Sun-Set and Moon-Rise over the Mount of Olives

  • Why is the 9-11 in 2022 so Special and unique than others?
  • What are Sun, Moon, Star Conjunctions and Alignments about?
  • Is the 9-11 Astronomical Depiction in 2022 about the Rapture?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to depict the position of the Sun in Leo on what many have come to believe is the Date of Jesus’ Birth Day, September 11, -3 BC. If so, this Date in 2022 is an Anniversary of the 21 Year or 7-7-7 Shemitah Countdown since the Twin Tower Attacks by the Globalist Luciferian Cabal were perpetrated. The Sun conjoins Venus and is at the Marker that delineates the Mazzaroth from its Beginning to End or from its End to its Beginning. It is a Prophetic Echo of the Dispositions and Nature of Jesus, who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and the Bright and Morning Star Venus.

Jesus said of Himself that He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End-of the Mazzaroth and all that is and will be. Thus, could this Sun-Venus Conjunction as the Sun Rises over the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem on 9-11, 2022 be a Typology of The King to come? One is not insinuating the Rapture Event is at that Date and Time. As Signs goes, especially Prophetic Signs, the Signs are not the Event. But such Celestial Signs are indicative of how YHVH is bestowing such an Astronomical Array of Conjunctions and Alignments that seem to Converge, more so as the Years pass by.

If the Jews and People on 9-11 or September 11, 2022 wake-up that Morning and look towards the Sun-Rise in the East, they will see the Sun in Leo. Leo is the Last Sign of the 12 Houses of the Mazzaroth. It is about the Triumph of the King, of Jesus prevailing over Sin, Satan and Self. It speaks of how Jesus overcame as the ‘Lion of the Tribe of Judah’ and is coming again with Wrath and Vengeance. The 1 Hour of Testing is coming to the World to Try all those who live on Earth. It is not going to be ‘Pretty’.

In fact, Jesus, amazingly, spoke of this Last Shemitah or Sabbath Cycle as the most Horrible Time imaginable in Human History. That no other Time has been or will be as ‘Bad’ as the Time of Jacob’s Trouble will be. And imagine all the Horrors of Humanity’s Inhumanity against his Fellow Man. Since Cain murdered Abel, the Blood of the Righteous has cried-out from a Blood-Soaked Earth. Imagine all the Wars, Battles, Campaigns, Bombings, Genocides and World Wars. And currently the Plandemic Bio-Weapons, Geo-Engineering of the Skies, etc. Nothing will compare to what is coming.

What will start the Day Count of this Last Sabbath Cycle of Tribulation Period will be the ‘Confirming of the Covenant’. This centers around the Nation of Israel as that will be the Prophetic Epicenter of the coming New Reset and World Financial and Religious Hegemony. The focus will shift from the USA-Dominated World Order to the one that will Swing Back to the Last Rendition of the 4th Beast, that of Rome. This is per the Interpretation of the Statute Dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, made by Daniel.

Astronomical Alignments

The following are the main Celestial Observations that occur during the 9-11 or September 11, 2022 Date that many speculated is the actual Birth Date of Jesus. It deals with the Sun, Moon and the Stars. The 2nd Portion will deal with the Moon-Rise in the East over the same Mount of Olives. It is depicted from the vantage point also from Jerusalem on that same Day, rising as the Sun Sets in the West. What will be notable is how there is also a Conjunction that occurs with the Moon. In this case, it is a Regal one also. The question is, will it be Prophetic on this ‘Birthday’?

It is the King Planet, Jupitar and meets the Moon at the Constellation of Pisces. But this portion will 1st delve into the Sun-Rise over the Mount of Olives on 9-11, 2022. What is also interesting, is that Astronomically, the Sun rises just over the Point of where the Ascension of Jesus took place. Jesus promised to Return and at that Day and Place, so will He return with the Bride of Christ. This will occur at the Battle of Armageddon wherein Jesus makes His ‘Touch-Down on the Mount of Olives.

This Scenario is stated by the 2 Angels of ‘Messengers’ that appeared thereafter. They told the Disciples after the Ascension of Jesus, that Jesus would return and come Down in the Same way He went Up. On an Aside Note, there are those that believe that these ‘2 Men in White’ were and will be the 2 Witnesses. Food for Thought, although they were not recognized to be Moses and Elijah as they were during the Mount of Transfiguration. The Triple Celestial Alignment in LEO, the Lion of Tribe of Judah consists of the Sun-Regulus and Venus. The following is the Array of the Triple Alignment in Leo on 9-11, 2022.

1. SUN
Sunrise over Mount of Olives on 9-11, 2022 Jerusalem Israel.

The King Star.


‘I AM the Bright and Morning Star’ -Jesus.

The next Segment will discuss the depiction of the position of the Moon, rising just after Sunset. The illustrations will depict this Moon-Rise from the vantage point of the Mount of Olives to the East of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. It occurs the same day on what many have come to believe is the Date of Jesus’ Birth, September 11, -3 BC. As stated, this Date is an Anniversary of the 21 Year or 7-7-7 Shemitah Countdown since the Twin Tower Attacks by Globalist Luciferian Cabal.

As noted, the King Planet of the Messiah, Jupiter will be in Conjunction with the Moon. Jupiter is the King Planet and corresponds to the Sun-Rise in Leo., just 12 Hours prior on that same Astronomical Coordinate in the Sky, relative to the Mount of Olives, etc. It is a Prophetic Echo of the Dispositions and Nature of Jesus, who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and The Messiah. Note also that the Astronomical Occurrence happens at the Phi Ratio Distance from Leo to Pisces.

A Coming Rescue

And as to any possible Prophetic Overtones or Innuendos on this ‘Birth-Date’? Yes. One thinks that there are Rapture ‘Pictures’. How so and when? Consider the following Evidence. If the Jews and those living in Jerusalem look towards the East over Mount of Olives on 9-11, 2022 in Jerusalem Israel, the Moon Rises. Of note are the following Observations pertinent to the Moon-Rise. The Full Moon, which will be a Harvest Moon, signals the end of the coming Summer Wheat Harvest Season. The Astronomical End of the Summer Season will technically occur on September 22, 2022. This will be a 1 Day of a Difference from the 5-Year Anniversary of the Revelation 12 Sign.

Many who are End Times Students of Biblical Prophecy believe that the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017 was and is the Rapture Sign to the Church. Why? It had and has at its core, the Rapture Typology. Consider the following Observation about the Revelation 12 Sign and how its 5-Year Anniversary plays on what many have come to believe was directly associated with the 1st Prophecy ever given to Humanity after the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden.

Rev 12 Sign                                                                                                Rev 12 Sign

-3915 BC    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------  2017 AD
Beginning?                                                                                                       End?

-3915 BC + 2017 = 5932 years – (6000 year Dispensation) + Year 0 = 69 Year Difference

+ 5-Year Anniversary from 2017 in 2022 =
74 Years

Israel in 2022 is
74 Years Old since its 1948 Declaration of Independence and Re-Birth.

Since then, there have been many ‘Portal’ Motifs also seen in the Sun, Moon and the Star. The Rapture will be as that ‘Portal’ or Door of Escape and Rescue Jesus Promised the Philadelphia Type of Christians in the Last Hour. Thus, such a ‘Picture’ is one that is occurring on what many suggest is Jesus’ Birth Day on 9-11, 2022, etc. But again, as Signs go, it could be just a Signaling of what is coming up-ahead. Timewise? That is to be determined.

Nonetheless, the Moon is in Conjunction with the King Planet, Jupiter as noted. Here is one possible Interpretation of that Conjunction. Note that the King Planet is actually in the Constellation of the Sea Beast, Cetus or as a ‘Leviathan’ type. It is the Beast that holds the Bands or Cords of the 2 Fish of Pisces. It is preventing the ‘Fish’ from ‘Escaping’ Earth, etc. Note that 1 Fish is going 1 Way and the other Fish goes the other way.

There is a Spiritual and Prophetic Significance going on here. One Prophetic Interpretation suggests that the 1st Fish is pertaining to Israel and the 2nd Fish is the Church Age Believers. Note in the illustration the Typologies of the Rapture Event. There is the ‘Rapture’ of the Fish going ‘Up’ by Pegasus and the Bondage remaining of the other Fish associated with Andromeda, etc.


Astronomical Epoch of the Church Age ‘Fish’ with 153 caught in the Disciple’s Net.


Planet of the King, The Messiah coming to loosen the Bond Cetus has over the Fish.

Rapture Comes Swiftly for those ‘Fish’ in the Church Age as it Ends.


Chained Maiden speaks of the Israel ‘Fish’ that remains ‘Chained for Tribulation Period.


Harvest Moon occurs as the Wheat Summer Harvest comes to a closure.


This Minor Summer Feast of YHVH is the 3rd Shemitah Count of 50 Days since July 23, 2022.

Over the Millennia, there has been much Debate as to who and what are the Fish pertinent to. Israel? The Church? Which is which? This study will suggest, which is which, based on the Typologies of where the Church Age is at, given these Astronomical Alignment and Conjunction. It is at its End, in one’s Assessment.

Of note is the respective occurrence, on the same Day that the Sun and Moon rise over the Mount of Olives on what one speculates is the Birth-Day of Jesus. Consider the following contrast of the 2 Fishes of Pisces for emphasis. The 1st Fish is riding the Back of Pegasus. Pegasus typifies the coming Escape that, ‘Comes Quickly’ or Swiftly. It is as though this ‘Fish’ typifies the Rapture Event.

1-This alignment and Conjunction speaks of the soon or ‘Swift Rescue’ that is coming like a Pegasus for the Fish that will Ride into Glory as there will be that Rendezvous in the Sky at the Rapture Event.

2-These Astronomical Alignment and Conjunctions on 9-11, 2022 are signaling an End to the Church Age. It has been nearly 2000 Years or 2 Days that the Age of Pisces or that of the Fish or Ichthus, which means ‘Fish’ in Greek has ruled the Heavens.

3-The Alignment and Conjunction, occur opposite of each other in the entire Sky, one at the Sun-Rise and its Complementary one at the Moon-Rise. Both have the Motifs of the Messiah, of His Royalty with Jupiter conjoined with the Moon and with the Sun Conjoining Venus in Leo, along with the King Star Regulus, etc.

To reiterate, the 2nd Fish is that one that is connected to the Constellation of the ‘Chained Woman’ or Maiden that is rescued by Perseus from the Sea Monster also. But this is typifying Israel that will be Rescued by Jesus, ‘Perseus’ at the End of the Tribulation Period. Israel will remain and go through the Last Shemitah or Tribulation Period or the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’, etc. See Article below entitled the ‘Pegasus Rapture.

And back to the King Jupiter then conjoining with the Moon on 9-11, 2022. Jupiter is a Motif for The Messiah. It is the King Planet and protects the Earth, as its Size and Gravity detracts all those very dangerous Asteroids that could hit the Earth, otherwise. One clear Historical Example was the Impact of the Shoemaker-Levy Comet that crashed into Jupiter on July 16, 1994. This Day was the 9th of Av. This Date is when the 2 Temples of YHVH were destroyed by the Enemies of the Jews in Jerusalem.

It was the Day that the Spies came back with the ‘Bad Report’ and subsequently the Entrance to the Promised Land was Postponed for 40 years, 1 Year for the 40 Days the Spies evaluated the Circumstances in the Promised Land. The Day speaks of Calamity and Doom, Judgment and Postponement of YHVH’s Perfect Will and Plans, etc. Thus, as the Sun and the Harvest Moon move into position on 9-11, 2022, they will be directly on the Ley-Line of the Eastern Horizon, respective to the Ecliptic.

The Sun will Rise above the Mount of Olives as it conjoins with the King Sign, Leo and in Alignment with the King Star, Regulus and the Planet, Venus. Then at Sun-Set, the Moon will Rise over the same Coordinate in the Sky, over the Mount of Olives. The Moon will conjoin with the King Planet Jupiter in Pisces. The Moon is called the Harvest Moon at this Time as the Summer Wheat Harvest comes to a complete closure. Jupiter typifies The Messiah come to ‘Break the Bonds’ that the Sea Monster, Cetus.

It is this Beast that has bound the ‘Fish’ of Jesus, those Mathematically 153 that are to be Saved for nearly 2000 Years now. It has been the Church Age, the Age of Grace wherein, the ‘Fish’ have been caught in the Net’, per the Work of the Holy Spirit, with the Disciple’s Effort, etc. The Alignment in Leo of the Sun-Venus-Regulus and the Conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter in Pisces portrays and Signals in the Sun, Moon and the Stars that the End of the Church is Near and the Rapture Event is soon to take place, perhaps. Nonetheless, it is a befitting Typology and Picture on the Day that many believe is the Birth-Day of Jesus. Happy Birth-Day Jesus.

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Cosmology of Christ

Based on the Astronomical Alignments, it appears that Tishri 1 or the Feast of Trumpets occurred on September 11, 3 BC. The various Conjunctions point to Jesus’ Birth-Day. Thus, if one follows the Star Map based on the Account of Matthew’s Description, 15 Months later is when the Magi  arrived at Bethlehem.

The Date coincided with the Magi, the Person Wise Men of the Court and School of Daniel the Prophet, bearing 3 Gifts to the King of the Jews. At this Time, Jesus was about 1.5 Years Old. The Date? It was on December 25, -2 BC. And? This other corresponding Date coincided that Year, with the Feast of Lights, Hanukkah. See Article about the Timing of the Birth of Jesus and the Visitation of the Magi below. 





Michael Heiser The Birthday of Jesus Christ September 11, 3 BC



Lion of the Tribe of Judah



Lion of the Tribe of Judah

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