Astronomical Facsimilies of YHVH's Jerusalem

  • Is there a Heavenly Jerusalem that exists beyond the Stars?
  • What does the Concept of 'Mount Zion' mean?
  • Is there a present State of Celestial War played on Earth?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘And he carried me away in the Spirit to a Mountain Great and High, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from GOD. It shone with the Glory of God, and its Brilliance was like that of a very Precious Jewel, like a Jasper, clear as Crystal. It had a Great, High Wall with 12 Gates, and with 12 Angels at the Gates. On the Gates were written the Names of the 12 Tribes of Israel. There were 3 Gates on the East, 3 on the North, 3 on the South and 3 on the West.’ –Revelation 21:10-13

The purpose of this study is to Investigate the Apparent Depiction of the Cydonia Martian Motif that Outlines the Ancient and Eternal Capital of Jerusalem in Israel. Why is Jerusalem so important regarding such a study? Consider that Jerusalem is where Mount Zion is situated. It is understood that the Earthly Zion, an All-Encompassing Name for Jerusalem, is a Mirror of the Heavenly Zion. Moreover, it is on Mount Zion, on the ‘Sides of the North’ where the Throne of YHVH is said to be situated.

It has been shown in previous studies that Jerusalem has this Cydonia Triangulated Pattern from Mars toward the East Side, spanning from the Temple Mount and over to the Mount of Olives. In this illustration, this study strongly suggests that a Complimentary and Mirror Triangulation is also the case in The Western Portion of the Capital City, essentially a ‘Double Star Gate’. In the prior rendition of the Cydonia Martian Motif, it was shown that the Face of Ala-Lu or that of the Face of Mars corresponded to the Rock within the Dome of the Rock, named the Nobel Sanctuary that incidentally is not a Mosque.

The Giant D&M Pentagon on Mars corresponds to the 5 Church Fortresses that occupy the Pinnacle of the Mount of Olives. The corresponding Pleiadian Pyramid City of Mars appears then to match the City of David with the Kidron Valley. The following will consider the Mars Triangulation on the West Side of the Old City of Jerusalem. There are some Suppositions to consider in the study of this Martian Pattern given the nature of the City of Jerusalem tied to the Heavenly one.

By far, out of all the Ancient and Modern Versions of the Cydonia, Martian Triangulation Motif on Earth studied, Jerusalem is the site with the most Intriguing of Ley-Lines that depict a varied degree of Cosmic Motifs. There are the ‘Gates of Orion’ associated with the Silver Gate and then with Ophiuchus with the Golden Gate. There is an overlay of Pyramid Patterns and Serpent Patterns that have all been presented and with such titles to look-up for reference.

Enemies at the Gates
If indeed the Earthly Zion or Jerusalem is Patterned like the Heavenly Zion, then one can be assured that the Spiritual Warfare that is over it, is also Mirrored in the Earthly one and that is precisely the case as the Bible teaches. As there are ‘Enemies at the Heavenly Gates’, so too are there Earthly ‘Enemies at the Gates’ of Jerusalem in Israel. This has been the case since before King David captured it and made it his capital. Why? As the Bible clearly teaches, it is because out of all the sites, Places, Temples, Cities, Nations and planets even, YHVH chose to put His Name there on Earth. What is the issue then?

There is a Challenge presently in play, a War, a Spiritual War of Angelic Proportions, Fallen Ones. It is over who will Possess the Gates of Zion in Heaven as they also would be in the Earthly Zion, Jerusalem. Jerusalem is after all called the ‘City of the Great King’. This is in Direct Inference to Christ. But which one? Christ, the Messiah just means the ‘Anointed One’ or Chosen One, etc. It is a Struggle of which the King will Rule. This issue is that there is another King, another ‘Christ’ that is presently Contending for the same Throne, primarily in the Heavenly one but will settle for the Earthly One.

This other ‘Christ’ and/or Rebel King is the Anointed Cherub, Lucifer. He was a Created Being of the Highest Order and apparently, over all the Angels. The Bible only gives Glimpses of who and what this Created Creature did, is doing and will do. Basically, Lucifer or Hillel where the word ‘Praise’ comes from as in ‘Hallelujah’, or ‘Praise be to Yah’ is the one that seeks to Replace this Throne above the Throne of YHVH. It has been Lucifer that has Incited a Revolt and a Rebellion against the Divine Order of Heaven and Earth. Angels apparently have Free Will.

Thus, consider that in Heaven, it is presently in a State of War. Even in Paradise, as in the Garden of Eden, there were Snakes, etc. And more importantly, such a Rebellion has affected Humanity on Earth in that it caused its Fall. This is all by way of Introduction and to lay a Foundation for how the following Assertions will make sense, given this Context and Eternal Strife over the Gates of Mount Zion.

It is basically a Contention and like the Game of ‘King of the Mountain’ or ‘Capture the Flag’ in which one tries to Possess the High Ground of a Mountain to establish Dominance and Superiority, etc. Essentially for Lucifer, it would mean being ‘GOD’ and the Ruler of all that is and exists, seen and un-seen. For Earthly Zion, there is a need then for such a degree of Sacred Ley-Lines that are pegged to Earth’s Energy Points and Sacred Geometry.

It facilitates the Movement And War Campaign of Lucifer and his Minions, both heavenly and Earthly working toward this Goal. What goal? It is the Goal of the New World Order, the Masons, others alike to eventually enthrone their Rebel King and ‘Anointed Christ’, Lucifer as ‘God’ in the Temple or House of YHVH on the ‘Sides of the North’ in the Earthly Zion, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, the Burdensome Stone
Thus, the Delineated Cydonia, Mars Triangulation is a way to help achieve this Satanic Agenda by Harnessing its Energies as it is infused with their Divine Power, Magic and Mystery for such purposes.

Based on the study of this Cydonia Martian Triangulation Motif, it can be suggested that perhaps why it is replicated in virtually all of the Ancient Sites of Power and Worship on Earth. And as well as most Modern Capital Cities as it is in Mars is or was. The Point is that it could be actually a Delineation of how the Heavenly Zion is construed as.

As Fantastic as that may seem, however, the Bible does give a Resolution to this Angelic Rebellion and Lucifer’s End in that the culminating battle between the Christs will ensue at the Gates of the Heavenly Zion per Revelation 12. This Contention will eventually come to its Conclusion in the Earthly Zion, at Armageddon.

Thus, one can get a sense of just how Important ‘Zion’ is to the Enemies of the Cross of Jesus as it was there and then that Jesus essentially defeated Lucifer’s Rebellion. What is occurring presently is a Drown-Out Momentum in Space and Time of this Luciferian Defeat. It is much like when a Chicken or Snake has its Head cut off but the Muscular Messages are still Pulsating, but for a Moment.

As to the Amazing, Triangulation Martian Motif that occurs twice in Jerusalem, it is very telling. Do note that as in other studies of both Ancient and Modern Capitals, such a Martian Motif can be Replicated at different levels. This apparently is the case for Jerusalem, that will be looked at and analyzed. Over the many Years of studying such a Topic based on Astro-Archeology, the Mystery as to why the Temple Mount Platform is Designed and Angled has been Resolved, to a degree. In what way?

The Temple Mount is fashioned to the approximate Angles and Lines of the Pleiades, if the Stars are connected by their respective Lines. It is Amazing and satisfying to have come to this Discovery and Understanding. Why? With this alone, a Controversy is opened-up in terms if, YHVH or Jesus is then actually ‘Pleiadians’ as some assert. At this point, one has to Reiterate what the Bible says about YHVH and Jesus Himself.

No, Jesus is not a ‘Pleiadian’ coming from the Stars or Orion and such. YHVH is not an ‘Ancient Alien’ Being, that lives in Nibiru and has Destroyed the Worlds on Earth 5 prior Times, etc. The Creator is not ‘Tagging’ all the World's Capitals with this Martian Triangulation Motif of Ley-Lines as seen on Mars. The Bible is very clear that YHVH is GOD, Creator of all and is Holy, Just and Fair. Lucifer is not.

Jesus is now Above all there is and there is none other, as Isaiah states. The Creator is a Mystery for sure and one only has what has been Revealed through the Prophets, Scripture and finally Jesus, as GOD the Son come in the Flesh. Why? Jesus came to Redeem the Fallen Human Race of Adam, not the Fallen Angels, nor any other Created Being made by Him or In-Breeds as Hybrids perhaps.

Divine Blueprints
These other Genetic Variations are due to the Violation of the ‘Prime Directive’ of not crossing ‘Kinds’ as YHVH delineate in Genesis, not to occur. Thus, based on this Mars Triangulation and also the Pleiades Pattern, over the Temple Mount, the match is nearly Perfect. This also now makes sense as to the Number of Gates Jerusalem had as a whole, and how many were set to Enter through, into the Temple Mount specifically. If the Pleiades Star Cluster Pattern is any Indication then, there was, is and will be 7 Star Portals or Doors or Gates leading up to the Temple Mount.

This has actually been the case, Historically, given Time, there have been 7 Main Gates or Portals leading-up to the House of YHVH. This cannot be said of the latest Erroneous Theory that the Temple of YHVH was below in the City of David. Interestingly, the Dome of the Rock, being Octagonal, correlates to the very Center Octagonal Structures at the Center of the Pyramid City of Cydonia on Mars. Thus, based on the Ley-Lines of the Pleiades Star Cluster, there is a unique connection made to the Temple.

The Pleiades Stars correspond to the 7 Gates of the Temple Platform. For example, there is the Entrance of the Double-Stars or Stargate Portals of Asterope to the Star of Maia. From Maia, a Celestial Ley-Line connects with the Star of Electra. Thus, in this Mirrored Rendition over the Temple Mount, the Golden Gate, being a Double-Door corresponds to Electra.

Then the Entry Point just South of the Dome of the Tablets corresponds to the Star of Maia. Why this is Monumental is that this Ley-Line then directly intersects the Dome of the Tablets. And? This is where Astro-Archeology appears to become Valuable in Confirming that the Holy of Holies is there. The ‘Science’ of Astro-Archeology Validates that indeed the ‘House of YHVH’ was and will be over this site.

Precisely, it is where the Holy of Holies was and will be and more importantly, where the Ark of the Covenant was and will be also. What this then implies, Prophetically, is huge. On one Hand, it Supposes then that the Earthly Zion, the Temple Mount in particular, on Mount Moriah is a facsimile of the one in Heaven.

This would then Corroborate that in some Mysterious Way, the Holy of Holies in Heaven, with the Throne Chair or Ark of the Covenant, is situated in such a similar Fashion. What is then suggested, by Inference, is that the Heavenly Jerusalem is Laid-Out with such Ley-Lines that incorporate, specifically that of the Pleiades and Orion Patterns in this way.

As other studies have shown, the Pattern of Orion is seen with the 3 Types of Domes on the Temple Mount correspond to the 3 Belt Stars of Orion, etc. The Orion-Pleiades construct suggests the Sexual Union that implies a Divine Design, Purpose and Balance. Any other Union, that being a Same-Sex Union is an Abomination, a Perversion as YHVH has clearly Stated in the Bible. It is why the World, since Adam to Noah was Destroyed and why Sodom and the Surrounding Cities were Obliterated by Fire. It was not because they were ‘Inhospitable’.

City of the Great King
Such Same Sex Unions Deface the Holy and Divine Balance whose Origin goes far beyond Human Coupling and Justification for self-Pleasure. Continuing, the ‘Panhandle’ of the Pleiades extends the Length and Angle of the City of David. It corresponds to the Stars of Atlas and Pleione. The Church of St. Peter Gallicantu is at this Site. It is believed that this was the Place or near it, where Peter Denied Jesus 3 Times before a Rooster Crowed. 

On an Aside Note, it is rather interesting that this correlation then, also matches the Typology of the Pleiades with Peter. In what way? In Mythology, the 7 Maidens of the Pleiades are said to be the Daughters of Atlas. The Typology can further be attributed to it being like a Sheep Fold and Atlas as the Shepherd. The 7 Stars of the Pleiades represent the 7 Churches of Jesus, whom He entrusted Peter with to ‘Shepherd my Sheep’, etc. The other Structure in the Triangular Martian Motif, is that of the Giant D&M Pentagon Pyramid Motif. In this case, this area corresponds to the cemetery of Mamilla on the West-End and in Line with the Citadel of David to the East.

What is rather interesting to note, is that the Hexagram configured based on the Triangulation of the 3 Sites has the Ley-Line from the Mamilla Cemetery to the Dome of the Rock. It directly bisects the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The Triangulation of this Cydonia, Mars Rendition over Jerusalem is about 1 Mile apart with the Ley-Line, from the Mamilla Cemetery to the ‘Face of Ala-Lu’ by .72 Miles. This next Triangulated Point is a Tel or Mound that is elevated and on which there were ‘High Places’ as described in the Bible. These Places were Sites of Human Sacrifice and Pagan Worship. What is rather Mysterious and Inferred is that from a North-South Perspective, the ‘Face’ is upside- down, as it would be on Mars based on this Orientation.

But when orientated upright, it does seem to Depict an ‘Alien Being’ Cone-Head Type of Imagery. This could be totally an Effect of Pareidolia, in which a ‘Face’ is projected based on Light and Shadow Effects. This Effect is seen in such occurrences happening in Clouds, Rocks, Mountains, Hills, and other Inanimate Objects, etc. Then also observed further, is that from the D&M Pentagram Mamilla Cemetery to the ‘Alien’ Cone-Head of the Khan Theater area and the Fountains of the Lions is a 3rd structure. This Structure was an ancient Roman Race Track of sorts that is now the International YMCA adjacent to the King David Hotel.

These 3 Structures would then configure the 3 Belt Stars of the Orion Pattern. This in turn would fuse the Sexual Energies often occurring together as the Counterpart of the Pleiades. Other Topographical Observations are suggested from a Top View. The Hexagram configured based on the Angles of the Cydonia Triangulation have Intersecting Nodes apparently corresponding to the ‘Snake’ shaped Valley of Hinnom or Gehenna. This Valley was the Ancient Site of Trash Burning and thus where the Association of Hell-Fire was used for a Conceptualization of it. Then the Inverted Triangle of the Hexagram pointing North, corresponds to the Intersection where the Garden Tomb of Calvary commences, just outside the Damascus Gate area.

Given this corresponding area of where the Crucifixion of Jesus took place, it is rather Eerie and Amazing that even the very Topography appears to match that of the adjacent Pyramid Formation on Mars, that appears to follow this same pattern. This Amazing Cydonia Pyramid Complex, Triangulation is just part of a vast Array of even larger and apparently bigger types of Structures on Mars. Specific to this area of Calvary in the Earthly Jerusalem, the Corresponding Structure on Mars has an Indentation in the Center that faces North with apparent Equal Distances East to West, etc. However, in the midst of this Southern Edge, the Center has a profound Indentation.

Amazingly, this same Pattern appears to Replicate itself on Earth, at the Present-Day Bus Station. It would correspond to the Indentation on the South Side with a Center Portion extending towards the North. What is the Big Deal? This was the area where Jesus was Crucified. In prior studies, it has been shown that this precise Spot is in-between the Skull Façade of the Bus Terminal, to the Garden Tomb. And it is in Phi Ratio and has other amazing Sacred Geometry.

One is thus suggesting that the Cydonia Mars Area is as a Template of how Jerusalem on Earth is even Topographically Laid Out. Is this Absurd? Consider such a Notion that there is actually a ‘Heavenly’ Jerusalem with ‘Streets’ and Buildings. It is in the Bible. Would that be Absurd? Consider that in Revelation 21, the Bible ends its Revelation and Prophecy to Humanity with the Depiction of such a ‘Heavenly Jerusalem’. It comes down to Earth. It will be the ‘City of the Great King’, Jesus and not the Rebel King Lucifer. It will have Mansions, Buildings and even a ‘Main Street’ called ‘Main Street’, and a Water Way coming from the Throne of YHVH, etc.

In that section, the Bible states that the New Jerusalem will have 12 Gates. Is this even the case now with the Gates to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount can be accessed by 11 Gates in the Old City of Jerusalem. Tourists and non-Muslims are only allowed to enter through the Moroccan Gate, which is also known as Mugrabi Gate, making it the 12th.

This Gate is located near the Western Wall Plaza close to the Dung gate. Some of the other Gates have been the Chain Gate, the Double Gate, Triple Gate, Warren’s Gate, and the Iron Gate, etc. At prior times, some of the Gates have either been Removed or just been Renamed. For example, during the time of Nehemiah, the following list of Gates to the Old City of Jerusalem are given, and to the Temple Mount itself.

7 Temple Mount Gates corresponding to the 7 Pleiades Star Cluster.
1. Muster Gate
2. East Gate
3. Horse Gate
4. Ephraim Gate
5. Yeshanah Gate
6. Fish Gate
7. Sheep Gate

Summation of the 12 Gates leading into the City, Zion.
8. Water Gate
9. Fountain Gate
10. King’s Gate
11. Valley Gate
12. Corner Gate

To reiterate, such Triangulated Ley-Lines found on Mars appear to be replicated in Old Jerusalem. Is all that coming from YHVH? What are some possible Explanations as they are Superimposed on what YHVH has Delineated and actually are what is also situated in the true Heavenly Gates of Zion? This is one’s Conjecture.

It can be the case that in Heaven, such Ley-Lines do exist and are Fashioned much like the Pleiades, Orion and other Sacred Geometry. But that in fact, it is the Stars, literally as the Pleiades and Orion that are replicated with. Consider that as far as the Constellations are concerned, the Depictions of the Mazzaroth can only be configured from the Perspective seen by Humans on Earth, which is Amazing.

This is to say that Earth has a very Unique Position in Space and Time for the whole Universe to Cater to this Cosmic Storyline of Jesus. Then there is the possibility that due to the Luciferian Rebellion, such Angelic Beings that Fell, Lost their Positions and were cast-out of Heaven. Although not entirely, as the Bible clearly shows that Lucifer, still has a Mysterious Right to be there Judiciously.

It can be the case that such Fallen Beings, longing for the Gates of the Heavenly Zion, have Replicated what Heaven is like, on Mars and Earth with such Ley-Lines that configured the places they once walked and/or flew through, etc. It can be the case that based on their Memory, such have replicated the very ‘Divine Template’ of what Heaven is construed with, wherever they were Stationed at.

And thus, why such a Celestial Motif is fashioned on Earth, as well as other Celestial Bodies such as Mars and thus, the Cydonia Mystery of the Triangulated Pyramid Complex. One suspects that given the numerous studies of other Sites that incorporate this Cydonia Martian Motif, is that it is all true to an extent.

Primarily, the later in that the Luciferian Agenda has been to Confuse Humanity in their Spiritual Warfare and make it appear that YHVH, Jesus are ‘Pleiadeans’ come to Impede Humanity from Ascending to ‘Godhood’, as part of a Deception, etc. Jesus warned of such a Deception. It is the same Lie that Lucifer told Eve, ‘You shall be as Gods’, etc.

The coming Tribulation Period will be all about possessing the Gates of Zion, both the Heavenly ones as well as the Earthly ones. And the UFO Narrative will explain-away the Rapture. Consider where the House of YHVH is, where the King of Heaven is Enthroned. And all the Types and Shadows of the Temple given to Israel, reveal that indeed, such a Configuration and Design exist beyond the Stars.Thus, is it for any Reason why the Luciferian Rebellion is in full swing to Recapture their Lost Estates and scale-over the Gates and Walls of the Celestial Zion in Heaven? Is it any Wonder why on Earth, so too has the Gates of Zion been the most Contested of Gates or Portals that the Enemies of the Cross of Calvary, of Jesus and His People seek to Destroy, Possess and Control the Earthly Zion and its Gates?


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