YHVH's Earthly Throne as it is in Heaven

  • What is the 'New Jerusalem' all about in the Bible?
  • Does the Place in Heaven  have an Orion Pattern?
  • Where is the Throne of YHVH, the Creator?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Therefore the LORD GOD Banished him [Adam] from the Garden of Eden to Work the Ground from which he had been taken. So He Drove-Out the Man and stationed Cherubim on the East Side of the Garden of Eden, along with a Whirling Sword of Flame to Guard the Way to the Tree of Life’. - Genesis 3:23-24

The Bible declares that Jesus Christ will return as the Conquering Lion of Judah. He is to set-up a 1000 Year Kingdom on Earth following the Battle of Armageddon. At the End of the Millennial Kingdom, the White Throne Judgment of all those that opposed Jesus as LORD YHVH, along with Lucifer will be cast into the Lake of Fire for all Eternity. YHVH will then make a New Heaven and New Earth. In the Book of Revelation, this Event is described as the New Jerusalem, coming down from Heaven, as in ‘Heaven’ where Jehovah-GOD abides. YHVH will Superimpose His Throne on the New Earth.

This is the New Jerusalem as noted. It will be Amazing to Experience. The Dimensions are described Geometrically, as a Pyramid or Square Shaped City, a Perfect Cube. Using Sacred Geometry, this New Jerusalem is a Tetrahedron and Tesseract. Thus, the City will be both in one. Astronomically, one suggests that 1 of the Celestial Gates to Heaven itself, as in a Celestial Portal is in the Region of Orion. Many Civilizations have incorporated at least the Geometry found in their Architecture, in their Buildings and in most Sacred Sites found at the Core of this New Jerusalem situated throughout the Middle East. The Key is the Layout of Jerusalem. Why? As Above so Below.

The Ancient Peoples knew of this Sacred Heavenly Orion Layout Knowledge. Incredibly, the Chart accompanying this Research, shows an Approximation of the Dimensions of the New Jerusalem. It is where one Conjectures, where the Garden of Eden was and will be again at Jesus’ Return. Paradise was Lost, due to the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden or Paradise. Lucifer’s Lie of gaining Immortality through Works and ‘Knowledge’ Deceived Eve and Adam to Sin. Since then, as Adam and Eve were Expelled from this Eden on Earth, Mankind has tried to Replicate Eden’s Dimensions ever sense.

The Door to Paradise is now open only through the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ who is GOD and Man, the ‘Last  Adam’. Why? Jesus was sent from the Heavenly Jerusalem to Pay for Adam and Eve’s Sin. In fact, Jesus comforted His Disciples in how He had to leave, in order to Prepare Mansions in the New Jerusalem that will 1 Day come down to Earth. Realize this Amazing Future. Heaven, wherever that is, will come down to the Dimension of the Realm on Earth. And the Dimensions of Heaven will have YHVH choose Earth, Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple from where YHVH will Rule.

Mountains of the Masters

It will be from the New Jerusalem that all that is and will be, from that Point going Forward, called ‘Eternity Future’, will be Centered around Jesus. And one surmises that the Layout will in some manner incorporate the Celestial Star Positions of the Constellation of Orion. Why? This Orion Celestial Pattern is seen in the Earthly Jerusalem in Israel. Thus, the Orion Motif is perhaps what one suggests is what Heaven, both the Heavenly and Earthly Jerusalem are configured to the Dimension. Why Orion? Orion is the Motif that infers what and who is the King of Heaven, Jesus.

The Bible declares that YHWH called Abram from the Land of the Chaldeans. Chaldeans means ‘Shining Ones’ as in ‘Light’, in reference to the Fallen Angels that were worshipped as ‘Gods’ there since before the Creation of Genesis or rather, the ‘Re-Creation’. Genesis 6 states that Fallen Angels, siding with Lucifer’s Rebellion, Mixed Genetically with Humans to produce the Titans of Old. After the Flood of Noah, the Dead Giants’ Spirits became the Demons or the Jinn in Islam where the Word ‘Jennie’ from. Such became the Disembodied Spirit or Demons that seek a Body to Possess.

These Fallen Angels and their Demon Offspring also seek the Worship of Humanity by Erecting Sacred Temples in places that are on the Orion Circumference that makes-up the Core of the Middle East. For example, if one takes Ur as a Central Fulcrum of a ‘Orion’ Perfect Circle, the 3 Main Centers of where Paradise was, correspond to Orion’s 3-Star Belt, vertically. They are Babylon, Ur and another Unidentified Spot. Moreover, if the Ley-Lines are extended Horizontally, they match the Giza 3-Pyramid Complex.

For a visual, a Hexagram is incorporated within the Orion Circle of the entire Middle East. Why? It functions as a Region of High Spiritual Energy that manufactures and opens Portals. It is where Star-Gates are fashioned on Earth, as they are in Heaven. Then what one Superimposes next onto the Middle East Region is the Earth-to-Moon Proportions. And behold, that Motif, Geometrically corresponds to the Orion Circle and how the Moon Proportions correspond to the ‘Square’ that connect the 3 Sacred Mountains that Encompasses the Sinai Peninsula Region. See Chart for the Illustration.

This Square Perimeter corresponding to the Moon, connects Mount Moriah in Jerusalem with Mount Sinai in Arabia with the Great Stone ‘Mountain’ of the Great Pyramid in Giza. In Proportion to the Circle, its center is Ur in the middle, that exactly matches the Dimensions of the coming New Jerusalem. The very City of Ur’s Ziggurat Temple Complex Mirrors the 3-Stars of Orion’s Belt. These are examples of how such Sacred Locations on Earth are really a Mirror or Facsimile of what is the Reality in the Mountains of Heaven, etc.

Such Sacred Sites on Earth draw from the Energies of the Sacred Dimensions of the Location that once was Paradise and will be again when YHVH comes down to Earth to Set up His Eternal Throne on Earth, within the New Jerusalem. The very Topography of certain Areas of the Earth intersect these Ley-Lines that have Energies based on the Magnetic Sphere around the Earth. It is like a Grid or even a ‘Matrix’. It is Speculated that at certain Times and Places, a Convergence of Dimensions can be Interposed.

Paradise Restored

It is no Accident where the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed or where the Tower of Babel was attempted to be Erected. Spiritually Speaking, wherever you have Sacred Geometry, Circles and Hexagrams, you have a ‘Door’ or Portal Star-Gate accessible to the Spiritual Realm. The Bible declares that the coming Throne of The Lamb, Jesus Christ will be situated in Jerusalem.

This will occur after the Battle of Armageddon. Jesus will, as noted thereafter in the New Jerusalem, Rule the Universe and with those that follow Him wherever He goes. What is Astonishing is that the Orientation or Angle of the New Jerusalem Square-Triangle (Tetrahedron) will appear on Earth in the exact Dimensions of Paradise. One Surmises that the New Jerusalem will be exactly in the same Layout Orientation or Direction on the Map of where Paradise was in the Middle East. This Triangulation comes from the following Mountains.

1. Great Pyramid ‘Mountain’ in Egypt
2. Mount Moriah in Jerusalem
3. Mount Sinai in Arabia

Certain Prophetic Locations like Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark rested is on the very Arch of the Circle that makes a Circumference of this Orion Overlay of what will be the New Heaven. This Orion Circumference appears to also follow some noticeable Geographic Couture Lines from Arabia, Iran, Turkey and the Levant. The Giza Pyramids Mirrors the Orion Circle Center Motif that is in Proportion to all the Major Ancient Sacred Sites. The Angle of 33° is believed to be where the Direction of the Throne of YHVH in Heaven is; in the Celestial ‘Sides of the North’. One such Sacred Site on the Orion Circumference of the New Jerusalem is the Home of Abraham, Ur, whom the Messiah would come from, as a Descendant through Isaac and Jacob, etc.

Later, Abram would be put to the Test as a Type of how a Father, as in GOD the Father, was Called to Sacrifice his Willing Son, as in GOD the SON, i.e., Isaac. This took place on Mount Moriah, in Jerusalem. Thus, to Summarize, Jerusalem is the Earthly Template for the New Jerusalem. This Foreshadowed how YHWH Sacrificed the Willing Son on the Cross on Mount Calvary there. This Sacred Site was and is an Extension of Mount Moriah where Solomon’s Temple was to be built, as the coming 3rd Temple will be as well. In the Book of Revelation 21, the ‘City of God’, the New Jerusalem, is basically 2 intertwined 3-Dimensional Pyramids within a Square.

This Star Tetrahedron incorporates a ‘Square within a Square’ as well. It is essentially a ‘Tesseract’. This reflects and allows for the Holy of Holies, which is a Perfect Square. It will continue to be the Throne Room of YHVH, as it is always a Perfect Cube. This was the case with the Tabernacle of Moses, the Temples of Solomon, and the Temple of Zerubbabel after the 70-Year Diaspora came back from Babylon, etc. Then the coming 3rd Temple that could coincide shortly after the Rapture Event takes place. It is the Rapture Event that will conclude the Church Age.

The Bible states that the Throne of YHWH is a Perfect Cube that Jesus Christ as King will be Enthroned to Rule all the Universe in Righteousness and Holiness. And it will be from the New Jerusalem, patterned perhaps in the Motif of Orion, that the Bible states that ,only the Followers of the Lamb, or the Greater Orion, that is, Jesus Christ, may Live and Enter there. It will be Paradise Restored as it was in the Middle East.

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