Story Line of the Messiah, Past, Present and Future

  • What is Astronomy and What is Biblical Astronomy?
  • Is Astrology Forbidden in the Bible a? Is there a Differnace?
  • What in the Future is it really all about or rather, Who is it about?

by Luis B. Vega
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Then the Word of the LORD came to Abram, saying, This one will not be your Heir, but One who comes from your own Body will be your Heir. And the LORD took him outside and said, Now look to the Heavens and count the Stars, if you are able. Then He told him, So shall your Offspring be. Abram Believed the LORD, and it was Credited to him as Righteousness’. -Genesis 15:4-6

The purpose of this study is to answer questions one often gets regarding the Study of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. Is it Astrology? Or Astronomy? Is it both? Is there a Difference? Is not Astrology forbidden by YHVH in the Bible? Yes, as far as it is steeped in Divination and Sorcery as the Luciferians have contorted the Original Intent and Purpose of Astrology. There is Biblical Astrology and one will offer one’s Rationale for it originating from YHVH. And one will use the Bible and the very Words of YHVH Himself and several Biblical Personages that attest to the Proper Perspective and Practice of Studying the Sun, Moon and the Stars to Decipher Biblical Prophecy.

One’s take is that if the People of Jesus will not believe or see the Prophetic Significance in what the Bible says about the Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars, then nothing will and why even bother. One is a bit Cynical in this regard of this ‘Controversy’ over Biblical ‘Astrology’ and/or Astronomy. One can understand the apprehension of it being ‘Astrology’. It is also that. Do realize that before the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution in Europe, the Science of the Study of the Sun, Moon and the Stars was ‘Astrology’. All Ancient Empires had their Court Astrologers that were considered the ‘Scientists’ of the Day.

To this day, many Governments, Presidents and Prime Ministers still utilize such ‘Seers’ to consult Political Matters with. For example, it is well known that Nancy Reagan had a White House Astrologer that dictated the President’s every move and decision. In one Public Speech by the Former U.S. President Clinton commented on how Hilary ‘Channeled’ the Dead Spirits of Eleanor Roosevelt, etc. It was also reported that Vladmir Putin has an ‘Astrologer’ that tells ‘Fortunes’ about what Putin and Russia should do, etc. Evidently, what was told to Putin regarding the Ukrainian War was not that great. The Time to decide on when to Launch the Defense of the Break-Away Republics was, actually done in a time when the Stars proclaimed, would be ‘Bad Luck’. And at the Beginning of the Campaign, Putin suffered incredible Losses and Pride.

Astronomical Sign Suggesting a ‘Turning Point’

Knowing the Future?

Or take Daniel for example. He is mentioned as being the ‘Chief Astrologer’ of the Court, and for 2 World Empires no less. What about the Magi, who were Astrologers? They were deemed the ‘Wise Men’ and the Stars led them to Jesus. Or what about in the Old Testament where YHVH Himself refers to Orion, the Big Dipper and the Pleiades? Realize that Biblical Prophecy is not necessarily about knowing the Future. It is about knowing the ‘Who’ of the Future. It is about Jesus. As the Book of Revelation states, ‘The Spirit; or aim of [Biblical] Prophecy is to Testify about Jesus’.

What is Sanctioned and Allowable by YHVH is when He especially reveals Signs to His People. In many Cases, YHVH forewarned Prophets, Priests and Kings about what was to befall them, Israel. In the case of the Old Testament, it was through Signs and Wonders, both in the Heavens Above and in the Earth Below, etc. In many cases, such Signs were Omens like with Solar Eclipses, Blood Moons, Comets. Warnings were given if certain Behavior or Sin was not repent of. One strongly believes that such Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars are still operating in these Last Days.

They are Monumentally Important to consider. So long as there is ‘Time’, then such Astronomical Markers are in play that are ‘Signaling’ to the Bride of Christ and Israel, the Return of Jesus, just as they did for Jesus’s 1st Visitation. You have the 1st Prophecy ever given to Mankind in the Garden of Eden. It foretold about Future Events and Outcome of the ‘Seed War’. This would be the Prophetic Blueprint of the War between the Seed of the Woman, Jesus and the Seed of the Serpent, Lucifer and their Offspring. Then you had YHVH confronting the Murder of Abel. YHVH presented Cain with 2 Timelines that could be choses, the Way of Cain, or the Way of Abel, etc.

YHVH also instructed Abraham to ‘Look Up at the Stars’. Why? It was tied directly to how, through the Faith of a Man, in this case, Abram, he Believed YHVH in how, his ‘Heir’, speaking of the Messiah that would 1 Day come through Abram’s Blood Line. Is YHVH then an Astrologer? Yes. But here is the Difference. The Ancient Astrology and Astronomy that is Biblical, points to Jesus. The Ancient Astrology and Astronomy that is Man-Centered, is Luciferian. This is the ‘Forbidden’ Aspect that is warned about in the Bible not to be involved with.

1. Astrology

It is the Interpretation/Meaning of the Movements, Place/Position, Names of the Stars/Planets.

2. Astronomy
It is all that mentioned for Astrology but without the Interpretation of such attributes.

Sure, Lucifer has twisted the Meaning of the Mazzaroth because it signifies the Celestial Storyline of the Messiah, Jesus. The reason why this is a Relevant to consider, is that it is especially a Sensitive Topic to discuss among those that call themselves, ‘Christians’. It should not be. Those that call themselves ‘Watchers on the Wall’ in these Last Days, look to such Signs, Above and Below, as did the Wise Men of Persia. The Signs in the Sun, Moon and the Stars led them to a Personal Encounter with Jesus. Jesus is the All-Powerful Creator of the Sun, Moon and the Stars.

Signs are not the Event

Many Christians, as one Reader commented, ‘Are adamant that Biblical Astronomy is nothing more than Astrology for Christians. And that Believers are Sinning against God when they immerse themselves in the Study of the Stars and Planets to identify the fulfillment of various Bible Prophecies’. If this be the case, then Adam, Enoch, Joseph, the Wise Men had all Sinned for the Astrology given to them to correctly interpret by YHVH? No. Consider how YHVH showed Joseph how the Sun, Moon and the 11 Stars all bowed-down to Joseph. This was an Echo to the Revelation 12 Sign as it is a Celestial Motif of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. And in fact, each of the Standards of the 12 Tribes of Jacob or Israel correspond to the 12 Celestial Bodies, to this Day.

Did they Sin for doing that? Why did not YHVH forbid them from using such ‘Satanic’ Motifs? Then you have Devout Christians of the 19th Century, like E.W. Bullinger that put all the Celestial Signs, the Mazzaroth or Zodiac in their Proper Biblical Narrative. Yet, how could YHVH have blessed them with such Insights into Prophecy pertaining to Jesus? This is the Key and the Misconception. As an Amateur Astronomer that has visited the Sonoma County Astronomical Society’s Telescopes and one’s Small Observatory at the Sonoma State University where one works at, one has found this ‘Controversy’ such an unfortunate Disposition among many un-Schooled Christians that recoil from learning od such Biblical Signs and Wonders.

It is rather Disturbing as a Follower of Jesus, given the way so many have scoured the Cosmos, and how so many have focused on the Constellations that are literally ‘Screaming’ Prophecy, the Rapture and the Return of Jesus. This has been true since 1948 but more so since the Tetrad of 2014-15, the Great Eclipses, the Planetary Conjunctions and Alignments, the Revelation 12 Sign, etc. Consider that, for example, if the Revelation 12 Sign was ‘Insignificant’, Pure ‘Pagan’ Astrology and not pertinent to Prophecy? Why did Wikipedia delete the Page dedicated to the Research that many Bible Students who studied the Sign contributed to the Knowledge Base?

As one was 1 of the 1st to Observe and Chronicle the Revelation 12 Sign, the Deletion of that Wikipedia Page is Evidence, in one’s Opinion that it was and is and will yet still be Prophetically Significant. One surmised that the Sign, that precisely involved the Sun, Moon and the Stars/Planets occurred Astronomically on September 23, 2017. As ‘Signs’ go, the Event is not the Sign. Many Believers attributed the Sign with the Rapture Occurrence, that was misunderstood, unfortunately. But as one surmised at least 7-8 Years prior, it would be the Greatest Sign since the Birth of Israel in 1948.

This is a Strong Statement. But, what the Sign did, in the Heavens is to ‘Wake-Up’, all those 5 ‘Wise Virgins’ to make Preparation for the Calling of the Groom. Is it any wonder, that on September 23, 2022, will be the 5-Year Anniversary of the Sign? Was it then a 5-Year Warning and Countdown to the Calling of Jesus, i.e., the Rapture that the Sign gave as a Prophetic Motif? Consider that many Bible Students realize and note that the Number 5 pertains to Grace. Will the 5-Year Anniversary of the Great Sign of Revelation 12 in Heavens suggest the End to the Age of Grace then? And why the 23rd of September? This 5-Year Anniversary of the Sign in Virgo has another Correlation.

It is the last Astronomical Day of the Summer Harvest. Will Jesus wait until the very Last Day of the Harvest Season then to Harvest the Gentile Bride? Will it be much like Boaz did with Ruth, at the End of the Wheat Harvest? So, one is of the Strong Opinion, that the Study of the Sun, Moon and the Stars is not ‘Sin’ to study. It is a Command. YHVH gave this Disposition in Genesis of how such Bodies in the Heavens were to be for determining the Season, for Sign and when YHVH’s Times could be ascertained and so, keep the Appointments. This is Important.

So, are all the Jews that determine their Calendar by the Moon, all Sinning and immersed in something that displeases God greatly? No. YHVH expected His People, the Jews to be looking for the Moon Phases to determine each New Month, such as the 1st Month, of Aviv or Nisan to then correctly know when to celebrate Passover, etc. And, to reiterate, it is Biblical to study the Interpretation of the Sun, Moon and the Stars. It is really no different than what occurs with Dreams. Biblical Astronomy is not something that Believers in Jesus should refrain from considering.

This is especially true as the Signs of the Last Days are so prevalent. Or else, as the whole Jewish Nation that ‘Missed’ the Signs of Jesus’ 1st Appearing, the End Times Church Body will also ‘Miss’ the Signs in the Heaven pertaining to Jesus’ 2nd Coming. For example, consider the Believers in Jesus during the Last Shemitah or the 7-Year Sabbath Cycle, called the Tribulation Period. Will they also miss the Astrological Sign that, ‘Appeared in Heaven, the Sign of the Son of Man’? So, how will the Tribulation Saints know what to look for and what that ‘Sign’ means if they have so much neglected the Study of such Signs and Wonders in the Heavens?

This is the pretext Jesus admonished His Disciples to be on the Look-Out for, Signs Above and Below. And to not be Deceived. Sadly, those that continue to ‘Believe’ the Lie that Biblical Astronomy is ‘Sinful’ are Deceived and make Lucifer Happy. It is precisely the Luciferians, the Kabbalists, the Occultists that have strategically convinced Believers of the Bible that they should not Know nor Discern such Signs. Why? Because they do also. It has been a very effective Strategy of Satan to keep Believers of Jesus in the ‘Dark’, literally. Sad. Here are some Resources and Research that one can consider regarding Biblical Astronomy and its Interpretation, ‘Astrology’.




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