Jesus is the Worthy One to open the

7 Seals of Judgment

by Luis B. Vega
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‘And one of the Elders said to me, “Do not weep; behold, The Lion from the tribe of Judah, The Root of David, has prevailed to open the Scroll and its Seals’. –Revelation 5:5

The following is a graphic rendition of the Biblical theme of the Lion of Judah in Hebrew. The context is taken from the verse in Revelation 5:5 where the last remaining Apostle John, the Beloved, is transposed to Glory and is shown what must follow thereafter in terms of Prophecy of the Last Days. He is shown that the Judgment of the World and of the coming AntiChrist will commence with the breaking of the 7 Seals. This Condition would have existed if it was not for GOD the Son, who obeyed in Love, the Commission of GOD the Father to rescue Adam’s Hopeless Race.

Apparently what was required to open the Seals was to have a Perfect Sinless Human that could only qualify to set the Sentencing into Motion. The Apostle wept because, as a Holy Man, he realized that no Human is Worthy to do that. It is because all Humanity falls short of YHVH’s Righteousness since the Fall of Adam. The Human Race was doomed due to the 1st Adam, as the Disobedience that led to Sin and Humanity’s Fall condemned the Race to an Eternal Separation from the Creator, YHVH for all Eternity. This Condition would have existed even so if not for GOD the Son, who obeyed in Love, the Commission of GOD the Father to rescue Adam’s Hopeless Race.

This Recompense required an Eternal Death as the Payment. Thus, it was necessary for GOD the Son to Incarnate and become something He was not before, a Human. This is called the Hypostatic Union where Jesus was 100% GOD with 100% Man. Erroneously, ‘God’ did not Die on the Cross but it was Jesus, as the Last Adam that Died. He was Sinless to the very Genetic Core of His Flesh. Jesus was uncontaminated with the Sin Nature that was passed down from Adam which necessitated a Virgin Birth, etc. What is spectacular to contemplate, is that Jesus not only had to be confronted with the Same Temptation as the 1st Adam, but thereafter, offer His Sinless Life in exchange.

Before Jesus could be crowned the King from the Root of David, as the Lion of Judah, He had to 1st come to Earth, to deal with Sin, as a Lamb. Jesus’ Mission was precise and concise. He said of His Commission that ‘He set His face as Flint to go to Jerusalem’, i.e., the Cross. Flint is one of the hardest Elements on Earth, hard and sharp as was His Mission. It was because Jerusalem was the Place and TIME where the ‘Sin Exchange. was designated to take place; Eternal Life for Eternal Death, Sin for Righteousness, etc. Jesus not only dealt with Sin but went further to bestow Rulership to Humanity once again.

King of Glory
Jesus granted the Qualification upon those that respond to His Call to Believe the Gospel, to be Co-Heirs. This is the Position given to Jesus of all that the Father has bestowed to the Son, which according to the Bible is Everything. The Lamb of YHVH, as identified by another Apostle, John the Baptist endured the Shame, the Torture, and the Nakedness on the Cross of Calvary. It was for the Joy set before Him to accomplish this. It was in the Expectation of knowing that He was to have A Consort, a Bride at His side to share all that He is and has and will do.

Jesus knew of the Victory and Joy to come, after the Cross, because of it, would bring ‘Many Sons to Glory’. The Depiction of Revelation 5:5 shows a Lamb as it has been Slaughtered, taking the Scroll from the Father and breaks open the 7 Seals. An Elder around the Throne of YHVH tells John the Apostle to stop weeping because Jesus, as the Last Adam, a Human, overcame Sin, Death and Lucifer, Jesus is thus the only one that is Qualified to bestow Eternal Life.

It is not Mohammed, not Buddha nor Krishna that can pronounce the 7-Fold Seal Judgment upon the World and Lucifer’s Domain. As John the Revelator is the Representative of the Bride of Christ, the Beloved, he witnessed in YHVH’s Judicial Court the Adjudication of Lucifer, as the Accuser of the Brethren is not only Arraigned but Judged and Sentenced, etc. The 7 Seals are the Pronouncement of the Lamb’s Judgment that seals Lucifer’s Doom and his Destruction in the Lake of Fire for all Eternity. The Posters, along with other Mechanize, are in Hebrew.

It displays the Words of Jesus as the Lion of Judah, the Genetic Descendant of King David as the Root of Jesse, etc. Jesus grew up Small and Humble, Poor but became the Conquer on behalf of the Human Race, the ultimate Super-Hero. The Lion of Judah has the 7 Stars as a Crown on His head that symbolize the 7 Seals of Judgment and the 7 Spirits that burn as Flames before the Throne of YHVH as a Menorah Type even of the 7 Churches Hed died for to Redeem.

In this Graphic Depiction, the Lion of Judah has Wings that bridge the New Testament with the Old Testament in that the Victorious Messiah is one in the same that promises Healing in the Sanctuary of His wings from Malachi 4:2. The Wings on the Lion incorporate another attribute of the King, the Messiah as the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega, the Alef and the Tav. The posters are Free to Download from the following Online Link.


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