'In the 1st Week of the 10th Jubilee’

by Luis B. Vega

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There has been increasing interest and discussion about how the Essene Calendar calculates the start of the Millennial Age of Rest in 2075. And that the predicted Year of the Messiah’s Death occurred in the Gregorian Year of 32 AD. These Statements have been corroborated, mainly by the Research and Work of Dr. Ken Johnson who has studied the Topic at length and has published several Books on the Matter. One has used his Research as a Cited Source, as one’s own Calculations, as far as the Crucifixion Year being in the Year 32 AD is concerned, one would concur and agree with. As to the 2075 Year? One is not sure and has very limited Information to go on.

But the Question was posed, where exactly in the Essene Literature, does it say, emphatically, that the ‘Crucifixion of the Messiah and subsequent Death was in 32 AD?’ That is one Answer one did not know, other than to take the Research and Interpretation of Dr. Johnson at Face Value, which one has. However, one was prompted to inquire and ask, which one did get a Reply. The Email Exchange will be noted further down in the study. For context, why one is adamant about the 32 AD Crucifixion Year, being the ‘More Correct’ Year of Jesus’ Death, Burial and Resurrection, is that it is also tied to the Year that the Church Age Commission was Initiated, i.e., the Acts 2 Pentecost, etc.

This 32 AD Year, then becomes the Rapture Timing Benchmark for what one then has developed over the Years. It is to insinuate that the Pentecost Month and Date that the Power to send forth the Disciples with the Sealing and Indwelling of the Holy Spirit occurred on a July 23 Date. And this Month and Day corresponded to the Acts 2 ‘Infusion’ that was also the Feast of New Wine. This should be the Christian Pentecost, not the Jewish Shavuot that is just the 1st 50 Day Count of 3 that are to include the First Fruits of the New Grain, New Wine and New Oil, etc. Why this becomes important, is that one then is tying the New Wine July 23 Date, to the Astronomical Leo New Year.

And that in turn is tied to the Lion’s Gate that one is further developing as a Theory that the ‘Where’ and ‘When’ the Rapture Event is to occur. Note that it is a Working Theory only and one is just looking and examining this July 23 (723) Date that one Postulates is when the Rapture Event could or would or should occur on. One can only imply, suggest, point to, compare-contrast and use Logic and Reason. And despite all that, it is pure Conjecture on this Side of Rapture, as it is with everyone else’s Research. But the Main Reason one started to embark on really trying to determine the Crucifixion Year was that it would then Set the Stage for everything else, End Times wise.

Forbidden Fruit’

And perhaps that Year could then help determine when the End of the Church Age is to occur with the Rapture, etc. How so? This is where one’s Research also then intersects with the Essene’s Calendar and Year Calculations. It is based on the Shemitah Year Count. As the Shemitah Phenomena also became Popularized in recent Years, the assumption has been that the Count starts from when Israel became a Nation, ‘Re-Born’, in 1948. This would seem logical and plausible. But one argues that the Shemitah Count should be tied to the Shemitah Count. Novel Idea, one would say?

This is to argue that it was in 1952 that the Shemitah Year Count should be started. One has presented this Perspective before. It has to do with the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ Stipulation of Leviticus. It was not until the 4th Year, that the Fruit of the Land could be consumed for Food. Any Fruit of the Trees planted in 1948, back in the Promised Land was ‘Forbidden’, until the 4th Year, thus, 4 Years from 1948 is 1952. And coincidentally, that is when the Timelines synchronized, once again with the Shemitah Count. Coincidence?

1948 + 4 Year Forbidden Fruit = 1952

Then consider applying the Maximum Extend of a Generational Lifespan, of 80 Years, per Psalm 90. In doing so, one can make a reasonable Year Countdown Calculation to suggest when Jesus is to Return. This End Date and Year would then or could then be Reverse Engineered by a Factor of 7 Years. Thus, this Calculus could allow one to ‘Know’ when the Start of Daniel’s 70th Week would, could or should commence.

1952 + 80 Year Factor = 2032 – 7 Year Tribulation Period = 2025

Here now is where one’s Work and Research converges with the Essenes’ again. According to their further Calculations, they surmise, according to the Research and Interpretation of Dr. Ken Johnson, that the Last Sabbath Cycle to complete Daniel’s 70th Week would begin in the Year 2025. Thus, perhaps one can sense why one is excited and agrees with the Essenes on these 2 Points of Year Calculations, 32 AD and 2025 to Start the Tribulation Period, etc.

As one has been studying the End Times for a long Time, that is, looking deep into Eschatology, something is bound to break-through. Not that one is Special or has any Vain or Narcissistic Notions of Grandeur to get out of it in doing so. But if the 32 AD and the 2075 Tribulation Period Calculations are correct, then the ‘Code’ of the Rapture and the Day and Hour is now ‘Known’ or can be ‘Known’. On an aside Note, the ‘No one knows the Day or the Hour’ Mantra was not given by Jesus to say that about the Rapture’s Timing, nor that it was Un-Knowable.

The Topic of the Rapture was not the Context of the Olivet Discourse or what the Disciples were asking about. Thus, all are Mis-Informed, or Mis-Interpreted Followers of Jesus and Distractors alike who use this Mantra. Ironically, it is an ‘Escape Clause’ to not venture into Watching for the Rapture Coming. Jesus emphatically commanded His Disciples to be doing so. Sure, many have abused the Notion of ‘Predicting’ the Rapture’s Timing. Some have and do and will continue to Sensationalize it.

Research Repository

Other Rapture Watchers have even ‘Guaranteed’ it. But for such Reason, in one’s Research, one has stayed purposely ‘Behind the Shadows’. Aside from being encouraged to share one’s Research and make it Public and Free, one is out of the Lime-Light, as Directed, one believes. And that has guarded one’s Pride, perhaps from having one’s Ego becoming puffed-up or becoming Proudful, as so many have, in one’s Opinion. One sees it as how the Apostle Paul was given that ‘Thorn’ in his Side to keep him Humble. It worked and that is what was needed for him to carry-out his Commission, in particular.

In one’s Opinion, the Apostle Paul is one of the Greatest Jewish Minds. Yes, he is despised by his Fellow Jews, whom he would give his Life for and in some Christian Denominations, he is Censored and Discarded. ‘I am not of the Pauline Doctrine’ Debate and so on. But over the Decades, one has presented the not-so-popular Theories that have gone mostly against the Conventional Wisdom of the End Times Community. As an example, here is the List of most of those Theories that have been Original and Presented to the End Times Community over the Decades, as many are Witnesses to them. And that is enough in one’s Mind.

-Tetrad Pattern of 1949-40, 1967-68, 2014-15 leading to 3rd Temple.
-13th Star of David Pattern.
-September 11, -3 BC Birth-Day of Jesus.
-Artaxerxes II Decree being made on March 23, -445 BC.
-Revelation 12 Google Cover-Up and Jupiter Sign.
-Cydonia, Mars Pyramid Triangulation Patterns on Earth.
-Orion Star Patterns of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
-True location of 3rd Temple Site based on Astronomy.
-Leviticus 23 Double-Count to True Pentecost.
-Dream of a ‘723’ Date that could be associated with Rapture Timing.
-Shemitah Count starting from 1952 not 1948,
-Acts 2 Pentecost is the True Pentecost, it is not the Jewish Shavuot.
-There were 3 First Fruit Feasts, 50 Days apart after Passover, Grain, Wine and the Oil.
-Acts 2 Pentecost was on the Feast of New Wine.
-Crucifixion Year being 32 AD.
-There is an Apparent 3.5 Year Overlap or Gap of Time to the Tribulation Start.
-Prophetess Anna ’84 Year Code’ from 1948,
-One’s Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Tribulation Timeline.
-Astronomical Leo New Year of a 723 Factor, July 23.
-Rapture at the Lion’s Gate.

One is presently working on strengthening one’s Argument about the Leo New Year on a July 23 (723). In looking back at one’s 20-Points and Theory Research, one had not realized that in 2 Research Pieces, one had ‘Inadvertently’ noted this July 23 Date. They have to do with the 13th Star of David and the Astronomical Lion’s Gate. This is how one then is attempting to tie-in them with the Rapture’s Timing of ‘Where’ and ‘When’. Now, one did get an Answer, sort of to the Question, if there is a directly stated Source from the Essene Writings, that explicitly states that 32 AD was the Year of the Crucifixion. Not sure if it was Ken himself that Replied but it is something he would say.

Vetting the Sources

So, realize that in the 1st Century, there was no Gregorian Calendar to reference the Essenes Year Calculation to convert from. This is to say, it would have been, ‘Impossible’ for the Essenes to have made or written such a Statement in Gregorian Years. So, apparently, there is no ‘Line’ from the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Essene Writings that explicitly state that, ’32 AD was when the Messiah was to be Killed’, etc.

It is more so, an Interpretation and Year Correlation to the Gregorian Calendar by Dr. Ken Johnson. Such a requirement, for a 32 AD Year Statement to be ‘Credible’, boils down to the same Argument that because an Exact Word is not in the Bible, it cannot be ‘True’, like the Words, Rapture or Trinity, etc. So, one is only referencing Ken Johnson as a Source and taking his Inference and Interpretation at Face Value. And only because one does Respect this Research and Mythology, thus far. Here is the Question posed.

‘I cannot find anything besides the above quoted Document of the Dead Sea Scrolls. But this Document does not point to 32 AD. It only says, 'in the 1st Week of the 10th Jubilee (which is 25-32 AD). It does not say, 'At the End of the 1st Week). So, a Reference would really be helpful!’


Hi, so he is saying it is at least between AD 25 and AD 32 for the “event” that occurs. The way they write their date (and there are many DSS verses for this) is like the 2nd year of the first Shemitah of the 10th jubilee. That would be AD 27. So, to say exactly AD 32 they would have to say one Shemitah after the ninth jubilee. There would be no mention of years. Hope that helps’.


At this Point, it is a matter of how Dr. Ken Johnson is ‘Interpreting’ the Essene Version of how they explain when the Messiah was to have Died. Since it lines-up with one’s Research, of course one is biased toward that and agrees. But one sees the Point and notes it. Thus, one is making sure to note this Presupposition and Qualifier when compiling one's Evidence for one’s Leo New Year and Lion's Gate Rapture Theory. But as to the ‘Year of or within the 10th Jubilee' Crucifixion Year based on the Essenes Calendar?

This is where one then defers to one’s Research to suggest, as presented, that based on one’s own Calculations, the Fall 28 AD was the Start of the Shemitah and Jesus' Ministry. And this is where, since Jesus only fulfilled 3.5 Years of it, there remains a 3.5 Year Time-Frame yet to complete this Prophetic Shemitah, in one's Opinion. One is just being more convinced, that since one does see the Prophecy of Daniel as being overlaid with the Duality or Dichotomy of the Princes, Christs and Anointing, it is not beyond the Realm of Prophecy to insinuate then, that from the Mid-Point of the 7 Year Tribulation, all-inclusive, that it is then where those last 42 Months, will come about.

In one's Mind, it is the 'Why and When' the AntiChrist will fulfill the remaining Prophecy of the Last Week of Daniel. Conjecture? Sure, 100%. Lastly, in researching for the Time of the Passover in 32 AD, having to be on a Wednesday, the Modern Year Converters online are all Calibrated to show that it was a Monday, rather. This Piece of Evidence is used then against a possible 32 AD Year because one is arguing that the Crucifixion was in the ‘Midst’ of the Week. And furthermore, that the Resurrection was on that Weekly Saturday or Sabbath. That was the Sign of Jonah. The Sign of Jonah is all about the Resurrection.

And perhaps, as the Theme of the 3rd and Last Great American Eclipse had that Jonah and Nineveh Typology and Correlation to Egypt. It thus, about a Resurrection and Extraction as it was for Jonah in Nineveh and for the Israelites in the Exodus, in leaving Egypt. One clearly sees these Dual Prophetic Rapture Typologies in-play. Now will the Resurrection-Rapture occur after the Great American Eclipse then? That will remain to be seen. Or will the Collapse of the USA be tangibly visible and felt later because of the 3-2-1 Great American ‘Knock-Out?’

But as to the Wednesday Crucifixion Day? One did, surprisingly find one, from CalcuWorld that does show that at least, April 14 was on a Wednesday, although the Calculator correlates that Wednesday with Nisan 16. So 2 Days off. Nonetheless, if the Essene Calendar Calculations are Valid and True, that the Crucifixion was in 32 AD and that Daniel’s 70th Week of Years is to start in 2025, in the Fall, as one Calculates, then the Rapture is that much Closer.




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