Cosmic Configuration of the Crucifixion

  • Was there a special alignment signaling the birth of Jesus?
  • What was this cosmic planetary alignment consisting of?
  • Did the planetary configuration depict a 'crucifixion' of sorts?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘I see Him, but not here and now. I perceive Him, but far in the distant future. A Star will rise from Jacob; a Scepter will emerge from Israel. It [He] will smite the foreheads of Moab's people, and destroy all the sons of Seth.’ –Numbers 24:17

The purpose of the chapter is to present the cosmology of Christ’s birth. The study seeks to examine the timeline that outlines the major astronomical occurrences since -5 BC. This timeframe starts with the Start of David hexagram alignments and illustrates the eclipse patterns and planetary conjunctions thereafter that could lend a visual clue as to the timing of Christ’s actual birth and death based on such celestial patterns and conjunctions.

This study strongly agrees with the theory that the Star of Bethlehem was the planet Jupiter and that the signs had to do with the conjunctions of various planets, mainly Jupiter with Regulus and Venus. This study will argue that the single most compelling evidence for the birth of Christ astronomically was the divine signature markers of the triple conjunction of Jupiter with Regulus, which has been unprecedented as it has not occurred until there was an approximation in the summer of 2015. With this excitement, many attributed this conjunction to be also a possible ‘Sign’ of the 2nd coming of Jesus. Other however asserted that is not the Jesus Christ that is coming but the AntiChrist that has to come first.

The triple conjunction was bookended by the complimentary conjunction of Jupiter with Venus before and after the constellation Leo that spanned the duration of 9 months, a human gestation period. Interestingly that gestation period culminated around the Passover of March -3 BC, almost exactly 3 years to the month from the March 2, -5 BC Star of David alignment that this study suggests is actually a depiction of the ‘Cosmic Crucifixion’ foreshadowing the coming Messiah, the King. This was the specific purpose for Jesus’ divine and miraculous birth.

One possible date strongly suggests that 3 years from this Cosmic Crucifixion alignment, the birth of Christ occurred on the Passover feast in March of -2 BC. This assertion is conjecture but it is during the yearly season for the birthing of lambs that possibly coincided with the birth of the Messiah, the Lamb of GOD that was to be born to take away the sin of the World. This birthing of the lambs would be out in the fields of Bethlehem as it was where the shepherds were tending to them and the Angles burst out in jubilation to announce to them the physical birth of GOD the Son on Earth, i.e., the Lamb of GOD.

The Passover Countdown
There would have been room only in the mangers or stalls of the animals to accommodate a delivery as there would have been no ‘room at the inn’ due to the numerous pilgrims coming to Jerusalem for the Passover feast. Nonetheless, it would also be symbolically that the Messiah would be born and die on a Passover. This stipulation rules out any speculated Fall or Winter birth as the reverse conditions would have been observed. There would have been no room at the ‘inn’ due to Rosh HaShanah Fall Feast and neither in the mangers as the animals would be collected and housed for covering against the cold and the elements.

The Passover is the only one of the 7 main Feast of YHVH that specifically centers on 1 lamb that is examined for 4 days and households keep until it is consumed at the Passover meal. This sacrifice commemorates the ‘passing over’ by the Angel of Death that was smiting the 1st Born as the last divine judgment of YHVH against the ‘gods’ of Egypt during the last night of Hebrew enslavement. Passover was a type of Jubilee deliverance and a type of a judgment bestowed upon another. Thus the sacrifice of the lamb had to be done in haste and at a precise time as it was crucial for the Hebrews to execute and not be found under the same wrath and judgment of Pharaoh and the Egyptians, a type of the AntiChrist and the Rapture.

It is understood that just before the midnight hour and thereafter the Angel of Death came upon the land of Egypt. Those that did not avail themselves of the Blood of the Lamb upon their homes were judged by Death. Some speculate that perhaps there was also a Blood Moon during this time. The point being is that if the Apostle Paul teaches that as Jesus Christ was the Lamb of GOD, then the events of Passover had to precisely follow the same exact timing and procedure of His execution and judgment upon the very Lamb of GOD. If any Feast of the LORD would have corresponded to when the Messiah was to die as a ‘lamb’ metaphor, it could not have been any except Passover.

Perhaps the Lamb of GOD could only have been born on Passover just as well in keeping with this godly theme of a sacrificial substitution promised to Abraham for the plan of redemption of Humanity. This is key in determining the possible date of Jesus' death in that a Blood Moon of similar timing and composition would also have had to occur. Surprisingly only on April 14, 32 AD does a Blood Moon occur on a Wednesday and reach its approximate maximum around midnight in Jerusalem.

If one considers the Passover day in purely mathematical terms, the day of the Passover by hours in which the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place on Passover had a factor of the phi ratio. The duration of the crucifixion of 3 hours approximates the phi ratio proportion of time that this study suggests correlated precisely to the very ritual timing of the Passover sacrifice and meal ritual. The time that Christ Jesus was ‘lifted up’ or crucified was at 9am as Jesus was on the cross for 6 hours. Jesus died as the Passover lambs would be slaughter at that very same moment in the Temple around 3pm.

About an hour earlier, the piecing by the Roman Guard took place mathematically as a continued factor of the phi ratio that correlated to the meat preparation of the Passover lambs as the Jews would take and eat of it with the celebratory 5 cups of Passover. This occurred as any Moed or Feast day was also considered a High Day Sabbath, not a Friday evening. Any person hung on a tree, i.e., a cross had to be buried before sunset as to not desecrate the Passover. Thus, the Romans pierced Christ’s body through His heart to make sure He was dead, thus no bones needed to be broken as others had to be broken to expedite their death. As the body of Christ was buried, the Afikomen was hidden during the Passover meal.

Thus the sacrifice of the Messiah, the Lamb of GOD had to be done in haste and at a precise time as it was crucial to execute so as to have Humanity absolved of sin as the Lamb, the Messiah gave up His life in judgment instead at that very hour. Realize this one aspect of the crucifixion is that technically Jesus was not murdered or killed as it would appear by the mere events that transpired at Calvary and due to the false trials, sentencing, flogging that led up to the nailing on the tree or cross itself of Jesus. The Bible states that the life of Jesus Christ was not taken but given and given or relinquished at a precise time. Jesus Christ’s very own words were ‘into Your hands I commit My Spirit, and He gave up the Ghost or Spirit and then He died’.

Theologically this occurred only after the Bible teaches that it was at that time between Heaven and Earth as Jesus was suspended in-between spiritual dimensions as well. It was at this precise time and supernatural dimensions that GOD the Father placed all the sins of Humanity and the accompanied wrath upon the Lamb, Jesus. It was a transferring of sins as with the Scapegoat. The final outcome was death and eternal separation experienced by Jesus on behalf of Adam’s fallen race.

These details might seem inconsequential, but the theological implications are enormous if one fully understands the scope of the crucifixion. As the Passover ritual meal progressed, the mathematical ratio culminated into the 11th hour. What is significant about this? This was the hour of Death, of blood that Passover was instituted for as in Egypt. As noted, in 32 AD, a total lunar eclipse or Blood Moon did occur at that precise time mathematically. This stipulated scenario and series of events would concur if the Blood Moon event that occurred in 32 AD as if to ’punctuate’ this time. This study strongly suggests that with its configuration at 23:02 hours, this day and Blood Moon was the actual day of the death of Jesus prior to sunset. Based on this calculation, this would mean that the age of Jesus can be ascertained.

Based on the model, Jesus would have started His public ministry perhaps around the Spring when He was baptized by John but not yet 30 years of age as the Scripture alludes to. Only after a possible Fall birth date of September 11, would He then be able to call and gather Disciples to himself. If Jesus' ministry lasted 3 years, then He would have been 32 years of age by the time He died on Passover in 32 AD, that being on his 33rd year. The reason that the dates synchronize is that as Jesus is purported to have been born on -2 BC, there is no year 0 that is counted.

The Celestial Crucifixion
The Stellarium software confirms that on April 14, 32 AD there was a total lunar eclipse Blood Moon in Libra as if to illustrate this sacrifice. Perhaps it was also reminiscent of the coming Angel of Death upon the Land. In ancient times, Libra was an altar of sacrifice as in a square slab, but the 2 scales now depicted appropriately denote a judgment. As it has been stated, it is understood that just before the midnight hour and thereafter the Angel of Death came upon the land of Egypt. Those that did not avail themselves of the Blood of the Lamb were judged and fell under the 'Wrath of the Lamb'. This is the theological state of affairs now in that those of Humanity that refuse to apply the Blood of the Lamb, that of Jesus Christ will eventually succumb to the judgment of the 1st Born, that of death and separation for the One and True Living GOD YHVH.

The Bible stipulates that not only would there be a physical death but a spiritual one that will involve an eternal state and separation from the life and light of the Creator, Jesus Christ. This is theologically referred to as the 2nd Death. This study with corresponding chart will focus on the makeup of the particular Star of David astronomical alignment that occurred on March 2, -5 BC and its particulars and possible implication leading up to the birth of the Royal King, Jesus Christ. This study and illustrations are not aimed to be dogmatic about designating a date.

Such inferences presented are merely to suggest that based on the eclipse pattern and planetary conjunctions, a season and perhaps Feast of the LORD could be the best candidate for a possible date of Christ’s birth in direct relation to the eclipse patterns and conjunctions of the particular planets. This study suggests that the hexagram Star of David could not have been the Star of Bethlehem for the reasons that will be considered in the study. The accompanying charts will approximate a rendering of the Solar System as it was configured on March 2, -5 BC.

Prior research has pegged this particular planetary alignment to not occur but once in about ~40,000,000 years, if at all.

As to how the odds were calculated is mainly the research of John Charles Webb. Since then though, other studies have shown that although extremely rare, the past decades have produced a series of spectacular 13 such ‘Star of David’ alignments that is unprecedented. The point being that if such a Celestial Hexagram and Cosmic Cross was a prelude to Messiah’s first coming. The odds of such a configuration are beyond the score of reason. Could the significance of 13 Stars of David in a row within a period of 2 decades be signaling Jesus’ 2nd Advent?

Would it not be rational to expect such a similar event and/or astronomical configuration on the same level as the birth of Christ? Perhaps it could be alluding to the return of Christ. What this study strongly suggests is that the Star of David was not announcing the ‘birth’ of the Messiah but the ‘death’ and specifically by crucifixion on a cross based on the cosmology of the alignment that that precise time. From the top view of the Solar System on March 2, -5 BC, the hexagram Star of David can be depicted as a Cosmic Crucifixion. In this rendition, there are some amazing Biblical prophetic implications of such a celestial configuration that has been largely overlooked.

When the alignment is coordinated to the Cardinal Cross perpendicularly and at a rotation of 180 degrees from the astrological chart, the perspective of the hexagram alignment configures the ‘Celestial Crucifixion’. With it, a ‘star’ as in the coordinates of an out-stretched man and a pyramid pattern emerges. The six planets configure the ‘Star or Cosmic Man’ as da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Venus is prominent as the head that is attributed to one of the titles of the Risen Messiah, the Bright and Morning Star. The planet Venus at the top of this ‘pyramid’ and ‘head’ of the Cosmic Man as if it is a torch of light that the planet’s name alludes to.

It is flanked with the Earth at the metaphorical right hand and Jupiter, the King planet to the left. The base of the cosmic ‘pyramid’ is sustained by the noble gas planets of Neptune and Uranus. Apparently, the exclusionary planets not incorporated into this ‘Celestial Crucifixion’ are Mars, the God of War and Saturn, which is often associated as that of Satan and the nemeses to Jupiter. It is as if YHVH set aside the war or enmity with Mankind and giving Satan a ‘time-out’. To reiterate, the planetary configuration of this Star of David hexagram of March 2, -5 BC depicts the Da Vinci Man that is famously depicted with out-stretch arms within a square and circle. The number 6 is the number of Man according to the Bible. The following are the specific planets that made up this cosmic Star-Man. This study presents the Cosmic Messiah as a type of the true Messiah, Jesus Christ to come is configured by the following planet order.


Within this celestial depiction and cosmology, the 6 basic numbers and elements or forms are denoted which are said to be used as the ‘building blocks’ of Creation itself. These forms are the Circle, the Line, the Square, the Triangle, the Star, etc. Each of the 5 planets are depicting the point of the extremities of the ‘Cosmic Messiah’ that were to be pierced through in the flesh. It is as though the 5 planets or stars are denoting the number of piercings Jesus had literally on the Cross done by the Roman nails. This means that in Eternity Past before time and space, in some mysterious way even before Creation or Humanity even sinned on Earth, the work and purpose of Jesus as the Christ needing to die to redeem Humanity was already good as done as the Bible states.

If this assertion of a ‘Cosmic Crucifixion’ might seem far-fetched to accept or contemplate, recall that the Bible declares that ‘the Christ has been slain since the foundations of the world.’ This ‘Star Man’ depiction of a crucified Cosmic Christ is as if the LORD was advertising to the Cosmos that the coming Christ was to be born for the purpose of dying and that of a specific death by crucifixion as he had to be physically pierced. The Christ of YHVH would be placed upon a physical cross as the stars or planets depict a crucifixion against the celestial Cardinal Cross. This particular Cardinal Cross is made up by Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Libra. These 4 Cardinal Cross points denote the Biblical themes of redemption that was the purpose for the birth, death by crucifixion precisely and resurrection of the Christ.

1) Aries
As the Messiah, Jesus Christ would be as that Scapegoat led away to take away the sins of Humanity.

2) Capricorn
He would be the GOD-Man, 100% GOD and Man having a dual nature in one person as Capricorn represents.

3) Libra
He would take upon himself at the Cross of Calvary the wrath and judgment of GOD for the infraction against the Law of GOD due to Mankind’s sin as represented by Libra.

4) Cancer
Lastly the purpose was for the sheepfold, as Cancer contains the ‘Beehive’ that of Humanity as the Good Shepherd that laid down His life for the sheep.

This Celestial Crucifixion portrays the foretold oracle that the Messiah was to be pierced through the hands and feet, meaning that the Creator would in some manner have flesh as a human to be pierced. This is the tenants of Christianity, that GOD the SON took on human flesh, born of a human mother so as to have a sinless nature to be the 2nd Adam as the qualifier to redeem and pay for restoring the fallen race of Adam.

The Gospel is that this Jesus was The Christ, not one of the Christs that were crucified on a cross, not stake. He physically died, was buried, and rose physically, not ‘spiritually’ from the dead due to His perfect sinless human nature. The message of the Bible is that now only Jesus can bestow Eternal Life and the forgiveness of sins to all. The condition is that this a repentant human must come to Jesus Christ as LORD and Savor as one surrenders the heart, mind, and soul in an exchange for a new one.

Certain planets have a degree of retrograde that occurs. This is the path of a planet traveling backwards from Earth’s perspective. This occurs because the plants travel at different speeds and as the trajectory is circular, a faster planet might overtake another planet giving the perspective that the planet stops and moves backwards. This principle can be compared as if a one is traveling on a road while one faster moving vehicle is passing a slower one. Both vehicles are going forward yet as the faster vehicle passes the slower one at a faster speed, the vehicle being passed up appears to fall back and travel ‘backwards’.

These various planetary retrogrades effects happen at precise intervals of time as a planet’s retrograde spectacularly produce a geometric pattern. In fact, if one plots-out the pattern of a given planet’s retrograde from a top view of the entire Solar System, most of the planets will produce an amazing ‘flower’ pattern. This is just one of the amazing signatures of the Creator that has been infused within the handiwork of His Creation. The Solar System is not a disorganized conglomeration of random planetary circuits.

The Principles of Retrogrades
Each planet has a corresponding orbit that in essence is a reflection of its frequency. Each planet has a corresponding resonance or sound even and color. The point being as it pertains to Christ’s time of birth is that the odds of Jupiter’s triple retrograde that occurred in Cancer, then in Leo and Virgo are beyond reason. These Signs then coincided with the triple conjunction due to the retrograde in Leo with Regulus bookmarked by the conjunction of Venus before and after the triple conjunction of Jupiter. Such a celestial pattern is astronomical beyond random chance and it has not happened since. This scenario of events lends more probability that the actual timing of Christ’s birth had to be related to such celestial coordination. To add the double conjunction during this timeframe with Venus to have thereafter a 9-month conjunction again is beyond logical probability.

There are various theories about what the actual Star of Bethlehem was. Many believe it was allegorical as so much of the Bible is purported to be by many. Many assert that such a ‘redeeming Christ’ was conceptual that even if YHVH promised a Redeemer to be ‘birthed’ of a Virgin, such events could not go beyond the metaphysical and metaphorical to the physical and be literal. Many are convinced of this only possibility and should thus be interpreted as such. However, the Bible accounts state that it was a physical reality or else the Promises of YHVH to Eve, the Prophets, Abraham, King David, etc., would be void and null.

This physical visitation to Humanity of the King of the Universe is directly tied to a specific timing then. This was given to the prophet Daniel in visions and mathematical calculation of when Messiah was to be presented to Israel as the Lamb of GOD for example. The point being is that it is possible that even mathematically and astronomically to determine the birth and death of Messiah was subject to signs that the LORD Himself placed so clearly as a ‘sign’ in the Cosmos so as to not have His People and the world at large miss it. This is why every ancient civilization had the similar Creation and Christ narrative, it was understood.

With the advent of modern computer astronomy software, a more precise depiction of the cosmic alignments can be examined and studied around the purported time of Jesus Christ’s possible birth. Such computer software models can perhaps reveal some missed clues or celestial sequences that might pertain to a pattern in the stars that would have announced the birth of the Messiah. These alignments were in the precise signs primarily in Leo and Virgo where they were expected to occur. Virgo starts the Mazzaroth or Zodiac, Leo concludes it. Virgo was to ‘birth’ the Manchild Savior and depicted the 1st coming of Jesus. Leo pertained to the 2nd coming as a conquering Lion.

These motifs cosmologically comprised the Alpha and Omega principle. Leo has been primarily associated with the Lion-King, with the Royal Star, Regulus. Thus, any peculiar conjunction with the King Planet Jupiter of the Messiah should been considered more importantly. No such sign occurred in Leo during the March 2, -5 BC hexagram alignment. One assertion is true nonetheless; the alignments and eclipse patterns are blueprints of the Gospel written in the Stars.

The Silent Celestial Witnesses
The Apostle Paul alludes to this in Romans as the ‘Silent Witness’. Most do not credit that even if illiterate at the time, most common people had a deeper understanding of the cosmology of Christ. it was understood that the constellations were ‘signs’ set in motion by the Creator for appointments specifically. This celestial knowledge is dealing with the Mazzaroth or Zodiac, the Signs in the heavens or constellations. Most ancient peoples had a better grasp of such amazing knowledge and their meaning than the average college educated person in the 21st century. It is true that only in the Gospel of Matthew with its theme of the ‘King’ emphases of the 4 faceted dimensions of the Messiah to come does it present the Royal Star account. It is thus appropriate that this ‘Star of Bethlehem’ correspond to a royal city of King David where the Messiah was to be born.

What this means though is that there were other serious sources that collaborated the divine oracle that the coming Messiah would be a Royal King associated in conjunction with a royal Sign of the Mazzaroth and with the Royal ‘star’ Regulus. Such is the case with the Magi of Persia. The ‘science’ of the study of the star’s meaning or technically being Astrology was only studied by the very elite and learned in the ancient world. This is what separated the masses from the elites at the time. Most of the illiterate masses only had pieces of the puzzle from what was told to them by the religious and/or political priests that ruled a cast system as it is even now in some cases in the world. For example, not only did the Wise Men of Persia or the Magi know of the celestial Signs but as to its timing of the Star of the King, but the High Priests of Israel knew also.

The Priests of Israel confirmed that according to the Old Testament, a Star would rise up from Jacob and that it would be associated to the Promised Messiah. The King to be born in Bethlehem of King David and from a Virgin that Messiah was to come from the Royal line of King David. Herein is the danger of such knowledge. Even though the Priestly elites of Israel knew of such timing and knowledge, such information did not get disseminated to the masses enough to make a difference. Nor those that knew of this divine revelation took to heart and lived accordingly. Although the Sadducees, Pharisees and the Scribes of Israel knew of these versus and of Daniel the Prophet’s mathematical timetable of Messiah’s visitation, the oracles of such a visitation by the King of the Universe upon Israel as promised to Eve and Abraham came to blindside Israel as it was in a spiritual state of darkness, apathy and unbelief.

Herod the Great at the time exemplified this attitude and reaction to the understanding of the Magi’s purpose for the visit to Bethlehem. This sadly was the same state of religious affairs when Jesus admonished Nicodemus for being a ‘Teacher of Israel’. He did not know the cosmological times of Christ. Worse is that this too will be the state of spiritual affairs in the Last Days just before Jesus’ 2nd coming. YHVH’s People missed the meaning and significance of what the Messiah was all about and what the Christ was to accomplish in His 1st mission and advent to Earth. Such is the current spiritual condition present in GOD’s People in these Last Days; apathy, spiritual darkness that will catch the sleeping Church blindsided.

Biblical Astrology?
As to the debate between Astronomy and Astrology, if one looks and studies more in-depth, one will realize that yes Astronomy is of the Creator, as the Bible clearly states that YHVH fashioned the stars and the panoply of space as a curtain metaphorically. The Bible goes on to state that each star has a name and thus a meaning and interpretation of such as nothing that YHVH names is without purpose or meaning, but so is GOD's astrology. In a pure technical definition, Astronomy is the observation of the cosmic configurations, pretty neutral without interpretation. The interpretation of the Astronomy is Astrology. This is where there is some issue with godly theology and what Astrology has degenerated to and been misused. As with any other source of true knowledge and wisdom, Lucifer has tried to deface. The LORD clearly forbids the study of the divinations that utilizes the stars as mediums for interpretation that is man-made and man centered. Astrology of today is humanistic, man-centered and in most cases Satanic.

It’s not because the dark forces of Lucifer uses it for evil that the Body of Christ has to avoid it exclusively by relinquishing its spiritual Godly authority over it to understand that the Stars, Moon and Sun were set to precisely have GOD’s People 'interpret' the times. The difference is that when the LORD gives a ‘Sign’, it is to confirm His will, purpose and plan. It will also always exhaust Christ. It is true that Christ reprimanded the Jews for seeking ‘Signs’ and the Greeks for seeking ‘knowledge’ because they were used instead to challenge Christ with and not confirm Jesus’ miracles and credentials as Messiah. Jesus did give them a Sign, that of Jonah.

Jesus further elaborated the condition of it being specific to 3 days and 3 nights in duration; this was the clue. The other signs were the Sun, Moon and Stars that since the Creation in the Book of Genesis, YHVH told Adam that they were to be as a celestial clock for keeping divine appointments. Later on, YHVH incorporated such schedules into Israel's calendar as in the form of the 7 Holy Feasts. To this effect this is why the LORD thus chose the foolishness of the preaching of the Gospel from the unlearned and unsophisticated to confound the wisdom of the so called ‘wise’ of this world. This is the issue that some Christians have today in that many have chosen to neglect and avoid the cosmic Signs the LORD has given to interpret and thus have missed the Signs as Israel did with the 1st coming of Messiah.

The sleeping Church perhaps in these Last Days will be subject to missing the celestial Signs marking Jesus’ soon return. Many perhaps are missing the Signs of His 2nd coming now and thus are not prepared spiritually. It is at this place where the verse would be most appropriate to state, ‘My People parish for lack of knowledge’, etc. In the Bible the LORD showed Joseph the stars that ‘bowed down’ to him. Joseph 'interpreted' or made astrology of the astronomy in that the 'stars' or celestial bodies, the Sun and Moon were to be his parents that one day would literally bow down to him? Didn’t the Stone that came out of Heaven to smite Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue that he dreamt allude to an ‘asteroid’ as an omen of doom but of eventual establishment of Christ’s Kingdom on Earth as far as human government is concerned?

The Star of Jacob

It is assumed that the Stone is Jesus, the Rock. Those signs were from the LORD and the revelations were 'interpretations' astrologically given to His Prophets by the LORD. The Church has this discernment now with the Teacher, GOD the Holy Spirit indwelling a saved Believer in Jesus as the Christ. Then there is the Star of Bethlehem that the Magi followed and interpreted to be that of the promised Royal King, it was the Astrology of the Astronomy. They too were technically Astrologers and so was the prophet Daniel as he was over the Court Astrologers. For example, what NASA has provided is just the Astronomy, nothing more, but some Christians that seek to speak on their prophetic significance, that is Astrology. The real issue is that the Body of Christ has not been equipped for this discernment, sadly by design. The Church of Christ should have enough spiritual discernment with the Holy Spirit should be at the forefront of knowing how to read the ‘signs of the times’.

This has sadly not been the case and it has been relinquished to the occult that does know how to read such times and has prepared itself accordingly. In general, the Church sadly does not have this cosmological discernment and has relinquished this authority to Luciferians, occultists and Satanists that revel in such knowledge and use it as a tool to ensnare and lure many to their side of their so called ‘mysteries’ and ‘illumination’ which is a dark light. YHVH gives godly men and women discernment to know the times and the Signs in the Heavens and interpret them accordingly. The key difference will be very easy to distinguish. If the signs and interpretation are not of Christ, it's not of the Holy Spirit.

Foremost the ultimate authority is the Word. On one hand within Christianity there are some facets or denomination that clearly go beyond the bounds of Scripture to the point of blasphemy in having a license to conduct supposed 'spirit filled' acts that are no better than Eastern Mystic that teach New Age Doctrines of Demons. Nonetheless it is this study’s supposition that the Star of Bethlehem was a serious of divine orchestrated alignments and events over a 4 year period of time that reflected the series of unique planetary conjunction and celestial alignments at this particular time and place related to YHVH’s promise. This promise to Israel was of the birth of their Royal King, the Messiah.

Invariably, there are several deep levels of meaning that can be taken out from this theme alone of a Sun, as in a Son, a Virgin, a literal Star, etc., that can have metaphorical applications but foremost the true cosmology is only and exclusively found with Jesus Christ. For the purposes of this study and illustrations, the Star of Bethlehem is the planet Jupiter. This planet is ascribed to that of the planet of the Messiah, the King Planet, etc. All the ancient civilizations had this understanding and discernment written in the stars beforehand and knew about the Christ, the Son of the GOD that would be crucified on a cross for the redemption of Humanity. To reiterate, the main tenants of the theory presented in this study is that the triple conjunction of Jupiter with Regulus and the double conjunction of Jupiter with Venus were the key sequences of the divine timetable for the timing of the Birth of Christ on Earth, specifically in Israel out of all the nations that YHVH promised a ‘Star would come out of Jacob’.

By mere examination, the hexagram of -5 BC would seem like an ideal candidate to be the Star of Bethlehem but there are several issues that cast some doubt on its correlation. For one, if this was the Star of Bethlehem, it would put the age of Christ over 3 years old by the time the Magi came to Bethlehem for the presentation. This would go beyond the 2-year limit set by Herod to have every male infant of 2 years of less be slaughtered in Bethlehem and the surrounding villages. Another doubt about this configuration is that the alignment occurred astronomically in the sidereal zodiac, meaning Sun-centered. This means that the skies would seem not to have any real pattern in the observable human eyes from Earth’s perspective that the average looker of the skies could at least take note of.

The sign would not have been as powerful as the triple and double conjunctions of Jupiter and then all the accompanying retrogrades of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter itself and precise times related to the conjunctions that could be observed by the people at night. Another aspect about the Star of David hexagram configuration that is amazing is that when observed it occurred at a phi ratio factor of time in-between 2 sets of partial solar eclipses and a set of total blood moons according to NASA. Also, the end of the 2nd total blood moon coincided with the beginning of a 2 part conjunction of Venus with Regulus that were 9 months and about 20 days apart, approximating the gestation term of humans.

The following are some interesting relationships surrounding the birth of Christ. Realize that the trip from Susa, Iran where the royal palace of the Persians was at is exactly 666 nautical miles to Bethlehem in a straight line, but most took the trade route of the Fertile Crescent. The trip nonetheless would have taken about a month, 30 days at most. The point being is that by the time the Magi would have followed this particular ‘star’ configuration, it would have not existed any longer to have ‘stopped’ over Bethlehem. If the Magi would have arrived soon after the Star of David alignment, there were no retrogrades of Jupiter or Venus in Virgo the following year.

This would mean that there could not have been an appearance that a ‘star’ had ‘stopped’ over the southern skies of Bethlehem. If the Magi had come during the triple conjunctions of Regulus this could have been the ‘star’ they followed but neither Jupiter nor Venus ‘stopped’ long enough during that time as Jupiter did when it ‘stopped’ in Virgo just before going into its retrograde. This is not to say that this magnificent astronomical sign could have been that ‘Star of Bethlehem’ but based on the Gospel accounts, there was a ‘star’ or planet that did ‘stop’ over Bethlehem, as in a retrograde in conjunction to a Blood Moon no less.

This study supposes that the time of the actual visitation of the Magi was during the time around the Winter Solstice of -2 BC. A Star hexagram of could not have accomplished this astronomically nor did it occur. The Matthew account of the Star of Bethlehem does not correlate the birth to a Star of David configuration or hexagram either. For one, it did not nor could not stay ‘stationary’ for more than one day as the plants move and are at different stations the next day that would invalidate the configuration from there on out. This was not the case with Jupiter’s retrograde in -2 BC over Bethlehem.

According to the astronomical computer software, that ‘stopping’ of a star did happen with Jupiter after the triple and double conjunctions of Jupiter over the southern night skies of Bethlehem in the constellation Virgo. Again, this is something that would be impossible for the hexagram alignment of -5 BC to have portrayed. Thus this study suggests that perhaps the celestial hexagram of -5 BC was a sort of ‘heads-up’, a preamble of the royal announcement that the Royal King was to be born shortly as the Star of David astronomical alignments are said to occur when kings are birthed or in this case, about to be birthed. Another issue with the timing of this configuration of the Star of David is that due to its celestial depiction, it is clearly alluding to a metaphorical rendition of a ‘man’ upon a cross.

The Cosmic Crucifixion is what this study alludes to actually being the sign of the ‘death’ of the coming King that was to be birthed. As noted, the actual alignment from a purely Solar System top view does not produce an equilateral triangle hexagram, it is slightly suggestive. It is only in the sidereal astronomical chart configuration that it does, and this is man-made. Yet in both there are some amazing attributes that will be noted. For one, in the sidereal composition, the points of the ‘Star of David’ are exactly aligned with Scorpio and Taurus which incorporates the cardinal stars of Antares and Aldebaran.

This would make the center dividing line of the hexagram perpendicular to the other 2 cardinal stars of Regulus and Fomalhaut, that of Leo and Aquarius. These allude to the 4 Living Creatures of the Lion, Bull, Eagle, and Man Seraphim that are before the very Throne of YHVH according to the Bible. The other triangle corners of the hexagram were in alignment with Capricorn and Cancer making its center line perpendicular with Aries and Libra, which constitutes as the Cardinal Cross. Another unique observation that the hexagram Star of David portrays is the opposition of the corresponding stations of Virgo with Pisces at 180 degrees. What is prominent is that Earth is in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces during this time.

These 2 symbols would later become the trademark of Messiah’s miracles associated with the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. This to a certain extent validates the Sign of the Messiah in that Virgo has in her hands the ‘seed’ alluding to the Promised ‘Seed’ of the Woman in the Garden of Eden that would crush the ‘sons of Seth’, i.e., Lucifer and his AntiChrist. In the region of Spica, there are a cluster of stars that are associated with the seed of corn/wheat, etc. Pisces is rendered as 2 Fish in the Mazzaroth in that it alludes to how the Messiah would redeem both Israel and the Gentiles. Uranus is associated with the son of the gods, etc.

According to the research of John Charles Webb, perhaps the sign of the Star of David of -5 BC was the actual Sign that the Precession of the Equinox was to transfer to the next ‘New Age’, that of Pisces from the previous Age of Aries. These ‘Ages’ are said to last about 2000 years. How this number is attained is rather simplistic and pure mathematics. The concept is based on the time and the numerical factor of 60, as in 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 12 hours in a day and night 30 days to a month, 12 months to a years that correlate to each ‘House’ or station the Sun takes to travel through each sign or house of the Mazzaroth.

Astrological Time
Thus 1 year is how much time the Sun takes to complete one full revolution or circuit from start to finish of the Zodiac, much like the hands of a clock do. This same mathematical principle can be amplified into a quantum of time that since a circle has 360 degrees, 1 degree thus would equal 72 years, meaning the Sun would revolve around the Zodiac 72 times to move the ‘big hand’ of the celestial clock 1 degree forward. Each of the 12 Signs or Houses of the Zodiac constitutes 30 degrees. Note that this is presuming that the perspective is from Earth. In actuality, it is a ‘mirror’ image in that the Sun is actually moving backwards because the Earth is rotating in a forward motion, etc. The point being that with this simplistic and basic numerical calculation, the time the Sun lasts in 1 Zodiac Sign in a Grand Year of the Precession of the Equinox can be calculated as follows.

72 years x 30 degrees = 2,160 year
360 years x 72 degrees = 25,920 years (1 Great Year)
2,160 years x 360 degrees = 777,600 years

This Great Year of 25,920 years is what it takes the Sun to traverse the entire precession of the constellations and each station is referred to as an Age or Epoch. Have in mind that if the Age of Pisces started with the hexagram Star of David in -5 BC if one factors in the 2015 years since 1 AD, then in essence the real count would be the year 2020. The 140-year difference is minuscule in comparison to the over time frame of the totality of the Precession of the Equinoxes. This means that within a generation and a half, the next real and mathematical change in the Sign of the Sun’s precession would commence in the Sign of Aquarius.

2020 – 2160 = 140-year difference

Others stipulate that in some cases due to miscounting of years and calendars, the time span is shorter and that in fact in one assertion, the year 2012 was the time for such a transition of Ages, at least astronomically. To reiterate, the Precession is the apparent backwards movement, as viewed from the Earth to the outer Universe that proceeds at the rate of approximately 1 degree every 72 years. Precession is used for the measurement of the length in time of an Astrological Age.

An Astrological Age is 2160 years in length and that figure is determined by the length of time that it takes for the Sun to move backwards through one complete astrological Sign. Another possible assertion as to how many see that this present Piscean Age is about to switch in the next few coming years has to do with what Jesus stated to His Disciples about His 2nd coming. Jesus stated to them that ‘if the time was not cut short, no flesh would be left alive’. This condition could be alluding to the actual adjustment of a celestial recalibration of time to shorten the astronomical duration of an epoch of ‘Age’ of time as Jesus was directly referencing to the dimension of ‘time’. In other words, space is like a slingshot, it can be stretched or contracted.

Also as pertaining to Ages, the Ancients had a far better grasp of the cosmology of Christ as noted already. Why? The Biblical account of Genesis refers to the Young Earth theory. However, the narrative suggests an Old Earth theory in conjunction to this reckoning of time as the model stipulates eons of time beyond the physical creation account of Genesis 1:2 existed. This study suggests that Genesis 1:2 is a re-creation or refashioning of a pre-existing Creation of Genesis 1:1. As spectacular as this notion appears this would validate other theories like the Great Pyramid that in some instances has been calculated to have been constructed around 10,000 BC.

Why could this be possible? It is because as the Bible correlates a proportion of time, as being 1 day is as a 1000, then the possible theory of a 7-day Creation correlating to a 7000-year plan for Mankind is noted. This stipulation is solely based on the age of certain monuments on Earth. Some evidence would put events on Earth far earlier than the creation of Humanity of Genesis 1:2. This would lend some credence as to the notion that prior forms of life perhaps inhabited the Earth, before Atlantean cataclysm. Some assert that these could have been Fallen Angels etc. Perhaps such was the time of the Luciferian rebellion against YHVH as described in Ezekiel and Isaiah.

Some scholars argue that all this timing of Christ’s possible birth can be pegged and/or fixed around the purported death of Herod in -4 BC and thus the Hexagram alignment must be that ethereal ‘Star of Bethlehem’. It was also equated that Herod died on a total blood moon, but there were none in -4 BC according to NASA’s calculations. First there is the discrepancy of date setting of when ‘BC’ really started. Moreover, Herod was a family name in that more than one of his sons was also named Herod so it could have alluded to another Herod. Then there is the question of what Jewish calendar is being used and the discrepancy of several days where eliminated due to the conversion from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.

For example, the names of the months of the western calendar based on the Latin are off by whole month. The month of ‘August’ was incorporated in honor of Augustus Caesar. The point is that there is for sure a discrepancy of what was the actual year as it can be argued that there might have been a need to calibrate the timeline around the BC to AD timeframe. The next Star of David hexagram that occurred according to the research of John Charles Webb happened around 29 AD. This study suggests that this event could have correlated with the baptism of Jesus Christ at the Jordan and the start of the 3-year ministry or 36 months that led to the Passover crucifixion.

As noted, the main difference is that this study points out that if the Star of David of -5 BC was the star corresponding to the birth of Christ, the age of Jesus at His baptism would be thus 29 years old. It would not have been 33-year-old when He died as most assert was His age at the time of the crucifixion. Most erroneously assume that since AD stared with Christ’s birth, and that Jesus died at the age of 33, He must have been 33 years old. The other factor that many propose is that on 33 AD there was a solar eclipse on April 9 but it was not enough to darken the mid-day for 3 hours as no solar total eclipse lasts more than 7 minutes on average, 9 being the most recorded by NASA.

The other possible timing scenario of when Christ was born supposes that the Star of David of March 2, -5 BC was marking-off a 3.5 years countdown that would correlate to the Fall or September month in -2 BC. There could also be a possible count of the Jewish 1260 days of 42 months of 30 days. This time would coincide with the time of the Feast of Tabernacles on a September 11th in which this study strongly suggests could have been the actual time Jesus was born. Thus, this study suggests that the conjunctions of Jupiter with Regulus and Venus were in fact the visible Signs announcing the birth of Christ to this effect.

To the unlearned, such occurrences in the sky might have gone unnoticed in the everyday struggle to survive but realize that in the ancient times, even the common people were more in-tuned with the movements and meaning of the skies. The economy in those days, as it still is to this day in some parts of the world, was based on the growing seasons that depended on the aligned to the Solstices and Equinoxes. Such cosmological timepieces and star markers served as a big clock and watches for the common people even.

As noted, so far as the Hexagram alignment in 29 AD is concerned, this study suggests that perhaps it was when Jesus went out to the Jordan River to be identified in the place of a fallen Humanity needing redemption. It was just prior to a Passover as John the Baptist called out to identify and ‘select’ the Lamb for the Passover for inspection. To reiterate, this would be the initiation and the start of Christ’s Earthly public ministry for 3 year or 36 months. Again, realize that the 36-month period is consisting of a Jewish count of 30 day months. There are other theories that oddly suggest that Jesus’ real ministry was only 1 year in length.

42 months x 30 days = 1080 days

This specific time of the baptism was not when many allege Jesus ‘became the Christ’ or Jesus esoterically opened His 3rd Eye of enlightenment as many asserts. If Jesus’ ministry was in fact 3.5 years, this time period is the approximate duration of time that the LORD will allow the coming AntiChrist full reign upon the Earth. According to the book of Daniel and Revelation, at the end of the AntiChrist’s kingdom of the 42 months, the true King will return to put an end to the Tribulation period and establish His Kingdom on Earth. The difference between 42 months and 36 months is 6 months. As to this 1000-year time frame concerning Humanity, the Book of Revelation does specify a time period that ‘and they will reign with Christ on Earth for a 1000 years’. Oddly, some even refute this fact that it will not be on Earth but is a metaphorical allegory.

This time period is called the Millennium. As noted, many Christians actually refute this a literal established Kingdom on Earth and have allegorized it as a metaphor as much as the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ or the Flood of Noah and not to be taken literally. If this were to be the case, the Christ’s promise of His 2nd Coming to His Disciples at the Upper Room during Jesus’ last Passover would thus also be metaphorical and not to take place literally. Other Christian denominations assert that the Earth will be void of any life, totally desolate for the 1000 years. If this is the case, why is there a need for Jesus to return? Return to nothing?

Then also why the need to ‘bind’ Lucifer for this duration if there are no inhabitants to tempt with sin? If Lucifer is to be bound for this duration of time, what armies and from where does he amass such to try and conquer Jerusalem when he is let loosed upon the Earth for the last time before being thrown into the Lake of Fire? This would mean that there was no Resurrection, no subsequent Rapture of the Church, no final Judgment of the wicked and no New Earth and Heaven for that matter. The point being is that theologically, one cannot have the stated Promises of YHVH without Jesus’ 1st Advent, nor Christ’s 2nd Advent…they are not mutually exclusive. As sure as the Jesus’ birth came to pass miraculously of a Virgin at the appointed time, so too will His promised Return at a precise and particular time that are perhaps correlating to some astronomical conjunction and/or alignment yet to be discovered.

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