A Conspiracy of the Less Luminary

  • Has the Moon been inhabited before or even currenlty is?
  • Did temples and pyramids dot the landscape of the Moon?
  • Are there current secret bases operating with Alien help?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to ascertain the evidence presented by YouTube channel researcher named MisteroTotal out of Spain concerning supposed covered-up city grid layouts on the Moon. The title of the video is called in Spanish, Edificio Encontrado en la Luna Revela una Enorme Ciudad, which translates into English as ‘Structures Found on the Moon Reveal an Enormous City.’ The video was posted online on June 20, 2015 and has over 1 million views so far. The researcher used GoogleMoon to study the various divagations of the satellite tapestry of photographs that make up the ‘strip’ that is put together to render the current photographic depiction of the Moon by Google. Although it is a powerful tool, many of the photographs are sourced from even back in the 1960s. In total, up to date, there have been over 113 public launches of various Moon orbiters, rovers and probes by various countries that have visited the Moon.

These probes do not include the Black Ops ones that are not publicized nor acknowledged by said governments. As the technology is becoming more sophisticated in taking images of celestial objects and surfaces of such places like the Moon, so too have the anomalies that have transpired and are thus far, also not officially explained by the various government agencies. Such anomalies consist of monoliths, towers, domes, bases, tunnels, and pyramids, etc. These are also said to be such anomalies on Mars as well and beyond. Presently using GoogleMoon, what is most apparent is the strip of a tapestry of photographs that stretches across the face of the Moon that in in line with the view of Earth. Recognize that the Moon is a captured orbital body or satellite in a true sense and thus does not rotate. This is why the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is never facing the Earth. Many that study the ancient civilizations and dab into the Ancient Alien Astronaut theory suggest that Alien bases do exist on the Far Side of the Moon.

Then there are all those decade-long accounts of remote viewing, astro-projection and dreams that people have had to corroborate the notion that Aliens are working with humans to some capacity on the Dark Side of the Moon in underground bases. Concerning such a possible disclosure, one such credible government staff has been purported to be Dr. Eric Norton. He is one such brave soul among others that decided to risk his own safety to reveal some information about the things he had seen while working for over 10 years in a government project supposedly monitoring ‘Alien Moon Bases’. According to Norton, there are Alien bases located on the Dark Side of the Moon. Such secrets and the conspiracies of the Moon involve the whole spectrum of notions from 21 mile high towers to the Moon being a digital hologram. It is believed by many that at one time in the far distant past, the Moon, as was Mars in particular had  mining operations where various precious or rare elements were extracted.

Pyramid Power-Plants?
Perhaps rare mineral deposits helped to make galactic ships or shining vehicles or the instrumentation needed for navigation and propulsion, etc. There has been photographic evidence that suggests vast amounts of mining-type configurations consistent with what mining would require. Based solely on the geological landscape of the Moon and Mars, for example such mining operations appear to have ceased but perhaps not all entirely. The evidence of some intense and perhaps sudden cataclysmic event is etched in the surfaces. The respective atmospheres of all the planets in this case are replete with a cosmic bombardment of asteroid impact craters. These ancient craters are also seen in various spots around the Earth. This is more evident in the non-gas planets.

There are also numerous photos of mysterious structures on the Moon that resembles pyramids that could associated with such activities. What is of particular intrigue is that various lunar probes have taken incredible pictures of images that resemble pyramids on the Moon. Since the Viking Probes visited Mars and causes a sensationalism about the Cydonia Face of Mars and pyramid complexes, discoveries of pyramids on the Moon are becoming common. However pyramids on the Moon? That is still a novel concept as most societies have not taught much on such a supposition even or that life could or would exist on such a barren place like the Moon. However with ever increasing technologies and more sophisticated cameras and telescopes, even amateur astronomers are capturing clear and visible anomalies such as UFOs, designed structures and other unexplained phenomena regarding the Moon.

A stunning simple image as a pyramid seems to portray an anomalous structure on the moon, a structure that logically just shouldn’t be there. To date, the best evidence for there being pyramids on the Moon are the shadows that stretch far-off giving an incredible sense of dimension and shape to be thought as pyramids. The images clearly portray long near-perfect pyramid-shaped shadows onto the Moon’s grey surface. The angles and lines of the pyramid are absolutely perfect, far too perfect to be an accident of nature. One such example is called the Hubble Pyramid. Some of the images that are circling around the internet supposedly where taken by Hubble and first appeared in 2008. Officially the Hubble Telescope was first pointed towards the Moon in 1999. After many years of researchers inquiring of NASA, it just wasn’t possible for NASA to ‘cover it up’ and caved-in and acknowledged the operation and project.

The images from the 1999 study of the Moon are available on NASA’s website. However the pyramid image in a crater deemed the Hubble Pyramid for example doesn’t appear to come from any of NASA’s publicly available images. NASA hasn’t commented on the image officially; they only comment on images from their own site. Many claim the photo was taken in 2008, but since so little is known about such type of photos all amateur investigators can assess is that it was leaked in 2008, but it could have been taken any time since 1999. With such ‘a Hubble Pyramid’ anomaly and the like, there are really only two possibilities regarding the image. One is that the photo has been faked or two, it is a real photo of a pyramid on the Moon. There is little chance of such structures being a natural structure or trick of lights and shadows perhaps.

Back to the Future
However, without direct observational evidence such anomalies of pyramids and even cities leave little evidence to definitively say, leaving such images as yet more unexplained anomalous structures of the Moon. Nonetheless, more empirical evidence is mounting as technology is allowing for skepticism that is being cast by these objects to be dismissed by even the staunchest disbeliever. Many do have to start to wonder, what are all these anomalous objects on the Moon? Despite an apparent physical limitation at observation, Humanity is starting to reach the point where technology will overtake the best efforts of NASA to smudge, erase, blur-out or doctor such images on the Moon and other celestial orbs in the Solar System. Could there be genuine pyramids and cities on the Moon as they are on Earth? Specific to the Moon, it has been disclosed that the last lunar landing program, at least publically was Apollo 17.

It was back in 1972 that the 3-member crew was declared to be the ‘last manned Moon landing’. What is very unique about this last human mission was that in the public imageries that were available, some researchers did come across an apparent ‘pyramid’ structure anomaly. The specific frame was AS17-135-20680HR. The picture was rather washed-out but with the modern enhancement tools now readily available with such software as Photoshop, the contrasts and brightness levels can be enhanced to see what is ‘behind’ such washed-out canvases. What emerged was an apparent pyramid-like structure. With such anomalies and less than ideal photographic techniques, many are skeptic; which is healthy as some point to a possible camera flare or optical illusion. Of course the 3 NASA Astronauts are sworn to secrecy and such cannot publically affirm nor deny what they were taking a picture of, especially if it was a pyramid structure.

In modern times, there have been new theories about such anomalies that have challenged the conventional paradigm of the various world religions and accepted scientific models. Many believe that when the Earth and the Moon were created, the Universe was already in place. Or as others would point out, there appears to be a ‘gap’ between the Biblical accounts of Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 as the wording in Hebrew denote a revamping of the original Creation. The point being is that there could have been some sort of life and civilization before the creation of Humanity on Earth. Such ‘pyramid’ anomalies that are now becoming more common and ‘discovered’ by such advanced software as GoogleMoon, could be the ancient remnants of a prior ‘Age’.

The question remains, what are these ‘pyramids’ and ‘bases’ doing on Moon or on Earth and Mars for that matter? Some believe they are some sort of ‘power-plants’ that conduct energies. Others believe they are ‘star-gates’ or portals that can access other dimensions perhaps. There is of course the conspiracies that Aliens and/or other beings have built them for mining purposes, etc. These suppositions also lead researchers that study such topics to other Moon anomalies, that of possible lunar cities. Concerning this study, the researcher MisteroTotal specifically honed-in to the edges of the long strip of the tapestry of images construed by NASA/GoogleMoon. Amazing, the researcher found that on numerous segments of the edges, especially in the northern border, there appears to be overlapping ‘structures’ or ‘white’ buildings that stick-out.

Covered-Up Lunar Cities?
It appears that the Moon’s imagery that reveals its surface has layers of compose strips of photographic data or information that is ‘sown’ together as a ‘tapestry’. The highlighted strip as presented by Google on the face of the Moon is ~2520 kilometers across. Concerning this nearly 2520 kilometer photographic strip, there seems to be an apparent delineated of photo overlays. What is unique about this tapestry of composite photographs of the Moon’s surface is that not all of the ‘grayed-out’ areas contain the blacked-out cover-ups or smudges. Now it could be a matter of optical illusions as layers are placed upon each other in photographic segments that could produce such ‘white’ edges that appear to stick out and that NASA has then had to subsequently ‘black-out’. However some anomalies of said structures are so profound that the black-outs are beyond the reasonable doubt to suggest a cover-up.

There are instances where the black-outs extend for several miles and appear to cover-up as it were vital imagery that is not meant to be seen. This of course provides more intrigue for researchers to find out what is behind such grayed-out surfaces, especially to the north of the strip. This is what MisteroTotal did using Photoshop. He took various screenshots of the areas just adjacent the various black-outs to the north. Using the brightness/contract function with filters, he was able to decipher discolored geometric square and rectangle patterns underneath the gray layer of the Moon’s surface. It is as if white buildings that are rectangular in nature constitute vast grids of lunar cities near the Euler Crater for example. Other nearby craters are Rima Draper, Rima Wan.

There appears to have been a general ‘fuzzy’ layer on the topography of the Moon intentionally to blur-out any such observations of anomalies. Only certain portions of the Moon are highly defined photographically, scanned and imaged but certain strips are enhanced. In many cases, certain strips of lunar surfaces are blurred-out before being released to the general public. The ‘Strip’ is more detailed and revealing, especially as it meshes-up against these said respective border lines. To reiterate, what is anomalous is that there appears to be an attempt to ‘cover-up’ certain sections that appear to be white and/or metallic buildings as they are ether square or rectangular in shape that in turn are blacked-out. This ‘blacking-out’ of such protrusions occurs at various spots on the northern border of the photographic strip across the Moon’s surface.

The question arises, why is this done deliberately? The bigger question is why such a spotty workmanship in covering-up such structures? Did NASA not anticipate that perhaps one day the common man and woman could ‘zoom-in’ on the lunar surface as one now is accustomed to zooming-in on a Google Street View? Is it the case that as there are too many objects to ‘cover-up’ by NASA, the work has just been left as it is presently and with no explanations given or to be given? It does appear that the areas for example just north of the strip of the tapestry of clearer topography has been intentionally ‘blurred-out’. Even in the 1960s, cameras from space or even those orbiting the Moon could pick-up contrasts and shapes with reasonable definition. NASA does doctor images as many individual witnesses have come out publically to testify that certain images have been altered to exclude such anomalies as flying UFOs, bases, structures, towers and pyramids.

A Road Most Taken
Since MisteroTotal’s posting, many have commented that sometimes camera exposures render such pixilation to suggest possible ‘square’ or other geometric shaped ‘structures’. Another critique that is valid is that even if such occultation of the surface done by NASA and other agencies have been maliciously doctored, the most powerful of telescopes would be able to clearly see such structures from Earth. However, this could be the case as most of the powerful telescopes are not subject to the public domain and do not report findings to the general public but to the various agencies only. The specific coordinates of the various supposed ‘Lunar City’ grid anomalies are as follows.

22°51’18.95”N  26°45’35.03”.E
22°43’51.29”N  27°16’22.98”E
27°31’54.50”N  27°50’41.21”W
21°13’05.63”N  33°51’11.18”3E
27°39’58.40”N  2°16’17.27”3E

The most profound ‘lunar city’ complexes are situated at the edge of the photographic strip and averages over 1.5 miles in length also adjacent to Mare Serenitatis or the Sea of Serenity. This study however did uncover another anomaly in the scanning of the various ‘lunar city’ grid anomalies at the edge of the photographic strip across the face of the Moon. This possible anomaly appears to be a ‘road’ or ‘line’ that appears to not be naturally formed. It is rather long and straight over several types of topography and running in the general direction of north to south. It protrudes from the fuzzy gray overlay and onto the tapestry of the photo strip where it is clearly noticeable.

Some may argue that this ‘line’ is just that, made by either the splicing of the photographs. This could be the case but no clear and visible end or beginning picture ‘splicing’ sequence is occurring. To reiterate, one thing is for sure regarding this ‘line’, it is not naturally made. If this is the premise, then ‘who’ constructed it, designed it, placed it there? And for what purpose? Others may point to ‘line’ being the tracks of a former Soviet or USA lunar rover. Perhaps it could be or even one of those clandestine missions but what is canny is that the line or ‘road’ does not deviate as would with a rover’s tracks. The following coordinate is where the ‘Lunar Road’ can be located on GoogleMoon.

27°09’09.83”N  6°37’53.03”E 

Could such a ‘line’ be a road that the forms prior to what the Moon has become were used for travel of some sort or of the transportation of materials, etc? What appears to be the case, is that the line is too ‘straight’ to have been made naturally. It is reminiscent the Nazca Lines of Peru. The ‘road’ is near the Apollo 15 Extravehicular Activity documented survey. It is approximately 88 km from the ‘road’ or 54 miles away with an approximate 68 degree heading. The line or road itself is approximately 18 km in length before it appears to dissipate or terminate at about the 10 mile marker. The line or ‘road’ is approximately between the Sea of Serenity and the Oceanus Imbrium.

Many believe the governments involved in the 113+ Moon missions are not divulging such information to the public because it would cause mass panic or hysteria. Perhaps, but the main thereat would be to the organized religions and institutions on Earth that have a vested interest in keeping the ‘Sheeple’ dumbed-down and in a trance to control them. If life, of some sort existed or even does to this day on the Moon and Mars for example, it would put the whole Darwinian ‘evolutionary’ paradigm in disrepute and become one of the greatest fallacies of all time.

Main Sources
MisterioTotal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPEExgZshmQ
NASA Archives: http://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a17/AS17-135-20680HR.jpg



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