Eden’s Geographical Location

  • Is the account of a 'Paradise' a real place, and if so, where is it?
  • Does the concept of a literal place confirm to sacred geometry?
  • What does the ley-lines of convey? WIll paradis be restored?

by Luis B. Vega
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‘Now the LORD GOD had planted a Garden in the East, in Eden and there He put the Man He had formed. The LORD GOD made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground...In the middle of the Garden were the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. A River watering the Garden flowed from Eden; from there it was separated into 4 Headwaters. The name of the 1st is the Pishon; it winds through the entire land of Havilah... The name of the 2nd river is the Gihon; it winds through the entire land of Cush. The name of the 3rd river is the Tigris; it runs along the east side of Ashur. And the 4th river is the Euphrates.’.-Genesis 2

The purpose of this study is to investigate and ascertain the possible geographical location of the Garden of Eden. It will deal with the case for the Eternal Battle over Marriage, Authority, Immortality, and the Restoration of Paradise. The presumption is that certain locations in the Middle East as in temples, ziggurats, pyramids, and cities both ancient and modern have been built perhaps on the very ley-lines of the dimensions of Paradise itself. This study assumes that ‘Paradise’ had existed geographically if the Bible account of the Genesis is to be taken literally. Although the topic of the Garden of Eden has a multitude of possible themes to consider, only certain aspects relevant to the theory of its geography will be considered and discussed in a conceptual way.

One of the premises that this study strongly suggests is that the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life – Flower of Life is at the core design and blueprint of what could have been the layout of where the center and the borders of the Garden of Eden geographically were located at in the Middle East. Why this is important is that these same dimensions correspond exactly to the New Jerusalem to come. Before the geometric and geographical aspects of the possible Dimensions of Paradise are introduced, certain concepts of the struggle or ‘Battle of Paradise’ from a Biblical perspective will be presented to provide a theological framework and context for such rationales that will be presented in this paper.

There are 3 primary concepts of what the issues of contention are amongst YHVH, Lucifer and Mankind in the Garden of Eden. It has vied Humanity in the middle of what the ‘Battle of Paradise’ entails – the struggle for 1) the definition of marriage, 2) authority over the Universe and 3) immortality of the soul. The age-old question of where the Garden of Eden was or is located has intrigued many who ponder such a monumental question. Many believe that it is a fable or a mere moral allegory, yet most if not all ancient civilizations have had a creation story based on the premise that the Human Race started first with 2 humans, a Man, and a Woman.

The Battle for Paradise
They were fashioned with flesh, blood, and the breath of life by a Creator in a Garden called Eden or a variation of the concept of ‘Paradise’. Such narratives also have a ‘Tree of Life’, a Serpent, a lost chance at immortality and a subsequent expulsion from the Garden. Above all, there is an elusive quest by Humanity to regain control and access to this Garden and obtain immortality and ‘godhood’ itself. This failure at a chance at immortality has been Mankind’s endeavor ever since symbolized by a quest for this lost ‘fire’. This geographic area in the Middle East has thus been the ‘Battleground for Paradise’ because it is a reflection of the contention in the spiritual realm that will soon come to a head in the world with the return of Jesus Christ, the Promised Seed of Eve.

According to the Bible, Humanity’s creation started with a Garden and a Marriage and will end in a Garden and with a Marriage. As it was in the beginning of Humanity’s history, such contention that occurred then is about to come to a head and occur once again in the not too distant future. This will culminate in the literal showdown upon the arrival of the 2nd Adam, Jesus Christ and will end in a similar manner as in the first, with an expulsion but this time not of Adam and Eve but of Lucifer from Heaven and Paradise. But until that day, these contentions that come from the Garden reverberate to this present day in Mankind, even in the Church that Messiah birthed since the Cross of Calvary. The very Body of Christ suffers from these effects in that, for example, the divorce rate is no better than those not ‘churched’ or Followers of Christ.

The issues of contention that Humanity is currently dealing with originated in the Garden of Eden; of how marriage is defined, who has ultimate authority…that gets the ultimate control and access to the ‘Tree of Life’ and thus attains divine immortality of the soul. These issues are at the core of the Humanity condition and cause of all that is wrong, immoral, and evil in the world due to sin. The 1st Adam lost ‘Paradise’ and plunged the Human Race into a spiral of a multifaceted ‘death’, to include a physical, spiritual, and eternal death in succession. The loss of Paradise by Adam is profound as it constituted the relinquishing of the access to immortality of the soul, the authority and dominion over the Earth and his authority over GOD’s divine image reflected in marriage in the world.

The restoration by Christ, the 2nd Adam has reversed the curses by His sacrifice on the Cross as a payment in full. In time and space though, it has been a progressive restoration of these Dimensions of Paradise. The order of these issues is being restored, first by acquiring the salvation of the souls of Mankind. Currently, the battle is over the will of the mind and whose authority will Mankind follow. Lastly, the Marriage covenant will be restored as the Lamb; Jesus Christ will marry a Bride, the Church. For the purposes of this study, the ‘Bride’ constitutes those Followers and Disciples of Jesus Christ. The Bible declares that the Bride will co-rule with Christ in an eternal state. According to how some interpret the Genesis Creation account of the Bible, the LORD GOD Creator YHVH recreated Earth from a state of ‘becoming’ void and formless due to some pre-existing state of creation. GOD created the race of Humanity exclusively based on the Form and Likeness of GOD, or Elohim –plural.

The Fall and the Redemption
This Race of Humanity was to have a physical marital union representing the spiritual union of the GOD-Head. They were to have total dominion over the Earth, its physical location and subjects constituted ‘Paradise’. Adam was to also have spiritual dominion -immortality to be had if the first Humans were to have been obedient after being put to the test with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is a mystery as to why Lucifer, in a fallen and sinful state was allowed to exist in a ‘perfect’ environment, in Heaven and in Paradise. Obviously, the conditions allowed in the Garden of Eden were contrary to the popular notion that ‘Paradise’ is the ‘perfect’ environment in the sense that no wrong or sin could be present. It is also understood that the LORD GOD Creator is sinless and perfect as in complete and cannot be in the presence of sin or be of sin.

Yet the Bible discloses that the LORD visited or fellowshipped with the Human creation in the ‘cool of the evenings’ and yet subsequently Lucifer, taking the form of an arm-and-legged Serpent was allowed to be present in such a ‘perfect’ original sinless environment. This same vestige occurs in the Book of Job where the Angels of God appear before the courtroom of Heaven. Amongst them all, Lucifer in his sinful fallen state is allowed judiciously to also appear and even argue before the LORD GOD. Even now, the Bible states that Lucifer is the Satan that is the ‘Accuser of the Brethren’ before YHWH in some manner. Perhaps as in the case of the Garden of Eden and the Administrative Court of the LORD, there is somehow, some manner in which it is accounted for of how ‘sin’ is allowed in the proximity of GOD the Almighty; this dichotomy is not fully explained in the Word of GOD.

These are questions that are valid to ask but will remain unanswered until perhaps the time of the Redemption and Rapture of the Church when such mysteries and ways of the LORD are explained and understood. Perhaps it is an issue of being of ‘sin’ itself. When GOD the Father judged the 2nd Adam on the Cross and placed all the sin of Humanity upon Jesus, GOD the Father had to remove and break that bond, that eternal fellowship with GOD the SON because of sin, as the Bible states in 2 Corinthians 5:21. This is how the Creator chose to redeem Mankind. Humanity was in a dire condition because the Bible specifically states that the eternal soul of every Man and Woman was at stake and in need of redemption.

Nonetheless it is sin that has eternally separated the Human Race from the Creator, from Paradise, from immortality and this disconnect has caused strife in the institution of marriage. Although the redemptive work for Humanity has been fully paid for at the Cross by Jesus, its application has been progressive. Theologically speaking, the full measure of the Redemptive Plan of GOD was realized on the Cross of Calvary. One of Jesus’ last words on the Cross was ‘it is finished’ or really it should be rendered, it is ‘paid’! In actuality, this redemptive work occurred even before the ‘Foundations of the World’ according to the Bible but was actualized at the Cross in space and time. Thus, the Spirit of Mankind was redeemed in the past, currently the Soul is being set apart or sanctified and, in the future, specifically on the day of the Resurrection and Rapture, the Body will be glorified.

Marriage, the 1st Issue of Contention
The following is a very simplified matrix of the Redemptive Plan of Christ for conceptualization. The Bible states that in the Garden when Adam sinned, foremost his Spirit died. Thereafter his soul was in the process of death and ultimately his body physically died. Moreover, as Lucifer used GOD’s marriage against Adam, Adam lost his authority and dominion and access to eternity by it. Presently, as it pertains mainly to the Body of Christ, Believers are living with a dichotomy. In this current state, there is a fallen and broken ‘jar of clay’ the Bible describes the body as being that is subject to sin still and will eventually die physically.

Yet this ‘jar of clay’ metaphorically contains the Holy Spirit that has re-lighted the ‘fire’ of immortality within the fire of the soul of a Man and/or Woman that avails themselves of the work of Jesus Christ. It is in this present state that the ‘Battle for Paradise’ has to be determined for every human being that has ever existed, of whose will or authority will be followed during one’s lifetime for this decision of every individual will seal one’s fate for all eternity. This of course is in the generalist of terms. Thus, this study strongly suggests that what Humanity decides to do with the 3 issues of contention of the Garden of Eden will determine if one will ever see the Dimensions of Paradise again. It is not clear what the time frame was as to how long it was from HaAdam’s creation before Adam and Eve fell into sin and where expelled from Paradise; a week, a month, years perhaps.

Suffice to know that Lucifer sought to attack and reverse all the entitlements, title deeds and dominion given by the Creator to mere mortals. Moreover, the curse pronounced upon him that a mere mortal man would one day destroy him was and is more that he can accept Lucifer sought to usurp these privileges within this battleground called Paradise that this study suggests had literal geometric and geographical dimensions. Satan sought to employ an eternal separation between humanity and fellowship with the LORD by introducing an alternative ‘creation’, made in his ‘form and likeness’ with ‘promises’ that in actuality was sin and corruption on multiple levels. Lucifer through lies and deception sought to challenge and cast doubt on the motives of the directives of the LORD given to Adam. Lucifer did not go to Adam, the ‘head’ of the human union or marriage to implement this ploy.

Lucifer undermined Adam’s authority as he found the possibility of subverting GOD’s plan in one target, through the wife of Adam, in essence challenging their marriage and in turn ultimately challenging YHVH. Lucifer created a wedge between the wife and the husband that would eventually lead to the ‘wedge’ between couple and the LORD. Since the Fall of Mankind, marriage has been a battle of the sexes as much as it has been for the battle of who is to have dominion in Paradise. As a result of failing the ‘test’ and seeking ‘knowledge’ apart from the LORD, the outcome for Eve and Adam meant that the divine image of marriage had been distorted and roles reversed through the corruption of sin and disobedience. It was at this point and time that Humanity lost its 1st estate and their divine calling much like Lucifer had lost his estate in Heaven. This is not to lay blame exclusively on Eve as Adam, being the Head in the marriage union, willfully and knowing better chose to go along with Eve’s desire and directive.

Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

What ensued was a total judgment on all accounts. The argument for such a harsh sentencing by the LORD is seen by many as ‘unfair’ in that Eve was deceived. Perhaps the outcome would have been different if Adam would not have succumbed to the persuasion of Eve to disobey the LORD’ directives. Others contend that although Adam ‘knew better’, he perhaps feared losing Eve as she would be somehow banished from Eden to leave Adam all alone. Others speculate that Adam would have rather disobeyed the LORD for not leaving Eve to be judged as perhaps he knew the dire consequences of such a blatant disobedience. Of course, all these speculations are conjecture. There is also the notion that maybe Adam failed to accurately ‘teach’ Eve of what the LORD’s directives were, as it pertained specifically to not eat of the Fruit.

Or perhaps it was Eve who really did not comprehend such teaching or embellished her understanding by adapting it to her own interpretation. This is in account of what she said when she engaged in the dialog with Lucifer; bad mistake to start with. She reiterated to Lucifer the LORD’s directive given to Adam and in turn Adam given to Eve. The Genesis account states that Eve said that ‘GOD told them not to touch it.’ This was not the case. So evidently, it was either a lack of marital miscommunication or an embellishment of the truth and facts themselves by the wife. Sounds familiar does it not? Regardless, it was a perfect set-up and opportunity for Lucifer to work his dark magic at presenting a lie as truth. He appealed to the human senses and appetite to satiate 1) the lust of the flesh, 2) the lust of the eyes, and 3) the pride of life. The judgment of the LORD was severe, nonetheless.

Adam was cursed now to sweat for his meals and toil the thistle ground that was a reverberation of the curse permeating down to Earth itself to this day. Eve was given the increase of labor pains; no other labor is as painful in all of creation. And lastly, the animal or Serpent that Lucifer used to possess apparently had hands and feet. From that time forth, this particular species was to do without and had to crawl as a consequence. This is not to infer that all snakes are evil but that their form is indicative of how they were used to cause the Fall of Humanity and how Lucifer won the Battle of Eden and the Dimensions of Paradise were lost. Since this Battle for Paradise was lost by Adam, or as it is referred to as the Fall of Mankind, the divine institution of marriage has been attacked, undermined, and attempted to be redefined by Mankind in every generation since Adam.

This has occurred right down through the ages of human history to the point that marriage will once again be as in the Days of Noah and Lot just right before the Day of the LORD’s return. Christ specifically stated that as in the Days of Noah, people were 1) marrying and 2) given into marriage. If one does a word study on this word usage and distinction, it will become clear that this present generation is already there with such a condition with the issue of marriage. The original Hebrew alludes to there being what is considered acceptable ‘traditional’ marriage occurring between a man and a woman, that is ‘marrying’ but also that in conjunction with traditional marriage, there was other types of ‘marriages’ performed or people ‘being given to’ as in alternative types of marriages.

The only alternative to the original marital covenant or union is same-sex marriages. This ‘giving unto marriage’ as an ‘alternative’ type most likely had equal protection under the law. It also had social acceptance in the Days of Noah right before the judgment by the Flood occurred. Why there is such an attack on traditional marriage is because it is an issue of who has authority…of whose image it is reflecting, who is the ‘head’ and whose will is going to lead and who is going to follow. It is an issue of submission. This is the very issue even amongst Christian marriages in the Church. This issue is a core contention that Mankind has because marriage comes from the Creator Himself and presupposes a Creation and thus a Creator. GOD’s purpose and imagine of marriage, that is reflected in the union between a man and woman is intended to show the GOD-Head as depicted in Ephesians 3:10.

It is to be shown throughout the Principalities and Powers on High of the majesty and purpose of whom and what ‘GOD’ is. The GOD and King of the Universe, according to the Bible, abides in total authority, submission, humility, and sacrifice in covenant union within the GOD-Head. The issue now with marriage, as it was in the Days of Noah is that many refuses to acknowledge GOD’s design for marriage. It means that such who enter a Biblical marital covenant have to live lives accounted for -based on GOD’s moral standard and expectations. Mankind wants marriage created in Lucifer’s image, of either not having marriage at all or a deviation from the initial design as in having same-sex marriage for example or polygamy. This attempt at redefining marriage by Humanity since the Fall is just an effect of the fallen state and the essence of Humanity wanting to be ‘gods’ apart from the True GOD, of knowing ‘good and evil’ and having the notion of what is moral or sinful.

This is the sum of the Luciferian religion and: ‘do what thou wilt, is the sum of the [Lucifer’s] law.’ The problem is that this type of un-checked divergence within the institution of marriage, allowed for Human marriage to get so corrupted because it involved Lucifer himself. On Earth during the Days of Noah, marriage was so distorted to the point that GOD eventually had to judge, not only all of Humanity but some of the Fallen Angels as well with the Flood of Noah. This divine judgment of the Flood of Noah was due to the level of corruption in marriage that even involved some Fallen Angels that had left their 1st Estate came to Earth and ‘married’ the Daughters of Men. The offspring of such unions, according to Genesis 6 produced the Giants, the ‘Titans’ of old that produced chaos for humanity.

This was a malicious intent on behalf of the Satans, as the book of Enoch called the Fallen Angels to deface GOD’s creation and plan for how YHVH was going to use Humanity to destroy Lucifer; 1 of among several intents.This corruption and mixing of Humanity occurred at the genetic level in how the human DNA code was attempted to be mingled and manipulated by Lucifer’s Fallen Angels as Genesis 6 describes. This was an attempt by Lucifer to thwart GOD’ Plan of Redemption for Humanity. Such a similar condition in these Last Days is about to occur in the much anticipated ‘Disclosure’ of so called ‘Aliens’. Perhaps such will explain away the Rapture and perhaps interject their long-standing ‘gospel’ in place of the Genesis Creation account with their alternative ‘Ancient Alien Creation’.

Maybe the AntiChrist will somehow re-introduce this genetic engineering wholesale in a deceptive promise to bestow immortality to those that will decide to give one’s will and authority to the AntiChrist by taking his Mark. According to some Biblical possible End-Time scenarios, such a disclosure will accompany the unveiling of the AntiChrist and False Prophet during the Tribulation period. Such ‘Alien-Creator gods’ will be seen as Humanity’s saviors due to the global collapse of the old ‘order’ that perhaps the Rapture will help contribute to. These Fallen Angels in actuality will proclaim, as they have all along, that they have been the true ‘creators’ that had ‘seeded’ Earth with Adamu as the books of Zechariah Sitchin proclaim. There is 1 book in particular called, The Lost Book of Enki, that is basically Lucifer’s Genesis account of how he impersonates and takes the place of YHVH.

Enki commissions a scribe much like Moses and dictates for 40 days, as it was with Moses on Mt. Sinai when he received the Pentateuch, the first 5 Books of the Bible. The book explains how Enki or Lucifer is the creator of Adam(u) and the savior of Humanity by warning Noah of the coming plan to eliminate all of Humanity by a flood. Conversely Enki explains how Christ, or in this case, Enlil is the evil ‘overlord’ of Earth bent on destroying Humanity for mere genetic imperfections as an effect of Humanity’s genetic experimentations that has not gone according to plan. These ancient so called Ancient Alien ‘creators’ will be coming back to mix once again openly in the guise of science, helping Humanity leap into their Aquarian 5th Age of immortality and ‘godhood’ through the manipulation and perhaps direct mixing with Humanity’s very DNA with theirs. Such have been practicing ever since Genesis 6.

Perhaps this genetic promise of immortality will be in the form of a medical mandated ‘Mark’ that will not only validate a person’s identity, but such a ‘Mark’ will encompass much more than a medical record but a genetic DNA upgrade. It will most likely be linked to all financial assets as well per the descriptions in the Book of Revelation. Unless one has this Mark, no buying or selling can occur. This medical-economic world ‘care’ system will automatically sentence those not willing to be part of the system to death as one’s very sustenance will be denied by the State funded and Corporate run medical and economic monopoly. What Mankind will fail to see from the onset is that this genetic mixing it will not work; it was not designed to. Revelation 16:2 is possibly describing the side-effects of such demonic genetic engineering that could be implemented through the Mark of the coming AntiChrist.

Its side-effects will cause some sort of genetic short-circuit as the Book of Revelation describes that those who take the Mark will, at some point physically break-out with painful boils all over their bodies. Spiritually, such will be unredeemable because the Mark will render them non-human 100% and thus not redeemable spiritually. This is exactly the plan of Lucifer. Christ as a 100% human, died only for those that are genetically 100% human, a 1 for 1 exchange for Adam’s fallen Race, not the Angels or ‘Anointed Cherubs’ as it states in the Book of Hebrews. For such an abomination against the LORD in the Last Days, the Word of GOD in 2 Peter 3 states that GOD’s judgment is forthcoming to all of Humanity for the same condition that will arise at the End of Days, as they were in the Days of Noah.

Authority, the 2nd Issue of Contention
This coming judgment though will not be by water as YHVH promised by the Rainbow to never use water again to judge Humanity, but it will be by ‘fire’. The issue will be that Humanity would rather give their allegiance, their worship, their authority and very souls to an imposter, the AntiChrist. Sadly, many of GOD’s very own People will do this, as in National Israel and those not truly saved during the Tribulation period. During Christ’s ministry on Earth, Jesus on various occasions was tested and challenged by the false religious leaders of Israel of that day. They sought to find fault in Jesus’ teaching and preaching so as to undermine His authority and discredit His ministry and following. While on Earth, Jesus Christ attested to the validity of the Law and the Prophets, meaning the Books of the Pentateuch or of Moses and those thereafter as in all the subsequent Prophets the LORD sent to Israel to warn against departing from GOD’s will.

To this effect Christ exposed who the real ‘Father’ was of the false religious leaders of Israel. Shamelessly, the ‘father’ of these leaders of Israel was not the GOD and Father of the LORD Jesus Christ. On the contrary, such were opposed to Jesus’ ministry, His authority and His plan and purpose. Such sought to murder Jesus to save their appointed positions sanctioned by Rome at the time. They showed what spirit they had, and it was not the Holy Spirit as they denied the Lordship of the Messiah. They had the spirit of AntiChrist that as Lucifer’s true nature is, so too theirs was full of murder, thievery, and destruction. Such resistance subsequently by National Israel to GOD’s authority –personified by the actions and heart attitude of His People and that of the Kings of Israel and Judah, for example led to ultimate national judgment and expulsion of GOD’s People from the Promised Land.

These subsequent expulsions or Diasporas echoed the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise. Nonetheless, based on Jesus’ teachings, the Garden of Eden was a literal place and the Creation account of Genesis is true. Christ referred to the events that occurred in the Garden of Eden as fact. This has huge implications concretely in that the Garden of Eden then had to have had a physical boundary or geographical location and perhaps even based on sacred geometry in its dimensions that mirrored Heaven’s layout in some mysterious and majestic way. This confirmation by Jesus of there being a literal ‘Paradise’ or Garden of Eden was brought about by one of the issues of contention that is at the very core of the ‘Battle for the Garden of Eden’ –then as it is today, the issues of ultimate authority, marriage and immortality.

This issue of authority can best be seen in what marriage really was meant to be. The issue of authority is at the core of every marriage. It is the issue that to this day is contested as it was then in the Garden of Eden. It is now likewise the same issue of contention over what authority is or should be in modern society and even in the Church. The men of Jesus’ day, as in the days of Moses had hard hearts in that they sought to abuse their GOD-given authority to put away their wives with a ‘certificate of divorce’ for a non-offense. Divorce was not the original design in marriage as explained by Jesus. The Bible states that the LORD allowed divorce due to the hardening of man’s heart.

Unbeknownst to the religious leaders of Israel, it was Jesus Christ as the pre-incarnate SON of GOD that Colossians 2 declares Jesus Christ as the Creator that fashioned Adam and ‘built’ Eve and brought her to Adam in a marital union with the corresponding authority and position with specific roles, responsibilities and promises. Nonetheless, the core issue in the Garden was who has ultimate authority. The authority given to Adam by the LORD came with a divine directive of what authority meant and how it should operate or look like. It should like GOD, righteous and just, merciful and forgiving, etc.

This was to be applied to Adam’s GOD given dominion over all living things on Earth and in his marriage. Yet these directives in practice were contested by Lucifer then as they were with the religious leaders of Jesus’ day and as they are now even in the Church. Even within the Body of Christ the Luciferian image and form of modern marriage has subverted GOD’s image and authority of marriage within His church. Society today has done a great job of redefining what a ‘family’ is and what marriage is and who has authority. For example, such modern feminist concepts like having a ‘50-50’ setup in a marriage to be ‘safe’ and what marriage should be has caused nearly a 70% divorce rate now in California.

If an employee seeks a job at a company and promises to put a 50% effort toward his or her end of the bargain or contract, what would the employer think? Shouldn’t it be 100%-100%? Or ‘yes, I promise to submit’ in vows that are recited at the Altar of a Church congregation before GOD but are not really taken seriously other than are said for cosmetic ceremonial purposes. This is not to say that feminism has some valid points against the abuses of marriage by men and how in some countries, marriage is forced on women or women are subjugated to the point of becoming less valuable than animals. True.

The point is that from a Biblical perspective, feminism is just as distorted in that it seeks to not only to debase man’s position and authority before the Creator, but it seeks to replace it with theirs. This is just another form of the Luciferian blueprint of his image of Paradise as a result of the Fall of Mankind. This context of authority is solely based on the Biblical concept of a GOD-designed marital union. Marriage can and should have conversations about practicalities and circumstances that modern life pressures upon it but the issue is still, who is the ‘head’ and who has ultimate authority in a GOD-designed marriage. Until these 2 are agreed upon and maintained, the marriage is not sound. Some Godly couples might start out that way in all the best of intensions but as couples change, the issue will still be the challenge of authority.

It is within the sinful nature of Lucifer’s image stamped now upon Adam and Eve’ descendants that rules the heart and minds of Humanity to do so. This is true also for those in the Body of Christ, but such have an advantage over the world in that a Godly union has the LORD in the midst and 2 people that are supposedly filled with the Spirit. Yet when a divorce happens in a Christian union, it is sad because the spiritual principles and power was not used or maintained to overcome the strong desire to mold a Godly marriage into Lucifer’s image.

The issue is that Humanity wants to redefine and dictate what authority should be based on; on the pride of Man’s image, not on GOD’s blueprint of sacrificial and unconditional love, commitment, and humility. For this issue of contention in Mankind, Christ took the issue of marriage all the way back to the Garden of Eden, in Paradise where GOD defined what authority looked like as it pertained to marriage and how authority was and is to function between a man and a woman in a marital union. Why? One reason is because there is a hierarchy of authority even within the GOD-Head. The Bible depicts the GOD-Head as having a ‘head’ as in authority and a willing submission based on love, not compulsion nor obligation within the GOD-Head.

A second reason is because through a ‘picture’ of a marriage between a man and a woman founded on Biblical principles, Lucifer’s plan and image is annulled and maid void. Women might rightly argue, ‘if I submit or ‘surrender’, such authority will be abused.’ One only has to look at how Jesus treated every woman He met during His ministry. See in Scripture what Jesus, in full authority told every one of these women and how He treated them. A Christian man operating in this Spirit filled and lead mind will do no less or should. Divine authority was originally impressed in Humanity as Man was the Head of the Woman, and the Wife was to be the Head of the Children, etc. Conversely, in terms of position before the LORD, when Eve was ‘built’ out of Adam, she was taken from Adam’s side to be next to Adam, not in front, not in back but side by side, equal in position before the LORD but 2nd in authority within the context of marriage and subsequent family unit responsibilities.

This image has been totally defaced with a reversal of roles, function, position, and sexuality; all designed in Lucifer’s image. This interpretation of the Biblical marriage design and purpose is not a popular teaching in the modern Christian Church. What is GOD’s design of authority or how does it look like? It is a relationship built and operated on trust, a fellowship based on agreed functionally and position. Colossians 1:18 disclosed this blueprint in that Christ is the ‘Head’ of the Church, for example and GOD the Father is the Head of Christ, and how GOD the Holy Spirit was sent by Christ, etc. It is all about reflecting GOD’s authority and humility in the context of trust. Philippians 2 alludes to this Divine Nature in the 7-stage humble descent of Christ going to the Cross for the purpose of redeeming Adam of his lost marriage, authority, and dominion. Jesus, GOD the SON ‘trusted’ GOD the Father to not abandon Him in Sheol.

Having said all this, in a marriage, this is a couple’s worst fear, to be abandoned and break the trust. This is why the ‘battle of the sexes’ will rage on until each –before entering into a Biblical marriage for one, first surrenders completely and whole-heartedly to Jesus Christ first. More importantly it was the eternal demonstration of GOD the SON’s love for the Father that He was willing and obedient to do the will and be under the authority of GOD the Father. In practicality, what was this submission to? For Jesus, it was to submit to ‘Death’, to suffer a cruel and horrific death of a human no less on the Cross of Calvary to fulfill GOD’s promise to Eve that from her body a human mortal Man, the Messiah, the 2nd Adam would come to regain their lost authority, immorality and crush Satan’s head in the process. Christ came with the promise to one day restore the Dimensions of Paradise and open the way back to the Tree of Life.

Quest for ‘Fire’ or Immortality, 3rd Issue of Contention
The 3rd issue of contention for the ‘Battle of Paradise’ is over how to obtain immortality or how Humanity can obtain ‘godhood’ or in other words be ‘saved’. This is the next level of human -so called ‘evolution’ that many in the occult seek and are awaiting the promise from Lucifer to fulfill in the New Age or New World Order to come after the Resurrection and Rapture of the Church. Another way of looking at the rationale for the ‘Battle of Paradise’ is who has the ultimate authority and power to access the ‘Tree of Life’ to obtain immortality. This issue is even a point of division and confusion within the Body of Christ. In Romans 5:10 and Colossians 1:21, the WORD of GOD states that this Fall of Mankind, this defacing of GOD’s image in Humanity did not result in a neutral condition for Adam and Eve but a Luciferian nature that was and is contrary to GOD’s image.

This Luciferian sin nature replaced the GOD consciousness and fellowship once enjoyed between Ha Adam and YHVH before the Fall of Mankind. Moreover, this Luciferian nature is in direct opposition to the Creator’s pattern of marriage, authority, and the Gospel of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. In a sense Humanity joined the Rebellion of Lucifer that is at enmity with GOD all the same. It is no wonder that such directives given by the LORD to the 1st Adam, that of authority, marriage and the Gospel are at the core of how each have been and are still the issues of contention for the ‘Battle of Paradise’ because such will determine one’s eternal destiny. In particular, this issue of contention, of how one obtains ‘immortality’ or redemption is debated in and out of the Church.

Within the Church, the Body of Christ in general, there is an argument of what really constitutes being ‘saved’. Does one need to be Baptized? Which one, as there are 7 categorized Baptisms in the Bible. Or does one have to speak in Tongues to be ‘saved’ – which ones, comprehendible or Angelic languages? Does one need to belong to a certain ecclesiastical order or denomination to be ‘saved’? Many would say yes, others no. There are whole Christian denominations that are built around such doctrines alone. In some cases, there is confusion regarding eternal salvation because the Church allows Doctrines of Demons to infiltrate the flocks.

In some cases, it is on purpose as Christ warned that there would be false Christs and teachers that would be wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing in the Church. Others would also be at work planting seeds of discord and false doctrine alongside the work and testimony of the Church until the harvest. In such cases where there is strife and discord within the Body of Christ, it is only a reflection of the contention over the issue of authority the Church is wrestling with. It is especially true in these Laodicean End Times where there is a general lulling and sliding away from GOD’s purpose and plans in marriage, authority and the Gospel of Salvation that leads to immortality and the restoration of the Dimensions of Paradise. What does this Laodicean End-Time Church look like in the modern age? It’s when churches ordain same-sex marriages, when Christian leaders pray in the name of the Muslim Jesus, Isa, when other religions and ‘gospels’ are equally believed to be a way of salvation.

Divorce is inconsequential and above all, the Bible is not the ultimate authority of a given congregation. This is not to say that there are issues, imperfections and challenges within the Church. After all, the Church is full of sinners but the Church should be as a hospital, an embassy, as a school to learn and heal and rescue others from the world that are subject to death, decay and are under ultimate divine judgment. This goes for a Christian marriage as well, just because 2 people agree to the Godly design even so does not mean that it will be realized or put into practice. As with the Church in Laodicea, such congregations may look, speak and act ‘Christian’ but Jesus is outside of their testimony. According to the very Words of the Risen Christ, such Churches, in general terms may be saved eternally but will miss out on the inheritance promised the church specifically as in the case of the Laodicean testimony.

They were deceived and blind to the fact that they do not maintain nor possess the original ‘Testimony’ or design of Jesus. What is that Testimony? The very issues of contention within Paradise; that of who has ultimate authority, who has the keys to immortality or eternal life… and that only by Christ’s redemptive work on the Cross. The reason the Church in general term in these Last Days has no real authority or impact on the world and in the world is because it has no authority within the Church. Such a form and design will lead to immorality and this is even seen in the modern Christian marriages. Within such congregations, the order and the authority are based not on of GOD’s design for His Church but on a humanistic-centered image. In actuality, anything that replaces or is instead of the Headship of Christ in the Church is after the form and likeness of Lucifer’s image.

This has been Lucifer’s strategy from the very beginning in the Garden of Eden. Lao-dicea ironically means, the ‘rule by the People’, not the LORD’s. Thus, such a Church like Laodicea operated in a form that had its ultimate authority not based on the WORD of GOD but democracy. If it is mythical or not, the Garden of Eden vis-à-vis the quest for immortality…of becoming ‘gods’ nonetheless permeates at the core of the human condition of realizing that there is a ‘disconnection’ on many levels within Humanity. This is even understood outside the Church in the world; that humans are not meant to just be human but divine, as in ‘gods’…beings of light and fire. This desire for ‘knowledge’ and ‘godhood’ is typified in the quest for the ‘fire’ that has been immortalized in tales and legends of old as much as they are now in Hollywood blockbusters.

Such movies present a storyline where mankind is either engineered genetically or mechanically to be ‘super-human’ or is aided by super demigods that seek to help Humanity transform itself out of its mere Humanity through the power of light or fire. The Bible does declare that this ‘fire’ within Mankind was snuffed-out, at least spiritually as the first 2 humans ‘died’ when they disobeyed the LORD Creator’s directives in Paradise. This was above all a spiritual death as Adam and Eve did not die physically at that time of the disobedient act of partaking of the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. So, in a sense the ‘Fire of the Spirit’ bestowed by GOD to the 1st human, Ha-Adam created in the form and likeness of GOD did go out. Moreover, Adam and Eve’s descendants, from that point on have been born with the same disconnect.

The Types of Death
This disconnect is with the Creator that Adam and Eve lost and now are subject to disease, decay, and death. Instead of fulfilling GOD’s will of His image and likeness, Adam and Eve and their descendants now partake of the fallen nature made in Lucifer’s image, not the LORD’s. In a sense, Humanity’s doing its own will is in actuality following after Lucifer’s image and likeness as what is ‘good’ and ‘evil’ becomes subjective and relative. Adam’s disobedience to GOD caused the door and access to the immortality of the soul to be closed, and for good reason. As a direct consequence of such disrespect for authority, death entered the mortal world and now death permeated through every cell of the human body; the soul and mind that in turn has led to pain, suffering, murder, war and eventually unnatural physical death and the ultimate Second Death according to the Bible.

According to the Biblical account of Genesis, the condition of Death in the Garden of Eden resulted from the partaking of the prohibited fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This act of disobedience by Eve and Adam brought about a chain reaction that led to a 3-fold Death due to the disconnection from the Creator of Life that ensued. The disobedience of the first humans brought forth not only a spiritual death to the human spirit, but to the body as well. Moreover, the Bible declares that those humans that die in the state of sin without having their account redeemed or paid for by Jesus Christ’s Blood will be called to the final judgment, an accounting and will suffer the 2nd Death.

This is a permanent ‘death’ and in an eternal state away from the Creator’s Life and Light. Technically, since Adam and Eve were created without sin, they could have lived ‘forever’ in such a physical state of being. Once sin entered their physical bodies, the physical body thus only lasted its duration permitted by the LORD as it would be overcome by physical death. Due to a perfect environment and initial unaltered genetic mutations and with a canopy to be protected from the cosmic radiation, the Bible states that Adam lived more than 900 years. Nonetheless, Adam and Eve’s body chemistry had to somehow be restructured to accommodate the need for regeneration physically at the cellular level. Since that time, Mankind’s average life span has been shortened dramatically. Due to the Earth changes especially after the Flood of Noah, the conditions that were against the odds of survivability drastically changed as well.

Such factors as the change in atmosphere, the seasons, famine, pestilences, war and environment contributed to the shortening of Mankind’s average lifespan. In the whole scope of the Dimensions of Paradise, Humanity was not mean to experience physical death; it is unnatural and horrific in the Human experience and psyche. Adam and Eve were personally touched and affected by experiencing a death during their lives of one like themselves. One of their sons, Cain sometime later murdered his brother Abel and had to be exiled to the East of Eden. The Bible states that Cain was marked and condemned to roam the globe as a vagabond; yet another level of death and degree of expulsion from the Dimensions of Paradise. In actuality there are 7 types of Deaths in the Bible. The following is a listing along with a short description and verse reference for further study.

1. Physical Death
a) When the believer dies, the Holy Spirit takes the soul and human spirit, which are the real person, separates the immaterial part from the body and enters into the presence of the LORD (2 Cor. 5:8).

b) Physical death is not a tragedy for the Believer, but a distinct glory (Phil. 1:21).

c) The unbeliever has no future with God. When an unbeliever dies, the soul leaves the body and goes to a compartment in Hades called “Torments.” This is a temporary detention for unbelievers where they await the Last Judgment. (Luke 16:19-31).

2. Spiritual Death
It is separation from GOD in time – the Divine Condemnation at the point of birth (Gen. 2:17; Rom. 5:12; 6:23; Eph. 2:1). Faith in Christ resolves the problem of spiritual death. (1 Cor. 15:22; 2 Cor. 5:17).

3. The Second Death

It refers to the Last Judgment, or separation from God for all eternity in the Lake of Fire” (Heb. 9:27; Rev. 20:12-15).

4. Positional Death
This refers to the Believer being identified with Christ’s death by virtue of being placed positionally “in Christ” (retro-active positional truth) (Rom. 6:1-15; Col. 2:12; 3:3).

5. Temporal Death
This refers to the spiritual status of a Believer who is out of fellowship with God because of personal sins; such a Believer is in the status of “carnality,” also referred to as “death” (Luke 15:24, 32; Rom. 8:6; Eph. 5:14; 1 Tim. 5:6; Jam. 1:15; Rev. 3:1). 1 John 1:9 is the means to be restored back to fellowship with God.

6. Operational Death
This Death refers to the non-productiveness in the spiritual realm. “Faith without works is dead.” (Jam. 2:26). All the good deeds produced by this type of Believer are called “wood, hay, and stubble” in 1 Cor. 3:12.

7. Sexual Death
This Death refers to the inability of Abraham and Sarah to procreate due to their ages - Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90. (Gen 17:17; Rom. 4:17-21; Heb. 11:11-12).

Study by Galen Norsworthy, Crossroads Ministries. The 7 Types of Death Handout

According to the Bible, on one level of meaning, the Trees in the Garden of Eden can be ascribed to as a test. The Trees represent the directives of the Creator that have been challenged from the very beginning of Adam’s creation and ever since the Fall of Mankind. Adam’s descendants have been redefining and transforming themselves into their own image from that time. Consequentially, it is now impossible for Mankind to even qualify to even attempt to pass the test that the Trees represented. This test requires the perfect state of being in regard to GOD’ will and design for marriage, dominion and authority even before another attempt could occur by such a human. GOD the Creator has not been caught off balance or surprised by such an outcome or shortfall on behalf of Mankind.

The Trees of the Garden
The Bible declares in Revelation 13:8 a mystery, that the Lamb, Jesus Christ ‘was slain before the foundations of the world were made.’ Humanity would have been still destined for judgment and eternal separation from the Life and Light of the Creator, such as are the Fallen Angels if it were not for the Plan of Redemption to save Adam’s fallen Race in Christ Jesus. Even though death, on the physical, spiritual, and eternal level was not in the Creator’s original design for Adam and Eve in Paradise, GOD had already a Redemption Plan and strategy for the ‘Battle of Paradise’. More than just a battle, the entire war has now been won by the 2nd Adam, Jesus Christ.

This Plan of Salvation in Christ alone required a perfect human, without sin as the 1st Adam was and this Plan of GOD provided such a perfect and qualified human representative to attempt at securing immortality of the Soul and bestow it to Humanity upon the condition of repentance and service to the Creator through the work of Jesus Christ. It was for this very reason that the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth had to be physically uncontaminated with the sin nature of Adam as the biological father was from whom the sinful nature would be passed down genetically. Yet the Messiah had to have the 46 chromosomes provided miraculously to be fully genetically human and a perfect blemish-less substitute for Adam’s Race and subsequent test.

Christ knew that in essence, He was the 2nd Adam metaphorically. He stated that He had come to destroy the works of the Devil and take back Paradise to rule and open once more the access to the Tree of Life; to bestow life and immortality to His Followers. 2 Timothy 1:10 clearly states, ‘But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, who hath abolished death, and hath brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.’ Another great question to pose about the concept and events in the Garden of Eden is why Adam and Eve didn’t partake of the Tree of Life before partaking of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. There was no known directive or reason given to Adam not to do that, at least that the Bible comments about. Metaphorically speaking, this ‘Tree of Life’ is symbolically represented on one level as the very ‘essence of immortality that literally existed in the midst of the Garden of Eden geographically then.

This ‘tree’ can also allude then to it being the LORD Himself as only the LORD has and can bestow Life and Immortality to others according to the Bible. Foremost but only in allegorical terms the following verses allude to Jesus Christ being that ‘Tree of Life’ or how His Earthly possession -as in a Covenant People are such.

1) Jesus did state that He is the ‘Vine’ and that His Followers are the ‘Branches’, as in a tree. Jesus further elaborates that apart from Him, His Followers can do nothing as the nourishment and sustenance comes from the vine.

2) Metaphorically, the LORD speaks in terms of how the Covenant He made with Abraham and His Descendants is like a tree and that when the owner of the Garden came to receive part of the harvest as the Son, the tenants ‘killed’ the Inheritor. To this end, Christ forewarned Israel that the ‘tree’ would be cut down and burned and the garden or land given to another peoples.

3) The promise within the Covenant made unilaterally by GOD on behalf of Abraham specified that through the Messiah, all the Nations would be blessed in that those who would avail themselves of the saving grace and forgiveness of Christ, would be graphed into this ‘tree’ of the Israel of GOD.

On an aside note, it is interesting to note that in Mark 12 and Luke 13’s account of the Parables of the Vineyards, Israel as the Tenant in the Vineyard of the LORD is given 3.5 years to produce fruit. These timeframes of 1260 days are always referencing a time of judgment against GOD’s people, not the Church. This is one important variable in regard to the Rapture that it has to occur before such a period befalls on national Israel. For example, during Ahab and Elijah’s day, there was a drought condition as it had not rained for 3.5 years. Even more, it was analogous to Israel experiencing a spiritual drought and needing a national repentance. The very issue that caused the physical drought for Israel then was that the Living Water of the LORD was impeded by GOD’s People refusing to acknowledge GOD’s authority and live according to GOD’s will and calling.

The Books of Daniel and Revelation foretell of a similar 1260 span or 42 months of time that is coming to Israel that will occur during Tribulation period where there will be no rain once again in Israel for 3.5 years. It will be a time when the LORD will be calling Israel to a national repentance as in the days of Elijah and Moses. The Book of Revelation foretells of a day coming when 2 Witnesses or Prophets of GOD will specifically testify against the AntiChrist as Moses and Elijah did against Pharaoh and Ahab. As to the order or timing of this Tribulation period or who will be the 2 Witnesses, these are subject to debate but perhaps it will be Elijah and Moses as the 2 Witnesses that will repeat this same drought conditions and miraculous judgment to bring National Israel to repentance as in the days of Ahab and Pharaoh. 

The Church that had the ‘nourishment’ of the LORD’s water of Life and Light up to that point, spiritually speaking is taken away at the point of the Rapture, whenever that is. Thus, this time span is pre-determined already to be specifically within the context of Israel’s divine national disciple, not the Church. It is strongly suggested that the Church cannot be present during any time frame involving a prophetic 42-month period; weather it is only one 3.5-year period as some believe or 2 consecutive periods of 1260 days. A 2 consecutive periods of 3.5 years would accommodate the transition to the New World Order after the worldwide coming economic reset. Such a period could give time for Lucifer to initiate and set up his all-out worship of the AntiChrist in the New World Order to come.

There will be a time needed to set up the Mark of the AntiChrist and a time to recuperate from World War III. This rationale would also work well in terms of timing as Lucifer through the AntiChrist would appear to deliver the promise of the 5th Age of peace and harmony as he charms the world into subjugation instead. The dominion over the Garden of Eden, in a greater sense will be fully restored only when Christ, as the 2nd Adam will come to directly take possession of the Earth that He died to redeem as well on the Cross. This was typified by the actual Crown of Thrones placed upon Jesus’ Head.

The Souls in the Balance
The redemption of Adam’s descendants by the death of the Messiah has also brought about the restoration of the dominion of Earth back to the Human Race although it is not yet realized. Christ at that time of His 2nd Coming will establish His Millennial Kingdom as some interpret the Bible where the progressive restoration of Paradise will reach the next level of eventual restitution. The Bible describes that the Earth at that time will be as it most likely was during the 1st Adam in Paradise. The Book of Ezekiel describes that a river will flow out from under and side of the Throne of the Millennial Temple that will lead out and purify the rivers and oceans of Earth that will cause the Planet to be restored as if it were the ‘Garden of Eden’. Perhaps at that time, the layout of the restored Paradise on Earth will be as it was in the original layout of the Dimensions of Paradise itself geographically.

The Millennial Throne of Christ will be as the River in Eden that watered the Garden branched out into the 4 headways where the Tree of Life was in the midst. Perhaps it was from GOD’s Merkavah Throne that He positioned geometrically in line with the Dimensions of Paradise on Earth that such a River coursed out from the very Throne of GOD that watered the Garden. It will not be until the New Jerusalem where Paradise will be fully restored on Earth that the Tree of Life will be seen and accessed fully as it will be fruit to partake of and its leaves will be for the healing of the Nations. It is rather amazing that if the supposition presented in this study has some relevance that the Dimensions of Paradise follows the Tree of Life –Flower of Life motif or pattern, then the dimensions will match exactly with those of the coming New Jerusalem.

The New Jerusalem will come down from Heaven and superimpose itself in the very spot or outline that once was and is Paradise on Earth in the Middle East, geographically and geometrically. The strategy used by Lucifer against Adam and that is still being played out against Adam’s descendants for Paradise is so ironic. The one that caused the snuffing out of the ‘Fire of the Spirit’ within Man, Lucifer is the one that thereafter presents himself to Humanity as the ‘Light-Bearer’ and helper. Lucifer portrays himself as Prometheus that is said to have stolen the ‘fire’ from the Mountain of the ‘gods’ and seeks to ‘help’ Mankind by bestowing his false fire or light to Humanity but at a price. What is the price or at stake in this ‘Battle for Paradise’? The price is Mankind’s submission, authority, worship and eternal soul; the very same the LORD GOD seeks but not out of compulsion or obligation but out of love in reverence to the majesty of who GOD is and that He is allowed to be known.

Moreover, the Bible also declares that because Creation was subject and given over to Adam for dominion, at least the aspect of the re-creation of the Genesis 1:2 inference based on the Gap Theory. The Earth that was given dominion to Adam fell along with Adam and thus even now suffers the same consequences of Adam’s disobedience, death, and decay. Romans 8:22 in the Living Bible Translation states, ‘For we know that even the things of nature, like animals and plants, suffer in sickness and death as they await this great event.’ What is this ‘Great Event’? This coming ‘Event’ is nothing less than the Redemption of the physical bodies of Believers in Christ at the point of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Church.

This Blessed Hope is the restitution work of Jesus that did not only provide the payment for sin but graciously bestowed a full compensation or inheritance on top of what Adam had lost in Paradise. In one way of looking at it, it is the restoration of the very Dimensions of Paradise that Adam and Eve never really had an opportunity to fully enter into. This restitution and the coming inheritance are only possible now due to the sacrifice of the 2nd Adam nearly 2000 years ago on the Cross of Calvary. But before Jesus went into that Tomb of Death for Humanity in the Garden Tomb, this 2nd Adam, the Messiah of Israel went into another ‘garden’ – Gethsemane to wrestle Paradise out of the hands of Lucifer.

At this place and time just before Christ going to the Cross, a battle ensued for the very souls of all humanity that weighed in the balance as far as their eternal damnation or salvation was concerned. The eternal state of being of where humanity would end up permanently was at stake as there was no perfect, genetically sinless man since Adam or after Jesus to stand in the ‘gap’. For the sake of argument and to make the point, if such a perfect person would have been miraculously born with such a condition of a sinless nature, he or she would only be able to live indefinitely as Adam before the Fall of Mankind. He or she could perhaps self-redeem but would not be able to redeem all of Humanity. Then, even if such a sinless person could pay for all of humanity at the cost of his or her perfect physical body and life, would they chose willingly to do so.

Jesus was not only the one that could qualify to battle on behalf of Adam’s fallen Race against Lucifer for the restoration of Paradise but Jesus willingly chose to impute His perfect humanity in body, soul and spirit through His own physical death at the expense of His separation from the GOD-Head to impute His righteousness and GOD’s redemption to the rest of Humanity at no cost to them. Before and since Jesus, there has been no human Man representative of ‘Adam’ that could have paid for Adams infraction against the Creator, let alone the sin of all humanity. Although many religions pay lip service to Jesus as being a ‘good teacher’, a moral agent of change and good or an ‘avatar’ for his Age, most either miss to see or refuse to acknowledge the fact that complete restoration required sinless perfect and a death. Jesus Christ, the Chosen, Anointed One is the only One of His kind ever born as a human, yet fully GOD in the flesh that could have qualified to perform this test this act of restitution.

The purpose of Jesus was GOD’s Redemptive Plan and promise to provide a rescue mission to redeem Adam’s fallen Human Race. Jesus was fully qualified for this task because miraculously, the Bible declares that Christ was 100% human and 100% GOD. This is called the Hypostatic Union. Jesus, being a human was uncontaminated by the sin nature of Adam’s bloodline that was corrupted physically and defaced into Lucifer’s image. Moreover, this perfect as in ‘complete’ human representative also had to live a life as a human experiencing the human condition, yet without ever sinning in thought, word, or deed. The Bible does declare that Jesus did qualify for this monumental task. Jesus did live a life devoid of sinning against GOD the Father in any type of disobedience towards GOD’s will. But also like the 1st Adam, Jesus as the Messiah had to be tested in such a state of being inferred to as the Human Condition.

Jesus as a man was specifically tested with the same issues of contention that caused the 1st Adam to sin and forfeit Paradise, his marriage, authority, etc. Was Jesus going to be faithful to His Covenant union with the Father? Was Jesus going to be true and lovingly submit to the authority of the Father? Was Jesus going to be selfish and preserve His Life? In 1 John 1:16, it states that the 3 issues that encompass most if not all of Humanity’s temptations are 1) the lust of the flesh, 2) the lust of the eye, and 3) the pride of life. It is clear that the Bible states that to be tempted is not sin, but that succumbing to the temptation that is against GOD’s laws and/or will is what is sinful. To this extent, this is why Jesus as soon as He was of age to begin His ministry of Repentance and the Kingdom to come, first had to be tested in the Wilderness. The Bible gives the duration of the temptation as being 40 days.

This time is the same amount that Israel was in the Wilderness for failing such a similar test that they failed and were subsequently prohibited from the Promised Land, i.e., Paradise. Moreover, due to the successful completion of the temptation and testing, Jesus is now able to empathize with Mankind. This experience was something that had never existed in the GOD-Head before. GOD the SON is able now to understand and know exactly what humans go through in similar temptations yet without sin and above all, overcoming the temptation to sin. As a result of such a victory on behalf of Adam’s Race, Jesus can impart his overcoming power and strength for any humanely known possible temptation.

‘Since the children, as he calls them, are people of flesh and blood, Jesus himself became like them and shared their human nature. He did this so that through his death he might destroy the Devil, who has the power over death, and in this way set free those who were slaves all their lives because of their fear of death. For it is clear that it is not the angels that he helps. Instead, he helps the descendants of Abraham. This means that he had to become like his people in every way, in order to be their faithful and merciful High Priest in his service to God, so that the people's sins would be forgiven. And now he can help those who are tempted because he himself was tempted and suffered.’ –Hebrews 1:14-18

To reiterate, Jesus Christ, like Adam had no original sin nature’ Christ was immaculately conceived, sinless. Thus, Jesus as a human could not have died physically. This is speculated based on the fact that the Bible states very clear that the ‘soul that sins, shall die’. Thus the logic follows that if Christ had no sinful nature to begin with and it was impossible for Christ to even sin as 2 Corinthians 5:21 states, then Jesus could have lived ‘forever’ physically as in the same original condition even as the 1st Adam did before sin entered the Paradise. The point is that even though such a human man could thus then quality to partake of the Tree of Life for himself exclusively, this human representative was willing to exchange that right, His nature, His obedience, His righteousness for a full payment to cover the disobedience and rebellion of not only the 1st Adam but all this human descendants. Jesus Christ did not have to do die for the sins of Adam and all of his descendants. The Bible is very clear that in terms of the wording, Christ paid for the sins of the world based on the authority and love.

Yet it does not imply that every human being is now absolved from sin as in the false doctrine of universal salvation proclaim. This salvation is imputed like a bank account analogy in that people have to request this transaction to be deposited. This rationale goes with the Biblical concept that GOD respects the Free Will of an individual and that salvation is not forced nor predetermined. GOD does know the End from the Beginning and already knows who will and who will not receive this redemption, but humans in space and time do not. GOD did predetermine Christ and foreordained Adam’s Race to be saved, but individuals have the Free Will to refuse such a gift that the LORD will oblige not to enforce. In other words, just because Jesus opened the door to Paradise once again does not mean that Mankind has to enter it, although it is GOD’s will and good pleasure that all Mankind do so and choose life over death.

1 Timothy 2:3-6 states: ‘This is right, and it pleases God our Savior, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the Truth. There is one God and one Mediator between God and humanity, the human Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a payment to set all people free. This was a testimony that was given at the right time.’ If there was universal salvation, then why would there be a need for the White Throne Judgment or the Lake of Fire if this was not the case. Most likely Adam would have hoped for such a salvation in eager expectation as GOD promised to Eve that one of her descendants would restore the Dimensions of Paradise and access to the Tree of Life. In part, this redemptive work of Jesus first took place in the ‘Battle of the Gardens’. Gethsemane was so incomprehensible to fathom its repercussions that in fact Jesus, as a man asked for such a burden and battle as a metaphorical ‘cup’ to pass Him by.

‘And going a little farther, He threw Himself upon the ground on His face and prayed saying, My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass away from Me; nevertheless, not what I will [not what I desire], but as You will and desire.’ -Matthew 26:39 With this right attitude of authority, union and submission toward GOD, Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane won the ‘Battle of the Gardens’. Why? The battle of Jesus’ will to go to the Cross was put to the test even up to the very time of the crucifixion. This battle or struggle occurred in the Garden of Gethsemane, which means ‘a pressing out’ as in grapes that are crushed to extract its sweet juices. This imagery of crushing grapes as if squeezing the blood as it were is befitting the divine judgment of the Wrath of GOD.

This pressing out of the very life and blood of Jesus was done exclusively on Adam’s behalf due to sin. The Garden was all about the ‘testing’, the testing of the wills and whose authority and will would be done; just like in was the Garden of Eden with Adam. The issues of contention ever since the 1st Adam was and is all about authority as in the will of in a marriage. It was in such a garden, in Gethsemane at this point in time that Jesus Christ as the 2nd Adam did what the 1st Adam didn’t, Christ in His perfect humanity surrender His will, maintained the Testimony of GOD and trusted the LORD for the outcome. Indeed, the humanity of Messiah comes out as Jesus, as a Man was so pressed out like the olives of the trees in the midst of Gethsemane that sweat drops of blood ran from His forehead in consideration of such a daunting undertaking that would transpire at the Cross. It was at this place and time, in a similar type of Garden full of olive trees that was reminiscent of what the 1st Adam should have done.

Christ at this place and time as the 2nd Adam in a garden reversed the curse pronounced by GOD to Adam in Eden’s Garden. Jesus won the war for Paradise, the Garden of Eden in the Garden of Gethsemane by taking the curses of the Garden of Eden away that GOD had pronounced on Adam, Eve and the Earth upon His Flesh, in that…‘by His stripes, (scourging as in skinning alive) we were healed’ as Isaiah 53:5 states. Jesus even took the curse of the ground upon His very Head, as He wore the Crown of Thorns. This was the symbol of the Fall of Mankind that was the crowing (head) creation of GOD. Christ knew that going to the Cross meant an agony of a physical torture, the abandonment by His Disciples, and the public humiliation of his nakedness to come. Jesus, in his humanity did not want the Cross as any sane human wouldn’t either.

The real issue was far more horrific than just the experience on a physical level that any human could ever enter into such a state of contrition. The real agony for Jesus was not in Christ’s unwillingness to go to the Cross to be tortured physically, though horrific as it was; who would? It would be the horror of GOD the SON being separated from the GOD the Father at the point the Father would place His hand on the Head of Christ figuratively speaking like the Scapegoat to transfer the sins of Humanity upon Jesus’ body and die. This eternal transaction on the Cross would cause the state of the eternal fellowship within the GOD-Head to be broken within the Trinity. As Jesus was also GOD the SON this condition was something the GOD-Head had not experienced ever before.

This alienation between GOD the SON occurred as Jesus Christ was also 100% GOD as the SON became separated from the GOD-Head as the ‘scapegoat’ in which all the guilt of the 1st Adam, was transferred onto Jesus Christ, the 2nd Adam. This transaction occurred between Heaven and Earth as Christ Jesus was suspended between each on a wooden Cross. Realize this one point of confusion in the Church in that it was Jesus the Man who died on the Cross, not GOD. ‘For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.’ – 2 Corinthians 5:21. In the account of the 7 illegal trials during the examination of Christ by Israel on the eve of Passover, it was Barabbas that Israel demanded to be set free instead of Jesus. In the Hebrew, Bar or Ber means son-of and Abba means Father.

This was a befitting picture of the Guilt Offering of Humanity, of how the 1str Adam as the ‘son of the Father’ rebelled and joined the strife of Lucifer. Yet GOD the Father provides His very own SON to literally take the place of Barabbas, a known rebel leader of Israel. In a mysterious method and in a supernatural dimension, GOD propitiated or covered or paid the debt owed to GOD by Humanity, collectively past, present and future with the Blood of this perfect genetically sinless SON of the Father, Jesus Christ. This rescue mission is what Jesus Christ; the 2nd Adam came to do for the Fallen Race of Adam. GOD kept His promise to Eve and Jesus Christ kept His promise to the Father. This is what authority and submission is all about, it’s about keeping one’s promise and trusting. Jesus Christ was the one who, although tempted as Adam, was steadfast and willingly obedient to the Father’s will, authority and Gospel because of His love, obedience, and trust in the Father.

The Coming Luciferian Deception
Jesus knew who the Father is and that He had come from the Father and knew what awaits the Sons and Daughter of the Fire and of the Light because it is the Sons and Daughters of Light that will inherit the Kingdom. Christ came to rekindle that lost ‘fire’ of immortality in the souls and hearts of Mankind. In the process, the Father choose from amongst such Redeemed a Bride fitted for the SON that is currently being ‘built’ (as a spiritual Temple) as GOD ‘built’ Eve out of Adam. The works of obedience of Christ as a human, yet GOD in the flesh, Immanuel is now propitiated or transferred over to cover the sin of Humanity. It is now up to individual people to avail themselves of this payment made in incorruptible Blood by Jesus that will receive the promise of immortality through the repentance of sin and faith in the SON of GOD.

This in essence is the same effect as gaining access to the Tree of Life that was closed off in Paradise. It was in the Garden of Eden that Lucifer deceived Humanity into believing by faith that they could be as ‘god’ by knowing what is ‘good and evil’ and not die. It was for this very reason deduced by Eve that she succumbed to the deception of Lucifer in providing a ‘beautiful side of evil’ that is alluring and intoxicating. Adam knew better but willfully followed Eve and thus as the ‘head’ of the Union, it resulted in their demise and of the subsequent Human Race. Adam was the Divine Steward of the Garden of GOD and all its property, dominion and authority was all forfeited over to Lucifer but only up until Jesus, the Anointed One. One can only imagine what it would have been like if there would not have been a Fall of Man as much as how it would have been if Israel would have received their Messiah, Jesus nearly 2000 years ago.

Before the Fall of Mankind, the first humans were able to experience a human condition devoid of sin and in a perfect relationship with GOD, face to face. Above all, there was no ‘death’, the human flesh, or bodies they possessed were devoid of any foreign agent of corruption or decay genetically. The first humans in comparison to what humanity has presently degenerated genetically to would probably be consider even as ‘super-humans’ in that Adam and Eve were without any corruption to speak of before the Fall. One can only imagine the degree of what faculties and capacity they had intellectually, physically, and spiritually. There was no pain, nor sorrow, no loss, no abandonment nor alienation to speak of or experience even in their marriage. Yet the first humans, based on the rationale of the Genesis account, were un-tested in their obedience to the LORD or in their sovereign will to choose not to do GOD’s will.

In these Last Days, such a quest for knowledge to attain immortality and godhood or a super-humanity will be at the forefront of Humanity’s quest for immortality in part due to the medical marvels of modern medicine and genetic engineering to become ‘super-human’. Perhaps such an opportunity for this quest to materialize and will coincide with the disclosure and return of the Annunaki and Nephilim as it was in the Days Enoch and Noah. Humanity will be deceived once again and will be lead to believe ‘The Lie’ in a coming deception that GOD in the Genesis account of Eden is not telling the whole story and that Humanity can obtain ‘godhood’ and live forever. Humanity will be predisposed to pay the ultimate price and allow their very souls to be sold out to the system of the False Prophet and False Messiah to obtain this elusive immortality.

Lucifer’s New World Order will possibly unveil such a human genetic upgrade with the ‘help’ of ancient Alien-Nephillim technology. To facilitate this undertaking, all the economic and medical systems will be fused into one ‘Care’ biometric or digital grid for implementation once their New World Order is in place. For example the AntiChrist could very well promise that by taking his Mark, bodily ailments -if allowed to be chipped could perhaps be cured and prolong life. Maybe the biometric chipping will tap into the very human genetic code structures that regulate aging in the body or alters the DNA of humanity by the mixing of so called ‘Alien’ DNA. This could be rendering humans ‘super-humans’ but in the process humans become non-humans. Could this be what Daniel 2:43 is inferring to what the Bible depicts that ‘they will be mingling with the seed of men’?

The Bible foretells that the AntiChrist will present himself as ‘god’ and thus a ‘creator’ so this notion of impersonating the True Creator, His Messiah and promising immortality, as in the Tree of Life to those that worship him and receive his Mark is not that farfetched. This has already happened according to Genesis 6 and foretold in the Bible about such a time and place in the future when it will occur again. During the time of Noah and Enoch, such humans had direct contact with these Fallen Angels -face to face. In the case of Enoch, the 120 that mixed with human women besieged Enoch to even thereafter intercede before the LORD on their behalf. The offspring of such genetic mixing produced the Titans, the ‘gods’ of mythologies and in turn temples of worship were made to their egos. This direct face to face contact or ‘disclosure’ is about to occur once again as the Days of Noah.

It will come to a fruition when these same Fallen Angels will make their appearance on the world stage in some grandiose manner and/or fashion. All that is needed is an ‘Event’…perhaps the Rapture even. At such a place and time, Lucifer through his AntiChrist and ‘Alien saviors’ will promise Humanity an image and plan for salvation to obtain immortality that has been so elusive for Humanity to access the Tree of Life. It will be the ‘Lie’ that will be believed by many because Lucifer does not possess the Tree of Life nor does he have access to it. He does know where it is geographically but the LORD has sealed it off with Angels on the East side of Eden. Perhaps there is still a doorway or portal to the Tree of Life that was in the midst of Eden. Maybe it can now only be accessed supernaturally, even by sacred geometric tetrahedron Stargates perhaps?

Genesis 3:24 states, God ‘placed mighty angels at the east of the Garden of Eden, with a flaming sword to guard the entrance to the Tree of Life.’ So in essence there is a door or ‘gate’ to the Tree of Life, all one has to have is the Key to get in and know where it is at. The Biblical description of where the Tree of Life is located at gives some geographic clues as to where this ‘door’ or ‘Stargate’ is situated in the Middle East that leads to the Tree of Life, at least in the sense of where it once was. It might be the case that after the Flood, the topography changed in such a way and degree that the vestiges of this portal and pathway were totally erased physically from Earth and from Humanity’s recollection. Maybe the location and door to the Tree of Life morphed into a different dimension altogether for safekeeping.

The Stargates of Paradise
That could still very much be overlapping the true Dimensions of Paradise even now in the Middle East geographically by why of Earth ley-lines or sacred temple and or pyramids. Realize that Lucifer and his minions know exactly where the Tree of Life is at if it is still there in a spiritual state as it would still then be guarded by the Angelic Sentinels of the LORD with swords of fire. IF this is the case, then Lucifer and this Fallen Angels would have no trouble seeing and perceiving its peculiarities.

This study presents the case that if the Dimensions of Paradise geographically and geometrically are consistent with the blueprint of the Tree of Life-Flower of Life motif, then the 3 cities of Babylon, Ur and a third that is not identified as of yet due to loss of records, could be the ‘gates’ or pathway to the Tree of Life or perhaps a place where such ‘Stargates’ are located at that could be activated through their sacred geometric alignments with Earth’s energy ley-lines or ritualistic magic.

These 3 cities correspond geographically and geometrically with the Belt of Orion star alignment. Orion has long been associated with the Gate of Heaven in relation to the path that leads to and from the mortal realm of Earth. These ‘Stargates’ are referred to the 1) Silver Gate or the Gate of Man as opposed to the 2) Golden Gate or the Gate of God at is associated with and is at the base of the constellation of Ophiuchus. The Pharaohs of Egypt, for example believed that the Great Pyramid star-shafts that align with Orion’s Belt from the Pyramid depicted where the ‘gate’ to the Heavenly Paradise was -as it would be likewise with the Garden of Eden or Paradise on Earth. Thus, this study strongly suggests that a mirrored copy on Earth of this sacred geometry would then also mark the pathway of the door or Stargate to the Tree of Life and associated with Orion.

This study also suggests that the Babylon-Ur Temple complexes had sacred geometric Stargate configurations that could be marking the pathway to the Earthly center of Paradise where the Tree of Life existed geographically and geometrically based on this Orion pattern on Earth. Given the descriptions of the Biblical account of Genesis and the Tree of Life pattern, it is theorized that the sacred geometric hexagram that constitutes the current air base adjacent to Ur could be the place of the possible Stargate that the LORD stationed Cherub to seal off the entrance to the pathway that would lead to the center of Eden in preventing the access to the Tree of Life. This would make some sense of the Tower of Babel that was more than just the building of a ‘tower’ high enough to reach Heaven to become ‘gods’.

In actuality it was in essence a ‘Stargate’ that Nimrod sought to open the Tree of Life with and partake of its immortal powers. It is at such military locations throughout the world, particularly in air force bases where black operations and experimentations are conducted in total secrecy. Such clandestine operations involve dark occultic forces, genetic manipulation, human and child abductions, UFO research, time travel, mind control and advanced weaponry to name a few from firsthand accounts. It is a known fact that the occult has a strong presence in the US Armed Forces for example and use such locations because of their sacred geometry and energy lines. The sacred geometry of such locations is based on the ley-lines and incorporated with magic.

Such are positioned to open up such dimensional portals that summon demonic forces to the physical realm. These experimentations are of the type of witchcraft that occurred in Genesis 6 and has to this day. It is prohibited by the LORD in the Bible because it is involving and dealing directly with the dark powers of the Principalities on High that are a lot smarter and powerful than humans without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Such Fallen Angels know of the sacred Dimensions of Paradise and know where the doors or ‘Stargates’ are located at. If such covens that operate in military bases and secret societies that have been given this knowledge can perform magic to pierce the vial between the physical and spiritual realms on a localized level and to a limited degree, what is to say about Lucifer and his minions on a planetary or Heavenly scale?

Lucifer did reply of the LORD in the Book of Job when asked by GOD where Lucifer had come from. Lucifer replied, ‘to and from the Earth’. This presupposes a going out and in, perhaps through a portal or ‘gate(s)’. In this context it can be argued that it is possibly alluding to going through portals or ‘Stargates’ between Heaven and Earth that are tied to specific angles and sacred geometry like the Golden and Silver Gates of the Heavenlies or Cosmos. Much research has proved that sacred geometry of the Earth does reflect Heaven’s dimensions for that matter. Such Stargates may very well then correspond for example to Orion’s Belt. With such logic then, one can infer that there can thus be a ‘Stargate’ to the Tree of Life on Earth based on sacred geometry of there being one to Heaven itself. If this theory of where a doorway to the Tree of Life is located at on Earth has any plausibility, it would be in Ur of the Chaldeans.

This is just to the adjacent south where Abraham was called from to leave his parents for Israel, the Promised Land. Ur has also this same Orion belt building structure alignment as the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt does. Currently there is military air base Tallil or Camp Adder just to the south of the Ziggurat of Ur. This air base is configured geometrically into a sacred compressed hexagram that perhaps can be activated as a ‘Stargate’ of sorts in conjunction to the one in Babylon and the undisclosed 3rd location. According to the writings of Zachariah Sitchin, such locations were specifically chosen by the Fallen Angles of Lucifer to have temples erected to them for worship but perhaps there was a deeper association with the Gates of Heaven that they know of and thus sought to mirror on Earth with an alignment to Heaven itself. Sitchin’s theory and conclusion was that such sites were actually Star Ports for ‘Alien’ star crafts much like an ‘airport’ of today, but this is another topic altogether.

It is no wonder that during the US military invasion of Iraq there was an acquisition of very valuable archeological artifacts from the Bagdad Museum. It was reported that numerous priceless and irreplaceable artifacts went missing during the American occupation of Iraq. The US Army also built a military base in ancient Babylon and Ur. Babylon had been in the process of being rebuilt and has to an extent. In Babylon, there are currently 3 profound ‘mounds’ or ‘towers’ that have been configured in modern times. These 3 towers constitute a precise sacred geometric tetrahedron when connected by a line. Why were these ‘towers’ build in modern times in Babylon? Perhaps to configure a Stargate at some point in time that will be needed in an attempt much like that of Nimrod to pierce into the specific spiritual dimension.

Perhaps Nimrod tried to forcefully break through with such a sacred geometric space or dimension invoking the dark magic of the Fallen Ones to open such a portal and access the Tree of Life. Babylon does mean the Place of the Gate. It may be the case that the Tree of Life could very well be suspended now in animation as it were but in a different overlapping dimension that can only be accessed through such a piercing of the physical to the spiritual dimensions. Most likely, such locations as Babylon and Ur will be used again in some form or fashion in the near future in an attempt like Nimrod to forcefully invade the back Gates of Paradise to access the Tree of Life with such sacred geometry and Luciferian magic. In essence, just like Christ Jesus is called the 2nd Adam, so too Lucifer is coming to Humanity -in the form of the false Messiah AntiChrist as the 2nd Nimrod.

The coming Antichrist, much like Nimrod will likewise make an attempt at using such means to break in and unlock the door to the very Tree of Life as Nimrod attempted in Babylon. Why? Because Lucifer knows his time is short and he has no future or place in the New Heaven and Earth. If he could somehow access the Tree of Life, perhaps he could avail himself of becoming immortal in the sense of not being able to be destroyed in the Lake of Fire; this is only conjecture. Maybe this will be seen in the coming AntiChrist that like Nimrod, will attempt to forcefully challenge the closure of the Tree of Life through Stargates and demonic portals as Nimrod did in Babylon with the Tower of Babylon using sacred geometry and dark magic.

Perhaps this 2nd Nimrod, the AntiChrist will at some point in time during the Tribulation engage in an all-out spiritual assault as depicted in Revelation 12 when the Heavenly War breaks out. It will coincide with Lucifer being cast out of Heaven for good. Even in this sense, if and when this happens, it presupposes that they are led out of Heaven through the Gates of Glory, or ‘Stargates’ and it will be through such places like Ur and Babylon that they will be funneled through as before on Earth like at Mr. Hermon in Lebanon. Is it any wonder why the Middle East will be the place where it ‘ends’ as it was the place where ‘it’ began? Why? Aside from oil, this study strongly suggests that the entire Middle East bears the imprint of the literal geographical area that encompassed the Dimensions of Paradise and that Lucifer no longer possesses and will do all that he can to regain it.

At this point one might become skeptical of such an absurd notion of ‘Stargates’ heavenly portals, etc. Really? For those believing in the Bible, it is GOD Himself that opens a ‘star-portal’ in the very midst of Meso-potamia which means ‘in between 2 waters’ that Babylon is actually at. In Revelation 9 there is a ‘star’ that is given the keys to a ‘gate’ that will unleash Apollyon, perhaps from the very site of Babylon’s star tetrahedron. Again, are these notions of ‘Stargates’ on Earth or doors absurd to consider or even existing supernaturally? Consider that Revelation 9:11 foretells a place and time on Earth when doors or spiritual ‘Stargate’ portals will be opened. Such places like the Euphrates will release demonic Fallen Angels that have been bound there until that time and place to fulfill the LORD’s plan in the Last Days. If Lucifer cannot succeed at assaulting Heaven itself or acquiring the Tree of Life on Earth, then he will in like manner try to prevent the 2nd Adam, Jesus Christ from coming back. Why?

Jesus is to return to possess Paradise and bestow it back to the descendants of Adam at Christ’s 2nd Coming. Lucifer has been positioning the playing board of the Middle East through wars, toppling of Dictators as with the Arab Spring in preparation for the last-ditch effort to assault the Garden of Eden. The coming World War will facilitate this New World Order and his 2nd Nimrod, the AntiChrist in an attempt to take it back what Lucifer lost to the 2nd Adam, Jesus Christ at the Cross nearly 2000 years ago. Thus, gaining access and control of the Tree of Life would make good on the promises Lucifer has been making to his followers all along. It is this paradigm that is taught in the secret societies and religious schools of esoteric knowledge and of the dark Luciferian occultists. This Luciferian ‘gospel’ is as much believed by faith of such follower of Lucifer that Lucifer will triumph in the end as much as Christians Followers believe in the rendering of the Biblical account that Jesus Christ has already won the War.

In the case of the occult and esoteric paradigm that the Luciferians believe and trust in, Christ and thus Christians have to be disposed of or rid of. Only Jesus Chris and the Church currently stand in the way of the false promise of knowledge and immortality to be bestowed by Lucifer, the ‘Shining One’ as in a Snake that bestows knowledge, wisdom, and illumination to Humanity. Such who believe and follow this Serpent seek to overthrow the very authority of the Throne of Heaven on Earth and take for themselves the Tree of Life on Earth. During the Tribulation, Lucifer will lead Humanity into believing that Lucifer’s Paradise was unjustly taken from them by Jesus Christ and that Lucifer is just in attempting an all-out assault on Christ and His Christians in order to regain the Dimensions of Paradise in the Middle East for themselves.

This is why geographically; it will be in the Middle East that the last battle, that of Armageddon will be fought for the possession of Paradise. But according to the Bible, this contention for Paradise, this coming direct confrontation with the Righteous Judge of the Universe, Jesus Christ and Lucifer will be a no-contest. The Book of Revelation depicts that the enemies of the LORD will be destroyed by the mere Power of Jesus Christ’s Light and Presence at His 2nd Coming. Thereafter the False Prophet and the AntiChrist will be directly thrown into the Lake of Fire, bypassing the White Throne Judgment. Lucifer will be bound for 1000 years as he will yet still play a role in preparation for Eternity Future. But before the Return of Jesus, the world it seems is getting ready for this much anticipated ‘leap’ forward genetically.

It will be a false promise that Mankind can at last reach a divine state of ascension toward ‘godhood’ and immortality. In reality they are but cheap imitations of what Jesus Christ freely gives originally and without cost. As it has been presented in this study, if one is to take the Biblical account of the creation of Mankind literally, then the characteristic of the account must relate to the physical Dimensions of Paradise as a real location with latitude, longitude, and perhaps the very imprint of GOD’s creative signature as in sacred geometry and perhaps that of the very Throne Room of GOD. The Bible does give some geographic references to where the Garden of Eden was located on Earth. The Earth before the Flood was different than it is now. The current shape of continents, for example are the result of the catastrophic changes that occurred after Noah’s Flood.

The Blueprint of Paradise
The Book of Genesis describes a planet Earth that had water as in seas and perhaps oceans but there was only 1 land mass. The Earth had no continents and no rain. There was no need for rain as the Earth was enveloped with a water canopy that shielded the atmosphere form the radiation that now gets through and is a factor in what causes mutations in the human gene sequences by radiation. Moreover, the Earth was smaller in size so that based then on its mass and atmospheric pressure; it would have been possible for everything to grow bigger in size. Yet due to such factors as Earth’s resonance and its magnetic sphere, certain locations on Earth geographically would have corresponded still with the energy of the various ley-lines that the imprint of the former Dimensions of Paradise could have been fashioned upon.

This is what is referred to as the Earth Chakra theory in that the Earth is alive and is anthropomorphized to that of a human body with a spinal column if you will. With such a composition, energy runs through these ‘lines’ that correspond to certain pressure points or areas on Earth. It is at these precise junctures that sacred temple, pyramids and/or monuments are found all over the world and correspond to each other. It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt by numerous Biblical and secular researchers that the dimensions of Heaven as with star constellation alignments, for example are replicated all over the Earth. Many ancient sacred sites are in reality mirroring the Heavenlies (Mazzaroth).

Such sites on Earth are built on energy ley-lines that follow an exact blueprint that mathematically correspond to sacred geometry. This sacred geometry is the signature of the Creator as certain geographical locations on Earth are ‘stamped’ with these dimensions. Ultimately, the Creator is the originator of such sacred dimensions, on Earth, in the Heavenlies and no doubt in Heaven itself. It was Pythagoras who stated, ‘All is Numbers’ meaning the Creation can be reduced to a mathematical calculation as time and space is quantified for example. Such concepts as the Tree of Life - Flower of Life motifs are just another divine reflection of the majesty and complexity of GOD and of His Creation as He is the author of numbers and patterns.

It is just that in the ancient world, only the learned had a monopoly to such knowledge as the masses were subjugated by it and the so called ‘elites’ took advantage to rule the world by it. In the process most of the learned became incorporated into the Luciferian religious Mystery Schools and Secret Societies as they sought deeper and darker powers. Such became in league with the dark forces of Satan as their insatiable blood-lust desire for more knowledge and power over people and the world was and is bestowed by the ‘god’ of this world, Lucifer. To ascertain if the Tree of Life - Flower of Life motif is the blueprint for the Garden of Eden geographically on Earth, certain key locations of ancient and modern importance will be used as reference points in an attempt to replicate the Dimensions of Paradise on the map of the Middle East. To start off with, a perfect circle is drawn from Mt. Ararat where the Bible states that the Ark of Noah rested as it was the cause of the destruction of the Old World.

The 4 Rivers of Eden
At that time, the Nephillim mixed genetically and corrupted the human race in an attempt to thwart the Plan of Redemption in Jesus Christ. This was done by mixing with the seed Mankind and thus disqualifying any human being from potentially being a true genetic representation that could then quality to be the substitutionary sacrifice to redeem the fallen Race of Adam and destroy Lucifer. It is rather interesting that the line of the circle from Mt. Ararat will intersect Mecca as the circle is completed. Medina and Mecca specifically correlated to the exact nodes or points on the Tree of Life motif. From the outset, this study strongly suggests that the central point of this circle could perhaps be the location where the Trees were planted in the ‘midst’ of Garden of Eden.

The possible Stargates configurations of Babylon and Ur, subsequently may lead to the possible path to these Trees in the midst of Eden because the center is in direct line with Ur of the Chaldean, the birthplace of Abraham. In turn, Ur is the center city of the 3-city corresponding Orion belt star alignment. Thus based on this pattern and blueprint, Ur is the strongest candidate for the location of where GOD might have put the Cherub with flaming swords in charge to guard the entrance that led to the Tree of Life that is in the ‘midst’ geographically of the Garden of Eden. It is rather intriguing that Ur’s Ziggurat building layout mirrors the Orion belt star alignment as does the Giza Pyramid complex in Egypt. Both are almost at the same latitude of degrees but at a 90° difference and in reversed order.

The Biblical Genesis account gives a geographic description of Eden being watered by a River that divided into 4 headways and that came from within the perimeter of Eden itself. The 4 Rivers of Paradise where named, 1) Pishon, 2) Gihon, 3) Tigris and 4) Euphrates but their source and the direction of their flow is not disclosed. The last 2 Rivers are easily identifiable but the first 2 are not. The River that corresponded to Havilah, Pishon is traditionally been accepted as being in Arabia. The River that corresponds to Cush, Gihon is believed to be in the Egyptian-Sudan area of Africa. The order of the Rivers from Genesis 2 is very interesting in that Pishon, the 2nd River is mentioned first as it is paired with Gihon. These 2 rivers have been ‘lost’ throughout history in terms of name only as many researchers have speculated that they have either altogether disappeared or perhaps have gone underground or due to the effects after the Flood the direct might have totally changed their courses.

Realize that the courses of the Rivers have changed to some degree as dams and canals have altered the original courses of the Rivers. Also, one must take into account that the headways of the 4 Rivers originally all flowed in the same direction within the single land mass before the Flood of Noah reconfigured the topography and thereafter the continents separated. What is astonishing to consider is that these 4 major Rivers continued to exist in their relative dimensions and courses after the Flood because of the very ‘Dimensions of Paradise’ that maintained its outline, subject to Earth’s energy ley-lines, resonance and sacred geometry. It has been an issue of debate as to where these 4 Rivers originated from and corresponds to in modern times and where Eden was really located at for that matter, if at all. What is puzzling is that the traditional accepted location of Eden was believed to be located at corresponds to Mesopotamia. The Angelic Rendezvous Point

This is a good natural guess and thus the very source of the 4 Rivers would naturally then be believed to proceed from that place. The Tigris and Euphrates are very prominent in that area since ancient times. The problem is that the River’s direction would be contrary to the flow of gravity due to the curvature of the Earth at these points. The region believed to be the traditional place of Eden, near the beginning of the Gulf of Arabia is at the mouth of the rivers, not the source as it is far too small of an area to accommodate 4 major rivers. Based on the Tree of Life - Flower of Life motif and sacred geometry, his study strongly suggests that the source of the 4 Rivers originate in the area of what is now Asia Minor or Turkey. This would easily accommodate for the natural flow of the 4 major Rivers that would then split into a perfect pyramid configuration.

In turn, these 4 Rivers would then correspond to the present flow of the 4 major Rivers that are currently present in the Middle East. These current River flows have vestiges of the former hypothesized 45-degree angle that existed in the former Garden of Eden. The spread of the River’s appendages that rendered the 4 Genesis Rivers of Eden would thus match precisely with the present-day rivers of the Nile, Jordan, Euphrates, and Tigris. On an aside note, this 45-degree angle bisects Mt. Hermon very prominently and its association and significance will be discussed next. The 4 main Rivers within the big Circle that encompasses the Middle East map, the Nile, Jordan, Euphrates, and Tigris had a 45-degree slope. A line bisecting this large circle at a 45-degree angle directly intersects Mt. Hermon and the ancient city of Troy in the Northwest quadrants.

These ley-lines based on sacred angles further lend support to the theory that this region has the outline of the former sacred geometry of the Dimensions of Paradise. For example, if 33 degrees are marked off from the north point of the great Circle and from that point the perimeter of the smaller Circle is made and then ‘cubed’ with the corresponding 45 degree alignment with Mt. Hermon, as the center line with ancient Troy at the top, then this configuration matches perfectly with the dimensions of the Earth-Moon proportion. Half the circle would correspond to the Earth’s Equator, etc. It was at Mt. Hermon, according to the Book of Enoch, that 120 Fallen Angels descended to Earth at this very spot. They made a pact with each other to take human women as wives and procreate for the purpose of defacing YHVH’s creation.

The Bible describes or uses words that they had ‘left their 1st estate’ to explain this condition and circumstance. This Biblical description has had many connotations of what possibly happened; from Angels physically leaving their ‘posts’ as in a military analogy to Angels leaving their form or spiritual bodily constitution. Regardless, such Fallen Angels were able to take on a physical manifestation and thus be able to sexually perform intercourse and bread with human women. These illicit unions spawned genetic human hybrids that became the demigods of ancient mythology like Gilgamesh for example. It was for this very reason of human genetic degradation that YHWH elected to destroy all flesh except for Noah and his family of 8 altogether. Genesis chapter 6 is very clear that Lucifer and his Fallen Angels wanted to deface humanity’s genetic code to render humans, non-humans.

The Earth-Moon Pattern

Such genetic engineering also occurred with other animal, fish and bird species that the LORD specifically forbids. Why would this be such an issue for the Fallen Angels? Lucifer heard loud and clear the Promise GOD gave to Eve in the Garden about his ultimate fate, destiny and destruction that would come from a mere mortal human. This scheme of genetically mixing with humans would thus void the Promise and Covenant between the LORD and Humanity of providing Adam and Eve the first humans in the Garden of Paradise a human redeemer that would come from their own genetic code to restore their lost Paradise and reverse the curses from the LORD and take back all that was forfeited over to Lucifer in the process.

In an astonishing comparison, the Paradise pattern of the Tree of Life motif transposed onto the map of the Middle East that involve the geometry of the circumference of the large and small Circles are in exact ratio and proportion to the Moon-Earth dimensions in terms of geometry and size of the Earth relative to the Moon. The Mt. Ararat reference point that intersects Mecca constitutes the large Circle and the Source of the River that is postulated to have originated in Asia Minor region of where the 7-Churches of Revelation where at constitutes the smaller Circle. Thus, it is strongly suggested that these sacred patterns echo the Dimensions of Paradise itself on Earth. If the scale of the Earth-to-Moon dimensions are used as a template of the Dimensions of Paradise, then the ancient city of Troy would be at a ley-line that marks the boundary of the beginning of the ‘Dimensions of Paradise’ or the ‘front door’ as it were.

When a comparison of the geographical region of the Middle East to the Moon-Earth geometric configuration are superimposed, the location of where the center point of the large Circles corresponds to some amazing point and location on Earth. The Earth-Moon pattern’s center that could correspond to the center of where this study suggests the literal center of Eden was near the area to the north of Havilah in Arabia would correspond precisely on Earth to Lake Victoria in Africa on the Equator. This is definitely a clue in that this spot is square in the ‘midst’ of Africa’s ‘garden’. In one sense, the creation of Adam and Eve is mirroring the pattern of the Creator as a type of Adam and Eve as a type of the Bride of Christ. The 7 Churches of Asia geographically would be corresponding to the lesser Circle or the Moon. The large Circle encompassing the whole of the Middle East would correspond to Christ or that of the Earth.

The Tree of Life would then be befitting of the Life and Immortality it bestows, just like Christ bestows life and nourishment as the Vine to its Branches. Incredibly, the circumference of this ‘cube’ within the Earth-Moon circle that is superimposed onto the whole of the Middle East is 1500 miles in all directions; exactly the sacred dimensions of the coming New Jerusalem. The difference within this circumference equals 1500 miles, the very sacred dimension of the New Jerusalem. Thus, this notion of the Tree of Life - Flower of Life motif is suggesting that the New Jerusalem will be the outline of the borders of the Dimensions of Paradise. If the Dimensions of Paradise are such that the area does indeed correspond to the Earth-Moon sacred geometry, then the source of the 4 Rivers can be identified geographically and the Earth-Moon pattern could lend viability of where the ‘midst’ of the Garden’ could thus be pinpointed geographically.

The Altar of Paradise
This center point of the large Circle or circumference of the whole Middle East would validate the theory that the place north of Havilah in Arabia is where the Trees of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life were located at geometrically on Earth. This theory is solely based on the sacred geometry pattern of the Tree of Life - Flower of Life motif and is only suggestive. What is also amazing to consider is that this ‘Dimension of Paradise’ pattern correlating to the Earth-Moon pattern is also depicted in the Pyramids of Giza complex and the whole of the Nile Delta region in Egypt. When the Earth-Moon template is superimposed onto the Nile Delta, the dimensions of the Nile Delta are geometrically configured in exact proportion with the circles and equilateral triangles of the Earth-Moon dimensions from a perspective of the mouth of the Nile River looking south.

This Earth-Moon sacred geometry configures the pattern that this study strongly suggests is associated with a type of an ‘altar’ or ‘throne’ that is adjacent to where a ‘river’ flows out to water a ‘garden’. This pattern and layout are seen in the Nile Delta where the Nile River flows out from within the smaller Circle in which the Great Pyramid is at the center. The Nile River then flows to the large Circle encompassing the heart of Nile Delta region. This is exactly what this study suggests the Garden of Eden was also configured with; 1) an ‘altar’ or ‘temple’, 2) a River flowing from a side of that ‘alter’ that 3) split into 4 headways and 5) watered a Garden. The point being is that the Nile Delta region, for one mirror the 4 Rivers of Eden that watered the Garden and the Trees in the midst. Secondly, the geometric configuration of the Nile Delta corresponds precisely to the Earth-Moon dimensions and size.

At the apex of this equilateral triangle that encompasses the whole of the Delta area corresponds to the Great Pyramid of Giza that functions as the center point of the lesser Circle and consequently its angles of 51°51’’ is exactly that of the Great Pyramid itself. The point at which the Nile branches off into the 4 headways gives the limit of the large or ‘big’ Circle that envelopes the entire Nile Delta and thus would then determine the circumference size of the ‘smaller’ Circle in which the Great Pyramid is in the midst. Thus, the Great Pyramid would be corresponding to an ‘altar’ or ‘throne’ that perhaps is mirroring the very layout of the Throne of the LORD in Heaven. This sacred pattern is Biblical as Scripture points out that a River does flow out from the side of the LORD’s Throne as displayed in the visions of Ezekiel and the Apostle John and perhaps was the very pattern that existed in the Garden of Eden as this study suggests.

The Great Pyramid has been the subject of amazing studies as it has encoded in its very stones some astonishing attributes of sacred geometry. It is mathematically one of the most perfect buildings ever made. With such a pattern of the Earth-Moon, the Egyptians know of the exact size of Earth and the Moon just based on the Great Pyramid-Nile Delta layout alone. The Egyptians knew the mathematical functions of pi and phi ratios for example and that the Great Pyramid was built and aligned on sacred ley-lines. For example, the distance from the Great Pyramid to the ‘Stargate’ of Ur, which is the current hexagram configured air base adjacent to the south of ancient city of Ur’s Orion Belt alignment is exactly 777 nautical miles.

Within the dimensions of the Great Pyramid, sacred proportions were factored into the structure that to some degree is still a mystery. For example, the difference between the outer circumferences that constitutes the Great Pyramid’s corners to the inner circumference of the structure itself from a top perspective gives the difference in the exact numbers corresponding to the speed of light. Its construction cannot be replicated today by the most modern and advanced forms of heavy machinery. Thus the dimensions of the Earth-Moon pattern correspond not only in exacting proportion to the whole Nile-Great Pyramid pattern but is also in proportion to the theory that such sacred geometry constituted the Dimensions of Paradise where a similar type of ‘altar’ or ‘temple’ of sorts that was situated in Asia Minor from where the River protruded from a side of a temple or ‘altar’ that then subsequently branched out into the 4 arms as in an equilateral triangle and watered the Garden of Eden.

As to the Nile Delta, the Great Pyramid is described to being an ‘Altar’ in Isaiah 19 with the Nile running adjacently to water the Delta as a ‘garden’ that it is. Such a template is seen in the Garden of Eden foremost as this study suggests is mirroring the Throne of GOD. For example, in the visions of Ezekiel, the Millennial Temple will have such a rendition of a Temple and a River. In the visions of John, the New Jerusalem will have a Temple and a River also. In this last case, it will be the very Temple of the LORD GOD and the River of Life that is connected to the Tree of Life that will be watering the Earth as a collective ‘garden’. This prophetic pattern occurs in the Nile Delta with the Great Pyramid as the ‘altar’ and the Nile as the ‘river’ of Eden. Such geographical configurations follow exactly the prophetic types seen in the visions of GOD’s Temples in the Bible.

It is highly speculative but there could have been an unidentified ‘temple’ located a place association from where the River of Eden originated from. This ‘altar’ would have been the source of the River that branched out into the 4 headways to water the Garden of Eden. It would have flowed from either under and/or from the side of the Temple or ‘altar’ of GOD that was situated in this place and time that and was part of the sacred Dimensions of Paradise before the Fall of Mankind. Thus this study strongly suggests that there must have been an un-named ‘altar’ or ‘temple’ from where the River of Eden flowed from, in keeping with the prophetic patterns of Ezekiel and John’s vision of GOD’s Temple and the River associated with it.

As it pertains physically to a possibly geographic and geometric location on the map of where the Dimensions of Paradise could have been, based on the Earth-Moon sacred dimensions, angles and Tree of Life-Flower of Life motif, the ‘altar’ of GOD would have been situated in Pergamum, Asia Minor. This study suggests that the River that watered the Garden of Eden had to have come from an ‘altar’ or ‘temple’ of the LORD that was laid-out in the same sacred geometric pattern as the Pyramid-Nile-Delta and Earth-Moon configuration. Such an ‘altar’ or ‘temple’ could have been prominent in the very Dimensions of Paradise. The Bible does state that Eden had a source of the River of Life coming from a particular place in Eden that watered the Garden where the Tree of Life was in the midst. There is no mentioning nor alluding to a ‘temple, but it can be Scripturally assumed that where the LORD is, there the Temple is also.

The Throne in Paradise
To reiterate, this study suggests that the Nile River that flows adjacent to the Great Pyramid and breaks-off into 4 headways is the mirrored reflection of the sacred geometric configuration of the speculative ‘Throne’ theory in Paradise from where the River came forth to water the Garden of Eden. The River of Eden branched-off into the 4 main tributaries to water the Garden of Eden as it is such the case with the Nile River (Gihon) of Egypt that waters the Delta as a ‘garden’ type of Paradise. These 4 Nile River courses correspond to the mouths of the Egyptian seaports of 1) Said, 2) Damietta, 3) Rosetta and 4) Alexandria. Geographically, the Great Pyramid is situated exactly in the middle between the span of Port Said and Alexandria as the capstone of the geometric pyramid of the whole Nile Delta region looking from a top view. The point of these illustrated comparisons is to show that such patterns are exactly the same with Pergamum. Pergamum was on top of a mountain in relative terms to the geographic area.

It was also situated at the apex or a ‘capstone’ of the 7-Churches of Asia that configure a pyramid alignment when all the Churches are connected by a line starting from Ephesus and ending with Laodicea. Not only are the descriptions given in the Book of Revelation of the 7 Churches given in this sequential order but also correspond to their successive geographical locations in sequence with a prophetic clockwise direction. This geographic sequence thus prophetically ‘clocks’ the times in which the historical ages of each Church’s prophetic condition would occur. This prophetic sacred configuration alludes to a beginning and an end ‘time’ to the Church’s calling and work on Earth. It is rather intriguing that in Pergamum, the Church that is geometrically at the ‘top’ of this 7-Church pyramid is where the Altar to Zeus was that this study postulates was where the Divine Temple of GOD or Throne was during the time of the Garden of Eden. It is postulated that this very spot, this mountain top was from where the LORD would descend to go and meet Adam and the River went out to water the Garden of Eden; again, this is only speculative.

When the Risen Christ addressed the condition and compromise of the Church in Pergamum, Jesus mentioned this throne that was there in the spiritual sense but having its dimension occupied by Lucifer. This ‘throne’ that Christ refers to the place in which Satan had ‘established’ his throne is inferring that it was replacing a prior existing one. This temple or throne was fashioned in a square layout exactly aligned or squared to the 4 corners of the compass, just like the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Such a layout also corresponds to the sacred dimensions of the very Throne of the LORD in Heaven and of the subsequent Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle of Moses and Temple of Solomon. The point being is that Lucifer, upon the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden perhaps occupied such divine Dimensions of Paradise and has copied the original image of the True GOD of lighting, YHVH. It is also very interesting to ascertain that according to the accounts of the Book of Revelation, it was the Church at Pergamum that mingled itself and compromised with the pagan religion of the day that led to idolatry and immorality.

The Church age of Pergamum fused the church and state as one force that is seen for example in the Roman Catholic Church that has incorporated un-Biblical elements of pre-Christian pagan religions such as idol worship, Queen of Heaven, Purgatory, celibate Priesthood, Vassal Virgins (Nuns) etc. In pagan religions, Zeus was the ‘king of the ‘gods’ and a type of a ‘father’. Moreover, this signature was light as in lightning bolts. This has connotations to the All-Seeing Eye in a splendor of radiating light atop the Luciferian Secret Societies of the unfinished pyramid. Conversely, if the 7 Churches of Asia are linked by a line, they will form an inverted ‘V’ shaped configuration as in a pyramid. This depiction is also associated with the ‘V’ star alignment of the constellation Taurus. Thus these 7-Churches of Asia can be matched astronomically with the Pleiades that are associated with Taurus.

It is rather interesting that from this ‘V’ geographic layout in Asia Minor to the Taurus Mountains in Eastern Turkey, the distance is exactly in proportion to the ‘V’ shaped of the constellation of Taurus’ head to the Pleiades star cluster. Moreover, the head of Taurus is constituted by 153 stars, the very prophetic number associated with the Church’s commission to ‘catching men’. This pattern is exactly what this study strongly suggests, that the Dimensions of Paradise mirror the dimension of the sacred Throne of GOD that is associated with Orion and Taurus in the Heavenlies and thus geographically on Earth, to the extent that it also mirrored the pattern of Eden. Astronomically this pattern of a ‘temple’ and a ‘river’ also occurs in the Heavenlies. Orion is already seen and researched as being associated directly with a ‘temple’ like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Ur of the Chaldeans and Teotihuacán, Mexico. But many do not automatically associate Orion with its attached ‘River’.

The constellation of Eridanus is tied to Orion as an astronomical depiction of the spiritual dimension of the River of Life in Heaven that proceeds from the Celestial Temple of the Creator from Heaven itself. Thus the River of Eden presupposes that there was a form or type of ‘throne’ that was associated with the LORD’s presence and source of the River that like that of the Nile Delta, had an ‘altar’ as in the Great Pyramid and a ‘river’ as in the Nile that branched off into 4 headways to water the ‘delta’ or garden as the 4 Rivers of Eden did also with Gihon, Pishon, Euphrates and Tigris watered Eden. The location of this ‘throne’ in Paradise could thus very well have corresponded to Pergamum, where the square Altar or Temple stood as with the Great Pyramid of Giza corresponds to the center of the smaller Circle in relationships to the dimensions of the Nile Delta region and its 4 River headways that constitute the larger Circle. This pattern in turn is what this study theorizes that the whole of the Dimensions of Paradise where likewise fashion from. This hypothesis of there being a ‘Throne-River’ pattern from where the River of Eden originated is based on the following points.

1) Sacred patterns of the Tree of Life - Flower of Life motif
2) Same exact Earth-Moon dimension patterns
3) The Nile River Delta and Great Pyramid pattern
4) The Babylon-Ur Stargate pattern
5) The Pyramids of Giza and Ur Orion star alignments
6) The Orion-Eridanus constellation pattern

Thus the source of the River of Eden could have commenced from a ‘temple’ or Throne of GOD structure in what is now the geographical area of Asia Minor or Turkey, specifically Pergamum where the Throne to Zeus was situated at. This is not to say that it was the very Throne Room of the Creator but that perhaps by proxy or mirrored projection using sacred geometry of the original in Heaven, the blueprint of its dimensions were corresponding to this place and time on Earth when the Creator had direct dealings with Adam in Paradise before the Fall of Mankind. The Biblical Genesis account does state that the LORD came to visit with Adam in the ‘cool of the evening(s)’, thus GOD must have come from a place, perhaps from a westerly origin geographically as in a ‘front door’ or ‘Stargate’.

Perhaps from this precise mountain top- reminiscent of Mt. Sinai where the LORD came down to fellowship with Moses and the 70 Elder. Perhaps such geometric compositions combined with the divine WORDs of the LORD were used to have such a sacred configuration pierce the Dimensions of Paradise through space and time on Earth to have had the Creator commune with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This conceptualization could have possibly involved the portable Throne of GOD as seen in the Book of Ezekiel. In Ezekiel there is a vision of the movable Throne Chariot of the LORD called the Merkavah. Then there is the Throne of GOD that will be descending from Heaven to Earth as the New Jerusalem at the end of the Millennial reign of Christ and after the White Throne Judgment. Such depictions of the Throne of GOD are always associated with a river. Ezekiel was in the River waist-deep that came out from the Temple.

When the LORD descended down to Mt. Sinai, there was a creek that flowed down that mountain that Moses used the water for purification rituals and animal sacrifices at the altar that was at the base of the Mountain. According to the Bible, a River will likewise be flowing from under and to the side of the very Throne in the New Jerusalem itself. To reiterate, this precise region in Asia Minor of where this ‘throne’ of GOD would have been placed temporarily could possibly be corresponding to the area of Pergamum for the following reasons. The geographical region in Asia Minor or Turkey is where the 7 Churches of Asia were located at according to the Book of Revelation. Through confirmed archeological records there was a specific throne that the Bible speaks of in this geographic area that was very prominent in the Ancient World.

It was the Throne of Zeus and Altar atop the mountain in Pergamum that had an adjacent river from that mountain location. This ‘throne of Zeus’ is currently in a museum in Germany as the temple was dismantled and shipped block by block. The Book of Revelation specifically alludes to this place as being the place where Lucifer had ‘established’ his throne and perhaps still does in the spiritual realm. Could it be that after the Fall and expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden, so too did the LORD Creator have to withdrawal His presence and Throne associated with that geographic location. Thereafter this place could have been then occupied by Lucifer himself in that he has always wanted to sit in GOD’s Throne as ‘god’. What is also interesting is that out of all the 7 Churches of Asia, Pergamum had its pagan temples atop a mountain acropolis.

The point being is that there is a strong correlation to the patterns seen in the Bible in that this geographical location that could have been the former location of the LORD’s throne during the days of Paradise before the Fall of Mankind became the Throne to Zeus. Thus this ‘throne’ established by Lucifer was the closest he could ever get on Earth as a correlation to the Throne of the Almighty on the Holy Mountain of GOD on the Sides of the North in Heaven, aside from the 3rd Jewish Temple Holy of Holies to come in which he will cause it to be desolate by his abomination. Since the Fall of Mankind, humans have erected temples to Lucifer disguised in many false gods and to the Fallen Angels pretending to be the ‘gods’ and creators of Mankind.

These are the ‘gods of the old mythologies’, the Titans for example that the Bible foretells will return at the End of Days, i.e., Apollyon being released from the pit for one as the Stargate is opened. Such altars and temples that have been erected for the worship to Lucifer and his Fallen Angels are but copies of the original in Heaven, of the very Throne Room of the Creator. Astonishingly, the Altar or Temple of Zeus was a perfect square and in reference to the other 6 Churches of Asia geographically, it was ‘on the sides of the North’ where an adjacent river flowed down from the Mountain acropolis. The Throne room of the YHWH is always described as a perfect cube as the LORD instructed Moses and David that when building the Tabernacle and the Temple, the Holy of Holies was to be a mirror of the sacred dimensions of the true original Throne Room in Heaven.

Realize that the Tabernacle of Moses was in existence and in operation up until the time of King Solomon. It was King David that had in his heart to ‘build GOD a permanent Temple’ and bring the Ark of the Covenant into the that Temple in Jerusalem. The Tabernacle of Moses actually remained for a while even after the Temple of Solomon was erected on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This mount was Mt. Moriah that extended to include Mt. Calvary. This was the very spot where another ‘Barabbas’, a son of a father was put to the test in how Isaac was willing to be sacrificed by the Father, Abraham. Although the obedience and authority of Abraham was successfully tested, it foreshadowed that the sacrifice of another son was going to be completed by another Father, GOD the Father carrying out the sacrifices of GOD the SON, Jesus…yet a physical genetic descendant from the very bloodline of Abraham.

It is interesting to consider that GOD called Abraham from the ancient city of Ur of the Chaldeans. This is the location that this study suggests was where the sacred geometry that could have been related to the ‘door’ or ‘Stargate’ that led to the path to the Tree of Life at the center of Eden is at. Perhaps the LORD called Abraham away from this place to show and teach him of GOD’s Plan of Redemption in that the restoration and access to Paradise and the Tree of Life had to come from another place and another person, as in a 2nd Adam in the Promised Land. This plan was that it would eventually be Jesus being sacrificed on the Cross of Calvary in Jerusalem that would restore Paradise and open the ‘gate’ to access the Tree of Life. In Revelation 2, the 7 Churches of Asia are spiritually situated in the midst of the Throne of YHVH in Heaven. Jesus Christ, the Risen LORD Creator is examining the 7-branch Menorah as a High Priest.

The ‘Bride of Paradise’
The Priest of the Tabernacle and that of the Temples would examine and tend to the Menorah to make sure it was cleaned and the oil and light was maintained and prevented the fire from going out. This depiction of the Churches being examined by Christ is analogous of a physician examining a patient and prescribing the remedies according to the conditions that are impeding the healthy function of the entire body. In keeping with the theme of marriage within the Garden, the Bible does disclose that Christ is as the Husband or Beloved to the Church as the Church, collectively is the Wife to Christ. Although the Bible describes this union in such a metaphorical way, it will be a reality one day according to the last chapter of the Book of Revelation. This is not a far-fetched notion; at the end of the Biblical account, Christ is going to marry the Bride.

The very last words of GOD’s Testament are said in unison as the Bible states that ‘both the Spirit and the Bride say come.’ In that day, the will, the purpose, and heart of both will say and do the same as should a loving husband and wife. Thus using poetic liberty, Jesus as the Messiah did not only come to rescue Adam’s ‘marriage’, authority and access to immortality but Jesus as ‘Adam’ came to collectively redeem and purchase back ‘Eve’ for himself in the spiritual sense much like the Kinsmen Redeemer Boaz did with Ruth. In some mysterious and marvelous way and means, Christ will ‘marry’ collectively all that comprise the Bride of Christ. How millions of Believers in Jesus individually will yet constitute 1 as a ‘wife’ of the Lamb will remain to be seen. As it has already been shown, when the 7 Churches of Asia are incorporated geographically into the Earth-Moon sacred geometric alignment.

Thus, 5 of the Churches that start with Pergamum are located exactly on a 45-degree angle line that runs from the center where the Tree of Life would have been in the ‘midst’ of the Garden geographically and through Mt. Hermon. This study strongly suggests that this alignment is indicative of how the Churches of the 1st century region of the Church represent the Moon from where the River of Life flows down to the Earth as with the Earth-Moon pattern dimensions illustrate. It is interesting that it is at the Church in Pergamum that is at the apex of this sacred pattern, a mountain no less with an ‘altar’, exactly as the Great Pyramid is in relation to the sacred geometry of the Nile River Delta of Egypt.

The ‘River’ represents the very source of the regenerative life of Christ that is coming from the very Throne of GOD and channeled to the Churches at this place and time but also to the world since the 1st century until the end of the time when the last Church age comes to a close. The Church, as the ‘River of GOD’ is currently watering the ‘garden’ of Earth, of this world metaphorically speaking. After the Resurrection of the LORD, Jesus commissioned this Body on Earth through the Church birthed on Pentecost to be the source of this Living Water to the world. This would occur as Believers throughout the Church Age have proclaimed the 2nd Adam, Jesus’ victory over sin, death and Lucifer until the Resurrection and Rapture of the Church at the close of the Church Age, when the Bride of Christ will have made herself ready as the Bible states. This Church in a collective sense will be the Bride of Christ that is comprised of all those that have ‘made themselves ready’.

Tree of Life Concepts
In a spiritual sense, this geographic area of Turkey where the 7 Churches of Asia were situated at was indicative of the ‘river of life’ that even now flows through the Church, the Body of Christ to the lost ‘Earth’ to water it as a foretaste of how it was in Eden in the past with the River watering the Garden and how it will be in the future when Christ returns. Moreover, the Church was given dominion and authority on Earth over the powers of those Shining Ones of the other mountain opposing Pergamum’s mountain, that of Satan’s Mt. Hermon. This River of the Life, of Christ is to flow until the end of the Church Age; so long as this divine flow that is channeled through the Churches throughout the ages since Christ is not impeded with soot like that of the Menorah of the Tabernacle and Temples by sin and/or compromise in the Churches as Jesus warned each about in the Book of Revelation.

What can compromise this ‘flow’ or testimony and foretaste of a restored Paradise to a lost world is what was occurring even in the 7 Churches of the 1st century. Why this is important is that the impediments within the Churches then are also indicative of the issues that face the Church even now; idolatry, adultery, immorality, pride, compromise, etc. Nonetheless, until Christ’s Return, the Church as a type of the ‘wife’, of an ‘Eve’ is to represent a foretaste of the River of Life and the Tree of Life of Paradise that has been restored by Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church as a ‘husband’ as an ‘Adam’. The Tree of Life is a concept that most cultures around the world have conceptualized regardless of any Biblical or religious constructs. It is probably the oldest motif ascribed to it of what life is as it is tied to the sacred geometry of Creation itself.

The symbol alludes to the divine sacred Dimension of Paradise of how humans where bestowed with the access to the Tree of Life. At the core of this Tree of Life - Flower of Life motif or symbol is the sacred geometry and wisdom that is seen as the key to potentially unlocking the door or ‘portal’ to the very ‘Tree of Life’ –at least in a spiritual sense that many ascribe and/or describe as reaching ‘ascension’ or enlightenment. In the New Age movement in particularly for example, the philosophy and knowledge of such a sacred motif is seen as giving humanity the esoteric ability to become ‘gods’ by recalling the lost way back to the Tree of Life metaphysically. This ‘recollection’ is attempted to be restored through meditation, chanting and diet for example. This philosophy is a religion to many and a geometric icon of worships in many cultures across the globe.

It is also used extensively of the Cabbalists in a twisted Luciferian dark magic system of esoteric knowledge and practice of the dark arts. The Cabbalists in actuality are practicing the ancient ‘mystery school’ knowledge of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels that according to the Book of Enoch, sought to instruct the fallen Human Race in the dark arts of demonic witchcraft and sorcery in relation to sacred geometry. Thus such human followers of Lucifer use the Tree of Life - Flower of Life motif for their evil purposes much like the Mazzaroth is used as a horoscope by most not realizing the original design and significance of such knowledge of the Plan of Redemption that is encoded in the meaning and symbols of the Zodiac itself. Just because the Luciferians use such symbols does not mean that the motif in itself is evil.

All sacred geometry, numbers in patterns originate with the LORD Creator. It is incumbent upon the Church of Christ to understand the devices of the Evil One as there is a great deception coming in these Last Days. How will the Church be able to discern Lucifer’s cunning schemes then if the Church is not fully aware of such methods or when vain ‘philosophies of men’ and ‘doctrines of demons’ are being introduced in the Churches? Ephesians 6:10-12 states, ‘be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.’ Basically, the Tree of Life sacred geometry motif configures a 3-Demensional cube alluding to the sacred Holy of Holes; Throne of Creator, YHVH.

Within the Cube is a perfect pair of 3-deminsional pyramids interlocking with each other -as above, so below. It is rather interesting in how the concept of immorality was associated with a physical tree in the Garden of Eden. A tree is a perfect representation of this concept of as above, so below, the Heavenly vs. the Earthy and so on. The branches that can be seen above ground reach for Heaven while the tree’s roots reach down below towards the Earth, unseen. A tree is also a good representation of how the Universe is constituted. Many ancient cultures actually have a creation account that involves a celestial ‘tree’ in the midst of the Universe. This ‘tree’ represents that which is seen and invisible, good vs. bad, Heavenly and Earthy, immortal and mortal, etc. The Tree of Life motif layout itself renders a smaller secondary 3-D cube at the top hexagram design followed by a pentagram, then a cross configuration.

Many in the occult who know of its divine origins and significance of sacred geometry have used such symbology and knowledge for divination, sorcery to have power over circumstances and people. These methods used for acquiring such power and forbidden knowledge in both the Satanic cults and Luciferian secret societies are un-Biblical. They are in direct opposition to the Gospel light. Such evil forces seek to replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their ‘anti-Christ’ salvation instead. For such, the quest to obtain immortality by accessing the Tree of Life is all based on the supposition that Lucifer is the true ‘god’ promising them a way to obtain eternal life and will ultimately defeat Christ. Such do not realize or reject the current reality that Jesus Christ has crushed the Head of Satan, metaphorically speaking in the Garden of Gethsemane, and has sealed his doom at the Cross with the death and Resurrection of Jesus.

Although perhaps Lucifer and his Fallen Angels may be attempted to take back Paradise from Jesus Christ, all they can promise their followers is a lie, as it was from the very beginning with Eve. The lie is that Mankind can become ‘gods’ by knowing good and evil; such knowledge will not, cannot enable Humanity to obtain the Tree of Life, or immortality. Nonetheless the demonic methods used to try and obtain this immortality, power and position can only be attempted spiritual because that is all Lucifer can work with. In the occult and Luciferian following, it is through meditation and channeling that they are being led to believe that it can happen. This is a set-up being used by Lucifer and his Fallen Angel to ‘clean the slate’.

It is of the mind of a human so it can be physically possessed through such re-programming. These Fallen Angels pose as ‘guided’ called Mediums or ‘Ascended Masters’ that channel their thoughts instead. The act of meditating in itself is not the issue, breathing exercises can help reduce stress and the WORD does give a directive to ‘meditate’ on the WORD as in filling the mind in contemplation to discern and evaluate in the sense that one does not check out the brain at the door, sort of speak when reading and discerning GOD’s word or going to Church. In the Psalms, King David admonishes his readers to meditate on the WORD of the LORD day and night. This is contrary to the literal ‘brain washing’ of the mind that is the aim in the New Age form of meditation.

There are numerous Biblical verses that admonish its readers to be filled with the WORD of GOD, constantly because if the WORD of GOD is not occupying the thoughts of a person, there is always some other thoughts that will be there to replace it -all the time. The mind cannot function thoughtlessly; it was not wired to function in that way. This is why the New Age type of ‘meditation’ is unnatural that although spiritual, can lead to demonic influence and in some cases, physical demonic possession. The Luciferian mode of meditation is used as a means to physically condition the body and mind to be a receptor of demonic possession; this is what is intended in the occult. In such followings, persons actively seek to be possessed by what they deem as the Ascended Masters that await such humans on the ‘other side’ to aid them in their quest for illumination and transformation from the ‘forgotten’ state to be guided into the remembrance of ‘immortality’ that they are in fact ‘gods’ already.

Such ‘Ascended Masters’ according to the Bible are the evil Fallen Angels disguised as the false messengers of light from Satan. Such operate in the lie that they can bestow immortality fully knowing that they do not possess light or life nor do they have access or possession of the Tree of Life. This is one reason why Lucifer wants to acquire the Tree of Life at any cost, for his self-preservation and pride of not being found out and exposed to who and what he really is and has done to Mankind. What most in the New Age do have in common with Bible Believers is that they too are aware and recognize that there has been a ‘fall’ of Mankind and that there is a quest for immortality of the soul and divine power. Yet such seek to go at obtaining immortality in their own way of what is right and wrong, befitting of the exact Luciferian condition they are trying to escape from.

Many fail to see, due to the strong deception from Lucifer, that his promise of ‘godhood’ and immortality is a lie and unobtainable. Moreover, his followers are in denial that eventually Lucifer and his Fallen Angels and those human followers for that matter will not have a place in the New Heaven and Earth. The followers of Lucifer are really given over to the appeal of the Luciferian philosophy because it is based on the appetites of the human psyche, that of the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. It is important for the Church to study the concepts of the Dimensions of Paradise to appreciate what the LORD has done and given to the Church; a foretaste of the true New Order, New World to come. This foretaste of the coming Paradise should be seen in the local gathering of a Church.

Tree of Life Patterns
If it is not, then the River of the Life that is the Light of Christ is not flowing freely as a witness to the world and as an agent of nourishment to those without hope and life. Why is there such apostasy occurring in the Church in these Last Days just before the Return of the LORD? It could be because the Followers of Christ have taken their eyes off the prize; such have lost sight of just what it is that will be obtained in the near future, the recompense and reward; it is none other than Christ Himself. Jesus is the Reward and the Church but the Church in general in these Last Days has lost sight of this truth. The Bible states that the Glory to come will be the full measure of GOD’ promise of immortality and life in Christ Jesus in the restored Dimensions of Paradise no less.

The Bible states that ‘no eye has seen or ear has heard or thought entered into the mind of what GOD has in store for those that love Him. This recompense is without cost or works on one’s behalf other than the work of believing and trusting in the redemptive work of Christ on the Cross to open up the Tree of Life. Figuratively speaking this Tree of Life, this coming ‘Paradise’ is Jesus Christ Himself. Ultimately, Paradise is where the LORD is. The Bible declares in Psalm 16:11, ‘You make the path of life known to me. Complete joy is in your presence. Pleasures are by your side forever.’ Geographically if this area of where the 7 Churches were located that is suggestive of where the place corresponded to the ‘throne’ of the LORD before the Fall of Adam, then it could be seen as the ‘front’ Gate to Eden.

This portal or ‘Stargate’ even could be from where the LORD came from the mountain top of Pergamum and entered the Garden of Eden to commune and fellowship with Adam and Eve. Thus, this speculative notion would also collaborate with the possibility that the Dimensions of Paradise also had or has a ‘back’ gate as well. The Biblical account states that when the expulsion occurred of Adam and Eve from Paradise, the LORD stationed Cherubim on the East side of Eden to prohibit any from accessing the Tree of Life. This included not only Fallen Mankind, but the Principalities and Power of Lucifer that would likewise seek to exploit the Tree of Life for their own purpose of obtaining immortality for themselves and perhaps evade the Lake of Fire. Lucifer and his Fallen Angels know that GOD did not choose to redeem the Angels. According to some interpretations of what will happen to Lucifer and his Fallen Angels, they will not have any part in Eternity Future –that is in the New Heaven and New Earth.

Perhaps this is one of the reason why Lucifer is desperately seeking to invade the Dimensions of Paradise with ‘Stargates’ on Earth in an attempt possess the Tree of Life to void his foretold doom. Thus, it has been this study’s hypothesis that the icon of the Tree of Life is a representation of the primary elements that constitute the configuration of the dimensions of Paradise itself. There is an overall encompassing big Circle, within this big Circle there are 4 smaller circles on the vertical axis. These 4 circles correspond to the 4 Rivers that proceeded out to the Garden of Eden. The smaller size Circle, when placed outside and adjacent to the overall larger Circle comprise exactly the proportions of the Earth-Moon and Great Pyramid-Nile Delta sacred patterns. The motif also produces a tetrahedron that is incorporated within the big Circle or that of a hexagram.

The pattern thereafter produces the different nodes or points like that of the ‘tree’ with its center being the core or the ‘midst’ of the motif itself. This represents where the location of the Tree of Life could be geographically then on Earth when this patter is transposed over the whole of the Middle East. This is solely based on the geometry of such properties of the Tree of Life and Flower of Life motif. When this pattern is superimposed and amplified unto the circumference that started with the location of where Noah’s Ark rested in the Mt. Ararat region, then geographically, the area of where the Tree of Life would be thus corresponds to a very desolate area north of the Al Jowf area in Arabia. This ‘center’ is literally ‘in the middle or midst of nowhere’, maybe the perfect place to have the Tree of Life be discouraged from being sought or located.

Again, this geographic location can thus be pinpointed on the map of the Middle East when the Tree of Life - Flower of Live sacred geometry is superimposed. When this is done, it would place the ‘Tree of Life at the center geographically between the Pyramids of Giza and Ur of the Chaldeans axis line in the area of northern Arabia. Obviously, the Tree of Life is not there physically, at least not in the physical dimension. If in fact the Garden of Eden is laid out in the ‘Tree of Life’ sacred geometric pattern, then the core or area of where the Tree of Life would have been physically or is still spiritually, can be located. More precisely, this Tree of Life center point would be in direct alignment where the branching-out of the Nile River just north of the area of the Giza Pyramids begins. This alignment to the east would intersect the hexagram ‘Stargate’ configuration of the Orion belt star configuration that is adjacent to the Ziggurat of Ur of the Chaldeans.

What these 2 points have in common is that both have the Orion belts star alignment built into the Pyramid and Ziggurat structures themselves, exactly 777 miles apart. Giza’s Great Pyramid alignment has a north-south axis and thus renders the Orion depiction as an east-west orientation. This same principle occurs in Ur in that the Orion Ziggurat complex is orientated at a 33rd degree angle but the Orion 3-Star temples are at an east-west axis. This would render the Orion depiction to a north-south orientation. Many in the ancient world, as now believe that the Gate of God and the Gate of Man do exist in the Heavens and where placed there by GOD to correspond with Orion on the 33rd degree line with respect to the Zodiac or Mazzaroth. As to why they are at a 33-degree angle remains a mystery.

These same sacred angles and configurations nonetheless where and are mirrored in proportion on Earth at various ancient pyramid sites for example. In further consideration of the Earth-Moon pattern as it pertains to the possible Dimensions of Paradise, the geographical area of where the 7 Churches were located at within the area of Asia Minor’s ‘smaller’ geometric circle that is alluding to the type of the Throne of GOD has a circumference that starts at the 33rd degree angle from the supposed center of where the Tree of Life in the midst of Paradise was. The Earth-Moon pattern of the smaller Circle that is correlating to a ‘throne’ within the area of the 7 Churches in Asia Minor along with the larger Circle that has the Tree of Life - Flower of Life motif layout on a map of the Middle East will encompass the very sacred dimensions of the coming New Jerusalem.

The Creation Words
In essence, the dimensions of the coming New Jerusalem are the same and will superpose itself on the very outline of the sacred Dimensions of Paradise that once were and will be again at the heart of the Middle East. It is not clear if the New Jerusalem’s center geometrically will be geographically where Jerusalem is now or where the Tree of Life was in the mists of Paradise. The Bible mysteriously states that in the New Jerusalem, Christ will rule from a Throne that will be within the City but that there will be no Temple as the New Jerusalem will be the ‘temple’. This dichotomy could easily be explained when considering that the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life - Flower of Life produces a Cube within a Circle that comprises two 3-Dimensional interlocking tetrahedrons. This could accommodate such interlocking dimensions as it were. Nonetheless, the Tree of Life in the New Jerusalem will once again be at the center of a Garden as it was in Paradise during the days of Adam and Eve.

‘Then the angel showed me the river of life-giving water, shining like crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb through the middle of the city’s main street. On each side of the river is the tree of life, which produces twelve crops of fruit, bearing its fruit each month. The tree’s leaves are for the healing of the nations. There will no longer be any curse. The throne of God and the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him. They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. Night will be no more. They won’t need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will shine on them, and they will rule forever and always.’ –Revelation 22:1-5

The following section will give a short word study on the attributes and meaning of the words used in the Biblical Creation account of Genesis. This study ascribes to the Gap Theory in that there are 2 separate accounts of the Creation layered upon each other between Genesis 1 verses 1 and 2. In Hebrew, verse 2 that is translated in English as ‘the Earth was formless and void’ is in the past tense as ‘having become’ from a prior or original state or condition. This possibly infers that some destruction or decay of some sort occurred to mare the original Creation of Earth and the Heavens at some point in time. Such a Gap Theory would accommodate the Old Earth with the New Earth theories. The time of when the original Creation of Genesis 1:1 itself was initiated is unknown as perhaps it could have been millions of years in the distant past.

Genesis 1:2 on the other hand is a description of a ‘recreation’ of the Earth from material that had already existed according to the Hebrew meaning of the wording. In essence, Genesis 1:2 was a refurbishing to accommodate a habitat for the creation of Mankind in the Garden of Eden. The word study will also introduce key insights as to how Eve was also ‘built’ out of Adam from existing material, in this case, DNA. The Biblical narrative of the Creation account involves 3 main characters, Elohim as in the plural form of GOD, Adam and Lucifer that came to Eve in the form of the Shining Serpent. In Genesis 1, the creation of the first humans is in one singular form, that of Ha-Adam. It is in Genesis 2 that Eve is extracted and ‘built’ from the same material as Ha-Adam to then become Adam and Eve. Note that this interpretation of the Genesis account is not the preferred or widely accepted version of Creation in the Churches.

There are 4 creative forms or principles of a creative force or energy used in the Creation account by GOD. There is Creation itself in the beginning that Genesis 1:1 that declares that all that is seen, and unseen was created out of nothing by GOD. Then there is a re-creating or refashioning of Earth in Genesis 1:2 from something that already existed. Thereafter Ha-Adam (Eve inclusive) are created or ‘formed’ like the Elohim (3 in 1) and thereafter in how Eve is ‘built’ from the material of Ha-Adam (2 in 1) as a type of how Christ was in the GOD-Head but later on ‘taken out’ and fashioned with flesh much like Eve was for Adam . Again, this view of the Biblical Creation account is not the mainstream interpretation taught in Churches and seminaries.

God; the plural form is used to indicate the identical essence of GOD the Father, GOD the Son, and GOD the Holy Spirit.
(Gen 1:1)

Mankind; the human race.
(Gen 1:26)

Ha Adam
The word “the Adam” refers to one specific person, before Eve was separated and built out of Adam.

The Creation Materials (4 Types)

1. bara
To make something out of nothing (ex nihilo); the creation of the invisible essence.
(Gen 1:1, 27; 5:1, 2; Isa 43:7; Jn 1:3; Col 1:16; Heb 1:10)

2. asah
To manufacture something out of exiting materials.
(Gen 1:2, 1:26; Isa 43:7; 57:16)

3. yatsar
The word used for the forming of the Male body, Adam.
(Gen 2:7)

4. banah
The word used for the building of the Female body, Eve.
(Gen 2:22)

Image and Likeness of the Creator

A shadow image, or essence. Just as God has invisible but real essence, so man, though in a different way and in a limited sense, has invisible and intangible but real essence. (Gen 1:26)


The word “likeness” is a model or pattern, i.e., just as all three members of the Godhead have the same essence and are three separate and distinct Persons, so every member of the human race has the same essence, but we all have different personalities – we are separate persons, (Gen 1:26)

Word study by Galen Norsworthy, Crossroads Ministries.Creation Words Handout

Some Notable Distances and Observations

Throne of Zeus in Pergamum
144° heading to Mt. Sinai
+ alignment with Mecca
~666 miles to Great Pyramid
1066 miles to Babylon
~900 miles to center Tree of Life

@ Earth Coordinates
Ziggurat of Murdok, Babylon
   32° N
   44° E
= 76°

@ Earth Coordinates
Ziggurat of Ur
   30° N
   46° E
= 76°

Ur Ziggurat to Great Pyramid
= 777 miles

The Great Pyramid
@ Earth’s Coordinates
29.58° N
31.18 ° E
60.66° by summation (666)

Holy of Holies
(Dome of Spirits assumed)
@ Jerusalem’s Coordinates
31.46° N
35.14° E
66.60° by summation (666)

Mt. Hermon, Lebanon

120 Fallen Angels
33°24’46” N 35°51’22” E
9232 feet from sea level
1.53 Nautical Miles sea level
(Vesica Pisces-an opening as in portal or Stargate possible)
1,997 Nautical Miles to Equator  (Seasons of Noah comet in 1997)

Paradise Restored
In the 17th century, John Milton published a very popular poetic work on Paradise, vis-à-vis, the Garden of Eden based on the Genesis account of Adam and Eve. It was an account of the Fall of Man in how Paradise was lost by Adam and Eve due to sin. The Genesis account conveys how the Fall of Mankind occurred as the Serpent, Lucifer the Shining One was allowed to ‘test’ the first humans to see if they would be obedient to the LORD’s commandments out of their own free will. Contrary to popular believe ‘Paradise’ is not a perfect sinless environment where no wrong can happen. Lucifer was there just as well; ‘Snakes in Paradise’. The Bible states that the Fall of Man was due to a lie and deception on the part of Lucifer.

Lucifer sought to challenge YHVH through the human race and replace the relationship they had between them and the Creator with himself. There is a deeper significance as to the cunning strategy of Lucifer as he saw a chance to capture GOD’ crowning work in that he made humans in the very ‘image’ and ‘form’ of Elohim, that is the GOD-Head. It is speculated that perhaps Lucifer had prior dominion of planet Earth before his own fall and expulsion from the Courts of Heaven. This would explain the 2 renditions of Creation in Genesis chapter 1 and chapter 2. The Bible states that ‘Earth became formless and void’. This is perhaps a result of Lucifer’s changed nature and angelic warfare against GOD that could also explain the much havoc in the universe that seems out of place with its harmonious precision and beauty.

Some Bible scholars theorize that the ‘recreation’ of Genesis 1:2 was attempts to have GOD reclaim His fallen Creation through Mankind, as in Jesus Christ ultimately. The Proto-Evangelium was given in Genesis 3:15 as GOD promised Eve that her ‘seed’ or descendant would one day destroy the works of Lucifer and restore Paradise and have the door open to the Tree of Life to gain immortality once again. It was in GOD’s mercy to shut the door to the Tree of Life and expel the first humans from Eden because if they would have availed themselves of this ‘fruit’ in their fallen state of sin, they would have been doomed to be immortal in the state of sin forever and unredeemable as Lucifer and his Fallen Angels are presently. This is one reason why it is speculated that Lucifer hates humanity so much. For one, GOD seeks to redeem the descendants of Abraham, not the Fallen Angels as the Book of Hebrews states.

One can imagine the rage, jealousy, and rancor that Lucifer has had in that he as the Anointed Cherub, a mini-Christ if you will, was not afforded such grace. Second, humans will inherit the Kingdom and have the privilege to co-rule with Christ as His ‘Bride’ as the Book of the Revelation, amongst many other passages declaring the following. The very dominions, powers and Principalities of Lucifer and his Fallen Angels will be given over to redeemed, sanctified, and glorified humanity. Currently, Christ is preparing Mansions and Thrones to this end as the Overcomers that in turn will judge the Nations and Angles and sentence Lucifer to his destruction in the Lake of Fire for all Eternity. Thus, Lucifer is hell-bent, pardon the pun to stop this at all cost. The work of Lucifer using his lies and deception in the Garden has just been the beginning. Lucifer has perpetrated the very same lie and deception on Mankind today as he did then in Paradise with Eve.

His lie is that he is the rightful ‘god’ and ‘creator’ and the bearer of the ‘light’ of knowledge and a promise of immortality ‘fire’ to Humanity. Moreover, that with his help, Mankind can achieve ‘godhood’ as they are really ‘god’ in themselves, they just have not realized it yet. Lucifer seeks to be in place of GOD as GOD who He alone has the power and sovereignty to bestow immortality. Contrary to Lucifer’s nature, the LORD is a righteous and just LORD where ‘there no lie or shadow of turning in Him’ the Scriptures says. On the contrary, Lucifer’s gospel, if it can be called that is built on lies and deception which leads to evil due to the pride that fuels such ambitions.

Sadly, multitudes of humans over the ages of human history since Eve have been deceived and like Adam, have followed such a Luciferian plan and false gospel. Lucifer’s diabolical plan to deface and destroy GOD’s creation, Paradise and Humanity would have succeeded if not for Jesus Christ, the 2nd Adam that is soon to appear to ‘recreate’ the Dimensions of Paradise. Then I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth, for the former Heaven and the former Earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. I saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem, coming down out of Heaven from God, made ready as a Bride beautifully dressed for her Husband.

I heard a loud voice from the throne say, ‘Look! God’s dwelling is here with humankind. He will dwell with them, and they will be His peoples. God himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more. There will be no mourning, crying, or pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.’ Then the One seated on the Throne said, ‘Look! I’m making all things new.’ He also said, ‘Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.’ Then He said to me, ‘All is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning, and the End. To the thirsty I will freely give water from the life-giving spring. Those who emerge victorious will inherit these things. I will be their God, and they will be my Sons and Daughters.’ – Revelation 21:1-7

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