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  • What are the similarities of the Spanish Flu in 1920?
  • Is there a conspiracy behind this world Pandemic?
  • A Globalist Plan to bring their New Order out of this Chaos?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The Blood on the houses where YOU are staying will distinguish THEM; when I see the Blood, I will pass over YOU. No PLAGUE will fall on YOU to destroy YOU when I strike the Land of Egypt.’ – Exodus 12:13

The purpose of this article is to interject some observations and thoughts about the global Pandemic that is now the Corona Virus, (COVID-19) that was first reported back in December of 2019 with a measure of prophetic filters. For sure, the outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome - Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) started much earlier as its supposed point of origin was some meat-market in the mega-city of Wuhan, Hubei Provence of China. According to research, the Corona Virus is 1 of many that are already classified as a group of viruses that exist in mammals and birds. Based on what is known scientifically and publicly, coronaviruses cause respiratory tract infections that are typically mild, such as experienced in contracting a common cold. However, the current pandemic strain(s) can lead to serious respiratory tract and kidney infections which then can lead to death. It is apparent that it is lethal as many around the world have died and are.

The death rate, although currently estimated to be around 3% is not as concerning as it is with the sensitive groups of people, such as those that are over 65 years, have pre-respiratory conditions and/or have a compromised immune system. The name ‘Corona Virus’ was derived from the Latin ‘corona’, meaning crown or halo. It refers to the characteristic appearance of a crown or a ‘solar corona’ around the virions (virus particles) when it was viewed under a 2-dimensional transmission Electron Microscope. This ‘crown effect’ is due to the surface covering in club-shaped protein spikes. It is reported that in actuality, the Corona Viruses were first discovered in the 1960s. The virus spreads between people in a similar way to Influenza. Human to human transmission of viruses is primarily thought to occur among close contacts via respiratory droplets generated by sneezing and coughing. What is to say about those with seasonal allergies, hay fever?

Then there is much debate as to whether face masks actually work or are affecting in staving-off the virus exposures. Already, as in every human tragedy and crisis the best and worst of Humanity surfaces. In some cases, the heroism and voice of the Chinese Doctor that exposed this epidemic through social media are those that will go down in history as heroes. Then there are people that are selling fake masks and hand sanitizer bottles for $400 USD. Some doctors say there is really no benefit to facial masks while others recommend them, if at least for those working in the various health professions or one is known to carry the virus to prevent the spreading of it through sneezing and/or coughing, etc. It is a concern as it was realized and known that many of the doctors that first came into contact with patients in China and who whistle-blew the situation, died from unprotected exposure.

The Perfect ‘Prophetic’ Storm
Health personnel are on the frontline and have to deal directly with suspected and/or known infected patients; much to be commended for. As a result, there has been nonetheless a run on such supplies and the massive quarantines, especially in China and Italy have been hit hard. In some cases, China, which comprises 70%-90% of the world suppliers and/or manufacturers is at a virtual stand-still for now. This has helped contribute to the new volatility in the world markets and in trading. For example, the New York Stock Exchange is convulsing in -2000 drops and +1000 rebounds, unprecedented. Combined with the supply chain being interrupted, there are wide-spread travel restrictions, oil price dropping, regional war in the Middle East, etc. Then there is the swarm of locust in Africa and Middle East on a Biblical scale unseen before.

These are just a few of the factors that is making for a perfect storm, some would even say ‘prophetic storm’ as taught in the Bible. Prophetically, Jesus warned that such conditions would happen on a worldwide scale never seen before, just before His return. Then, the locust swarm of 2020 is just another form of a plague that will compound the logistics, supplies, and commodities that will negatively and severely affect the average person on Earth for the months to come. This translates into eventual famine, more scarcities and higher prices for food. This is already on top of massive wild fires of the likes of Australia, California, volcanoes and earthquakes. Many skeptics would and do say that many are being alarmists or fostering fear of a ‘Biblical End of Days’ scenario. Consider that the Spanish Flu outbreak and Pandemic of 1918-1920 is estimated to have killed anywhere from 50-100 million around the world and with a much lower world population.

Did people then expect the end of the world, the Rapture and/or the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ? However, as this article will consider, it is rather interesting that the timing of this latest worldwide Pandemic is at a 100-year marker. Back then, such a Pandemic eventually led to the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and an eventual set-up for World War 2. Is a 3rd attempt by the Globalists the charm? It might be all a coincidence but numbers and words are often used by such agencies. Consider 'Corona Virus', C = 3 and V = 22 in terms of the western alphabet. What would be significant about 322? Research it. As to a numbers connection, well then if one considers and computes ‘COVID-19’, the COVID adds up to 52 then the 19 = 72. Now this 72 is significant because it is a measure of Celestial Time that the Fallen Ones operate on and peg their rituals and strategic moves/action plans to, which 1 climax will be at or near the Equinox of March 20th.

Also in Jewish Gematria of virus ‘C-Ovid’- 19:
1. Strong's Concordance of Hebrew ‘Ovid’ =
2. Number 19 or ‘ibchah’ definition =

Now in California, the Governor stated that Martial Law is an option if needed. Although many that compare this epidemic to the Spanish Flu, Corona just seems abnormal as it is ravaging those that get it and are older as in Italy, which is dire. Yet many a Millennial and Gen Z’ers are mocking the lockdowns and interruptions to their ‘Social Life’ by trending
#BoomerRemover. Consider that this generation is the one that would 'pull the plug on Grandma' as it is.

Normal Seasonal Flu:
~291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide
~12,000 to 61,000 deaths in the U.S. per year

So, to many, this current outbreak is not like the flu and the quarantines are warranted although others argue at the cost of the economy, jobs… to save only a small portion of the population. It is believed that the COVID-19 is 10X to 15X as deadly as the flu (in Italy it is turning out to be 80X as deadly). Then others are speculating that by Summer with the warmer temp, the virus will subside. However, MERS which was another type of the Coronavirus family, continued to spread in the Arabian Peninsula in an extreme hot climate.

It was however then, a time when the powers of the Globalist forces wanted a New World Order, i.e., the League of Nations but it was not their time. Why not? The various prophetic elements that are now in place spoken by Jesus were not present then. What are the conditions? As noted, there were no inordinate number of active volcanoes, or earthquakes of over 6.0-7.0 now on a weekly basis worldwide and in ‘diverse places’, meaning in areas not normally known for such activities.

Prophetically, Israel was not a sovereign nation and named among the nations of the free world then, etc. Presently, the worldwide fear factor is real and unprecedented thanks to a connected social media technology now in place around the world. The average citizen is often times more informed than the official news outlet and/gets the information beforehand. So, as others do contend that such pandemics, earthquakes, volcanoes, famines and wars, have always occurred, etc. This is true but the difference now as opposed to history, is that such are all occurring at the same time, worldwide. This condition would be the ‘sign’ that Jesus warned was to be but the beginning of what is to befall the entire globe and the Last Generation before His return. And as this article does allude to, the 100-year marker of a prior Pandemic that was the Spanish Flu has the earmarks of a nefarious attempt by the Globalists behind the scenes. How so?

A Global Pandemic
The Globalists are pushing for their New World Order and eventual Global Leader that will centralize power, eliminate cash money, and bring their ‘Order’ out of their orchestrated Chaos. People will disparately seek a ‘savior’ to unite and rally around for ‘Peace and Security’. What better time to break-away from the old paradigms of organized religion, economy and governments that mostly are to blame for current wars and strife, etc. What better way to fuse them all into their planned ‘Pure Luciferian Doctrine’ that they espouse. This Pandemic is an opportunity, a stepping-stone of an excuse to do just that. It is contended that  no political persuasion will make it so. For example, no amount of orchestrated mass shootings will make the USA government confiscated guns and eliminated civil rights. Why mention the USA specifically? Because Wall Street is there. There are those that believe it is the last bastion against the Globalist, for now. As President Trump has been against the Globalist cabal, this perfect 'Pandemic Storm' has thrown 'Globalism' in the face of Trump. How So? The orchestrated level of this global Pandemic now requires and demands 'global' solutions, a global plan, a global leader, etc.

It will be through the medical manipulation of the threat of exposure to such viruses that this plan will be implemented throughout the world with each new wave of economic collapses, famines, quarantines, wars, etc. Further in the research, the current Corona Virus is ongoing and a global outbreak that has since been declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the World Health Organization or a Pandemic. What is a Pandemic? A Pandemic is an epidemic of disease that has spread across a large region; for instance, multiple continents, or worldwide. As of March 2020, over 119,000 cases have been confirmed globally, of which 5,800 were classified as serious. As of mid-March, 2020, more than 115 countries and territories have been affected, in particular hard hit, Italy, South Korea, and Iran aside from the major outbreaks initially in Wuhan, China. Of course, many experts believe the numbers are under-reported.

What has occurred by way of this virus is unprecedented in human history as entire cities of millions and regions or provinces in this case in China has been quarantined. Thereafter, Italy which has also been hard-hit due to an aging population elected to quarantine the entire nation. Ironically, it was the Romans who invented the word and practice. A quarantine is a restriction on the movement of people and goods intended to prevent the spread of disease not yet confirmed by a medical diagnosis. However, the Jews in the Bible had this prescription directed from YHVH since Exodus.

As of this article, it has been reported that more than 4,200 people have died so far that are known and counted: more than 3,100 in mainland China and over 1,100 in other countries. However, what has not been reported is that more than 64,000 people have recovered. Some experts believe the potential is for millions to die as measures to stop the spread of this Pandemic have not succeeded as would in normal circumstances. It is believed that the time between exposure and symptom onset is typically 5 days, but may range from 2 to 14 days. As mentioned, symptoms are most often fever, cough, and shortness of breath, diarrhea much like the common cold. Complications may include pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome that could lead and have led most to death as mentioned prior. However, in the case of the northwest region of the USA, it was reported that an Ebola-like measure was used in the attempt to contain the virus but failed. In other instances, the 14-day quarantine maybe too early. People have passed the mark but have thereafter succumbed to the symptoms and virus.

Order out of Chaos
There is currently no vaccine or specific antiviral treatment for the Corona Virus, or that is being publicized. Presently, only efforts are aimed at managing symptoms and exposure as with screening methods at airports and train stations, etc. Recommended preventive measures include handwashing, maintaining distance from other people and monitoring and self-isolation for the 14-days quarantine of people who suspect they are infected. The response by many governments at all levels based on the recommendation of world and national public health agencies around the world have been to impose travel restrictions, quarantines, curfews, and school closures, etc. In many cases, schools have closed nationwide or locally in some countries, affecting more than 300 million students worldwide. This is unprecedented in terms of scope.

Let us consider the conspiracy that this virus is man-made, bio-engineered, a super weapon. Based on other’s assessment that are in the know, they have observed that the strains contain HIV components. This would seem rather odd if true. Has it been no coincidence though that for the past 20 years, the main ‘global’ viruses have come from China/Asia? There has been the Swine, Bird, then Ebola in Africa, etc. Many may not be aware that in the 1980s, a novel with such a scenario was published, as ‘fiction’ of course. The Dean Koontz 1981 novel was titled, The Eyes of Darkness. It was edited in 2008 to reflect an updated location, Wuhan instead of Soviet Russia. It is like the Tom Clancy novels that cloaked a lot of reality for obvious reasons. It describes a world Pandemic started in China. The virus was called Wuhan-400 because they manufactured 400 strains. Or in another book titled, ‘The End of Days’ by Silvia Brown in 2008 stated that in the year 2020 a virus would be released worldwide.

Very chilling nonetheless, as both places had that nation’s high-tech bio-weapons lab facilities there; microbiology and virology labs. It is no secret that sense World War 1, nations have developed, deployed and used biological and nerve agents, such as mustard gas as means of waging war. The question remains, what is the difference with this Corona Pandemic as opposed to the Spanish Flu? The coronavirus strains have now been virtually perfected. With the masses of people engaged in world travel, the exposure to such pathogens would be more acute and speedy. Many believe that the release of such pathogens into the world streams of peoples are all test runs, a trial run. What better place than China to start and let it loose to see what outcomes will occur, play-out and  then what the Globalists will fine-tune it with and for as it runs its course. Perhaps?

To the Globalists that seek to reduce human population with, as Bill Gates, son of former Planned Parenthood Board Member stated once publicly, ‘we can reduce the world population through vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive health services.’ This, in part is the managed and well planned ‘Chaos’ that is being rolled-out before one’s eyes wide shut. For China, with over a billion people, what is a few million to experiment with as they can lock-down millions in entire city mega-complexes and provinces. Many people are now seeing what the purpose of all those oversized black ‘coffins’ are for that came to light about 10 years ago. The plagues that Jesus warned about will come will be so severe that incinerators will not be able to keep up with burning the bodies of infected dead people. Thus, 3-4 dead bodies can fit in such crates nicely. Maybe? They have been experimenting and perfecting their rollout in China because is a totalitarian utopia the Globalist will model it for all the rest of the world to follow once their leader is revealed.

The Coming Brave New World Order
Realize that this latest ‘test run’ is conditioning now the whole world to relinquish any semblance of personal and/or private rights for the sake of ‘peace and security’. Consider that with such pestilences, the fear factor will be such that as Henry Kissinger rightly foretold, people will be begging the UN to enact Martial Law in the streets to maintain a semblance of ‘peace and safety’. Although it is not the case now, full blown, it will be one day. It is the perfect ‘storm’, prophetic many would say of an orchestrated chaos so they can then impose their evil agendas. And it will be through the medical manipulations, for the most part…leading to economic collapse, rioting, panic, more wars, etc.

As a backdrop, is it any wonder why most who are observing this degree of contagion and outbreak are linking it the Spanish Flu of 1918-20, exactly 100 years ago? What was the Spanish Flu and how bad was it in comparison to the Corona Virus now? It was technically an Influenza Pandemic. According to research, this ‘Spanish Flu’ or deadly Influenza Pandemic has actually not gone away either. What? It was actually the 1st of 2 pandemics involving the H1N1 Influenza Virus. Astonishing, the 2nd was said to have been the Swine Flu outbreak of 2009. It is believed that in 1920, the Spanish Flu infected about 500 million people around the world, or about 27% of the then world population of between 1.8 and 1.9 billion. Amazing.

Then, the worldwide reach was incredible as the pathogen affected even remote places such as isolated islands of the Pacific and all the way up to the Arctic Circle. The death toll is estimated to have been anywhere from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million. To date, it is believed to be one of the deadliest epidemics in human history. According to research, even the life expectancy in the United States dropped by about 12 years in the 1st year of the pandemic. Interestingly, was there and then, a push by the Globalists to instill a New World Order? Yes. The plan and design was to usher-in their New World Order through the League of Nation but it failed. Coincidence? Perhaps. However, is this 100-year old virus now the latest and most lethal round achieved by the same Globalists who seek the following ultimate outcomes?

-Funnel and concentrate all power to the global entity and person.
-Implement a national and international health care, force vaccinate.
-Confiscate arms through gun control.
-Militarize the Police against the domestic Populace.
-Restrict travel and movement.
-Use medical crises to suspend civil liberties.
-Control the cashflow or introduce a virus excuse for paperless money.

What is converging now is that due to mass travel and the increase in personal technology devices, the sense of privacy and personal space has been so compromised and eroded to the point that when such an emergency arises, most Millennials and Generation Z’ers will not blink when their Civil Liberties and Rights will be not ‘taken’ from them but will gladly be relinquished by them. It is after all, the generation of all trophy winners, safe spaces, comfort animals, and all this at the university level. Is there any hope? Will the situation on Earth, in the world get better? What did Jesus say?

The Great Pass – Over
The conditions foretold in the Bible are all happening at once as Jesus stated. It is now undeniable. The conditions are now all in place at this point in time of human history as in no other time before; it is now at ‘Biblical’ levels in one’s estimation. The difference? As mentioned, these conditions have never existed simultaneously in all of recorded human history until now. It is this generation, to a large degree that will have the most at stake to lose as their future does not look so bright and promising according to Jesus’ estimation. Can someone try to explain what Jesus had to say in Matthew 24 about such a time as this on Earth? Why would Jesus send plagues or allow them as many innocent people would surely suffer and/or die? Consider that in the Bible, plagues are always spoken or read in context of a judgment against either the world or Israel for wickedness and evil.

Many then ask, why GOD? Or where is ‘GOD’ in all of this? The question is really, why you and/or where are you? The Bible clearly states that YHVH takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked and implores with Believers and non-Believers alike to turn for wickedness and evil but rather chose life and live. This Last Generation, in particular will be held accountable as the full measure of such evil and wickedness will lead to worse conditions. It has sealed the world’s fate with. For example, when Vice President Pence was designated to oversee this crisis for the USA, in one instance he publicly prayed. Then CNN news commentators Don Lemon mocks Pence for doing that, which to many people might be the variable that is lost in the world and the USA in particular. In part, how can a nation and world be blessed when the unborn are murdered and now even post birth in some states? In part, how can the Creator bless a world or nation when now His institution of marriage is marred by same-sex ones as in the days of Sodom and Noah?

How can YHVH bless a world and nation with health, wealth and prosperity when true Bible believing Christians are being hunted down and martyred by Islam, for example in many countries around the world and in communist-socialist ones like China? No. The plagues are coming and they will be intense as no other time in human history. In comparison to what will occur during the Great Tribulation Period, this Corona Virus Pandemic will pale in comparison. What Jesus has done now is that He has provided a way out and a solution and ‘antidote’ to a ‘virus’ far more lethal and eternally leading to death, sin. It is the ‘SIN-Virus’ that Jesus came to deal with 1st and with His pure and perfect Blood as the antigen, to cure the SIN-Virus that has infected Humanity.

Through Jesus’ payment on the Cross of Calvary, His Blood has washed and cured such a condition that is at the core of the soul of every human beings’ true need and eternal ailment that is leading all of mankind to eternal judgment and damnation. Jesus is the cure that then can affect everything from the inside out. Jesus has given the evil and wicked world a solution and escape to what is coming, that is the Blessed Hope of the Rapture. It is incumbent upon every human to receive and apply this ‘Blood Payment’ of a cure, the Blood of Christ Jesus, that paid for the sins of the world. It can only be effective if it is received and actualized by faith in a person who calls upon the name of Jesus. Otherwise, Jesus has put the whole world on notice that judgment is coming. The Plagues are coming as they were in the days of Egypt according to Jesus. The Bible teaches that there was a Great Exodus of Israel from that nation of Egypt.

The Great Physician
Prophetically, as there was an extraction then, there will be a separation also now in this Last Generation. The world or ‘Egypt’ is about to be judged by 10 major plagues yet to come. What was the agent that protected Israel and those joined to them as they prepared to ‘fall away’ or exit out of or ‘fall back’ out of Egypt? That agent was the blood of an innocent and spotless lamb. The blood had to be applied over the door of each house where the Jews were so that when the Destroying Angel come over them, upon seeing the blood, the plague of judgment passed over every person in that house. So too, theologically, Biblically, the plagues are coming. Eventually death for all people will come, virus or no virus. If one is not found to have applied the Blood of Jesus, eternal death awaits.

Such a time as this should be a wake-up call for the world and the People called by Jesus’ Name to repent of any wickedness and evil. It is a time, a prelude of a warning of much worse things and plagues of judgment to come, according to Jesus. One should be asking, ’what time is it’ or 'what prophetic time' is it? How soon is this ‘separation’ or extraction to occur? Well, when did the Church start and when should it logically come to its conclusion? Consider that the Church Body started at a Pentecost. It is ongoing still until Jesus saves/adds-in that last Gentile Believer. It is not completed/fulfilled or ‘when it fully had come’ just yet. The time on the ‘Prophetic Time Clock’ is that presently the world is in the ‘intermission’, the Age of Grace, etc.

And a key signet is that Jesus’ People have been given a Royal Commission, specific for this time as ‘Ambassadors’ of the King. Every commission as in a military one or in a government, for example has an end-date as in an expiration or ‘separation’. One day, all those that are of the Body of Christ Jesus, the Bride will be served with such ‘Separation Papers’. It will be as a notice to separate from this evil world and be extracted much like Israel was from Egypt. This will be at the Resurrection/Rapture event that many also will believe will help in accelerating the Globalist agenda to speed-up their New World Order. Similarly, as a type also, Ambassadors eventually have to return to their home country to then give an account. As a sure clue to consider, those that are of Jesus should be referencing what is certain and given by the LORD already.

Consider that the Church Age and its endpoint, the Resurrection-Rapture event has been likened by both Jesus and Paul for sure, to a harvest. The most prominent typology given that is scriptural is that of a wheat harvest, which is harvested from mid-Summer to late Summer time frame. Yes, one is bias toward a Pentecost season and ‘when it fully comes’ of a given year for the end harvest, the separation, the extraction to occur. But if anything, such speculated dates that come and go, to include signs above and below should be encouraging. It should help those watching that indeed, Jesus is on schedule and meeting those mile-markers, which in reality, that is what they are. However, they are getting much louder, clearer and more dire, no? Claim the Blood of Jesus over one’s soul, homes, businesses, family, church.

A Promise:
…’and said to him, Run and tell that young man: Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the multitude of men and livestock within it. For I will be a Wall of Fire around it, declares the LORD, and I will be the glory within it.’ – Zechariah 2:4-5


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The following are various Corona Virus map resource sites for a visual as to how fast and profound the virus is spreading all over the world.


University of Washington Geographer Bo Zhao

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