Prophetic Patterns End of Church Age Judgment

  • What is the Prophetic Typology of the 5th Year of Lamech?
  • How does Year 777th of Lamech's Death relate to Rapture?
  • Is there a Prophetic 5-Year Count-Down from 2017?

by Luis B. Vega

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Lamech, Father of Noah lived 777 Years, Died 5 Years prior to the Flood. He Died 595 Years after Noah was born. The Flood came when Noah was 600 Years Old. -Genesis 5:30, 7:11

The purpose of this study is to share one’s Research, Thoughts and Conjecture as to why 2022 is ‘The Year’, of the Rapture and End of the Church Age. It is just Evidence and not Proof, so one cannot conclusively say that 2022 ‘Is it’. But that the Points, Logic and Evidence presented appear to add to the current Argument of why, at least in terms of the Year, on the Gregorian Calendar, 2022 could very well be the End of the Church Age. And perhaps with this coming Month, the 4th Month, the ‘Door’ at True Pentecost and that of the 99th Day correlating to the Summer Wheat Harvest finishing-up, etc.

But as to the Year? Thus, somewhere within Now for the Rapture to occur before the Civil New Year starts on the Rabbinical Calendar. One is assuming a Pre-Tribulation Rapture Scenario, etc. I had gone back and dusted-off one of my prior Timelines regarding Israel’s 70-Year Fig Tree Countdown. It was surmised how one believed the Church Age was about to End back in 2017-18, as Many Watchers did also.

The Chart below will show the Timeline in how one incorporated the Blood Moon Tetrads since 1947. Why 1947? The Great Planetary Alignment of 2022 was said to have not occurred since 947 AD. That is Significant because it is exactly 1000 Years from August 1947. As mentioned in prior studies/posts, it is when the U.N. basically accepted their Commission’s Report and Established the Partition Plan in 1947. I believe, Prophetically, this is when Israel was ‘Conceived’.

As we know, it was not until 9 Months later that on May 14, 1948, Israel was then ‘Born’ as it declared itself an Independent and Sovereign Nation. Not to have existed since 70 AD, which was exactly 1,948 years to the 2017 Year Anniversary. And what happened in 2017, it was an Exceptional Prophetic Year as the following occurred that are Mile-Stones in the Redemption of Israel, leading-up to Daniel’s 70th Week of Years and the End of the Church’s Commission. And what that means then for the Conclusion of the Pentecost World Harvest that has been in Play since Pentecost of 32 AD.

YEAR 2017:

1. 1,948 Year from AD 70 when the Temple, Jerusalem and Jews began the Roman Diaspora.
2. The Revelation 12 Sign of Israel-Church being ‘Birthed’ and Raptured Motif. Wake-Up Call.
3. The Trump Administration recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s Eternal Capital.
4. It was the 50th Year Anniversary of the Liberation of Jerusalem in the 6-Day War of 1967.

As one could see, the Prophecy Pages were leaping-off the Bible onto the World News Headlines. It was why many in the Watcher Community thought, perhaps 2017 would have been the Year of the Rapture and End of the Church Age. But it came and went. Then 2018. This year was also a Monumental Milestone for Biblical End Times. There were several main Prophetic Occurrences that stuck-out also.

YEAR 2018:
1. The Nascent Sanhedrin declared that 10 Red Heifers have occurred since Moses. The 11 will dedicate the 3rd Temple.

2. In December, the Nascent Sanhedrin performed the Re-Dedication of the Altar of Sacrifices. This will be the Altar from where the Stones will be used to make the Grand One where the Daily Sacrifices will commence and be offered. It mirrored how Zerubbabel re-dedicated the Altar after their 70-Year Babylonian Diaspora, etc.

3. Israel celebrated its 70th Year Anniversary since 1948.

4-From Israel, using 1948 with the Parable of the Unfruitful Fig Tree (4 Years total).
1948 + 70 Year Generation = 2018 + (3 Years + 1 Year Parable) = 2022

Zerubbabel restored the Altar for Burnt Offerings (Ezra 3:2-3). Following 4 Years of Construction at the urging of Prophets Haggai and Zechariah, the 2nd Temple was dedicated, estimated to have been Dedicated in 515 B.C. (Ezra 6:15-18; Zechariah 4:7-10).

2018 (70th Year Anniversary of Israel returning / Altar Rededication) + 4 Years later
= 2nd Temple Dedication Pattern
= Fall 2022

Thus, again, many believed that perhaps 2018 would have been the Rapture Year and End of the Church Royal Commission. One knew of the Sabbath Cycles then but could not quite reconcile the 50-Year, the 70-Year with the Sabbath Cycle or Shemitah that did not reconcile either Year. This is when one learned that based on the Sabbath Cycle, the correct ones would rather be or should be counted from 1952. Why? That is the Year that was the 1st Sabbath since Israel came back to the Land. And take note, the Sabbath Cycles have everything to do with the Land. 

1952 + 70 Years (10 Sabbath Cycles of 7 Years) = 2022

In the Speculated Timeline, one made a Year Matrix, especially dealing with the initial 1947 ‘Inception Year’ for Israel. The Year Matrix was based on what one calls the ‘Olivet Discourse Prophecy Code’ given by Jesus. One has presented this Theory before. Jesus foretold of how 3 Major Prophetic Elements would be Destroyed and Re-Constituted before He could/can return, etc. The following are the mirrored Olivet Prophecy ‘Code’.

Order of Destruction

1. Temple
2. City Jerusalem
3. Nation Israel

Order of Restoration

1. Nation Israel
2. City Jerusalem
3. Temple

And? Here was my Year Code Conjecture. Many Watchers at that Time, including myself, saw how the Prophetic Restoration of Israel’s Trek or Course or Timeline to its National Redemption all ended in Gregorian Years with the Number 7. It all got kicked-off with General Allenby entering Jerusalem on Hanukkah in 1917. This ended 400 Years of Muslims Ottoman Rule, etc. It mirrored the Liberation of the Israelites from 400 Years of Egyptian Bondage, etc. See Acts 7:6. Others argue 430 Years but realize that the Israelites remained Free for the 1st 30 Years in Egypt. Nonetheless, here are the 7-7-7 Year ending Prophetic Mile-Stones.

-Then, as mentioned, Israel’s ‘Conception’ as a Nation occurred in:            194-
-Then the Liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem was captured in:             196-
-Then Jerusalem was recognized as Israel’s Eternal Capital in:                   201-

These 3 Mile-Markers in the Prophetic Timeline of Israel follow the Sabbath Cycles of 7 Years. And this Year Triangulation is in approximate Phi Ratio of Time, of which the Timeline in the Chart will show that they all correspond to the Blood Moon Tetrads. In fact, the Tetrads of 1949-50, 1967-68 and 2014-15 also occurred Mathematically in this Phi Ratio of Time. That is also another one of one’s Theories of how YHVH proceeds with Time, Prophetic Time. And?

The issue for one, was ok, you have a 7-7-7 Connection or 3 Year’s Correspondences. Perhaps the most Monumental 3 Prophetic Occurrences to Date, this side of the Resurrection of Jesus. But one could not reconcile it at the Time, around 2015, looking forward and left the timeline to the side after 2018, until now. One thinks that this 777 Year Matrix Code has been cracked now. How so? It started with reviewing the Video by Dr. Awe in how he and others surmised a June 15 Rapture Date. Out of all the Evidence and Logic Dr. Awe presented, the 1 thing that did ‘Blow one’s Mind’, to this day and believe is the Key that unlocks my 777- Year Matrix deals with the following.

-Death of Lamech.
-Revelation 12 Sign.
-Parable of the Unfaithful Fig Tree.
-Re-Dedication of the Altar and subsequent Temple.

All of these Prophetic Occurrences have a 5th Year Factor connection. And that is the Point. How so? Here is the Logic. One can be wrong and off but nonetheless, here is the Evidence how all these Factors and more tie it all together, of why in 2022, the ‘Flood will Come’. To start off with the Death of Lamech, it was reiterated by Dr. Awe that Lamech Died when he was 777 Years old. Ok. That got one’s Attention. But that in the 5th Year after his Death, the Flood came. Ok, that got one’s Attention. And? Pertaining to the 777 Year Matrix, the last Year was 2017.

2017 + 5 Years = 2022

One believes the 3 Years ending in 7, connects them all and the 5the Year Factor is the ‘Key’ in how that presumably Insignificant Statement, of oh, and ‘5 Years after his 777th Year Death came the Flood’. No small Insignificant Prophetic ‘Bread Crumb’ in one’s Estimation. So much so, that one believes this reconciles one’s 777 Year Matrix as to when the End of the Church Age is to happen and when the Rapture then this to occur. It has to occur, based on these Calculations before the Fall Sabbath Cycle begins its New 7-Year Time-Frame. So, Lamech died in his 777th Year.

1. Nation of Israel Restored in                        194-
2. Old City of Jerusalem Restored in             196-
3. Jerusalem made official Capital in             201-

And all this is confirmed by the other Major Prophetic Witness of the Revelation 12 Sign of 2017, now 5 Years just 3 Days from Rosh HaShanah, 2022. And the other Major Prophetic Witness, being the 70th Sabbath Cycle since 1952, being a Sabbath Year and 80 Years later will be 2029. As one surmises, the Fall 2022 to Fall 2029 Timeline for the 7-Year Tribulation Period could very well play-out. And Jesus returning on that Yom Teruah of 2029, which happens to be September 11, 2029?

Why this is significant, at least to one is that Jesus’ literal Visit to Earth, in the Flesh, if occurring on this Date, would correspond to His 1st Appearance in the Flesh, that being September 11, -3 BC as calculated by purely Astronomical Alignments and Triple and Double Conjunction within Leo, etc. So, here you have it, the 777-Year Matrix reconciled now to the 5th Year as a Prophetic Type to Follow Lamech’s Death at this 777th Year. I hope it makes sense and adds to the evidence that 2022 is it May it be so.


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