Culmination of Church Age in the Pattern of Sacred Temples

  • Is there a building project of the Body of Christ about to conclude?
  • When is the Bride of Christ going to be completed with the Rapture?
  • Is this Church Age timeframe encoded in the Great Pyramid?

by Luis B. Vega

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'The Jews then said to Him, What sign do You show us as your authority for doing these things? Jesus answered them, Destroy this Temple, and in 3 days I will raise it up. The Jews then said, It took 46 years to build this temple, and will You raise it up in 3 days?'… -John 2:18-20

The purpose of this study is to correlate several layers of prophetic nuances from the pattern of YHVH’s Holy Sanctuaries. They will include the Tabernacle of Moses, the Great Pyramid as referenced in Isaiah 19 as the Altar of the LORD, Solomon’s Temple and the Body of Christ. This study suggests such could provide a prophetic template for the ‘Building of the Bride’ and when that is to conclude with the Rapture event. The title is a double entendre in that Jesus promised to build His Bride and that the Bride of Christ is a ‘Building’ currently being constructed that this study suggests is about to be completed prophetically based on Sabbatical Cycles of time. These sacred patterns of Temple blueprints will be the templates used and examined to suggest that the primary culmination of the Church Age is veiled in sacred geometry and phi ratio proportions.

The ultimate template and standard of measure is Jesus. As any building first has to have a cornerstone from where the ley lines are drawn from, so too is Jesus that stone. It was rejected by the ‘Builders’, the Elders and Masons by one interpretation. Jesus is the Living Stone upon which the Bride is presently being built. This ‘Bride’ endeavor is something that did not exist but only in name and inference in the Old Testament. Christ stated that if the Jews were to ‘destroy’ or kill the Temple, He would raise it up in 3 days. This was a metaphorical code and attribute in reference to Jesus’ body. To the High Priests of Israel, it went un-deciphered. The Bible gives many spiritual references and teaches that Jesus is the Rock that upon all that will be tested must stand. To the Luciferians, their twisted anti-types would have the Cornerstone be the Capstone that they attribute to their false Christ Lucifer as they are building their ‘Temple of Light’.

During the Tribulation, they will succeed in crowning Lucifer as ‘Lord’, but momentarily. Jesus later explained that the reference He was making of the Temple was to His literal body that would be killed and then would be raised back to life on the 3rd day in conjunction to the Feast of First Fruits. What this study seeks to correlate is an attempt to synchronize all these Holy Sanctuary Temple templates and deduce a possible inference to just how close the timing is for the Building of the Bride is to be completed. The Apostles in the New Testament taught that the LORD went to Heaven to build His Beloved mansions in His Father’s House and that one day they would be completed, and He would return at that time. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit on Pentecost to those 120 assembled in the Temple precinct to empower them to begin the Royal Commission to construct the Body of Christ on Earth that could coincide with such a completion.

The Cornerstone
The supposition of the ‘Building of the Bride’ is based on several Biblical utterances from Jesus Christ, that there are spiritual clues as to the makeup and perhaps the timing of when this Building is to be completed. This Building is special, alive in that the Building of the Bride of Christ is being constructed with Living Stones. The point is that one day this construction project will be completed according to Ephesian 2:20, 1 Peter 4 and John 14:3; on Earth as it is in Heaven. The ‘Building of the Bride’ is being mirrored in its construction at the very courts and Temple of YHVH in Glory by the High Priest, Jesus as it was in the times of King Solomon’s Temple. Jesus had instructed Peter that upon the confession of similar revelation that Jesus is the Messiah, GOD the SON, that in turn Jesus through the working of the Holy Spirit would build His Holy Church on Earth with such a confession of faith.

The Apostles teach in the New Testament that the Church is constituted of a multi-faceted dimension. It encompasses the New Man in Christ, Jew and Gentle who profess Jesus as their LORD and Savior. This ‘Building of the Bride’ transcends time, 7 stages actually that are illustrated in the 7 Churches of Asia that the chart associated with this study will illustrate as 7 blocks or geometric squares of time. The testimony of a local assembly of Believers in Jesus is not encased in a building but in living souls that go beyond race, ethnicity, gender, position and ability. Each person is likened to a stone that was used to construct the Temple of Solomon. For example, each stone had to be quarried outside the Temple Mount by the Priests and chiseled to specification for a particular place and location based on the master blueprint; the blueprint is Christ.

A circle/3 Days = 40+40+40 = 120 prophetic years of the Church Age. (Jubilee Code Genesis 6)
Church construction project started with 120 Disciples at Pentecost.

Ephesians 2:19-21 states, ‘So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the Saints, and are of GOD's Household, having been built on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the corner stone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a Holy Temple in the LORD.’ The Apostle Paul also taught that this ‘building project’ is also likened to a pregnancy of a baby being ‘constructed’ that has a conception and birth or an endpoint to new life but unfortunately there are also the reality of miscarriages. The Church, all-inclusive is comprised of what the Bible calls ‘Vessels of Honor’ and ‘Dishonor’, of the precious and the mundane, etc.

In other words, the Church has a spectrum of holiness and sin mixed currently. Consider the following analogy of an average human gestation period of development. The days of a human gestation is determined to be about 280 days or 40 weeks. If one takes this measurement of time and extrapolates to the Temple and Church Age, it renders a Jubilee code that happens to converge on the Jewish Year 5776, or 2015/16 on Yom Kippur precisely. If one adds the human gestation period of 280 days, the end date was September 23, 2015, which is Yom Kippur. What this could have meant is that there is a prophetic echo of a coming ‘Jubilee’ or season of completion and release. And that the 5776 coefficient signals a ‘end’ of the Great Pyramid and Sabbatical Cycle.

That year 5776 was the end of a 7-year Sabbatical Cycle. Does it mean then that the Bride of Christ would be ‘finished’ at the end of the cycle, 2021? The next cycle of 7 years would start in 2022. Could the Year of Light, 5776 be some sort of prophetic time marker that puts the Bride of Christ on notice that the Church Age or ‘Building’ is about to be completed when the current Sabbatical Cycle concludes then?

Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years #494th since Israel crossed Jordan / End of Bride of Christ ‘project’?
1                2              3               4              5               6             7
2015    |    2016    |    2017    |    2018   |    2019    |    2020    |  2021

Jesus stipulated that when the ‘Mansions in Glory’ would be done, He would return for His Bride and take there. The notion of the Bride is that she is the jewel in the crown, a queen that is holy befitting of a holy and righteous King. This has overtones to the parable of the 10 Virgins in that there is foolishness in the Church, apostasy and sin that will prevent some from entering in when the Midnight Call comes and the Maidens will need oil to light-up their way. In other metaphorical terms, such a dire condition could unfortunately lead to a miscarriage. This is not alluding to the loss of salvation but rewards. Salvation is genuine and eternally secures. The calling is universal, but the choosing is selective based on a response to holiness and consecration unto Christ Jesus. This basically delineates those that have Jesus as one’s Savior but not LORD.

The point being is that there are ‘Wise Virgins’ helping ‘build’ and ‘Foolish Virgins’ not in the Church Body. There is good and bad seed as illustrated in the Parable of the Kingdom and the Sower and the Seed, etc. This is key pertinent to ‘building’ as seen in the Parable of the Tares in that Jesus will wait until the end of the Church Age to harvest it all as it will be ripe to be able to distinguish the Tares from the Wheat. The reason is that at the beginning, the shoots are tender. In the initial growing stages both the Wheat and the Tares look alike. A thinning of the planting could uproot a good seed. Thus, this study does hold to the interpretation that the whole Church Age period encompasses a reaping of the ‘Foolish Virgins’ types. The Bride will be extracted or harvested from mature seed, all inclusive. Thus, this study holds to the interpretation that the Rapture constitutes a reward for such faithfulness and holiness based on the analogy of the ancient Jewish wedding betrothal.

To establish the templates for the Building of the Bride’s completion, the first consideration will be the grid of the Tabernacle of Moses. From the Bible specifications, it is understood that the Jews used the Royal Cubit. What can be determined is that certain aspects of the Tabernacle of Moses were clearly comprehended. The Holy of Holes was to be 10 x10 cubit, and the Holies was to be 10 x 20 cubits. The entire camp encompassing the Tent of Meetings was to be 10 cubits long x 5 cubits wide. With these measurements, one can reverse engineer the layout that basically upon a rectangle grid pattern. If one takes 10 cubits x 5 cubits, it equal 50 cubits. This already has the pattern within the makeup of a Jubilee Year code in the template of the Tabernacle. Also, if the 10-cubit section is spliced in half, it would constitute 2 equal section of 25 squares each. Here again is an encrypted Pentecost number 50 coefficient in that 25 cubits x 2 that equals 50.

Blueprint #1: The Tabernacle
If the Tabernacle of Moses is sectioned-off in half with each quadrant having 25 cubits that are 5 x 5 cubits, then using a numeration starting from the left to right will correspond to some interesting place significances. The quadrant where the Tent of Meeting is fixed will correspond to the number 11 for the entrance, 12 for the Holies and 13 for the Holy of Holies. If one is familiar with Biblical numerology, one will obviously pick up on the spiritual inferences of the significance of each number. The number 11 always speaks of a door, a gate that was the entrance to the Tent of Meeting. In the case of the Temple of Solomon, they corresponded to the 2 columns of Boaz and Japheth. The number 12 speaks of discipleship, of fellowship and government that was the task of the Priests in their daily administration of the Sanctuary duties and obligations. The number 13 speaks of all that is related to sin needing atonement, etc.

How this number 13 is related ironically and contrasting of the very Holy of Holies of the very Throne of YHVH on Earth as it is in Heaven is that is where sin is atoned for on Yom Kippur. This time is also when the Jubilee is officially proclaimed throughout the land. Yom Kippur is the only time when the High Priest, a representative of Adam’s race is sanctioned to appear in the very presence of YHVH and the Ark of the Covenant is seen. It is in the Holy of Holies, over the Ark of the Covenant where the Blood of Jesus, the sinless one paid and covered sin by His mercy. It is a divine picture of Love triumphing over evil, Lucifer, sin and the rebellion of Humanity. It is the place where the curse was made a blessing because Jesus was willing to come and be the sacrificial lamb in a substitutionary place for Adam’s sinful and helpless race.

The template of the Tabernacle of Moses shows that indeed YHVH is the Great Mathematician that works with order, sequence, symmetry and numerology. Each quadrant is specific to a number and purpose as would stones of a building be placed to either support, reinforce, etc. This study stipulates that from the Holy of Holies to the entrance to the Tent of Meeting correspond to a prophetic beginning and an ending of time of the ‘Building of the Bride’ as the quadrants represent time. This span of space and time is constituted by the 3 main curtains, or doors or gates. What this study suggests is that these 8 quadrants in length segment of time constitutes the divine template for building the LORD’s Spiritual House, His Church, and its completion. For example, each of these 8 square cubit quadrants will be measured out as 7 circles of time to correspond to the 7 churches of Asia that occur for only the Church Age.

Thus, this study suggests that the 7 Churches of Asia is a prophetic blueprint of the construction duration of the Bride of Christ. Jesus alluded to them as having an Angel and addressed the letters to such. This is the case that in the pure meaning of the word, it means ‘to the messenger’. This could allude to the head Pastor that can be seen as an ‘Angel’, as in a messenger of Jesus’s Word that is to be preached to the congregation. In the book of Job 38, Angels are depicted as when the ‘morning stars appeared before the LORD and sang together’, etc. The meaning perhaps also does allude to an actual Angel that no doubt was the Sentinel of that lampstand testimony as it is with local congregation of assembled Believers of Jesus even now. What can also be inferred is that an Angel can also be interpreted as a Star, ‘geometrically’.

Blueprint #2: The Great Pyramid
In geometric terms, if one can interpret the circle for each of the 7 Churches of Asia as a ‘geometric’ Star inscribed to each, the following mathematical nuances occurs in terms of prophetic measurement and perhaps time related to the possible conclusion of the ‘Building of the Bride’. Based on this template of the pentagram factor within the circle’s quadrants of the Tabernacle of Moses, the prophetic numerical codes of 1260 and 2520 are seen. These same numbers are also encoded in the prophecy of Daniels’ 70th week as it also correlates to a reduced scale of days throughout the Biblical narrative depicted for the last Sabbatical Cycle as interpreted in Revelation also. They appear to be keys to prophetic time and space and perhaps to how long the ‘Building of the Bride’ is to last. And again, if 5776 is a key year based on the Great Pyramid, then it could be done by the end of that Sabbatical Cycle of 2015-2021 perhaps.

A Star has 5 points, then if a circle has 360 degrees, then 360/5 =
72 degrees.

This echoes the Precession of the Equinox in that every 72 years,
1 degree is achieved in the Great Year of celestial time. The Circle Pattern has the following.

360°/5 = 72 degrees
degrees = years

If 72 degrees = 72 years, then
360 years x 7 churches = 2520 years, then half of 2520 = 1260 yeas prophetic pattern

How is the Great Pyramid of Giza template relevant to the study of when the end of the ‘Building of the Bride’ that is, the Bride of Christ is to be completed? It is stipulated on the notion that the Great Pyramid’s pyramidion terminates at the height of 5776 inches from its base. Thus, if one is in keeping with the assertion that cubits and measurements can be converted to years of time, then the year 2015/16 will be a prophetic endpoint of time or milestone. Now obviously the Church Age did come to an in 5776. But again, perhaps such a year has been a time marker to put the Church Age Believers on notice of just how close the conclusion of the Church Age is and that the ‘Building of the Bride’ is about to be completed at the end of that Sabbatical Cycle.

This pattern in the illustration of the Great Pyramid is rotated 90 degrees on its axis. The Great Pyramid pyramidion of 5776 inches or Jewish year 5776 that is 2015/16 is made to correlate with the entrance of the Tabernacle of Moses. When this occurs, the Queen’s Chamber lines-up to the edge of the Holy of Holies in keeping with all their proportions. What is obvious in the superimposing of this Great Pyramid blueprint to that of the Tabernacle of Moses is that the Queen’s Chamber corresponds to the Holy of Holies and the King’s Chamber with its elevated roof corresponds to the Holies. The point is that in using this scale of the Great Pyramid’s template produces a fixed end date of 5776, which to some, believe it is a point reached in the Church Age that the Bride of Christ is on its proverbial ‘Last Lap’ in the race of Faith.

From base of Great Pyramid to include Capstone = 481 feet or 5776 inches
5776 inches = the year 5776
If the height of 481 x 2 for its radius = 962 circumference x Pi 3.1415 = 3022
3022 – 1000 Millennial Kingdom = 2022: This is the start of the new Sabbatical Cycle.

Blueprint #3: The Temple

The next stipulation is to try in find the prophetic starting point of the ‘Bride Building’. The starting point is based on the interpretation from the Bible that the Church Age started on Pentecost in the Temple precinct where the Holy Spirit was given to the 120 assembled at the Feast of New Wine of the Pentecost harvest. This study holds to the interpretation that 32 AD was the starting point. Pentecost was on the 50th day after the resurrection of Jesus from the grave on the Feast of First Fruits and 10 days from Jesus’ ascension on the Mount of Olives. The New Wine Feast is 50 more days out to fulfill ‘when Pentecost had fully come’. What is spectacular is that this timeline from 32 AD to 5776 approximately lines up with having the approximate time of the Passover to Pentecost timeframe correspond to the alignment of both the edges of the Holy of Holes to the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid and the 1st Pentecost on 32 AD.

If the Church Age is to constitute 3 prophetic days, then each will be 40 days long or 120 based on the division of 3 ‘days’ of a 360-degree geometric circle of time. The next template will be examined for possible correlations to the ‘Building of the Bride’ is that of Solomon’s Temple. It is basically a mirrored image of the Great Pyramid template when the ley lines are extending and superposed on the Temple. The chambers correspond to the Sun, Moon and the Stars, etc. The Holy of Holies corresponds to the Sun. The Court of the Women corresponds to the Moon. The Court of the Gentiles corresponds to the Stars, tec. The concept of a Spiritual House being fashioned together as a body is that Jesus ascribes His Church as His body that can be illustrated in the Tabernacle and Temple of Solomon anthropomorphically.

This means that it has a human body proportion and attitudes to its measurement and even characteristics and even to their various vessels. Many temples and sacred building of the ancient world used the human form for proportions and symmetry. The specific study of how the Temple of Solomon takes on an ‘anthropomorphic’ connotation is basically attributed to the work and research of the Temple-Man by Tony Badillo at www.templesecrets.info. Such buildings were for example the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, Lebanon and the Temple Mount with the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque that was a copy of Baalbek when the Greeks under Antiochus Epiphanies defiled the complex. The LORD Jesus is building His Church, in this case, a woman, an ‘Eve’ as He took from the material of Adam to build Eve for a companion and helpmate.

In the book of Acts, the Apostle Paul had a burden to go into Asia and as far as India perhaps but GOD the Holy Spirit redirected him to go to AEuropa instead. This is referred to as the Macedonian Call that was envisioned as a Man from Macedonia but it turned out to be Lydia, the seller of purple dye that heard the Gospel from Paul and was the first European to be saved. This opened up for the continent to be evangelized and the rest is history. Nonetheless, the human dimensions of Solomon’s Temple can be deduced in the following. The Holy of Holies pertains to the head, where the mind resides. The Holies corresponds to the heart, lungs and stomach, making up 4 vessels. The Altar of Incense was where the sweat aroma of spices went up and over to the Mercy Seat. This speaks of the prayers and supplication from the heart, a pure heart that is right before Jesus and is a sweet savor or should be.

The Menorah corresponds to the lungs in that the lungs even resemble a branched Menorah where the ‘pneuma’ or breath of the Holy Spirit flowed. This also correlates to the light of the oil in the lamps that signifies the Holy Wind and Fire of YHVH, GOD the Spirit that can breathe life to that which is dead. The Table of Bread speaks of the stomach that the LORD provides and satisfies. The LORD stipulated that it is not what comes into the stomach that defiles a person but what goes out that does. Above all these prophetic types and pictures of the vessels of the Temple, the true rendition is found in Jesus. In the Gospels, He Himself attributed all the vessels of the Temple to Himself as they are objects of His essence and mission. He is the ‘Light of the World’ of the Menorah. He is the Bread of Life that can only and truly satisfy not only temporal hunger but spiritual hunger for righteousness, etc.

He is the sweet-smelling spice of YHVH that was broken much like the woman broke the alabaster jar and poured it on His feet in worship. It filled the room with precious aroma of worship from a grateful woman saved from a life of shame and reproach. The Ark of the Covenant speaks of Christ’s triumph over sin. He is the Law, He is the Manna, and He is the almond Branch, the Root of Jesse that budded as though dead. His personal blood covers the infraction committed by Adam so that He, the Last Adam can sit above it all in triumph due to His resurrection. These 4 vessels are within the Temple proper. There are also another 4 main vessels that comprise the outside of the Temple precinct. These are the 2 Pillars at the entrance of the Temple, the Laver of Washing and the Brazen Altar.

What is very interesting is that the vessels from the head start out as gold and diminish to gold and silver and then bronze or brass for the outside vessels. This pattern is prophetic in that they correspond to the statue of the human empires of the Beast seen in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream as interpreted by Daniel. This thus means that they also correspond prophetically then to time, perhaps the time it will take to finish the ‘Building of the Bride’. The pillars had pomegranate capitals and are attributed to the reproductive organs of a male that speak of the regenerated life within the seed of man, etc. Then the Laver speaks that one must be cleansed and washed in the Word spiritually speaking and how Jesus is the only one that can cleanse the crimson stain that is red because of sin and can be made white as snow.

The Brazen Altar speaks of the sacrifice that is required in approaching YHVH. It serves as an object lesson as animals take the place of mankind for the infraction of YHVH’s laws that requires blood, as the life is in the blood that can only make amends according to the teachings of the Bible. It ultimately took the literal body, like and blood of Jesus as a human willing sacrifice to atone for Adam’s race in the place of Adam due to the Fall. Why the LORD has this economy is a mystery that will be fully understood in Eternity. Such animal sacrifices will still be observed even during the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom on Earth. At this point consider theologically that Jesus was not a ‘human sacrifice’ as one understands it based on pagan religious observances. Most every animal and human sacrifices have been against their will. Not so with Jesus. And that qualifies Him as being unique. Also, He Himself determined the hour of his death. It states in the Gospels that He gave up the Ghost and therefore it was not a murder, etc.

Blueprint #4: The Church Age
When the Temple of Solomon is overlayed to synchronize with the Tabernacle of Moses and the Great Pyramid, some unique measurements can also be extrapolated from this timeline since Christ in 32 AD. This study suggests that this time is the possible ‘beginning’ time marker from when the Bride is then to be completed. As it pertains to the anthropomorphic man, the legs are in alignment to the apex of the Great Pyramid that in turn corresponds to the year 5776. If the 7 Churches of Asia template are delineated from the edge of the Holy of Holies within the timeline to 5776, then the approximate timeframe confirms when Jesus was crucified. However, the template also synchronized from the time Jesus proclaimed the Year of Jubilee in 28 AD. If one then adds exactly 2000 years form that time, it results in 2028, which is the end of a Sabbatical Cycle. The point being that it is the subsequent on from 5776 or 2015/16 and could very well be Daniel’s 70th Week of Years, etc.

Sabbatical Cycle of 7 years #495th since Israel crossed Jordan / Daniel’s 7-year Week of Years?
1               2               3               4              5               6             7
2022    |    2023    |    2024    |    2025   |    2026    |    2027    |  2028

Nonetheless, the study suggests that 32 AD at Pentecost was the start of the construction of this ‘Bride’s Building’. It is the Spiritual Temple built with Living Stones throughout all of the Church Age and 2021 is when it will be finished based on these multi-layered templates. The highlight of this timeline is that Jesus’ death aligns with the edges the Temple of Solomon, the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid and the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle. In a mathematical proportion taken from the 7 circles of the Tabernacle and Temple, the Church’s ‘Stars’ or Angles produce an equation of 7 periods of 360 times to equal 2520 prophetic years. From the ‘Anthropomorphic Temple’ of Solomon, the 4-point square within the circles to ‘square the circle’.

As the grids of the Tabernacle of Moses and the building blocks of the Great Pyramid the Solomon’s Temple square geometrically equal time. Nonetheless one can interpose this geometric adjustment within the circle and insert a square in each of the 7 circles that geometrically constitute the 7-fold Church Age. Since the circle is 360 degrees and the square has 4 sides, the conversion formula is as follows in squaring the circles of ‘time’.

360 degree/4 = 90 degrees or 4 quadrants, moreover
360 degrees – 72 degrees from a 5 point on a circle to 4 points on a circle, thus = 288 degrees

Thus 288 degrees = 288 years based on the measurement to year theory
288 degree/4 sides of a square within a circle =
72 years

Then applying the 7-fold Church Age x 288 years each = 5776 coefficient and year equivalency

This template would suggest that there are 7 times the years of 288 segments from when Jesus in 32 AD commissioned the Church on Pentecost. This study is nevertheless asserting that 5776 might have been a prophetic turning point. It could mean though, that the end of the Church Age the Rapture is now within the ‘Season’ of the 5776th year based on the pyramidion theory of the Great Pyramid ‘Time Clock’, etc.
Or in other words, at the end of the Sabbatical Cycle of 2015 to 2021 years. Perhaps.

Blueprint #5: The Raptures
Again, such templates appear to have corresponded to the year 5776. How this argument can be lent some further credibility is that the entire span of time from Christ’s crucifixion in 32 AD to 5776 can be interposed as one big circle of 360 degrees. One can look at it this way in that the 3 days can be divided into 360 degrees with 3 equal coefficients of 120 degrees. This number was ‘code’ in that there were 120 Disciples of Christ as a type of the Pentecost First Fruits. This ‘building of the Bride’ characterizes the entire Church Age in that the end of the Wheat Harvest will come from a mixed Jew and Gentile growing season; that of the Gentiles being grafted in presently.

Jesus did specify that if the Jews would kill His Body, inferring as the Temple, it would be resurrected in 3 days. This then can be interposed also onto the 7-fold Church Age template of a timeline since 32 AD in that it is also comprised of a 3 prophetic day timeframe. This would also approximate the 3 gates of the Tabernacle and Temples of the House of YHVH. This would also suggest that since the Bride of Christ is His Body, much in keeping with the Biblical analogy of Eve being in Adam, that Jesus will likewise prophetically raise His Body on the 3rd day. It would be in keeping with the resurrected timeline and proportion in that Eve; the Building of the Bride will be raised or ‘birthed’ at the end of the 3rd Day, perhaps. This does match the prophetic 120 First Fruit Disciples that started the Church and the 3 prophetic days are a segment of 120 each based on a 360 circle of time that renders a coefficient of 120, which again matches the 120th Jubilee Cycle since Creation, the 70th since Israel crossed into the Promised Land. And the 40th since Jesus read Isaiah in 28 AD, that proclaimed the Year of Jubilee.

The Building of the Bride’s construction started in the Temple precinct by GOD the Holy Spirit. Perhaps it will conclude it in last Sabbatical Cycle of 2015-2021 wherein it will give way for the Elders to build their 3rd Temple. It will be in place for the start of the last Sabbatical Cycle then from 2022-2028. Is this all a coincidence or a possible misinterpretation of the templates, perhaps? The last template that will be considered is that of the Rapture pattern of Jesus and Elijah. What this study has presented is that there are various overlapping and synchronized templates that can possibly references of when the ‘Building of the Bride’ began and perhaps when it will end. If the templates are made to approximate the convergence to the ‘Season’ of the 120th Jubilee, what is also astonishing is that there is also a Rapture pattern corresponding to it.

Perhaps as the start of the Building of the Bride’s construction started with the taking-up of Jesus, so too it will it occur at the end of the Church Age with the Resurrection-Rapture. It is the promised Blessed Hope that Jesus is and is coming with. These 2 prior ‘translation events, those of Jesus and Elijah are also astonishingly correlating geometrically and mathematically to the Great Pyramid template proportions that are pegged to the Tabernacle of Moses, the Temple of Solomon, and the Church Age timespan. Based on the Great Pyramid pattern, the Pit then corresponds to the approximate timeframe of when Elijah was raptured. Could the 3rd Rapture then possibly correlated to the prophetic 3rd day when the Building of the Bride is to be raised to Glory? If a prophetic timespan is of 1260 days and years, for example is to have started in 5776, could the Rapture take place within that span of time limit then?

7 Church Age Clock
What this study is suggesting is that the templates based on the sacred measurements of the 3 sacred structures appear to be correlating directly to this possible Rapture year or have started the Rapture ‘Season’ since 5776 or 2015/16. This stipulation of the coming Rapture of the Bride of Christ is only based on the approximate dimensions of the pattern of the 2 prior translation dates of Jesus and Elijah that are based on the Phi Ratio Theory of prophetic time. Moreover, the entire timeline from Jesus’ translation to the Rapture of the Bride is possibly pegged to some year on a Pentecost Feast season after the 5776-year time marker countdown. This is based then on the great circle of 360 degrees of time pattern configured to the timespan of the 7 Church Ages.

Based on this theory, this ‘clock’ can also be interpreted as 1 prophetic Great Year in proportion to the Precession of the Equinox. If such a proportion is prophetic, then such a time can be proportioned to a Jewish 360-day calendar year with 12 months of 30 days each. This template would mean then that the 12 months could be further reduced in proportion to the 12 hours of a clock, perhaps even a ‘Prophetic Clock’ at that. If the prophetic 360-degree clock is divided into 3 ‘Prophetic Days’ of Jesus, or a 3-sided pyramid, then it also equals 3 sections of 120 degrees.

The pattern is that of the Precession of the Equinox where 1 degree is attained every 72 years.
360 degrees x 72 years = 25,920 years

The 72-coefficient x 5 = a 360 circle
360/12 hours = 30-day months

2015 years / 50 Jubilee years = 40.32 years where 40+40+40 = 120 (Jubilee Code)

If 360/3 days = 120 years, then the year 5776 is perhaps signaling the end as being that Sabbatical Cycle of 2015-2021. Prophetically, the Clock, then lasts 120 ‘Prophetic Years’ corresponds to the midnight hour when the Groom calls for the Bride as a ‘Thief in the Night’. It is that close by this estimation.

360 Circle / 7 Church Ages
= 51.428° (Angle of Great Pyramid) where 72 / 24hrs = 3 days

1 Prophetic Week = 7 day
7 days x 7 Churches = 49 Prophetic Years

1 Great Jubilee Year = 1 Great Pentecostal Year
1 to 49th Year = 2015-16 (5776):
2015 to 2021 is the Sabbatical Cycle.

Thus, the last Sabbatical Cycle to conclude the ‘Building of the Bride’ would be in

If the 7 Churches of Asia template would be marked along the circumference of the clock, then the hours would show that the time is about to strike the prophetic ‘Midnight’ as the last Age of the Church, of Laodicea that is about to end. Geometrically the 12th hour of the clock corresponds to the pyramidion of the 120x3 pyramid where the apex is attributed to being the year 5776 or 2015/16. Again, these are the codes of the Jubilee Year Cycle theory based on the various templates that appear to synchronize to the year 5776 although some believe that the year of the Jubilee is lost and unknowable.

Living Stones for God’s House 1 Peter 4:1-9
Perhaps the midnight striking of the clock will send the call of the Groom to awaken the Bride in this last 7-year countdown to 2021. Perhaps the 5776 ‘Year of Light’ was the signal for the Bride’s Maids, in metaphorical terms to wake up and light their lamps for the final stretch of the journey of Faith, etc. Has the ‘Season’ arrived when the Bride of Christ may actually hear the trumpet blast that is to be accompanied with the shout of the Arch Angel as the Bride meets the Groom midway in the air? The Bride of Christ will then be ushered into the Pavilion on high for a 7-day wedding pattern to be hidden as the indignation of the Wrath of the Lamb is poured out on the world, etc. Will the year 2021 see this Building of the Bride completed or birthed? Perhaps, the last finishing touches of the Spiritual Temple made of Living Stones are being set.

1 year 20 days (a 120 Jubilee code and number of Disciples at Pentecost)
~33,300,000 seconds
~555,000 minutes (555 is code for death and resurrection) or ~55 weeks

Perhaps the completion of the Building of the Bride was indeed correlated to the very ‘capstone’ being set as a signal that the ‘finishing touches’ are being made to end the Church Age. It would appear to be culminating to the prophetic year as various prophetic timelines are converging in the world. Many are indeed sensing that time is almost up. Thus, this would mean again that the 5776 or 2015/16 year would correspond to the countdown of the last Fig Tree Generation. The Scriptures say the following as to the template of the Building of the Bride than nonetheless will be completed one glorious day.

‘You are coming to Christ, who is the living cornerstone of GOD’s Temple. He was rejected by people, but He was chosen by GOD for great honor. And you are Living Stones that GOD is building into His Spiritual Temple. What’s more, you are His holy priests. Through the mediation of Jesus Christ, you offer spiritual sacrifices that please GOD.’

‘I am placing a Cornerstone in Jerusalem, chosen for great honor, and anyone who trusts in Him will never be disgraced. Yes, you who trust Him recognize the honor GOD has given Him. But for those who reject Him, The Stone that the Builders (Masons) rejected has now become the cornerstone. And He is the Stone that makes people stumble, the Rock that makes them fall.’

‘They stumble because they do not obey GOD’s word, and so they meet the fate that was planned for them. But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, GOD’s very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of GOD, for He called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light.’


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