Study of the Pre-Inca Pyramid Complexes

  • Are there astronomical correlations to Mars and Orion?
  • How does the constellation of Orion overlay look at this site?
  • What is the significance of such motifs and their application?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘All who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. " I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Gate; if anyone will enter by me, he shall live and shall go in and out and shall find the pasture "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.’ –John 10: 8-10

The purpose of this study is to suggest that the Tiahuanaco pyramid complex is designed to correlate to the Orion constellation. The illustration will show the various star markers of the area that appear to match approximately to the Orion star map. Moreover, the complex area is also suggested to have a fusion of not only the Orion star map but the star cluster of the Pleiades and its corresponding hexagram template as depicted in the Cydonia, Mars relief. The Pyramid City corresponds to the town of Tiwanaku. The Face of Ala-lu corresponds to the statue monoliths of Viracocha or ‘Orion’ as the guardians of the Star Gates for which Orion is one of the Sentinels of the Cosmic Silver Gate or Gate of Man. The D&M Pyramid corresponds to the Puma Punku platform. One of the other corresponding star markers is the Museum that is formed as the Inca Cross and corresponds to the cosmic pyramidion shaped Orion Nebula.

To some, this is one of entrances or star gates to Heaven itself. The stars of Orion’s Belt is considered by some to be the pattern of just the center of the Creator’s Throne is situated at. As it is apparent that such pyramid complexes were designed to track time, could such have known when the time would be the Orion, the Son of the Creator was to return? One theory of where such knowledge of the cosmic patterns was derived from is that ‘Aliens’ from those places transmitted such knowledge to Humanity, certain classes such as the priestly casts. Others suggest that such beings were and are and will be the Fallen Angels in rebellion to the Creator that are deceiving Humanity into thinking they are ‘Aliens’.

The ancient peoples of the Americas like the Tiahuanaco and other pre-Inca civilizations knew about the cosmology of Christ to come. This same motif and pyramid template is found in other ancient sites all over the world. More astonishing is that this same Orion and Pleiadian pattern is incorporated even in the modern world capitals. Pertaining to Orion, the La Mana pyramid stone with the depiction of Orion and the proto-Sanskrit phrase found in Equator states that the Son of the Creator would come from this constellation or ‘Gate’; ‘the Son of the Creator comes from here’. This study does seek to draw a Biblical correlation as Jesus stated that He is the Gate to Heaven, the Door that leads to the Father and is the Good Shepherd that leads the sheep through it. The study will attempt to show a possible celestial correlation between the Orion-Silver Gate and the Tiahuanaco pyramid complex in Bolivia.

The Tiahuanaco archeological complex is suggested to be a template of the Orion Belt constellation in particular at Tiwanaku. This is where there are 2 Star Gate configurations that suggest a direct correlation to the Silver Gate. The following are the suggested astronomical correlations of the pyramid complex in relation to Orion. The Guardian of the Gate is Viracocha. This personage is none other than Orion, the Teacher and Redeemer that promised to return at the End of Days to save humanity from extension. The Orion template encompasses the area and corresponds to the various stars. For example, the Puma Punku site corresponds to the star Saiph.  Precisely the Tiwanaku complex has 3 main square building configurations. The following are various suggested astronomical correlations from the constellation Orion and the Cydonia Pyramid complex of Mars. Apparently, Orion and the Pleiades are seen to interface in many of the ancient pyramid sites.

Pyramid Complex       Cydonia, Mar Pyramid Complex
Tiwanaku Town           Pyramid City
Puma Punku               D&M Pentagon Pyramid       
Kalasasaya                 Face of Ala-lu on Mars
Pyramid Complex       Orion Star
Kerikala Complex       Alintak
Putuni                          Alnilam
Kalasasaya                 Mintaka
Museum                      Nair al Saif of the Orion Nebula having Pyramidion Phallus
Puma Punku               Saiph

These 3 chambers or areas closely approximates the angle and degree of that of the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt that have most notably been recognized as a star map of Orion and the Cosmos. The site is considered a pre-Inca civilization that knew the calculations, mathematics and sacred geometry of the constellations and replicated them on earth at places that incorporated the topography of the landscape to mirror that of the constellations with mounts, rivers and landmarks. The Kalasaya Observatory was an intricate system of keeping celestial time based on the Equinoxes and Solstices. The orientation of the ‘gates’ keep track of the ‘markers’ to show the movement of the Cosmos. The pyramids functioned as a ‘timekeeper’ as well as religious ceremonial purposes.

On the Priestly class has such an understanding and wisdom from the Ancients that some attest to coming from Fallen Angela and a pre-Flood civilization such as Lemuria and or Atlantis. Puma Punku is one of the most under excavated and researched archeological sites in the world. The building blocks and workmanship is beyond amazing and unreplaceable with modern machinery as are all the other megaliths from Peru and Bolivia ancient sites. Such techniques are said to appear similar in composition found in Egypt, Mexico, and Asia. The following suggests that the Tiwanaku star gate complex mirrors the Giza pyramid complex with the 3 pyramids. The Acapana pyramid resembles the positioning and outline of a ‘sphinx’ type of design. It has the same orientation to the east, the rising of the Sun.

Gate of the Sun
The Orion star map is seen all over the world and especially in ancient religious pyramid sites, such as in Ur, the ancient home from the Biblical Abraham came out of. The study suggests that based on the Orion celestial template over the Tiwanaku pyramid complex, the Gate of the Sun is correlated to the Silver Gate of the Cosmos. The glyph is that of Viracocha the Shepherd teacher. This personage can be correlated to both Orion and Auriga the Shepherd at the Silver Gate as Guardians. The possible celestial correlation between the Orion-Silver Gate and the Tiahuanaco pyramid region of Bolivia. The location is just shout of Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian side and northwest of La Paz.

The small town of Tiwanaku is usually associated with the pyramid complex that actually is divided into 2 main locals. The primary pyramid complex is called Kalasasaya. It encompasses the 3 main structures that this study strongly suggests correlates to the Orion star map and subsequently the same motif as the Great Pyramid of Giza complex in Egypt among with the Sphinx. This study suggests that the main pyramid, called Acapana correlates and functioned much like the Sphinx of Egypt in keeping astronomical and astrological time.

The Teacher, Lover, Hero Redeemer
Son of Man

The Good Shepherd of the Gate


The Wrath, Judgment

The Redeemed Congregation—Bride

The other primary archeological site is Puma Punku. This is an amazing site as the stones quarried and brought there from over 100s of miles have a workmanship unparalleled to any other ancient pyramid design and construction. This study suggests that in keeping with the Orion star map, Puma Punku correlates to the star Saiph. Upon further correspondences, there appears to be definite land markers to also correlate the other boundaries of the constellation Orion.

There is ample evidence that the most ancient civilization had direct contact with one another despite distances and oceans. One theory that has become popular in modern times is the Alien Astronaut theory that states that beings from other planets or ‘suns’ such as the Pleiades or Orion came to seed the race of Humanity. The main reason for such structures remains a partial mystery although it is thought that such center were used for spiritual and religious purposes. Such structures functioned also, as it has been postulated as centers that kept ‘time’, astronomical and astrological. Orion, the Keeper of the Gate of the Gods

This pre-Inca civilization is thought to have been established at the same time as the Great Pyramids of Giza and Teotihuacan in Mexico among others like Ur and Babylon. There is even the famous Fuente Magna Bowl that can be read in Sumerian cuneiform and Proto-Sumerian hieroglyphs and verified by leading linguistic experts although still controversial. The Orion star map is seen all over the world and especially in ancient religious pyramid sites, such as in Ur, the ancient home from the Biblical Abraham came out of.  The pre-Inca civilization perhaps was one of the societies that ventured to spread around the world once the Biblical account of the Tower of babble occurred and the single language known to Mankind was confused.

The various evidences suggest that that all the immediate post-Flood civilizations had a common core to everything as suggesting by findings in language, architecture and astro-archeology. The Tiwanaku star gate complex mirrors the Giza pyramid complex with the 3 pyramids. The Acapana pyramid resembles the is positioning and outline of a ‘sphinx’ type of design. It has the same orientation to the east, the rising of the Sun.  The Giza template is rotated clockwise 90 degrees and reverse 180 degrees. It essentially is a mirror image of the Giza template.  The Ancients had a specific fascination with Orion and the Pleiades. Above all the rest of the constellations. What was is and will be so particular about Orion and the Pleiades that most if not all ancient civilizations after the Flood commemorated their worship centers into a cosmic mirror.

One striking clue was found in Equator from the same time period that these pre-Incas and some would say pre-Flood civilizations that shows a plausible explanation.  A pyramid was found with the base showing the constellation of Orion and some writing that is more Sanskrit than Inca. It has been verified to show that it is commemorating from where the ‘Son of the Creator will be coming from’. If this is any indication of the etymology of where the veneration of such pyramid complexes are coming from it stands to reason that perhaps the Ancients know of the Redeemer story or Gospel written in the stars as E.W. Bullinger attested to and wrote about in. What is amazing to consider is that the pyramid complex is mathematically sound and based on the concept of phi, or the Golden Number or Section. The red phi spiral intersects the 3rd star structure corresponding to Mintaka in Orion’s Belt. It also intersects the main star of Alnitak or the Great Pyramid correspondence.

This precise location has the stone figure that this study suggests is that of Orion, the Guardian of the Gate; the Silver Gate of the Cosmos. Moreover, the center spiral converges on the 9-stop span of the Acapana Pyramid. The 9-step pyramid design is a trademark of the Americas. It is seen in Chichen Itza and Copan for example. Thus, the height of the pyramid was factor of phi. The stone statue in the midst of the court is at the precise fulcrum of the phi spiral that the Kalasaya compound is built on. The Sun Gate is believed to have kept time of the solar year from Winter Solstice to Spring Solstice and the Equinox.  This would mirror the how for example the Sun enters the Golden Gate, or Gate of God in December 22 on the Solstice and through the Silver Gate in Summer Solstice in June 22.

The timing of the year was believed to be marked by the pillars on the opposite wall of the complex. Perhaps the Great Pyramid of Giza as the Tiahuanaco Star Gates and pyramid complex were and are time clocks that mark the season that the Son of the Creator is to come. At least in the Americas, the civilizations spoke about a coming 5th Sun or Age of Aquarius of true peace and harmony after an Age of darkness. Edmund Kiss (1937) has done extensive research with precise measurements according to the sacred Egyptian Cubit. If the ‘Son of the Creator was to come from Orion’, then it would stand to reason that this personage would be a combination of a warrior, shepherd, gatekeeper, redeemer.  Jesus in the Gospels did attribute his character as a Teacher, Shepherd and Redeemer; not just one among several but the absolute and the object of such legend and even cosmic storyline.

This study will attempt to illustrate to approximate the measurements of the Tiahuanaco pyramid complex using Google Earth coordinates. A much more accurate research has been done by Jim. M. Well, author of AltlantisBolivia for example. These approximate measurements show that the civilization has a keen understanding of mathematics but more so, they had the sacred knowledge of the Golden Section and certain key numbers that are understood in the secret orders. Such numbers are 13, 144, 33 factors of 666, etc. As noted, these peoples apparently had direct contact with the outside world as their technology to build pyramids are the same and based on astro-archeology as this pyramid complex is mirrored to Orion. One sacred knowledge of the building of the pyramid complex corresponding to the celestial constellations also functioned to ‘clock’ time. In the Americas, this notion was known as the Tzolk’in.

This segment of time was directly connected to not only the Earth energy ley-lines but those of the human body. This segment of sacred time was correlated to the gestation of a human being, 260-day cycle or approximately 9 months. This turns out to be 5/7 of a Solar Year which thus has the phi ratio or Fibonacci number sequences being based on the 5, 8, 13 and 20, etc. These cycles were understood to be ‘rhythms’ of sacred occurrences. The discovery in La Maná of over 300 artifacts in Equator include the Sotomayor collection known as the World Map Stone. It is a half-ton megalith showing the large land masses of Atlantis and Lemuria or perhaps Mu in the Pacific. The common characteristic of all these ancient civilizations and beyond is that they had pyramid dwellings.

The distance all the way around the outside of the 2-dimensional shape is called the perimeter. The pre-Inca peoples had direct contact with the other ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Asia and perhaps Atlantis and Lemuria as one famous Stone Map was found that shows a circumnavigation of the planet with the area of the Inca and Jerusalem as their focal points. The continents are the same plus Atlantis it appears. This would corroborate Plato’s assertion that Atlantis was beyond the Pillars of Hercules and sank as the continents drifted apart. The illustration of Puma Punku attempts to approximate the measurements of the complex using Google Earth coordinates. There have been detailed measurements already, but this will give an idea of the angle and scope of the site. The following are various approximate measurement taken from Google Earth coordinates.

Outer court perimeter
= .18 miles (666)

Inner court perimeter
=.1 nautical mile
.18 km (666)

Outer Court
13 km
.144 yards

Inner Court perimeter = 72 yards
= .18 miles
= .33 miles

Western Wall to inner court statue
.111 yards
332 ft
4000 in
.1 km

Complex Diagonal = .18 km or .11 miles

North south edge
360 cubits
111 smoots
.1 nautical mile
.18 km (666)

Pyramid Diagonal
.18 miles
133° heading
.33 km

West east edge
365.24 cubits (SolaYear)
.11 nautical miles
.12 miles
6.66 arcseconds
.21 km (777)

What is amazing about Puma Punku is that the style of the block workmanship is almost identical to those used to build the pyramids in Mexico and Egypt. This study suggests that the Puma Punku pyramid complex is a celestial correlation to the constellation Orion. Precisely the site corresponds to the star Saiph. It appears that the complex has about a 3-degree inclination from North. Tiahuanaco pre-Inca civilization had a motif that is prevalent in its architecture and artwork; t is considered the Inca Cross. As this complex venerated Orion, It would not be a surprise as Orion’s shield or symbol was that of a cross. The following are some approximate measurements taken from Google Earth coordinates of the Puma Punku complex.

Western wall of inner court
153 m
6000 in
500 ft

Eastern wall of inner court
.12 nautical miles
.13 miles
233 yards
700 ft
.21 km (777)

Length west to east
.13 km
.13 nautical miles

From Puma Punku to Kalasasaya
33 arcseconds
.66 miles
1 km

From Puma Punku to ‘Rigel’ Star marker
.555 smoots
.51 nautical miles

One unique element that was apparently factored into the design of this observational platform was the phi ratio. The complex is shown with the phi spiral for better reference of how the complex was delineated from the inner and outer court. This site is famous for its ‘H’ letter building block that are multilayered in the same block which is amazing to consider if such a society only had chisels to do it with. Some researchers believe these ancient civilizations possessed a technology at stone cutting and forming that is unknown to modern science and engineering. Perhaps it was due to some sort of layer cutting tool as the tolerances are not able to be replicated today. The Inca Cross is consistent with the Viracocha or that like that of Quetzalcoatl motif. The Great Teacher had the cross as the means by which he was put to death. In some depictions he even has a lance that is thrust in the side as Jesus Christ was on the cross of Calvary. How and why did the first peoples of the Americans know about such a cosmic narrative?

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