Welcoming Jewish Messiah and 3rd Temple

  • What will the Comeback of Netanyahu mean of Israel?
  • Why is Netanyahu called the 'King of Israel'?
  • Will Netanyahu be the one to help start the 3rd Temple?

by Luis B. Vega
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…But I know you, that you do not have the Love of God within you. I have come in My Father’s Name, and you have not received Me; but if someone else comes in his Own Name, you will receive him. How can you believe if you accept Glory from one another, yet do not seek the Glory that comes from the only God?’ -John 5:42-44

The purpose of this study is to consider if the Rapture Event could theoretically occur at the End of the Astronomical Summer End Day, rather than one’s Theory of an Acts 2 Pentecost on New Wine? This New Wine understanding would put the Rapture Day in a July Month, of a given Year. The Day count can start from either Nisan 15, the Day after Passover or the Morrow of the Weekly Sabbath after the Passover. The Day Count difference would be only 4 Days approximately.

One can only argue those Date Calculations but one can only ‘Wait and See’ if they are proven ‘Correct’. After all, Mathematics is also predicted upon, ‘Proofs’. The Equations just have to be Tested and that is contingent upon Time. So, Time will have to Tell, as they say. Now, as to one’s New Wine July ‘White Wheat Wedding’ Theory? It is just that also. One is just going off of Biblical Typologies and that can be wrong. But is primarily predicated on a Biblical Theme that runs from Genesis to Revelation.

And this the Notion of a Same Day Beginning and End. This is why it is the Foundation of one’s New Wine Theory that as the Holy Spirit Came Down, and started the Church Age, so too will the Holy Spirit, Go Up and End the Church Age. That is it. So, all that to say, that one is open, nonetheless to this Time from a July 23rd New Wine Date to when the actual Summer Season is Astronomically over. And that Date is on September 22, in any given Year.

March 22 Spring Solstice + 1 Day = Month 1
+ 14 Days = Passover + 1 Day = Start of 99 Day Count (Feast of Grain, Wine, Oil)
= July 23 (723 Feast of New Wine – 2nd of 3 Feasts New Understanding of Acts 2.)

This is to say, that if YHVH waited until the very Last Day of Summer to gather-in the Summer White Wheat Harvest into the Barn or ‘Heaven’ with the Rapture Event, that would be it. It would also be Prophetically as a Biblical Type and just as Valid. This would be, in one’s Personal Assessment the only possible Lag Time, if there was any or is, in any Given Year. But as one often asks, ‘What Year?’. This would also resolve the Mystery of one’s 2020 Dream-Vision of the 723 Number in that if one does stick to the Solar or Enochian Calendar Count, from a Passover, the Acts 2 Pentecost Feast of New Wine will always occur on a July 23 or 7-23 Date.

He Who Comes in His Own Name
And then factoring in the Revelation 12 Sign, 9-23, that would also be a possible explanation of such Biblical Numerical Codes being surmised and/or pertinent to the Timing of the Rapture Event. Consider also that 4 Months from the Last Day of Summer, falls in the Month of May, when Israel was ‘Re-Born’ back in 1948.

September 22 = Last Day of Summer, Astronomically
- 120 Days = Month of May

So, is the Rapture Event still in the Count for a 9-23 Numerical Factor? One is Open-Minded enough to say, let us see until September 22, but more so than August 22-23. Perhaps, but consider the following Thoughts that came to Mind in thinking about all this, presently. As of 2023, Netanyahu will have been in Power for 16 Years. It has been leaked by some Online Sources, that in 1 Private Conversation between Netanyahu and the Israeli Political Rank and File, he was heard stating that he believes, ‘GOD has tasked him with building the 3rd Temple’.

Or that he has had a long-standing Personal Conviction that he sees that the Greatest Legacy and Accomplishment of his Political Career is seeing the 3rd Temple be constructed for the Jewish Nations. Consider this then. In 2 Years Time, that being 2025, Netanyahu will be 18 Years in Political Power. This makes him the longest Serving Leader of a Biblically Reconstituted Israel. And as one knows in dealing with Biblical Numbers, 18 Years is an encrypted 6-6-6. In fact, Time Magazine once named him the ‘King of Israel’, etc.

One believes that it will be Netanyahu, much like a King David that prepared all the Material for the ‘Son’ to then come as a ‘Solomon’, a Man of Peace to then actually construct the 3rd Temple. Consider The Follow Day Count Pertaining to the Birth-Day of Netanyahu in relation to when one supposes the Tribulation Period could start. The specific Day Count starts on October 18, 2025, which is the Eve of Netanyahu’s Birith-Day. It Is Rather Amazing In Some Respects.

October 19, 1949
To speculated start of 7-Year Tribulation Theory:
October 18, 2025 (Shemini Atzeret-Simchat Torah)

= 27,758 Days
= 75 Years, 11 Months, 29 Days Excluding The End Date.
= ~666,000 hours
= 911 Months

Benjamin Netanyahu
Born on October 21, 1949.
=  27,000 Days old on September 23, 2023 (6-Year Anniversary of Revelation 12 Sign.)
= 27,000 Days are 75 Prophetic Years (75 × 360 = 27,000)
Stephan from Revelation 12 Daily Blog

Builders of the Temple
One would say that 'Something Biblical is going on here!' Consider that Netanyahu is a Free Mason, which is the ‘Religion’ of Lucifer. One documents this Evidence in 1 of my Books titled, ‘The 13th King of Israel’. It compares the Kingly Line of the Southern Kingdom of Judah with the Parallel of Modern Israeli Prime Ministers. But when Netanyahu lost to Bennett and Lapid, one thought the Prophetic Pattern and Book were no longer Relevant. And that the Theory was not valid after all. Wrong.

Then Netanyahu was re-elected for the 6th Time. The Point is that in 2025, that is when one surmises the start of the Last Week of Years, or Daniel’s 70Th Week will begin, i.e., Fall 2025-2032 Timeline. This would put Netanyahu in his 18 Year or 6-6-6 Cycle. He will be 75 Years Old. This Prophetically echoes how old Abraham was when he entered the Promised Land. This Year, could very well be the ‘David’ King Type to hand-off the Construction, Sanctioned by the Political government of Israel and as a Mason, to the ‘Son’.

And this ‘Son’ will then be the coming Jewish ‘Son of Israel’, the Prince that will come in his own Name, as Jesus forwarded Israel will do. Thus, the Construction of the Temple will need Time for the Materials to be assembled on the Temple Mount. A whole lot of Political and Religious maneuvering has to occur before that. This is why one does not agree in the Notion that once the Rapture occurs, like the very next Day, the Tribulation Day Count starts. No. Not Possible and this is why the 2023 Fall U.N. Call for the 7-Year Approved Protocols to implement their 2030 Agenda Cannot be Daniel’s 7-th Week of Year ‘Confirming’ of the Covenant. Time is also needed for the Ashes of the Red Heifer to be procured

The Red Heifers will become Center Stage in the next 2 Years, as that is what will be needed to make all of Israel, then ‘Kosher’ to be able to offer the Daily Sacrifices on the newly built 3rd Temple. This is why the Rapture has to then occur in 2024, based on this Conjecture of a 2025-2032 Timeline. As the Worldwide Chaos ensues, there will be a need of a Transition Time or Gap of Time to have then the Revealed Jewish Messiah that will not only Bring Peace to the Middle East, but the whole World.

In the Book of Revelation, this 1st Seal to then be broken by Jesus in the Presence of the Seated Bride, as in the 24 Elders will commence the 70th Year Hour of Trial. It will come upon the Inhabitants of Planet Earth, and that to center around Israel’s Repentance. This will take Time leading-up to this Last Sabbatical Count that will not be based on the Shemitah Cycle. This has now been proven incorrect. After the Rapture, there will be Time needed for the AntiChrist, as is described, once Revealed and Released that will need to go about ‘Conquering and to Conquer’.

This overthrow of the Nations through ‘Peace and Safety’ cannot occur nor can it happen overnight. Granted, it will be ‘Swift’ in comparison to present World Geo-Politics. As it is, the Luciferian have practically done about 90% of the Work beforehand. After the Rapture of the Bride of Christ, the Globalist Luciferians will hand over the Nations to him, i.e., Agenda 2030. This is the real and hidden Agenda of the Agenda 2030.

It is because if one’s 2025-2032 Timeline will turn out to be Valid, the Mid-Point of the 7-Year Tribulation will be April 1, 2029, thus Agenda 2030…Mission Accomplished. This has been their Luciferian Masonic ‘Great Work’ to Build Their Dark Lord a Temple that he can dwell in. It is much how it has been the Work of the Body of Christ, through the Holy Spirit, in tandem on Earth to likewise Jesus having been building a Spiritual Temple in which He will dwell in.

And it is constituted by the Harvest of as many Souls before the End of the Church Age is concluded with the Rapture Event. It will be at that Time that the Temple of the Bride, Metaphorically speaking will have been Concluded. The Church Age is just waiting for that ‘Last Brick’, that Last Fish, the 153rd one to be ‘Caught in the Church Age Net’. Thereafter, Lucifer’s Bride, the Whore of Babylon will complete their Physical Temple on the Temple Mount, north of the Dome of the Rock, centered on what is now the Dome of the Tablets, etc.

Here is the Link Online to the Book in PDF Format if you all want to browse it pertaining to the History of Israel’s Prime Ministers and how they compare and contrast to the Kingdom of Judah’s 13 Kings. And that the 13th King will be the AntiChrist. They have the Crown already made, etc.



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