A Study of the Calendar Debate

  • What is the Leo New Year all about?
  • What is the Loin's Gate? Is it a Portal to Heaven?
  • How is the Place and Time of the Rapture related?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘YHVH said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt. This Month [Aviv] shall be for you the Beginning of Months. It shall be the 1st Month of the Year for you. Tell all the Congregation of Israel that on the 10th Day of this Month every Man shall take a Lamb according to their Father’s Houses, a Lamb for a Household’. -Exodus 12:1-3

The purpose of this study is to introduce the subject of ‘the Celestial Gates of Heaven. For the purposes of this study, one is attributing the 2 Solstices and the 2 Equinoxes as being ‘Gates’ that the Sun enters and exits out of, Astronomically as it traverses the Ecliptic. That is the apparent Position of the Sun, relative to the Constellation Background from Earth’s Perspective. It is based on the Solar or Tropical Year, when directly observed. This is different from the Sidereal Year in how that is determined by the exact Position, rather than the Time.

Why one is touching upon the Complexity of the Calendar Debate is in relation to one’s Leo New Year and Lion’s Gate Rapture Theory. One is attempting to take the Ancient Knowledge, as best as one can ascertain it and extrapolate that to infer when the Rapture Event that will close out the Church will occur or could occur or should. It is total Conjecture on one’s part as this Correlation to the Rapture has not been done, to the best of one’s Knowledge or Research.

Even so, in attempting to do just that, there is a huge Calendar or Month Discrepancy that occurs with this Working Leo New Year Rapture Theory. How so. There are 2 basic Calendar or Month Attributions that are used. There is the Astrological Calendar that puts the Leo New Year, starting on a July 23 Day. And that Period of Time or Section of the Calendar, considered a Month’s Period of 30 Days concludes on August 22. It is based on the Sidereal Cycle of the Sun’s Position throughout the Year.

However, based on the Astronomical Tropical or Solar Year, the Observation of the Sun’s Position, is about 1 Month off. So, one wants to address this as some People will say, ‘Wait a Minute, the Sun is not in the Constellation of Leo, observably from Earth on a July 23 Day. That is correct, but if one is using the Solar Year. But if one is using the Sidereal Year, it is. So, for the purposes of one’s Leo New Year Rapture Theory, one is postulating that the Sidereal Observation that determines the Leo New Year to correspond to a July 23 in the Western or Solar Calendar is when the Lion’s Gate ‘Opens’. One is then corresponding to the possibility that the Rapture Event is to take place at that Time and Place. This is despite the Fact, that in the Solar Calendar, the Sun is in Cancer on a July 23 Day.

The Sun is in Leo, at the King Star of Regulus on the Last Day, that being August 22. Now as to the 4 Gates of the Heavens, being the 2 Time Markers of the Solstices and Equinoxes, one suggests that the Lion’s Gate makes-up the 5th Gate of Heaven. This depiction is of the 4 Main Astronomical Gates of the Heavens. They consist of the 2 Solstices and the 2 Equinoxes. Incorporated into this array is the Lion’s Gate, which would tally a total of 5 Gates. Enoch in Chapter 72 spoke about there being 6 Gates of Heaven, at least comprising Half of the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac Constellations.

Also called the Solar Year is the Time that the Sun takes to return to the same Position in the Sky – as viewed from the Earth or another Celestial Body of the Solar System – thus completing a Full Cycle of the 12 Astronomical Seasons.

Also called a Sidereal Orbital Period, is the Time that Earth or another Planetary Body takes to orbit the Sun once with respect to the Fixed Stars. Hence, for Earth, it is also the Time taken for the Sun to return to the same Position.

In essence, each of the Constellations in that respect would be or is considered a ‘Gate’ onto itself. These 5 Principle Gates are Time Markers where the Sun is in the Position relative to the other Signs and Gates from Earth’s Perspective. Note that this is the Astronomical Precession of the Sun, not the Astrological one. The Astronomical Precession of the Sun is relative to the Sign or Constellations corresponding to the Dates of the Modern Gregorian Calendar. The 12 Zodiacs are not in a Perfect Circle.

This is different from the Astrological Season of the 12 Constellations that will be about 1 Month off or shifted forward. Note that the 4 Solar Gates are 3 Months apart for a total of a 12 Months or a 360 Day Factor. Then from the June 21 Summer Solstice to the Lion’s Gate of July 23 (723) is 33 Days. This Number is associated with the Age of Jesus, the Lion King.

However, even with this Notion of ‘Doors’, Portal and Star-Gates, there are varying Interpretations of just how many there really are. It depends on the Context. For example, according to Enoch 72, there are 6 Gates in the Heavenlies. Well, actually a mirror of that to mean 12. Then another Interpretation implies that there are 24. The Number 12 would correspond to the 12 Constellations and the 12 Tribes of Israel of whose Names will be Etched on the Door of the New Jerusalem.

And the 24 Elders seated around the Throne of YHVH, to suggest a Circle would correspond to the Courses of the Priests that King David installed. In the Book of Revelation, one is of the interpretation that the Bride of Christ represents these Redeemed, etc. So, as to the Question of, ‘Which Calendar’ is the more accurate or which one is the Biblical one? Why is there such Confusion? There is the Enochian Calendar that states YHVH had given Mankind a 364 Day Calendar. There is the Essene and the Zadok Calendars that are a variation of the Enoch Calendar. There is the Temple Calendar, the Book of Jubilees and that of Enoch.

There is the Babylonian, the Egyptian, the Julian, Gregorian, Muslim, Chinese, Celtic, Native American, etc. One will not attempt to ‘solve’ the Debate. But it is in Genesis, where the GOD of Creation, YHVH states that the sun, moon and the stars are to be used for ‘Clocking Time’ and how it is to be communicated in the following manners it is to provide for.

1- Signs
2- Season or Appointed Times (Moedim)
3- To mark the Day and the Night
4- To calculate a Year’s Time

In the Book of Enoch, chapters 33, 82, Enoch states that he documented the Calendar shown to him by the Angel Uriel. He showed Enoch the Courses of the Stars and their Positions. Enoch stated that he wrote it all down and gave the Book to Methuselah. No doubt, when Methuselah died, he passed on the Books to Noah that carried them into the Ark and on the other Side of the Flood New World. However, that is where some Researchers conjecture that due to the Cataclysmic Effects of the Flood, the 360 Day Calendar or the 364 Day Calendar was altered. This was due to the Geocentric changes that the Earth suffered due to the Flood. It somehow affected the Axis Tilt and Duration of its Rotation. One here is assuming a Globe Model.

Enoch goes on to tell that the Solar Year is divided into 4 Quarters of 91 Days each. Thus, those 91 Days are divisible by 7 Days. As a result, each week equals 13 Weeks for each quarter. This Knowledge is also reiterated in the Book of Jubilees. The Enoch Calendar tracked Time based upon Sidereal Days not Tropical Days. The Book of Enoch and the Book of Jubilees both state that the Year was 364 Days. The Dead Sea Scrolls Calendar also used a 364 Day Year Cycle. It was basically a 360 Day Year, as in the Degrees in a Circle and thus based on a Factor of 60. The 4 Days corresponded to the 2 Solstices and the 2 Equinoxes, etc.

For the Enoch, Essene and the Zadok Calendars, the New Year starts on a Wednesday. It is the Day after the Spring Equinox. It is interesting to note that the signs of the Zodiac start with Aries on March 21st each year. The Tropical Spring Equinox is when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator. The Spring Equinox can be as early as March 19 or as late as March 21st, especially when it occurs on a Leap Year. For reference, the Equinox is when the Day and the Night are equal in terms of Time. 

According to Research, the Word Calendar comes from the Roman Word,’ Calends’, Kalendae, which means the ‘1st Day of the New Moon’. In Ancient Times, Civilizations like the Babylonians determined that Day to be the New Month, just the same. The Romans then called the Mid-Point of their Months, the Ides. This Word meant ‘Divide’, thus, the approximate Delineation of the Month. This is also where the Famous Term was coined, ‘Beware of the Ides of March’.  It was William Shakespeare, who dramatized Caesar’s Assassination in his Play, ‘Julius Caesar’ that had that Line. It is a Soothsayer that warns Caesar to, ‘Beware the Ides of March’. In the Play, it was later in that same Day that Caesar was stabbed 23 Times.

Telling Time
Ironically, it was Julius Caesar that introduced the 12 Month Calendar by introducing the Month, named after his Family, Julius. Later on when the Republic became an Empire, Augustus, the Emperor had the Month of Augustus added by the Roman Senate, etc. It is later on, during the Roman Catholic Rule that Pope Gregory revamped the Julian Calendar to what is now used, known as the Gregorian or Western Calendar. 

The Romans began their Calendar in March. It was based on the Spring Equinox. The Month was named after Mars, or March. It originally had 10 Months that divided the Solar Year. Their Week was not based on being 7 Days. The Romans named their Days based on the 7 Main Planets, starting with the Sun, that became Sunday, etc. Then it was followed by the Moon, or Moon-Day and so on. To this Day, even in Spanish, the Names of the Week reflect the Planetary Names.

1 Deus            Sun Day
2 Lunes           Moon Day
3 Martes          Mars Day
4 Miercoles      Mercury Day
5 Jueves          Jupiter Day
6 Viernes         Venus Day
7 Sabado         Saturn Day (Later Sabado, borrowed from Jewish Culture in Spain, Shabat)

But realize also that the Eastern Roman Church, called the Orthodox Church did not convert to the Gregorian Calendar. It was due to the Great Schism that split Christendom. Thus, to this Day, the Orthodox Calendar is 13 Days off because they are still using the Julian Calendar. Currently America, Europe and other Countries use a Gregorian Calendar which is based on a Tropical (Solar) Year. As defined, it uses the Sun and the Moon to identify the Times. And again, it is not what the Ancients used, the Sidereal Calendar.

The current Gregorian calendar is based on Universal Time. However, for both the Solar (Tropical) and the Sidereal Year, the Equinoxes and Solstices are determined by where the Earth is located in its Orbit around the Sun. And as to the Moon? The Lunar Month is not exactly 30 Days long as is a Solar Month. But it is on the 14 Day of every Lunar Month, that it is the Full Moon. This is why in 32 AD, the Passover on April 14 was on a Full Moon, and was an Eclipse. This is based on one’s other Theory that the more correct Crucifixion Year was 32 AD.



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