Unleashing the Sword of Islam Against Church

  • What is the prophetic significance of the Comet Lovejoy?
  • Is there a connection to the earthquake of Christchurch?
  • Is there a typology of how the Church will be persecuted?

by Luis B. Vega

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'I have stirred up one from the north and he comes (like a Comet)  --one from the rising Sun...26 Who told of this from the beginning, so we could know?...No one told of this, no one foretold it. No one heard any words from you.' -Isaiah 41:25-26

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the trajectory of comet Lovejoy with the Moon phases during the 2011 Hanukah Jewish Feast. It is to see if there were any correlation to the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquakes that starting on December 23, 2011. These 2 timelines of the comet and Hanukah will be superimposed over each other. The comet timeline starts on December 16 as the Hanukah timeline starts on December 20. These timelines appeared to converge at a cortex where comet Lovejoy intersected the Sun exactly at the Ecliptic on the 16th of December. The Moon, 7 days later also passed the same coordinates on the Ecliptic where the Sun and the comet converged exactly at the time the earthquakes started happening in Christchurch, New Zealand. These earthquakes coincided with the 3rd Day or the 23rd of December lighting of the Hanukah Menorah. The Center Stem of the Menorah Pattern occurred on Christmas Eve in conjunction with a Full Moon and the planet Pluto, the God of the Underworld (Lucifer).

There is also a 3rd timeline from the lighting of Obama’s Hanukah Menorah on December 8, 2011. There appeared to be a series of 7-weeks leading up to January 26, 2012 from this early Hanukah White House ceremony. The January 26, 2012 date happened to be 3 days after the start of the ‘Year of the Dragon’ New Year on the 23rd. Was the December 8, 2011 ‘lighting’ then some sort of an Obama countdown to lead to the ‘unleashing of the Beast’ as a dress rehearsal of sorts? Does the count of 50 days, all-inclusive echo the ‘anointing and indwelling’ of a future Pentecost? Pentecost was 50 days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the true ‘Phoenix’ resurrected out of the ashes of Humanity’s sins to grant His followers a ‘New Order’. Are the dates of the December the 8th, 16th, and the 23rd and the Christchurch earthquakes along with comet Lovejoy Signs of what is to come to pass? The persecution/attack on the Church?

In 2011, the Hanukah began on the evening of Tuesday, December 20. It ended in the evening of Wednesday, December 28. Hanukkah means a re-establishing or dedication. In 167 B.C., the Jews revolted against their Syrian rulers under the leadership of Maccabaeus. Their efforts resulted in having Jewish control of Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount once again -for a while at least. During this time, the oil lamp called the ‘Shamash’ in the Sanctuary or Holies did not cease to supply oil for 8 days. The supply of oil would only have rendered 1 days’ supply. This event is thus commemorated as a miracle and favor of YHVH and has become part of the Jewish Nations’ celebration of Feasts. During Jesus’ time it was referred to the Feast of Lights.

Some Observations
One can ascribe this event to that of the resurgence of the Phoenix- in that Israel and the Temple Worship Service were re-established with a new consecration and order.  In the New Testament, it is referred to as The Feast of Dedication in which Jesus Christ is recorded to have observed it.

- Dec 08: Obama lit all the Hanukah Menorah candles in one setting. The Menorah had a lowered truncated center Servant Stem; most Menorahs have center stems accented. From December 08 to December 15 = 7 Days.

- From December 08, 2011 to January 26, 2012 = 7x7weeks or 49/50 Day inclusive. This was a type of a Pentecost count.

- Dec 15: comet Lovejoy forms a Tau Cross as it appears to slam into the Sun as it was expected to disintegrate.

- Dec 16: The comet passed over the Sun and survived its encounter producing a ‘Phoenix’ Effect; having one of the largest tails ever recorded as a result.

- Dec 16: The Sun crosses the center of the Milky Way at the Ecliptic where it intersected with the comet Lovejoy.

- Dec 16: The Sun and comet converged on the Star (c Oph Hip 85755) -Ophiuchus, the Man struggling with Serpent (Dragon) like a ‘Phoenix’ ascending upwards. Could this comet thus signal such an event to occur soon of someone or something?

- Dec 23: The Moon crossed the same exact coordinates that Comet Lovejoy had crossed over the Sun at, 7 days earlier.

- Dec 23: Comet Lovejoy bisects the celestial Menorah Pattern like a ‘sword’ cutting Serpens (Snake/Dragon) and Scorpio’s stinger in half. Is this a cosmic rendition of the eventual fate of the arch-enemies of the LORD? Is it reiterating the victory of Christ on the Cross and promise of crushing Lucifer’s head from Genesis 3:15 and taking the ‘sting’ out of Death.

- From December 16 to December 23 = 7 Days.

- Dec 23: A series of earthquakes rocked Christchurch, NZ in the Southern Hemisphere where comet Lovejoy was first discovered and appears till mid-January. Is it a sign of an ’Islamic sword’ of pending separates and/or judgment to come. A harbinger. This date also corresponded to the 3rd Day of the lighting of the Hanukah Menorah.

- Dec 20-28: Venus and Saturn are bookends to the celestial ‘Menorah’ pattern during the 8 Days of Hanukah with Pluto at the center Servant Stem in relation to the phases of the Moon traversing the Ecliptic.

The Obama Menorah
During the lighting services on Hanukah, the Servant Lamp was placed lower than the other lamps-if by design or a Sign. The Obama Hanukah celebration was unusual in several aspects. Aside from the shortened center Servant Stem, the lighting of all the candles occurred in one setting. The event had the early date of the commemoration by 12 days on December 8th. The official generally accepted start date to celebrate Hanukah was on December 20, 2011 -starting in the evening. With such oddities, such an event happens to then have a peculiar number count from this date of December 8, 2011.

From December 8, 2011 x (7 weeks) or 49 days/50th day inclusive = January 26, 2012

This was 3 days after the 23rd date in which the ‘Year of the Dragon’ began. The count led to the evening of January 27th but it was already the 28th in the East as in China. In Isaiah 41:25-26 the LORD says that the ‘One’ as a comet in some amplified versions is depicted would come up from the East in the land where the Sun rises. So, these dates and counts could be coincidences or some prophetic foreshadowing to come.

This 50-day count eerily echoes the ‘anointing and indwelling’ of Pentecost from the New Testament account. Pentecost was 50 days after the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, the true ‘Phoenix’. Thus, could the Obama countdown ceremony then possibly lead to the ‘anointing and indwelling’ time marker of the AntiChrist or a time of persecution intensifying for the Church of Christ? Would this date possibly set the stage in motion or denote the season of the AntiChrist Spirit is to make strides on the world stage? It could have been some sort of initiation in conjunction with the rise of Islam that will shake the very foundation of Christ’s Church as accented by the comet.

C/2011 W3 Lovejoy was a periodic comet. It was discovered on November 27, 2011 by an amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy. The comet's perihelion took it through the Sun's Corona above the Sun's surface on December 16, 2011. Many comets plunge into the Sun every few days; most are small, no more than 10 meters wide. It was thought that at such a close proximity to the Sun’s heat, it would have destroyed comet Lovejoy, but it actually came out with a larger tail, one of the largest ever recorded in history. And this ‘tail’ looked like an Islamic sword. Comet Lovejoy survived its close encounter with the Sun at it headed towards it on December 15th. It was not expected to survive but the comet emerged from the Corona intact.

Most notably, comet Lovejoy at its approach to the Sun created a (T) or Tau-Cross image and many have taken it to be a ‘heavenly Sign’ of sorts as comets do flare up as they approach the Sun. This phenomenon is called a Pixel Flare. But to suggest comet Lovejoy’s tail resembles an upside-down waterfall or an Islamic Sword is nonetheless associated with Christchurch. Comet Lovejoy did depict then the classic epic tale of the resurrected Phoenix. The comet remained visible just before dawn until mid-January as it made its way down the Milky Way in the southern hemisphere. The comet continued toward Orion’s Belt, the ‘Great Hunter’ to arrive around April 6, 2012 which happens to be Passover (April 4-11 inclusive). Will this in itself have prophetic implications as the occult sees Orion as Apollo, the AntiChrist type?

Will that season see the furtherance of the global agenda to usher in this Phoenix figure onto the world stage? Some speculate that this comet Lovejoy could have been an omen for Christ’s Church; being a possible harbinger of the Sword of Islam that is to be at hand shaking the very foundation of the Church. Since most of the Muslims are in the Middle East, the Church of Christ, it stands to be decimated by the Sword of Muhammad no doubt. The Christchurch temblors happened to be associated with the 3rd Day Lighting of the Hanukah Menorah. It was on the 3rd Day of the lighting that the series of earthquake activity in Christchurch, New Zealand began. The earthquakes started on Friday December 23, 2011 just before the Jewish Sabbath. There was a 5.8 quake, then minutes later a 5.3 aftershock; an hour later a 5.8 one (USGS) that was changed to a 6.0. Is this comet Lovejoy tail then a sign to the Church of Christ of the coming persecution at the hands of the Muslims?

Could it mean then that either the earthquakes are a sign of a Muslim Sword to the Christian Church at large be to wake up a sleeping Laodicean Church and/or that the Church of Christ is about to be ‘separated’ out of this world –as if by a ‘sword’? The use of a ‘sword’ can have a double-meaning, spiritually speaking. The sword can be seen as to come and separate the Church at the point of the Rapture or to judge the Church in the sense of persecution at the same time. Will this involve the tenants of Islam to some degree? It is being reported that 1 in 10 Christchurch residents are set to leave the city for good as Christchurch locals described the quakes as being 'violent'. Experts say that the quakes around Christchurch will continue to go on for the next 3.5 - 4 years.

Could this ratio proportionally be a Prophetic Sign foreshadowing the spiritual proportion in quantity of those that will be Raptured or ‘separated’ out as if by a sword when the Rapture does happen? It would be 1 in10 of the world’s current 7 billion population vanish? Is would amount to over 700 Million people, not include the children below the age of accountability which according to UN data is around 1.3 billion. One thing is for sure, the Church of Jesus Christ is experiencing ever-increasing violent ‘birth-pangs’ that the LORD said would happen leading up to the Evacuation of Christ’s Church at some certain point in time. The time for the Bride to be ‘birthed’ is at hand. If comet Lovejoy was any indication of the severity of coming persecution for the Church, realize that the Heavens are full of Cosmic Signs yet to be deciphered.

Perhaps the ‘Phoenix Effect’ will be a simultaneous event yet in the future of ushering in the AntiChrist as the Church is taken up like a Phoenix. It is a mystical bird/dragon that resurrects from its destruction of its old creation. According to the occult, it is what is needed for its ‘New Order’ to emerge. It is an occultic favorite symbol of the New World Order of what is to come. And Luciferians have been conspiring throughout human history to achieve this work. Their ‘Great Work’ has been to enthrone their ‘Phoenix’ Lucifer in the very Throne Room of YHVH instead. Since they will not succeed in Heaven, it will culminate with their feeble attempt in the ‘Abomination that makes Desolate’ when the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem in the not too distant future is rebuilt. This is when the ‘Beast’ will be allotted the 42 prophetic months of total reign over the Earth.

The Phoenix
This event is referenced from the book of Revelation chapter 9 where a prominent leader Apollyon or Apollo of the Fallen Angels known as the Titan, that has been bound in the Abyss much like a Phoenix is to be loosed and ‘resurrected’ onto Earth during the Great Tribulation –at some point. Thus, has Obama’s Hanukah ceremony have signaled when the rise of this ’Phoenix’ is to commence perhaps, if at least against ‘Christ’s Church’, etc. Will this astronomical ‘Dragon’ like Serpens in the Zodiac that is depicted ascending correspond to the workings of such a Luciferian Agenda advancing to the point of disclosure? Did the 50 days count from Obama’s Hanukah ceremony imply that a type of Phoenix-effect as with the comet Lovejoy come to be a harbinger of what is to come on the Church of Christ, shaking as it was for the city of Christchurch as it was so shaken to its foundations that many thereafter evacuated to never return?

Does comet Lovejoy that plunged to its ‘death’ into the Sun to its destruction only to come out on the other side anew soaring vigorously imply that so too Christ’ Church that seemingly is being ‘thrown to the Sun to be destroyed by the Spirit of AntiChrist will only emerge stronger and brighter on the ‘other side’? Will this date see a countdown of sorts or the beginning of the change from the Old World Order (USA) as it is to be imploded to see the New World Order emerge from its ashes ready for the Beast to take over? Thus, as it can be noted there are more questions than answers.

The rise of the AntiChrist could be associated with a comet appearing, for example just like Lovejoy. It could represent the ‘Star’ or comet of the AntiChrist much like the Star signaled and announced the birth of Jesus Christ onto the world scene. This comet Lovejoy does have unique attributes that could possibly be pronouncing a Phoenix-like scenario of a person or event that will come to pass in the very near future; most likely sometime correlating with a Hanukah Feast season even. Could the January 28, 2012 date be a beginning of sorts? Or could it have significance sometime when the comet Lovejoy comes into the proximity of Orion, i.e., Osiris/Apollo?

To the occult, they take note of the major implications because it is during the Passover week that it is the time when the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is commemorated. This season or date could then be associated with a comet or celestial body based on the Phoenix Effect where the coming AntiChrist may start, for example the Daily Sacrifices that begins the Tribulation Period day-count. Or, how this is directly related to the coming AntiChrist is that at some anticipated time the AntiChrist will experience a death by what the Bible disclose will receive a mortal wound yet will conjure up a false resurrection -as if it were a Phoenix-like event. This study has only attempted to correlate the Phoenix Effect by the Comet Lovejoy with the earthquakes of Christchurch and the rise of Islam in tandem to suggest an intensification of the persecution of Christ’s Church on Earth.

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