A Celeibration of the Coming Slaughter

  • Have the Gates of Hell opened iwith Ba'al worship?
  • Are the same Spirits that seek to destroy Humanity back?
  • What is the significance of the Arches or Gates of Ba'al ?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Because they have forsaken Me, and have Estranged this Place, and have offered in it unto other Gods, whom neither they nor their Fathers have known, nor the Kings of Yehuda; and have filled this Place with the Blood of Innocents, and have built the High Places of Baal, to Burn their Sons in the Fire for Burnt-Offerings unto Baal; which I Commanded not, nor Spoke it, neither came it into My Mind’. -Jeremiah 19:4-5

This chapter will try to ascertain the Phenomenon of the Gates of Ba’al. The Worldwide Attention centered on the Gateway to the Temple of Ba’al that started to be Replicated, starting in London since 2015, amongst other sites in the World. The apparent Outcry to such a Spectacle of the Gateway to the Temple of the God of Sexual Perversion and Abortion, to be Publicly Displayed attests to the Power of Coordinated Objection, be it from the Secular and/or Religious Communities. As a Concession, the Organizers of the Presentation opted-out of rendering it and chose the Replica of the Arch of Triumph of Palmyra instead. The 1st Replica of the Arch or Gate nonetheless was on display in London’s Trafalgar Square in Commemoration of World Heritage Week.

The ‘Official’ Rationale for the Arch or ‘Gateway’ Replica to the City of Ba’al was that such a Public Statement was a Symbol of Protest against ‘Religious Extremism’, but Islam was not Implicated. It has been Islam that has destroyed the Ancient Artifacts, although Pagan and Evil. They do serve as an Object Lesson to teach and learn from. It also serves to chronical Humanity’s Spiritual History, if at least. Although the Ancient Greek and Roman Ruins are amazing Cultural Artifacts, they represent the Satanic Practices to Ba’al, the God of Sexual Perversion and Child Sacrifices, as in Abortions that Humanity has now accepted as ‘Life Choices’ and are Legislatively Protected as Civil Rights.

Such ‘Gateways’ of Ba’al, being erected are but the Symptoms of the prevailing Depraved Spiritual Condition of the World in need YHVH’s Salvation. This can only be found in the Prince of Life, Jesus Christ. The Gateways of Ba’al being erected, now in these Last Days are in actuality showing the Defiance of the likes of the Luciferians, Masons and the Synagogue of Satan, that are against YHVH’s Prince and His Peoples. The other half of the ‘Story’, has to do with Ba’al’s Consort, the Spirit of Jezebel, the Queen of Heaven. It is as in Isis that like Jezebel, in the Days of Elijah, is also being let loose in these Last Days through these ‘Star Gates’ of Ba’al. It is now and will be like the Days of Elijah, that such a Prophet of YHVH had to contend with such a ‘Queen’ and the Rebellious Nation of Israel and the Lukewarm Spiritual Condition of YHVH’s People.

Synchronicity of Personages

Such a Time was when there was a 3.5-Year Drought and a Spiritual one as well – as it is today with YHVH’s People, foremost Israel and the Church of Laodicea, the Last Church Age before the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. It is Jesus Christ that attests to such Dire Spiritual Conditions of Israel and His Church in these Last Days. Once again, according to the Bible, Elijah will come during the Tribulation Period to deal with such Idolatry, ascribed to Ba’al and Jeze-Bel in Israel.

The Context will be a World full of Sexual Perversion of ‘Alternative Lifestyles’, Persecution of YHVH’s People and outright Satanic Child Sacrifices in the form of abortion mills, etc. The coming Prophet, Elijah will deal with the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ that plagues the Jewish People as Jesus is presently dealing with the Lukewarm Spirit of His Church, most predominantly in this ‘Laodicean Age’ just before the Rapture. Perhaps, as it was the case of Israel in the Days of Elijah with Ahab and Jezebel, the Contention was with the Worship and Spirit of Ba’al and Jezebel…

So, it is Today and will be during the Tribulation Period, which is the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, not the Church’s. This study suggests that the Last Days will see a ‘Playback’ of perhaps a literal ‘Queen of Heaven’…as in an Isis Female Figure to Rule. Could such a Woman with a Jezebel Spirit and an Ahab exist currently in the Nation of America in her ‘Last Political Chapter’ or the World at large for that matter? Can it be that perhaps the Wizards of Ba’al that ‘chose’ the U.S. Presidents will appoint the Female Democratic Contender to be ‘selected’ as the next U.S. President?

Why such Gateways of Ba’al and his Consort Isis are being erected in London and New York is that such are the Luciferian World Capitals of the Spirit of Rebellion and Defiance against YHVH. Such Centers are Ruled by the Wizards of Ba’al and ‘Prophetesses of Isis’ or Gaia. It is no Coincidence that such a Gateway Replica was made to coincide with the Druidic and Ancient Celtic ‘Feast of the Beast’ in Britain on the Full Moon no less. These Locales are also positioned on the Sacred Ley-Lines of Earth’s Energy Grid that fosters the Points wherein a Greater Facilitation of traversing the Dimensions can occur.

The Religious Covens and numerous other types of Followers of Modern-Day Ba’al and Jeze-Bel Worship still engage in Sexual Perverted Rituals and sacrifice Human Infants, burning them alive as in the Days of Elijah. In many cases also, the Satanic Rituals involve Cannibalism, and the Drinking of Blood as in Vampirism. Ba’al was the Idol to which the Israelites would pass their Infants through the Fire as a ‘Sacrifice’.

But in reality, it was a Form of Contraception, as rearing a Child would be too inconvenient and costly and would hinder in the continued Lustful Pleasures of the Flesh. The Luciferians and their various Associates, not only Worship Lucifer in the form of Ba’al, but Isis in the form of Mother Nature, Mother Earth. This Day of Worship, of Mother Isis occurs on Earth Day, which falls in April on any given Year. Gaia is another Euphemism for Isis, the Queen of Heaven whose Companion was the Owl, Molech as in the Bohemian Grove of Sonoma County in Northern California.

Opening the Portals
It is where the ‘Cremation of Care’ eulogizes such a Celebration of the Innocent Slaughtered. Bohemian Grove is the place they call, ‘The Ranch’. It is where the Luciferian so-called Elites of the World gather for their Summer ‘Cabin’ Retreat in the midst of the Giant Redwoods of Northern California. They are protected by the Local Police and Sheriff Offices and they bus-in both Male and Female Prostitutes. They also employ an Official Wizard that performs Magic Rituals and casts a Spell of Protection on the Place, People and Event.

Note that the ‘Feast of the Beast’, of Ba’al is halfway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. It marked the 1st Day of Summer in Ancient Times, initiating a 13-Day Period, culminating on May 1st with the ‘Blood Sacrifice’ to the Beast. What will be also rather spectacular, is that Beltane of May 1 is also often pegged to various Ominous Cosmic ‘Double-Cross’ configured in the Heavens. A unique Planetary Alignment, such as ‘Crosses’ in Folklore and in the occult, spoke of the double-cross. It stands for Duplicity, Deception and Deceit.

Perhaps the World is entering the time of the coming Age of Deceit ruled by the Spirit of Ba’al and Jezebel. The Energies being released, coincide tangibly in the realm of the Morals in the following ways. As a result, of such Spirits of Perversion, the rise of the Gay Agenda has accelerated. There has been a Rise in Trans-Genderism and how then Same-Sex Marriage was Unlawfully Legalized Nationwide without a Referendum or Vote even. Interestingly, the Temple of Ba’al was consecrated in 32 AD. It is rather interesting that one does attribute the Death of the Prince, Jesus the Messiah in that same Year, on Passover of 32 AD. It was at that Time, culminating at the Cross of Calvary that Lucifer and his Ba’al and Isis Spirit of Debauchery, thought they had Murdered the Prince of Life.

In a Prophetic Ironic Twist to their Plan, it was Jesus all along, that used their Greatest Weapon against a fallen Humanity, Death against them. In fact, the Apostle Peter taught that if Lucifer would have Known what that meant, he would not have done it. As to the Ba’al Gates? Could such Public Displays of the Replica of Ba’al’s Gateways be attributed to the soon coming Dark Lord? The Temple of Ba’al is considered one of the most important Pagan Sites in the Middle East, next to Baalbek.

The Syrian City of Palmyra, Tadmur in Arabic was known as the ‘Pearl of the Desert’ and designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was this part of the Middle East that was carved-out of 1 of the 4 Generals of Alexander the Great, that was Seleucus I Nicator. The Attributes of the coming AntiChrist are said to be an Assyrian and it is from this lineage that Antiochus IV Epiphanes, which mean ‘God Manifest’. He was as a Type of the coming AntiChrist that caused the Abomination of Desolation in the Temple of YHVH and will again during the ‘Hour of Trial’ or the Tribulation Period. It is his Dynasty that the Biblical Connotation of the Type of the AntiChrist will come from, to some degree. This complex to Ba’al stands in the middle of a Desert, about 150 miles North-East of Damascus, Syria.

Rise of Ba’al Rebellion

Why Palmyra became a major thriving Center of Commerce was because it was part of the Silk Road. In August of 2015, the various Temples of the Ba’al Complex were destroyed by ISIS, the Islamic State. Specific to Palmyra, the Temple of Baal-Shamin, the Temple of Ba’al and the Arch of Triumph were Destroyed. Cultural Vandalism is not new to the Middle East. Muslim Militants target Ancient Jewish and Christian sites, there and elsewhere, as in the Temple Mount, for example.

Yet why have not the Altars or Arches of such Christian Churches not been Replicated instead? The Muslims are blowing-up Tombs, such that of the Prophet Jonah and destroying Statues because they consider them to be Non-Islamic. The following Measurements are taken from Google Earth Approximate Distances from the actual Gate of Ba’al in Palmyra. They reveal the Iconoclastic Signatures of the Masonic and Luciferians steeped in Numerology.

To London
2230 miles (322) or 1940 nautical miles at 32° map lengths

To Stonehenge
1996 nautical miles at 33° heading

To Temple Mount in Jerusalem
223° heading (322)

To Babylon
19800 arc seconds (1980) or 330 miles (33)
5.55° heading map length

Compound Perimeter
~.44 miles
The 44th U.S. President, Obama visits London during this time for 3 days
~2520 ft

Inner Core Perimeter of Ba’al Temple
.13 km
~365 ft
66 smoots

Outer Perimeter of Ba’al Temple

223 yards (322)
.13 miles

Nonetheless, it is said that the Organization behind the Presentation and Placements of the Replicas of the Doorway Arch of Triumph of Palmyra is the Institute of Digital Archaeology. According to some Research, such a Venture is the result of a Joint Partnership amongst Harvard University, the University of Oxford and Dubai’s Museum of the Future. A 3-D Printed Model was used to create the Replica. The Replica of the Palmyra Arch in Trafalgar Square, with the Column of Nelson is laid-out in the same pattern as the Washington Masonic Mall and the Vatican.

Coming Age of Ba’al
These are the Luciferian World Capitals of Power and Control, full of Luciferian Masonic Motifs. What is also rather unique, is that the Distance from Palmyra, where the Masonic Temple of Ba’al is situated, to London and then New York, forms a nearly perfect Ley-Line. The Gate to the Entrance on the West Side of the Temple of Ba’al is mathematically precise and in Phi Ratio to the Temple and Complex. The Temple of Ba’al is actually laid out in a Masonic Floor Pattern and Orientation as the Entrance to a Masonic Temple is on the West Side.

Bel-tane, which is the worship of Ba’al, is the 2nd most High-Holy Day of the Luciferian Wizards, Warlocks and Prophetesses. There is a Phallic Symbol associated with Ba’al Worship and Ritualistic Human Blood Sacrifices. This is called the May Pole or the Obelisk as in the Egyptian Washington Monument, which is called, ironically, the Shaft of Ba’al. Beltane is known in the Western World as May Day, thanks to the Soviet Socialists and Communists who venerate Luciferianism and Destroyed Christian Russia, for example. For the most part, such were Luciferian High Priests of Ba’al Incognito.

In the similar Spirit, it has been the Muslim ISIS that has either Attacked and/or Destroyed all the Ancient Shrines as well as many Christian Churches and Monasteries in the Middle East, like the Luciferian Zionist Soviets of Russia did. To the Luciferians, these Monumental Gateways Replicas are a Celebration of the Slaughtered. It is of the 1000s of Christians and the Innocent of the Middle East that have been Martyred. The Genocide of Christians, mainly by ISIS now in the Muslim nations, was created and funded by the CIA and MOSSAD and others.

Worse, is that the Spirit behind the Endeavor is having its Effect upon a World primed to receive Ba’al. Why involve MOSSAD? Did one know that in Hebrew, its Acronym is I.S.I.S. In English it is Israel Security Intelligence Service. Even the U.S. Pentagon now admits it was the case. Such have been 1 of the Proxy Armies of the Globalist Luciferian and Synagogue of Satan, by way of the CIA. They are funded by the Drug, Sex and Arms Trade that seeks to triumph over the Prince of Life and over His People, while they are still on Earth.

Such Replicas of the ‘Portals’ of Ba’al, go hand-in-hand with their Spirit of AntiChrist that glorifies Rebellion and Defiance, foremost against YHVH and the Christian Witness in the Middle East in particular. If anything, the Luciferians are replicating the Arch of Triumph over the Prince of Life and the People of YHVH, as a ‘Triumph’ as such have nearly Eradicated the Christian Testimony of the Middle East.

The Modern-Day Luciferian Religious Practices were epitomized by Nimrod and Semiramis in the very Heart of the Plains of Shinar, no sooner than the New World Order began after the Flood of Noah. Such a ‘Spirit of Nimrod’, of Lucifer and his Perversion later-on, plagued the Nation of Israel under King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. It was Jezebel that Sponsored and Protected the Priests of Ba’al and Persecuted the People of YHVH in the Land of Israel during the Days of Elijah.

A Spiritual Show-Down

Such a ‘Spirit of Jezebel’ is one that Entices the People of Jesus to commit Sexual Immorality that causes Compromise and diminishes the Testimony to Jesus on Earth. What is sad, is that there is a ‘Spirit of Jezebel’ that is prevalent in this Last Church Age Period. For Israel, it will take a Time of Jacob’s Trouble to root-out this Luciferian Spirit of Ba’al and Jezebel. It will be Elijah, 1 of the 2 Witnesses that will bring Israel to the Valley of Decision.

Once again, he and perhaps Moses, as the other Witness, will confront the Synagogue of Satan and ‘Sin in the Camp’ of Israe, etc. For the Lukewarm Christian Church of the West primarily, it will take Persecution and Tribulation for it to Wake-Up. The Modern Secular World that has legislated Prayer and Christ Jesus out of the ‘Public Square’ has been Replaced and Filled with such a spirit of Ba’al and Jezebel. It is a Satanic Spirit which glorifies Perversion and Murder of the Aborted Innocent, as in the Days of Elijah.

Such Satanic Practices, then as now, are considered and labeled Alternative Lifestyles, Life Choices, Pro-Choice and Progressive Emancipation. These are the very same Practices that lead to Defilement, Abortions, etc., and eventual Rebuke from YHVH. For all this, and the War against the Church, the Wrath of the Lamb will come for Distorting the Creator’s Original Design. Even in the Church of Jesus, concerning the Last Church Age spanning that of Laodicea, Jesus is outside ‘knocking at the Door’, trying to come in and have Fellowship. It is rather sad and ironic, that Jesus, being Self-Described as the ‘Door’ to Heaven, is waiting for His own that are called by His Name to Open the Door for Him.

The Lukewarm and Compromised Church, in this Last Stage of the Church Age of Grace has to be confronted also. The Question has to be asked, who really is the Head of the Church, Jesus or Jezebel? Who is ‘LORD’ in one’s Life and who will the Church, as a Queen which ‘Husband’ to follow? These are Key Questions that demand a Verdict. As it is, the Church of Laodicea, much like Israel in the Days of Elijah is Lukewarm, Undecided, as was and is Israel concerning the Lordship of YHVH.

As a direct result, it was Ineffective in changing the Circumstances in their Place and Time. As it was with the indecisiveness of YHVH’s People, when Israel was summoned by Elijah to the ‘Valley of Decision’, so too is the Last Day’s Elijah again will confront Israel about the Worship of Ba’al and the Spirit of Jezebel. It will be the 2 Witnesses that will take on the False King and Son of David and Solomon. This is to insinuate that during the Tribulation Period, the coming Solomon 2.0 will be like an Ahad.

And the False Prophet will be like a Jezabel. Note that if it is the Roman Catholic Church, then the Pope appropriately takes on the Motif of the Harlot of Babylon, etc. But the nation of Israel literally will be brought down to the Valley of Megiddo once again. In the Battle of Armageddon, Israel will have to choose and decide once again, as to ‘Who is GOD?’ ‘If Ba’al is God, follow him, if YHVH is GOD, follow him…’ Israel, Church. Realize that the AntiChrist Messiah and the False Prophet will have the Power to call down Fire from Heaven. This is why Israel and the World will waffle in-between 2 Opinions.

It will be as in the Days of Moses and Aaron that challenged Pharoah in his Court with the Snake Incident, etc. In the case of Fire being made to come down, what will come down through the Gateway of Heaven that will open-up, will be the very Light of the World, the Prince of Life – Jesus who was Died but is alive Forevermore.

‘This is the generation of those who seek Him, Who seek Your face-- even Jacob. Selah. Lift up your heads, O Gates, And be lifted up, O Ancient Doors, That the King of Glory may come in! Who is the King of Glory? The LORD strong and mighty, The LORD mighty in battle.… -Psalm 24:7-8

It is He, the Messiah of Israel, the LORD of the Church that is to be Worshipped alone. It is His Gate that needs to be open. Jesus attested to this reality that He alone is the ‘Door’, the true ‘Gateway’ to salvation and Eternal Life.



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