11:11:11 Year Countdown?

October 25 Solar Eclipse to November 11, Heshvan 17

  • What is the Biblical Significance of the Number 11:11:11?
  • Is there a 'Door' about to be opened and why and for whom? 
  • Is there an 11-Year Countdown to the Debut of AntiChrist?

by Luis B. Vega
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The purpose of this study is to consider 2 Articles written in 2011 and 2012 that appear to still be relevant in terms of Bible Prophecy and perhaps signaling the possible Timing of the Rapture Event. How so? The Articles dealt with ‘Opening-Up’ a Portal. When? One an 11:11 Date. The Context will be Astronomically and Occult Heavy. It is tied to the Partial Solar Eclipse of October 25, 2022 and November 11, 2022, which will be Heshvan 17, the start of the Flood of Noah. How is all that tied to Biblical Prophecy? If one takes the Passover Date of 2022, being April 15, 2022, note the following Day Count. And this study is posted on October 25, 2022. This will make sense later. 

Passover April 15, 2022 (Eve) + 7 Months of 30 Days/Month (210 Days)

November 11, 2022 (11-11-222) or a 2-2-222.

However, one will share some of one’s own Questions or Discrepancies that this study will raise. For example, one is assuming the Enochian Count by determining the New Months, using the 1st New Moon after the Spring and Fall Equinox. Why? It was/is because for 2022, it worked. The Solar and Lunar Calendars Synchronized. But if one uses this Model, then the September 26, 2022 Yom Teruah or Feast of Trumpets was not the 7th Month. Meaning that it would be October, and specifically October 25, 2022 on the Solar Eclipse would be the start of the New Month, as some are implying.

 As mentioned prior, it is a rare occurrence in that the Full Moon would determine the New Month, not being a New Moon, obviously as in this case in 2022. But there is then a 46 Day or 1.5 Month Discrepancy in play if October 25 is the real New Month, as some are proposing. This would then make November 11, 2022 the Start of the Feast of Tabernacles. And guess what? Shemini Atzeret would be on the 18th. The other Discrepancy or Question one has is how those that are Re-Calculating the Months in this way are saying they are using the Enochian Calendar? One does not see that such a Model is being pegged to the Spring and Fall Equinoxes.

As mentioned, one has more Questions than Answers. Now, as to the Number 11 that is coming up on November 11, 2022, that some are Watching for the possible Rapture Timing? 11.11.11 is a Desired Date for Marriages around the World. The Rapture will be about a Wedding, no? The following will be heavy on the Occult and its associations with the Number 11 and 11:11 or 11:11:11. It has been hijacked by the Luciferians. One knows that all Meaning of Numbers and Mathematics comes from the Creator, YHVH. It is said that Mathematics is the Language of the Universe. But consider what occurs on November 11 as one approaches this Season at this Time of Year. Just Observations.


The End of the ‘War to End All Wars’ or Armistice was declared to occur on November 11 at 11am back in 1918. It is the Globalists that started the War and ended it with their Signature. It is just what they are doing now with all the Worldwide Chatter of World War 3 now wanting to get started. So, whose Signature is this 11:11:11 Numerical Value? The ’33’ Boys. See the following.

11+11+11 =

This is also how Numbers ‘Birth’ other numbers in that 11+11+11 can also be rendered 2-2-2. And this 222 is another one of those Numbers that the Occult, Masons and Luciferians use to Signal in their Cryptic Language to one another to ‘Conceal and Reveal in Plain Sight’, etc. So, this is how 11:11:11 = 33, or November 11 at 11am. Furthermore, the Number 33 is the Letters CC in Roman Numerals. The Letter C is the 3rd Letter in the Latin Alphabet.

CC =

Also, the Number 33 is connected to the Occult and Nazi Esoteric Religion that Himmler introduced to Germany and especially with the SS Schutz-Staffel. The SS was stylized as ᛋᛋ from the Armanen Runes. The Germanic ᛋ is the 11th Letter, thus, 11:11 was a Veiled 33. Astronomically, the Sun’s Magnetic Field operates on a Cycle of Polarity Reversals averaging 11.11 Years in length. The Number 11 marks the beginning of New Cycles, an Activation. Mathematically, [1111 x 1111] = 123-4-321 (Menorah Pattern). It is one of the few Numbers that are not reduced by the Addition of the Constituent Numbers. To the Occult, the Number 11 or 11:11 speaks of the following.

-It is a ‘Master Number’.
-Achieving a ‘Higher Level of Consciousness.
-It is a Time, it is especially opened-up to the Universe.
-Numbers 1 and 1 on either side, is a Motif of an Energetic Doorway being opened.
-A Gateway or a Synchronistic Portal to other Dimensions.
-Thought of as a Wake-Up Call. [Rapture Trumpet anyone?]

Biblically speaking, the Number 11 is the Essence of all that is Sinful, Harmful and Imperfect from YHVH’s Standards. Think of the 2 Columns at Solomon’s Temple, Boaz and Jachin. The Temple Door was in-between them. YHVH’s Temple was the place where Sinner could Atone for Sins by the Blood of a Lamb. It foreshadowed the Blood of Jesus, the fulfillment of the Lamb and Blood Atonement. The Blood was sprinkled on the Ark of the Covenant where the Copy of the 10 Commandments were kept.

The 2 Pillars on either side of the Temple Portico, were like an ‘11’. It construed a Motif of the Door-Way into Heaven on Earth, i.e., ‘Star-Gate’. So, as one can surmise, this November 11 at 11am is Extremely Significant to the Occult. So, one glances at what the Enemy is Broadcasting, to not be ‘Ignorant of the Devil’s Devices’. Now, can it be inferred that what will or could actually take place on this 11:11 is the Rapture at this Time? Who knows. One will have to find out.

Occult Anti-Types

But the Occult Innuendos would appear to ‘fit’ one’s Understanding of what the Rapture Event entails: A New Level of Consciousness will be achieved as a Transition will occur in Dimensions and to the Bodies of Believers and Followers of Jesus, for sure. It is a Promised Open Door or Portal of Escape to be taken into the Safe-Haven of YHVH’s Temple in Heaven. It will be a Wake-Up Call, i.e., the Trumpet Call, etc. The Bride of Christ will have to see, but one is not holding one’s Consciousness or is that Breath?

So, check this out. As one was pondering and looking-up more Information about what one knows of this 11:11 Phenomena, 2 Articles came to Mind. They appear to lend some more Insight as to what is occurring Spiritual ‘Behind the Veil’ as they say or will occur leading-up to November 11, 11:11. Not sure why it is occurring now, in one’s case.

But one believes it is an example of Synchronicity occurring or it is the Prompting of the Holy Spirit. One hopes it is the later. So, one is running with it. One will though, put it the ‘Something Wicked Comes This Way’ Category concerning this coming Time from October 25 to November 11, 2022. One finds it very strange to be led to dig-up an ’Old Article written back in 2011, exactly 11 Years ago, to the Date of October 25, 2011.

2022 – 2011 =
11 Years

Here is the Summary of the Article intitled 11:11:11 A Heavenly Portal Opening? Back in 2011 there were many Movies coming out with this Notion of opening Spiritual Doors. They portrayed Portals opening-up and releasing Spirit Powers and Entities like the Immortals Movie that depicted the Release of the Titans. Why it was significant, at that time is that the Year 2011 was running-up to the Infamous Mayan Doomsday Calendar Countdown of December 21, 2012, on the Winter Solstice. Here is the Article on 5 Doves. Notice the Date? October 25, 2011.

Luis Vega
(25 Oct 2011)
11-11-11 | A Heavenly Portal Opening?

What to make of this? Here is one’s take. Given the focus of 11 or 11:11 right now, one now believes, in Hind-Sight that what occurred and stared back when, exactly 11 Years ago will culminate now in an 11 Year Countdown. What that will be? Their ‘Open Portal’? Not sure, but Wicked for sure. What was occurring Astronomically in 2011?

On November 11, 2011, 11:11:11, Saturn was ‘Birthed’ out of Virgo. It was a Time when one was developing the Revelation 12 Sign but, in this case, it was its Anti-Type. Saturn was of Sign of the Birthing of the AntiChrist. And Virgo was alluding to the Whore of Babylon, etc. See Chart accompanying the Study.

Chart: 11-11-11 | A Heavenly Portal Opening?


13 Crystal Skulls
The 2nd Article is connected to this 1st Article about the 11:11:11 Door-Way. How? Consider that in 2011, the 13 Crystal Skulls made there Trek across the USA from New York to Los Angeles. And guess what date in 2011? November 11. And at 11am, they held a Ceremony to Open the Portals to the ‘New Age’, etc. Here is the Link to that Article but the Summary is as follows.


Threshold of America's Spiritual Authority Lost

The 13 Crystal Skull that the Mayan Shamans possessed, could Channel what the Skulls spoke to them about. Guess what the Skulls said? ‘A Savior is coming to Unite the World in Love and Peace’. That is what the Mayan Witch Doctor said that He, the Coming Savior will ‘Help’ Humanity, etc. You can see/hear that in the Video Links noted on the Article in the End Notes.

The Trek of the 13 Skulls of Crystal that can store Information in the Quartz, started in Chichen Itza where on the Equinoxes of the Spring and Fall, that Snake Motif is configured on the Steps of the Pyramid. It is as if it is the Serpent, aka Satan is Manifesting and coming down from where? The Pleiades as that is what the Mayans believe in their Mythology of where their Gods came from to share all the Technology that was given to them. One example is how to make the Skulls out of pure Crystal without a Scratch.

If one sees the Chart, the Trek of the 13 Skulls from the Yucatan to New York to LA makes a Pyramid Motif. And if one draws a Line of where Skull stopped along the way to ‘Open the Ground to the Energies’ there, ‘from New York to LA. The Trek is like the Snake descending down the same Pyramid. And that is exactly what the Witch Doctors did down the Spine of America. Note that the Journey of the 13 Skulls began in Manhattan, at the Edgar Casey Center on October 27, 2011, and culminated in Los Angeles on November 11, 2011. Here is the 11:11:11 Luciferian Signatures. See Chart for a visual.

Chart: 13 Skulls Across America


Of course, this is the stuff of LA Marzulli, in that he has talked about this Trek and the Mayan Wizards. And what did they do at those spots? They happen to be all Ancient Giant Burial Places, i.e., the Nephilim where they conjured-up the Dead Spirits of the Giants. They are Hot Spots where the Earth Ley-Lines intersect to facilitate the crossing over of Dimension, by Portals, etc. They in essence, in their own words stated that they came to ‘Wake-Up’ the Spirits of the Giants that one knows are Evil, Demonic. One believes that from that Point in Time, those Spirits were Awakened in the USA and that is when the USA started going Down Hill, fast as they say.  

Opening Spiritual Portals

At each Stop of the Sacred Sites, along the way, Ceremonial Gatherings were held to ‘Open’ what they said, ‘The Ground and Raise the Ancient Energies that will fuel the Gateway Event in Los Angeles on 11:11:11’. They went on to say that they connected the event with the Mayan Calendar Event. How? That at 11:11 PM, on the Night of the 2012 Winter Solstice there would be a Spectacular Event, at the exact Moment when our Sun and the Earth went into Alignment with the Center of the Galaxy.

Of course, back then, 11 Years ago to the Day, October 25, 2011, one asked if such an Open Portal Event would constitute the Rapture at that Time? Now, here 11 Years later, one is asking the same Question, to the Day on October 25, 2022. It is tied then to the up-coming 11:11 Event on November 11 but starting with the Solar Eclipse on October 25, 2022. See End Notes for Related Articles. Note that the Article of the Opening Portals was written to the Day. What is going on here? Or as others would say, ‘Something Biblical is going on!’ Perhaps but how cool is that Synchronicity?

Will this 11 Year Countdown based on these 11:11 Synchronicity and Astronomical Correspondences signify an actual Opening-Up of the Rapture Door, Finally or does the Bride of Christ have to wait a bit more? Consider that when it is to occur, as promised, the Rapture Door will open for the Bride of Christ. But that will also leave the Doors to open for all those Fallen Angel Entities. It will be as a ‘Revolving Door’ Metaphor. As the Bride goes in the Chamber of Jesus, through the Rapture Door, the Doors will be opened for the Fallen Angels to come out.

Those Spirits of the Giants that have Wreak Havoc on the USA and the World will finally come through their Portals onto Earth and manifest themselves to Humanity. It is Biblically understood  that when the AntiChrist Savior, that which the Crystal Skulls communicate to the Wizards is to come, so will the excuse of all the People left behind to Believe and be Deceived by him. The whole World will accept any Rationale for the Rapture of Millions, Babies, etc. The ‘Ancient Aliens’ Saviors have come to Save the Day. And it will be believed. So, one is excited for this coming Time Period from October 25, 2022, to November 11, 2022, which is Heshvan 17, the start of Worldwide Judgment?



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