Prophetic Patterns of the Last Generation

  • Is the Flood of Noah a picture of what is to repeat in the future?
  • Jesus did state that the End of Days was going to be like Noah's. 
  • How close is the world to the beginning of this judgment?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘As it was in the Days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the Flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the Ark. -Matthew 24:37-38

The purpose of this study is to highlight a timeline of Methuselah’s lifespan. It is taken from a YouTube presentation entitled, Methuselah's End Time Timeline - The Turn Key Event. The timeline basically chronicles the key events of the major births from Enoch’s son to the start of the countdown to the Flood of Noah. Various year-spans will be examined and iterated for possible prophetic repetitions. The reasons why such a timeline is important and prophetic is that Jesus Himself attributed such a timeline that would apparently be repeating itself in this current rendition of the ‘Last Generation’ as it was in the generation of Noah. More profoundly, Jesus extoled the fact that such similar socio-economic, geo-political and spiritual condition of Humanity were to be virtually identical that likewise would be meriting the coming Judgment

A brief overview of the timeline will be presented, although such studies of the life of Methuselah have been presented before. What this study will seek to establish is that first of all, it will corroborate the integrity of the presented timeline and its key prophetic junctures presented by the online study. It appears that YHVH incorporated sacred mathematical relationships as He is often attributed to Biblical prophecy. For example, such numerical factors of 40 years, 120 years, 480 years are all incorporated in the timeline of Methuselah that echoes the history in particular of Israel. The timeline numerical coefficients also appear to link the life of a 2nd type of Noah, that being Moses and his association with the sacred numbers, water and a deliverance of YHVH’s People from a Judgment, most notably the Exodus and perhaps the coming Rapture.

This study also seeks to validate the timeline of Methuselah in that a secondary timeline will be superimposed that synchronizes the birth of Noah to a year based on the current delineation of time. The timeline of Methuselah that leads to the Judgment of the Flood is presented chronologically from year ‘0’ and proceeds from that point on, even though the events obviously took place in BC time, which is ‘Before Christ’. This means that the years would increase away from that center point of time. The Methuselah timeline only establishes the years of length from his birth to his death, chronologically to determine a more accurate rendering of the timeline. To determine when in real-time the events of the life of Methuselah occurred is subject to age-old speculation and at times, heated debate. There is no concrete timeline of when or what year the birth of Methuselah or Lamech and Noah for that matter occurred, much less the Flood. 

There is much conjecture as many over the centuries have tried to determine the corresponding timeline to the current calendars. What is the issue here? What is at stake is thus the possible extrapolation of when one can expect the coming Judgment to fall as foretold by Jesus would happen. The arguments for such a timeline range from the notion that the person of Jesus did not even exist to the story of Noah’s Flood as just being an allegorical fairytale. Yet, Jesus as a Rabbinical authority spoke of Noah as being fact, not fiction. This same ascertain goes for the life and times of Adam and validates the whole Creation account. Why there is so much contention over this topic Creation and the Flood account is because it was a judgment and indictment against Humanity. The current alternate and faulty explanation of man’s origins is predicated on the whole systems of so-called scientific surveys of Earth’s geology.

Evolution is thus based on Darwinian timelines and models that are diametrically opposed to the Biblical narrative of the points of origins of all things to include Earth’s creation and/or re-creation, etc. The contention is such that to acknowledge such a Biblical narrative would validate the conjecture that indeed, the level of social and moral degeneration, Fallen Angel genetic manipulation and accountability did occur and will again. This timeline also validates the words of Jesus that as the Judgment befell on that Last Generation of Noah, so too will the coming Tribulation Period come with certainty but also with a deliverance, i.e., the Rapture Event. It also corroborates that Jesus was in fact who He said He was, and that Humanity will be held accountable or its sins as there is a Creator and moral laws based on one’s personal accountability before the Creator, etc.

As to the synchronization of the 2nd timeline that pegs the Methuselah timeline with one’s current calendar of years, this study presents the notion that in fact, Noah’s year of birth does appear to correspond to the year 2006 BC. This would put the year of the Flood then at 1406 BC. What is also astonishing about the 2006 BC year is that in the year 2006, the people of the Middle East, to include Jews, Muslims and Orthodox Christians celebrated the 3412th year anniversary of when Noah supposedly came out of the Ark that rested on top of the mountains of Ararat in what is now present-day Armenia. What is significant about his date? In one aspect it can be pegged to the day when Jesus stood up and spoke of the Jubilee Year of deliverance just after He had finished His 40 days and 40 nights of fasting in the wilderness.

On another prophetic aspect of the time is that it signals the final stages of the ‘As in the Days of Noah’ that appears to be a countdown to a similar coming deliverance, i.e., the Rapture and the coming Tribulation of Israel and the world at large. Many critics of such a possible correlation and correspondence of Methuselah’s timeline argue that one is comparing ‘apples and oranges’ prophetically as the Rapture Event is not a 1 for 1 equivalent in terms of Noah’s ‘escape’ and what type of people were taken and who were left behind. This is a valid point of comparison and argument but suffice to say that in general and in theory, there are only certain parallels for sure in terms of the Rapture comparison. However, in terms of the template of sacred mathematics concerning what has already occurred with Israel’s timeline is undeniable.

For example, the time between the births of Noah at Methuselah’s 969th year to the time when YHVH decreed that mankind would only have 120 years to live longer. This numerical value is the same that Moses live after Israel was under Egyptian ‘bondage’, etc. Also the time from when such a degree was made in the 849th year of Methuselah to when he died was 120 years and also amazingly the year that the Flood occurred. Furthermore, that same year was after a 7-year period of time that led up as a countdown to the year of the Flood. Then 5-years prior was when Methuselah’s son, Lamech the father of Noah died at the amazing numerical coefficient of 777 years old. As the author of the online study rightly noted, the genealogy of Lamech is given in the book of Genesis chapter 5, thus a possible inference to the year 5-777 = 2017.

As an aside note, some esoteric writing suggest that Noah had Nephilim blood as in the writing of the book of Enoch, Noah is described as being ‘superhuman’. The book, however, goes on to confirm by way of Enoch that Noah is human and not of any Fallen Angel. If Noah would have been genetically corrupted, then the Bible would be false as it clearly alludes that Noah was ‘perfect in his generation’ or genetic line. There is also the debate of what ‘120 years’ means that YHVH would no longer strive with ‘mankind’.

Some believe it was a literal 120 years from that decree, which did occur. However, others rightly assert the prophetic template of time in that ‘120 years’ meant and means 120 Jubilee cycle of Sabbaths of time. This would amount to the mathematical equation of 50 years x 120 years for a total of 6000 years. What is possible significant about this numerical relationship? For one, it mirrors the lifespan of Noah in that in the 600th year of his life, is when the year of the Flood occurred. This narrative mirrors prophetically the supposition that the Creator, YHVH has also quartered-off 6000 years allotted to Humanity. This prophetic template is modeled after the Creation Week of 7 Days.

Based on the Biblical axiom of ‘1 day is as 1000 years’, thus would render the coming Judgment, all but sure and a yet further Millennial time that corroborates the revelation of the New Testament as spoken and promised by Jesus to be the time when He will return after the Tribulation Period of Judgment and establish His Kingdom on Earth for exactly 1000 years to complete the prophetic pattern of the Creation Week, etc. What is also telling about the Methuselah timeline is that from the time that Lamech was born to Methuselah in his 187th year to the birth of Noah in his 369th year, his grandson and to the decree of YHVH’s 120-year injunction on his 849th year is approximately in phi ratio of time.

What is significant about this numerical correlation? Well, this timeframe also appears to be a prophetic template in that from Adam to Noah and from Noah to Jesus is also an apparent ratio of time that mirrors the Creation Week of Human history. Specifically, there are ‘2 Days’ from Adam to Noah. Then there are ‘3 Days’ from Noah to Jesus and then ‘2 Day’s more from Jesus to the Rapture that has constituted the present Church Age, a spiritual type of the preparation of Noah and his Ark of ‘deliverance’, etc. Each of the ‘Days’ would thus correspond to a millennia of time or approximate 1000 years. What is significant about this mathematical pattern is that if it is the case, then one is truly at the end of the ‘6th Day’ delineation.

This means that the Judgment as foretold by Jesus is at the door as the close of the Church Age and that of ‘Grace’ as it was also found in Noah during his generation is about to conclude. This means that this present generation is the ‘Last Generation’ much as it was in Noah’s time. This means that the same symptoms that plagued the socio-economic, geo-political and spiritual condition of Noah’s generation is present today. The following are various mathematical correlations that suggest a prophetic correspondence to this Last 10th Generation perhaps.

-Fallen Angel Gene Manipulations
-Great Wickedness
-Evil Continually within Hearts
-Mass Corruption
-Alternate Marriages
-’Normal Life’, eating and drinking…
-Noah ‘walked with YHVH’
-Age of ‘Grace’, Noah found grace
-YHVH’s People prepared ‘Ark’ of escape

Methuselah Timeline: GEN 6: 1-3
Enoch who was translated or ‘Raptured’. Will such a ‘translation’ occur again?
Fallen Angel Intervention occurred at this time.
Former Generation lived 900+ years before Flood.

Lamech’s Lifespan: GEN 5:31
Lamech at 182 years gave birth to Noah in 369th year of Methuselah.
187 + 182 = 369 Years

Died at 777th Year
5-777 Jewish Year = 2017 + 5 Years = 2022
Does this signal that 5777 is the fulfillment of the Countdown? This would imply that 2015 was the start of the 7 year last segment countdown pattern to the beginning of the Tribulation Period.

Noah's Lifespan; GEN 7:6
Entered Ark at 600th Year.
A prophetic pattern of the Jubilee 120 Sabbatical Cycle of 6000 Years for Adam’s race.

120 Jubilees x 50 Year Cycles = 6000 Years

Egyptian Bondage Pattern
Duration of until Exodus by Moses who lived 120 years.

Decree of 120 Year Judgment / (Jubilee Pattern)
120 x 50 = 7200
120 x 49 = 5880/6000

2018 - 49 Year Jubilee Pattern = 1969
Decree by Knesset to ‘Rebuild Jerusalem’.

2017 - 120 years = 1897 (Zionist Congress)

Season of Noah
1997 Comet not seen since the Day of Noah.
to 2018 = 21 years (7-7-7) pattern as in Methuselah’s age of death when the year that the Flood occurred.

If Noah was born in 2006 BC + 600th year = 1406 BC when Flood occurred?

November 6, 2006: Anniversary of Noah coming out of Ark (2006 BC)? born, then
3412th Year Anniversary.

1406 BC + 2006 AD = 3412 Years

7-Year Waring Pattern

Countdown Then
1st instance that a Father outlived a son in the Genealogy since Adam.
Methuselah outlived son Lamech by 194 years.

Countdown Now?

Jesus stated that before His return, the world be as ‘in the Days of Noah’. Therefore, there would also be a great escape or ‘Exodus’ of YHVH’s Righteous. What the timelines could also possibly signify to come is what this study presents in addition to the excellent exegesis of the timeline study of End Time Timeline - The Turn Key Event of Methuselah. As there was a 5-year countdown from the death of Lamech in the 964th year of Methuselah to the actual death of Methuselah in his 969th year, could there be, or will there be or has there been a 7-year countdown to the Rapture Event as a parallel to the ‘escape’ of Noah in the Ark? This touches upon the notion that the Rapture Event and the Ark, literally are opposite in nature and function. For example, the people that were left behind during the Judgment of the Flood were Noah and his family for a total of 8 righteous souls.

Could there be a precursor 7-year period that will lead-up to the last Sabbatical Cycle that is attributed to Daniel’s last Week of Years? If so, in keeping with the 5-777 year and lifespan of Lamech, the year would end in 5-778. It would thus correspond to the 8 numerical coefficient in that 8 signifies ‘new beginnings’. This was the case as the Flood ravaged the Earth and changed its make-up until now. It also signaled that this ‘New Beginning’ started with the 8 souls only on board the Ark.

Could thus such a prophetic template be in place currently that would then suggest that the year 2017+5 Years = 2022 is what such a ‘New Beginning’ is to occur and perhaps 2015 was/is the 7-year countdown warning to the last 7-year Tribulation Period is to begin? This would mean that perhaps back in 2015 is when the 7-year countdown could have started then. Such a possible countdown would parallel the 7-day warning YHVH gave Noah to enter the Ark before the rains started. The people that were taken out of the Earth by death were the ungodly. During the coming Rapture Event, it will be the righteous that will be taken out of the Earth and the ungodly are to remain. What the author of the online study did rightly also note is the parallel Noah’s generation, judgment, and delivery with that of Moses.

It is noted that from the time Moses was birthed and called to be the deliverer of YHVH’s People at that time, Israel in Egypt to when Moses saw the Promised Land from afar was 120 years. It was also noted that Moses, as a type of Noah that even was taken out from the Nile River waters in a ‘Ark’ type of basket was the one that later-on build the Ark of the Covenant. What is amazing is that as the Israelites crossed over the Jordan River, the Priests lifted the Ark of the Covenant over the water as a type of Noah’s Flood and Ark.

The Priest went ahead of the People and stood in the midst of the water at full force for that season of time. The Bible records that the water receded and the People were able to walk across on dry ground. What is taught in the New Testament is that during this Church Age of ‘Grace’, the Spiritual Body of Jesus is functioning much like the Ark of Noah and the Ark of the Covenant in that such are the instruments that the People of YHVH, of Jesus are currently fabricating by one’s testimony, learning, maturing and preparing for the ‘escape’ of the certain Judgment to come.

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