-years fulfillment.

Upon further study of this correlation and relationship, one can further deduce that the Elijah to Elisha hand-off suggests that the ‘Prophets’ watching this point of prophetic singularity knew when Elijah’s rapture or translation was to occur. As a Rapture type, Elijah representing Israel was to depart and be translated. Elisha, being a type of the Church was to remain but given a ‘double portion’ of the Holy Spirit. Indeed Elisha performed twice as many miracles as Elijah. However, suggesting a mirrored back to back resurgence of this prophetic type, it will now be Elisha, as typified by the Church Age to be translated or raptured and Elijah to come back but with a double portion or witness. What are these 2 witnesses comprised of? The double witness ‘Mantle’ will be the 144,000 marked and sealed from the tribes of Israel and the 2 Witnesses.

The Macron Mandate
As far as the 2 Witnesses are concerned, one is said to be Elijah for sure. What a time that will be as the dispensation of Israel will operate back to the ‘let me see and then I’ll believe’ type of dealings with YHVH’s Earthly People. It is in contrast to the current and present dispensation of Grace where those of the same faith of Abraham,’ believe first then will see’ are being set apart, etc. As to some dates to consider based on day counts, if May 20, 2018 is the Pentecost date then 7 weeks later, perhaps even echoing of the 7 Churches of Asia is July 27, 2018. What is so special about this date? It falls on another celestial Sign, that of the Central Blood Moon. It is coincidently 70 days to include both end days to this July 27, 2018 date.

      Nov 16, 2016               Sep 23, 2017            May 14, 2018       
May 20, 2018             July 27, 2018                     

Conception Comet         Revelation 12 Sign         Independence       
Pentecost            Central Blood Moon
           Month 1                       
Month 9                                         Month 9      
                                                                                                                             |----------70 days----------|

Is it just another coincidence or the mere fact that YHVH has synchronized the celestial Signs with Pentecost, 70, 50, patterns of restoration in mirrored fashion to a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern of time around a ‘birth’ and a ‘Rapture perhaps? What is being apparent is that Biblical prophecy is being unveiled in real time. It should be the cause of a confirmation of such patterns presented. This should be also a ‘Sign’ unto itself that everything is on schedule according to YHVH’s plan and timelines. It seems that the latest news bulletins and headlines are coming directly off the pages of the Bible. One such example is the very disturbing message of Macron of France that is echoing the Biblical language in light of the 10-Toe Confederation of nations to rise.

The 10-Toe Confirmation is to come from Europe to primarily be a military contingent to fill the vacuum of NATO and a weak USA that is fast approaching is sunset in terms of economic, moral, political and military might around the world. It will be like the British that retreated in haste out of the Mandate of Palestine after World War 2 and handed the issue of the Jews to the UN. Realize also that as Russia and the Muslim hordes of Iran, Turkey and others of Ezekiel 38 are amassing their confederation, so is the AntiChrist. This is not to say that Macron is or will be the AntiChrist but that he, as all others before him are setting-up the stage. Will this prophetic construct occur as it is to be handed over to the coming Luciferian New World Order? Macron seeks to basically formulate a 10 European nation confederated army. Will not the coming Antichrist have such an army that will set up is tents in the Beautiful Land, etc.

Many erroneously believe that the coming Antichrist will be a Muslim from the former Ottoman Empire. What could be said that might be plausible is that in the fist place the Roman Empire had 2 capitals, Rome and Constantinople. It had 2 legs as depicting and interpreted by the prophet Daniel of the statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. The Bible gives clues that the Antichrist will be an Assyrian. If a metaphor or a true countryman, that remains to be seen but the regions is from the old Byzantine former Roman Empire of the East and later that of the Muslim Ottomans. This is why many confuse that notion. However, the AntiChrist has to be a Jew. Realize that no Jew will accept a Muslim.

Modern Mechanics of Prophecy
A Muslim ‘Messiah’ for the Jews is totally absurd and goes against the teachings of the Bible. Foremost, the Jews are looking for the 1st coming of Messiah, Messiah ben David. They were and are confused because they do see glimpses of 2 Messiahs and even some believe that there are 2 in fact. Such did not and don’t realize that Messiah ben Joseph had to come fist and die. The Jews could not compute that the Messiah would die and detached it theological from their mindset and aspirations, etc. However, one thing is for sure, the Messiah regardless has to have royal blood, No Muslim can say that being linked directly by blood of King David. This is no ordinary blood, it is the blood of King David. Whomever is and will be the Antichrist, will present this as a signature credential of his Messiahship. No Muslim can say that nor will. Thus it is theoretically that the AntiChrist may come from the bloodlines of the Easter Roman Byzantine- Ottoman lands that are under Muslim control now but has to be a Jew.

As to the Macron 10-Toe Confederation, it could be a loose political and military dependency. This is the ‘clay’, that being green in color that is ‘mixed’ with the Iron. Iron was the metal that described Rome and mixes with the clay. Could this be Islam and Christianity, that being Roman Catholicism in this case loosely confederated under the False Prophet and the Antichrist? The true test will be if one see this 10 European nation confederation with 5 from the West and 5 from the East of what used to constitute the Roman Empire. In some way and fashion, Israel will accept the man that will ‘Confirm the Covenant’ of ‘Peace and Security’ among the ‘Many’. They will accept him in his own Name that will sanction the building of the 3rd Temple. This would be the one issue that would unite the Ultra-Orthodox Jews into accepting the State of Israel.

The point being is that the next major regional war might very well be what will trigger the ‘Confirming the Covenant’. This study believes that it will be the Oslo Accords for in principle, the implementation was to have been for 7 years. If the events of the current situation within the Middle East are any indication of such a scenario, the perspective are getting clearer by the day, prophetically. Has the season arrived to have the AntiChrist in the shadow come to out into his false light by the power of their Light Bearer, Lucifer? Only the Rapture will expose this ‘Man of Perdition’ as the Bible states. This means that the ‘Restrainer’, assuming those are the Holy Spirit indwelling Believers are to be set aside as the Church Age Saints are resurrected and raptured to Heaven.

This ‘falling back’ or ‘away' is a military term of ‘retreat’ or evacuation. It will be for only a temporary time for the temporary dwelling place, not ‘Mansions’, sorry. Such will be the prepared Sukkah of the wedding chamber that Jesus went to prepare. The ‘Mansions’ and permanent dwelling places will be on Earth. Realize that it is Heaven itself, YHVH that is coming down with the New Jerusalem to be superimposed upon the dimensions of the Earth. This is said to occur after the Millennial Kingdom and after the Great White Throne Judgment where finally Lucifer is sent to the Lake of Fire. The New Earth and New Heavens will be made for all of Eternity Future. If the Pentecost ‘in-gathering’ does not occur on the 70th-year anniversary of Israel’s birth, then one is that much closer to consider the subsequent years even the more probable. The Psalm 90 template can help with that in considering a maximum of 10 more years thereafter, a 2028 limit.

In Summary
There is a parallel track running side by side with the Church Age and Israel. For Israel, the issue of faith for them is ‘see and believe’. For the Church Age it has been believe and you shall see’. If walking by faith during this Church Age has been difficult to some, one only has to look at Israel now and see that YHVH is a Promise Keeper. If YHVH can keep His Promises to Israel and bring her back from lifeless bones, so too can Christ Jesus keep His word that one day He would come back and bring the Bride of Christ to where He is at. It will be a time thereafter to bestow upon her all that accompanies such a Covenant with Christ as a Groom has been given His majestic inheritance from GOD the Father.

Many believe that there will be no ‘marriage’ in Heaven as Jesus rightly stated. To the Angels nor the Redeemed individually, such will not be ‘given unto marriage’ as it has been in operation and practice or the malpractice of it on Earth. However, there will be a state of ‘marriage’ in Heaven, that of Jesus’. Consider that the whole theme of Ephesians 5 is talking about Christ and His Wife, the redeemed Bride of Christ. This is why it is so crucial that those in this present Pentecostal ‘intermission’ realize the severity of what is at stake until the coming ‘hand-off’ back to national Israel occurs. And what is to be gained and lost based on one’s heart choice to either call on the Name of Jesus to be saved or call upon the Name of Jesus as a swear word.

To reiterate, the purpose of this study has been to depict the year intervals of Israel’s 2 prior exile and restoration patterns. It could be the case that as there was apparently a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern in play, such is being repeated with modern Israel’s restoration since 1948. In evaluating the generally accepted historical dates of Israel’s Babylonian Captivity and the Roman Diaspora, there are some unique time makers that appear to follow the mathematical phi ratio pattern of time that such studies insist Biblical prophecy is subject to and designed with. For example, the countdown to the Babylonian Captivity occurred in 3 states starting in 606 BC. However, the last remaining tribes of the Southern Kingdom, that being led by Judah did not heed the warnings. The 2nd stage occurred in 598 BC. Mind you, these ‘stages’ were sieges from Babylon that took captives and plunder to Babylon.

This span of time was then a 21-year countdown including end date or a 7-7-7 code in phi ratio of time, which is amazing and occurred also in Israel’s restoration pattern. Where has one also seen a 7-7-7 coefficient in modern times pertaining to Israel? In the year 5-777. That year was the 50-year anniversary of Jerusalem being liberated in 1967, and connected to 5778 with Israel’s 70th year anniversary. Where does one see a similar 50-year pattern in the Exile time sequence to Babylon tied to a 70-year span to time? It is found in the length of time it took from the last and final siege of the Diaspora that occurred in 586 BC to when the end of the Captivity was proclaimed by the Persian King, Cyrus the Great in 536 BC, exactly 50 years. What this study seeks to present is that in the same manner YHVH exiled Judah out of the Promised Land, did He restore her back to the Promised Land in the same mathematical template of time. There were 3 main waves or restorations that occurred with the Captives returning to Judah and Jerusalem to rebuild the 2nd Temple with YHVH’s Prophets leading the way.

Will or can it be no different with the 3rd Temple now? The same 3 waves of Roman sieges led to the final destruction of Israel in 70 AD, exactly 1948 years to 2018, etc.  Likewise, has there been a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern since 1948? Yes. Thus, will there be such Prophets of old to accompany this final stage? Yes. The 2 Witnesses. In the Babylonian Captivity, it was Zerubbabel in 536 BC. In fact, he was the Cup Bearer to the King at Susa who received grace and favor to return to Judah and start the restoration process of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple. There was the 2nd wave with Haggai and Zechariah in 515 BC. Then the last of the deported Captives of Israel that willingly wanted to return to Judah was headed by Nehemiah around 445 BC. Here again, if these segments of time are transposed onto a timeline, one will easily see that the interval from 536 BC to 515, with end year all-inclusive was also 21 years.

It was yet another count-up including end date of a 7-7-7 code in phi ratio of time. Astonishingly, from 515 BC, that being the 2nd wave of returning Captives to the final one in 445 BC was 70 years. Thus, the questions is asked again, could such a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern be in play for the restoration of modern Israel in the Last Days since 1948? Based on prior studies presented, it would appear that the prophetic keys of this restoration was laid-out by Jesus in His Olivet Discourse. Jesus reiterated that there would be 3 element that would be destroyed, the Temple, the City and the Nation, and in that order. However, that in the Last Days, such would be restored but in reversed order, first the Nation, then the City and ultimately the Temple before He would return to set up the Kingdom, etc.

                      Dates of the 3-wave restoration of the Modern Jewish Exiles

1st Restoration                  2nd Restoration                                                     3rd Restoration?
                     (19 years)                                               ( 48 years )
Nation                                      City                   (in phi ratio of time)                      Temple?
Before Tetad                      During Tetrad                                                             After Tetrad?

PENTECOST                     PENTECOST                                                           PENTECOST?

|----------------------------------------- 70 YEARS ---------------------------------------------|  
                                 ( 70 AD = 1948 years = 2018 = 70th anniversary )

Such a 3-Wave Restoration Pattern has come true as in 1948 the nation of Israel was reborn in a day. During the 6-Day War, the City of Jerusalem was recaptured to include the Temple Mount on Pentecost by some accounts. Thus, if the Nation was ‘born’ on the eve of Pentecost, if the City was recaptured on Pentecost, could the 3rd segment of Israel’s restoration to be made complete thus occur on a Pentecost? Will it coincide with the Rapture and the end of the Church Age? On the other hand, will it be when the 3rd Temple is initiated? What is significant is that such prophetic restorations have also be accompanied by an appreciate timing of Tetrad Blood Moons. With all the false hype of the 2014-15 Tetrad, many had expected ‘great prophetic’ significances to occur as the Rapture. Most did not realize that there was a pattern to their proximity of Israel’s restoration template.

It does appear that there is a Before-During-After pattern to the Tetrads. Such celestial Signs where associated with the apparent restoration of the Nation, City and Temple to come. Thus, the point is that the 3rd Temple is now due to be reconstructed. It has been now several years out from the last Tetrad of 2014-15. And coincidently the 1949-1967-2014 Tetrad series had a 19-year and a 48-year approximate interval and that in phi ratio no less. If the 70-year time marker for Israel is of any significance based on the prior Babylonian Captivity and Roman Diaspora template of 3-waves of exile and restoration, then what it means is just how close it is also for the end of the Church Age. It is to end with the culminating act of the resurrection and Rapture that is at the door. It will be the Philadelphian ‘Open Door’ to soon open up with a call or shout to ‘Come Up!’

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