Predictive Programming from Knowing Movie

  • Is there a Pentecost Code hidden in this Movie?
  • Does Pentecost have to do with 'End of the World'?
  • Does the Storyline mirror the Biblical Narrative?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘There is a Pattern to predicting the Future’. -The Knowing Movie

The purpose of this study is to analyze the possible Encryption of the 2009 Movie, The Knowing starring Nicolas Cage for Esoteric and/or possible Biblical Nuances specifically inferring Pentecost and its Connection to an ‘Extraction’ or Rapture Event. It appears that there is a Pattern in terms of a Timeline that incorporates a 50-Year Time Marker and a 70-Year one. The Movie is essentially an inference to a ‘Rapture’ Event of the Extraction of all Young Children from Earth, due to the coming Fire ‘Apocalypse’. They are chosen to ‘Seed’ other Worlds as a Type of Adam and Eve taken to the ‘New’ Tree in a New ‘Garden of Eden’, etc. Could the Movie have been a Predictive Programming Attempt hinting at what would be the Timing of this ‘Extraction’ inferencing Pentecost as the Movie does appear to do so?

There is the Numerical Summation of how 70 Years from the 1959 Time Capsule is 2029. That is the Midst of the Tribulation Period . This is based on a Fall 2025 to Fall 2032 Tribulation Timeline. This puts the ‘Extraction’ close to occurring. This study is not insinuating that the Movie, the Knowing is predicting with accuracy when the Biblical Rapture of the Bride of Christ is to take place. However, due to Predictive Programming, the Luciferians that own the Movie Industry and encode their Plans and Symbols in Plain Sight are doing just that. Why? To a large extent, such are keeping Time as to when the Rapture is to come as that is what will then usher in their master, Lucifer. They know such an Apocalypse is to befall all of Humanity due to its Wickedness and Rebellion against the true Savior, Jesus Christ but will try to overturn it. This New World Order will render the Narrative as an Alien Abduction to discredit the True Biblical one.

The Movie, Knowing is a Sci-Fi thriller about the ‘End of the World’ Scenario due to a Solar Flare. Nicolas Cage plays John Koestler, a Professor from MIT who deciphers a Numerical Coded Message with terrifying Accurate Predictions about every major World Disaster. If the Predictions were True, it meant the End of World, and thus a Quest to understand the Message of the impending Apocalypse. The Numerical Code occurs in sequence giving the Day, Month, Year and Number of People that perished in a Calamity all around the World. The Numerical Code was given through ‘Automatic Writing’ by ‘Aliens’ or ‘Angels’ to a Girl, Lucinda in the Elementary School exactly 50 Years prior. The Name of the little Girl is a Euphemism for Lucifer. It is he that is the Revealer, ‘Warning Humanity’ and given the Code, etc. The School had a Project to make a Time Capsule in 1957 and this Numerical Code written on a page was placed there. This page of Number Codes ended up being given to Caleb.

Predictive Programming

The father of Caleb then attempts to decipher it and the journey begins. The Knowing Movie is a Classic Case of Predictive Programming. During the build-up of the Plot, Strange Anomalies occur in which Caleb experiences ‘Visitations’ from said ‘Angels’ or ‘Aliens’. Predictive Programming is generally thought, by some, to be a Tool of the Elites, or the so-called ‘Powers that Be’. They slowly work to induce and indoctrinate the Masses with their Luciferian Agenda and Version of Reality-Morality to condition such to the eventual Synthesis with Reality when it is rolled-out, to redefine the Narrative.

Such Agendas have been clearly noted as to the disintegration of the Family Unit, denigrating certain Groups like the Father Figure, the Male Alpha, Group Identity, the Gay Agenda, views of Christians and so on. Those in Power behind-the-veil of Hollywood, and Government such as the ‘Deep State’ and the ‘Swamp’, for example seek to steer the Popular Culture with subtle and not so subtle Inferences of Future Events in order to accept Change without Question.

This is now occurring in real time as Google, YouTube, Pinterest, for example manipulate their Online Browser Search Algorithms when it comes to censoring Pro-Life, Christian and/or Conservative Sites and Material. In some cases, whole Websites and Channels have now been pulled down. Hypocritically, those that espouse ‘Fairness’ and ‘Equality’ seek to ban those that have an Opposing Political, Moral and or Religious View. It is one thing to be a Private Company as that is what they argue, but not when it comes to Christian ones that refuse to bake a Cake or arrange Flowers demanding Homosexual Specifications. It is another level of Hypocrisy and Fascism with such Companies that are now clandestinely seeking to hinder Political Elections.

Alarmingly, the frontline of this ‘Social-Justice’ War is taking place in the Nation’s University Campuses. Such have been Indoctrinated, especially the Millennials to view Socialism as ‘Good’ and that there is now ‘Fluidity’ of everything; Gender, Race, Nationalism, Borders, Truth, Religion, ‘God’, etc. Such people fail to realize that there are ‘Absolutes’. Yet, 1 Day their Definition of ‘Being’ is being redefined. Thus, if they are the unlucky to be deemed ‘Undesirables’, they too will be censored and eliminated. This has always been the Recipe for Genocide employed by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, all Socialists. The World has arrived at George Orwell’s 1984 where ‘Truth’ and ‘Reality’ is fluid and will be imposed. How?

It is by Predictive Programming that arrives in Innocuous Forms that has been Psychologically proven to work as the Human Being is composed of Body, Soul and Spirit. This is the main Reason why Ads work. It has been proven by many Experiments that when one is placed before a TV and/or Movie Screen, one’s Natural ‘Walls’ of Cognition and/or Consciousness are relaxed and the Brain goes into more-or-less a Catharsis State where it is easily ‘Programmed’. It is no coincidence that the TV Shows are called ‘Programs’. This Predictive Programming can be seen in Cartoons, TV Shows, Films, Music, Comic Books, and Advertisements that are designed to change and/or control Culture and change its Morality.Anticipated Extraction

This portion of the study will seek to analyze specific Themes that came up in the Movie in terms of Biblical Inferences dealing with Numbers and an Apocalyptic ‘End’. First, there is the 70th Year Code Inference. This is derived by using the following Events or ‘Time-Stamps’ provided and revealed by the Plot of the Storyline in the Movie. The Movie makes a Statement that the Elementary School in which Caleb, the Young Boy attended, had a Time Capsule that was to be opened on the 50th Year. This Number is associated with Shavuot or Pentecost as that is what the Name means, 50. This is the Judeo-Christian counting of 50 Days from the Resurrection of Jesus. Interestingly, the Movie intertwines with Reality in that 2009 was the Year the movie was released. 

Given this Liberty, it is then speculated that Caleb was 10 Years Old in 2009. If one then  adds the difference from 1959 to 2009, is 50 Year. The Encrypted Coefficient results in a 70-Years Factor on the Timeline since the 1959 Time Capsule is the Year 2029. This is the Mid-Point of the Fall 2025-Fall 2032 Tribulation, perhaps. Coincidence? Probably not. What is so special about 70? Biblically Speaking, everything. The Number is a Biblical Constant that denotes a Full Generation in some respects and it specifically deals with the Exile and Return of the Nation of Israel. Why Israel?

This Nation is YHVH’s ‘Prophetic Clock’. Why would this be or is significant? Daniel’s last 70th Week of Years has to conclude. Why? It will lead to the Return of Jesus Christ. Consider that if such a ‘Timeline’ is to conclude, then the Biblical Apocalypse is shortly to start but before that, the Evacuation from Earth comes. The ‘Extraction’ of Jesus Followers from all over the Globe has to occur before that. This is of course if one ascribes to the pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Bride of Christ. The Luciferians seem to believe so.

Also consider that during this Age of Grace, none is Worthy in one’s own merit, Effort or Might to ‘Escape’. It is based upon the Free Gift, all by Grace, of the Gift of Salvation. It has been provided by the Substitutionary Payment, paid by Jesus on the Cross with His own Blood. Then there is the Adam and Eve inferences of the Movie in the Characters of the Boy Caleb and the Girl. The Plot of the Movie and the ‘Mission’ of the ‘Alien Angels’ is to Extract, or ‘Rapture-Out’ a Male and Female Specimen. The Rapture part is Biblical, as it is what it takes to ensure the survival of the Human Species. This is why Homosexuality is not Natural to be able to do this and thus, if by ‘Natural Selection’ and Evolution, the Human Race would die off.

It is thus contrary to the Divine Mandate of YHVH, the Creator of Humanity. Why the Human Species? Consider that according to the Bible, out of all the possible Created Beings perhaps made by YHVH, even before Adam and Eve, as some do believe, Humanity is endowed by the very ‘Image and Likeness’ of YHVH. This is incredible as no other Living Thing can claim this. This alone is astonishing to think that Humanity is so Special and above all, Loved by YHVH. And it was enough to Incarnate and die a Horrific Death to recover a Fallen Humanity from its Sinful Nature. This was due to the Disobedience of the 1st Male and Female created. They were placed and married in the Garden of Eden on Earth. Then there is the typology of Noah’s Ark in the Movie.

Prophetic Parallels

Towards the End of the Movie, the ‘Extraction’ was depicted as going into the ‘Wheel within a Wheel’ of Ezekiel. Many believe Biblical visions can be alluding to Alien Spaceships. Such erroneously believe that these Creator Gods, are only Advanced and ‘Ascended’ Being and who ‘Seeded’ Humanity on Earth. This is actually the Narrative of the Ancient Sumerian Cylinder Creation Accounts of Anu, Enlil and Enki, etc. What was telling in the movie, was that the 2 Children had with them and took on board the ‘Ark’ 2 White Rabbits. This has direct Biblical Inferences of who YHVH commanded Adam and Eve to be ‘Fruitful and Multiply’. YHVH also instructed Noah to take a pair of Male and Female Land Animals aboard the Ark to also repopulate the Earth, etc.

Rabbits are Symbols of Fertility. Then there was the Typology of ‘Alien’ Angels sent to gather those to be ‘Raptured’ or Extracted to a New Garden of Eden. The Biblical Inference is that there will be a Shout of the Arch-Angel and with the Trumpet of GOD that will be sounded. Such a Blast making such a Sound will no doubt deal with the Cosmic Creative Energies of YHVH. In some way, it will enable the changing Resonance to Metamorphosize the Physical Bodies of those being Called-Up just before the pending Onslaught of the Apocalypse that destroys those left behind on Earth.  

Then there is the Inference of the Typology of being brought into the Promised Land. Was it any coincidence that the Boy was named Caleb? This has a direct Inference to the Caleb and Joshua of the Exodus that only were granted to enter the Promised Land of the Original Generation that were not prohibited due to their Unbelief. In terms of the Solar Flare, the Earth in the Movie was basically Terra-Formed and all life Destroyed by Fire. The Biblical Prophecies of Revelation do make it clear that the World will be destroyed the next Time by Fire. However, the Biblical notion is that Heaven and Earth will be re-created in the End by Jesus. In fact, there is a promise in several places given by YHVH where it states that the Earth will always exist. Why?

Consider that out of all the Trillions of Suns and Galaxies, of all the Places, Earth is where the Creator chose to place His Name and Throne. It is from where such a created and unique Humanity was made in YHVH’s Likeness and Image. Why? It was to extract a ‘Bride’ to co-rule the whole Universe with for all Eternity. No pressure, but the Last Generation before the Return of Jesus will see the Earth go through some Horrific and Apocalyptic Episodes where most of the World Population will die. This will be due to a combination of Natural, Man-Made, and Divine Interventions. This Period of Time or of the Last Generation that will see the unleashing of the Wrath of Lamb.

As in the Days of Noah and Lot, Jesus will be executing Judgment for the Full Measure of Lawlessness, Evil and Degradation of the Human Race. It has deteriorated to a De-Evolution of Morals and Disposition due to the Sin Nature. According to the Bible, specifically in the Book of Revelation, the Last Generation will experience Nuclear Exchanges, Famines, Death, a World Dictatorial Order and several Religious Persecution of those that Believe and Worship Jesus as GOD and King. It will pale in comparison to the Days of Diocletian of the Roman Empire with the Persecutions.

Fiery New Phoenix

There will also be Geological and Cosmic Calamities not experienced since Adam. Like Fire and Brimstone rained down on Sodom, so too will 100-Pound Boulders be falling on Earth. There will be 2 Ominous Collisions of Asteroids on Earth; 1 will strike the Sea and the other will strike the Land. Many speculate that such Events can only be explained by an in-coming massive Sun-Like Object that will wreak havoc on Earth’s Trajectory, and Gravity that will affect its Rotation. It will be enough to affect its magnetic Shield and Temperature. This is where the Biblical Language in Revelation depicts a Pole Shift and a Worldwide Earthquake, at the same Time.

Then there will be the Effects of the Sun that will be emitting Rays so Hot that people will Die of its Effect. The following will now be the actual Transcript Portion of the brief Conversation between the Character, John the Astrophysicist and his Dad who happens to be a Christian Reverend. This is the Crux of the Study that suggests it could be signaling a Predictive Programming of Biblical proportions with respect to the significance of Pentecost with the ‘Extraction’ or Rapture Timeline. The Issue is which Pentecost and from what Calendar Start Date?

JOHN: (Placing a call to his Father, the Reverend Koestler.) Allison wanted me to call you the Day she left for Phoenix. [‘Fire’ that brings about a New World Order] She wanted me to Promise her that I would call you. [Allison was his Wife that died in that Fire, signifying the Old World Order]

I know, Jonathan.

We have not spoken in so long, I do not really even know why anymore. I need to tell you something.


That Sermon you preached every Year at Pentecost, about the Gifts of the Spirit, one was the Gift of Prophecy.

1 Corinthians 12. Yes, I remember it.

The Church should respect the Prophet. [It does not, even the Luciferians mock at this.]

I have a Prophecy. It is about to be proven accurate. I need you to respect it and receive it as the Truth. This Heat we are experiencing is not going to get better. It is going to get worse, much worse. I need you to get Mom and Grace and any supplies you can and get below ground Tonight. The Basement, the Sewer... Just get as deep as you can and as fast as you can.

And that will keep us safe from this Heat?

I do not know that, but we have to try, right?

I am sorry, John, but I am afraid I am not going anywhere Tonight or any Night. I appreciate your concern, but if it is my Time, it is my Time. I am ready whenever the Good LORD calls me.

Are you?

Obviously, the Dad of John, being a Reverend and apparently knowing the Bible should have interjected that the only thing or one that could save them from the coming Apocalypse would be Jesus. And the fact that such are ‘Left Behind’ suggests that some purporting to be ‘Christian’ will have a ‘Rude Awakening’ when such will be left behind. Given such Insights and Biblical Inferences in the movie, the study will now show how this Pentecost Inference is in relation to the Timing of the ‘Extraction’ or Rapture Event, just before the coming Apocalypse the Movie portrays.

Was it Coincidence that the storyline starts with the Time Capsule alluding to a specific Year Count, 50 Years? To reiterate, the Movie Plot supposes an Estranged Relationship between the Father of Caleb played by Nicolas Cage. Nicolas’ Father is an Evangelical Preacher and apparently, the son, being an MIT Astrophysicist does not believe in the Biblical Account but no doubt had a Biblical Understanding. The study focuses on the movie of a call Nicolas Cage or John makes to his Dad despite not having Communication in decades, due to some falling-out.

The Call was prompted by Cage’s deceased Wife. The Dialog is brief but very Encrypted and Revealing, as to Inferences of Biblical Prophecy, and specifically about Pentecost. The following is a Breakdown of this Dialogue that has some interesting Correlations and perhaps an Inference of how those that put forth the Predictive Programing sets-up for what they know to be True, more than some Professing Bible-Believing Followers of Jesus, etc. If the ‘Pentecost Code’ is inferring the Timing of the Rapture or Extraction of the Bride of Christ, that remains to be seen but this is what the Predictive Programming suggests in one’s Assessment.

The Dialog starts with a Call to his Father and references a Phoenix. The Phoenix is the Luciferian Motif of establishing their New World Order out of the Ashes of the Old Order. This is what the Movie is portraying with the Destruction of the Earth due to the Fire of the Solar Flare. It is about Purging and Cleansing. That is what Fire Does. Literally a New World will come about. This Motif also has Connotations to the Holy Spirit that came down as with ‘Fire’ upon the Disciples of Jesus on Pentecost.

Perhaps as this NWO ‘Phoenix’ comes down, the Dove will go up. As to the literal Apocalypse? The Bible also tells that there will be some sort of Disturbance in the Sun of how there will be Heat around the World so intense that it will kill 1000s if not Millions of People, as foretold in Revelation 16. The Dialog reveals that the Reverend Koestler, preached every Year at Pentecost about the Gifts of the Spirit. And how 1 in particular was the Gift of Prophecy from I Corinthians 12.

Rapture Code?

If by Admonition, the Movie is relaying that the Church should respect the Prophets who speak about such Prophecies. The obvious Inference is that in general, the Body of Christ has not, and does not by in large, which one would concur. Nicolas Cage as John or Jonathan then proclaims to his Dad, the Reverend, that he is about to make a ‘Prophecy’ and that it is ‘Accurate’ and based on ‘Truth’. The Inference is to the Heat or rise in Global Temperature that the World is experiencing is the result of a Massive Corona Ejection that will terraform the Earth to Extension as it will kill-off all Life.

In reality, many have prepared Underground Bunkers and Governments-Corporations do have Deep Underground Military Bases that are proven to exist. Nicolas Cage or John in this case, instructs his Father to take Shelter below ground with any Supplies they can find. The Astrophysicist well-knows that one would have to go deep inside the Earth beyond a 2-3 Mile Range. Such would only then have a Shielding Effect to prevent any Deadly Effects of the Solar Flare. And that is even if one has the means to do so beyond the few, and of the Luciferian Elites of the World that do have the means.

However, even with their best attempts in averting the coming Cataclysmic Fallout will not ‘Escape’. The Bible in Revelation states even though they will attempt to hide from the coming Wrath of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, the Apocalypse will be as the result of the Wrath of the Lamb. It is the 7-Hold Seal Judgments of Jesus Christ for the Wickedness and Sins Humanity has refused to Repent of. Another Encrypted Clue comes by way of what is the Name of his Sister, Grace. It is inferring that those associated with Grace are to be removed from Danger before the Apocalypse. This is actually Biblical as the current Age is the Church Age or the Age of Grace.

It is the present ‘Pentecostal Age’ where YHVH is extending a forgiveness and restoration of Humanity’s soul back to Eternal Life; a Restored Relationship through Jesus. He promised a Restored Garden of Eden. This Time, since the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus, the Holy Spirit has been sent down to indwell a Disciple of Jesus. This happened with Fire and at Pentecost, etc. It is due to Grace and with a promise of Co-Ruling in the coming New World Order headed-up by King Jesus. Amazing. It is a Free Gift now as a ‘Down Payment of a Future Unique Time in which GOD the Father is ‘Marking’ those as was Caleb and the Girl with the Pebbles to be ‘Extracted’ or Raptured-Out once the Time or the ‘Age of Grace’ comes to a close.

The Bible states that this will happen. The Bible states that a Rapture Event will occur that is on the same level or Depiction as any Amazing Science Fiction Movie like Knowing tried to portray. There is Life beyond Earth. There are Angels, Good and Bad and perhaps other types of ‘Beings’ that are unknown. However, all have been created by YHVH and He is the only ‘God’. This of course excludes all the Hybrids the Fallen Angels have tampered with. There will be a Day where Millions will vanish as they ’Ascend’ in not only Consciousness but will have Glorified Bodies to abide in the New Earth and the New Heaven with the God-Head. The Gloried Body will Pure Light and Energy that will never Decay, Age or Die. This is the concrete difference between the Gospel of Jesus in Biblical Terms of ‘Ascension’ and the Luciferian counterfeit Gospel.

‘Open Door’ of Escape

With Jesus’ Gospel, the Physical Body comes with the Ascension or Rapture Event. Contrary, the Luciferian New Age Narrative, they seek to shed the Physical Body as a Prerequisite to connect it to a Genetic Hybridized one mixed with Lucifer’s Dragon DNA and be ‘One’ with Lucifer’s ‘Universal Consciousness’. The Bible states that the Rendezvous Place of the Biblical Rapture Event will be in the Midst of the Clouds, in the Air where Jesus comes for the Bride of Christ, extracted from the Body that only constituted the Church Age, etc. It is better than any Science Fiction Narrative known. Although the Movie, the Knowing suggests such an Event will be tied to some Alien Type of Undertaking that will no doubt line-up with the Ancient Alien Theory.

The Luciferian narrative is becoming more popular and widely accepted thanks to Predictive Programming. Many believe it is part of the Predictive Programming that seeks to trump the Biblical narrative and that will and is part of the Great Deception that is to come. It will be, in part, the ‘Alien Rapture’. It will play in a Full Disclosure that such ‘Aliens’ have been the ‘Gods’ that have seeded the Human Race and have come back to save it. The Dialogue between the Reverend and John, Nicolas Cage has the Reverend being assured of his Faith but in particular that when ‘the LORD calls’, he will be ready. And the Dialog ends with an Ominous Question, ‘Are you?’ It is as if the MOVIE poses the Question to all who are also listening-in on the Conversion.

Here then lies a Multifaceted Overlay of how a ‘Rapture’ Event is related to all the Biblical Intricacies in this type of Movie. It is one in which a coming Global Calamity, a coming Rebirth of a New World Order is sure to come. But so is Jesus’ and of a Glorified Humanity. It is tied to a particular Appointed Feast of YHVH, that of Pentecost that speaks of an End of a Summer Harvest, ‘Heat’ and a Time Period of Divine Evaluation where Fire will be used at the Bema Seat of Christ after the Rapture to Judge one’s Talents that were given by the Holy Spirit. It is the Summer Heat that dries-up the Wheat that is ready to be Harvested, etc.

It speaks of a 50-Year and 70-Year Time Markers since the 1959 Time Capsule in the Movie. It speaks of a Countdown being prepared in light of such Admonitions being Prophetic, ‘Accurate’ and ‘True’ in the Movie. The Movie seems to take more in stock of this Pending Doom than most Christians. This Assessment is not insinuating that 2029 – 3.5 Years start of the Tribulation will be when the Rapture Event occurs, i.e., 2024 which is approximately 1 Year before 2025.

1959 + 70 Years = 2029 (Mid-Pont of Tribulation?) – 1260 Days = 2025 – 1 Year = 2024?

But that the Conditions seen around the World presently are ever-increasing to such levels that they are now Prophetic in all in most Aspects. This is True and it is not the time to have the Church not listen to its Prophets. Even the Secular World is without Words, at Times to explain what on Earth is happening. On Earth, there are unusual Geo-Political Landscapes, Nature in Distress. There are Weather Anomalies, increases in Volcanoes, Earthquakes, mass Animal Die-Offs, etc. And there is also the fast Deterioration of the Family Unit, Morality, the increase in Lawlessness, Murder, Violence, Wars, etc. The Earth and Humanity is ready for a ‘Purge’ by Fire.

It is for such Human Conditions and their Effects on the Earth that the Wrath of the Lamb, Jesus is about to be unleashed. But as with the Storyline of the Movie and the Biblical prior Prophetic Patterns, such a Judgment will not befall this Last Generation until the Righteous of YHVH are ‘Extracted’. This is the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. Such are to be physically removed and preserved during the coming ‘Hour of Trial’ that is Foretold by Jesus Himself will surely come upon the Earth. This was seen in the Flood of Noah and the rescue of Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.

Jesus personally promised to come back for His Disciples as stated in the Upper Room just before His Crucifixion. Then a Risen Jesus did promise an ‘Open Door’ of escape to the Church of Philadelphia. The Question spurred-on by such a Movie as the Knowing is striking, Biblically Speaking. It is in this particular case that it is inferencing that the

‘Alien Evacuation’ is linked then to a Pentecost Feat Timing, perhaps. But one is of the Opinion that the Pentecost of Acts 2 is not the one that is celebrated as only the 1st Day Count of 50 Days after Passer.

One is more convinced that the Acts 2 Pentecost is a ‘Double Count’ and corresponds to the Day Count of Numbering 50 Days after the initial 7 Sabbaths, etc. So, ‘Pentecost’ could be the ‘Code’ that perhaps such an ‘Extraction’ or Rapture could occur around such a Feast Season. Or a Year that is connected or will be connected to the Timing of Pentecost, whenever that will be to occur prior to the ‘Fire’ Judgement, etc. Nonetheless, as the Reverend Koestler stated, …’But if it is my Time, it is my Time. I am ready whenever the Good LORD calls me’.

Are you?



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