A Word Study of the 'Beginning and the End'

  • Does the Song of Solomon give a Rapture Timing Clue?
  • Is the Typology presented of Christ and His Bride or of Israel?
  • Is the Hidden Code of the Alef and Tav recurring in Scripture?

by Luis B. Vega

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'This is what the LORD says, the King of Israel and its Redeemer— the LORD of the Heavenly Armies is His Name— I am the FIRST (
Alef) and I am the LAST (Tav), and apart from Me there is no GOD.' –Isaiah 44:6

The purpose of this study is to examine 3 Root Words from verse 6 of Isaiah 44 as ‘Codes’ that speaks about how YHVH proclaims that He is The Beginning and the End. This Royal and Singular Divine Title clearly has a Parallel Proclamation made by the Risen Jesus Christ on 2 occasions in the last Book of the Bible, Revelation. Jesus’ Announcement of this Revelation ascribed the Title to Himself, once at the Beginning of the Book in chapter 1:8 and the other at the End of the Book in chapter 22:13. This in itself alludes to the ‘Beginning and the End’ Code Signature of the Book of Revelation that is befitting of the Title of Jesus Christ. The study will break-down the verse in Isaiah to show how this Title of The Beginning and the End, alone has a profound significance on many levels and how this ‘Code’ can be extrapolated from it, based on the Hebrew meaning of the ‘Rose of Sharon’ in terms of alliteration, from Song of Solomon 2:1.

On one level, when matched with the parallel verses corresponding to the Book of Revelation, the ‘Hidden Codes’ of Isaiah 44:6 have to do with the notion of the Trinity. Another assertion that this study will bring out is what the Divine Title of The Beginning and the End really means and how it sounds in Hebrew. A short study in the Root Meaning of the Words that combine to make this Hebrew Word will be spelled-out Phonetically to suggest that it is a coded rendering of the Term, the ‘Rose of Sharon’. The core of this study will attempt to present an inference to this phrase, the ‘Rose of Sharon’, that will be shown to equate to the Divine Title of The Beginning and the End.

In another aspect of the study, the Alef and the Tav, the First and Last Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet that signify ‘The Beginning and the End’ will be examined for their literal definition of the Compound Word from the Paleo-Hebrew. These 2 Letters are found in the midst of the Isaiah verse of The Beginning and the End as if it is a ‘Code within a Code’. What is significant about the Pictographs of these 2 Letters is that they render an astonishing depiction of the finished work of Christ, the Redeemer. This study will also show how the Creator clothed the most simplest of Living Organisms, a Flower, the Rose of Sharon with Mathematical and Geometric Design. It would be Jesus that stated that such Intelligent Design could not be compared to Solomon’s Royal Array. Lastly, a Spiritual Inference will be made from the concept of the Rose of Sharon as it is attributed to Christ to a certain Spiritual Extent in the context of the Song of Solomon.

Holy Trinity Code

There are a total of 3 occasions in the entire Bible, Old and New Testament where the Majestic Title of The Beginning and the End is in direct inference to an attribute of YHVH. The 3 verses, 1 in Isaiah and 2 in Revelation reveal the Divine and Mysterious Notion of the Trinity. Combined, they are sort of a ‘Code’, alluding to the Father, the SON, and Holy Spirit. In the Isaiah 44:6 rendering, the verse can be attributed to GOD the Father as GOD deals directly with Israel. In this context, the verse is clearly emphasized by the attributes of YHVH being the King of Israel, the Lion, etc.

Move over, even in this context within the Old Testament, the Divine 2-Fold Mission of Messiah is ascribed already in the verse. The verse proclaims that there is but 1 King, 1 Redeemer, 1 GOD. All these 3 aspects are found in the 1 Messiah but accomplished in His 2 Appearances. The 1st Appearing was to be the Meek and Humble Lamb, so that Christ could be the Redeemer. This verse also has echoes of the 10 Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai, as the verse goes on to emphatically insist that there is no other ‘God’ besides YHVH. This Theme reverberates through the entire Old Testament of how Israel always went after other ‘Gods’.

The 2nd inference of the title is rendered when Jesus as GOD the SON confirms His Resurrection and subsequent Message to the Churches, at the Beginning of the Book of Revelation in chapter 1:8. It is the Final Revelation of Christ confirming His Credentials as the Messiah. The ‘Beginning and the End’, first had to become the Redeemer. Jesus in this context proclaims this Title in the midst of a 7 Branch Menorah. This is a Metaphor on 1 level of the Churches and the 7 Fold Spectacle of Time, each one has been commissioned for. The Theme of the Messages is that of the Good Physician making Diagnoses and prescribing Remedies.

The word Diagnosis comes from the Greek to reveal ‘Hidden’ Knowledge that cannot be seen. It speaks of the 2nd Coming in which Jesus, as the LORD of the Heavenly Armies, will return as the Lion King. Lastly, as the Book of Revelation comes to a close. The title of The Beginning and the End, morphs into the Domain of the GOD the Holy Spirit. In this last case, the Mysterious Conjunction of GOD the Holy Spirit is joined by the Bride of Christ. Time comes to a point where there is a Consummation of the 2. They are in Complete Union; both speaking as 1 Mind, 1 Heart, 1 Voice, in unison and Permanent Companionship inviting, ‘Whosoever to Come’ to partake of the River of Living Water, etc.

It is the Holy Spirit that is Washing or Sanctifying the Bride of Christ for the Divine Presentation and Marriage to Christ. It will be the Union of the Archetypes of Solomon as Christ Jesus and the Shulamite, as the Bride of Christ. This is 1 of the many Prophetic Themes found in the Song of Solomon. And 1 feature noted, from the very beginning is a Lily of the Valley, that is the Rose of Sharon. How she will be as a redeemed ‘Eve’ along with her Last Adam, Jesus that will co-rule the Universe in Holiness and Righteousness in the coming New Earth and Heavens.

True Flower of Life

The following section is specifically pertaining to the verse in Isaiah 44:6 as it will be dissected to ascertain what the ‘Beginning’ and what the ‘End’ really means in Hebrew. Hebrew is read Left to Right. What is most intriguing about the Hebrew is the rendering of the ‘Beginning’ and the End’ is that phonetically, the term ‘Beginning’ = a-sha-ron-win. The term ‘End’ = a-hron.

When these 2 Words are said together, they are a variation of rashan and ahon or rosh-s-haron or ‘Rose of Sharon’. The point of this study suggests that when the LORD declares that He is ‘The Beginning and the End’, phonetically, it is heard or spoken of as, ‘I am the ‘Rosh-S-Haron’… I am the ‘Rose of Sharon’. 
- כֹּֽה־אָמַ֨ר יְהוָ֧ה מֶֽלֶךְ־יִשְׂרָאֵ֛ל וְגֹאֲלֹ֖ו יְהוָ֣ה צְבָאֹ֑ות אֲנִ֤י
רִאשֹׁון֙ וַאֲנִ֣י אַחֲרֹ֔ון וּמִבַּלְעָדַ֖י אֵ֥ין אֱלֹהִֽים׃
      élohiym     ëyn    ûmiBal'äday    
aShárôn    waániy   Roshôn    ániy     tz'väôt      y'hwäh   w'goálô     yis'räël      melekh'   y'hwäh    ämar    Koh                  

     [ is ] GOD     not  and besides me     the LAST  and I [Am] the FIRST  I [AM]   of  Hosts      LORD   Redeemer   of Israel      the King   the LORD   says    Thus

אַ = Alef
חֲ =Tav
וַאֲנִ֣י          = 
רִאשֹׁון֙       =  
First = Ro-so-wn   
אַחֲרֹ֔ון        = 
Last = a-Sha-ron-win

To reiterate, using the Combined Pronunciation and a bit of Poetic License, the rendering of, ‘I AM the Beginning and the End’ can be phonetically said as ‘Roshon-s-Ahron’ or I AM the ROSE OF SHARON. However, nowhere in the Bible is there a term that directly ascribes the notion of the Rose of Sharon to being equated with Jesus, at least not directly. This study however strongly suggests that this is a case, cryptically, based on the Core Definition of the Hebrew Words. One Believes it is a Hidden Code within the Hidden Title of Jesus Christ encoded in the Old Testament, the Alef and the Tav, etc. These 2 Words of the ‘Beginning and the End’ are on either side of I AM.

In Hebrew, the Word Order even shows the Divine Symmetry and Composition of the very Word Order. This is the case where Jesus is veiled or ‘Hidden’ in the Old Testament. This Hidden ‘Code’ is there all along as in Genesis 1:1 as depicted in the Alef and the Tav that is in the middle of the verse and is ‘silent’ when read. Moreover, the ‘End’ Term in Isaiah 44:6, which is ‘Sharon’ has the same Silent Compound Word of the Alef and the Tav that is seen in Genesis 1:1. What is significant about this Compound Lettering is that it is a Code within the Code.

It is the ‘Signature’ of the Creation Code within the verse that signifies Christ Jesus as the Creator of Heaven and Earth and who is GOD. The next section will examine these 2 Letters, that are the First and the Last Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet or Alefbet more precisely. The Definitions of each will be based on the Paleo-Hebrew Pictographs. This study strongly suggests that at its Core Depiction the Compound Word denotes the Crucifixion of Jesus, literally ‘Adonai on the Cross’.

 Crucifixion of Adonai

This brief section will show the Code within a Code of the Alef and the Tav in the Isaiah verse that is also seen in the 1st verse of the Bible in Genesis 1:1, that this study calls the Creation Code. This ‘Code’ is not novel as many have discovered it, but this study attempts to take it to the next level of interpretation and inference. On one level the Alef and the Tav that are silent, can be depicted to correspond to the midst of the 7 Word Sentence. This in turn will be shown that it mirrors a Menorah Pattern having each Word form a Stem or Branch. It is this Center Term that means, ‘The Beginning and the End’ and that is silent or ‘Hidden’. It thus corresponds to the Servant Stem and Jesus as the Servant. As to the specific identity of who the term, ‘The Beginning and the End’ is inferring to? This Hidden One is revealed as Jesus Himself in the Book of Revelation.

This study also further asserts that Jesus’ Attributes can be found in the Alefbet in that each Letter is a particular Facet of the Character and Person of Messiah. Each Letter is a ‘Code’ that reveals the Hidden Meaning based on the Letter’s Root Definition. From the Isaiah 44:6 verse, the Alef and the Tav will be extrapolated-out to render its Core Meaning. The Alef means Ox, Strong, Leader or Adonai. The Tav means the Mark, to make a Covenant, and a Cross, etc. Based on the Paleo-Hebraic Pictographs, the Compound Lettering on one level of meaning and definition literally renders the Alef and Tav, the ‘Beginning and End’ as ‘Adonai on the Cross’, the LORD Crucified. 

sha-ron-win (Last)  רִאשֹׁון֙ וַאֲנִ֣י אַחֲרֹ֔ון (First) ra-so-wn
אַ = Alef = The Frist = strong ox, leader, Adonai
=Tav = The Last = to mark, to make covenant, a cross

This ‘Code’ is a Veiled Depiction of Jesus, as Adonai being Crucified. The Tav represents the means by which Jesus was Marked by the Nails on His hand to seal the New Covenant at the Cross. The Alef denotes how the coming King was and is a Teacher, Meek, as a Joshua, a Leader who is the LORD that is to reign on Earth at His 2nd Coming. He conquered Sin, Death and Lucifer. As Hebrew is read, the sequence of the Prophetic Fulfillment of the Alef and Tav are in Reversed Order. Jesus, the King first had to humble Himself as a ‘Lamb’ to redeem Adam’s Race or the Tav. Jesus will take Possession of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth at His 2nd Coming as a ‘Lion’, the Alef.

The study has shown how the Royal Title of The Beginning and the End ascribed to YHVH, which is Jesus, is encoded within the Rose of Sharon Code of Isaiah. The Bible starts in Genesis with this ‘Hidden’ Imagery of Jesus in the midst of the Creation Verse. Moreover, the 3 Character Word ארָבָּ that is translated as ‘Created’ is made up of the Beyt that in Paleo-Hebrew was depicted as a House or Tent. The 2nd Letter was the Resh. It denoted a Man’s Head to infer a 1st Rank or Sequential Order. The last character was the Alef that was depicting an Ox’s Head. These 3 Letters, means the ‘Son of GOD’. Thus, Genesis 1:1 can be read as, ‘In the Beginning, GOD the SON, GOD, The Beginning and the END (Jesus) created the Heavens and the Earth’.

Divine Blueprints of a Flower

The Rose of Sharon flower itself is a masterpiece of Gematria and simplistic divinity displayed in the most simple of created Platonic forms, a Star. No doubt as Jesus would walk the trails of Israel and preach on the hillsides would He be in close proximity of the literal field of flowers as a cosmic panoply of ‘stars’ He created that this study suggests the Rose of Sharon is a Reflection of Jesus’ Simplicity, Beauty and Composition. Jesus Christ made the following Observation about such Flowers.

‘Consider the Lilies of the Field, how they grow: they neither Toil nor Spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his Glory was not Arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the Grass of the Field, which Today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the Oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of Little Faith? Therefore do not be Anxious, saying, What shall we eat? or What shall we drink? or What shall we wear? For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all these things will be added to you’. –Matthew 6:28-33.

The Star Geometry of the Rose of Sharon corresponds to the Number 5 and to the Platonic Polyhedron Form of the Dodecahedron. It is said to be also a Microcosm of the Universe. What is spectacular about the Star Geometric Composition of the Rose of Sharon is that it also represents the 5th Element which can be attributed to ‘LOVE’ or the Esoteric Notion of the Aether. The 5 Elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Thus this study suggests that on one level of meaning, when one sees and contemplates the design and meaning of the Rose of Sharon, it is a physically created manifestation of Christ’s true Essence, Love. And how befitting when a Man loves a Woman or Mother and gives her flowers. They are a symbol of his ‘Love’ for her.

This true Inference to Christ and His Love has been stolen to a degree by Lucifer from Heaven at his Expulsion. In one Assertion, it could have been one of the Ensigns Lucifer was bestowed with as the ‘Anointed Cherub’ but took with him as he was expelled from Heaven for instigating the Angelic Rebellion against the Creator and Sovereign YHVH. This Pentagram or ‘Star’ is used by the occult, to include Masons, Luciferians, Satanists, etc. Lucifer uses this same Sacred Design for ‘Good’ and Evil purposes. Luciferians and Masons, for example, use the Pentagram for what they call ‘White Magic’. The Satanists and the Occult use the Inverted Star Composition to harness the Carnal, Dark and Sexual Energies.

On another level, Mathematically, the Rose of Sharon ‘Star’ Flower has within its ‘DNA’ the property of the Golden Ratio. This Sacred Ratio is the Key to Time and Space as it is the Stamp or Signature of the Creator. By Definition, the Ratio occurs when the length of 2 Sides is equal to the Ratio of the longer Side to the sum of the 2 Sides; a/b = b/a+b = a+b/a+2b. This Formula also is subject to the Property of the Fibonacci Series of Numbers, where the Numbers are formed by adding the previous 2 Numbers. This Eternal Property of Reproduction is found in the Star that produces a famous Geometric Nautilus Spiral. Also, the Reproductive Property is a Mathematical Function of the Vesica Pisces in that the Pentagram is construed when 2 Interlocking Equidistant Circles are superimposed with each other. The Motif produced is that of a ‘Womb’.

Rose of Sharon
The Star Pentagram is like a ‘womb’ of a Woman that produces Life through the Birth Canal. The extension of the Geometric Design, with the Mathematical Factor of the Golden Spiral, when interjected into the 3rd dimension would generate a Funnel or a type of Vortex, as in a ‘Birth Canal’. This is exactly what the Rose of Sharon and Flowers in general, produce as they have a Protrusion from its center called a Stigma. This is to infer also that the Star Motif configures an amazing ‘Portal’ or Pathway from one End to another, as in a ‘Stargate’. Moreover, Jesus did state that He was the ‘Gate of the Sheep’ and Venus, the Bright and Morning Star, etc.

Astronomically, the Path of Venus nearly approximates the Star or Pentagram configuration every 4 years. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, Sharon means a Level Plain. It is often associated Geographically to the Coastal Plain of Israel where the Land is fertile and full of the Flower that blooms in the Late Summer. The Rose of Sharon is referenced from Song of Solomon 2:1. Scientifically the Name of the Rose of Sharon is Hibiscus Syriacus. Technically the Rose of Sharon is not a Rose, and the original Word in Hebrew for the Term is Habaselet and thus the Term ‘Rose’ is really a Euphemism.

hā·‘ă·mā·qîm.   šō·wō·šan·naṯ   haš·šā·rō·wn,      ḥă·ḇaṣ·ṣe·leṯ ’ă·nî 
הָעֲמָקִֽים׃                 שֽׁוֹשַׁנַּ֖ת                 הַשָּׁר֔וֹן                 חֲבַצֶּ֣לֶת  אֲנִי֙   ß
of the valleys.            the lily             of Sharon             the Rose     I [AM]  

Early Christian Authors attributed the Imagery of the Rose of Sharon to Jesus Christ, although the Context is of the Dialog between a Maiden, the Shulamite and Solomon. Both Names in Hebrew are a derivative of the word Shalom, as in Peace. This is an amazing imagery of ‘Mr. Peace’ and ‘Mrs. Peace’ in a Romantic Anticipatory Poem of Love, Longing and Courtship. Prophetically, Solomon is a Type of Christ and the Shulamite as Type of the Bride. The entire Discourse of the Book of Song of Solomon has been seen as a Type of the Messiah and Israel, Christ and His Bride, etc. The point is that on one level of Poetic Inference, Jesus can be seen as a type of Rose of Sharon pertaining to the Femininity of the Creator as Humanity was made in the Creator’s image, both Male and Female.

This Divine Mystery of the Duality of the Sexes can be seen in Glimpses and Attributes of Jesus during His Ministry on Earth. Of Him, there were some clear characteristics that alluded to this divine disposition. On some occasions the Gospels record that Jesus attributed Himself to a Hen that wanted to gather Jerusalem, but she was not willing. In another instance, the intense Love of Jesus for His Disciples is seen in the Raw Emotions as Jesus cried over Lazarus’s Death. Yet in another expression of Raw Emotion, Jesus demonstrated his Righteous Indignation as He cleared His Father’s Temple of the Money Changers, etc. This is not to insinuate that YHVH is a ‘She’ or an ‘It’ or how some Denominations now prefer to use a Neutral Gender reference to YHVH. It is very clear that whenever there was a Theophany and Christophany disclosed in the Bible, the form was clearly recognizable and described to be that of a form of a Man.

Transformed Shulamite

The Theme of the Rose of Sharon in the Song of Solomon is about Solomon, the Noble King of Peace. He is the most Noble of all Kings of Earth that seeks and pays attention to the lowly Shulamite Shepherdess. The Shulamite was dark; skin scorched by the Sun and the dry harsh elements of Earth due to the Curse of Eve in the Garden. Moreover, Shepherds were considered Unclean and could not participate in the Temple Worship or Ordinances as most People of YHVH did, much less a Woman Shepherdess. She responds to the Call of the King, the Majestic King of Peace but was apprehensive and ran away, i.e., a Runaway Bride. This is the Spiritual Condition of Israel, as alluded to in Jeremiah and Humanity in general due to the Sin Condition.

Many People are perhaps attracted to the Call of Jesus, the King, as a Solomon Type but most run-away instead of running to Christ with their Problems. It is a Euphemism for how Eve and Adam ran away from YHVH in the Garden and hid themselves because of their Shame; it is the Human Condition due to Sin as Humanity tries to hide its Shame and insecurities from the Creator who sees all. This Apprehension is even seen in the Apostle Peter as Jesus approached him to heed His call to follow Him. Peter expressed, ‘Depart from me LORD, for I am a Sinful Man’. When the Light of Christ is shown in one’s Heart of Darkness, one tends to either want to run from Jesus or feel unworthy and hide because of one's Sins. No one is worthy in one’s own self to be before the King of Glory. It takes a Solomon, a Prince of Peace, Jesus to bestow Unmerited Favor to cover one’s Sin by his own Blood, as the Redeemer that is also the King of the Universe.

This redemption was paid as ‘Adonai on the Cross’ –the Aleph and the Tav took the Substitutionary Eternal Death for Eve and Adam’s Fallen Race. Jesus did this because of the Intense Love for the Father and for His Bride that is exemplified in the Rose of Sharon. The Flower is a Perfect Star Design that is ever-becoming ‘I AM that I AM’ and represents the Love that is Jesus Christ and has for a Lost ‘Shulamite’ of Humanity. The issue is the need for the Transformation of the Shulamite, as the Bride of Christ requires that GOD the Holy Spirit wash Sin away in the Blood of the Lamb. It is the only thing that can make her worthy of the King’s calling. It was the Greater Solomon, the Great Shepherd of the Sheep, Jesus that gave His Life to make the Shulamite worthy and have her be Transformed. This is Theologically the Notion of Sanctification.

Only then, when She had ‘made herself ready’, did Solomon come for her in his Full Splendor, in a Train of Attendants as he was lifted-up in his Chariot or Merkavah. And it is in this same Chariot that the Bride of Christ will one day be escorted to. This will occur at the Rapture. Spiritually, the Bride of Christ has been given White Robes of Christ’s Righteousness as she takes on His name, that of Jesus Christ as a Husband. To reiterate, in Jesus, the Curse of Separation and Loneliness caused by the disobedience of Eve and Adam has been reversed. It is seen in the Shulamite that has been bestowed with the Privilege to become the Bride, the Co-Heir with Solomon, as a Type of Christ in all that YHVH is and has. Thus, this study of the Rose of Sharon Theme infers a Prophetic Type that incorporates the very Royal Title of Christ found in the Old and New Testament, The Beginning and the End. 

What this study has attempted to ascertain is that based on the Hebrew Core Definition of the phrase, ‘I AM the Beginning and the End’, can be extrapolated phonetically as ‘I AM the Rose of Sharon’. As it relates to the Bride of Christ, it is the process in-between this prophetic Beginning and the End that on one level of interpretation, the Bride has needed to be transformed by Christ Jesus, the King that is the Redeemer of both Israel and the Bride. As a Typology, Christ and the Bride are found in the Storyline of the Song of Solomon. The Song of Songs is the journey of how the King of Peace Transforms the lowly Shulamite into a Queen, in her own process from a Beginning to an End.

And this is why the Rapture, as a Type taken from the Song of Solomon, cannot occur in the Spring. That is when King Solomon came, but the Bride to Be was not ready. It is only in the Late Summer that the Storyline ends with the depiction of the Couple in Love, under the Trees in the Garden, that of the Pomegranate, Figs, that are harvested in Summer, thus a Summer Rapture Timing and Theme, etc. It exemplifies the calling of the Greater Solomon, the longing for Jesus to be with his Bride.

Jesus Christ is the true Alef and the Tav, The Beginning and the End, encoded in the Old and New Testament. He is the true ‘Roshon-S-ahron’ …the ROSE OF SHARON, that is literally Geometrically proclaiming LOVE to His Creation and to His Bride. The Alef and the Tav, the First and Last Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet that signify ‘The Beginning and the End’ have been examined for their literal definition of the compound word from the Paleo-Hebrew. These 2 Letters are found in the midst of the Isaiah verse where the Word, ‘Sharon’ is a ‘Code within a Code’ found in the Term, The Beginning and the End.

What is significant about the Pictographs of these 2 Letters is that they render an astonishing Depiction of the Finished Work of Christ, the Redeemer, the Crucifixion. At its core definition, Alef means Adonai, Tav means Cross. Thus the ‘Code’ of the Rose of Sharon is that in Hebrew, when the LORD states that He is, ‘The Beginning and the End’, it phonetically sounds like, ‘I AM the Rose of Sharon’, and that within the Word, Sharon, one finds that it also says ’I AM Adonai that was Crucified’.


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