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  • Are Images from the JWST possible 'Divine Signalings'?
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by Luis B. Vega
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‘When I behold Your Heavens, the Work of Your Fingers, the Moon and the Stars, which You have set in place— what is Man that You are Mindful of him, or the Son of Man that You care for him? You made Him a little Lower than the Angels; You crowned Him with Glory and Honor’.-Psalm 8:3-5

The purpose of this study is to consider the latest Image released to the Public from the James Webb Telescope on October 25, 2022. The study will incorporate a Discussion from the Blog, Revelation 12 Daily, that is considering if these Images from NASA, are coinciding with possible ‘Divine Signaling’. Based on what one has reviewed, one would conclude, yes, it is a Sign. The Evidence will be presented based on the Biblical Astronomical Interpretation of such an Image that appears to be like an open Hand showing the Palm. With that Context, these Signs in the Heavens will be connected to a Word Study on the ‘Hand of GOD’ found in the Bible. Note that the Release Date coincided with the Solar Eclipse seen in the Eastern Hemisphere. See Chart for illustration.

World War 3 Solar Eclipse

Why this study became an interest, aside from the Spectacular Images the James Webb Telescope is producing, is where the November 8, 2022 Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon occurs. Where? In the Constellation of Aries. And? As a Type of Jesus, it is He that can only loosen the Band with His Hand to set the Fish Free from the Grip of Cetus. The Image released is of 2 Galaxies that are merging, IC 1623. They are some 270 Million Light-Years away from Earth. Where? In the Constellation of Cetus. And? Cetus is connected to Pisces by a Band or Chords. The IC 1623 Galaxies are located at 01 07 47.2 Right Ascension (R.A.) and -17 30 25 Declination (Dec.). The Right Ascension is the Angular Distance of an Object along the Celestial Equator from the March Equinox.

For those who may not have an Astronomy Background, if the Number is Negative, it is ‘West’ of the March Equinox. A Negative Value indicates it is in the Southern Hemisphere, etc. The Declination is the Angle of the Object from the Celestial Equator. This is how the Known Universe is ‘Mapped-Out’ much like the Grids on Earth with Longitude and Latitude. One is suggesting that these 2 Merging Galaxies are producing a Depiction of a ‘Hand’ or Palm. The Point? It would make sense that the Divine Hand of YHVH is about to loosen the Band that Connects the Sea Beast or Monster with the Fish, as in a Rapture Typology of sorts. This is then one’s interpretation of the Motif.

The 7th Sign
It is understood, Theologically, that the Constellation of the Fish, Pisces has been the Characterization of the Believers in Jesus. The Fish was 1 of the Primary Symbols used to denote the Followers of Jesus and was used as ‘Code’ to Signal to other Believers of one’s Belief in Jesus during the Imperial Roman Persecutions. This Fish or Pisces Symbol became known as the Ichthus, which is Greek for ‘Fish’, etc. It is based on Sacred Gematria in that the Symbol consists of 2 Intersecting Arcs.

This Geometry produces the Vesica Piscis, or the Motif of the ‘Womb’. This does then have implications of Reproduction and of the ‘Multitudes’ Inference taught in the New Testament. Mathematically, it has a Factor of 153 incorporated into its Dimension. Then the Ends of the Arches extend a bit beyond the Meeting Point so as to resemble the Profile of a Fish Motif. The following is the exact Meaning of each Word from the Greek Acronym or Acrostic that is the Word for Fish.

ACRONYM:                            IΧΘΥΣ
GREEK:                                  Iησοῦς Χρῑστός Θεοῦ Υἱός Σωτήρ
TRANSLITERATION:             Iēsoûs Khrīstós, Theoû Huiós, Sōtḗr
ENGLISH:                              Christ, God's Son, Savior

One finds it very interesting that Pisces is the 7th Sign where the Blood Moon and the Image are associated with. It is the Sign of Virgo that begins the Mazzaroth or the Zodiac that is the Storyline of Jesus. The Narrative ends with Leo. It is understood in Biblical Circles that 7 is the Number of Completion as in Finality. Question then. Will the Church Age End as it Started in the Constellation of Pisces when there will be some sort of Divine Signaling occurring there? It so happened that the Blood Moon of November 8, 2022 occurs in this Constellation of Aries, whose ‘Hand’ release the Fish.

Pisces has been the ‘Age’ in which the Time Factor of Pentecost has been occurring in Tandem with the Church Age, Astronomically. And that to some, the Age of the Fish or Pisces signifying Christian Dominance over the World has now set and is about to conclude. In what way? Consider that the Church Age has been a Period of ‘Catching Fish’ or Men as Jesus instructed His Disciples to do. Until when? Until the Hand of Christ Jesus comes to Rapture His Bride Up to Heaven. The Rapture Scenario is understood to be a ‘Snatching-Away’, as being grabbed by the Hand. The Age of the Fish has been one in which the Gospel of Peace, that of Jesus, would be carried-out to the 4 Corners of the Globe. Then the ‘End of the Age’ would come.

This Labor of the Gospel, in this case is likened to Fishermen being sent out to ‘Fish’. It pertains to that Mystical and Mysterious Numerical Coefficient of 153 Fish that were precisely caught in the Net of the Disciples. To some Students of the Bible, that Numerical Value typifies the Number of Gentiles to be brought in under the New Covenant found in Jesus’ Blood Atonement, etc. What has come about next, Astronomically is the Sign or House, that being Aquarius. And? This is the Sign that the Luciferians have eagerly been waiting for with their Reset that is currently being implemented through their Chaos and Order Evil Protocols. But the ‘Fish’ are Retraining them with that ‘Chord’ that Binds the Sea Dragon while the Body of Christ remains.

It is about Power and Authority
In terms of the Motif of how the Fish are ‘Tied’ to the Beast or Sea Dragon Cetus is a Double Entendre. How so? In 1 Aspect, it is the Sea Dragon that is preventing and Binding the Fish from Escaping or being set Free from Earth. And in fact, at the Rapture Event, it will be Lucifer and his Minions that will seek to Prevent the Bride of Christ from Escaping, i.e., Revelation 12 Sign Rapture Typology. However, that pertains to Israel. In one Aspect, how this is done is how the very Doctrine of the Rapture is being Attacked. Having the Sea Dragon ‘Tied’ to the Fish by the Band can be interpreted in how All Power and Authority has been given to Jesus because of His work on the Cross. That Power and Authority has also been bestowed on Jesus’ Disciples while still on Earth.

Realize that on Earth, there is no Higher Power or Authority operating or should. And the Luciferians know this and have to capitulate to it. The very Courts of the World are based on this Hierarchy of Law based on this Power and Authority of ‘Nature’s GOD’, etc. The Problem? The Body of Christ has capitulated to a large degree this Christ-Given Power and Authority. It does not realize what it has. All Powers have been placed under this Hierarchy and the Luciferians know this. They rely on keeping most Churches and Christians ignorant of this Understanding and Reality.

All Powers and Authorities on Earth must obey the Name of Jesus. They do. But if only the Body of Christ on Earth would exercise this Amazing Power. In the meanwhile, Jesus has been preparing the Wedding Camber and Mansions in His Father’s House in Heaven. This Work has lasted nearly 2000 Years and has occurred in Tandem with the Age of the Fish, Pisces, Astronomically. Because Believers in Jesus are still in the Body of Flesh, there is a constant Struggle against Sin, Satan and Self to be contented with in this World. This is then typified by the Band tying Pisces to Cetus, etc. Although the Victory has been won at the Cross of Calvary, there is a sort of ‘Restriction’ In-Play.

In the other Aspect, this goes the same for Lucifer, as epitomized as the Beast Dragon from the Book of Revelation. He is identified as that Old Serpent the Devil, etc. And? It is the seemingly insignificant Small Fish that has the Mighty Sea Dragon, the Leviathan on a Leash. This is corroborated, Theologically in that there is a Restraining Force in the World, that is above all, what one believes is GOD the Holy Spirit that is working within the Body of Christ on Earth. This present Church Age is a very unique and Special Time in Human History that is not fully appreciated. The individual Indwelt by the Holy Spirit in a Person Individually, is given as a ‘Down Payment’ the Bible Teaches.

And that Collectively, the Body of Christ is the Entity that has been given all Power and Authority on Earth. If only Christians could realize this, Earth would be a different place. That being said, the 2 Motifs of the Fish and Sea Dragon are akin to a Depiction of a David and Goliath Scenario. How so? It is that these 2 Entities are literally intertwined, and so are their Destinies. It is then about the Tiny Fish vs. the Sea Monster. This is how the James Webb Telescope Image relates to this Notion. It is based on the Visual Effect of Pareidolia and one’s Subjective Interpretation. But realize the Uniqueness of this Image that is being portrayed as the 2 Galaxies are merging, where? In Cetus. That is extremely unique and in one’s Mind, it contributing to the Rapture Typology.

Celestial Signs
Consider that at the Rapture Event, it is when finally the 2 that have been Separated will come together, that is Jesus and His Bride. The following is the Work and Interpretation of E.W. Bullinger from the Witness of the Stars. He surmises the Biblical Motif as the following concerning Pisces, the Bands and Cetus. The Findings will be given in Paraphrase Format with Emphasis.

This Biblical Astronomical Interpretation will add to the Context when later in the Study, one will then directly correlate the Sign with the Rapture Event. One is not saying that the Rapture Event will occur at such a Sign, as ‘Signs are not the Event’. But perhaps this Divine Signaling is just part of the Clues and Signs. They are perhaps Signaling the coming Rapture Event, as if ‘Snatched by the Hand of Jesus come to untie the Band that has Bound the Fish but has restrained Lucifer, the Sea Dragon, etc.

At this Stage of the Mazzaroth, the 7th Sign of Pisces, Bullinger states that he sees the results of the Redeemer's Work, but in connection with a Conflict. The Sign is pictured as 2 Large Fishes Bound together by a Band and the Ends of which are fastened to Cetus, the Sea Dragon, etc. The 1st Fish is represented with its Orientation pointing Upwards towards the North Polar Star. The 2nd Fish is shown at a Right Angle, swimming along the Line of the Ecliptic, but depicted as being ‘Raptured’ out by Pegasus. See Article about this Pegasus Rapture in the following study.

The Fish Riding a White Winged Horse​

The Sign of the Fish, then speaks of the Multitudes who will come to Salvation in Jesus’s Redemptive Work. This is corroborated with the Feeding of the 1000s with the Bread and Fish. The following are the Key Stars in Pisces with their Meaning.

-Dagim:           The Fishes, connected with Multitudes.
-Okda:             Hebrew, the United.
-Al Samaca:    Arabic, the Upheld.

Bullinger further states the following concerning the Fish Motif, with Emphasis added. ‘The Church, or Body of Christ, is totally distinct from every Class of persons who are made the Subject of Prophecy…No, it was a Divine Secret, kept as only GOD Himself could keep it. Indeed, this Sign of Pisces has always been interpreted by Israel. Both Jews and Gentiles have agreed on this.

Abarbanel, a Jewish commentator, writing on Daniel, affirms that the Sign Pisces always refers to the People of Israel. But why 2 Fishes? And why is 1 Horizontal and the other Perpendicular? The Answer is, that not only in Israel, but in the Seed of Seth and Shem there were always those who looked for a Heavenly Portion and were ‘Partakers of a Heavenly Calling’. In this Assessment, it is clearly inferring to Israel and the Church.

Bullinger’s Sub-Title regarding Pisces is called the ‘Redeemed Bound but binding their Enemy’. In this regard, Bullinger notes the following Biblical Astronomical Interpretation. ‘The Band that unites these 2 Fishes has always formed a Separate Constellation. Its Ancient Egyptian Name was U-Or, which means ‘He Cometh’. Its Arabic name is Al Risha, the Band, or Bridle…It speaks of the Coming One, not in His relation to Himself, or to His Enemies, but in His Relation to the Redeemed. It speaks of Him who says: But it speaks also of His unloosing the Bands with which they have been so long Bound.

In the Picture, these Fishes are Bound. One End of the Band is fastened securely round the Tail of 1 Fish, and it is the same with the other. Moreover, this Band is fastened to the Neck of Cetus, the Sea Monster, while immediately above is seen a woman chained as a Captive. These both tell the same Story, and indeed, all are required to set forth the whole Truth. The Fishes are Bound to Cetus; the Woman (Andromeda) is Chained; but the Deliverer of both is near. Israel now is Bound. The Great Enemy still Oppresses, but Deliverance is sure. Aries, the Ram, is seen with his Paws on this Band, as though about to loosen the Bands and set the Captives Free, and to fast Bind their Great Oppressor’.

As one can assess, the Astronomical Storyline is about Jesus, as He is the Lamb of YHVH that came to loosen the Band and Set the Sinner Free from the Chains of Lucifer that held Humanity Captive through Death. Thus, it is very interesting how the Blood Moon of November 8, 2022 occurs in this Region and how with its Pair, the Solar Eclipse that occurred on October 25, 2022, was when the James Webb Image of the ’Hand of GOD’ as one has called it was released. And that this Image of the 2 Galaxies, margining is a Motif, perhaps of a Divine Signaling that the soon Rapture by Jesus’ Hand is coming to loosen the Band will then Merge with His Wife, the Bride of Christ.

To this effect, here is the following Comment from the Blog Contributor, Bob, at the Revelation 12 Blog that brought this James Web Image to the Community’s Attention.

‘It is almost like YHVH is saying to us with His hand sign that everything will be ok and that I've got this. In other words, I'm here to protect you from all that's coming! And He may also be signaling to us...Fear not my lovely Bride, I'm coming for you soon! ‘Satan has been bound already: for we read, a few verses before (xx. 1-3):

‘I saw an Angel come down from Heaven, having the Key of the Bottomless Pit and a Great Chain in his Hand. And he laid hold of the Dragon, that Old Serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and Bound him [and kept him Bound] a Thousand Years, and cast him into the Bottomless Pit, and shut him up, and set a Seal upon him, that he should Deceive the Nations no more, till the Thousand Years should be fulfilled.’

Bob goes on to state, Perhaps some more ‘Divine Signaling’ going on with that JWST. Could it be that the JWST image showing the two distant galaxies merging as one, symbolizes or signals that the Bride and Bridegroom will soon be joined together as one (John 14:20)?  Or could it represent the coming clash between Light and Darkness, or Good vs Evil?  And lastly, did you notice how the bright star is positioned in the center or palm of the ‘hand’, possibly representing the nail that was driven through the hand of Jesus during the crucifixion?  

CETUS (Sea Dragon)

Continuing in the Study of the possible Rapture Typology given the Image and Blood Moon occurring in Cetus. According to Bullinger, the Great Sea-Monster is the largest of all the Constellations. It is the Natural Enemy of Fishes. The following are the Key Stars in the Sea Dragon, i.e., Leviathan, that convey their Prophetic Meaning.

-Knem:            In Denderah Zodiac which means Subdued.
-Menkar:         Means the Bound or Chained Enemy.
-Diphda:          Deneb Kaitos, which means the Overthrown, or Thrust Down.
-Mira:              Which means The Rebel.

As the James Webb Image is that of a ‘Hand’, subjectively, one has compiled a List of the Phrase, ‘Hand of GOD’ that is found 16 Times in the Bible. It is found 7 Times in the Old Testament and 9 Times in the New Testament. The following are Examples of 10 Occurrences in the Bible where the Notion of the Hand of GOD is mentioned.

1. ‘And Jabez called on the GOD of Israel saying, Oh, that You would Bless me indeed, and Enlarge my Territory, that Your Hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from Evil, that I may not cause Pain!' So GOD granted him what he requested’. -1 Chronicles 4:9-10

2. ‘That all the People of the Earth might know The Hand Of The LORD, that it is MIGHTY: that ye might Fear the LORD your GOD Forever’. -Joshua 4:20-24

3. ‘And David said unto Gad, I am in a Great Strait: let me fall now into the Hand of the LORD; for very Great are His Mercies: but let me not fall into the Hand of Man’. - 1 Chronicles 21:11-13

4. ‘This Ezra went up from Babylon; and he was a Ready Scribe in the Law of Moses, which the LORD GOD of Israel had given: and the King granted him all his Request, according to the Hand of the LORD his God upon him’. Ezra 7:6

5.‘The LORD is my Strength and Song and is become my Salvation. The Voice of Rejoicing and Salvation is in the Tabernacles of the Righteous: The Right Hand of the LORD doeth valiantly. The Right Hand of the LORD is Exalted: The Right Hand of the LORD doeth Valiantly. I shall not Die, but Live, and declare the Works of the LORD’. -Psalm 118:14-17

6. ‘The King's Heart is in the Hand of the LORD, as the Rivers of Water: he turns it whichever he will. -Proverbs 21:1

7. ‘Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in THE HAND OF THE LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God’. -Isaiah 62:3

8. ‘And all they that heard them laid them up in their Hearts, saying, What manner of child shall this be! And THE HAND OF THE LORD was with him’. -Luke 1:59-66

9. ‘Humble yourselves therefore under the Mighty Hand of GOD, that He may Exalt you in due Time: Casting all your Care upon him; for He cares for you’. -1 Peter 5:6-7

10. ‘The Hand of the LORD was with them, and a Great Number Believed and Turned to the LORD’. -Acts 11:21

Convergence of the 2

As with the Image of those 2 Merging Galaxies, Jesus and His Bride will Merge as Husband and Wife when the Rapture Event occurs. Does not the End of the Ecliptic Storyline, and the Last Words of the Bible conclude with a most Remarkable Saying? And the Spirit and the Bride, ‘Say Come’? The 2 are now 1 as are the 2 Merged Galaxies that perhaps Jesus has decided to reveal to the Public now as a Sign.

And maybe to the Bride, to Signal that His Hand is about to loosen that Leash or the Band to have the Fish Escape the Grasp of the Sea Dragon, Lucifer here on Earth. What is awesome though, back on topic, is that out of all the Billions of Galaxies out there, Earth is the Unique Place where YHVH has chosen to place Humanity on it and become one, in Jesus, the Son of GOD, taking on Flesh. One is reminded of the verse.

‘When I behold Your Heavens, the Work of Your Fingers, the Moon and the Stars, which You have set in place— what is Man that You are Mindful of him, or the Son of Man that You care for him? You made Him a little Lower than the Angels; You crowned Him with Glory and Honor’. - Psalm 8:4

And that at the End of the Tribulation Period, Jesus will set-up His Throne on Earth, from Jerusalem as not only the Center of the Earth, but of all the Universe. And that at the End of the 1000 Year Millennial Kingdom on Earth, Heaven itself will Superimpose itself onto Earth. The 2 Dimensions will Merge in no other Spot in the Known Universe but here. This is why there is Great Contention from Lucifer to prevent this from happening and why the coming Tribulation Period will be like no other Time, before to compare nor will in the Future, according to Jesus. It is going to be that Horrific. But the Bride of Jesus waits for the ‘Falling Back’ as in Retreat.

The Promised Door of Escape is to the Inner Chamber of Isaiah, the Heavenly Holy of Holies. As to the Galaxies out there? When Jesus returns, it will be fun to explore all of them, …hope so, at least at some Point in Time. Perhaps after the White Throne Judgment when Eternity Future begins. But one would concur that the latest James Webb Telescope Image released does look like a ‘Hand’ that is reaching-out. It is with Open Palm as if to Grab and Snatch-Up or Away. To reiterate, perhaps it is a ‘Heavenly Sign’ of Jesus about to Rapture the Bride, being pulled-up by the ‘Hand’ to the Clouds, the Stars? One would agree that those Images being released at this Point in Time by NASA, makes one wonder, if indeed there is Divine Signaling going on here.

Is it any Coincidence that at this Point and Time, such Technology now exists to see that far into Space and what to make of it? Of course one has to put such Images into Perspective, as many would argue that they are a clear case of Pareidolia. But, for sure, it is fulfilling the Conditions disclosed to Daniel. It is of how the Last Generation would be characterized by…the Increase of Knowledge of such things and going ‘To and From’. One can apply that to Space then. Imagine how far Humanity has come in 2000 Years since Jesus. The fastest they could travel then was the Speed of a Horse or a Sail in the Wind. And it was not until the 1800s that the Steam Engine was Invented.

Yet, it has only been in the last Decades, that Humanity has placed multiple Rovers on the Moon, Mars, etc. NASA has detonated a Device on a Comet in its Trajectory from Millions of Miles away. Imagine saying all this to the 1st Century Brethren? And Humanity has cracked the Human Genome to change one’s DNA now, as in the Days of Noah, etc. Of course all this ‘New Technology’ is not ‘New’. There is nothing ‘New Under the Sun’. One contends that all this Present Tech, is the Technology, the Forbidden Technology, to some extent, that was given by the Fallen Angels to Humanity before the Flood. 

Humanity, at least what is allowed to be released by the Luciferians is Decades, if not Centuries behind in what they have in their possession, presently. It is understood by some that before the Flood, there was the ‘Golden Age’ where it is said that Civilizations such as Atlantis ruled with Flying Machines, Submarines, Atomic Weapons. Free Energy was taken from the Air, like Water is in Israel. And back then, according to the Sumerian Creation Account, Humanity had direct contact with Mars, for example. Thus, the Cydonia Mars Connection of the Anunnaki. It is contrasted by all the induced Energy Crisis and Wars, at this Present Time that are Orchestrated. It is part of their Luciferian Reset Agenda.

Lucifer and those he has given his Power and Authority to Rule Earth, for the moment seek nothing but to Kill, Steal and Destroy Humanity. They seek to make Humanity Suffer and make it as Miserable as possible. It has worked since Eve believed Lucifer. For all the Billions and Trillions for Money spent on War alone, it would be enough to buy everyone a Home and Feed everyone. But the Problem of Humanity is not having its needs met Materialistically. No. The Problem is Spiritual and thus, there is a need for a Spiritual Solution. There is one. His Name is Jesus. The World could have Free Energy now thanks to Tesla’s Theories but that was all suppressed, as it is known. Remember as Kissinger wrote in his White Paper.

You want to Control People? Control the Fuel and Food. That is what is going on now in Real Time. and Control. As 1 of the World Economic Forum Speakers clearly stated in their last Globalist Meeting. He said that ‘By 2030, Cell Phones would be obsolete’. Why? He elaborated that because by then, that Smart Phone Technology would be incorporated into the Body. Hello Mark of the Beast. And this is what the COVID Shots are all about. Compliance One is convinced that this Last Generation is seeing it form now, the World Order of the Leviathan, ‘Cetus’ the Beast that shall come out of the ‘Sea’.

 The AntiChrist will come from the ‘Multitudes’, Metaphorically, according to the Book of Revelation. World Events are reaching ‘Critical Mass’. However, despite there being Wars and Droughts, Famines, Pestilence, the Body of Christ on Earth is the Clear Example of how she is still acting as the Agent of Restraint through the Work of the Holy Spirit. But what will be the Catalyst for the onslaught of the Luciferian Protocols to be implemented to their fullest extent will be the Rapture. Both the Bride of Christ, the Fish, and Lucifer, the Sea Dragon are waiting for the Hand of Jesus to come and loosen the Band. Thus, ‘Sudden Destruction’. When the Bombs come Down, We goes Up.

Now, there are other Images that are being released too. There is the notable Pillars of Creation. That Name alone should perk-up one’s Prophetic Antennas to see the Converge of Celestial Signs that appear to echo the Prophetic Meaning of the Rapture Signs. The Bride might be a Small Flock, Tiny but Mighty and is a Sea Dragon Slayer in Jesus. And as the Bride of Christ knows, the War has been won. The Bride waits for that Hand of Jesus to pull her up. It will probably be at the Last Minute as that is YHVH’s Pattern in doing so.



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