Study in Ancient Luciferian Ley-Line Signatures

  • Is there a 'Star Gate' in Moscow like in all World Capitals?
  • Does the Spiritual Portal have to do with Fallen Angels?
  • What do the Sacred Ley-Lines tell about Cydonia, Mars?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The Sting of Death is Sin, and the Power of Sin is the Law; but thanks be to YHVH, who gives us the Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved Brethren, be Steadfast, Immovable, always abounding in the Work of the LORD, knowing that your Toil is not in Vain in the LORD.’  -1 Corinthians 15:57-58

The purpose of this exposé is to continue in the series of occult ley-lines studies in major Modern World Capitals. Moscow is selected because of the Russian Involvement and leadership in the world by Putin. Russia has now a direct military involvement in Syria at the request of Assad and Ukraine of the Break-away Republics in the East.. The collective aim is total victory and defeat of the U.S., MI6 and MOSSAD that created ISIS and the Azov Brigades, etc. This Islamic ISIS Army is made up of Mercenaries from various Muslim Nations that has been funded by the Saudis and co-opted by Turkey. The façade by the USA and NATO to seemingly fight against ISIS and support the Ukraine is one agenda that is working towards guaranteeing that a World War 3 will occur. As it is, the Luciferian Globalists plan to infuse the world with chaos is working.

Some Collateral Damage has been the hordes of Muslims allowed to invade Europe that has gone mad in accepting them while the U.S. and the EU had sent back Syrian Christians under the Muslim Obama. Such variables are working in the favor of the Globalist Luciferians to position in place the Police State apparatus in the USA and Europe to eventually usher in their Brave New World. ISIS was created as the new ‘Evil’ to justifying Military Spending and Budgets that only make the People less safe and with less Civil Rights, at Home, while they promise ‘peace and security’ Abroad as they secure Ukraine’s Borders, etc. This study suggests that the geo-politics of the World Capitals and their Leaders has been advanced as a direct result of Ley-Lines.

The study in the Moscow ‘Star Gate’ Ley-Lines uncovered undeniable evidence of Ancient Luciferian Signatures. Perhaps such an Ancient City as Moscow could have the same Occult Ley-Line Signatures; it does. It is shocking to continue to uncover the same Motifs and Satanic Symbols that are so prevalent in Ancient Religious Places and Practices. The Sacred Sites feed off the Earth’s Energies. These Religious Practices and Motifs are still used today but are Encrypted in a Grand Scale in Great Cities of Power from where the Luciferians Rule the Nations, for the time being. They are the Priestly, Business, Education and Military Classes that use the Luciferian Power given to them by Lucifer to advance his Agenda. It is the Bible, Jesus attested to this fact, personally of how Lucifer is involved, since the Fall and Sin of the 1st humans. Adam and Eve forfeited their Dominion, Power and Authority over to Lucifer.

Fallen Angels of the Ancient Celestial Wars

As with the Paris, London, Washington DC, Babylon, Jerusalem and over 500 Ley-Line Studies, for example this study is not insinuating that all those living within those Great Cities are Complicit with such Diabolical Luciferian Agendas. Most, if not all, but those ‘In-The-Know’ have any idea that such Occultic Signatures exist in such World Capitals. Most Ley-Lines are Masked with Glorious and Beautiful Decor and cannot be easily identified because that is the precise intent. Such Luciferian Signatures are to be Hidden in Plain Sight. One has to be Initiated in their Luciferian Crafts or so-called ‘Deep Secrets’ to recognize their Occultic ‘Graffiti’.

Once one can discern the Key or Keys, their Satanic Patterns can be Unlocked and Deciphered. What is amazing to contemplate is that such Cydonia, Mars Patterns were to be expected in Ancient Sites such as Babylon, Teotihuacan, Angkor Wat, etc. Such discoveries are legendary as developed by the work of Graham Handcock and Robert Bauval for example, among many others. It is intriguing that one particular Motif keeps coming-up, over and over again in the Major Capitals of the World. Such World Capitals of the Modern Era seem to copy this same ancient Cydonia, Mars Triangulation.

This Template is the Fields of Mars, Cydonia on the Planet Mars, the ‘God of War’. This study suggests that the stage is being set for the Angels of War to revisit the Middle East as they did in the Bible, in these Last Days to close out the Age. The Political and Military Alliances in Syria and Ukraine are setting-up this Stage. It is very interesting that each Alliance has its correlating Angels of War. The Russian Alliance has the Spirit of Gog-Magog that will eventually involve the Ezekiel 83 War. Then there is the Prince of Persia with Iran. Lastly there is China that at some point, will also be involved as it will be led by the Princes of the Kings of the East. The Battlefield will be no less the land of Mt. Hermon, Syria where the original 200 Fallen Ones descended in the Days of Enoch.

The opposing Alliance, is that of the USA and NATO for the most part, and with the help of other Muslim Nations. As noted, their pretext has been to ‘Support Democracy’, something that the USA is incrementally suspending in the USA. What the USA and NATO assets dis in Syria was not to attack ISIS, but the Infrastructure of the nation instead. To those that have any Military Education, this is the Prime Protocols in Preparing for War. But it was Putin who stopped from a Syrian Invasion like Iraq. However the USA is there Militarily, without Invitation. Many End Times scholars believe that the Ground-Work is now set for an eventual confrontation that most likely will involve a Nuclear Exchange of some sort that will be done by Israel. Why?

Russia has withdrawn most of their Military Assets in Syria, to be transferred to the Ukrainian Front. Thus, Assad has turned to Iran. As the real intent is the eventual Confrontation with Israel by Lucifer. But it is a Spiritual War foremost and is coming to Israel, via Russia. It is an Angelic War also. All these Angels of War will be taking-up once again the Angelic Contention of Lucifer attempting to take Control of the Earthly Zion, as well as the Heavenly one. This speculated World War 3 is to occur sometime in tandem with the Rapture event or soon thereafter, if the Mathematical Calculations are correct based on the Theory of the Phi Ratio Patterns of Prophetic Time.

Hexagonal Key Portal

As presented in other studies, there appears to be a convergence of 3 main overlapping Timelines that are running in tandem to World War 3. Based on the Phi Ratio of Time between the 1st and 2nd World War, the 3rd World War is to occur sometime in 2022 and in accordance to the Jewish Sabbat Cycles. Likewise the New World Orders followed each World War. The 3rd pattern is that of how Israel at each juncture also advanced in the Prophetic Restoration. This occurred as the Israel was re-birthed in 1948, and then the Temple Mount was re-captured in 1967.

Thus, if the convergence of all these Patterns, based on the Phi Ratio are valid and reliable, then not only where there be a 3rd World War in the Middle East in 2022 but a New World Oder will emerge and the 3rd Temple will be established. What is so special and profound about these Martian Star Gate Patterns that all Ancient Civilizations had it as its Primary Layout to their most Sacred Temple Complexes? More perplexing is why are the Modern World Capitals continuing to be built on such similar Ley-Line Patterns? This Cydonia, Mars Triangulation is connected to the Pleiades and primarily the constellations of Orion and Taurus.

The Original Source Template is thus Spiritual and of the Cosmos itself. As in previous studies, it is suggested that such Signatures are used by the Luciferians. It is of the Occult Forbidden knowledge taught by Fallen Angelic as they trespassed into the Human Domain to corrupt Humanity’s DNA and thwart YHVH’s Agenda of Redemption; this is corroborated by the Bible. This Forbidden Knowledge of the Fallen Ones involves Sorcery, Witchcraft and blood Sacrifices, etc.  Such ‘Beings of Light’, or Fallen Angels that came to Earth, perhaps came from Cydonia, Mars. These Higher Level Of Intelligences utilize such Ley-Lines that are built on Angles, Degrees and Headings to maximize the Earth Energies at certain Places and at certain Times. Why?

They function as ‘Star Gates’. Such Ley-Lines are utilized because these same Fallen Angelic Entities still exist on Earth. And they enlist Generational Blood-Lines of willing Human Slaves to implement Lucifer’s Agenda on Earth. Perhaps the Triangulation found on Cydonia, Mars is a Template of how Heaven itself is configured to, as it is from Heaven that  they came from. Realize that the Cydonia Martian Ley-Line Patterns are best seen and identified from the Air. This is precisely the Realm where the Fallen Angels have their Abode as ‘Princes of the Power of the Air’. Their Abode is in the Clouds as they Invisibly Cloak themselves within them and see down over their assigned Dominions of Nations, Cities and People even.

The following section will Assess the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation Pattern of Moscow. In the case of Moscow, the Moscow River makes a profound ‘Snake’-like impression on the City Core. At the heart of the City is the Ancient Kremlin Fortress. It is from this coordinate that the Cydonia, Mars Star Gate is unlocked. To reiterate, what is the Cydonia, Mars Triangulation? It is a complex of 3 Main Structures that are Mathematically related to each other beyond Random Chance. There is the Pleiades Pyramid City composed of 7 Main Pyramids, making-up a core Geometric Pentagram relationship.

Cydonia Triangulation Template

This 7 Pyramid City Complex corresponds to the Pleiades. Next is the D&M Pentagon Pyramid with 5 Sides. It is the ‘Pentagon’ on Mars like that of the USA. Lastly there is the Face Structure. All these 3 Structures have corresponding Stars or Suns in Space; perhaps even a Planet from where many speculate the 200 Fallen came from to Mount Hermon in Syria. The Fallen Angels at some Point in Time, left their Posts or were part of the Celestial War that destroyed Mars. These 3 Points in the Cydonia, Mars Complex become nodes and form a triangle. The Motif produces a Hexagram, of ‘Star Gate’, that one suggests the Modern World Capitals have and become ‘Gateways’. This is the point, those Angelic Beings have conscripted their Human Minions to replicate their Lost Celestial Estates; to transit more easily between Dimensions, etc.

The ‘Hexagram’ layout over Moscow is very profound as it follows the slanted angles of the Moscow River as if the river is the ‘Snake’ depicted in the occult motifs. What is unique about the Cydonia, Mars Layout is that sometimes the Luciferians will seek to mask the positions within a City like Moscow, so as to not make it that obvious of a Mars Template match. In the case of Moscow, the Cydonia Template is flipped 90 Degrees and rotated 180 Degrees. As Cydonia, Mars directly correlates to the Moscow Ley-Lines, this same 3 Structure Signature construes the Hexagram superimposed upon Moscow. Then there is the Lenin Stadium that is to the South of the City.

This Stadium was used for the 1980 Olympic Games. This structure corresponds to the Face of Ala-lu in Mars. Then the Modern Moscow Financial Center is to the West with the 7 main Business Towers, corresponding to the 7 Main Stars of the Pleaides. Even the Angle of the Bridge connecting the District is in direct alignment as the Pleiades are. Then there is the Ancient Kremlin, as mentioned. It is amazingly configured as a Pentagram and matches the D&M Pyramid of Mars. The Red Square is the Geographic Center of the City with Saint Basil’s Cathedral as the Center -Point. As mentioned, the Cydonia Star Gate Pattern is suggested to facilitate the Fallen Angels that Rule it.

As a Hexagram is essentially a Key to open Portals, such places were considered a place that crossed the Inter-Dimensional Fabric of Space and Time.  For example Babylon means the ‘Gate of the Gods’. Was it for such a reason and purpose Nimrod wanted to Pierce this ‘Gate’ or portal with his Tower to invade Heaven itself with? In the Occult, the Hexagram is the Key that opens Doors. This is done at certain places and at certain Times through Sacred Rituals, etc. What completes the ‘Un-Locking’ is most often a Life Energy Force, such as the Life Energy in the Blood of Animals and Humans.

This is precisely why on certain Satanic Days, Human Blood Sacrifices are performed, like on Friday the 13th. How the Friday the 13th and the Hexagram are directly related, is that on Samhain, or Halloween, for example, the Druids would go Door-to-Door of a Castle or Village asking for a ‘Treat’. This meant a Human Sacrifice. If the Residents did not oblige, a Red Hexagram was placed on the Door, commensurate with a Portal for which, it would allow the Demons to funnel-in through to the House and cause Havoc as a ‘Trick’. Moreover, in the occult, the Hexagram is sometimes depicted with a serpent in the Middle.


This is also seen in the Blue Cross ‘X’ motif with the Snake on a Pole. Most would not have a clue that this is an Encrypted Hexagram and the Ancient Motif referred to the Snake as the Shining One, i.e., Lucifer. This is the one that is ascribed to Lucifer that deceives all Humanity into thinking he is here to Heal and Help Humanity. This is a prime example how a seemingly ‘Good’ Symbol actually has Dark Occultic Innuendos. This Ancient Serpent Motif is referred to as the Shining One and even the Bronze Snake Moses made to put on the Pole. It was to have the People be Healed of the Snake Bites for their Complaining and Unbelief. It is Jesus that fulfilled this typology at the Cross of Calvary. It is the Prophecy of Isaiah that ‘by His Stripes we are Healed’. 

It is also how a Bad Event, such as orchestrated ‘Mass Shooting’ Massacre are used to convince the Masses that ‘Giving-up Guns’, as the desired the Effects will be ‘Good’ for the People. But in reality, the False Flag Event is to be used to further Subjugate the Masses for the coming Total Control of the Shining One. The Moscow Ley-Lines are just 1 of over 500 Sites and still others to be discovered in terms of encrypted Luciferian Cydonia, Mars Triangulation. There is one other structure that will be highlighted also. This place is called Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill or Gora. It is a Memorial dedicated to the Victory of Mother Russia after World War 2.

The layout is that of a Pyramid that has profound headings and connections to the overall Hexagram Pattern of Moscow. The style of the pyramid, as seen from the Air is that of the Luciferian unfinished Pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye. This ‘Eye’ corresponds to the Obelisk of the Angel of Victory, Nike. The Obelisk is very beautiful and is approximately 171 Meters. This would constitute 13 Sections as in the Unfinished Pyramid of the Masons and Kabbalists. Amazingly, the Name of the Hill means, ‘Worshipful Submission Hill’. This is thus another Encrypted Signature of how the Luciferians draw Energy from a Place and Time whenever People go to ‘Worship’ the Angel of Victory, aka Lucifer of the Unfinished Pyramid.

This is an Encrypted Type of Nimrod whose Tower or ‘Pyramid’  was interrupted in this quest to build his Star Gate and obtain Victory over YHVH, Biblically Speaking. When an opposite Triangle is superimposed onto the Victory Park Pyramid Layout, a Hexagram also emerges. It would be appropriate in context to have such an Angel of Victory commemorating a World War but this has overtones of Mercury and by Occultic Associations, that being the Ancient Innuendo to Lucifer. Inside the Victory Hall is a Statue of this ‘God’, Prometheus with Fire in hand, given to Humanity.

It is Lucifer’s Agenda and Great Work to strive at all costs, to attain Victory over YHVH, the Creator in Heaven and the Christians on Earth. Lucifer seeks the Nations to join him in his Prideful Quest to overthrow the Almighty and obtain ‘Victory’. It is to prevent the 2nd Coming of Jesus. Amazingly, in contrast, Jesus has shared His Victory over Sin, Self, Satan and Death, for all Eternity and out of Love for Humanity to Humanity. Unfortunately for Russia, the Bible foretells that Russia will be Spiritually Drawn into the Middle East conflict as with a ‘Hook in the Mouth’. Russia will be the Agent allowed to be used of Lucifer in an attempt to gain Victory. Victory over whom?

Coming Angelic Confrontation

Since Lucifer will not be able to achieve Victory over the Heavenly Zion, he will try obtaining Victory over Israel at some Point in the Near Future. In fact, there are 2 Gog-Mag wars against Zion. The 1st one is clearly identified as being the Gog-Magog Russian Confederation of Outer-Ring of Muslim Nations that will attack Israel, but the Russian Alliance will be miraculously defeated. Then there is the 2nd Gog-Mag War at the end of the Millennial Reign of Jesus on Earth, where Lucifer will be let-loose from his 1000-Year Prison to seek a Victory over Zion even still. It will only be at this Time and Place that Lucifer’s Doom will be Sealed as he is cast into the Lake of Fire.

The specific Aim of Lucifer’s ‘Victory’, according to some interpretations of the Bible is 2-fold. One is to secure the 3rd Temple and sit atop the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant and proclaim himself that he is ‘God’. Lucifer Lusts after Humans to be worshiped by them, all through the AntiChrist. Then, the False Prophet will set-up some sort of Idol or Statue on the Wing of the 3rd Temple that will be the Abomination of Dissolution. It will be what was spoken of by the Prophet Daniel and referenced by Jesus. In the meanwhile, according to the Bible, the Angels of War appear to once again converge to confront each other over Israel. Spiritually Speaking, the Victory over the Red Dragon has already been secured by Jesus, the Lamb.

This Comprehensive Salvation is complete but is being unveiling in Time. Consider that the Followers of Jesus and Lucifer are bound to this same Time of eventual Complete Redemption of the Saints and the Condemnation of Lucifer. Just like a Christian’s Redemption is 3-Fold and Progressive: Past, Present and Future, so is the Plan for Lucifer’s Doom. A Believer in Jesus was Saved, that is, Holistically and Complete. But it is being unveiling in Time. It was one’s Spirit that was Saved, that Light of the Soul that went out due to Original Sin was Rekindled, Justified. Presently, the Soul of a Follower of Jesus, ‘Is Being Saved’, as in Sanctified by ‘Washing of the Renewing of the WORD.

Ultimately, one’s Body, ‘Will Be Saved’, as in a Glorification. In comparison, Lucifer ‘Was Defeated’ at the Cross by the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Lucifer, ‘Is Being Defeated Presently’ by the Warrior Bride of the Church through Prayer and Preaching, at least the 5 Wise Ones. Ultimately, Lucifer ‘Will Be Defeated’ at Armageddon and thereafter cast into the Lake of Fire. Like all the Followers of Jesus awaiting their Glorious Redemption of their Bodies, at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture, the Bride and the Beast are nonetheless subject to the same Time or Schedule. And perhaps their fulfillment will converge in one in the same Event or Timeframe.

However, it is a matter of Time, until Time and Space Synchronize or ‘Catches-Up’ to Lucifer’s Judgement and Sentencing. The Bride’s Redemption can only occur in such a Convergence of Events to include the coming 3rd World War. Perhaps as the next Stage of Prophetic Fulfillment is reached in the Isaiah 17 Destruction of Damascus and the Psalm 83 World War, the Bride of Christ will be completed, as the New World Order is completed also. According to the Bible, YHVH allows the Luciferians to Rule, but only for the time being. As the End comes into focus, it appears that the rise of Chaos is that which is being used as a Judgement against the USA and the Decadent West.

The USA has to be taken down to allow for the next New World Order to commence. Lucifer knows that his Time is short. But there is an End to Lucifer and an End to all the Death and Suffering he has brought upon the Nations. In contrast, it is Jesus that is the True Victor. Jesus has Saved Humanity from the Madness of Lucifer, his Fallen Angels, the Demons and demon-led and Possessed Human Followers. YHVH wishes to bestow His Eternal Life as a Free Gift to all of Humanity because of His Love for Humanity. Moreover, Jesus has shared His Victory over Sin, Self, Satan and Death.

Jesus offers a Free Love Gift, but it is by ‘Invitation Only’ and Humanity needs to Positively Respond to Jesus’ Personal Invitation presently being made through His People, His Church, while it is still on Earth. Jesus as the Creator and Conquering King wishes all of Humanity to have this Victory. This Victory can only be found in Him, in Jesus. The Bible is very clear that in no other Name can a person go to Heaven, be Forgiven of Sin and Saved from the Lake of Fire unless it is through Jesus. Every other Prophet, Priest or King have been False and have been or will be Defeated. The difference is that Jesus Rose from the Dead to restore Adam’s Race.

This is the True Victory. Jesus wishes to share the Victor’s Platform with whomever will. This Victory in Jesus restores the Dominion of Adam’s Human Race over the Nations to be taken back from the present-day Luciferians to be ruled and governed in righteousness and godliness by the Saints. This will happen when Jesus returns to implement His Kingdom on Earth. It was through Jesus, the Almighty that YHVH kept His promise to Eve, that her ‘Seed’ would crush Satan, the Red Dragon and impart Eternal Life. Lucifer is already Defeated, is Being Defeated and Will Be Defeated. What Jesus did is like the Russian National Symbolic, that of the Knight, white in Shinning Armor, Saint George that is slaying the Red Dragon.

Where O Death (Lucifer) is Your Victory?



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