Jupiter-Venus Christ Star Conjunction

  • What is Beltane and should Christians be involved with it?
  • Why does this Feast of the Beast fall on May 1 every Year?
  • What does the Jupiter-Venus Christ Star have to do with it?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘No Weapon formed against you shall Prosper, and you will Refute every Tongue that accuses you. This is the Heritage of the Servants of the LORD, and their Vindication is from Me,” declares the YHVH’. –Isaiah 54:17

The purpose of this study is to draw attention to the Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus that occurred on May 1, 2022. Why? Whenever there is such a Conjunction of these 2 Planets, it is reminiscent of the Christ Star that announced the Birth of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, etc. This Conjunction is not all that uncommon as it occurs every few Years. But what is exceptional is where it occurs in the backdrop of the Constellations. Why? The Constellations are a Storyline of the Plan and Purpose of the Work of Christ Jesus. It is for Signs and Seasons to Mark Turning Points and Transitions, etc.

What makes the ‘Christ-Star’, significant is that it occurred in Leo, back in -3 BC. In this case, for 2022, the Christ Star, the Jupiter and Venus Conjunction occurred in the Sign of Pisces, the Sign of the Christian Church, etc. What was significant about the True Christ Star is that It occurred in Leo, in 2015. It had not been configured in this Sign since -3BC. So, this type of Celestial Conjunction will not occur for some years to come. What is unique, this time around is that it occurred on May Day, or Beltane. What is Beltane and why is this Prophetically Significant?

There is a Diabolical and Morbid side of May Day, called Beltane as many may know, especially if one has studied the Luciferian Occult and what is their Weaponry. In the Bible, the Apostles warn Believers and Followers of Jesus to not be Ignorant of the Enemy’s Devices. And one has to be reminded that the True Battle, War and Struggle is a Spiritual one that is fought with Prayer. The Fight occurs in the Spiritual Realm where such Evil Luciferian Forces reside, in the Air, the Clouds as the Apostle Paul revealed. These are Powers, Authorities, Strong-Holds, Principalities in High Places. They also have a Hierarchy of Rank and Order and of High Days that they Celebrate.

One of their most Important Days is called Beltane. It comes from the Ancient Celtic Religious Practices, but the theme is common among Ancient Civilizations. It is 1 of 2 of the most ‘Holy High Days’ of the New-Pagans, Wicca, etc. What is sad is that during these Times, in many secluded Groves or Places, Blood Sacrifices will be made. The highest type of a Blood Sacrifice is to procure a Human one, but Animals will suffice, like Cats, Sheep and the like. The Tradition came about in how the event was to have People Sacrifice to the Gods for protection of Villages, Homes, People and Livestock.

May Day

During Beltane on the Midnight Eve of May 1, the Warlocks, Witches and Wizards would make a Bone-Fire or a Fire but many suggest it was from the Bones of Dead Carcasses, in many cases and thus the Name. Although it was a Tradition that was said to have ‘Died’ when Europe was ‘Christianized’, a lot of the Pagan Rituals either went Underground and practiced or were veiled in Christian Practices like Easter (Ishtar as in Asherah Pole or May Day Pole) Eggs, Christmas Trees and May Day, etc., Since the end of World War 2, the Druids have had a worldwide Revival in recent Decades. Depending on the area, part of the Beltane Ritual was to, ‘Pass through the Fire’.

Where do one see that in the Bible? It was the God Molech, the God of Abortion that YHVH warned Israel not to participate in or practice as the Canaanites did. Their Rituals would involve Sexual Orgies that produced unwanted Children. Solution? Sacrifice them as Offering of the Blazing Hot Hands of Molech, the Bull and Owl God of the Grove. This is why, in Socio-Political lenses, Abortion is championed by the Left that is saturated with Feminism, Socialists and that now seek to Indoctrinate the LGBT Agenda down to Kindergarten Children that do not know their Right Hand from their Left. These are the same People that want to disengage the Rights of Parents to have a Say in one’s Children’s Education and Teaching Content.

They push for Gender ‘Fluid’ association and affirm the natural confusion of entering into Puberty for example. This is a Spirit of Baphomet that has Risen in this Last Generation. And if one notices in their Satanic Statues, they have a little Girl and Boy on either Side. They are aiming for one’s Children. The word Beltane comes from the Root Words of Bright or White, as in Fire, etc. But it is also accompanied by Fertility Rites. For example, the May Pole Ceremony is a ‘Decoration’ of the Phallus with an aim of tapping into the Fertility Energies sought, etc. See Movie Wicker Man, or do not. Then Politically, it is the Day of the Proletariat of the World and Working Classes. The Bolsheviks chose this Day as their High Holy Day also. No coincidence.

The Bolsheviks were Luciferian to the core, same Power Source. But how Beltane is also linked now to Astronomical Time Markers is that Beltane or May 1 is exactly the Halfway Point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. But what has been accented this May 1, 2022 , for the Globalists Luciferians is that the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction will have ‘increased’ their Ritual ‘Powers’ and Outcome, according to their Rites. It is commonly understood that the Significance of the Planets convey a certain Innuendo. Jupiter, being the King Planet, adds the Maximum Multiplier Effect.

And Venus, to the Occult is the Representation of their Horned God, the Lord of Darkness, Lucifer. He is ironically called the ‘Bright and Morning Star’. It steals from the Attribute that Jesus, Himself calls Himself that in the Book of Revelation. And as an Astronomical Sign in -3BC, it was a Euphemism of Power of the Male-Female coming together to produce the Christ Child, etc. As to the Rituals on Beltane? There is that connotation to the Bone-Fire. It infers to it being White and Bright, Illumination, and thus associated with ‘Light Bearer’, Lucifer. But his Light is a Dark Light that leads to Death, etc. The Occult totally reverses the Meaning and Significance of such Celestial Signs.

Celestial Signs

Their Ideology calls for their Rituals and Rites to negate the true Significance and Message such Celestial Signs and Message of Jesus Christ. They are Masters of Deception, Corruption and Reversal of Opposite, to their delight. What many have realized that since the Season of Passover, in 2022, is that there has been an Amazing Planetary Alignment of 7 Celestial Bodies, spanning the Constellations of Aquarius to Pisces. The last time this occurred on a Passover Season was back in 2011. As mentioned, such Star Conjunctions, Eclipses and Blood Moons are all for Signs and Seasons. Do realize that there will still be a Partial Solar Eclipse in October and a Blood Moon in November in 2022.

However, this will close-out what one has deemed the Faux Tetrad. See Study #586 Millennial Tetrad at End Notes. This 4-Blood Moon Sequence started in 2021. Of the 4 Blood Moons, the 2nd one was not a Full Eclipse, thus the ‘Faux Tetrad’. Nonetheless, one believes it is significant because with this Series of paired Sun-Moon Eclipses, they conclude a Celestial Pattern that is accented or ‘Book Marked’ by a very rare Solar type of Eclipse. It is called a Hybrid.  It is in-between a Total Solar Eclipse Type and an Annular Type of Eclipse. What is unique about it, is that it involved the Factor of ‘8’. In what sense? The up-coming Hybrid Solar Eclipse in 2023 will start the 9th one, having had the 8th Since Jesus’ birth occurring in 2013.

Many who are watching and studying the End of Days, are in agreement that this Last Generation will not pass away until Jesus returns, it made one think that as it is specifically tied to the Rebirth of Israel, as we know. But realize that all the Holocaust Survivors are now dying-off, and fast, in record Numbers. They are in their 80s and 90s. It is precisely also then a telling Sign-Post of just how, perhaps Prophecy has to occur, like now. So, one does agree with the Inference that the 2014-15 Tetrad, for example, as well as the Revelation 12 Sign were Super-Celestial Markers for this ‘Last Generation’.

That in fact, the Tetrad was but a Triad since 1949 and corresponds to the Restoration of Israel, as foretold by Jesus, but in the Reverse Order they were destroyed. In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus foretold that the Temple, the City and the Nation would be Destroyed. But that He was going to regather the Nation, then the City and then the Temple before His 2nd Coming. Tetrads: 1949-50 Nation. 1967-68 Jerusalem. 2014-15 Temple in 202X-XX?. This is why, although now a few years after, the 3rd Series in the Tetrad, will be tied to the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. In Hind-Sight, one is now convinced that 2015 was indeed a Shemitah Year and thus providing a 7-Year Countdown to the Temple and Daniel’s 70th Week of Years. We shall see.

The Jupiter-Venus Planetary Conjunction can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere just before Sunrise in the East. The place will be just to the right, offset. Thus, the ‘Watching’ occurs in the 4th Watch of the Night. This is from 3am to 6am. It is called the Fire Watch as that is what those that were Stationed to do would be on the look-out for. This has a Military Connotation as Soldiers would take turns ‘Watching’ for any Fire breaking out or any other type of Danger that would threaten the other Troops in the Barracks, etc.

Fire Watch
For those of you who have had Military Experience, it is basically Staying-Up and Awake on Patrol, for Fire Hazards, other Dangers and the like. When one was in the U.S. Army, one can remember those Fire Watches just before Sunrise. It left one a bit ‘numb’ and threw-off one’s Sleeping Patterns. But one was to be On Watch in case, and to Sound the Alarm if Danger was or is imminent to the rest of the Troops who are sleeping. It follows loosely the Roman Legion and Jewish Night Watches, being 4 of them with 3 Hour Switching-Off. There would be the 1st Watch, 2nd Watch and so forth.

The hardest one would be the 4th Watch, from 3am to 6am. This is the Hardest Time to stay Awake. This is also related, Biblically, in how the 10 Virgins all ‘Feel Asleep’. But for them, they did not even make it to the end of their 2nd Night Watch, which ended at 12 Midnight. That is when the Call came and the Trumpet Sounded. But being on Fire Watch is then to be on the Look-Out, as on the Wall like Ezekiel.

Yes, one would agree, that in general, a Prevailing Attitude or Condition of this Last Rendition of the Church Age is sadly to end in the Laodicean Types. One of their Flaws or Characteristics is that they are ‘Blind’. So, they do not see such things or care or think it is Relevant. Not that one is being presumptuous, but that what Privilege to be given any insight, if at all. So, one just wanted to infuse some context of the ‘other side’ of this Beautiful Sign, but to be on Alert and have this Understanding about it as well.

And only because those who are Watching such ‘Signs’ are seeking them, asking because one wants to know and warn the ’Troops’ that are taking turns Resting from the ‘Battle’. It is sad and ironic that if this Year is to End the Church Age, then such Signs since around 2010 have been ‘plastered’ all over the Sky, during this Time that the Church as a whole should be aware of them. But it seems it will be and is like that of the Times of the Magi, that only a very few were Looking, Watching and Waiting for the King’s Appearing.

But for now, the Luciferians are celebrating the soon Appearing of their AntiChrist King, this is what the Jupiter-Venus Conjunction of Beltane essentially is being interpreted by them. Realize that Lucifer is a ‘Christ’ in his own Right. How so? Realize that in the Bible, Lucifer is the ‘Anointed’ Cherub. This to mean that the 4-Winged Created Angelic Being, was and is the only one of his Kind that was ‘Anointed’, that to mean a ‘Christ’. This is why to the Luciferians, they Worship and Service him as the legitimate ‘Christ’ and seek to destroy the Finished Work of the True Christ, Jesus.

However, one is reminded that 1 of the main Missions of Jesus was to Expose and Destroy the Works of the Devil. Jesus, as GOD in the Flesh, put on Flesh to destroy Death, by Death. Now all Power and Authority has been given to Jesus. And it will be at Jesus’ 2nd Coming that He will settle the Score. It will be the Time that after His 1000 Year Millennial Reign, Lucifer will be forever vanquished in the Lake of Fire where he belongs. At that Point and Time, he and his Followers and Disciples can have all the Bone-Fires to their content.

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