FDA Approves Pfizer for 5-11 Year Olds

  • Why is it necessary to Inject Children with the COVID Shots?
  • What is the Risk-Benefit Analysis concerning COVID in Children?
  • Should Children be getting the COVID Shots? No. And why not?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘The Vaccine should be tested on Politicians 1st. If they survive, the ‘Vaccine’ is safe. If they do not, then the country is safe.’ -Monika Wisniewska

The purpose of this report is to provide a transcript of a Doctor who has a Child that now is mandated by the Government to be ‘Vaccinated’, that is take the COVID-19 Shot. His discourse was in the wake of how the FDA approved the Emergency Authorization Use to include now Children, ages 5-11. And this based solely on their limited Clinical Study that the FDA is taking at face value. The Doctor’s name is Hong and discusses Medical Topics in this YouTube Channel called Dr. Hong’s Pharmacy Classroom. What he basically asserts is that the Board recommend the Shots, ‘With Reservations’ admitted that they really do not know the Side Effects nor Long Term Adverse Reactions the COVID-10 Injections will have on Children.

Nonetheless, they will proceed with Mandating them for Children to be able to attend School. In the United Kingdom, the COVID-19 Shots are being administered to all Children without Parental Consent or notification, ‘After the Fact’. The Doctor is clear and makes it known that he is ‘Not an Anti-Vaxxer’. And he ‘believes in Vaccines’. But now that his Child has to have one, and not someone’s else’s, he has ‘Reservations’ or is ‘torn’ about it. So, he does as all Parents and People should do about any danger, a Risk Benefit Analysis. Thus, based on his conclusion, and using Scientific Premises, Experience and Mathematics, he concludes that the Risk of taking the Mandated COVID-19 Injections outweigh the said Benefits, based on the arguments presented by Pfizer to the FDA Approving Panel. And this put forth by the Pharmaceutical Companies in league with the Media, and Health Policy Makers, etc.

These COVID-19 Death Shots as Dr. Zelenko calls them should not be given to Children. Period. If Parents are reading this, 1 thing that should confirm a bias towards not giving this Poison Death Shot to any Children, is the fact that one of the FDA Approved Members mentioned during the live video recording that, ‘We do not know how safe this is till we start giving it out, it is just the way it is’. When will Parents start to wake-up and not willingly be given-up your Children on the Altar of Experimental Science as 1 of the many Adverse Reaction is Death? This is not a ‘Vaccine’. For the Love of your Children, do not give their Poison Death Shot to your Children. If need be, take them out of the Public School System. Why the urgent concern and alarm? Childhood is the time when the Immune System is being trained and educated to respond appropriately to Pathogens, Viruses, Germs, etc. This Age Group is the least in danger of dying of complications due to COVID.

Altar of Experimental Science

Yet, evidence has come out that the Adolescents that have taken the COVID-19 Injections already have developed Inflammation of the Heart. Many have just dropped dead and those that survive will have Hearth Issue for life. As with any other logical and rationale Scientific Trial and investigation, one needs first to understand the Long-Term Immune Consequences as well as Bio-Distribution of the Drug Product. The latter may help explain and predict Serious Adverse Effects, such as Heart Injury and Functional Neurological Disorders that need to be observed.

Children who are healthy have almost No Risk of being Hospitalized or Dying of SARS-CoV-2 Infection. On the contrary, the Risk of Myocarditis, let alone the unknown Long Term Risks definitely do not outweigh the Benefits. One cannot express how frustrated one has been when the COVID Experts say that they cannot know the real Rate or Severity of Side Effects until they Mass-Vaccinate Kids? It is a Genocide in the making. Keep in mind, Vaccine Manufacturers have no Liability if a Child, or anyone else is injured or dies because of their Medical Products.

Yet many Parents trust the Health Authorities and are taking their Children in droves to the COVID Temples as a ‘Living Sacrifice’. And no amount of Data, Charts, Arguments or Emotional Plea to not ‘Sacrifice’ their Children on their Altars of Experimental Science will work. It all falls on Deaf Ears. There should be no Mandatory Vaccination Programs. This the stuff of George Orwell’s book 1984 and the Brave New World. Vaccination should be a choice left to Parents and they should take note of the argument here from a Doctor who knows his Math and has in Child pending many Mandatory Injections.

Bottom line? The Risks outweigh Benefits. But will the Parents rather believe this Doctor who has a Child? What will he do? For most Parents, it will be too late and their Child will either be dead or maimed for life. One is in disbelief in now a Panel of Medical Experts in Medicine have neglected what they were taught in Medical School. And what is that? It is traditionally advised that when there is a Grey Area or any Uncertainty in the Mind of the Patient, it is Best Practice not to proceed with a Treatment.

It is better to have questions with no answers than to have answers that cannot be questioned. What the Math that Dr. Hong overlooked is that this COVID event is not a ‘Static Problem’. In particular, variables can change, depending on the prevalence of COVID. Case in point is the lunacy of still giving Boosters that are made up of the same ingredients that the initial COVID-19 Injections had. It is just ‘More of the Same’. And for a COVID Variant that has fizzled-out of the Public that have acquired Herd Immunity.

In the study presented to the FDA, some of the coefficients looked a bit high, indicating that the Study was done at a time of high COVID Prevalence. Once cases drop off the calculations, the statistics will show even less Benefit and more Relative Risk for Children. What is actually driving-up the Death Rate is that People, to include Children are dying, not of COVID-19 Viruses, but the COVID-19 Injections or secondary conditions. See video of Funeral Director being interviewed by Stew Peters that in the UK, Morgues are being filled with those that have taken the Poison Death Shot.

Long-Term Consequences

How on Earth would a conscious Parent give an Unknown Experimental Injection to their Children if the FDA, the WHO and the CDC does not really know how safe the COVID-19 Injections are for Adults, Long Term? If one knows Math or how to read Statistic, 0.12% Death Rate is not even 1%, let alone 1 Quarter of a Percent. Meaning? The Benefits do not outweigh the Risks, which include Death. Does a Parent really want to ‘Gamble’ with the Health and Life of one’s Children? One would have better odds in Las Vegas. But there is no room in questioning Science in Public Health Policy forums.

Even the Doctor Hong was visibly upset and concerned about the Scientific Censorship going on. This is not Science. The Science that is now only allowed to be discussed is what one cannot say as to go against the Church of Vaccinology without being discredited, banned, censored or worse. True Science based on Evidence, Reason and Logic would simply conclude that his Experimentation on Children ought not be approved. Why not? It is because ‘Science’ does not know what the Long Term Effects are of being given these brand new COVID Shots, with very little Data. But as with Autism, there will there be a surge in Autoimmune Disease in 5-10 years from now.

Also, the Long-Term Consequences on Cardiology, Immunology, and Fertility are completely unknown. But to the Luciferian Eugenicists running this COVID Genocide, do not let that put you off. Your Child’s Sacrifice is greatly appreciated. Evidence? Consider that as of October 6, 2021, only 13 children (19 years and younger) died in Sweden with COVID. That included the pre-Vaccine months, meaning during the entire Plandemic. Sweden, as one knows or ought to, never ‘Locked Down’, never closed In-Person Schooling, etc. By contrast, 93% of Hospitalized in Iceland have been from those Fully Vaccinated (11 out of 13).

Take even Medical Tyrannical Canada for example also. According to the reporting as of October 2021. The Total COVID Deaths in Canada in 2020: 15,606. Deaths to Date, for 2021 only, in Canada: 13,253. Despite ‘Vaccines’ and Lock Downs, this statistical trend continues, and allowing for the same Rate of Death to year’s end, 2021: The COVID Death Rate will be projected to only be about 16,164. There is no Pandemic. It is a Plandemic. Further. From CDC in British Columbia Canada show from January 10, 2021 to October 10, 2021, there were total 1 COVID Related Death: Ages <10 with the Population of 470,017. More Teens are dying from suicide and car accidents.

There were 0 Deaths, same time frame from Ages 10-19 with the Population of 529,387. It is not about providing Safe and Effective Immunity against this COVID-19 Bio-Engineered Virus. It is about Culling Humanity and going after the Future Generations. Re-read the Brave New World. It is not Fiction. It is their Game Plan. To use a Clinical Study of Pfizer’s own choosing and presented by the Big Pharma Companies to the FDA, is akin to having Mengele preside over the Nuremburg Trials. The number of Children in the Research was even less than a Crowd in a B League Baseball Stadium. What was disturbing about the meeting is the following. But not before one weighs-in on what Dr. Hong had to say about it.

Dr. Hong
Hi Everyone. Um, this is a little bit different video and um I am torn. Uh, really. It was Psychologically very difficult for me to make this video because I have a 9-year-old Son. And today the FDA Committee voting was very difficult for me. I kind of expected they would vote ‘Yes’ …just because I know there are many Children that have Co-Morbidity and other Health Risk Factors that could… uh get them, you know into a very bad shape if they were Infected with COVID-19.

They could be Hospitalized and even Death. And if I were their Parents, I would be very much [would] want the ‘Vaccine’ available for them. So, I completely understand the ultimate decision. If the Committee had voted ‘No’ for this ‘Vaccine’ for 5-11s, then we would be denying the ‘Vaccine’ for these Children, essentially. And as a Parent, I would not want that to happen. But at the same time, everyone kept …in the meeting, kept mentioning how the ‘Vaccine’ is Benefited, clearly outweigh the Risk.

Um, I am just having a, you know, a little bit dull in that when they …uh reference these Benefits. Uh, mostly based on only Half Data, you know. Half Estimation and Models that really cast a little doubt in me. And you know, let us take a look of what Pfizer and FDA told us today in a very quick manner. So, the Pfizer told us 3 Children contracted COVID-19 in the Vaccine Branch of the Phase 3 Study. And 16 were Infected in the Placebo Branch. That translated into a Relative Efficacy of 90.7%.

Now, no one in the Meeting mentioned the Number of Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR). I went ahead and did some calculation. The Absolute Risk Reduction equals to the Control Event Rate minus Intervention Event Rate. That would give us a 2.18%. And the Number needed to Vaccine, to prevent one COVID case would be 1 divided by 2.18. That equals to about 46. So, for 1 million ‘Vaccinated’, 5-11-Year Olds, we could prevent theoretically about 21,739 Cases of Symptomatic Infections.

So, the CDC also presented some Epidemiology Data and now more than 1.9 million of 5-11-Year Olds have been Infected by COVID-19, with a total about 83 Hospitalization. But about 18% of the Hospitalization was not due to COVID, but for some other reasons. And the CDC Official admitted that during the meeting. So, COVID caused Hospitalization would be about 6806 Cases. They also said that 1/3 of the Hospitalization had no Co-Morbidity. And that would be about 2246 Cases. Now that is out of 1.9 million Infections in that Age Group.

That translate into about 0.12% of Hospitalization Rate for Healthy Children with COVID. So, if we vaccinate 1 million 5-11’s, we could theoretically prevent 21,739 Cases of Symptomatic Infections. That would roughly equal to preventing 26 Hospitalization of Healthy Children. The FDA used 6 different Models to predict the Risk and Benefit in all Models. And they predicted the excess Myocarditis or Pericarditis Hospitalization to be 156 per million Fully Vaccinated. And that is like more than 5 times or 6 times more than my estimation of Hospitalization of Healthy Children caused by COVID. And someone please tell me my Math is very wrong and I would like to be corrected.

If you are a Scientist or Health Profession, please come back, correct me and let me know how I can think differently. Today. I am just not very convinced. Now, just in case you asked me, um I am very Pro-Vaccine and every one of my Adult Members in my Family are Vaccinated with either the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson. But when it comes to looking at this Data today, as a Scientist, I am not entirely convinced.

1-First, Pfizer did not tell us how the duration, you know how long that Antibody is going to last.
2-They did not tell us T-Cell Immunity.
3-They did not even know if how much this ‘Vaccine’ can prevent Transmission between Children and between Children and Adults.

So, it is just not enough Data overall. And as a Parent, I feel like I need to ‘Gamble’ on the Vaccine Benefit from my Child. That is very much, Not Acceptable at this point. And I understand, you may think very differently than me. So, I hope this video does not get labeled as ‘Misinformation’, you know how these things are lately. And my most afraid outcome would be how if this EUA turned out to be a Mandate at Local and State Level, that would be very unfortunate, at the very least.

So, that is all for this video. I will make a regular, very informative video of COVID related topic based on Facts and Evidence. This weekend, this Sunday, so if my Channel does not get ‘Warning’ or that get a Strike or does not get labeled as ‘Misinformation’. And I hope I can see you in the upcoming next video. That is all. Bye. Take care.


During the meeting, the person from the CDC said that they estimate that 40% of Children in this Age Group have already had a prior COVID Infection. Pfizer tested for Prior Infection and came up with a really Low Number of Prior Infections. If 40% of Children had already been COVID Infected, then why would a Random Sample of Children result in such a Low Number? The study purposely excluded Children with Prion Infection, or Natural Immunity. Why? To skew their results and convince the FDA.

Parents should know if their Child has already had a COVID Infection. The PCR Tests have been found to be skewed and misappropriated and unreliable now even admitted by the WHO. There is 1 approved Test for T-Cells and it is called T-Detect, but it is not approved for Children. Why is this? It is because there is something different about Children's Immune Systems. Mind you, being ‘Infected’ may not result in Death.

All this should really bother Parents, that they cannot be made to rely on their Child’s Natural Immunity due to Prior Infection to avoid the Shots. And how the COVID-19 Virus has already gone through the Population and especially in Children who are already an extremely Low Risk Population to now be Mandated to have to take an Experimental Shot. And how dystopian it was how the Editor-In-Chief of the New England stated at the meeting, that it will not be known how ‘Safe’ the COVID Shots are until they know how many Children have been injured by it. Really? How about one starts with his?

A Yes With Reservations

Infection or Symptoms does not mean the condition will lead to Death. Yet, the Science and fearmongering is all about Infection Rates. What the Media and the Leading Scientists fail to also expound is the Recover Rate of millions that now have Natural Immunity. And thus, no need to be Injected. But they are being Mandated, nonetheless. Again, it is not a ‘Vaccine’ and it is not about proving Safe and Effective, Immunity. That is exactly why there needs to be an honest Risk-Benefit Analysis conducted by Independent Researchers, not by those who are bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

Sadly, this Vaccine Rollout is purely Political or rather Genocidal and Science has little to do with it. These vaccines under normal conditions would never be approved. There are too many Effective Treatments and Preventative Protocols that are intentionally being suppressed. Is this not strange for Science to do that? Yet here are the Health Authorities that are supposed to protect Children are now Mandating. The Pandemic is bad enough, but that sort of nonsense or ‘Non-Science’ is sickening, pun intended.

So, the FDA Panel voted ‘Yes, With Reservations’. There were not even 1 ‘No’ and only 1 Abstention. It was horrific. The Math Dr. Hong presented is 100% correct. The simplest way to calculate this situation is this: 1 Dose = $18. 2 Doses = $36. Multiply this by the number of People on the Planet (Estimated at 7 billion) and you get...? Add in another $18 x 7 Billion each time there is a ‘Booster’ mandated, etc. A Booster in the Spring and a Booster in the Fall and this gives you...?

Most Parents trust the ‘Scientists’ and their Government and Health Authorities. All things being equal, who would not if they were but to really kill-off as many Humans on the Planet, to save the Planet, as some argue is the real reason. Most are not connecting the COVID Crisis with Climate Change and the need to reduce, according to the proponents of such a Luciferian Agenda, is to reduce the Carbon ‘Foot Print’. That means less Humans have to be alive on Planet Earth for that to happen, so, ‘Mother Earth’ can breathe. This means, many Humans will be needed to stop breathing.

But the average Parent, not knowing the basic tenants of the arguments for and or against these forced COVID-19 Injections is that the Ingredients contain Graphene Oxide and are full of Poly Ethyl Glycol. This is a dangerous Toxin and used to force the Protein Spikes that carry the Man Made mRNA codes into the Cells. This is Liquid Metal and should not be injected into a Child's bloodstream nor an Adult's for that matter. The biggest problem is that unsuspecting Parents, Citizens have is trusting those who have an advantage over them through Information and what is disseminated to the Masses.

That is why the same People who own the Banks and the Pharmaceuticals, own the Mass Media Outlets and the Politicians. They then only present a skewed Science from the only story out there as other Scientific Information is being held back or censored. Imagine telling one’s Child who suffers from the Side Effects they got when they were ‘Vaccinated’? And without all the information needed to make sure they were really protected. Children have a right to be protected by their Parents. So, a Word to the Wise, and not so Wise, it is good if Parents research what is being censored and who.

Risks and Regrets
Do not just take everything the so-called Gods of Science are insisting on without questioning. There is no law that says anyone has to be vaccinated. But many are ignoring the ‘Evidence of Harm’ that the COVID-19 Shots are already having on the Adolescents. It has been known for several months that Risk of Myocarditis is more dangerous for those under 18 than the Risk of Hospitalization or Death from COVID. What was the problem with this Study by Pfizer presented to the FDA? The Cited Study was highly flawed in several aspects.

It was ‘Under-Powered’ for Low Risk Groups, whereby particular durations and times were chosen to more-or-less ‘Cherry Pick’ results. It ran the Study for only 6.5 months, over the Summer, only having had the Children in the Study being vaccinated 2 weeks after the 2nd Dose. Problem? They ‘Un-Blinded’ the Trials. They then selectively included and excluded Children with Prior Infection. Problem? This led to ‘Framing the Results’ as the Outcomes became different, as in Reduced Cases meant Reduces Severe Illness. Then there is the issue of Informed Consent. Parents have no clue as to what this is or why it is so important. It is now about coercing Parents.

And if the Government is Mandating the Experimental Injection, Parents and all Citizens then have the Right to Not Consent. If the Adults, Adolescents and now Children are being forced to carry the burden of taking all the ‘Risk’, then the Government and the Pharmaceutical Companies need be held Liable for their Medical Products, given what Damage or Death they result in. But that will not happen. Most People do not know about their Rights nor will they stand for them, in this case dealing with COVID for the most part. In part, it is because most have bought the Lie and have ‘Drank the Kool-Aid.

There have been many Doctors and Scientists that are protesting this Progressive Euthanasia of Humanity. They point out how the current Surgeon General said that even if the Children are given the COVID-19 Injections, they, still have to keep the Face Masks at school, until CDC changes the ‘Guidelines’. And note, these are not Enforceable Laws. No one is breaking the Law by not consenting to this Scientific Tyranny. Children 5-11 Years Olds are NOT at risk for COVID Complications. Many Child Specialist are seeing a disaster in that so many Young Children are now going to develop delays in Cognitive Abilities, especially in Speech and Emotional Development because of Masks and Distancing that are not based on Science.

In summary, what Dr. Hong did in assessing the Data, available from the CDC’s own Numbers, was correct. And what all Doctors and Parents need to do, especially if they love their Children. Dr. Hong weighed the Risks and Benefits of the said COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’. His conclusion? That the Projected Benefit of COVID ‘Vaccination’ for U.S. Pediatric Population is likely to be Minimal, given the Factors he considered and is reasonable to assume. But most Health Authorities and Governments and Main Stream Scientism sources will never admit to this.

And realize also that the Nations are still Under Emergency Use Authorization EUA. Then Terms and Definition of what constitutes a ‘Vaccine’, a ‘Pandemic’ and ‘Gain of Function’ have been altered, so is what constitutes an ‘Emergency’. It is a Mass Psychosis in the making. Mandates are justifiable, only when it is enacted to stop Infectious Transmissions, for example. The problem? Their COVID-10 Injections were not and are not designed to do that. These are not ‘Vaccines’ and it is not about Immunity. It is about Control, totally of all aspects of Human Society that is being forcibly transformed, ‘Scientifically’.

The problem is not that the FDA Approval stipulates that Parents CAN vaccinate children. No. The problem will be the inevitable Mandates that say, Parents MUST vaccinate their Children. This is Medical Tyranny. Where there is Risk, there must be Choice. But Parents and People at large will not be given a choice. Welcome to their Scientific Brave New World.


Main Sources

I am Torn... What Pfizer did and did not tell us...
Dr. Hong's Pharmacy Classroom
October 27, 2021



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