A Perspective of the Journey of Faith

  • What is the 'Fog of Prophecy' and why is it being said?
  • How much longer will the Church Age last before it Ends?
  • What is the next Prophetic Event according to the Bible?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘We have also a more sure Word of Prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a Light that Shineth in a Dark Place, until the Day Dawn, and the Day Star arise in your Hearts’. -2 Peter 2:19

The purpose of this study is to consider where the Church Body of Christ ‘Is At’, in terms of the End of the Church Age and the Rapture that will Extract all those True Followers of Jesus from off the Planet as promised by Jesus. This Great Escape will be before the 7-Year Tribulation Judgement occurs. The backdrop for this consideration is a ‘Grasping at Straws’, as they say, by some for even trying. One calls this effort in attempting to decipher Biblical Prophecy as the ‘Fog of Prophetic’. Fog is the Atmospheric Phenomena on Earth where Cold Air, being heavier, is trapped below a Pressure of Warmer Air that is lighter and rises to the top. The Dictionary Definition is as follows.  

fôg, fŏg
1-Condensed Water Vapor in Cloudlike Masses lying close to the Ground and Limiting Visibility.
2-Fog is a Visible Aerosol consisting of Tiny Water Droplets.
3-Ice Crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth's Surface.
4-Fog can be considered a type of Low-Lying Cloud usually resembling Stratus.
5-It is heavily influenced by nearby Bodies Of Water, Topography, and Wind Conditions.

And with this Dictionary Definition of Fog, one will use that Metaphor and apply it to Biblical Prophecy as many of its Characteristics speak to ‘Where We are At?’ The 2nd Metaphor one will assume, in Context also is a Road Map. If anyone has ever Traveled knows that in reading a Map, for example, some Locations on the Map or at the Sites will have a Mile Marker and a Sign Post that identifies the Site’s Location in reference to other Known Sites. The Sign Post will also have that Iconic Phrase of, ‘You Are Here’.

As one can tell, the Fog Metaphor has some interesting Correlations as to how Biblical Prophecy is Read, Understood and Interpreted much like reading a Road Map. Here are some of the Elements. The Road Map is the Bible. The Pieces of Evidence or Prophetic Clues are given, low and to the Ground. Biblical Prophecy is ‘Visible’ but at times not fully Discernable. Prophecy functions as the ‘Light’. The ‘Fog’ in Prophecy is intentional, by Jesus, who is the Author, Subject and Predicate of Prophecy per Revelation 19:10.

Road Signs

Trying to ‘See’ Biblical Prophecy through the ‘Fog’ at times feels that it is ‘Suspended’ in the Air, as the Followers of Jesus will be too at the Rapture Event. And such Believers in Jesus are those that are ‘Stuck’ or ‘Trapped’ below, like Fog from reaching the Higher Strata of the Air or Atmosphere, etc. Or in other words, Humans are Earth-Bound, as in being Limited Physiologically and Spiritually in seeing ‘All the Details’. This is of course, understood to be because of the Fall of Man and how Sin tore that Divine Fabric of Relationship between the Creator, YHVH and Adam, etc. Thus, this is why the Bible states that as pertaining to Prophecy, one can only ‘Look-Out’ to a certain Distance.

The Scripture even uses the Metaphor of Fog to describe how those that attempt to See into the Future, as in Biblical Prophecy of when the Rapture is, can only go so far and See so far. It is as if one is driving in a Vehicle going down a Road and the Fog is so thick, that even with the Headlights turned-on, the Visibility is extremely limited to only a few Feet or Meters. Mind you, it is in 2 Peter 1:19 that teaches that the ‘Headlights’ is Biblical Prophecy. It is the Reason for it that guides one’s Path through the Prophetic Fog. But realize that for all the Signs, they are not the Event itself; that comes later.

This is why, to a large extent, the Last Rendition of the 7-Churches of Asia, that being Laodicea, is indifferent to Prophecy and why most are either now, as a Direct Result, Asleep, Apostate, or Abstinent. As such Churches intentionally refuse to study Prophecy, it has not prepared the Church for what is now upon it, in these Last Days, a Falling Away. Or the Church has totally Capitulated to the World and Abandoned the Road Jesus set the Church Believer on. But rather, the Believers have instead joined the Path that the World is Trekking to, Perdition. This Road or Path or Journey is what Jesus warned was very Broad and Many rather chose that Trek to their Destruction.

Yes, the Narrow Road or Way or Journey is by Faith and is Hard. It is why not ‘Many’ chose to go on it. The ‘Fog’ is intimidating. Prophecy is hard, frustrating at times. And due to the Prophetic Fog, not much Depth is Ascertained. Yet, as with any Dichotomy, Biblical Prophecy does tell the Trekker the End Goal in Generalities. But it is enough to sustain the Trek and Journey of Faith. One’s Faith in Jesus is Sufficient. Jesus’ Grace is sufficient. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the Alef and the Tav. Jesus is the LORD of Prophecy. He is Prophecy. He told His Disciples the End and how that would look like. The Book of Revelation tells what this End will look like. It is Finished.

One just has to continue on the Narrow Path, Foggy as it may be, but pressing-on because one does see Jesus at the Finish Line. This is where, then, the Road Sign Posts are most needed and appreciated as they guide the Traveler through the Fog of Prophecy to know ‘You Are Here’. The concept of a Light House also beans its Light for Ships at sea to help the Captain Navigate the Waters and/or be alerted of Dangerous areas that might lie ahead, etc. For those that are venturing on the Trek of Biblical Prophecy, what is Prophecy anyway? Why is Prophecy even given in the Bible and for what purpose? Jesus spoke to this. He stated that He told the Disciples what was going to occur so that when the Events would come to pass, they would remember that Jesus knows the Future, is the LORD of the Future and one can have Peace about it.


1-An Inspired Utterance of a Prophet, viewed as a Revelation of Divine Will.
2-A Prediction of the Future, made under Divine Inspiration.
3-Such an Inspired Message or Prediction transmitted Orally or in Writing.

For those having put their Trust in Jesus for Eternal Salvation, one realizes that the Trek, the Journey is one of Faith. But Signs are given, although Foggy at Times, some stretches of the Road are very Clear. The Ultimate Destination on that ‘Road Map’ of Life is Jesus. Now, why Jesus designed the Journey with Limited Visibility is up for Debate and perhaps 1 of the Many Questions one will ask of Jesus just after the Rapture, in the Eternal State. One can presume, to a degree, that 1 Reason is that being in a Fallen State, one’s Pride and Prejudice would make the Sign Posts, ‘Golden Cows’.

One would rather start to Worship the Signs and Wonders rather than the Author of such Signs and Wonders. It is ultimately, Jesus, the GOD the Son who is, The Sign and The Wonder. Also, why the Signs in Biblical Prophecy are seen as through a Foggy Mirror or ‘Crystal Ball’ is to not give away Spiritual Intel to the Enemies of the Cross. Enemies of the Cross? Yes. This Term is used in the Bible of how there are those that have sided with Lucifer and have put their Faith and Trust in his False Gospel.

Realize that the Journey of Faith is much like the Book, the Pilgrim’s Progress. It is a Journey where Detractions, Temptations, will come and are lurking in the Shadows from without and within one’s Deceiving Heart even. So, Biblical Prophecy is like looking outside a Water-Condensed or Foggy Window. However, as one is not to trust in the Sign Posts necessarily that one sees, it is a Dichotomy, Spiritually. How so? In the New Testament, the Apostles teach that, ‘But we See Jesus’ as Hebrews 2:9 teaches.

But we do see Jesus, who for a little while was made Lower than the Angels, so that through GOD'S Grace He should Die for Everyone. We see Him now Crowned with Glory and Honor because of the Death He Suffered’.

This portion of Scripture is very Powerful and teaches the Purpose of the Prophetic Fog. And that is? First of all, the Verse before that states that, ‘There is nothing beyond Jesus’ Control’. This means that in Starting and Finishing the Trek on that Road Map of Faith, one can have Assurance that Jesus is at the End. He sees those coming toward Him. And all that occurs along the way, is subject to Jesus’ Control and Sovereignty.

Then the Passage goes on to teach that it is Jesus who is, again the Ultimate Destination, despite the Prophetic Fog of how one only sees a Limited Scope, but by Design. So, with this Theological Framework, ‘Where Are We At?’ as one treks along the Prophetic Fog to Jesus It is not prohibited to Ask or Inquire or even to Speculate when Jesus is to return for His Bride? Did not Jesus Command His Disciples to always be Watching? What? The Signs in the Heavens Above and on the Earth Below.

Time of Visitation

Or else, Jesus’ Disciples would end-up no better than most if not of all Israel. Israel as a Nation did not ‘See’ Jesus coming, although they had that ‘More Sure Word of Prophecy’ given to Daniel of Jesus’ exact Day of His Visitation. Israel was not Prepared for ‘Company’ or Spiritually Ready to receive the King of Glory, their long-awaited Messiah. It was only the very Few that were Expecting Jesus, and this based on Prophecy. Although the Old Testament Believers also had that Prophetic Fog of their own, they may not have known all the Details involving the Coming of Jesus in His 1st Advent. But they knew the End Result, the Birth of the King had occurred, as Promised.

It took the Wise Men and Women like the Magi of Persia, who were Gentiles and that of the Simeon’s and Anna’s, at the Temple that Christ was Revealed to them. Why them? They were Trekking through their Journey of Faith, despite the Prophetic Fog. They were the Examples of the Watchers of their Day. They still had Questions but were still looking through the Foggy Window, on that Side of the Cross despite limited Intel and ‘Road Visibility’. It is no different now, on this Side of the Cross. Note that on either Side of the Cross, the Central Sign and Wonder is Jesus, and His Appearing. These below are but a few of the Prophetic Questions many End Times Watchers have now. It also pertains to the Coming of Jesus.

1-Where is the Church Age at?
2-When is the Tribulation Period going to start?
3-When is the Resurrection-Rapture Event going to take place?
4-When will the Luciferian New World Order Rise?
5-When will the AntiChrist show-up?

Many within and without the Church Body, over the Centuries have criticized those that attempt to ‘Look through the Prophetic Fog’. Why even try? But one argues the same. Would one say to the Captain of a Ship, you do not need a Light House? Would one say, do not pay attention to the Sign Posts on a Foggy Road as one’s Vehicle goes around a Mountainous Blind Curve? Likewise, one should not shy-away from Prophecy just because it is wrapped in a Foggy Layer of limited Discernment and Understanding.

In fact, according to YHVH, He instructed Daniel to ‘Go Your Way’, and not concern himself with the Discernment and Understanding given to Daniel to See, but not necessarily comprehend Prophecy. It was because such Sign Posts and Wonders were to be for those in the Last Generation, the Last Leg in the Trek. It is this Generation that is promised would be all the Wiser to Instruct Many. This now brings one to the current Timeline of Events that are happening on Earth Below and in the Heavens Above.

Many End Time Watchers only focus on the Events Below, which is fine, but neglect and criticize those that Watch for the Signs Above, in the Heavens. Such people do not ‘go there’ because they are either Desensitized or Discouraged to do so. They do not fully realize that such Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars are likewise, ‘Sign Posts’ along the Way, also placed there for the Journey of Faith. These Signs were placed along with the Creation of Mankind to help Guide Mankind back to Jesus, etc. YHVH in the Book of Genesis specifically placed the Celestial Bodies to be for ‘Prophetic’ Signs.

Sign Posts

These Signs were and are to determine the Seasons and His Appointed Meeting or Assembly of His People Times. Prophecy is the ‘Headlights’. So, back to the 5 Questions. Where Are We At? For that last Good Decade or so, many End Times Watchers have grappled with such Signs Below and Above. More Information has been and is being revealed as well as Understanding the Sign Posts, despite the Prophetic Fog. Yet, all aspects of what one claimed or believed to Understand has amounted to what many say are ‘Nothing Burgers’. True.

But as one presses-on through the Prophetic Fog. Why? It is because one is reaching the Goal, Jesus. And that ultimately will be the End of the Church Age that is triggered by the Resurrection-Rapture Event. And what have been Examples of the Sign Posts in the ‘Heavens’ above and in the Earth Below? Here is a Partial List of Astronomical and Geo-Political Events that one believes were, are and will be tied to Biblical Prophecy.

The List below does not include the myriad of Solar and Lunar Eclipses and Comets that ‘Assented’ the various Astronomical Signs in the Heavens like Comets: Elenin, ISON, Conception, 67p Jubilee, Atlas, etc. The List does not include the increase in the Activity of Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes. The following are the ‘Sign Posts’ given in the Prophetic Fog, as it pertains primarily to the Redemption of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple, etc.

Signs Above

2012    Venus Transit
2013    Star of David Alignment  
2014    Tetrad Blood Moons
2015    Bethlehem Star Returns
2017    Revelation 12 Sign
2018    Central Blood Moons
2019    Rare Mercury Transit
2020    Grand Jupiter-Venus Conjunction
2021    Triple Blood Moon Series
2022    Great Planetary Alignment

Signs Below

2012    Mayan Doomsday Calendar
2013    Jesuit Bergoglio 266th Roman Church Pontiff
2014    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappears, Russian Annexes Crimea
2015    Climate Change Deal, Refugee Crisis in Europe, Obama Iran Deal
2017    Jerusalem proclaimed Eternal Capital of Israel
2018    Israel Nation-State Law
2019    Abraham Family Houses
2020    COVID-19 Bio-Weapon released, Abraham Accords
2021    Taliban allowed to Return to Power in Afghanistan
2022    The Great Reset

Devil in the Details

The following are Aspects of ‘Where We Are At’. One believes in a Possible Scenario of how the Tribulation Period could start. This is primarily predicated on the Notion that if the 70th Week of Daniel is to start, it would start at the beginning of a Shemitah Cycle. Again, one is presuming, as an example of how this is a ‘Fog’ Alert that one cannot fully ‘See’ clearly. The 7-Year Shemitah Tribulation does not have to start on such a Cycle.

What one has presented before is how, perhaps, only assuming a Prophetic Parallel, a similar Temple and Daily Sacrifice Scenario could be employed by the coming AntiChrist. How so? It was like it has to do with how Solomon Dedicated the 1st Temple. Remember that Lucifer mimics every aspect of what is Truth and what Christ Jesus uses to employ His Plan and Purpose, etc. This Temple Dedication by King Solomon is tied to a Day at the end of the Fall Feasts, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. But this is then predicated on the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario.

It is when the Rapture Event occurs that the Restrainer is set aside to allow for the Revealing of the AntiChrist and when their Luciferian Reset will take place. But seeing through the Prophetic Fog, one is not sure at this Point in Time, where the Church Age Saints are at Prophetically with any measure of Certainty…thus the Fog. One is scratching one’s Head as one and many others, are ‘Flying’ Blind with Instrumentations that are, ‘All over the Place’ with Readings. For example, in 2022, one thought that July 23 was True Pentecost, which also coincided with the Feast of New Wine.

One still believes it was the cas3, but that did not mean Jesus had to do anything on that Day because of it, i.e., the Rapture. Then 50 Days out from July 23, 2022 is September 11, 2022, the Feast of New Oil. It is the 21-Year or the 7-7-7 Shemitah Cycle that could be the 3-2-1 Countdown to Daniel’s 70 Week. And why is this noted? Consider that on September 11, 2001, thereafter on Rosh HaShanah, the Stock Market Crashed with a 777 Point Drop. Then in the Fall of 2022, the New Shemitah will mark the 70th Year since Israel returned to the Promised Land, etc. See Article.

#662: WHY 9-11 IN 2022 IS PROPHETIC

As to the 723 Factor? One just presumed based on one’s Anticipated Scenario that did not play-out. Or is it still in play and one just has not fully understood its Prophetic Implications? Others have suggested that the 723 is referring to the Jewish 7th Month, not the Gregorian Count. Then a lot of End Times Watchers thought, perhaps the 9th of Av and then Tu B’Av. But ‘No Dice’ as they say. Then what about the Revelation 12 5-Year Anniversary? One thinks these are Extremely Significant, Prophetically.


Are We There Yet?

Almost. At this stage in the Year, one is in that Prophetic Fog leading-up to the Fall Feasts of YHVH to consider. But here is where one is at. All up to now, in one’s Research and what one can see, ‘Out the Airplane Window’ is about ~2 Feet’. But 2022 is different in that it is pegged to the Shemitah Cycles. This is probably the most Sound and Firm Foundation of what one then has built upon. It is the Sign Post that is guiding the End Times Watchers through the Prophetic Fog, and where the End Times Church is at. Here are one’s Contemplations, seeing through the ‘Fog’, of ‘Where We Are At’.

1-If the Shemitah Cycle Theory is True, then the 7-Year Tribulation has to start soon after 9-23. And if not? What is going on? Do the End Times Watchers not really or fully understand the Signals Jesus has been giving the Bride, especially in this past Decade?

2-Did not Jesus say to Daniel that at the End, the ‘Wise’ would Understand and Instruct Many?’ One is not daring to Question Jesus, as it is not He but We. Then those who call themselves ‘Watchers’ are not Wise and/or we are not at the End. But can the World and its Circumstances get any worse? Yes.

3-If the Shemitah Counts are not True of Valid, the thinking is that, based on the Sabbath Cycles, the Tribulation cannot occur until the next 7 Years, in 2029. Can the present Church Age last that long? But here are the ‘Problems’. Such a Timeline would be clearly out of the Reach of the Fig Tree Generation as all would be Died by then.

4-But it does not mean that the Rapture has to wait until that Cycle commences. And one is assuming the Tribulation has to start at the beginning of a Sabbath Cycle. What if the Tribulation Period is not synced to such a start of a Shemitah Cycle all together?

5-But the Question was posed, ‘What if the 70th Week of Years is not this coming one?’ The consensus was that the Rapture could still occur, based on all the Signs noted. And that thereafter, the World would deal with it and the Tribulation would be sometime thereafter.

6-So, either the Rapture would have to occur before the Fall of 2022, by the Last Day of the Summer Harvests of September 22, 2022. If then, there is a 7-Year Gap for the Tribulation Period to occur, it would account for many of the Factors that need to be in place: the 3rd Temple, the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus, the Psalm 83 War, the Gog-Magog War, etc. It would explain the ‘Burning of the Weapons’ in Israel for 7 Years. It would give the Globalist’s Reset enough Time to implement their Digital and Bio-Metric Currency tied to one’s Body, etc.

7-But here is one’s Quandary. One has always thought that the Start of the Tribulation would be predicated on when the 1st Day of the Daily Sacrifices would be made. That would be initiated by the AntiChrist’s Sanctioning of the 3rd Temple and the Altar of Sacrifice. This is how one’s Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 Timeline is all predicated upon. The Daily Sacrifices could start later.

Obviously, the 3rd Temple cannot be constructed overnight at this Prophetic Pace and Time of, ‘Where We Are At’ presently. Based on one’s best Educated Guess, the start of the Tribulation Period Day Count would have to start on October 18, 2022. This is predicated on the Feast of Trumpets in 2029 that will occur on another 9-11. When?

Pressing On

It will pertain to the Date and Time of September 11, 2029, according to the Torah Calendar. Thus, it is how one arrives at October 18, 2022 being Simchat Torah, exactly 1260 Days earlier. And that it would be based on the Typology of how King Solomon dedicated the Temple at such a Time Commemoration. One’s Theory is that perhaps the coming False Jewish AntiChrist will do the same. Not so sure now because no 3rd Temple can be erected by October 18, 2022. This Theory was predicated on how Scripture states that the AntiChrist will halt those Daily Sacrifices at the Mid-Point.

This Mid-Point is at the 1260th Day of the Last Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle before Jesus Returns. One just Reversed-Engineers or counted backwards those 1260 Days to ascertain the possibility of when, then the Tribulation Period would have to start. So, what then actually starts the Tribulation Count? It is when Jesus opens-up the Scroll and the AntiChrist Rides. This is then predicated on how the Bride is sat, as the 24 Elders as Witnesses in Heaven of this Event. This then presumes that the Rapture Event is indeed Pre-Tribulation.

But one is having to totally re-think the Daily Sacrifice Dedication Day Counts. It is because one came across the fact that there is an 8 Month Waiting Period for Daily Sacrifices to be made once the Altar of Sacrifice is built. So, the issue is that the Tribulation 2520 Day Count could commence but does not require the Daily Sacrifices to kick it off. The Book of Revelation just mentions that at the Half-Way Marker, the Daily Sacrifices are Ceased.

It does not mean that it was necessarily, exactly 1260 Days prior when they started. This is another ‘clear’ example of the Fog of Prophecy. The 3rd Temple and its Dedication does not need to occur at the start of this coming Shemitah Cycle. Perhaps then it could be the next Year or the next Shemitah, or 3.5 Years into it as Jesus was Crucified at the 3.5 Year Marker of a Shemitah Cycle. But again, one is presuming this coming Shemitah could be or will be Daniel’s 70th Week.

This 3.5 Year or 1260 Day Count from the Fall of 2022 that would then align with the Essene Calendar. It holds to the Timeline of Shemitahs that 2025 is the Start of the Tribulation Period. So, see, there are a lot of ‘Readings’ to ascertain through the Biblical Fog of Prophecy. For sure, more Study and Insight from the Holy Spirit is required. However, despite one’s Reservations or Uncertainty, Prophecy is marching-on and occurring, Right on Time despite the Fog.

Even the World ‘Sees’ how the World Reset is set to occur in the Fall, as every 7th Shemitah is a Crash of the World Currencies. The World can ‘See’ the Ominous Signs of Distress that have arrived: Food Shortages, no Supply Chain, Rise of Tyranny, coming Climate Change Lockdowns and the Criminalization of Growing Food, etc. You have the UN to initiate the New World Order Take-Over of Nations through Medicine via the WHO Plandemics, etc. One can see Apostasy in the Last Days Church, Laodicea. One can see the Agenda of the LGBT+ on the Rise and Trending. And the List goes on. Thus, one can only Report what one ‘Sees’ within the Scope of the Prophetic Fog.

This is where one believes the Church is at, at its End. What is of particular significance, one would say again, is how the Convergence of Prophetic Signs Above and Below are accruing and leading-up to the End and Start of the next Sabbath Cycle of 7 Years. Why is this particular Sign Post to come to be exciting to consider, is that YHVH ‘Clocks’ Time through this Measurement. Meaning that some very Prophetic is about to or will take place as a result in the Fall of 2022.

Now the ‘Devil is in the Details’ as they say, and that is exactly what is next to occur. One believes that the greatest Prophetic Event next to occur on the Prophetic Calendar and Road Map, laden with Fog, is the End of the Church Age with the Rapture Event. Thereafter, the Devil will be Revealed to the World as the ‘Savior’, etc. As it is, the Retainer is Retraining the Full Effect of the Luciferian Agenda and their False Messiah AntiChrist.

Until then, their Evil Agenda is also proceeding, with the Shot Mandates, Economic Collapse, Digital Currency, Mass Surveillance, Food Insecurities, Weather Warfare, Orchestrated Mass Shootings and Wars and Rumors of War, etc. Their ‘Great Work’ will continue, up to the Last Day that the Body of Christ is still on Earth. And not until the Bride is Extracted from it. But so will the Restrainer’s Work be. Until that time, this is, ‘Where We Are At’.

This study has been a Reiteration of what one has ascertained could be part of an End Times Scenario of the coming Prophetic End of the Church Age. It is only as one can go by the Sign Posts in the Heavens Above and on the Earth Below. It is through the Journey of Faith, despite the Prophetic Fog, the ‘Finish Line’ is in ‘Prophetic Sight’. If all the Signs are pointing to this Convergence written about, then Jesus is at the Door. And in that case and Perspective, it is not really a matter of ‘You are Here’, but rather it is, ‘Jesus is Here’ on the Map.

It will be at the Rapture Event where there will be no more Fog to go through. The Believers in Jesus will rise up, lighter to break-out of the Fog and rendezvous with Jesus in the Clouds to See Him, Face to Face. And as promised, Jesus returns for His Disciples to take them where He is at; to His Father’s House. No more Faith required, as that will be turned to Sight. No more Fog as there will now be no more need for Prophecy, as the Prophetic One is realized. ‘You Are Here’. ‘You Have Arrived’. 

If there is any ‘Major’ Revelation presented in all of this that the study has shown, it is that Jesus started His Ministry at the Start of a Sabbath Cycle of 7-Years or a Shemitah. And that it was the fulfillment of Isaiah’s Year of Jubilee. And that at the Mid-Point there was as ‘Cutting Off’. In the case of Jesus Christ, it was Himself, put to Death. In the case of the coming AntiChrist, also at the Mid-Point or 1260th Day, he will Cut Off the Daily Sacrifices. This is why the Timeline of Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 appears to corroborate an April 1-2, 2029 Passover. It is wherein the AntiChrist will carry the 2nd Portion of the Shemitah Year in putting Jesus’ People to Death, as a Slaughter. It is when the Revelation 12 Sign actually comes to its Full Prophetic Fulfilment.

It is when this ‘Red Dragon of Lucifer seeks to devour the Woman and those She bears but is taken to the Wilderness as the Remnant of Israel for the remainder of the Great Tribulation. Thus, this study has been more of a Philosophical Retrospect and Spiritual Inventory to consider ‘Where We Are At’, Prophetically in context of the ‘Fog’. One thinks the Church Body finds itself, usually around this Time of the Year concerning the Fall Feasts of YHVH. So, one is then considering how it is interesting if the 32 to 39 AD Timeframe is an ‘Overlap’ of the Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 Shemitah. See Article Link.



 Or will it be from 2025, which is that 3.5 Year or 42 Month/1260 Day Count from Jesus’ Death, Burial, Resurrection and Commencement of the Church Age? The 28-35 AD Timeframe was a Shemitah and how it then corroborates with one’s Argument that it was in the Fall of 28 AD that Jesus began His Public Ministry. Again, this is very Important in that it occurred on a Shemitah and proclaimed the Year of Jubilee. Then exactly, 1260 Days later was April 14, 32 AD the exact Mid-Point was reached in the ‘Midst’ of the Shemitah.

Perhaps it is how the AntiChrist will, in some Fashion ‘Pick Up This Count’, in terms of the 3.5 Gap of Time. And how the 3.5 Years wherein Jesus was ‘Cut Off’ could be the ‘Gap’ of Time that could lead-up then to the Year 2025. And? It could be the next ‘Year’ to look at and study, if it turns-out that this 70th Year Super Shemitah converging in the Fall of 2022 will become ‘Another’ Nothing Burger. But this does not preclude from the Rapture Event to occur before that Time, thus the ‘Fog’ of Prophecy. 



Main Sources


#596: RAPTURE YEAR 2022?















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