Prelude to the Battle of Armageddon

  • Who are the Kings of the East and will that be led by China?
  • Will North Korea eventually detonate a Nuke on Japan or USA?
  • How is North Korea a Microcosm of the Tribulation Period?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And the 6th Angel poured out his Vial upon the Great River Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the Way [the road] of the Kings of the East might be prepared.’ -Revelation 16:12

The purpose of this study is to highlight several key and unique Time and Date Properties related to the coming of the Kings of the East as portrayed in the Book of Revelation. According to Biblical Prophecy of the End of Days, a 200-Million-Man Army is to march across the span of Eurasia to reach the shore of the Euphrates River in Iraq. The End Goal is not clear or who they will be, but that this Army will Decimate the World’s Population in the process. It will be part of Jesus’s Wrath in using this Army for a Spiritual Purpose and Judgment against the Nations. An emphasis will be made on North Korea as being part of this Cohort. The History of the Korean Conflict will be presented. With the current Ramblings of a possible Nuclear Confrontation in the Korean Peninsula, Geo-Politically, perhaps these Kings of the East seek a foothold in the Oil, Mineral and Natural Gas rich Middle East, primarily Israel at that Time.

It is not clear when this Invasion will occur if before the Gog-Magog Invasion of Israel in or before Armageddon as portrayed in the later part of the Book of Revelation. Or it could be in Conjunction with the Battle of Armageddon that is but a Prelude to it. Most would agree in the Later Scenario. It is where YHVH is seen gathering the Nations to the Valley of Megiddo for a Last and Final Showdown at Jesus’ 2nd Coming, that is the return of the King with His Bride. The Bible states that this vast Army will kill .33 of the World's Population. If this Calculation is figured based on the 7 Billion People now in the World, then this would be a figure of 2.5 Billion People that will face Eventual Death.

However, by this time, at least .25 of the World's Population is already Dead from the Seal Judgments of the of the Book of Revelation. Thus, before this Oriental Army marches towards Jerusalem, approximately 1 Billion, 500 Million People may have already Died. This would leave a World Population of no more than 4 Billion. Perhaps approximately 2-3 Billion People will be killed by this Army of the Kings of the East. In terms of the countries through which this Army will pass from Asia, it might be interesting to note that such Nations as India perhaps, with a Population of slightly more than 1 Billion will be one of those countries to suffer much Devastation. Why? It is in the Path of the Invasion from the Land of the Rising Sun. This is assuming India is not part of the Make-Up of the Kings of the East Confederation. The ‘Trigger’ that might allure the Kings of the East may have to do with the True Prophetic Significance between the current disputes over Kashmir Region.


This Ancient Geographical Funnel or Path leads to the Middle East as it was part of the Ancient Silk Trade Routes to Jerusalem. What will be the Precious Commodity as Silk was in ancient times, will likewise, in the End of Days be the Natural Resources that Israel will possess, such as Natural Gas Reserves and Precious Metals and Minerals found in the Dead Sea. If India begins to move her Forces to meet the Chinese-Led Armies in a Military Confrontation, then it is highly likely that China might retaliate with all the Weapons of Mass Destruction at her disposal. India could be Annihilated in such a Preemptive Strike by China that will most likely lead the Asian Princes of such Nations as North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, perhaps even Japan. Due to India’s high concentration of People, it is not that far-fetched to conceive that up to a 1 Billion People could very well lose their Lives in this Apocalyptic Scenario.

As it is, China and India are not at Good Terms due to Border Disputes. India in the past has sided and asked for Soviet and Russian help to Counter-Weight the Balance of Power in the Region. Another Variable is that the New World Order Plans envision the Complete Annihilation of the World's Religious People. In particular, altogether, about 3.5 Billion People on Earth believe in 1 God, mainly the Christians, Jews and Muslims. Such stand in the way of ever accepting the claims of the ‘New Age Christ’ or AntiChrist as the Christians see it. The AntiChrist will proclaim himself to be ‘God’ and demand Worship as he initiates a ‘Cult of Personality’ and direct and Undivided Loyalty and Obedience. But there is a Distinction of who the AntiChrist between the Muslims and Christians; they are the mirror image of what is expected and who it is expected to be.

Many Biblical Scholars allude to the Scenario that the Muslim Depiction of who the Messiah or Mahdi, the 12th Imam is in actuality the AntiChrist of the Christians. Thus, it will be critical to ‘Believe’ and worship the True ‘Messiah’ as one’s Life will depend on it. If what the Bible depicts is true, then the Christian and Jewish Messiah, that is Jesus Christ, will not be the Chosen One during the Tribulation Period. Another Obstacle for the Kings of the East might be Russia, especially the Southern and Central Asian Republics. It is interesting to note that the majority of the population in Southern Russia is Muslim.

Such Republics will most likely join the March against Jerusalem as this Invasion of the 200-Million-Man Army from the ‘East’, China in particular, will result in the Deaths of .33 of all the People as the most Concentration of People is in the East. To reiterate, the Bible foretells a Time when this 200 Million Mass Army will reach the Banks of the Euphrates River in Iraq. The Euphrates River will be made to be dry-up so that the Army can cross over and advance toward Jerusalem. Prophetically, the Bible states that there are 4 Fallen Angels stationed there for this particular Day and Hour to do just that. Geo-Politically, China may be acting to ensure that her access to the Karahoram Pass remains firmly in either her Hands or in control of Pakistan's, India’s Natural Enemy. China, in one’s Estimation, is the most likely Candidate to be the Leader or Spearhead of such a Conglomeration of the Kings of the East would most certainly enter the War with all Weapons at her disposal.

Trigger Points

The ‘Military March’ from the East is not to be confused with the Invasion of Gog-Magog or the Battle of Armageddon. Perhaps this ‘Military March’ from the Kings of the East might be in Conjunction to the Battle of Armageddon to some degree or fashion as mentioned. The Kings of the East reference can be literally translated as those from where, ‘The Rising of the Sun comes from’. To those discerning of Times, the current Rhetoric and the News of the Day, as it pertains to China and North Korea is molding exactly as foretold in Biblical Prophecy. The current Militarization of China and North Korea, coupled with the continued Nuclear Testing and Threats to use Nuclear Weapons against the United States, Japan and South Korea is to be taken seriously. The following is the North Korean Rockets that can carry a Nuclear Device.

1. Taepodong 2           6,000 km Range
2. Taepodong 1           4,000 km Range
3. Rodong 1                1,300 km Range|

With the untested New Leadership and Generation of Kim Jong il, the Military of North Korea is probing for Vulnerabilities in the US-South Korean Alliance specifically. Neighboring States, aside from South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan are ‘on edge’, to a degree, due to the North Korean Nuclear Program that threaten the Peace in the Region. Such are Powerless to stop the Inevitable as they rely on the Mutual Military Cooperation with the USA. This Treaty with the USA has not been put to the Test since the Armistice in 1953. A Nuclear North Korea has now changed Geo-Politically, the Landscape of the Region and has off-set the Balance of Powers.

China has a Unilateral Pack with North Korea as does the US with Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. Currently, due to its Successful Missile Launches or North Korea’s nuclear program, Missiles can now deliver a Nuclear Warhead as far as Alaska and perhaps the West Coast of the USA. Thus, North Korea might be the ‘Trigger Point’ that could involve a Serious Situation in which Nuclear War might be unavoidable for the North Koreans to use against the USA, Japan or Taiwan. Many Bible Scholars attribute the build-up of China, Economically and Militarily, as a design, preparing for her part in the coming Tribulation Period. And? Over the Years, many have had Dreams and Vision of the USA being invaded by China and Russia. According to the Book of Revelation, the Kings of the East are summoned by the Demonic Host to march along that All-Weather Road to Israel's Border, preparing for an Attack. This study suggests that a Key Player or Nation making-up the ‘Kings of the East’ will be North Korea.

The Year 2013 marked the 60th-Year Anniversary of the end of the Korean War which at the beginning was called a ‘Police Action’ by the UN-led Coalition of 21 UN-US Member Nations. Over 36,000 US Soldiers Died in the war, making it the most in Losses of any one singular Nation and out of the total 2 Million Lives lost from 1950-1953. The US made up about 88% of the over 300,000 Combined Force that attempted to repel the North Korean Invasion of the South. The Defense Readiness Condition DEFCON was set-up as an Alert System used to describe the Degree of Nuclear War and State or Readiness by the U.S. Armed Forces. During the Missile Test Launches and Threats to ‘Nuke’ the US West Coast by North Korea the US went to DEFCON 2 in Spring of 2013.

Demilitarized Zone

When the UN led 21 force nation pushed the North Korean beyond the 38th Parallel near the Chinese border, over 2 million Chinese along with the USSR helped the North Koreans push back the UN Coalition to the current 38th Parallel. To this day, there are continued skirmishes and penetration by North Korean commandos or fire exchanges at sea. North Korea has the 4th largest army in the world. For its size of only 25 million, it is staggering. China has currently a 1 Million-Man-Army ready to mobilize at a given notice. The following is the list that specifies the level of nuclear threat to the USA.

DEFCON 1     Nuclear War is imminent                                White
DEFCON 2     Prepare for Nuclear War                                Red
DEFCON 3     Force readiness above normal                       Yellow
DEFCON 4     strengthened security measures                    Green
DEFCON 5     Lowest state of readiness                              Blue

The North Koreans have officially withdrawn from the ‘Cease Fire’ Agreement of 1953 with the Republic of South Korea and the USA as the Nations involved are technically still at War with each other. As to North Kores? North Korea is one of the most Isolated Countries in the World and for that very reason it is often referred to as the ‘Hermit Kingdom’. It is an example of what Communism leads to; a Total Repressive Totalitarian State controlling every aspect of Life for Individuals. The 2 Koreas are divided by a Line.

The Demilitarized Zone DMZ (한반도 비무장지대) is a 2.5-Mile-Wide Buffer between the 2 Nations of North and South Korea. It is 148 Miles long running on the 38th Parallel. It has over 1 Million Land Mines and Fenced with High Voltage Lines. Within this area there are roughly 2 Million Military Personnel stationed here. This Line makes it the most Militarized and Guarded Border in the World. Currently the Joint Security Force of US-North Korea has 25,374 US Troops deployed in the Zone. The following is a Statistical Comparison of the 2 Koreas in 2013. For example, the average North Korean earns the rough estimate equivalent of $900 per Year.

North Korea               South Korea

Population                                                      25 mil                          50 mil
GDP (Purchasing Power Parity), $Bn            1,622                           4,032
GDP - per capita (PPP)                                  400                              1,800
Infant Mortality Rate, per 1,000 Births           26.21                           4.08
Life expectancy at Birth                                 69.2                             79.3
Area                                                               122,762 sq km            99,313 sq km
Corruption Index Ranking 2012                     174                              45
Total executed, 2007-2011                             105                              0
Internet Users per 100 People                       < 0.1                            81.5
Intentional Homicide, rate per 100,000          15.2                             2.6
Exports, $ Billion                                            4.71                             552.6
Imports  $ Billion                                            4                                  514.2
Manpower fit for Military (16-49)                    4,836,567                    10,864,566
Military Percentage of GDP                           22.3                             2.8
Military Spending, $ Billion                             8.21                             26.1

Religious Persecution

The North Korean ‘Cult of Personality’ Ideology came out of the Social Scientific Revolutions of 19th Century Europe. It utilizes Humanistic Social Darwinism as its Core Values and Foundation. In essence, it is a Scientific Theory stipulating that the Political State is the Highest Entity for Mankind in terms of Laws, Order and all that is Good and for the ‘Good’ of Humanity. Having this as a framework, Humanity is reduced to the Lowest Common Denominator in terms of Worth and Value. Human Life is expendable as the State deems what is Valuable and Permissible in Life and Liberty. The Path to eventual Communism is paved through Socialism. It espouses Collectivism in which the Good for the State supersedes the Rights, Power and Liberties of the Single Individual. People are valued for their Work and seen as Units of Energy. What matters is the Present and all things Material.

Thus, any aspect of there being a Spiritual Being, a Soul, a ‘GOD’ is counterproductive and threatens the State to the point that attempts will be made to stamped-out this Spiritual and/or Religious Believe in a Creator. The Results? North Korea has sunk into the ’Dark Ages’ but with Nuclear Weapons. Satellite Images at Night, from the Edge of Earth’s Atmosphere, show North Korea virtually ’Blacked Out’ due to shortages in Energy. It is a befitting Metaphor of the Spiritual Darkness the Communist Ideology has produced. A Report by the Korean Bar Association has details the Daily Life of Religious and Political Prisoners based on the Testimonies of Survivors of the Camps and former Guards in North Koreas Concentration Camps. For more than 50 YEARS, North Korea has been operating Prison Camps that are actually Forced Labor Concentration Camps.

Religious and Political Opponents are Incarcerated and are forced into Slave Labor. These Camps are estimated to be holding more than 200,000 Political and Religious Prisoners. According to the Communist Rationale, these Camps provide an ‘Opportunity for Redemption.’ North Korea’s Government denies the existence of Prison Camps but Satellite Imaging reveals the truth that Persecuted North Korean Christians, as well as Political Prisoners are being forced to work. They are Starved, Tortured and Killed. Several Escapees have testified of the Brutality. In an effort to reach out, South Korean Christians and other World Ministries, for Decades have been launching tens of thousands of ‘Scripture Balloons’. These are Balloons filled with Helium that carry New Testaments, Scripture verses and the Gospel Messages into North Korea.

As a Closed Materialistic and Marxist State, anyone discovered to be a Christian in North Korea is usually Executed or sent to Prison Camp or Concentration Camps. The mere possession of a Bible can result in being Jailed or Death. Any North Korean attending an Underground Christian Church is considered Treason. According to the Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), somewhere between 50,000 to 70,000 North Korean Christians are currently in these Forced Labor Camps. Why? Christianity is seen as a Direct Threat to the Communist State. It is so ironic, given that the up-bringing of Kim il Sung’s was Christian and the Fight for Korea’s Liberation, since 1910 was started by and supported by Christian Churches. It is a Testament that what makes a Follower of Christ Jesus. It does not depend where one was born or what ‘Christian’ Family a person grew-up in or how much Church Meetings one attended.

Cult of Personality

The Cult of Personality Phenomenon occurs when an Individual uses Mass Media and Propaganda to project his or her Image as Larger-Than-Life to the point of a God-Like Idolization. Such Attributes may be imposed by the Masses due to the Popularity as would a Rock Star or Celebrity. Others? On the other Hand, are Self-Imposed Worship Icons that demand Adoration of the Masses. Most noticeably, Dictators have been notorious for demanding Unconditional Worship of their Personality to the point that it becomes a Religious Fixation, in most cases. This occurred in Ancient Civilization from Babylon down to the Greeks and Romans. For example, Cesar Worship was required by the Citizens of Rome, as the Emperor was deemed a ‘Living God’, etc.

In the case of North Korea, this Cult of Personality is the Religion that is only allowed and expected to be practiced. This ‘Religion’ of North Korea is called Juche. It is the Literal Worship of the Family Dynasty of Kim Sung as a ‘God’ and his Son, Kim Jong as the ‘Son of God’. Finally, what is to be expected, at some point in time, is that Kim Jong Un will be worshipped as a type of the Holy Spirit. This is obviously in reference to the Christian Trinity Concept of a Triune GOD. Juche is the only Religion the North Koreans are allowed to practice. Although it is argued that North Korea does not repress Religious Beliefs, it is intolerant of any Competition. Thus, Belief Systems like Christianity are seen as Unacceptable Compotators and thus Treasonous to the State.

There is actually a Written Article in the Party Covenant that states that all North Koreans are required to Worship their Supreme Leader. To help remind the Masses of this on a Daily Basis, Portraits are required to be hung on the Walls of every Home in North Korea. Household Members are to Bow-Down to it as an ‘Idol’ of Worship. Kim Jong-Il honored as a Deity, has more than 1,200 Titles to include… Sun of the 21st Century, the Eternal Sun, the Guardian Deity of the Planet, the Sun of Socialism, and the Ever-Victorious General. The References include Lone Star of the 21st Century, Beloved Leader, Great Leader, Dear Leader, Great Suryong, the Sun of Revolution, the Sun of Life, the Sun of Juche and the Fatherly Leader of all Koreans, etc.

In such a Controlled and Repressive Society, all are subject to Suspicion that one is believed to be Disloyal, in any form. The Bible is banned which is called Kiddokyo Chaek. Many have been Falsely Incarcerated due to either having a Bible, meeting in the Underground Church or just being falsely reported to the Authorities. Such an Infraction is a Capital Offense. The Victims are often judged without Due Process. It becomes an occasion for a Show Trial that ends in a Public Execution.

In most cases, Teachers, Students and Locals are forced to witness the Executions. The Military Police Unit, Bowisaryungbu Gigwanwon is often the Judge, Jury and Executioners of such Thought Crimes. Many Pastors, Assistant Pastors and Parishioners are executed at will for their Religious Beliefs. There have been Escapees from the Concentration Camps that tell of Horrific Brutality occurring in such Satanic Conditions. The word, for the crime of being a Protestant Christian is called Kiddokyo. This Association comes with an Automatic Death Sentence of, ‘Conspiring to engage in Subversive Activities against the State and the Supreme Leaders’.

Spiritual Starvation

At such Executions, the Victims are at times given the opportunity to Recant their Belief in Jesus Christ with a promise to be spared Execution. In some cases, the Christians are crushed alive by Steamrollers, as they are bound and forced to lie on the Roads. Any that are found to be of use are forced into Labor Camps. It is estimated that the largest Concentration Camp, Number 22 has around 50,000 Prisoners to include entire Family Units, where Pregnancy is forbidden and Births are forcibly Aborted. Ironically and tragically, the Ruling Family had Roots in Christian Education. The Great Grandfather of the Dynasty was a Son of a Pastor.

The current Kim grew-up with no real Knowledge of Religion and had not even heard about Christianity even though he studied in the Boarding Schools of Switzerland. It is there that he acquired the Love of Basketball. Nonetheless, in their Communist Indoctrination, the North Koreans are taught that Religion is the ‘Opium of the People’ as Lenin stated. Moreover, that Missionaries and Pastors were said to be Spies of the West and South Korea, trying to bring ‘Imperialism’ to North Korea. Now, some were. But from an Early Age, Children are taught that Religion is Bad and that the only reason Christians from other Nations built the Hospitals, Schools for North Korea is to Spy.

Thus, Children from an Early Age are taught that Christianity is Subversive and TREASONOUS. And in any Association with Christianity, North Koreans are also taught to hate Americans because of the War. Many South Koreans and Chinese are nevertheless risking their own Lives to Liberate as many as they can from the Camps. Many arrange for Christians to escape through China. Many are caught by the Military and Executed in the Spot. In many places there has been an ‘Underground Railroad’ of sorts, like the type in the USA that funneled African Slaves to Freedom in the Northern States. There were Safe Houses along certain Routes where Food, Water and Comfort was provided to such seeking Liberty.

Many North Koreans see those that believe in the Christian GOD as crazy for giving-up their very lives for this ‘Religion’. Ironically, the Kim Ruling Family, once ‘Christian’ has copied the Types and Shadows of the Bible. And they have ascribed them to what is said about Kim Sung for example. They have replaced GOD the Father, GOD the SON and the Holy Spirit with their Family Cult of Personality. This is what all Dictators have done in the Past, Present and will in the Future. The Ultimate Example of the Cult of Personality will be Lucifer’s AntiChrist. He, like the Kim’s will likewise demand Absolute Worship, without any Competition, especially from Christians.

And will require all Peoples to bow-down to his Statue, just like the North Koreans have to. Any anyone found not adhering to this State Mandate or Decree will also suffer Capital Punishment during the coming Tribulation Period, just like in North Korea presently. So, since the early 1950s, the Koreas have been in a State of War. North Korea frequently threatens to invade the South in an attempt to unify the Korean Peninsula. Currently, if any North Korean Invasion were to occur, both China and the USA are pledged to Support and Intervene. Or will they? Most notably, such a Military Confrontation would go ‘Nuclear’ at some Point in Time perhaps.

The Euphrates River is in the midst of Iraq, a country that the USA invaded in 2002. It was part of the Nations that made up the ‘Evil Axis’, alongside Iran and North Korea. Currently the US has the largest Embassy in the world there in Iraq and several Military Bases. The point is that it would be hard to tread over the Euphrates River without the U.S.’s direct intervention. But perhaps that that time, the U.S. would have either been invaded by the Russians and/or the Chinese. Or it will be so repressed, due to its Economic and Social Meltdown, that no Resistance would ensue.

There would be no attempt by the USA at stopping the ‘Kings from the East’ from crossing the Euphrates River bent on World Conquest and Israel's Destruction. China itself, like North Korea has often times threatened to ‘Nuke’ the USA due to the Taiwan issue. Perhaps a ‘Red Dawn’ Scenario could occur in the USA Mainland and perhaps are in the plans. Thus, Prophetically Speaking, North Korea is helping to Set the Stage for a Militarily Countdown to Armageddon. The Bible does speak of the ‘Kings of the East’ will be marching with a 200-Million-Man Army. Why? Israel.

Realize that behind all these Geo-Political Maneuvers, is a Spirit of AntiChrist. And that also, YHVH is working to gather all the Nations to Armageddon. Why there? To slaughter them. Also consider that North Korea is already involved in the Middle East. How so? North Korea has had a direct link in helping Iran also develop its Nuclear Capability. Thus, to that end, the Kings of the East, where the Sun Rises will march across to the Euphrates River. Why? It is ultimately to attack Israel at some future Point in Time per Revelation 9:14-16.



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