Connections to Esther and July 23

  • Is there a Difference in the Torah and Rabbinical Year?
  • Can there be 2 New Years in 1 Calendar Year?
  • What is the Connection to Esther and July 23 New Year?

by Luis B. Vega

‘He replied. The One who Sows the Good Seed is the Son of Man. The Field is the World, and the Good Seed represents the Sons of the kingdom. The Weeds are the Sons of the Evil One, and the Enemy who sows them is the Devil. The Harvest is the End of the Age, and the Harvesters are Angels’. -Matthew 13:37-39

As we all know and have been studying, the Calendar Dates that have been considered in regard to the April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse have been based on the Rabbinical one. In which case, the Last and 3rd Great American Eclipse occurs on Nisan 1. This is the Biblical New Year that starts with the 1st Month, ‘Rosh HaShanah’, etc. And from there, it will be also the case that in the Fall, precisely on October 2, 2024, some 5 Months later, a corresponding Solar Eclipse, of the Annular or ‘Wedding Ring’ Type will occur as well.

And in that case, it happens to be the Feast of Trumpets and what the Rabbinical Jewish consider to be the New Year. This is called the Civil New Year, as opposed to the Religious New Year in Nisan, etc. One noted this Astronomical Phenomena and reported on it, as the ‘2 New Year Eclipses in 2024’. Now, where it gets very interesting and not sure how to reconcile the Dates, is due to the following Torah Calendar Discrepancy. In going over one’s Study about the Red Heifer, there is much Chatter presently about when the Religious Jews will offer 1 of the 3 remaining Red Heifers that have not been Disqualified as of 2024.

These are of the 5 that were flown in from Texas and arrived in Israel on September 15, 2022. It is a ‘Big Deal’, because that is what will be required to make, not only the Temple Mount ‘Kosher’, but the entire Nation of Israel. This Provision will make now the Offerings and Sacrifices of any Jew in Israel ‘Acceptable’ Ecclesiastically, according to the Torah. And? The only ‘Sacrifices’ that the Temple Mount pertains to or could, are the Daily Sacrifices. It has been reported that sometime during the Passover Date of April 8, 2024, the Offering of the Red Heifer will be made, Incognito.

In February of 2024, it was reported by some Jewish News Sources like Israel365, that it was discovered that 1 of the Main Reasons why Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, 2023 or Tishrei 23 (723) was that they wanted to Stop Israel from going forward with the Ceremony to procure the Ashes of the Red Heifer. Also consider that from the October 7, 2023 Hamas Attack on Israel to the Torah Calendar Passover of March 24, 2024 is 5 Months. This is the Calendar Discrepancy that will be developed further in the Study.

Houses for All Nations

This Hamas Supposition speaks volumes and why, as one had originally assessed, the War against Israel by her surrounding Inner-Ring of Muslims Nations and Para-Military Faction is a Religious War, foremost. The Muslims realizes, unlike most Western Liberal University Students that are supporting a Hamas Nazi Manifesto, that is actually calling for Genocide of the Jews, is Misogynist against Woman.

It is intolerant of the LGBT Agenda, that if Israel’s Religious Leaders succeed with the Red Heifer, it will only be a Formality before the 3rd Temple will be built soon after. When? Within 5 Months in one’s Assessment. That is what the Muslims fear, that the Jews will build their Temple and fear the Destruction of their Dome of the Rock Shrine and al-Aqsa Mosque that was a Crusader Church. However, in one’s Research, all 3 Buildings or structures, 3rd Temple included will remain. The Temple Mount will serve as the Compound for the Site dedicated to the 3 Abraham Houses of Faith.

They will be used to ‘Unite’ the World in ‘Peace and Security’, etc. This will be all coordinated, very delicately between the coming AntiChrist Figure and the False Prophet that the Bible warns about will close-out the last 7 Years of this present History leading-up to the Return of Jesus, etc. Now for the Calendar Discrepancy as the above was presented for Context. Regarding the Red Heifer? It has been Jewish Tradition that the past 9 Offerings, not a Sacrifice mind you, had always been done on the Sabbath prior to Passover.

This Day is called the Shabbat Parah. In the Year 2024, that happened to be March 29, 2024. All good until one wanted to cross-reference that Date on the Torah Calendar. Realize that the Torah Calendar is not the same as the Rabbinical Calendar. That being understood, Nisan 14 or Passover occurs, not on April 8, 2024, the Day of the Solar Eclipse, but on March 24, 2024. And? That Day happens to be the accompanying Pair to the Solar Eclipse of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Thus, there is an approximate 14 Day or 2 Week Discrepancy of Calendar Days between these 2 Calendars.

This is to say that by the April 8, 2024 Rabbinical New Year and Total Solar Eclipse, it is already the 14th Day Count of the Omer on the Torah Calendar. The Omer is used to determine the 1st 50 Day Count that is called Shavuot in the Jewish Tradition and what the Christian Tradition calls ‘Pentecost’. Here is what is interesting, based on one’s July ‘White Wheat Wedding’ July 23 Rapture Theory. On this Torah Calendar Count, if one adds 4 Months or 120 Days from the Torah Calendar Passover of March 24, 2024, that Day will be July 23, 2024 (723).

March 24, 2024 Torah Passover + 120 Days = July 23, 2024 (End Day Excluded.)

What is also very interesting is that on March 23, 2024, the Eve of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of the Torah Calendar Passover, the Day is called the Fast of the New-Born. And it is also noted as the ‘Original Fast of Esther’. Esther 4:16. Why it becomes very interesting but confusing, at the same time, is that the Torah Calendar appears to follow the Protocols of determining the ‘Correct’ New Month of Nisan.

This is based on the Spring Equinox and determining either the approximate New Moon or the Full Moon from it. In this case, the Full Moon occurs on March 24, 2024 and thus the Lunar Eclipse connected to Esther on the New Month of the New Year, the Religious Head of the Year, Nissan 1, according to the Torah Calendar. So, one just noted the Calendar Day Discrepancy and its Relationship to the July 23 Astronomical Leo New Year and what one surmises is the actual Acts 2 Pentecost New Wine Event, etc.

And that in turn, could be signaling when the Church Age could Conclude its Commission, as it started it in its Anniversary. The issue is ‘Which Year? But to be clear, one is counting from the ‘Empowering’ of the Commission that was already made by Jesus. As one is just highlighting when it was ‘Initiated’ in Full Force to be carried out through Divine enabling Power, etc. So, back to the Red Heifer? One was asked, ‘How long before the Temple starts to be Rebuilt’ from when the Ashes are Procured?

One does not know. But from what one has come across in this Research Topic, one has read, a Period of about 5 Months. That is the ‘Period of Waiting’ for the Consecration to fully take place. Now will that mean that in 5 Months the Temple will start to be Rebuilt? Not sure. It could. Prophecy is happening really fast presently. And if the Rapture Event does take place in the Summer of 2024, then by September of 2024, such a Scenario could be actualized after all. It appears to be that close.


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