Last New World Order to Come

  • What is the prophetic significance of theSynagogue of Satan?
  • Is there a Biblical connection in who are the Synagogue of Satan?
  • Is there a typology of when the 'New World Order' is to occur?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Why take note? The work of both is coming to a fruition, the wheat and the tears. Difference? At the harvest, the ripening is distinguished in that the hair of the wheat bends down, the tears stay upright. Christ said, I and my Father works… Enter into the labor.’ – Jesus Christ

The purpose of this study is to highlight certain recognizable signs and symbols of the current Masonic Order, the USA from an esoteric perspective. The occultic Masons behind such symbols that rule the USA use peculiar symbols as their ‘signatures’ in their Luciferian Orders to hide their diabolical plans for the nation in plain sight. Their aim is to control a nation’s society in all forms; governments, religions, military, media, cinema, and education, etc. They seek to eventually offer the nation as a sacrificial Phoenix for the coming New World Order. The country’s national emblems are disguised because America’s destruction as the nation is encoded in its very symbols as it prepares for the countdown to the next Order.

The information here presented is only what is available and known from documents freely available publicly. The illustrations presented are primarily based upon the work and investigation of Doc Marquis. It is believed that the government of the USA has been co-opted, as most other nations, by the Masons, the Illuminati, and others alike whose inner workings although apparently good and beneficial are Luciferian agents of evil and doom. This assertion is deemed part of the conspiracy theory but there is ample evidence that proves otherwise. Those that apparently rule or are ‘elected’ in the USA and that of the rest of the world are subjects of the total control of the Dark Forces of Lucifer’s Elders of Zion behind the scenes.

As it has been noted, the ultimate goal of these Builders, these Elders is to usher in their last New World Order. Their Great Work is to worship and enthrone Lucifer, which is Satan as the Master of a new Humanity on Earth in place of YHVH in the coming Age. They plan to ‘brand’ every living soul with Lucifer’s numerical value or ‘Mark’ after the orchestrated collapse of the world economy. For the purpose of this study, a timeline will be given to track the major personages making major milestones for this Illuminati plan to usher the New Order through the worldwide economic collapse and World War. Some key signs and symbols will be analyzed for their esoteric significance and exoteric wisdom the Luciferians seek to disguise from the masses.

The ‘Enemy’ has Done This
As it pertains to the Masons, Weishaupt is attributed to have started the Illuminati in Bavaria. He was a Professor of Jewish Theology at a university. He was the foremost expert in the occult of his day. In 1773, Myer Amschel Bauer, a Rothschild and 12 Associates which equal 13 to correlates to a Coven, approached Weishaupt with financial backing for the start of this ‘Great Work’. They were steeped in the teaching of the esoteric Babylonian Talmud and the Kabala. Such secret knowledge, signs and symbols have been systematically formulated from at least 3500 BC when the Jews were exiled from Zion to Babylon. This is basically the religion of the 1st Mason, Nimrod who as a ‘Builder’ opposed YHVH by trying to build the Tower of Babel that would ‘reach the Heavens’.

The Talmud extols the ‘Traditions of Man’ over the WORD of YHVH. Strategically, Weishaupt and the Rothschilds or the Red Shield in German conspired to rule the nations through a centralized banking system. By such methods, operatives would be in all facets of the entire Nations’ infrastructure to have primarily control of the economy and thus ensuring political power to make policy and dictate its policies. This co-opting of Nations in turn would steer the world into the countdown to the various scheduled Luciferian World Orders in conjunction to astronomical timetables. The Great Work of the Masons and others like the Elders is to eventually enthrone their Great Master Mason, Lucifer himself in their Golden Masonic Temple, i.e., Temple of YHVH in Jerusalem. A prophetic time was set to specifically correlate to this endeavor of their Great Work which was started on May 1, 1776. This time and date would coincide with a New World, a New Nation the Americas with a New Order.

As it has been noted, it is believed that the USA’s birth was tied to astrological prescripts specifically associated with the planet Venus and star Sirius (Isis). For example, the U.S. Declaration of Independence came at the end of the 240 Year cycle of Venus in 1776. A Cardinal Cross also occurred having a 13th degree spacing from the Cardinal Points of Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer at that precise time. As it pertains to the planet Venus, in one rendering within the Bible of modern translations, it is Lucifer that is called the ‘son of the dawn’, or Venus. Since 1776 many notable Luciferians and Globalist have continued this ‘Great Work’ on behalf of Lucifer –whom they extol as the ‘one true god’ that seeks to elevate Mankind out of darkness into the marvelous light of the coming of their Lord and Savior, Lucifer. Below is but a small representation of those most notably that contributed major milestones to this Great Luciferian Work beginning with Weishaupt.

Adam Weishaupt
Mayer Amschel B.
Baron von Knigge
Giuseppe Mazzini
Elisha Levi
Albert Pike
Madam Blavatsky
Annie Besant
Alice Bailey
Nicholas Roerich
Aleister Crowley
Alex Sanders
Manly P. Hall
Jack Parsons
David Rockefeller
Henry Kissinger
Nbigniew Brzezinski

The Eye of Providence
The Masons and other Secret Societies are in total control of the world and the American government. They have infiltrated all of the nation’s institutions as they hide their plans in plain sight. This is done through their monuments, sign and symbols that are associated with Greek mythology as a veneer or cloak to mask the real intent. Such undertakings are also tied to astrology as the plans are pegged to astronomical movements and timetables. These Luciferian entities are also obligated in their twisted Protocols of the Elders of Zion to give prior notice of their deeds to be absolved of their responsibility of not alerting their subjects of what they will be doing to them.

In terms of an astrological or time sequence using a sign and symbol pronouncement for example, it was not until the year 19-33 that the 33rd Degree Mason President FDR approved the Reverse Seal of the U.S to be on the Federal Reserve’s Note of the Dollar Bill. His Vice President, Wallace was a high-ranking Mason. This currently Note is not even the US Governments but the Central Banks that are run by the conglomerate of Luciferian Elders of Zion Banksters worldwide. According to Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reverse, ‘there is no higher law than the Federal Reserve’. This is but one example of how the power to print money specified in the US Constitution has been co-opted to now as foreign banks print the national currency and charge interest.

Due to the protocols of Jekyll Island, such a cabal of extortionist conspired to implement the Federal Income tax. It would be instituted to milk the hard-earned money out of the hands of working Americans; basically, organized thievery and usury. This is but one of endless examples of how America has been compromised from within and its destiny is mapped out within its very own symbols. The Luciferians especially in the US have had to work harder to gradually implode the nation since its inception because of the overtones of the great amount of Christian principles infused in its laws, morality, education, and government initially.

Nonetheless, America’s destiny is encoded in its emblem. The USA was once a country ‘set on a hill’ as a light and beacon of hope that the governed were ruled by law and justice on the principles of inalienable rights, at least in theory. This means that government cannot give or take away basic human freedoms recognized to be sanctioned by the Creator GOD. It would have been a piece of ‘Zion’ on Earth if it were not for the Luciferians who set themselves up to enslave all others because like their Master Lucifer; they are madly driven by lust and pride and the love of mammon.

By Deception, Thou Shall make War
This is why the U.S. Constitution is like no other document in the world and the Luciferians have all but nullified it with endless judicial and executive order. Due to the Constitution, for the first time in history, a nation’s government could be removed without war for example. No so called ‘god-kings’ or rulers set up by ‘divine right’ could subjugate the masses to tyranny because of a religious and/or economic hegemony like the Old World had with their appointed Kings and Popes for example. This proved to be a challenge to the Masons and Luciferians as the U.S. also became a haven for Christianity and missionary work around the world. This was the era of the Great Awakenings and some say exemplified the Age of the Church of Philadelphia on the prophetic level.

The co-opting of America’s institutions by the Luciferians has taken longer but inevitable has occurred given the psychology of the human nature. Lucifer is all too familiar with having observed humanity since the days of Paradise to predict this and ‘wear out the Saints’ as it were. Time is on his side, for the moment. Many believe that the USA is on its last leg figuratively speaking. This is to say that the U.S. would, like all the other Orders eventually fall, like the mighty Roman Empire that served as the base to launch the next World Order like a Phoenix. These so-called American symbols of the Phoenix, the Eye of Providence, and the Unfinished Pyramid in the National Seals are very ancient and are not even ‘American’.

The ‘Eye of Providence’ is not referencing the Judeo-Christian Creator but that of Lucifer. There is also a Hidden Phoenix in the Seal of the USA. The American Bald Eagle is a masking of the Phoenix that is said to represent the implosion of ascension of ‘Orders’ or Ages of human history at the hands of those agents of Lucifer/Satan in rebellion to YHVH. These are in fact part of the Nimrod Babylonian signs and symbols that even then predate the Flood of Noah to the Golden Age of Lucifer’s Age of Aquarius and Atlantis. It is rather interesting that the writings of Frances Bacon extol the virtues of America as the New Atlantis. For a New World Order nation, a New World Order capitol had to match its ascendance in 1776. Thus, Washington DC is but a monument to the Glory of Lucifer, the Light Bearer with all its Temples, Obelisk, ley-lines, and street angles astonishingly aligned to Sirius (ISIS) and other stars.

More astonishing is that the layout is in the exact same proportion and scale as Cydonia in planet Mars out of all places. This is not far-fetched to believe as the world capitals of the Luciferians also are configured with such an exact same layout. Most notably is the Vatican in Rome and London, England. These 3 world capitols are each of a branch that the Masons control the world through: Religion, Banking, and the Political-Military industrial complexes. These 3 facets of world power apparatus form a pyramid of Lucifer’s overall global government on Earth that controls the masses. After all, according to the Bible, the world’s Kingdoms and Empires are Lucifer’s to give, for now. It was Jesus on the Cross that has stripped Lucifer of any further legal rights to Human government and will literally take them back at His 2nd Coming, but not without a fight, i.e., Armageddon.

New World Order - One Eyed Jack
Even so, the LORD declares in the Bible that it is He that ‘sets up and takes down Rulers’. So, to a point, Lucifer’s power within the Realm of the Beast is curtailed. According to some research and writings on the subject of the esoteric origins of America, a life span of a ‘historical’ Phoenix is anywhere from 250-500 years. Thus, the USA is on the verge of ushering in Lucifer’s last Beast Masonic Evil Empire. In anticipation for the New Order it has to come out of the ashes of the Old Order through Chaos. For America, this means mass bloodshed, turmoil, plagues, economic collapse as the birthing process and transitioning has to be characterized by blood and water. As many people can attest to, America is falling, Olympus is Fallen.

The U.S. is at the precipice of an implosion. The calamities and plagues now come upon the land as in the times of Pharaoh in Egypt with the 10 Plagues of Judgment. Why there is 1-eye within the Capstone of the Masonic pyramid ‘Temple’ in the US Reverse Seal is that it is alluding to Satan’s Right Eye that is believed to have been stuck by the Arch Angel Michael in the Angelic Conflict. This is speculated to have occurred when Lucifer fell and attempted to possess the Throne of GOD in Heaven in Eternity Past. The following is a breakdown the Reverse Seal of the USA that depicts the Unfinished Pyramid. Certain letters in the wording on the seal spells out M-A-S-O-N by specific letter distances.

It is of Lucifer in 1 dimension as the pyramid is 3 dimensional

Eye of Horus
It refers to the ‘Light Bearer’
The Shining One, Lucifer as in a flying Serpent of Light

It has 72 Stones and is 3 dimensional
1 Degree represents a Precession of the Equinox
13 Levels

May 1, 1776
M & I
Bavarian Illuminati Established and tied to the USA
1776 – 2016 = 240 Years cycle of Venus (5776)
= ‘The Year of Light’

M - A - S - O - N

5 Letters within the circumference of the oval
‘Bless our Work or Enterprise’

Such signs and symbols are elementary and common knowledge that involve the initial degrees of the Masons for example. Such would seem harmless and inconsequential. It is the deep dark secrets that are not revealed that are concerning. According to the protocols of the Freemasons, the Lodges from the 1st to the 3rd Degrees are considered the ‘Outer Porch’ of their ignition protocols. It is designed to intentionally mislead by false information. These are the levels that are an affront to the public and many unsuspecting members are part of that see no harm in such organizations that ‘help’ and contribute to society through ‘good works’. In fact, many Christians are sadly members of such secret organizations. Some may be ignorant of the fact the Bible forbids it. Others join for the sheer business opportunities and networking.

By former ex-Mason’s own accounts, only at the highest degree Masons are initiated and exposed to the highest degrees. It is at these higher or deeper levels that the real plans are disclosed and taught and who the real Master or God (G) is that they worship. This ‘god’ is a Fallen Angel, their Dark Lord, want-to-be GOD Cherub Lucifer. Other Secret Societies like the Illuminati is but one branch out of many agencies tasked with the preparation of ushering their restored Golden Age for Lucifer to once again rule the Earth as he perhaps did before the recreation account of Earth as per Genesis 2.

According to the Bible, Lucifer will once again attempt this takeover of GOD’s Throne of Zion on Earth. He will desecrate and cause desolation to the 3rd Temple during the Tribulation period as the Bible describes it. He will defend his dark and evil Empire at all costs and will attempt to prevent the rightful King, Jesus Christ and His Saints from returning to Earth and taking that which belong to Him at a showdown called the Battle of Armageddon.

 Until that time, Lucifer’s minions use signs and symbols, numbers, places and times to hide their evil plans in plain sight. They use the media, the central banks and other human institutions to move their plan forward, their Great Work. How they move their agenda is through their mantra of Order out of Chaos. They cause temporary ‘order’ out of their Satanically induced chaos that cost the lives of millions of innocent humans all over world through unlawful wars and invasions. Such evil men in allegiance with Lucifer on Earth seek to enslave peoples of any given nation as it has always been the blueprint of Satan since Paradise. 

Lucifer’s plan is to enthrone himself over YHVH and with Man’s co-opting and guile to be worshipped by Man in allegiance to overtake Heaven and the LORD’s Throne on the Sides of the North in Heaven itself. To reiterate, the National Seal of the USA depicting the American Bald Eagle is a masking of the Masonic Phoenix. It is said to represent the implosion of ascension of one ‘Order’ to the next Age of human history. This is done in coordination to astronomy, astrology and even Earth’s coordinates related to energy ley-lines and sacred geometry. The following are various characteristics of the National Seal of the USA, mainly that the American Bald Eagle is a disguised Phoenix.

The Luciferian Masonic Holidays
A hexagram geometric configuration can be made with both the Unfinished Pyramid depiction on the Reverse Seal of the USA and when superimposed on the Seal of the Bald Eagle. The hexagram is the most evil symbol in the occult. It is required for conjuring up demons and human sacrifices 8 times a year on the high-unholy days of Lucifer. At the center of Masonic Lodges there are 5 Pointed Pentagrams. It is said to represent the Blazing Star Sirius or ISIS which in the occult is synonymous with Lucifer or Satan. This star is also interesting referred to as the 'Syrian Sign'. The following are the 8 Major Satanic Holidays where human sacrifices are required.

Feb 1:              Imbolg             7 Weeks         
Mar 21:            Osania            6 Weeks          = 13 Weeks at the Spring Equinox

May 1:             Baltane            7 Weeks
Jun 20:            Litha                6 Weeks          = 13 Weeks at the Summer Solstice

Aug  1:            Laghnashadh  7 Weeks
Sep 21:           Mabon             6 Weeks          = 13 Weeks at the Fall Equinox

Oct 31:            Samhain          7 Weeks
Dec 21:           Yule                 6 Weeks          =13 Weeks at the Winter Solstice

This Masonic emblem is also known to represent the 5 Chambers of Hell or the Abyss where the Fallen Angels that rebelled against God were sentence for judgment, i.e., the Titans of old. Others ascribe an ‘alien’ connection in that the depiction of the stars denote the planets or star system from which they, the ‘Angelic’ being ‘left their first station’ and came down to Earth. This is corroborated in such literature as the Book of Enoch in which Angels descended on Mt. Hermon leaving their heavenly estate or abode and thus were able to breed with human women.

Head Left =  ‘Favor’
Head Right = ‘Opposed’
32 Feathers = Yorkshire Rite (right side)
31 Feathers = Scottish Rite (left side)
9 Tail Feathers = ‘Guidance’
13 Arrows

The Statue of Liberty is a prime example of how the Mason’s hide their plans for America in plain sight. It is said to represent Columbia as in ‘America’ but it is really portraying the Greek Sun-God Apollo or Apollyon that is one in the same as Osiris, Isis, Nimrod and Saturn. It was given by the French Freemasons as a gift to America to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the USA’s Independence in 1876. The design was done by Frederic Bartholdi at the bequest of the Masons in America.

The Hidden Phoenix
Overtly it is a representation and icon of Liberty and Freedom represented by the Torch that lights-up the way to America, the ‘Virgin’ of America, as in Virginia and Maryland, etc. Covertly, the statue is that of Baphomet, the creature of both sexes that possesses the sexual power representing the ‘As Above, So Below’ Luciferian protocols. This He-She statue is the Sol Invictus having the face of Apollo, the man but dressed in a woman’s garb. She is holding the Baphomet torch exemplifying Lucifer, the Light Bearer. As it has been mentioned, the statue is attributed to the male ‘gods’ such as Saturn, but it is also in keeping with the Baphomet cloaked rendition of a female depiction as well.

The Statue of Liberty is a representation of ‘Libertas’ a Roman goddess referenced as Isis, Semiramis, and Queen of Babylon. Others attribute far darker connotation to the statue as being the symbol for Mystery Babylon the Great that the Bible discloses is the Whore System ruling the Nations as a ‘Queen’. Originally the Statue of Liberty was to have had a Cup and not a Torch lifted up. This depiction would have been too obvious of the Whore of Babylon that the Bible exposes as enslaving the Nations in the Book of Revelation. The following are associations to the goddess Colombia.

The Columbian Branch
Christopher Columbus
Columbia Broadcasting
Columbia Pictures
Columbia Records
District of Columbia
British Columbia
Spanish Colombia

The statute is also a monument to sacred geometry. Many also believe that like the National Seal, the sacred geometry incorporated in the Statue of Liberty is in actually a timepiece or clock that is counting down the days America is to rule the current Age of the Phoenix. The geometric configuration of the base of the statue, for example, makes a matrix formula by adding up each subsequent alternating sequence of number order.

The numbers correspond to those of a clock or sundial.
Left side of base:   (1+2+3+4+5) +
Right side of base: (7+8+9+10+11) = 66
11 +  1 = 12
10 +  2 = 12
  9 +  3 = 12
  8 +  4 = 12
  7 +  5 = 12
(12 x 5) = 60
              +  6   (apex)  

Some Measurements
305’6’’ foundation to Torch
111’6’’  from heal to top of Head
151’1’’  from base to Torch

Copper covered with 24k Gold
16 Leaves (1+6) = 7

7 Rays
25 Windows (2+5) = 7
God Saturn

July 4, 1776 (Perihelion of the Moon)
Length: 23’ 7’’
Width:  13’ 7’’


copper thickness = 3/32

4 Columns x 4 sides
16 (1+6) = 7
151’1’’ = 1812 inches
1812+1 =1813
1813/7 = 259
2+5+9 =16
1+6 = 7

28 Guidelines
Same as on the illuminate USA Seal above Eagle’s Head.

13 Steps

Same as on the illuminate USA Reverse Seal.

It is rather interesting how the United Nation’s headquarters is in New York City. NYC is considered the ‘Capital of the World’. Ironically, New York City was the 1st US Capital before Washington DC was founded. As the U.N. is thus directly associated with the City, its signs and symbols are also encrypted. They too are based on the same Luciferian mysticism and secret patterns. It is no big secret that the U.N is a Luciferian organization attempting to unite the world much like Nimrod attempted after the Flood of Noah. Such a unity would seem appropriate, much needed and noble. The problem is that the U.N’s Charter is diametrically opposed to the Judeo-Christian tenants of godly morality and justice, it is thoroughly Luciferian. Such protocols have already been tested. On the contrary, a nation such as the USA was founded on Judeo-Christian principles of law and order and inalienable and individual rights.

Nations United Under the One
This led to a nation, in theory where freedom of religion, of thought and speech protected the individual from an armed government. The Constitution allowed for the Citizenry to be equally armed having the checks and balances to prevent government from becoming tyrannical. On the other hand, a nation like France that around the same time based its Revolution on the Luciferian precepts of Reason and Humanism, much like the Georgia Guidestones prescribes. This in turn led not to freedom and justice but to the Reign of Terror as the government confiscated all arms. This is what the U.N. is juxtaposed in doing to the world with its Luciferian and humanistic-centered ideology where the corporate rule prevails. Humanism is basically stipulating that Man is the measure of all things, not YHVH, not the Bible or a Creator. Currently laws are being passed to confiscate arms as the police is being militarized for Martial Law that one day will be forced upon the USA and world in the coming Masonic evil Empire.

The rule of the coming AntiChrist will apparently seem ‘good’ and even desirable especially in light of the lawlessness that will ensue after the worldwide economic and social collapses. The law and order that will be established by the coming Prince of Darkness riding the White Horse of the Apocalypse will be most welcomed at first, but the Empire will eventually go the way the French Revolution. The Bible discloses that a time is coming upon the world that cannot compare to the atrocities committed prior nor will be according to Jesus. If Jesus does not come back to intervene and stop this madness, all of Humanity would be obliterated thanks to the Luciferian protocols that such Globalist aspire to along with the UN for example. It is diametrically opposed to the sovereignty of individuals and nation much less documents like the 10 Commandments and/or the US Constitution.

The UN is also connected to all the major Luciferian agencies like Lucis Trust, the Council on Foreign Relations CFR, etc., that promote Humanism and Luciferianism at its core. For example, the UN logo is divided into 32 Quadrants. Some recognize this geometry as that of the 8-Fold Path of Witchcraft. There can also be 2 squares overlaid. This infers that it is not ‘square’ or honest in its dealings according to the Masonic definition. The entities behind this organization are one in the same that are behind the power of the USA’s seal, government, economy, and public policy. The aim and purpose of the U.N. is to promote and further the Luciferian End Game plan to unify the world as Nimrod attempted to unify the ancient world with the Tower of Babel. According to the Bible, it was a Satanic attempt to invade Heaven itself and dethrone YHVH and His authority.

As the world economy will be used as a means to implode the current evil Luciferian Order, the next rendition of the world currency will be digital by most accounts. The ever-increasing digitization of currency for commerce will require all that will buy or sell to be ‘marked’ with a code that will enable only such to conduct commerce. The problem is that all of Humanity will be required to participate in this grid, no opting-out possible. Furthermore, this system will be directly linked to Lucifer. The Bible explicitly warns that if anyone takes this ‘Mark’ of the AntiChrist, one’s soul will be dammed eternally in Hell because of it. Why?

The Beast’s Markings
As it has already been touched upon, the code will involve a numerical value directly associated with a tampering of the DNA in some fashion. This is further seen in that at some point, all those with the Mark that could either be a chip, an implant or tattoo, will break out in painful soars on their skin. This suggests that the chip in some way releases either enzymes or chemicals that when reacting to the body at the cell and DNA level, it alters the chemistry and code if you will of a person to suggest that because of this altercation, a human is rendered non-human and in this case the bodies will suffer withdrawals. This would mean that a human would not be able to be saved by Jesus Christ that had to be 100% human to save a Human Race that is 100% human.

Perhaps this genetic altercation is what many hope for in the Trans-Human evolution that the AntiChrist will promise by taking the ‘Mark’. It will no doubt be sold as a cure-all for any genetic deformities, plagues, or diseases, and it might prolong life to the level of immortality even. Nonetheless this may be one rendition or interpretation of what the ‘Mark of the Beast’ could involve. Another is the graphic depiction of an actual Beast that has been mentioned before with the Statue of Liberty, that being of a disguised Beast Baphomet. The Bible depicts the coming AntiChrist as the ‘Beast’ that in several renditions is a depiction of a human-goat god called Baphomet. This entity is also known as the Goat of Mendez, the rendition came from Eliphas Levi. It is but one of the many underlying illustrations of what the Luciferians venerate. 

The Luciferians assert that the ’One’ and True ‘God’ is Lucifer. Albert Pike in Morals and Dogmas, p.821 stated plainly that Lucifer is the source of light, not Jesus Christ. In terms of symbols pertaining to Baphomet, it is also interesting that the very monogram of the wording for ’Allah’ in Arabic on the Iranian flag symbol for is in the same configuration of the idol of Baphomet. In Arabic, the word for Allah seems to appear on its side as a serpent in the midst of a tree also. The following are some descriptive attributes of the depiction of this Luciferian hero. There is also an eschatological dichotomy between Christian and Muslim interpretation of the End of Days. To the Christians, the AntiChrist with his number 666 is an evil false impostor that will make peace between the Jews and Muslims. To the Muslims, he is the Dajjal and in Islam 666 is a number of fortunes.

Thus this same person will be AntiChrist of the Christians but to the Muslims he will be their deliverer along with the help of Isa, or the Muslim Jesus that will forcibly convert all Jews and Christians to Islam and break all the crosses. This occurs also with the Birth Right of Abram and who has the legal authority over Jerusalem and the Promised Land that was given as a Promise to Abraham by YHVH. The Jewish and Christians believe the Torah that specified that Isaac not Ishmael is the one to inherit the Land because Ishmael was a son of an Egyptian slave maiden to Sarah. The Bible states that no slave could be part of the Covenant. To the Muslims, it is Ishmael that was to be sacrificed by Abram as a test of his Faith. Here lies the whole contention of the Middle East wars, it is about the spiritual Birthright.

The Cults of Death and Destruction
These 2 versions of history cannot be true at the same time. In one observation, the Muslims who call GOD Allah would and will never say 'YHVH Akbar'. The point is that if YHVH told Abram to sacrifice Ishmael, the Torah states that it was YHVH, not Allah as Allah is not found in the Old and New Testimony. Thus, it has to be 2 distinct 'gods', 2 district Birthrights and 2 distinct Promises to the same Land.

The following are some exposed attributes of Lucifer that most do not know, care to know or refuse to know. For all the wonderful promises of a New World Order of peace, love and harmony and enlightenment, such people that follow this false gospel do not see that it is Lucifer and Satan that are one in the same that is a murderer of Humanity. He causes suffering, hunger, deformity, disease, war, and chaos.

1. He is the Light Bearer
He is the Eye of Horus – the ‘Light Bearer’. He is The Shining One. His devotees ascribe to him the ‘name’ YHVH backwards. To some, he is a ‘good’ Force but that may be used for evil.

2. It is a Hermaphrodite
He is a Male-Female.

3. He is a Fallen Angel
He was cast out of Heaven.

4. He is a Beast
He has the Caduceus of Mercury coming up from the genital area denoting sexual power-drive. Lucifer represents the true debased beastly nature of lust, desire, and perversion. In some way, the nation’s health care system will play a major role in controlling the masses. This will be done through medicine, forced inoculation based on scare tactics from pre-ordained releases of genetically engineered plagues. 

5. ‘As above, So Below’
Its arms are pointed toward the Heavens and the Earth.

It has been well documented that Secret Societies funnel top-ranking candidates into all forms of institutions and political power to control world governments. In turn, key positions are allotted to individuals that seek not the civil liberty or welfare of the common citizen. The End-Game of these Luciferians of the world is to converge all that is good, holy, and beautiful and consolidate it for Lucifer as he seeks to transform all of that into his version of Zion on Earth and re-create Humanity into Lucifer's image and likeness.

According to the Bible, Lucifer knows that his time is short and has but one last Order to revel in, the last Luciferian evil Masonic Empire. According to some interpretations of the End Times, this last Order will coincide with Daniel’s last prophetic Week of 7 years. Thus, many are stipulating that this will thus be the famed Tribulation period. Thereafter, the rightful King and GOD, Christ Jesus of Nazareth will prevail over Lucifer at the Battle of Armageddon at the end of that Order.

Until that time, the sole aim of Lucifer’s agents is to promote the Luciferian agenda to have it permeate down to any and all facets of Humanity for its enslavement and eventual mass extermination. His promises will be false as they were when he spoke to Eve about being 'gods'. It did not come true for Humanity. The same trick and deception of Lucifer will be attempted to be accomplished during the coming New World Order. These Luciferian plans are encoded, masked by numerology and astrology hidden in plain sight. They are unrecognizable to those that have eyes but do not see that in the signs and symbols of the very emblems of the nation.

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