Coming Martial Law and Reign of Terror

  • Is the implosion of the USA a controlled demolition?
  • Are the Globalists using the looting to instill Martial Law?
  • Are historical events occurring in tandem with certain motifs?

by Luis B. Vega

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‘Then I saw a Beast with 10 Horns and 7 Heads rising out of the sea. There were 10 Royal Crowns on its Horns and blasphemous Names on its heads. The Beast I saw was like a Leopard, with the feet of a Bear and the mouth of a Lion. And the Dragon gave the Beast his power and his throne and great authority.’ – Revelation 13:1-2

The purpose of this study is to contrast the events of the launching of the orderly and flawless Space X Dragon Capsule into space with that of the chaos and dark descent of the USA on Earth. In looking over this recent historic Dragon capsule launch of taking 2 astronauts to the Space Station, one recalled seeing this capsule related to the Revelation 12 Heavenly Sign and the Dragon showing up at that time and place. This event on May 31, 2020 was on ‘Pentecost’. Seeing the Dragon capsule was a throw-back to 2017 with the Revelation 12 Sign. The Space X ‘Dragon’ capsule just so happened to be present at the exact time of Sign converged on September 23, 2017 as it set over Jerusalem. This study only seeks to point that out that such motifs are playing out in tandem, as the rioting in the USA has gone ‘down’ while the Space X Dragon went ‘up’.

The launch occurred at 3:22 PM EST and thus the question, it is foretelling the ‘Rise of the Dragon’ to begin in tandem to the orchestrated chaos below? With all the looting and rioting, by mostly Millennials with cell phones, they will be taking the guns and will install Martial Law eventually. This is the game plan. But there is another body that will rise up through the sky, the Bride of Christ. And at the halfway point, Revelation 12, Lucifer, the real Red Dragon and his .33 Fallen Angles will fall to the Earth. This is the Biblical motifs playing out in real time. It was striking in that one is now living in the Last Days just before the book of Revelation starts to unfold. Based on this contrast and comparison, the Summer of 2020 will bring some ominous results based on such a contrast of events and what is foreseen in the Triad of eclipses to occur in this time.

The situation on Earth will worsen as the next step is to make enough ‘Chaos’ so they can bring in ‘Order’. Specific is the prelude of the Lunar-Solar-Lunar eclipses for June to July. There is the lunar eclipse on June 4/5, the followed by the solar eclipse on June 20/21. This will be at the Summer Solstice. Then the lunar eclipse will finish-out the Triad on July 4/5. Such eclipses are bad omens for both the Gentiles and Israel. They are ‘Sign Posts’ of intensification and change to occur; a ‘turning point. As to the latest rioting, as it takes 21 days to form a habit, the ‘scientists’ know that there was now a need to introduce a factor that will then continue the trajectory of the desired change. That video was meant to be seen as people were getting complacent, more defiant and waking up. So, a ‘false flag’ type of event has been initiated. Why?

Divide and Conquer
To usher in the New World Order, the age-old tactic of divide and conquer is occurring in the USA and the world. It is to have an excuse to usher in Martial Law and take away the guns as a justification for the coming confiscation. In the USA, they had not mobilized all those army vehicles for nothing. They were not hospital units but for crowd control. Many who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan were and are warning that it was and is exactly what they had done and implemented in those countries; suspension of civil liberties, lock-downs, curfews, papers, and biometric ID’s. That was all in preparation and training for the ‘Battlefield USA’. Remember Jade Helm? Why the USA? The USA is essentially the ‘last bastion’ of nationalist-populist sentiment still alive.

If Trump or the government would have stopped all the looting and ‘Millennial Mayhem’, with iPhones, it would have been too obvious. Even though the National Guard of various states have been called in, there have been reports of orders given to ‘standing-down’. On one hand, they are letting the rage foment. Then on the other, they are allowing the images to be shown, so thereafter at the appointed time, they can then ‘morally’ justify the Martial Law rollout. A few clues and connections have surfaced. The protesters are being compromised by the looters and rioters. In many instances, piles of bricks appear ready for use to smash through windows and some protesters have called-out those that wear all back with backpacks that instigate mayhem.

There are also police infiltration as some dress like the rioters and in some cases are the ones that are fomenting the chaos. It is in the way of the Luciferian Globalist plans for their planned New World Order. Thus, it is part of the plan for the USA to ‘let it burn’ from within as part of their magic ritual. In a prior article, one sensed that the 2 ships, the Mercy and Comfort acted as the 2 Pillars of Jachin and Boaz and was a magic ritual. They were positioned at either end of the continental USA to harness the massive fear of the whole nation as it is now nation and worldwide in scope. Then the 2nd phase was then the ‘controlled demolition’ of the nation as were the Twin Towers.

In this case the ‘Twin Cities’ was ground zero. Here were the 2 Towers and the ‘controlled demolition’ destruction of the nation, in slow motion. The orchestrated chaos now in the USA is phase 2 of the 9-11 (2.0) magic ritual. As the Twin Towers were taken down by a slow and timed demolition, so too is the USA now being demolished. It is basically to foment the racial divide as an excuse to continue the lock-downs. The end goal is to suspend the U.S. Constitution entirely and relegate the USA to a subservient vessel of the Globalists. The following are some numerical factors for this.

-The year 20-20 is a factor of twins.
-Assault on Precinct 13 movie happens to mirror the actual police one in Minneapolis.
-In the movie, the main character is called ‘Smiley’ who was posted as a counterfeiter.
-This was Floyd’s arrest for the $20 dollar bill but in the movie the amount was $200.
-Derek Chauvin is 44 years old, a factor of ‘twins’.
-Floyd’s high school football number was 88 a factor of ‘speed’.
-Number 88 in the occult is needed to reach to cross over’. i.e., Back to the Future movie.
-Rioting began on E 33rd Street.
-Floyds’ father was a 33-degree Mason.

Reign of Terror
They are letting the cities ‘burn’ as the USA is the ‘Phoenix’ current World Order and it has to be burnt, sacrificed as a ‘holocaust’. Then from its ashes, it can only birth the New World Order one. It is occurring now before one’s eyes. The 2 cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul are ‘twin’ cities and some have superimposed the 2 Pillars of the Masons, Jachin and Boaz. So, this event was/is a magic ritual. The video of the murder of George Floyd was allowed to be seen. In contrast, how many have been taken down or that which is not the ‘official narrative’? So, it is highly suspect. The precinct appears to have been allowed to burn as the looting to actually produced the desired effect. It is interesting that no building sprinkler system was activated.

As noted, the end result is to eventually give justification to roll-out Martial Law and then confiscate all guns. This is already happening to an extent. One postulates that the ‘Event Horizon’ will be the coming Rapture. Imagine when the Rapture occurs? Many do believe that it will be the cause for the Martial Law, wholesale. The need for law and order will pale in comparison to what is happening now. It will be a hint at what is to come, the Reign of Terror. Unknown to most, it will be as the story of ‘The Tale of Two Cities’ like the contrasting of London and Paris. It was Paris that descended into a revolution, with rioting, and then the ‘Terror’ came. This will happen during the Tribulation Period on a worldwide scale. This orchestrated take-down of the USA is appearing to be the initiation taken from the pages as the same play book.

Robespierre was the mastermind. During the New Order that was established from the induced Chaos, he implemented a police state, then the guillotines, then changed the ‘times’ with a new calendar, persecuted Christians and instituted a new religion. If the Rapture does take place in this context, it would be ‘perfect’ timing as the vaccines would then be ready to roll out and aid in the ‘contract tracing’ that essentially will control all of Humanity. Many are nervously asking, ‘so, what will happen next?’ Beware of the ‘Judas’ in the ranks. As mentioned, there are 3 types of people that are being used as ‘Useless Idiots’, etc. They are the Protesters, the Rioters, and the Looters. Consider that there are elements that the Globalists are using to subvert any meaningful and moral objections to the system’s abuses. 

Reasons why all this is a psy-op being carried-out.
- Minneapolis is the twin city of St. Paul, a duality and can be represented 2 pillars.
- Neighbors of Derek Chauvin did not know he was a Police Officer.
- Derek Chauvin and George Floyd worked at same bar/nightclub together.
- National Guard, State Police, stand down, disappear, allowing the mob to vandalize and loot.
- The mass amounts of protests that flooded the country have been Activist organized.
- Protesters wearing "I cannot breathe" t-shirts while wearing masks.
- Agent Provocateur (LEO) caught in MN busting-out windows and setting fires.
- AutoZone are always vandalized. George Soros major stock in AutoZone’s. Soros funds BLM.
- Divide and Conquer Scenario. Political, Cultural, Race Hegelian Dialectic.
- Officer, Derek Chauvin arrested & charged with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter.
- George Floyd preliminary autopsy reports of death not caused by asphyxiation.
- George Floyd pictured in front of brick wall with a picture of a bottle of (CORONA) beer.
- Number and Name Symbolism, 32 cop car and E 33rd Street.

The Globalists Occupation
There are evil elements that want to sabotage and/or infiltrate any legitimate movement. Most get hijacked. And so, with all the looting and violence by the Millennials causing mayhem with iPhones, it de-legitimizes any inkling of a moral cause to then lock-down even more. Beware of the eclipses that occur in the Summer of 2020. The solar one occurs on the Solstice. It will be like 'Christmas' for all the Satanists, witches and warlocks, not good. And when the Martial Law does come around, it will not be the US Army/Military that will fill in the ranks, but possibly U.N. soldiers from other nations. As the National Guard has been summonsed, it is just an ‘acclimation' stage.

They are to get used to as the National Guard as such are Weekend Warriors from one’s local community, known and appreciated. They are not really legally obliged to engage in policing activity, unless Martial Law is declared. Case in point, the former Soviet Union. It was the protocol of the regime to have non-native troops on the ground for certain areas under Soviet control. Meaning that, for example Kazak troops would be sent to patrol the Baltic nations. The Baltic troops would be sent to patrol the Kazak nation, etc. Why? Local troop are not apt to shoot members of their own community.

So, when the hammer does fall in the USA in particular, and as many believe it will be because of the Rapture, the USA will descend into a 3rd world nation condition. And in the vacuum, the troops needed to maintain ‘law and order’ will be coming from guess where? The UN. And will they be for the most part European or white? No. They will be, if going by what the Soviets did and other occupying armies have over history, it will most likely be other parts of the world. They will be Chinese, Russian, Latin American as in Venezuelan, and the Muslims. They will basically be all the ‘enemies’ of the USA. It will be payback time. What do you think they will be disposed in doing to ‘Americans’? Will they hesitate to shoot or join the cause? No.

At this point, one needs to be reminded and put all this current situation in the USA and world in perspective. Behind the veil of what is going on now, is the spiritual warfare. It is the rise the Dragon and New World Order from the descent of the world chaos. But the other factor will be the escape of the Bride of Christ from Earth. As the Luciferian minions are sensing the time of the ‘Departure’, they are revving-up their resolve and plans. Case in point, the openly lesbian mayor of Chicago who asked her police force to pledge ‘allegiance to the New World Order’, rather than the US Constitution. It is the Police and all U.S. Soldiers that have sworn to protect the U.S. Constitution.

The mayor sent a detachment of police cars, unmarked ones and a representative of her office to a little church that gathered to worship as Trump stated that ‘churches were essential’. The mayor threatened the little church with arrests and fines instead. This happened on what many had calculated was Pentecost Sunday and when the Dragon capsule was launched at 3:22 PM, EST. The coming New World Order will be full of such people that will make sure the message of Jesus cannot be heard. Why? There is spiritual power in prayer, song and praise. It goes against such perverse lifestyles and she does not want to be feel or be reminded that it is something ‘unnatural’ or ‘sinful’, wrong, and immoral. And it goes against their quest to usher in their socialist utopia.

The Falling Away
Such do not accept that it is sin within the heart and soul of a human that evil originates from. Point being is that at the core, it has come down to the ‘line in the sand’ for the sleepy Christians that they now will have to make. In any crisis that affects ‘us’, it will test the resolve and uncover really who is, was or will be those that follow Jesus no matter what. Brothers and Sisters in the 3rd World, in the Underground Churches live this type of life on a daily basis. There is a sifting occurring in the Body of Christ in these Last Days. Many have noticed now many supposed high-profile ‘Christian’ Pastors and Musicians are leaving the ‘Faith’ or ‘I don’t believe in GOD anymore’ type of deal. Really? Where they ever believing? For many, it is all just an ‘act’, a matter of a paycheck and Christianity, Inc. But this is what is to be expected.

In the shaking that is occurring, there will be a falling away but also a revival. There has always been. If any direction could be given during these times it would be that one has to come to terms with one’s mortality. With the LORD’s resolve, one needs to be willing to lay down one’s life and body for the Gospel -only and if it comes to that. Not necessarily for a nation. You let others die for their nation, that is what Patton stated. One would concur. The USA, great as it was, is gone. Racism exists in every race and is just being used to ‘divide and conquer’ as noted. Blacks, Latinos, Asians are just as racist if not more than most Whites. Every country has racism. As a ‘labeled’ minority here in the USA, one has been a victim of racism, housing, jobs, etc. But one can leave.

And yet why do millions walk across a continent to come to this ‘once Promised Land’ to seek ‘refuge’ knowing there is racism in the ‘Great White North’? Because of such ideals as never before had been stated in writing, the US Constitution. Although far from perfect, it is the best any form of human government since Humanity started has been achieved, aside from the Bible but point being is that it was because it was founded on the Bible. one would ask the mayor of Chicago, ‘you have the highest murder rate of the nation with Blacks killing Blacks and you rather spend police time and resources trying to make sure a little flock does not meet for prayer, songs and preaching?’ Exactly. Where are all the national marches and outcry of all those Blacks being murdered by Blacks in cold blood, children too in unprecedented levels? Nope, but when a White man does, it is all hell break loose? Such hypocrisy.

On another level, the reaping of the sowing that the emergent type of churches has produced is just as much to blame when it comes to the lack of spiritual preparation of the Body of Christ. There has been no substance and no resolve taught to know how to stand in such times and what to do and what to expect as the Sons of Issachar. And with the suppression of teaching Prophecy to warn of what has arrived today, in these Last Days. Instead, Pastors are suiciding themselves, etc. What is going on? Mental health is an issue and not disparaging the lives of individuals, but many believe the LORD is waking-up the Christians that have been asleep at the wheel. And as stated before, have allowed the Left to secure political power and like the mayor of Chicago, and governors of states like Newsom in California, who discriminately want to make sure the Church of Jesus remains silent, irrelevant, and compliant. Although Trump, ‘tongue and cheek’ stated that Churches are essential, it was not an Executive Order.

The Play Book

He is just, was paying lip service to the fooled Evangelical base that are looking to a man to be their Savior and not Jesus. Where are all this supposed ‘Christian’ Advisors that surround him, even VP Pence or Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State. No, by this time, if there were any inkling of supporting and protecting ‘Christians’ and the Constitutional right to assemble, worship and of being safe in one’s person, meaning one’s body, that is gone and will be totally due to the plandemic and orchestrated uprising. Again, it was for no reason they wanted the video to be seen. This was the ‘match’ to light the fuse.

And there have been so many videos of all those Soros Soldier, all in black with lack backpacks and from the Police/Intelligence to foment the peaceful protesters. It is going according to plan. Notice that the average age of all the protesters, looters are mostly all Millennials, 18-28, then X’ers, very few older like in their 30s-40s. This is the lost and last generation. This will be a generalization. It is not everyone but as a whole, they are ‘a’-moral, and relative, don’t go to church, anti-church, anti-Christian, pro-rainbow, intitled, narcissistic, ‘snowflake’, desire to live in a socialist state, out of work, university degree worthless now. The following are what this study deems, the Henry Kissinger ‘Prophecies’ that have now all but come true.

1-Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, ‘If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.’

2- ‘Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.’ Address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.

And one could go on. In the USA alone, with over 40 million unemployed, crime will increase. It is going to get ugly. Many who watch and study the End Times, sense that feeling in one’s heart/core that as Pastor JD Farag has now confidently said, ‘This is it’. One would agree that this time around, it is different. There have always been riots, in the 60s, 70s, 90s. Even when the USA was born, George Washington first had to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. But this time is different. Many in the Watcher community are sensing this same ‘vibe’, much like the 100-Monkey Syndrome that the Bride of Christ will not be here past the Summer.

So, regardless if it is Pentecost and when that is, it is the final countdown now by the day. To reiterate, that according to the Enemy’s manifesto, the Old Order has to implode, be burnt as a ‘Phoenix’ motif. This can then only foster, nurture and ‘birth’ the New Phoenix from the ashes of the destroyed one. The USA is that Phoenix to be ‘burnt’ as a ‘holocaust’ offering on the altar of the New World Order. It has begun. But the Bride of Christ has a different ‘play book’ she is following and one has a different Altar to congregate around. And it is with one that tasted death for Humanity.

This amazing substitution was made so that one may not remain in the grave and in hell for all Eternity. It is the ‘true Phoenix’, Jesus who rose from the dead with Eternal Life forever more and has graciously bestowed that upon ‘whom so ever’ will come to that Altar of the Cross of Calvary and repent and believe in the only Son of GOD. It will be the Bride of Christ that will ‘fly up’, not the ‘Dragon’ as the world will descend into total chaos.

The Followers of Jesus will mount like eagles as we are caught-up on that day to gather in the air. And the faith of so many years, some faithfully waiting 70, 40, 10, 3 years will turn to sight as we look up the face of Jesus with our own eyes. And in the very domain of the Enemy to then be ushered into Glory without indestructible new bodies of pure energy and light, as Jesus has. To think that if this is the Year, we are that close to being truly the generation that will not see Death but walk-on through into Eternity.


Chart of Space X Dragon Capsule at Revelation 12 Sign


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